The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, December 29, 1904, Image 7

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We predict a great 1905 for Hood River.
We will be here with the Goods in greater!
assortment than ever before.
Yours truly,
Enit hound
No. 2, Chlcasro Rpelal. 11:43 a. ra.
No. 4, Hpokune Flyer, 8:38 p. m.
No. 6, Mall and Express, 10:50 p. m.
No. 2i, Way Freight, 12:10 p. in.
No. -tL Kant Freight, 4:05 a. m.
West bound
No. 1, Portland Special, 3:03 p. m.
No. Portland Flyer, 5:l a. in.
No, 5, Mall and Express, 4:48 a. m.
No. '23, Way Freight, (W5 a. m.
No. 21, Fast Freight. 5:45 p. m.
Hood River Weather Report,
For week ending Tuesday, Dec. 'J7: Mean
maximum, 41.2; mean minimum,.! 13; mean,
3ti.i tURhest temperature,-!!- Pee.tM: lowent,
28- night ot December :ifc Precipitation, .80.
D. N. BYKHLEE, Local observer.
School books at Coe & Son's.
Orpingtons and Minorcas at Lewis'.
Use Williams' anti-septic hair tonic
and keep off gray hairs.
BOOTHS have moved to where Rand
used to be.
$1000 to loan on farm property. Apply
to W. J. Baker.
All watch, clock and jewelry work
guaranteed. Clarke the jeweler.
Twenty per cent off on men's gloves
for a few days at 8. J. Frank's. A
large stock to select from.
For sale. Some of the finest lots on
the hill, fronting the river. Also lots
in Riverview park and lillewilil. see
W. J. Baker. j
Chocolate menier is absolutely pure,
. J . 1 '1 . I.. J, .. r.
ano guaranteed ueet imvuo. vac n v.u
at Bone & McDonald's.
A fine farm for sale in the Odell dis
trict. Well improved. Sold at a bar
gain if taken soon. W. J. Baker.
W. J. Baker has some beautiful lots
for sale near Chun. Clarke's residence
on the bill.
Watches, clocks and jewelry repaired
at the lowest possible prices, Clarke the
We invito the public to come in and
get our meat prices. We are selling
boiling meats at bed rock prices. Mayks
Won't buy wall paper from sample
book agents. Hunt can save you money
and has the goods on hand.
Souvenir spoon?, engraved with st raw
berry, at Temple's.
Call and see Strowbridges' new stock
of wall paper, paints, oils, brushes, etc.,
ni'xt door to Mayes' meat market.
Do your eyes fail you? Come in and
pee C. H. Temple, the oculist, who is
prepared to test and fit your eyes, and
-has the largest stock of glasses ill the
Just received direct from the factory
a new line of cut glass, "The Ameri
can," second to none manufactured in
the United States. Call and be con
vinced. Clarke, the jeweler.
If your watch is out of order come
and pee C. II. Temple, the watch maker,
who will repair your watch, and save
time, save money, and have your watch
last many years more than it would if
you go to soiiio one who hits not had
the many years experience I have. j
BOOTHS have moved where Rand
used to be. j
Thirteen acres near Valley Christian
church, $45 an acre H taken )nick. W.
J. Baker.
I have a large stock on hand, in fact,
the largest stock in town. Watches,
the finest grade rings, the largest Btock,
all at reduced prices. Come and see
C. H. Temple for bargains in all lines.
We are still selling our home made
lard as cheap as other lard can be bought
and we guarantee every bucket. Ids,
$1.40; 5s, 70c; 3s, 45c. Mayks linos.
I have the agency for the American
cut glass. Call and inspect this line.
Clarke, the jeweler.
Mayes Bros.' meat market gives notice
that all orders for morning delivery
must be in by 10:45 o'clock. The after
noon delivery will be taken off at 4:30.
Mayks linos.
If you buy an article of me, and I
guarantee it, if it should be faulty, isn't
it at least handier to return it to me
than if you had to return it to Portland
or Chicago to have it made good. Clarke,
the jeweler. .
Yon are cordially invited to inspect
my line of cut glass, watches, clocks,
jewelry aud silverware. Ask my prices.
I believe that I can please you, aud
know that I can sue you money.
Clarke, the jeweler.
