The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, February 02, 1905, Image 6

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Tho weekly dance at tho hall last Fri
day night di'd not prove the big thing of
uie week uciore. iiowever, a gooumne
is reported. Tlie next on the boards is
a iiiitKiiueraile bull on Valentine's day.
Fred Crockett will (jive this one, and no
aouin me menus win assist, inni in ma
ing t a success.
Klmer Laffertv, who has been absent
from homo during tlio winter, returned
lant week.
(lor id report? come to mm of our brother
Troy Shelley, who is spending the win
ter at. Santa Barbara, Cal. IIo writes
thai he lias pained 15 pounds in weight
since going there, which means he in
two pounds licavier than ever before.
W e are glad to note that he is enjoying
life 'neatli Southern sunny skies. His
sou Pereey is now with linn, having re
cently joined hi i father at Banla Bar
bara. We hope tliat before this item goes
into print we will be at home in ourown
ne v county of Cascade, instead of The
Italics keeping us at home w ith them.
It not, some of the political bosses in
the bunch grass district of Wasco coun
ty had best stand from under next time,
lest something drop.
Last Sunday wife and I called at the
home of 11. C. Crockett. We found Mr.
Crockett comfortable in his rocking
chair, ror several weeks Sir. Crockett
lias been ill but now is convalescent
and will soon be out again, which will
bo good news to Ids many friends, wiio
have missed hiru lately. Mr. Crockett
lias a delightful home site, as well as I
valuable tract of land, situated seem
ingiy midway between the two snow
cupped sentinels, .Mounts Hood and
Adams, and with a view of both sides of
11 mid Jiiver. lie surely made no mis
take in bis selection of a home. The
railroad survey passes near his house,
This, with other advantages and devel
opinentg in this section, gives promise of
inn piace soon oecoming a valuable one.
Freali ranch eggs and fino butter are
on sale at the Little Into (Store at rea
sonable prices. The store is stocked
with a good assortment of fresh gro'
ceries, with new arrivals every week
Hence there is no necessity for going
cisewliero when wo can lirrnish you
with first-class goods at city prices. This
fact is spreading, as is attested by the
increasing trade at the Little White
More. Quality ami prices are both right.
Charles llaight of The Dalles came
down last Haturday and made a trade
Willi John Lawless for fom horses, tak
ing them to The Dulles on the evening
iioai, naturaay.
A. J. Kessel of Dukes Valley sold last
week a eolt less than three years old for
fi.'iu. it was a good one, anil that is
the kind of horses to raise. A. J. says
no is aiooi now out will soon get a
Miss Dora Pllughaupt met with
painful accident last Friday by running
a sliver entirely through the flesh part
oi one ot ner lingers, Mie was stopping
at the homo of James Kggert, and Mr.
F.ggort found it impossible to get it out,
so was compelled to take her to town to
a physician, who had to cut the sliver
Heubert Morton and Archie Anderson
aru absent for a few days. They have
gone to the bunch grass country after
tome horses sent there last full.
We understand that Mr. Coburn, who
is living on Simpson ('opple'i place,
and who recently came here from Iowa,
bus purchased property in Marion coun
ty, south of Salem. Mr. Coburn is a
hu mor and does not take kindly to ap
ple growing, and as Hood Hiver land is
too high lor general farming, tie lias
concluded to go to the Willamette val
ley. Wo regret tlie removal of Mr. Co
bum from our nilil-t, and winli him suc
cess in hiH new venture.
11. J. Williams and F, K. Lash are
doing tome good work in the way of
clearing up laud (or Claude Copple,near
Otlell, Claude proves ids faith in the
valley by his work by putting his sur
plus money into the cleuring and plant
ing of the led apple that is the pride of
all Hood Kiverites. Stay with H.Claude,
ami in a few years you will bold a win
ning hand.
The weather lioycott on work isaliotit
off again and grubbing and sawing wood
will soon be on in full force.
