The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, March 03, 1904, Image 2

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food Iver Slacier.
The ditch Is ours, and In the future
irrigation matter on the West Side of
Hood River valley will be in the hands
of he people who ow the water. It
will not be a question of "Are they go
ing to provide us with water and at
what price?'' but we have the satisfac
tion of saying that we are going to
have all the water we waDt at the ac
tual cost, basing the investment on low
Interest rates. The Valley Improve
ment Co.'s ditch was practically trans
ferred to the people Monday, February
29, yet some of the fiual formalities will
not be arranged before Saturday, March
5. The committee has made favorable
financial arrangements and have given
notes, with the first payments April 1.
which will give ample time to nego
tiate the necessary loans. The first
stockholders' meeting of the Farmers'
Irrigating Co. will be held Friday,
March 4, at 1:30 p. m., in K. of P. ball,
to elect the board of directors, adopt
the bylaws and transact other bus)
ness. Everybody interested In the
flow of this water now breathes sigh
of relief, for the prospects were never
better for the West Side farmers. The
farmers are practically unanimous in
supporting the change from old condi
" ditioiiB.
Hood River is to have a base ball tfr ck
company, and a base ball nine that will
be a credit to the town. Money sub
scribed toward the purchase of the
diamond is a sound investment. The
real estate will ever grow more valuable
Sign board advertising should pay for
fencing, and the inclosure will be useful
for other purposes than base ball. There
is nothing like the great American game
of base ball to arouse genuine enthn
siaeni. Here's ' success to the Hood
River base bail nine.
Over in Grant county politicians are
not so overcome with modesty when
they desire to Berve the dear people as
they are in some other parts of the
''state. The Blue Mountain Eagle of
Canyon City contains the announce
ments of ten candidates for sheriff, four
for superintendent of public schoois,four
for assessor, two for treasurer and one
for clerk, subject, to the decision ot
their respective party conventions, re
publican and democratic.
Politics In Wasco County.
With the republican county conven
tion only five weeks distant, politics
has scarcely yet entered street corner
conversation. The water question has
so far swamped everything else in Hood
River, but in other parts of Wasco coun
ty there appears the same apathy. The
republican party is in the ascendancy in
this county with a clear 600 majority on
a straight party vote, and were it not
for the fierce factional fights a nomina
tion in the convention would in most
cases insure election. But, as goes the
old saw, although with no insinuations
in this instance, when thieves fall out
honest men get their dues, and the dem
ovrats are generally found filling two or
three important offices.
The same old scrap seems to be on
again between the Moody men and the
anti-Moody followers, the latter repre
sented by the supporters bf Congress?
man Williamson. Both sides appear
confident of success. Ex-congressman
Moody has made no announcement that
he will be a candidate for the congress-
- ional nomination, though it is not ex
pected that he would refuse the honor
if his friends carry the convention. The
Williamson people have opened head
quarters in The Dalles with Ex-mayor
Farley in charge. The Dalles Chronicle
is the recognized organ of Mr. William'
son, and Banker French goes down in
his jeans once a month to the tune of
$60, as salary for an editor who writes in
support of the second district congress
man. Of the other four papers in Was
co county, two of them the Dufur Dis
patch and the Antelope Herald are
republican pa)er8 and strong supporters
of Mr. Moody; The Dalles Times Mount
aineer is democratic but very friendly
to Mr. Moody ; the Glacier will continue
independent, working always for Hood
River and Hood River people.
Ask a Moody man how the county or
district is going and he will assure you
the other side hasn't the ghost of a
show. The Williamson supporters are
just aa confident. They are also very
anxious for harmony. It is the presi
dential year, says the Chronicle, and
Oregon must put up a united front
The Mitchell-Simon fight in Portland
will cut considerable figure in the con
test for congressman in the second dis
trict. The Mitchell men carried the
day two years ago, but the pendulum is
about to swing the other way, and in
dicationa are that the Simonites will
win out If so, this means the nomina
tion of Malcolm A. Moody.
