The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, February 02, 1905, Image 4

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Hood Rivor public schools will have
the proud distinction of exhibiting
at the Lewie and Clark exposition the
only niiinuitl triiiniiiR work from Was
co county. It will posHilJy bo a mr
urine to niuny to loarn that the youna
men of Hood Rivor hib school hnve
heon doing manual training work aince
the first of tho year. The boys have
a work nhop in the school building on
the hill. Several of the studeuts have
had Homo experience in this work in
Eastern schoolh. While Hood Kiver
does not expect to make the showing
that can be made by schools from the
larger cities w here they have greater
facilities for work of thin kind, yet
the exhibit from this city will be a
credit to tho fcc.liool and to tho stud
ents. The cabinets in which the exhibits
of work from the Hood Kiver school
will be built by tho students In tho
luminal training department. These
cabinets if bought elsewhere would
cost $15 or flH.
A meeting of tho apodal committee
of Wasco county teachers who have in
charge the arrangements for tho edu
cational display at the Portland fair,
met last Saturday in The Dalles, ln
tttructious as to tho manner of collect
ing tho exhibits from tho several
schools of the county will tie printed
in pamphlet form and distributed to
the teachers.
It was arranged that the schools of
Tho Dalles and Hood Kiver should
make their exhibtls by grades. That
Is, the work of one grade will be ex
hibited as such, while from other
schools, the work of the school will be
placed touothor with no distinction
as to the grades who executed tho
I'rofessor Wiley lielioves the schools
of Hood Kiver and the valiey will lie
able to prepare a very creditable ex
hlbit. Hood Kiver is so well known
among Eastern people, that those who
visit the lair next summer will be
desirous of learning something about
the schools of this country and what
tho pupils can do. The teachers are
now ut work collecting matter.
Hood i.anil Yet to he Hud.
"There is plenty of good land yet
to be had in tho Miuadoka country,"
remarked L. V. Haynes, who recently
returned from his claim on tho Hnake
river. "Eighty acres is all one man
is permitted to take up. When tho
government ditcti iscompletod In lwi.
each land owner will bo given HO
inches of water, Ho will pay for this
at the rate of wi an acre until paid
fur. "The total payment cannot lie
determined until the government work
is completed, but it is not to exceed
SCiO an acre. Homo believe it will not
go over 114. Thus a land owner will
have 80 acres and a perpetual wuter
right, all secured in moderate pay
ments. "
Mr. Haynes says there are many
people there from Seattle, Chicago
and even New York city. Thousands
of people are crowding into Miuado
ka. Work is plentiful, though wages
are not so very high. The railroad
construction superintendent is paying
2.i;r per day for laborers. Workmen
on the big dam get '20 cents an hour,
but it is giveu out that 400 men will
bo put to work in the spring with an
increase in tho wage scale. Hoard
with a bunk can be secured at $3 a
"Tho- land Is not dldleult to clear, "
continued Mr. Haynes. "One man
can chop oft Z of au acre sage brush in
a day. Tho brush will burn at any
tlmo of tho ?yoar. While vory little
can bo raised on the laud until tho
water is brought out, a squatter can
get his place in line shape fur plant
ing by the tlmo tho ditch Is complet
ed, ami he can make a living working
out in the menntime. Tho Miuadoka
country no doubt has a great future.
"In ad. lit tun to big irrigating
schemes the government is arranging
to sink wells every throo miles over
the country. "
Heap the Noted Humorist.
Cyrus lirownleo Newton, the Cali
fornia humorist and entertainer, will
appear at the opera house, Friday
night, February il. Reserved seats
are now on side at Clarke's drug
Cyrus lirownleo Newton was porn
40 years ago in California. After
completing his college course lu his
native state, he taught elocution in
a number of leading educational In
stltutous iii tho Interior of tho state,
and later accepted tho postlon of
Iirofessor of elocution with tho St.
gnatlus college of Sau Francisco.