James L'girert has made quite a allow
ing on his place In front of the house bv
Ins winter grubbing. During the life of
i no long lease that Mr
Eiruort has on 1
t his ranch, liu will get handsome re-1
Wo have all tho Infant Foods, and as thov dotoriomto with nr
wo ordor frpquontly ho as to koop a fresh sloe!; at all limes.
If the food you aro now using does not agree with Ualy perfectly
try Homo of the fresh foods that, wo carry.
Horlick's Malted Milk.
Peptogenic Milk Powder.
Mellen's Infant's Food.
and several others.
Jf you aro undecided, let us help you choose.
E. R. T
U Smith Block.
turns for his present work, lhw is a
splendid place he lias for diversified
The 0 Id Fellows' hall is now Com
pleted, except the work of painting, for
which i). l. Davidson lias tne contract,
and noon which lie is at work. The
finishers, Messrs. lioyed & l'oole, told
me they were hreil last Saturday.
L. D. Koyed is having a lot of devel
opment work done on bis ranch this
Time and space often forbid tbe'nien
tion of much work in progress toward
developing our section. Then again
there are many happenings that are
worthy of spare in your valuable paper
that your news rustlers fail to fee or
hear about at the proper time. In this
line we give the Glacier the best we
have in stock, and at the same time ex
tend an invitation to our neighbors to
furnish us with the latest dog light.
J. W. Wilson, cousin of Frank Strang,
who purchased a) acres recently from
John Kroeger, lias contracted for the
cutting of 100 cords of 4-foot fir wood.
Mr. Wilson is a recent arrival but ha
already caught the Hood. Itiver fever
and will remain here and build up will
the country. Jt is resident owners thai
we need and not non-resident speculat
ive owners. Wo welcome all such mi n
as Mr. Wilson andlpredict for him suc
cess in the wild Wett.
Miss Wilson, teacher of the primary
department of the Udell school, gave a
lair in the hall last r rid ay afternoon, It
was a competitive affair, and prizes were
awarded lor tlie nest work. Director
(,'arnes, Mrs. Troy Shelley and M. D.
Udell were judges of the work. The en
tertainment was good and showed the
result of efficient training in the school
room, iioth teachers and directors arc
to be congratulated upon their efforts in
putting a good school at Uded this year.
We beg to report that good school work
is always a prominent factor in the de
velopment of a community. In order
that our school keep pace with the
Itrowing demand, it probably will he
necessary to establish higher grades
next year. This mailer should he un
derstood in tune for the directors to
make proper arrangements for it.
milium J'.nrcK is now engaged in
shipping 500 tioxes of apples. During
the season he has shipped through the
apple growers' union, Besides this he
has made several small outside ship
ments. His apple crop has averaged
him at least fl.&Oa box. Mr. Khrck is
now at a point m apple growing when
lie is getting a good income, which will
increase yearly as his voung trees come
to lienring, and when his entire M) acres
are in full bearing he will enjoy a
princely income. What Mr. Fhrek has
done others of his neighbors will soon
be doing in this famous apple belt, the
beHt in the world.
C. It. Hone's force of Jans are cuttim.'
wood while the snow lasts. One day
recently we saw six men sawing in a
loir not to exceed twelve feet in lenirth.
John Lawless also has a man cutting
Several from this vicinity have been
attending the meetings at the Valley
Christian church.
F. P. Friday was on tlie Flat one dav
recently tmikinir inouiriefl iilimit tlio
probable cost of clearing 30 or 3f acres
of bis place here. He, contemplates
clearing and setting this amount to m-
pies, lie also claims to have found the.
only pear the Anjoii.
In speaking of the gathering at Mr,
Mr. Hedinou's, we wish to correct what
the editorial blue pencil made us say.
The article should have read: "At a
late hour all departed pronouncing the
Mrs. Kedmotia charming entertainers,"
instead of one Mrs. Itedmon.
