The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, January 19, 1905, Image 7

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    TTf wiwii m n i m i m
jS7 GOOD 5
Yours truly,
Hast bound
No. a, chic.iiri) Special, 11:43 a. m.
No. Mpokann Flyer, 8:;)8 p. m.
tin. 0, Mull imrl Hx press, 10:50 p. m.
No. 21, Way Freight, 12:10 p. m.
No. 2'-'. Fust Freight, 4:05 a. m.
West hound
No. 1, Portland Special. 3:0.1 p. m.
No. S, I'orlliiml l-'lyer, 5:l n. m.
No. 5, Al;iM anil Express, 4:48 a, m.
No. M, W'ny Krelsrlit, li:2i a. m.
No. j!i , I-'msI Freight, 5:45 p. m,
''" , ... " " T
Hood River M father Report,
For week-cndlnif Tuesday, Jan. 10: Moan
ninxlmum, :.; mean miiiimiim,25.-; mean,
n- jiiKii ii'iiipiTiunre, ie .nin. Hi; lowest,
J7C Dliihl o( .liiimoiy a Precipitation. 207
Ti lal miowTall durinsr the week 23 luetics,
prealesi depth of allow on the ground lit ona
17 inches.
D. N. BYKRLKE, Loral observer.
f;i:rLF local matters.
School books at Coe & Son'a.
Orpingtons and Minorcas at Lewis'.
Use Williams anti-septic Utiir tonic
and keep off gray hairs.
BOOTHS have moved to where Kane"
used to he.
$1000 to loan on farm property. Apply
lO t . J . DLAKt l .
T. . . - ! - ... .. ...
ror sain. pome oi the linest low on
the hill, fronting the river. Also lots
in lUveiview park ami Idlewild. 8ec
W.J. linker.
Chocolate menier is absolutely pure
... n tiiiurii oest m;i(ie. (mi a can
at none & McDonald s.
A fine farm for sale in the Odelf. dis
trict. Hell improved. Sold nt a bar
gain if taken soon. VV. J. Baker.
w . j. naner lias some beautiful lots
fox sale near Chas. Clarke's residence
on tlie lull.
ne invite the public to come in a?ul
get our meat prices. We are selling
boiling meats at bed rock prices. Mavi s
Call and see Strowbridges' new stool,
of wall paper, paints, oils, brushes, etc.,
next door to Mayes' meat market.
Do your eyes fail you? Come in and
see C. If. Temple, the oculist, who is
prepared to test and fit vour eves, and
has the largest stock of glasses" in the
If your watch is. out of order come
and see C. If. Temple, the watch maker,
who will repair your watch, and save
time, save money, and have your watch
hint many years 'more than it would if
you go to mine one who has not had
the many years experience I have.
Insure in an all home institution, The
'Oregon Fire Relief association of Mc
Minnville. Frank J. Perkins, agent, P.
O. box (12, Hood Kiver, Or.
Best selection of riip.'s ever brought to
Hood Kiver. Over 200 C. JI,
S. K. l'.artmess has a first class uphol
sterer in his employ, and is prepared to
do all kinds of repair work.
BOOTHS have moved where Rarid
used to lie.
I have a large stock on hand, in fact,
the largest stock in town. Watches,
the fiiif.-t grade rings, the largest sSock,
all at rwiuced prices. Come and! see
C. If. Tt m pie for bargains in all lilies:.
Mayes Dros.' meat market cive? notice
that all orders for morning dtlivery
must be in by 10:4"i o'clock. The- after
noon delivery will be taken off at 4:80.
Mayks Bros.
For Wilbur's poultry and stock food
go to liviie oc McDonald's.
ery Note and letter size, tablets in
linen and plate finish, envelopes to
match. Little PWvvS.
There'll be plenty of chances to
use them yet. Coasters, fancy paint
id top, special, 40c.
Heavy nickel tin, large size, copper-
with side
i una, preventing
Hair Brushes, tooth brushes, xt
brushes, null hru-hes, clothes lrvsli-
hani brushes, shoe blushes, scrtilb
bru-hes, paint blushes, horse hrufilr
e--, etc. Little lrices,.
&GCOm The: T3iq
i trrfrauffifcag -saca wm ppair
i i tun
We make a specialty of our hosiery,
and recommend "Iron Clads" for men,
women, misses, children and boys
particularly for boys. Try them.