His splendid humerus entertain
ments attracted wldo attention in his
native state. Ho has appeared over 50
times in San Francisco alone, before
clubs, lodges, churches, eto. Ho Is
without doubt tho most finished enter
tainer this state has produecd. He
has toured extensively in every state
In tho Union with the exception of
Maine, New Hampshiro aud Vermont.
Ho has made a successful tour of
the Uiwaiian Islands, New eland,
Australia and Canada, appearing iu
most of the largo cities. Among
the pleasing features of his entertain
ments are simplicity and naturalness
of humor, his refined personality,
remarkably melodious voice and great
versatility. "As an entertainer ho
has no superior aud few equals. "
EvuiMvillti, A Nuloon-Free Town.
The following Is published at the
request of tho W., C. T. U. :
l.vansville, Wis., Is a thriving little
city in Rock county, and has never
had a licensed saloon. Eighty per
cent of tho people who live there own
their ow n homes. Tho two banks have
$:iTO,000 ou deposit, and the homes aro
kept iu splendid shape, all nicely
painted and repaired.
It owns its owu water and lighting
plants, and has a total bonded tiidcht
eduess of less than 00,000, at four per
cent Interest. ISot a mail lu the city
favors ttio establishment of saloons,
Frodoricktowu ((). ) Free Press.
Evansville, Wis., .Inly 7, 1!)04. Geo.
T.l'rather, Hood River, Or. Dear Sir:
The statements ou slips aro not iu tho
least orerdrawu. Our banks proiiablv
havo more than ?100,000 on deposit
now. Yes, wo occasionally havo a
blind pig, but wo havo never failed to
get rid of t hem in short time. The
worst thing we havo to handle is the
practice of a few of the boozers w ho
pool their com and semi some one to
.laynesville to buy a dozen or so pints
of whisky, but no respectable drinker
would club with such parties and the
aforesaid booera seldom have money
enough for more than one drunk so
that there is not much damage dono.
There is considerable lioer shipped
in to private parties who take it hon e
and use it in a rational manner.
Would rather have all tho boot-leggers,
pliud pigs, ct al, that ever have
lieeu here ami all working thier hard- j
est than to have one saloon. 1 was a
travelling man for some years, doing
business in several states, had no realty
of uiy own at that time, and picked
out this place for a home, aud a resr
donce for 17 years has proven tho wis
dom of my choice.
. In the whole 17 years I have not
seen a dozen persons drunk and reel
ing on the streets. Our druggists are
clean men and try tokoep their sales
of liquor confined to medicinal pur
poses. No doubt they are lied to and
deceived at times, but we think but
few confirmed drinkers can get liquor
on any pretence whatever.
We have a store building that can
not l)e beaten in the state, costtng in
tho neighborhood of $.10, (XM, covers
nearly a half-acre of ground! yearly
sales will prolwbly go to fcWO.OOO this
year. Another just as nice, inougn
not quite so large, is now going up.
You will find on tho back of this some
thing more of our city. 1 send you
some papers lu separate enclosure.
Respectfully yours, M, J. FISHER.
What an Outsider Saw.
Gilmer, Wash., Jan. '25. Editor
Glacier: On our way home from
Eastern Washington we stopped yester
day at Mosier to pay a visit to friends
at that burg. We wero Introduced
to a nice old couple from Hood River
and being somewhat interested in the
welfare of that city and lis people, we
were much surprised to learn from
the (dd lady that Hood Kiver people,
including the mayor, city, council and
marshal, were up iu armsand prepar
ed to do some cutting loose.
Leslie Butler, E. U Smith and Lou
Morse, so it was stated (we expwtcd
tho latter would) had gone to Portland
to get some big; knives and a grind
stone, to enable them to do tho cut
ting. They propose to begin at Mosier
and to cut south, but don't know just
how far south, but hoped they would
not cut Mount Hood. When The
Dalles people heard about the conspir
acy they forthwith sent the sheriff
to arrest everyone in Hood Kiver.