If your Udell correspondent thinks a
resident of District fio. H is not ac
quainted with the results of road super
vision in District io. 7, Just li t him
move across the line ami then attempt
to haul heavy loads. He would soon be
talking in a dittereut strain. There are
a good many facts, which we forbear to
give, bearing on the new mud he is
grieving so bard over. Now, as a unit
of the public highways, let us ask why
this "knocking" before the newly ap
pointed suiiervlsor gels Ids bond tiled?
To the residents of the Flat there can be
but one answer. For mercenary mo
tives he is covertly seeking to have the
work and money expended between
Odell and the lower side of the district
in order to lesson the cost of hauling
freight. 1 here is much more Unit
; ink-lit
be said in the interest of and w ilh ins-
tiee to the Klnt. tint, un shut! ,,nui,l,,i-
the matter closed.
Right Food
or tHe Baby
Phone Main 1131. HoOJ River, Ore.
There was a good audience at the
Dukes Valley literary Saturday night.
The program one of the best of the
season. The c!ihimiij;undi Kicker by
Mrs. W. C. Dodge provoked much
amusement. A. T. Dodge and Jeonard
Dodi-on furnished excellent music on
the violin and grnphophone. For 8
tinip during the parliamentary drill the
society resembled an animated jack-In
thc-box. The members were trying to
entangle the new -presiding olheer, lint,
were unable to accomplish much in that
Before the question box was opened,
Mr. Knox discussed his question from
the previous meeting, quoting at some
length from the Oregon game laws. 11.
box contained many good question" of
every-day interest to the community;
most prominent among them ocrtainin
to the effects of county division. The
box will be continued next Saturday
night and is open for liveciuestions from
everybody. 1 he question must state
for w hom it is meant and be signed by
the questioner. 1 rank Mas see will edit
the paper.
From I he discussion at literary Satur
day night, wo would judge that the sen
timent in 1 1 1 jh part of the valley is unan
imous for countv division.
There was a social hop at the hall last
Wednesday evening. Only a limited
number was pre.-ent but an enjoyable
lime was had.
W. K. Keeling is winking on Mr. I ju
ntas' new house, doing the finishing
work on the inside, lie thinks it will
takealsiut two weeks to linish it.
W. A. AndroHs went to town Monday
of this week on business connected with
his logging.
Joseph JS. Davenport and Ids family
are having a siege of the hcnto sore
throat, They have had a serious time
but are getting a liltlu better.
L. C. Weygiindt is getting better but
is very weak yet. We hope to lie able
to report his complete recovery in a
short time.
The committee made their report at
the telephone meeting held at the (irib-
hlo hall Saturday. II did not prove
satisfactory to the people, so they aie
going to try tlie independent company
at ( orvallis. The people here ale no't
going to give up until they get outside
communication, and they will install an
independent system if the Hell company
doesn't give them the right, terms. The
committee will communicate with the
Independent Telephone company, the
l'acilic Stales Telephone company and
William I.add of Portland, ow ner of the
Cloud Cap Inn line.
The family of Henry Ilardman ar
rived in Hood River Sunday from Nc
osho county, Kans. Mr. Ilardman met
them al the train, and Tuesday they
came on to their new home on their
homestead, where Mr. Ilardman has
built a comfortable log house. A
younger brother of Mr. llardman's ac
companied the family from Kansas.
Hurrah! Here willi your railroad!
The amount of logs, pu'stx and wood
that tho people of .Mount Hood can fur
nish is no small item, to say nothing of
fruit, hay and vegetables. Of course no
one would ride on the railroadf.'), but
W. S. (irihble has made arrangements
to sell Lye tickets at reduced rates du
ring the Lewis and Clark fair.
Two basket ball teams have been or
ganized here one ladies' team and the
other composed of men. Last Friday
night while at practice, Hoy Ilenson got
his elbow thrown out of joint. Such is
the fate of basket ball players.