50 acres on tlie East Side, 2 miles
out. 10 acres in young orchard. A snap.
i Largo stock of horse blankets and
' winter robes at H. J. Fra-nk's.
Cocoa menier and choitolate monier at
i Bone & McDonald's.
I Latest designs in ladiew watches; gold
filled, solid gold, and alsu with diamond
setting. Also a fuH line of gentlemen's
watches. C. H. Temple.
i,.u ,l n-
. " nen J"1" 8 to the pOBt ofliCO step
into UOC S Won i
U.n'a mi tl.n aM ftt-
site an
House and two lots in Albany will
trade for Hood Kiver property. W. J.
Mantle clocks, with gold plated front,
not to tarnish, at C. II.
Money to loan K. H. lljtrtwig
Clearance sale at Coe's.,
Want 40 to ICO acres wild land good
soil, comparatively level,in lower Mount
wood district, rnce must be reason
able. Terms, spot cash. Address P. O.
box 141, Portland, Or.
If you get an article of Clarke, the jew
eler, and it doesn't prove to be as rep
resented, bring it back.
Before purchasing anything in the
watch, clock or jewehy line, get my
prices. Clarke, the jeweler.
Temple, the Jeweler, lias moved 'into
the Smith building, opposite Williams'
drug store,.
We ftrn still selling our 'homo made
lard as cheap as other lard i-an be bought
and we guarantee every bucket. 10s,
J1.40 ; 5s, 70c ; 3s, 45c. Mayks Bros.
I am prepared to save you money on
your year's reading. Bring in a list of
magazines you would likr and let me
give you a price on therfi. Geo. I. tSlev
The band bovs will eive a masnuerade
ball Saturday evening, February 4.
Tickets Gentlemen, 75c ; ladies free.
I bav a few nieces of cut class left.
which T will close out at the lowest dob-.
siblo prices. Clarke, the jowelor.
Evurv article in mv stock marked
down at greatly reduced priced. Call
and look them over. Clarke the'iew-
Fresh smelt nt McGnire Bros.
Two small brnises for iale,W. J. Baker.
New rorned beef at McGnire Bros.
Four houses lor rent. W. J. Baker.
Land given in exchange for clearing
ot her land. J. L. HtmjBRSON.
Notice. 11
Geo. 1). Culbert-on & Co. are mv ati-
t horized agents for the renting of my
b oiises and felling town and country
f miperty. H. C. COE.
'cw Today.
' Five acres hlf a mile from town. A
81 iap. W. J. Baker & Co. . , -
Cranberries' t Holman's.
Otnnses, 15c a dozen ct Ilolman's.
Celsry and cabbage at Ilolman's.
Hice, 20 ll.s for fl, at Holman's.
Buiwhoat. flour at Ilolman's.
See that fi ao lirre of brooms at Hd
man'n. Full line of all kinds of meat, fresh
I and, at Ilolman's. - .
I . A Good Time
-r- ,' . . i to make npyonr roller towels for next
'', J season's use. Heavy brown linen
C& T ifmL fl crash, 18-in. wide, wears like iron,
if J9SriflM- 15e per yard.
U'BS' a m yrmW gre gratefnl and eomfoiting these
damp days. Get a pair and make
Shawls V . . your feet glad. 20c, 3for50c.
This is the time of vear you will ap- Allt Rnnka
precate mo one of the Prel ;ty 'houWer ffl h n ledpprs
wraps that we a rt makthem-go j , h Preford. et A'
prices on. Loot in our window and see j ,. ; ( fc 'r j k
the ; pretty sty leg and little prices. memorandums, et-Little Prices.
New Pianes Music Valentines
Folios containing 25 of the newest Tlie largest assortment always
j,.(.Hs, including Navajo, Seminole, found here. AH new, snappy, np-to-
iiixie Girl, olc. Per copy, 75o. dale, this season's creations.
Store with Little
- tam - ssCT i j . i man m n i
HOE 5 j&
E. L. Pennock, bookkeer for the Wind
River Lumber Co. at Cascade Locks,
spent Sunday in Uood Rb?er.
Miss Kate- Shannon of Pacific Uni
versity, Forest Grove, returned Tuesday,
after a visit with Mies Gladys Hartley!
Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Fraser of Port'
land are guests at the Waucotna. Mr.