The not-fellers, though, got wind of
it, and quickly sent for Captain Cook
and liill Ovorbaugh of While Salmon,
and when they came they saw the sher
iff at tho hotel, but did not know what
was up until told. Well, these two,
and liill Jordan (Hill Ash liciugoiitot
town) were to tako tho sheriff way
out near Mount Hood ami there turn
him loose in the wilderness wit lniut
anything to eat. Hut Captain Cook
thought this would be too bud, and
ran down to a milliner shop to gel
five cents worth of crackers. Hut,
w hen the hotel was reached they found
the sheriff had lit out, and all wert
looking for his trucks in the light
snow. Hut it is thought the sherill
took it with him aud is glad of it.
.1. E. JONES.
Startling Hut True.
People the world over were horifh il
on learning or the burning ol a uuifagi
theatre in which nearly 000 people lost
lliclr lives, yet more than five times
this miiutier or over K,ouo people rllcil
from pneumonia in Chicago during the
same year, with scarcely a passing no
tice, livery one of these cases of
pneumonia resulted from a cold and
oould have been prevented by the
timely use of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy. A great many who bad every
reason to fear pneumonia have warded
It of! by the prompt use of this remedy.
The following is an Instance of this
sort: "Too much cannot he said In
favor of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
and especially for colds and influenza.
1 know that it cured my (laughter,
Laura, of a severe cold and I believe
saved her life when she was threatened
with pneumonia." W. 1). Wilcox, l-
gan, New York. Bold ut Williams'
Welcome Iter. W. C. (Ilmore.
Tho reception at the Congregational
parsonage last Friday night, extended
to Rev. Gilmore and family by the
monitors of tho congregation and
friends of tho church, was largely
attended. Tho evening was very
pleasantly spent lu conversation and
later refreshments were served. There
was a recitation by Miss Frances
Hragg, and some excellent music by
little Florence Hroslus. The recitat ion
and music were much appreciated.
Rev. Mr. Gilmore, although a resi
dent of the city but a few months,
as already endeared himself to the
people, aud his earnest etiorts for the
upbuilding of tho community have
made htm a factor among tho citi
zens. Himself and family lire delight
oil with the town and valley. The
expressions of welcome on behalf of
the members and friends of the con
grogatlou were very cordial.
Fraud Exposed.
A few counterfeiters have lately been
making and trying to sell ImilntioiiHol'
lr. Kings New Discovery for consump
tion, coughs and colds and other med
icines, thereby dclruudiug the public.
This Is to warn you to beware of such
people, who seek to protlt, through
stealing the reputation of remedies
which have been successfully curing
disease, forever ;i years. . sure pro
taction, to you, Is our name on the
wrapper, book for It, on all lr. King's
or Itucklin's remedies, as all of hers arc
mere Imitations. II. K. ISiii ki iv At Co.,
Chicago, III., and Windsor, Canada.
Medicines sold all. .V I huke s ill ug
Hallroncl to Mount Hood.
Portland capitalists have organized
a company for the construct ion of a
railroad to Trotitdnlc, 18 miles this
side of Portland. Tho road then con
tinues up the Sandy river to the base
of Mount Hood, the incorporators
are: Seneca Smith, Napoleon Davis,
Guy Willis, A. I j. Stone, George Ij.
Story and A. W. EamlxMt. Capitali
zation authorized at present Is only
$10,000, but the amount will be hi
creased lu the Immediate future, as
soon as the necessity arises for broad
ening tho operations of the corpora
tiou to carry out the plans now
Tho effort will lie made to have it
reaily for use during the Lewis and
Clark expostiion, and immese travel
is expected as a result of tho large
number of people who will Oregon visit
this summer.
Chamberlain's, Mother's Favorite.
The soothing and healing properties
of this remedy, its pleasant taste and
prompt and permanent cures have
Hindu it a favorite with people every
where. It Is esieelatly prized by moth,
ctsof small children, for colds, croup
and whooping cough, as it always at
fords quick relief ami as it contains no
opium or other harmful dru, it may be
given as confidently to a baby as to an
adult. For sale at Williams' Phar
macy. Will Move la Oregon.