Why should you go elsewhere to pur
chase, when you can buy the same
articles as cheap or cheaper at home.
Call and get my prices. Clarke, the
For Wilbur's poultry and stock food
go to Bone St McDonald's.
KiO acre improved farm, under irriga
tion, in Nebraska, for farm in Hood
River or White Salmon. W. J. Baker.
When you want a pleasant laxative
lake Chamberlain's Stomach and l.iver
Tablets. For sale at Williams pharma
cy. I
Temple, the Jeweler, ban moved into i
the Smith building, opposite Williams'
drug store.
50 acres on the East Side, 2! miles
out. 10 acres in voting orchard. A snap.
Large stock of horse blankets and
winter robes at S. J. Frank's.
Cocoa menier and chocolate menier at
Bone & McDonald's.
Those fine jewelry boxes at O. II.
Temple's would make a nice Christmas
S. E. Bartmrss has a first class uphol
sterer in his employ, and is prepared to
do all kinds of repair work.
Insure in an all home institution, The
Oregon Fire Relief association of Mc
Minnville. Frank J. Perkins, agent, I'.
O. box !U, Hood River, Or.
Read our Want ads. You will find
what vim want in that colnton.
Large stock of solid gold brooches be
ing closed out at coat by C. H. Temple.
Basket ball; gymnasium, Thursday
evening good game.
Best selection of rings ever brought to
Hood River. Over 200 styles. C. H,
Fine lockets, solid gold front and gold
filled, being closed out at a great redac
tion. C. H. Temple.
Mantle clocks, with gold plated front,
warranted not to tarnish, at C. H.
Large stock of silverware just received
for Christmas trade. C. H. Temple.
Iron tovs to suit the boys at Coe &
I am prepared to save you money on
your year's reading. Bring in a list of
magazines you would like and let me
L'ive vou a price on them. Geo. I. Blo-
Monov to loan K. H. Hartwig.
All Uiohii indebted to me must call
and settle before January 1st. J. T.
on wall paper at Hunt's from Dec. 1 to
January 1, to make room lor new goous.
Sew Today.
Clearance sale at Coe's.
Toys and games at Coe & Son's.
Twosinall houses for sale,V. J. Baker.
Four houses for rent. W. J. Baker.
House and two lots in Albany will
trade tor Hood Kiver property. vt .
Wl,,.i, u,,n ur to tlm nost office sten
into Coe '& Son's at the old post office
site and get mat stationery you nceu.
A huge stock of lockets, watch chains,
watches and silverware on nana, which
I will sell at cost for the next two weeks.
v,.u, iu 1 1,., tinin to ui't bargains. Everv-
1 ...... .1 u..i;ufat,.fv Vrnm 10
tiling J;IIU I ilW ICCV, nflUDimwi n -
to 2U years guarantee on gold filled and
solid gold goods. U. 11. icuipie.
Saturday evenine. Dec 24. 1004, A. A.
Olenhurg and .Miss Mandie Wheeler, at
the residence of the bride's parents, mt,
and Mr. C S. Wheeler, orFrankton,
Judge Xickeleen officiating.
At. the rmraonaee in The Dalles, De-
number 24. bv Rev. Walton Hkipworth,
D. D. Dodson and Miss Ruby Chandler,
both of Hood River.
In Hood River. Sunday, December 25.
Thomas R. Boston of The Dalles and
Maude II. Parsons of -Hood River.
license was granted Satur
lav nii-f.t to Warren M.Cooper and
i Kato Gnlihle?. both of Mount Hood, and
j it is presumed the happy young couple
were married Christmas day, although
no a finou nee ment of the event nas
I reached the newspaper otlice.
Are mighty comfortable the these
cold days, for men, boys, women,
children aud balnea.
Little Prices.
We think the lame assortment we
have is w hat sells to many gloves
for us, and then the good wearing
qualities, and Little Prices.
Black knit wool, for little folks and
big folks. They will keep your
bands warm for little money.
8c to 20c per pair.
And Shawls. Pretty head and
shoulder wraps. So nice to wear
ttiete cool evenings.
Little Prices.
Outing Flannel
New lot of pretty stripe and solid
lot patterns, good quality.
luc per yaru.
Crash Toweling
Brown linen makes Hie best roller
towels; wears and washes well.
15c per yard.