County politics are just as unsettled
There have been no published announce
ments Irom aspirants, and seemingly no
slates prepared by the party managers.
County Clerk A. E. Lake and Attorney
John Leland Henderson are mentioned
for county judge on the republican
ticket If Mr. Lake is named for judge,
his deputy, Simeon Bolton, stands in
line for the office of clerk. Mr. Hen
derson is also spoken of for state senator.
Of late there have been numerous con
ferences between Mr. Henderson and
Mr. Lake with probably other matters
than real estate under consideration.
The commissioner will likely come
from the southeastern part of the county
where it rightfully belongs. The pres
ent encumbent, Mr. Harriman, is a
democrat So is the county judge, who
most likely will be a candidate for re
J. T. Keff is an aspirant for the nomi
nation of school superintent on the re
publican ticket Mr. Neff will have lit
tle if any opposition, and the democrats
could make do mistake in endorsing his
nomination. This is an office that
should be non-partisan. .
The state senator who is elected from
Wasco county this year will have a
voice in the election of a United Status
senator four years from now a successor
to Senator Mitchell, and because of this
state influences rather than local will
decide for state senators in the congres
sional convention. L., N. Blowers and
John Leland Henderson are Hood River
men out for this honor. Mr. Blowers is
a warm friend of John H. Mitchell,
while Mr. Henderson can probably be
counted on the other side. T. H. John
son, a supporter of Mr. Moody, is said
to be a candidate for renomination. No
one bar announced himself for the lower
house, although Roswell Shelley of the
East Side and Judge George T. Pratlior
have been spoken of tor the legislature,
District Attorney Frank Menefee can
have a renomination if he wants it,
though L. N. Blowers tells the Glacier
he would be glad to help elect A. A. Jayne
to this office.
The primaries will be coming along in
a few weeks. If any man wants an
office let him say so.
Arrangements were completed Mon
day morning whereby the Farmers' Ir
rigating Co, the new corporation, has
assumed charge or the nuine ana ditch
of the Valley Improvement Co. As It
is Impossible to complete a cash pay
ment for several weeks, Mr. Chambers
has accepted a note for his share of the
indebtedness, amounting to about $23,
000. Those heading the list of men go
ing security for the fanners are: H. F.
Davidson, N. C. Evans, E. N. Benson,
A. C. Staten, Fred Bailey, E. A. Franz,
W. H. Peugh and G. D. Wondworth.
Articles of incorporation for the Farm
ers' Irrigating Co. have been forwardi'd
for filing with the county clerk and
secretary of state, and notices have been
mailed for a stockholders' meeting Fri
day afternoon, March 4, to elect a board
of directors and adopt bylaws. In or
der to lose no time in repairing the
ditch and bringing out water as early
as possible, the present directors of I lie
Valley Improvement Co. will resign
and their places will be assumed ly
stockholders in the new corporation,
the new board to be empowered to
make the proper transfer of property
to the Farmers' Irrigating Co. and to
apportion the dividend which shall ac
crue to the Valley Improvement Co.
stockholders because of the sale. The
Davenport, administration of Hood
River's biir irrigating ditCh ceased Mon
day when the farmers practically as
sumed control.
Attorneys A. A. Jayne and John Le
land Henderson are doing the legal
work on the transfer papers and have
been retained for advice by the new
company lor one year.
Articles of Incorporation.
Following are the articles of incor
poration as prepared for the Farmers'
Irrigating Co.:
Know all men by these presents that
we, E. N. Benson, F. E. Biley, A. C.
Staten, N. C. Evans and E. A. Franz,
citizens and residents of Wasco county,
state of Oregon, desiring to form a cor
poration under the general laws of the
state of Oregon for that purpose, do
hereby make and execute In triplicate
the following articles of incorporation.
The name assumed by this corpora-.
tion, oy which it snail tie Known, is
the farmers' irrigating Company, and
the duration of said 1-orporul ion ahull
be perpetual.