IVrov I-arawny tells us he is going
soon to Oregon. He bus the western
fever and will go to Hood River where
bis two sisters, Mrs. Cooper and Mis.
Gove aro now living. Preparatory to
this move he will hold a public sale at
his place west of town January :.'7.
Glen wood (la) Tribune. ;
The fruitgrowers of I'nion, Oregon,
and vicinity are preparing to ou'anie
lor the purpose o more svslennil c
growth and marketing of their products.
About 150 cars of fruit are shipped (rem
that point each season.
Eastern and
S. L. YOUNG, Prop.
I ft
KDWIM A. lli:Xl)l.RSX, Manager.
iNulary 1'iiMii: for Oregon.)
Two lots on the hill for sale; price,
t2l( cash. Lots .Mhl.'iO feet.
A lot southeast of the high school for
$.'i''o on installments, $10 down, f; per
month, at 8 per cent. The lots will ad
vance '1 each soon.
Two lota overlooking the Columbia
and Mood rivers. Price, foOO, part cash
balance I0 ncr month at 8 per cent.
Two lots aud :i-rooin bouse, plastered,
just back of high ndiool, house 20 feet
Huiiare. Price, $,() cash.
ti-roorn Iioiimc, pla: P red, corrugated
iron woodshed, injured lor . years lor
f.MK), billy paid up, lot 50x1:10; price,
J 121 10, cany terms.
Two lots lOOxllKI, 8-room house, iilnsi
tered and papered, fences and sidewalks
cdy water and telephone, 2-story barn
i-'lx.iO, IfLTIOt) ; ODD down, balance mort
gage at per cent.
Mitny farms all over the valley at red'
Houablo prices.
I'iiid vou hoines rent houses for land
lords, or find houses for you to rent,
collect bills, negotiate loans or find you
money to loan.
Call on me I w ill find vou what you
want. V. I U I N A .
JlilS opened ft
General Store
and will keep on liatil a first
- class stock of
Groceries, Flour and Feed
The public is invited to call
nnd inspect the stock. A
square deal for all.
Some Bargains.
:t:t. 0 ai-res mile out; berries and
orchard. A hi autiliil location. Will be
sold at n bargain.
('-'. !lj acres one-half mile from Jit
Hood P. O. I I acres in clover, 4 iu hay
l l in straw lien les, i share water,
bouses, all for ffUOO.
21. 42 acres one mile out , 111 acres In
orchard, 10 full bearing. First-class im
provements, A beaiililul home.
28. K0 acres, fS acres 7-year-old apple
tree, balance in clover and general
arming, .New broom house ,
2. It) acres In the most beautiful nor
tion of thc-vullev. 4 acres in orchard
one year old, .'11 acres in berries, 4 acres
ill alfalfa, balance general fanning.
(il. 10 acres 1 miles out; splendid
siillr 1 acre apples, best varieties; one
year planted. II acres in strawberries,
2 acres iu iiolaloi s, o acres in clover.
f)2. 421 acres 2 miles out, 20 acres in
hen ics 2 years old; 10 acres iu clover; il
acres in apples,:! mid ft years old, New
towns nnd Spitzenbergs; 2 good houses,
w iiidiuill, packing house, eic; 22 Inch
es free w ater. $2."tl per acre.
111. Two ldil-acre tracts about nine
miles out ; one ou east side, other west
side. Choice for f 1100.
188, 40 acres (i miles out; raw land
Price, 2'i00.
A number of 4, 10, 20 and 40 acre
(tacts of unimproved hind that will
bear Investigation. Also a number of
large tracts from UK) loi!20 acres iu Ore
gon and Washington.
Some few residences and lots in every
portion of the city.
Real Estate Agents
Hood Rivor, Oregon.
Water Xolice.