Fraser is here to find relief from asth
matic trouble. ,
The revival meeting at the Valley
Christian Lhureh are progressing nicely
in Mjrem, II UC1HK IIIWBIICOl.. Allele
Great interest 11 netag msaifest. There
JN. M. Mooch of underwood was a
Hood River visitor Tuesday morning.
Mr. Munch sava there is ahont two and
! one-half feet of snow on his farm on the
i side of Underwood mountain.
The Davidson Fruit Co. has already
made some of the eontraets for con
struction of the brick eold storage ware
house and ice plant. The machinery
has been bought, bnt the condition of
the weather will detormine when work
can begin on the building.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Crane of Frank
fort, Mich., were in Hood River a couple
of dsys last week, the gnests of Mr. and
Mrs.'F. E. Jackson.-Mr. Crime is en
gaged in the lumber business and was
on his wav to the Sound with the inten
tion of locating on this coast in the near
Shelley, the Little White Store man,
has been busy all week hauling goods to
his business house at Odell. Ilia slod
met with an accident last Friday, and
he says so rapidly do goods leave his
shelves that the ware bous was empty
by Monday morning. Shelley is rust
ler, and appears to b cnioviog a splen
did trade.
F. H. Miller retornM Monday after
noon from The Dalles, where he secured
title to U acres of land south of Dukes
Valley, by buying scrip for the land.
Mr. Miller says there has been some
attempt to jump th holding, and to
thwart any such act he at. once made
himself the rightful owner. He will
improve the land and set out an apple
This morning th thermometer regis
tered two above tere. Twice this winter!
has the meenry stood thos. This morn
ing the ice man commenced his work
again. There Is some little consolation
in the thought that it is no Joke with
the thermometer at two above and cord-
wood is stiff at $6 per. there is a time
coming when we'll wish we had an ice
machine handy. Prinevtlle Review.
A. C. Buck had a pleasant surprise
Tuesday. R. W. Davidson of Minot, N.
Dak., who served donnc the civil .war
in the same company with Mr. Buck, in
Company B, Seventh Minnesota in-
lantry, dropped in to see him and is
now making an extended visit. Tht
two old soldiers are having the time of
their lives recounting their experiences
in the days when they bunked together
and drank lrom the same) canteen. In
the 40 years since they had separated
when they stacked arms for the last
time, many of their comrades have been
mustered out and will never again re
spond to roll call on life's battle field;
and this is the sad nart of their meet
ing, when they learn from each other of
the deaths in the ranks of their com
rades. Mr. Davidson is an agent for
the New York Life Insurance company.
With his wife he is making a tour of the
i um-
Frank Chandler and sou Willie
were visitors in Portland last week,
Representative a. a. Jayue was
hme from ialeiii Intt week, returning
Sunday aflernoou to assume his legisla
tive duties.
An agreeable movement oftlie bowels
without any unpleasant edi ct is pro
duced by Cliaiulieriain s Momach aud
Liver Tablets.
Mrs. Allen Fulton, form I y of Hood
River, but now a resident of Winant
Lincoln countv, is m tlie city visiting
her daughter, Airs. Andv Gutcheli.
Personal in Portland Journal: At
torney Frank R. Davenport is in from
Uood Kiver.
Pete Isen berg, doorkeeper in the lower
house at Salem, arrived Sunday night
to spend the Sunday recess with his
family. It's a cold day when Pete does
n't pick up a good thing at a legislative
Charles T. Fjirly, of the Oregon
Lumber Co., spent Friday and Satur
day of last week in Portland, trans
acting business.
W. H. Ecclos, accompanied by
Jndge Rolapp, of Ogden, arrived from
the East Tuesday morning.
Joseph A. West, chief engineer of
the Sumpter Valley hallway company,
and having In charge the present Or
egon Lumber company survey, relative
to a railroad up Hood River valley, has
returned from linker City, and gone
Into camp near the head of Nen
Sam Zeigler was. over from White
Salmon last Thursday and fearing
ha would become snowbound, Sam
trorrlad back to the land where they
raise early strawberries, and don't
have deep snows.
Canbypost, G. A. R. and W. R. C,
held joint installation servises Satur
day. Mrs. T. J. Cunning otliciated as
installing officer for the corps and Cap
tain Blowers for the pot. A substan
tial dinner preceded the installation
ceremonies there was a good attend
ance and every one enjoyed the occa
sion. John Koherg was in the city Monday
morning from his ranch up the river.