A. M. Kelley is hauling in logs at the
rare oi aooui ouuu n et a dav. on a go-
devil not a printer's devil.
J. S. Patterson has received word that
his father, w ho lives in the stale of New
York, is luellev injured bv a fall from
the hay loft, Mr. Patterson and famiiv
will leave lor the Lust next week and
do not expect, to return to Orejon. ,
legiet losing them from our midst.
K. I!. UhYrty of Udell, who has be. n
engaged with the Mtorgu Harper com
pany, as pianist, and is at home on a
visit, is spending a few days with his
brother al Mount Hood,
(Jive Voiir .Stomach A Rest.
Your food must be properly digested
and ussiinihited to be of any value to
you. it' your stomach is weak or dis
eased take Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It
digests wlutl you eat and gives the
sloiiineli a rest, enabling it, to recuper
ate, take on new life and grow strong
again. Kodol cures smir stomach, eas
bloating, heart palpitation and all di
gestive disorders. Sold by (I. K. Will-
I. mis.
, the
The Menominee Lumber Co. bus shut
down all the logging camps on the
White Salmon river, pending the de
cision of the superior court on the temp
orary injunction proceedings. This
puts loO men out of work.
Your correspondent thinks the farm
ers of Trout Lake should settle this
matter out of court. I believe if a com
mittee from the Ditch Co. of Trout
Lake had gone to the Menominee Luni
her Co., and laid their grievance proper
ly lielore them, it could have been ami
cably settled.
The Menominee Lumber Co. has done
a great deal for the people along the
n nue naiinon river oy giving worn in
winter to every one who wishes work.
This company (pent much money to im
prove tlie logging business here. They
had to break up the breakwater at the
motu!i of the While Salmon and now
are threatened with the dam at Trout
Lake. We are afraid the Trout Lake
people made a mistake and cut one
means of their prosperity down.
Snow is leaving. 'I he mountain north
of town is bare again and cows are on
the hills.
Perhaps the item in lust week's (ila
cier touched up friend Waters, as I hear
he has taken up the occupation of news
boy, selling the Knleriuise on Jewett
avenue in While Salmon.
Kuhnhansen Pros, of (ilenwood sold
35 head of beef cattle last week to a Van
couver butcher.
J. 0. Bhaw, an old pioneer of Glen
wood, is very sick. Mr. Shaw lived in
Glen wood about 'ia years.
Peter Wyers went to his homestead
last week to clear some of his land.
Fred Groshong and wife returned
from their place hist week, having been
there quite a while.
Tlio cheese factory at Trout Lake has
changed management, now being op
erated by a co-operative company ; be
fore by F. S. Thompson.
Mrs. II. Williams of Ifusum is very
We see that a bill lias been introduced
in tho Washington legislature to pay a
bounty of $'J on coote and wild cat
scalps and ? for ptuthcr and cougar.
Now W. O Cox, the famous trapper uf
White Salmon, can put his traps in
I'lto.M Till; KXTKI1CHISB,
The White Salmon hotel has again
changed hands. Peter lluges, who has
"been proprietor for some time past, lias
sold his interest to Prof. C. L. Colburn,
who will hereafter conduct the favorite
While Doe. Drnnaiiian wa at work
the other day he ran a thorn in his lin
ger which poisoned the llesh, and he is
now laid up with u badly swollen hand.
Win. Cohi, one of Trout Lake's enter
prising merchants, passed through town
en route to Portland, where he went to
purchase spring goods the last of the
Wild Geese have been drawing the
marknianship of our village Nimrods for ,
the last week or so, on the Hats below
the town, but thus far seem to be bul
let proof.
S. W. ('on ion is building a new porch
and othertt ise improving his residence.
He will have a very neat, and comfort
able home when the work is linishcd.