Blue and White China
Some of the prettiest ware you
pver h:.w. Tea nots. bread and but-
same time to express our appreciation i ter ,,iu.pHi cu,,a and saucers, tea seta,
, ., , .i . , etc. Little Prices.
of the generous patronage that lias I
1904-5. j
We wish you all a happy and prof,- j
perous New Year, and wish at the;
Sheet Music
And Music Books. We ktep right
up to date in this line. "Tet-sie"
and "I've Got a Feelin' for You,"
now in. All music at less (ban pub
lishers' prices.
come to us dol ing the ytar past.
It is our ambitiin to make the con -ing
year t.iow a marked improvimeiit
in this establishment, and if rustling
and bard work u ill do it, we will have
a store that will be a convenience and
a pride to every ptrsoti in the lloi d
River valley.
KicKel-Plated Ware
That is g-MiUel and not high priced.
Lamps, Tea Kettles, Trays, Soap
D slies, etc.
Wooden Ware
Tubs, Wash Boards, Mop Sticks,
Chopping Bowls, Lemon Squeezers,
Butter Moulds, Faucets, Handles,
Chair Seats, etc.
-Utile Prices. ,
The Big Store with Little Prices
Georee Stranahan has recovered from
his accident, and ia around once more.
John and Laura Bokes.oi Amity .Ore.,
spent Christmas with Walter Fike and
Rev. Spight and family went to The
Saturday to spend Christmas with Mrs.
Spigot's parents.
Mrs. P. Henieral and daughter Sadie
are visiting friends in Portland, where
they expect to be lor a month or more.
A. W. Onthank states that he had
green peas and lima beans for Christ
mas dinner picked trom ms garden on
that day.
Ralnh Button, a sophomore, at the
University of California, is speudinc his
vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
F. H. Button.
The ladiea' aid society of the Congre
gational church will hold a business
meeting Friday afternoon at the resi
dence of Mrs. George P. Crowell.
H. A. Dyke, special agent of the Des
Moines Life Insurance Co., was up
from Portland Friday on business and
also visited A. D. Moe and family.
Irene Snroat. daughter of Chas.
Sproat, came up from Corvallis for the
holidays. Miss Sproat is taking a mus
ical course at the Corvallis college.
There will be s dance at the Mt. Hood
Hall Friday evenimr. Dec. 30. civen bv
Cooper and Knox. Everybody invited.
Good music and good order will be
Herbert M. Vannier is building a fine
residence on bis portion of the Board
man property, which was recently pur
chased by hiin and Jes. O. Mark. Mr.
Mark will occupy the tioardman resi
G. D. Woodworth sold Lot No. 6 of
his Sunnyside farm consisting of five
acres to James Abbot of Y apuutia, last
week : consideration f 200 per acre with
out water rent. A good bargain for all
John II. Belleville is erecting a nice
residence on the old Chamberlain place
on the West side, which he recently
purchased. He is improving the place,
all around, and will have the major
part of it set to apples next spring.
If vou have anything to sell adver
tise it in the Glacier. II. W. Wait, of
tbe Farmers' Feed store, received an
order last week from a man in
Grand Rapids. Mich., who wanted
two of the Hood River fruit ladders
advertised in the Glacier.
W. II. Orendorff.who left for Portland
last week to be treated for tapeworm,
writes that the physician discovered he
had no tapeworm but was being eaten
up alive by small intestinal worms.
Proper medicine and treatment will
bring him around alright.
G. D. Boardman, writes from Los
Gatos, Cal., that flowers and roses are
in full bloom and the sun is bright and
warm as summer. "Still", he contin-
"tliis country has no charms for
me. I ell Hood Kiver people to stay
with their apples. They are all right"
Following are the new officers of Idle-
wilde lodge No. 107, 1. O. O. r ., elected
for the ensuing year: W. Ganger, N.U ;
II. C. Coe, V. 0. ; II. C. Smith, secre
tary; Clarence Shaw, recording secre
tary; J. M. Wood, treasurer. Installa
tion of the new officers will take place,
Thursday evening, January S.
Dr. Watt returned Friday from Twin
Falls, Idaho, where he Bpent a few days
looking over that country. Dr. Watt says
that about all the land under ditch,
amounting to 70,000 acres has been
sold, and nearly half as much more out
side of the ditch district now being
completed. Thousands of settlers Irom
the Fast are flocking In.