Mr. Koberg states that the snow was
three feet deep at his place, and about
the same at Nosier, The storm seems
to have come from the north-east,
and to have fauizedout thefurthersouth it
Sot. At Mount Hood, so the correspon
ent states, the snow was only eight
inches deep.
A few of the near neighbors gathered
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Lofts,
Monday, to spend the evening in games.
After about 11 o'clock lunch was served.
Those present were: Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Dano and son, Mr. and Mrs. T.
Bates and niece (Miss Driver) from The
Dalles, Mr. and Mrs. A. Gatchell, Mr.
and Mrs. George Sutherland and chil
dren, Mr. and Mrs. J. Thornton and
children, Mr. and Mrs. J. Hemmerel,
Misses Mamie and Celia Hemmeril,
Dick and Pete, IIoniineril.Mr.Powell. All
enjoyed a pleasant time.
A deal is on today whereby a stock
company, composed mostly of business
men of the city, ill purchase the Co
lumbia Brewery from Anirust Huchlcr,
the consideration being $:(5.(X)0. Mr.
Bnchler has been in business in The
Dalles about thirty years, having pur
chased the brewery from the lute Fniil
Schanno. He has always been straight
forward in bis business principles and
ready to assist in every enterprise, never
refusing a request from any charitable
institution in the community, anil it is
to bo hoped he will decide to remain
among us. We understand that when
business metiers have been adjusted Mr.
end Mrs. Huehler oupect to take a trip
to Knrope, after which thev will decide
as to the course they will pursue.
To ('elelinite Lodge Anniversary.
Wanna temple, No. (1, Itathbone Sis
ters, had a very interesting session last
Thursdav evening.
After transacting a considerable
amount of routine business, n committee
from the Kniirhts of Pvtbias staled that
that order expected to hold n semi-public
meeting on the evening of Fehnutry
21 to celebrate the anniversary of
order, which occurs February 1!, and
the anniverrary of their local lodge,
which occurs on the 2Jd, and invited
the Sisters to join them.
Wanna temple was instituted l-ebiu-
arv 2i). and thev can celebrate on the
21st, and cheerfully accepted the invita
(Speakers will be procured from abroad
to address both lodges, and arrange
ments will he made for a most enjoyab.e
entertainment and evening.
After the temple closed a hall hour ot
dancinu with the ladies was very much
enjoyed by the goodly number of Knights
To Reincorporate Ditch Company.
Robert Leasure and Jim Langille re
turned Tuesday morning from The
Dalles, where they went to secure the
services of Bennett & Sinnott to look
after the reincorporation of the Mount
Moot water Lo. l tie stockholders ot
the company allowed their charter to
lapse and found it necessary to reincor
porate. The company under tlie new charter
will iiln on 2000 inches of water from the
east fork of Hood river. The water will
be taken out abovo the toll bridge and
will be used to irrigate ISOOacresof land
winch can tie brought under cultivation
by use of this water. There are now
about 200 acres in cultivation.
The value of tho ditch stock will be
placed at $1.50 an inch, six and two
thirds inches of water to constitute one
share. There are at present about 20
stockholders In the Mount Hood Water
Too (iood A Thing to Lose.
Learning that a bill for the creation of
Cascade countv, the western boundary
of which will run along a line extending
up Seven mile hill, below I he Dulles,
will be introduced in the legislature by
Representative Jayne, and that a peti
tion will accompany it signed bv liood
hlver people, at a held .Monday
morning it was decided to circulate a re
monstrance. Dalles people have noth
ing against Uood River; but (eel that
such u move would be injurious at this
time. It is not thought that the new
county has a ghost of a show; but it wa
thought advisable to present to tlie legis
lature the opinion of the leading busi
ness men of the crunty of Wasco on the
subject. Chronicle.
Deride fur Woman Suffrage.
The speakes for the affirmative were
awarded the decision at the high
school debate last Friday afterno on
on tho question: "Resolved, That wo
men should have the right to vote'"
The pupils supporting the afSlrmn
tive were: Mitir l)auo, leader; Leila
Hershner, Stella Parsons, Hess Kvans.