At a meeting of the trustees of Mount
f'rookn M. K churc.., of Pine Flat, held
last week id. the residence of William
Kminons, it was decided to accept the
donation of a site offered by Arthur
Fminous, adjoining the saw mill plant,
and to proceed to the erection of a neat
and commodious structure at once. Tlie
lumber is now partly sawed and the bal
ance will be a part of the lirst output i f
the mill. A great deal of credit is due
to the members of the hoard fo" tbii'
untiring zeal in behalf of Ibis much
needed buil ling. The church of Pine
flat is on what is known as the Gilmer
circuit, ami is one ol the most II uirish
ing clashes on the ciicuit. The boa'd
consists of Messis. William ljiuiciis,
Plank, Ackley, Arthni Kminons, Pen
well, and -Mesdames Ackley, and Pen
well. County Commissioner J. I'. Kgnn
went out yesterday to tear up the Thorn
ton bridge across the White Salmon
river, as it has become dangerous, and
he propose. to be on the sate side and
prcu'iit the possibility of an accident.
It is reported there are about '1" head
of cattle on the ren rve yet. A party of
four men have tuu up after tlieui . A
reward is heinji offered by teveral for
the return of their stock.
Mrs. Anna Hansen is very sick at the
home of her father, H. l''. froh.
J. ti. Wyers is niakinu preparation to
move to White Salmon.
Mrs. Stump, Mrs. Wright and Mrs.
Knighton were Trout Lake visitors this
Mr. Tompkins, who had his iirm
broken by a kick from a horse, is report
ed as etiiinr aloiij; nicely.
It is said the (ilenv.ood post olliee will
soon lie moved to the residence of J. O.
I. A. Mi'Intvre, former cheese) maker
at this place, is iu:ain in our midst.
V.. S. Ilurspool mid wife, who have
heen visitinn relatives at Waitsbui'K the
past mouth, are expected home soon.
I'ulda literary and debating society
iravo an apron social on the evening of
January '27,
Tho little child of M. T. Woods is con
valescent. A pleasant surprise party lust evening
was given tit the home of J. W. Shock
ley. Thirty-live persons present includ
ing two editors, one of the I'ulda Head
light, the other the l-'ree Press.
Herman Kuhnhansen was at lioldon
dale to represent the stockmen of this
vicinity. The following allotments w ere
made: Unman Kuhiihauseu, Id head;
Kdward k dinhnusen, 20 ; Kriink Kriuer,
-'(; Oscar kiibnluiusen, X; Jacob Howe,
.!"; liiley Morly, M: W.; Win.
Krazer, S.': A. .v. I'. Kuhnhansen, 1";
Sam Sharply, V; W. 1'.. A ('. Kastle,"l ;
Albert .Martgraf, !."; 11. li. I.adiges, ;,0;
Henry l.aduos sr.. 50 : I'eter 1 lou't .:!(! :
. Horde, '.'
Marvin, ;;o.
Frank Shaw, 3d; Joseph
(ieorge Tyrrell returned home from
I'henowetli Friday.
Anna Kdelman is tlie new cook at the
Moodv camp.
Harvey Olson has been on the sick
list this week.
Mrs. Tyrrell and children aro visiting
with her relatives.
I'M Thornt. m's little baby has Iven
very sick. 1 Me doi tor thinks with good
care it will soon recover.
Mr. Fuller of Ohenoweth passed
through Fn lerwood Monday.
A meeting was called at the landing
Saturday to see if the committee on the
dock had come to any agreement. 'Hid
not learn pa it ieu I til's".
A meeting is to be held Sntnnlnv at
school house at one o'clock for' the ' o1
.. ....... m ii
purpiise of talking ove
grange being orsani
Mary Olson has l ien i
people mtotctted euoi
over the prospect of a '
inized liere. .Mrs. i "'K
trying to iret the
people mtoicsted enough to organ.'?. ;
li Mpw tarinrf finnrfc
aro just beginning -to arrive
and the patterns are prettier
than ever before.