A. Hophold presented this office with
a few Yellow Newtown apples this week,
grown on Sherman county sou and w ith
out water, they are beauties, and as Mr.
Hophold has apple tor sale, don t fail
to give him a call. 1 he apples are
equal to the best Hood River apples in
every respect. Wasco News.
Pete llemmerel is the new devil in
the Glacier otlice. The late incumbent
Horatio Wood, is edging along toward
the mark of a good compositor, and lias
been promoted to the position of cx
devil, while his predecessor has been
relegated to that position ot Innocuous
desuetude (?) generally known
coiitinon print. Verily the Glacier
"do move."
The lady's jacket advertised as lost
near Odell on the night of December 3,
has been found and is in possession of
the blacksmith at the Parker town mill.
the owner whoever she may be, can
probably get it by calling there. More
evidence of the efficacy of Glacier adlets
But when you advertise for anything,
sign your name to it. 1 he Glacier peo.
pie have enough to tnink ot besides the
names of all its advertisers.
Bargain counter inducements in the
marriage license business will soon be a
thing of the past in Oregon if the legis
lature continues to get in its work. At
its last session a raise In the price was
made, whereby the passports to "glory"
were made to tax the henedict 3. I his
year it is said a hill will be introduced
increasing it to $5 per. It was at least
considerate to allow leap - year to pass
before the raise was suggested. Dalles
J. J. Turner expects to leave the lat
ter part of the week for Idaho, where he
has purchased a w,wju truit farm, 30
miles this side of Lewiston, The farm
contains 110 acres all set to fruit. Fifty
one acres are. in peaches, and the balance
n pears, prunes and other fruits. Last
season, the former owner, Mr. omeld,
cleared above all expenses, $3,000. Mr.
Turner's daughter is located at Granite-
ville, Idaho, and her father reports that
she is gaining in strength every day.
The Lewis and Clark centennial sou
venir spoon has made its appearance.
and is as handsome a work in moulding
as the eve ever meets. It was originat
ed and is distributed by the women of
Sacaiawea society. Tbe principal en
graving is a reproduction of the statue
of the Indian heroine in the bowl, but
along the handle there are excellant rep
resentations of .Multnomah falls, the
Lewis monument and portraits of the
northwestern explorers. The back
showing tbe state seal of Oregon,
view of Mt. bt. Helens, two big pine
trees and a characteristic salmon. The
spoon is bronze in color and will be
beautilul ornament in thousands ot
American homes. Tbe pi ice Is 75 cents
A copy of the brief in the Williams
murder case, which was filed in the su
preme court a few days ago, has been
received at the office of Prosecuting At
torney Jlenciee. it is rather a unique
affair, and would tend to give one the
impression that the defense was indeed
"up against it." Less than four pages,
including the title page, is devoted to
the statement of the case and points
and authorities, the remaining thirty
four being devoted to paper on cor
pus delicti, read at the annual state at
torney's convention at De Kalb, 111.,
last July. Evidently McGinn has aban
doned all propositions on the appeal ex
cept that evidence introduced by the
state was not sutficent to support the
vercict of guilty. I he prosecution will
now be allowed twenty days in which to
file the state's brief and Mr. Menefee is
work'Ag hard in order to have it in by
that tune and not delay proceedings.
In ten days after that the reply brief is
to be filed, when the time for hearing
by the supreme court will be set.
A uew discovery for all coughs.colds
croup.wboopiog cough, etc. is Kennedys
Laxative llouey and Tar. It cuts the
phlegm, draws out the inflammation,
cures all coughs, strengthens the lungs
and bronchial tubes and assists in ex
pelling a cold from the system by gen
tly moving tbe bowels. Pleasant to
take and contains no opiates. It is the
children's friend. Sold by Williams.
Water and Light Notice
All water and" light bills must be paid
at tbe company's office each month in
advance, on or before the 10th day of
the mouth. No collector will be sent
out hereafter. In all cases w here bills are
not promptly paid when due, tbe ser
vices will be discontinued until all
arrearages are paid.
W. C.
By II. L. Vorse, Manager.
' Will Star In Hood liiver.