The enterprise, business, ptnsiiii and
occupation in which said corporation
proposes to engage is to buy, acquire,
take over, use and operate all the prop
erty, real and personal, of the Valley
Improvement Company of Hood River,
a corporation heretofore organized and
now existing under the general laws of
the state or Oregon, and heretofore en
gaged in the business ot supplying
water for general purposes of irrigation
to all persons desiring the same, whose
lands lie adjacent to and within reach
of the ditch and canal and flume here
tofore oierated by said Valley Improve
ment Company.
To buy, acquire, own and use all the
rights, franchises and easements and
all water rights and rights to divert
water and to use the same for distribu
tion through said flume and ditch for
? general purposes or Irrigation hereto
ore owned or used by the said Valley
Improvement Company.
To take any and all conveyances nec
essary to convey to this corporation all
real property, Including the main ditch
and flume and all laterals, ditches and
flumes, together with the rights of wny
therefor now owned or operated by will
Valley Improvement Company, and
any and all other conveyances and con
tracts necessary to convey to this com
pany all of the property, rights and
privileges heretofore and now owned
or used by said Valley Improvement
Company. "
To buy, construct, own, maintain
and operate a water canal, ditch and
flume from a point on the stream of
Hood river hereinafter more dehuitely
described, the said canal, ditch and
Hume running thence in general
northerly and portheasterly direction
to the terminus thereof hereinafter to
be moie particularly described, all in
Wasco county, state of Oregon.
To buy, acquire and appropriate
water and water rights, or to acquire
the same by condemnation; to divert
the water of said Hood river and to use
the same for general rental, sale and
distribution for the purposes of irriga
tion and supplying water for house
hold and domestic use and watering
live stock, and to collect rates and com
pensation for such use of said water.
To furnish water for the purpunes
aforesaid to all persons whose lands lie
adjacent to or under the line of the
ditch, canal or flume in which said
waJMl0 conveyed, without discrimina
tion other than priority of contract; to
construct, maintain and operate the
canal, ditch and flume above named
and such other canals, ditches or flumes
as may be necessary to enable the cor
poration to supply water as aforesaid
for general irrigation purposes, for do
mestic use and watering livestock, to
the Inhabitants of Hood River valley,
in said Wasco county, Oregon.
To buy, condemn and acquire the
right to divert the said water of Hood
river from its natural channel, and to
buy, condemn and acquire rights of
way for the canals, ditches and flumes
of said corporation, and to buy, con
demn and acquire lands for sites of res
ervoirs for storing water, and for rights
of way for feeders carrying water to
said reservoirs and for ditches or flumes
carrying the same away and for lateral
or distributing ditf he and flumes; to
buy, acquire, construct, maintain and
operate ditches, flumes, canals and res
ervoirs for distributing -nd toriig
To appropriate, buy or acquire by
One Price to all.
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close out for 25c
Men's very best grade all silk Shirts, soft collar each ;...$2.75
Men's Rubber Hats . 24
Best grade Indellible Pencils 05
Cotton Blankets 50
Boys' Knee Pants 25
Pratt's Mentholated Cream, regular price 50c, reduced to . 25
Viscol Oil, per pint 25
Men's Heavy Overalls..... 50
Men's BEtfT grade Rubber Boots 3.25
Regular 25c Brooms 20
A first-class floating toilet or bath Soap, G bars 25
condemnation the right to divert water
from springs, lakes or streams, so much
us may be necessary to supply the peo
ple of said Hood River valley with
water for the purposes aforesaid, and to
carry and supply the same through its
main and lateral canals, ditcnes ana
To acuuire. own and hold such real
estate as niav be necessary to enable
I he corporation to accomplish the pur
poses for which It is lormed as aiore
aid; to enter into all contracts neces
sary to enable the corporation to carry
out the purposes of its organization;
to execute notps, bonds or other evi
dence of Indebtedness and secure the
same by mortgage upon any or all
property or the corporation lor tne pur
pose of paving indebtedness or to ob
tain money with which to carry on the
business of the corporation.