Panama Suitings and
Mohairs are going to be
tho thing for Spring Suits,
and Embroidered Veils
and Mercerized Fabrics
for Waistings.
Rice is cheaper than ever
before . ,
16 to 25 lbs for $1.00
Salt will go higher; while
what wc have in stock lasts,
Fine Dairy Salt, 50-lb sacks,
500 to 85c.
When you want the best
Coffee, you must buy Chase
& Sanborn's
200, 25c, 360.
The perfection of ha t making
Vehicles and
Road Wagons,
Farm Wagons,.
Delivery Wagons,
Spring Wagons.
Just received a full assorted carload of Buggies and Spring Wngons direct from the'
factory. If you contemplate purchasing a new buggy or Spring Wagon soon, come and
look this stock over, and pick out what you want. A complete line of high-class and
medium grade work, at prices that are right.
All are invited.
Mrs. Orser of (.'henoweth ia visiting
at the home of Mrs. Veach this week.
The Moody camp is growing. A new
family moved up .Monday.
Klickitat's commissioner came over
last week and removed some of the
plank from the old bridge crossing
into salmon, which lias been con
demned aa unsafe. Rat the Blanks were
replaced by some of the neighbors who
wisiied to cross.
Friday was the "3d birthday of Miss
m. tuide, aunt ot .Mrs. rred but he.
The friends of Mrs. Veaeh will be glad
to near unit sue received no serious
bruises when (-he jumped from her run
ning horse Tuesday, other than a terri
ble scare and shaking up.
Two runaways with a few bruises and
a pi rred memory is the record of your
correspondent this week. Thanks to
the snow, I made a bee lino for the
lirst feather bed of it I came to and
swung off letting the horse go on his
way rejoicing. , .
A Calico party was given at the home
of It. nine Friday night. The girls
were recpiostcd to bring pieces of their
dresses and each piece wag put in an en
velope and dropped into a box, and the
Uiy were to draw an envelope apiece
to secure a partner tor the evening
Much amusement was had aacverv bov
was afraid every other boy would get
ins gin. i mil, oi course tlie girts would
uoi care, r.uj l'ancing was in order un
til the small hours, when the "Rooster
doth crow lo let ns know That he is the
most w ise.
Our singing school continues to grow
more interesting.
Karl Uobards is working on the boat
The Ladies Aid tif Belmont gave a
good dime social at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Nickelsen on Wednesday evening,
January IV). There was a large crowd
present and all seemed to enjoy them
selves. The ladies prepared a very
ncsupper for the' Binall price of 15
Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Wood worth re
turned home last week from a visit
among friends in Portland.
The Ladies' Aid will meet at the
home of Mrs. B. K. Barrett next Friday
.Mi. tobum, who has been holding
vival nieotings at Pine grove preached
to a large crowd at Belmont Sunday
hum nni ttiui evening.
The Epworth League of Belmont
contemplate giving a clam mimwr nn
the eveuiim of Kebruarv 14. t il. hnm..
s'r- sd Mrs. M. H." Nickelsen. We
!10P tl,0' r favored with a fine even-
ana a large crowd.
Kev. H C. Carl ,..! . ;r --
turned borne frjin Pine tirovn hm
( $7,
l" iffllt v' a 1 ' ApMf n-1 1
' jlllj I
Agricultural Implements.
m 1
j -
they have been helping in tho meetings.
Kev. Clark will preach at Bulinont next
Sunday evening.
Mrs. Carrie Gunning and Mies Katie
Davenport spent Saturday and Sunday
with their mother, Mrs. Davenport.
Wallace Husbands has moved bis
family into the McFadden building.
The people of Mosier are pleased to
learn Mr. and Mrs. John Smith have
decided to remain in Mosier instead of
moving to The Dalles as they at first in
tended. A. P. Bateham and J. N. Mosier re
turned from Salem last Thursday, where
they were working for the Interests of
the division of the countv. Mr. Lamb
and K. Woods have gone to represen t
inose opposing tne division.