Tbe remedy that makes vou eat. sleep
and grow strong, called Palmo Tablets,
will be sold regularly by Williams
Pharmacy, Hood River. These great
nerve and constitution builders cost only
50c per box, six boxes 2.60.
Watch tbo label on the Glacier, it
tells when your subscription's due.
Clearance Sale
of Seasonable Goods that you need right X10W.
in Mittens of all sizes. Ladies', Misses' and Chil
dren's .Jersey Leggings and Overgaiters.
A few fine "Wool and Silk Shawls left that are
you ra at cost.
Silk Velvet Slippers price cut to close out.
Rig stock of Men's Leggings reduced.
Many other necessities for the winter season
that you need, and may have at cost, at
ur Annual
learance Sale
Will.start on January 2d. Every article in our Dry Goods
and Clothing Department will be reduced. We have
here a high-grade stock of General Merchandise for your choosing
at Manufacturers' Prices. This will consist of
Dress Goods, Trimmings,
Silks, Linens,
Domestics, Flannels,
Silk and Wool Waists,
Tailored Suits,
Coats, Cravenettes,
Men's and Boys' Suits,
Shoes and Slippers
Cut Glass, Crockery
And all of our Undennuslins, consisting of Petticoats, Night
Gowns, Corset Covers, Chemise and Drawers.
This sale will be as represented, and nothing will be spared to
make it a satisfactory one. Free Delivery.
Ilemeinber the date January 2. Phono 581.
C. H. Stranahan spent Christmas in
Portland, returning Monday morning.
Miss Benson spent tbe holidays with
her parents at bur home in Cascade
Miss Mary Mathews spent the Christ
inas holidays visiting at her home in
Miss Ruth Rigby, of Hood River, is
visiting the family of ('has. Wetherell
at Carson. Stevenson Pioneer.
Percy Adams is home from the Ore
gon agricultural college at Corvallis,
wearing the unilorii of a lieutenant.
Miss Kdna Groves left last Friday
afternoon for her home at Corvailis,
where she spent the Christinas vacation
with tier mother.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Nuwby expect to
leave in a day or two for a visit of two
or three months with Mr. ewby s
father, at Spiceland, Ind. Mr. Newby
ins not been home for 14 years.
With no published announcement
"f the closing4 of the stores on mori
day, a nnmber of countiy people who
came to the city that day were
disappointed in not being able to do
their trading.
Kden Encampment,No. 48,1.0.0. F.,
at its regular meeting Monday evening
elected the following officers for the
coming year: L. K. Morse, C. P.; K. S.
Mayes, II. l'.; 11. u. uook, n. w.; 11. it.
Kntrican, scriln;; George -Humphrey,
treasurer; Kobert l'arrott, J. w.
Some one once told an Indian that
feathers were nice to sleep upon. He
izot one and tried it. "I'gh" be said,
" lute man dBm-h"'.o-liar. ho it is
with the merchan' 'ho tries one little
advertisement and does not get his store
crowded the first day. One little feath
er will not make a soft bed, neither
will one little advertisement as a rule,
bring everlasting prosperity. Keeping
everlasting at it brings success.
Waucoma ledge, No. 30, Knights of
Pythias, havo elected the following
corps of officers for the year 1005: V. C.
Itrock, C. ; Frank Quinn, V. C. ; VV. W.
Pickett, K. of R. and S. j Will Isenlajrg,
M. of F ; Will Sheets, M. of K. ; T.
Johnson, prellet ; Harry Mercer, master-
at-arms; Dr. C. H. Jenkins, master-of-work;
John Gerdes, inner guard ; John
Leland Henderson, C. K. Markliam, Dr.
C. H. Jenkins, trustees.
Railroaders say -that owing to the ab
sence of rain and snow on the Blue
mountains the past three months, water
is very Jow in all the streams and the O.
K.4N. experiences much difficulty in
keeping a supply at the different tanks
for the use of locomtives. The tanks at
Huron, Kamc4a and Meacham have
only a part of a supply, while the. tem
porary tank four miles east of North Fork
is yet maintained. Ordinandi- this tank
is abandoned in October, but is greatly
needed this season, and will probably re
main in service all winter. Chronicle.
S. D. Fisher of Mosier was a Hood
River visitor last Thursday.