Tim nlnce where said corooration
proposes to have its principal oftlce and
place Ot ousiness is tiooa Kiver,uregon
The amount of capital stock of said
corporation shall be $75,000.
The amount of each share of said
Capital stock shall be thirty dollars.
- The first meeting of the stockholders
shall adopt the by-laws of this corpora-
The termini of the canal, ditch and
flume heretofore and now owned and
operated bv said Valley Improvement
Company and referred to In Article II
of these articles- of incorporation are
particularly described as follows:
The bead of said ditch, canal and
flume is located on the east side of said
Hood river at a point on the township
line on township 2 north, range 10 east
of Willamette meridian, 12 chains and
9 links south of the quarter section cor
ner on the west boundary of section 81
of said township and range, ami is also
distant, measured north on said town
ship line, 28 chains and 29 links from
the established corner of townships 1
and 2 north, ranges 9 and 10 east of
Willamette meridian; and the end of
said canal, ditcli and flume is located
at the quarter section corner on the
north boundary of section 30 of town
ship 3 nortli of range 10 east of Wil
lamette meridian, all in the county of
wasco and state or Oregon.
In witness whereof we have hereunto
set our hands and seals In triplicate,
this 29th day of February, 1904.
Executed In the presence of
T. A. Dkckkr,
A. A. Jayne.
Money for the Hand.
Whereas,Fiveof the iiiBtrumentsof the
Hood River K. of P. band are completely
worn out; and
Whereas, This condition becomes an
inevitable bar to our progress; and
Whereas, The band cannot maintain
its organization unless these instruments
are teplaced; and
Whereas,These necessary instruments
together with band uniforms will cost
the sum of 1400 ; therefore be it
Resolved, That the Hood River K. of
r, band ask the citizens of Hood River
to assist in securing this necessary prop
erty; and
Resolved, further, That this band
head a subscription list with the
sum of $100.
We, the undersigned, hereby agree to
pay the sum set opposite our respective
names for the purpose of aiding the
Hood River K. of P. band in securing
the necessary instruments and unitorms
to enable the band to maintain its pres
ent organization. .
K of P Band $.100 00
Canby post, G. A. R 25 00
Frank A. Cram 25 00
Butler A Co 25 00
Ash A Co 7 so
W.D.Rogers , 2 00
Thompson A Jochimson 2 50
Ixist Lake number Co 5 00
C. H. Jenkins 2 50
T. C. Dallas " 5 00
J. H. Booth 2 50
S. F. Fonts ...'.- 5 00
C. A. Morgan A t'o r 5 00
Wm. M. Stewart 5 00
Davidson Fruit Co . .. 5 00
R. B. Brapg 5 (W
i Kn,i v 6 00
S. K Bart mess..... v. 5 00
R. Reed 5 00
Transfer A Livery Co, 5 00
Fashion Stable 5 00
8. J. Frank ', 2 05
A. Whitehead 2 60
Maves Bros 5
H. L. Humble 2 50
G. E. Williams 5
S. A. Knapp 30,,
C. E. Harvard 5 00
Mount Hood Lumber Co.... s tm
V. W. Clarke " 2 50
Chas. X. Clarke
John Leland Henderson '. 2 60
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The Weather. '
Rain folfincessantly the last week in
February, until the month went down
on recoad in the Portland weather bu
reau as (no wettest February in 22 verus.
The snow settled to six inches in depth,
but Thursday morning, 'as the Glacier
presses start, snow is again falling fast.
L. N. Blowers, the Glacier is glad to
note, has been recommended for Uni
ted States deputy marshal.
Chinch Notices.
Methodist Preaching every Sabbath
at 11 a. in. and 7 p. m. Sabbath school,
10 a.m. Epworth League, 6:30 p. m.
All cordially invited. W.C.Evans.pastor.
Catholic Services will be held in
Mrs. John Mohr's house, East Side,
March 13, 1904. Mass will begin at
10:30. 2w.