Marjorie liaktr led the negative,
and was supported. by Ll.vood
Luekoy, Franco Ilrngg, Kdith Cop
plo. Superititc ndent Xeff, Professor Wi
ley and Paul Tilber were the judge: .
Their decision was that the atllrii;n-
tlve had won out by one point. The
next debate will be held this coming
rnaay afternoon.
Walt-r Noll re.
From and after January 1, liX th9
w lucoina Hydrant Co. 's 'family rata
w ill be raised to 1.25 per month. A t
hate of 2 c v, ill be inado on family rat
if paid when the collector calls.
H. C. COK, owner.
V ater and Light Notice
All water and light bills must be paid
at the company's otlice each month in
advance, on or before the 10th day of
the month. No collector will be sent
out horeafter.In ail cases where bills are
noi promptly paid when due, tho
vices will be discontinued
arrearages are paid.
until all
By W. II. Chipping, Manager.
Will Star in HootI River.
The remedy that makes you eat, sleep
and grow strong, called Palmo Tablets,
will be gold regularly bv Williams'
Pharmacy, Hood River. 'These great
nerve and constitution builders cost only
50o per box, six lioxes 2 50.
IrtO-acre improved farm, under irriga
tion, in Nebraska, for farm in Hood
Kiver or Whits Salmon. W. J. Baker.
Watch the label on the Glacier,
tells when your subscription is due.
it i
Only twelve more days loft to take advantage of the big special offerings
we tire making in our overcrowded
1 T-v
The city council w as flooded with pe
titions Monday night asking that body's
assistance in an endeavor to belter the
morals In the city. A petition signed
with 75 names asked for the enforce
ment of the curfew ordinance, and that
a bell be rung at 0 o'clock in the sum
mer months and at 8 o'clock in the
winter months,
.Mayes moved that the petition be
granted and considered the hour none
too early for ordering tho children off
the streets. He considered it a good
thing to enforce tho ordinance.
Mayor Blowers considered it all right
to ring a curfew, but wanted to know
where a bell could be secured. On mo
tion, the matter of amending the curfew was iolt to tho judiciary com
mittcc, with a request for a report at
tlie next meeting.
Along petition requesting that cigar
stores and pool ro'ims no closed on bun
day read as follows:
"Relieving that tho public welfare of
our city and ihe moral welfare of the
boys and young men of our city to be
seriously menaced by tlie open pool
rooms and t he cigar und confectionery
stands where duo throwing and other
kinds of paining are indulged in, there
fore we, your petitioners, respectfully
and earni ttly request that Ihe necessary
slops be immediately taken for the clos
ing of all such places on the Sabbath
day, according to the tenor of the law
as prescribed in sections No. 11144 and
No. of the Oregon statutes. "
The el sing of allplnces where cigars
are hM on Sunday was Informally Field
to be imposm bin A motion to refer the
petiiion to ihe judiciary committee me;
with no second, and the petition was
lelt bunging in the air.
Ordinance No. y.'i, introduced by
Mayes, passed first reading and was re
ferred to the judiciary committee for
correction. The ordinance provides for
lines lor selling cigarettes or tobacco to
minors, and for fine and punishment of
minors caught smoking cigarettes.
The ordinance as introduced heid the
mayor, recorder and city marshal liable
for the enforcement of the law, bnt to
this Mayor Blowers objected, believil.g
it would be hardly legal. For this rea
son the ordinance was sent to the judi
cuiry committee for revision.
Mayes was willing that this clause
should be struck from the proposed or
dinance. This being the first meeting of the
t . '
Clearance Sale
of Seasonable Goods that yon need right now.
in Mittens of all sizes. Ladies', Misses' and Chil
dren's Jersey Loggings and Overgaiters.
A few fine Wool and Silk Shawls left that are
yours at cost.
Silk Velvet Slippers price cut to close out. t
Big stock of Men's Leggings reduced.
Many other necessities for the winter season
that you need, and may have at cost, at
I-r IbT
Don't forget that you take no
risk in buying your Shoes from us, for
we give you your money's worth
or your money back.
Every Shoe in our entire stock is
on Mile at CUT PRICES.
Come in. You are as welcome look
ing as buying.