L. N. Blowers and family, of Portland
spent ( hrisimas with Mayor Blowers
Laraway & Cooper are clearing up 25
acres on their Last side property, aud
will have it set to apples next spring.
Miss H. A. Merrill and Master Ewdin
F.llison Merrill, of Portland, are iiuests
at the Jewett cottage, While Salmon.
R.J. Mclsaac of Portland, who owns
large apple orchard in the Mount
Hood district, was up from Portland
during the week.
Miss Nan Cooper, principal of the
Mount Hood school, left Monday for
Portland, where she spent part of her
lofiday vacation.
Mrs. D. I). McClure came up from
Portland, Saturday night, anil the next
morning crossed the Columbia to her
farm at White Salmon.
If yon have a house or rooms to rent ;
if you want competent help, or desire a
better position, an add in the Ulacler
w ill do the work. It only costs you 25c;
try one for that small sum. Five thous
and people read the Glacier each week.
If you have an add there the people
read it.
At the annnual election of officers of
the valley Christian Sunday school the
the following persons were named: Sup
erintendent, K. K. Regestcr; assistant,
Miss Carry Byerlee ; secretary and treas
urer. Miss Stella Brown; librarian,
Zed Bridges; chorister, A. B Cash;
orgrnist, Miss Rule. All are extended
a cordial invitation to att:nd the ses
sions of the school during the coining
year and all those who are not already
members of some school are earnestly re
quested to attend next Sunday.
K. K. ItegeBter, Superintendent.
Machinery for the Hood River Hour
mill is here and is being installed this
week. Some of the machinery comes ;
direct from the iron foundries in Indi
ana. A large bolter is of the latest I
improved pattern, and is the newest j
and best piece of mill machinery of its
kind in the state ot Oregon. 1 his will
reputation of making. Mr. Aplin hopes
to be grinding in a few weeks.
St. Marks gild will meet at the
house of Mrs. C. T. Karly, Wednesday
afternoon, January 4. A full attendance
The annual business meeting of Riv
erside Congregational church will be
held at the church Saturday, December
81, at 10 a.m. Members urgently re
quested to be present.
Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Moses entertained
the following persons at a Christmas
dinner: Mrs. H. M. Caswell of Wood
burn, Or., who is an aunt of Mrs.
Moses; also, B. F. Moses and wife and
S. 11. Kgbert.
Rev. Troy Shelley, under date of De
cember 21, reports the safe arrival of
himself and Mr, Young's party at Santa
Barbara. All are well. Hadie stood
tbe trip nicely. Mrs. Young's health is
improved. Mr. Shelley says the half
has not been told. It is paradise.
Following are the new officers of the
court of Hood River No. 42, Foresters
of America: G. E. Songer, O. R.; 8. W.
Arnold, assistant chief ranger; 11. J.
Frederick, treasurer; F. C. Brosius,
financial secretary; G. E. Williams,
recording secretary.
J. A. Shillock and F. M. Buechtel, eye
specialists of Portland will return to
Hood River for two days, January 3 and
4. OJlice at Hotel Waucoma. We in
vite our many patients to call and see
us while at Hood River so we can make
any changes in your lenses which may
be required.
In the office of the Mount Hood
hotel is a water color copy of the
handsome Ihx label Mr. Van Horn
uses on the boxes of big red SpiUen
bergs sent to New York by the Hood
River Fruit company. The work of
Miss Irene May Wells a niece of Mr.
Talor, of Independence, Iowa, who has
been spending the winter in Hood River.
The picture is very pretty.
Sot Jiecessary to Steal Apples.
Oscar Vanderbilt requests the Glacier
to announce that if the parties who are
stealing apples out of his apple house
will ask for them, they can have them
free. Mr. Vanderbilt much prefers to
give them away than to have them
Dancing Begins at 8 O'clock.
The dancing at the opera house Bat-
enable the Hood River Milling company ' nrday evening will begin promptly at S
to turn out a first-class grade of Hour, o'clock. Nearly all the tickets have
Several of manager Aplin's former j been sold, but if you haven't donatt d
customers in Portland are anxiously in- H to the firemen's benefit fund, you vet
quiring when thev can exect lo get have ample time to help the boys. The
flour from hiin. They are anxious to get dance promise" to be one of the swllest
some more of the good flour ho has the , affairs in social circles of the teason.