Lutheran. Services at Union church
at 11 a. m. Afternoon services at Ad
vent church. Sunday school at 2 p. m.
Preaching at 3 p. m. Catechetical in
struction for confirmation, Saturday,
March 5. H. J. Kolb, pastor.
Congregational. Rev. J. L. HerSh
ner, pastor. Service with worship will
le conducted by the pastor next Sun
day at 11 a. ui. Sunday school at 10 a.
m. Christian Endeavor evening will be
observed on Sunday at 7 p. m. Miss
Clara Blythe, who was the delegate to
the Christian Endeavor state conven
tion at Pendleton, will give a report of
this convention. All are invited to
these services. ,,, vr
Pine Grove Congregational. Rev. J.
L. Herslmer will conduct services with
the Pine Grove Congregational church
next Sunday at 3 p. m.
Valley Christian. Bible school at 10
a. m. Preaching at ll,subject:"Christ-
lan Luminaries." 6:30. Preach
inga't 7:30. Subject: "Regeneration."
Soul-inspiring songs, cheerful service.
You are invited. A. A. Beery, pastor.
Christian Tabernacle. Services at
Carmichael's hall. Sunday school every
Sunday at 2:30 p. m. Preaching by
Rev. A. A. Beery, every 2d and 4th Sun
day immediately following Sunday
school. All are given a kindly invita
tion. A. B. Cash, Superintendent.
Favorite Home Paper.
Established for nearly a centnry and read
regularly by more than 600,0uo persons la the
West and Southwest, the TwIce-a-Week Re
public of Ht. Louis ran justly lay claim to
that enviable dlxttnelton, "Favorite Home
Paper." It Is great because It has always
alined to Inform, Instruct and entertain lis
readers on all matters of public and home In
tercut. In 1901 it will be especially interesting
and valuable. Here are some reasons why
you should subscribe for it:
This is campaign year, and j on will want to
be informed of the movements of party lead
ers, reports of the great national and state
conventions, the progress of the campaign, re
port of elections, etc.
You will want to know all about the world's
fair, to be held In 8t. Louis from April 9u to
December 1, 1904.
You will be Interested In and kept well In
formed by the Farm Visitor, a regular supple
ment of the paper, prepared especially for tbe
farmer and bis family.
You will want to know what the world Is
doing In every Held of activity, and through
the unsurpassed news and special service of
me iwice-a-nee nepuDiic -you will noi oe
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suggestiuiis, the Twice-a-Week Republic easily
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If you want the Twice-a-Week Republic sent
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Cows for Sale.
I will sell two of my three cows; one a Jer
sey, now fresh, and the other two will be fresh
April 15. Call on or write to
iniii JOHN HAKKL, Hood River, Or.
Wood for Sale.
We have 14) cords of oak wood, one mile
west of Odell school house. Also, for sale or
trade, a a Inch truck and stake bed.
m24 NKFK BKOH., phone 973, Hood River
Furnished rooms wanted by young married
couple for light honse-keeplng. Inquire of
Dissolution Notice.
Notice la bereby given that the partnership
heretofore existing between W. J. Hheppard
and Wm K. Gregory, doing business under
the Ann name of Hheppard and Gregory, haa
been this day dissolved, the said Hheppard
succeeding to the business, and he will pay
all blllscontnieted by the partnership.
Hood Klver, Oi Fab. 27. 1904.
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Oak Hi,, Hood Klver.
Pekin Duck Eggs
75 eta for a setting of 10.
m24 E. D. CALKINS, R. F. D. No. 2.
Will move Monday to the roum next Mo
Oulre's meat market, where patrons will find
them after that date.
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Neatly furnished rooms to rent with or
without board. Also, meals served.
m!i4 In Langtlle building;
Cow for Sale.
A fresh milch cow. Cheap.
marlO A.J. KM EK80N,8lpma ranch,
. Timber for Sale.
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Girl Wanted.
A flrstclass housekeeper, one who Is com
petent and reliable and does not object to
smsli children. The best wages will beuheer
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$10 Reward.