Kegular J 4.00 Shoes, Sale Price,
8.75 " "
il.50 " "
" 2.50 " " '
" 2.25
" 1.75 li "
Regular $2.25 Shoes, Sale Price,
" 2.00 " "
" 1.75 " "
Regular $5.00 Shoes, Sale Price,
4.00 " "
Ji.50 "
f a.oo "
" 2.50 " " '
Regular $7.00 Shoes, Sale Price. 6.75
" 6.50 " "
" 5.00 " "
4.50 "
new council, Mayor Mowers appointed
the following committees to serve du
ring the ensuing year
Finance Karly, Maves, McDonald.
Fire and Water Rand, McDonald,
Streets and Public Property Mayes,
F.arly, McDonald.
Printing and Tolice Moe, Bailey,
Health Bailey, Rand, Moe.
Judiciary McDonald, Moe, Mayes.
.7. K. Rand was unanimously chosen
president of the counc'l. Owing to the
uncertain condition of the city treasury,
the mayor deferred tho apiiointment of
a marshal, street commissioner, city at
torney and city surveyor. Marshal
Olingor will hold ofliee in the mean
' The Water Co. is now corresponding
for prices on pipe, and it is the inten
tion to extend t tie 10-inch main from
the Urosius corner to the full length of
State street, t-taies Manager 11. F. Da
vidson. The company experts to have the pipe
laid by the middle of April. A 2-inch
connection will he made with the Sher
man avenue main at Dr. Watt's corner,
and cross connection will made on
each street with the main on Oak and
River streets. It is expected that this
w'll give all the piet.suie needed for a
good domestic supply for several years
to come.
"Had the city taken up thecomrany's
offer to furnir-li water for fire protec
tion," says Mr. Davidson, "the com
pany would have expended $10,0110 in an
increased pipe fysiem over the lower
part of the city. The proposul system
will i.ecessitate an outlay of several
thousand dollars."
The upper pait of W'inans addition
will reccne water from the new system
on the hill, while Ihe lower addition
will bo supplied with an increased pres
snre from the larger spring in Blowers
Ailtertised Letter l.Nt.
January HI, 1005.
Clark, Allen Jones, Xoru
Hark, L J. Hurnell, J. II.
DeForest, Clarence James, L. A.
Ketchen, G. W. MoGragor, Harry
Martin, Mrs. win. .Miner, t. .M.
Smith, Frank VV.
Just the co a everybody wants read
Bob Rand's ad in ihe for sale column,
3? 3? ' S.
Special to the Glacier.
Underwood, Wash., Jan. 17. A mass
meeting was called at the school house
last Hatutday to ascertain the sentiment
of the people, of the community in re
gard to the erection of a steamboat dock
at or near Captain Olson's landing.
The meeting was well attended and
everybody present exhibited an unusual
interest in the proceedings. It is of
course a question of vital importance to
the community, at the landing known
as Underwood Landing may bo said to
have ceased to exist, inasmuch us no
steamboat can be induced to make reg
ular landings here in suite of increased
and steadily increasing business.
The possibility of building a dock at
the old Underwood landing has been
under consideration for some time, but
the enormous capital it would take to
build a substantial dock there, as well
sb to maintain the same, would, accord
ing to estimates given by competent
parlies, be far beyond the present abil
ity of Uuderwood citizens.
The meeting was called to order by
Fred Luthy. Peter L. Bather was elect
ed temporary chairman ; Professor C. 11.
Cromwell, secretary. A committee of
seven, consisting of William Frost, lt.D.
Cameron, William Kellendonk, Fred
Luthv, Harry Olson, C. If. Cromwell
and P. L. Sat her was elected to exsm
ino the proposed site for a flock; survey
a mad from C. T. Rohard's store down
to the proposed docK site; have estimate,
made on cost of construction of dock
ami road; ascertain what, and to what
extent, onisido assistance can be te
cured, o!c.
As soon as the committee is ready to
report, a meeting will bo culled again,
permanent ollicers elected, arti-des of
Incorporation drafted, bylaws adopted
and such other preliminary business at
tended to as may be found hocessary to
insure speedy progress in a business
like way and on business principles
when construction commences.
A number of parties have been inter
viewed who were prevented from at
tending the meeting, and they are all in
! tavor ol trio movement and without ex
' ruption give assurance of their co.opera
tion. P. L..S.
The Ladies aid society of the M. E.
church will meet Friday afternoon at
tho home of Mrs. Deitz.
The Womans alliance, of the Unitarian
church will meet Friday afternoon at
j the home of Mrs. Frauz,
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