I'ruiu and idler January 1, liKlo, the
Wanconia llwlranl Co.'s family rates
will be iiiisf-d to $1.25 per month' A re
bate ol 2;c will be made on familv rates
if paid w lion the collector culls.
II, C. COK, owner.
All dines son of Khlneva,
Bladder, Urinary Orcein.
AN" k Ileum n Usui, Hack
iohe Heart Disease Ora vol.
Droiisy, Female Ti oublca.
Don't become dlseoumced. There is t
cure lor you. If ih i-mi v wille lr. 1 enner.
Ilu Iiuh sin-lit a lite Htm curluK 1ut moU
case us j ut's. All couMiiiaiioittf Free
"I have been a suSVrer from rhuomatisra
fir ever ten y.wa ai.ii It.ivo often been ror
J. tj lay l-i il for sowral !.is anil surfc-rctl
intensely. Pr. Fcnm-r'a Kahio anJH.vk.ichi
t'ero al'irJul relief at onee, 1 new feel as
Weil a4 I ever ha-. i-i cv life.
Ab. lil.Ai'Utt !jl., Kansas City. Mo."
liruggMs, l. AskforCnek Hook- I'm
For Sale by f. N. I'L.Uikbi, Hoed River.
. .
to First National Bank
THIOHJ'j AlUi MAM who sire under the erroneous im
pression tliat they never control money enough to
tit nt-f i Intnl.- nueount Tn fltisi 1kjv nru midtnVpn Wp
solicit small accounts as well as large. We handle both
with our best care and offer you our services.
Drafts and Bank Money Orders Sold on AH Parts of the World.
Home Made
La France
We manufacture all our own Candy, and make it fresh
every day. Candy made
Full line of I?on I?ons,
Hauling, Draying, Baggage Transferred, First
Class Livery Turnouts Always Ready.
Phono 131.
Now have the most complete line of
Builders' Hardware, Shelf Hardware
Tinware,Wood Choppers' Supplies
Blacksmith Supplies and
etc. for Wagons and Buggies.
Paints, Oils and Builders' Material.
Estimates furnished to Contractors.
and Building Material
guaranteed. Call and look through the Stock.
(Had to show vou around.
Fuiler the auspices of the members of
1. 0. 0. F. & Rebekah Lodges
Having completed their new hall, the members of Idle
wilde Lodge and the members of Laurel Lodge have de
cided to give a social dance in their new hall. The floor in
this hall is the very best in the city for dancing, they hav
ing taken great pains in this particular.
Ihe best of music will be
oMinrmitiMxl tn nil
..... V , . .....
Invitations will be issued.
Candy Store
to order on short notice.
Nuts and Confectionery.
a full line of Poles, Shafts
and Embalmer
in attendance. A good time
Will be found in the
Brosius Block
Monday, February 6.
Come and see us.
The Prescription Druggist.
Established in 1866. Open all the year. Private or
class instruction. Thousands of graduates in posi
tions; opportunities constantly occurring. It pays to
attend our school. Catalogue, specimens, etc., free.
Staple and
Fancy Groceries
Majestic & Mesaba Ranges
and Stiletto Cutlery.
Full line of Gloves and Mittens, 2. to .fl.."0.
First Grade Wales Goodyear Snow Excluders
Men's 1 and 3-buckle .ft to ft. 7.1
Ladies' 3-buckle : 1.7o
Misses' and Children's 1 -buckle GOe to 7."c
Groceries, Flour and Feed,
Notions, Glassware, Crockery, etc.
WOOD & SMITH BROS., Proprietors.
Groceries, Flour and Feed
Only Exclusive Grocery Store in the City. Free Delivery. Phone
Dealer in General Merchandise
and Lumbermen's Supplies,
Railroad Ties, Cordwood,
Telephone No. 31.
The Big Second Hand Store
For BARGAINS in Furnituiv. Stoves and Ranires. Crock
ery, Tin and Granite Ware, etc." Furniture and Stove Re
pairing and picture framing. All work guaranteed.
0. P.
Lumber and Cedar Posts
DABNEY & CO., Props.