The business meeting and first social
of the Christian Endeavor was held at
the home of Miss Dollie Mo9ier on
Thursday evening last. After tho trans
action of business connected with the
Enedavor, the social committee proved
themselves most efficient entertainers
by furnishing uninterrupted amuse
ment for the 40 young people, who had
assisted, to enjoy a cocial evening. At
eleven refreshments were served; after
partaking of which, the young people
repaired to their homes, voting they
wouid meet again with Miss Mosier,
wlio proved a most hospital)le;hostess.
Charles Castner of the Davidson Fruit
Co., with two assistants, snent most
of the week at the fruit farms of U-e
Evans and J. V. Carroll, prenarimr a
-carload of Ben Davis apples for ship
ment to me uaiuornia market:
Mr. Stone will erect a tuo-storv build
ing on the lot recently purchased from
John M. Denny.
Amos Root and Leo. E. J. and ("hw
W. Husky were incoming pessuigcrs
from The Dalles.
Frank Davenport had two teams haul
ing apples from the Barrett ranch for
several days last week. Frank will lie
at it somewhere, either lumber.sheep or
It is quite fashionable nowadavs to
ride horseback to the various li. lds ot
labor. We see Albert liibbons added t
the Hat. Albert lias a fine mount. 1
lilrO tf OAA n,n ait ah 1....... III.. ...
drilled wldier. Albert is pretty near
perfection. A little more pride in the
saddle and Abe will be just there.
Miss Eima Jones has returned home
toCamn Lookout, with a i.leusant mii
and "Howd'v'do" for everv one. It i
Howd'v'do" for everv one,
natural for some people to make friends,
and Miss Jones is one of that kind.
F. C. Sherrieb had the app'epaike-s
on Wednesday of last week. It was the
writer's pleasure to visit Mr. Slier: ieb's
apple cellar. The apples were Al. If
I l) i it 2 tlX H
n --.I ,
Mother Kve was tempted to taku the
fruit, surely these apples would have
tempted Adam. If this class of apples
was placed on the market in Birming
ham, Kng., they would bring about lti
shillings and sixpence a box.
Found A sack of mill feed. Ow ner
can have it by calling at liockiord store,
describing its' contents and wiiere lost.
li. V. Shoemaker was a visitor to Mo
sier last week on business.
Will Nichols not only has a nicehouse
but it is well stocked'with good things.
He has some of the best pork 1 ever saw.
The meetings being held at the Val
ley Christian church are having a most
refreshing season of good attendance
eveiy night, and up to Sunday night ;i-f
had joined the church, and most of
these were baptised.
Fred Ingalls is at work on the Daven
port Bros, lumber flume, handling slicks
about 40 feet long. We suppose it keeps
Fred busy to get these long sticks out of
the Hume.
J. F. Helenie moved bag and baggage
into his new house Monday. He says
he is not sorry to get out of t he old house
he rented, tor now he has room to
Work on the Oregon building for the
Lewis and Chirk exposition has been
begun, and the building wili be com
pleted bvj March IS. The structure
will be of hansuimvl aiuiearaiiee. 4Vv!)0
: f 1 1, and will ifll.T").
For coughs, colds, bronchitis,
asthma, weak throats, weak
lungs, consumption, take
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral.
Always keep a botr!e of it in
the house. Te have been
saying this for 60 years, and
so have the doctors.
"IhaT nd Avar's Cherrr IVcMral in mr
family for 411 j-pur. It it np l..t milu'tte
tn the wnrld, I knovr, or all throat ai;t luu
Mrs. J. K. Noitritoss, W aUham. Ias.
c..e.. pi M. j.
"""" for-
The Lun g
Daily action of the bewets is neces
sary. Aid nature with Ayer's P. us.
Ay ers