1 will pay the above amount for convicting
evidence of the party wliouiihlb-hed my horse
at the opera house, Tuesday night, and after
riding her, left her tied to Mr.GIII'sstore porch
during the balance of the night.
125 E. H. BRADLEY.
Bids Wanted.
For 00 cords of fir wood and 10 cords of oak;
all wood must.De body wood and delivered at
the school house by Oct. 1, 1904; wood will be
paid for as soon as accepted by the board; it
will be subject to rigid examination. Right
reserved to reject any and all bids. Kids will
be opened at the Park-street school house at 4
o'clock P. M., March 18, 1904.
f25marl7 Clerk School List. No. 3.
Plym. Rock Roosters.
Thoroughbred Plymouth Rock Roosters,
11.(10 each, for sale by H. F. MOHKH,
fift Phone 50!t.
Lewis Poultry Yards.
Kggs from thoroughbred Huff Orpingtons
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rcas, si oo per setting.
Eggs for Hatching.
Blngle-coinb Brown leghorn, barred Plym
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ting of 15.
Early Garden Plants.
I wll) have for gale, about the middle of
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f26 THOS. CAI.KIN3, R. F. D. 2.
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I bave concluded to rent out about 100 acres
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Call upon me at my ranch, or address me at
Blngen, Wash. fig A. It. BY RK KIT.
Shakes for Sale.
By Thos. Broderick, Dukes valley.
marl7 - R. F. D. No.
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Sealed Bids Wanted.
For the construction and flushing of a
school house 20x44, 11 feet ceiling. Work to
be complete September 1, 1904. Time for clos
ing bids, March 21, 1904, at 1 o'clock P. M.
Right reserved to reject any and all bid-.
Plans can be had from clerk. Bv order of
board of directors. W. H. OKIBHLE,
flml7 Clerk Hchool District No. .
Notice of Final Settle
ment. Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned
has tiled her nnal amount as Administratrix
of the estate of Ueorge Booth, deceased, in tbe
eounty court of the state of Oregon for Wasco
county, and that the court has fixed Friday,
the 2)1 h day of March, 1904, at the hour of 10
o'clock of said day as the time and the county
court room In the court house at The Dalles,
Or., as the place, for hearing objections to
said final account and for the settlement
thereof. '
Dated this 24th day of February, 1904.
f2rm24 Administratrix.
31,750 Pre
Timber Land, Act June 8, 1K7H.1
United States Iud Office, The Dalles, Ore,
December 21, '11KM. Notice is hereby given
that In compliance with the provisions of the
aetof congress of June a, lh7S, entitled "An
act for the sale of timber lands in the stales ol
California. Oregon, Nevada and Washington.
Territory,' as extended to all the public land
states by act of August 4, IS'-', the following
named persons have tiled In this office their
sworn stntements, to wit:
of Waynoka, county of Woods, territory ot
Oklahoma, sworn statement No. 191ii, tiled
June 4, llsIS, for the purchase oi the WJJSE,
HWii NKVaudHKU NW4 section 18, town
ship 1 north, range 11 east, W. M.
of Hood River, county of Wiisc-o, slate of Ore
gon, sworn statement No. ltd, tiled June II,
190,1, for the purchase of the sE'i section 35,
township 1 nortli, range V east, W. M.
That they will offer proof lo show that tin
land sought is more valuable for lis timber or
atone than for agricultural purposes, and to
establish their claims to said land before Geo.
T. Pratlier, U. S. Commissioner, at Hood Riv
er, Oregon, on Wednesday, April l;l, 1!W.
They name as witnesses: tlilford D. Wood
worth. Simon F. Kbv and Archie C. French ol
Hood River, Oregon; Bert L. Woolley and Al
bert M. Caldwell ot waynnaa, OKianoma:
M R Noble and William A. Kby of Hood Riv
er, Oregon; John A. Thompson, William
Thnmuson. Edniond C. Miller. Wan-en Cimiih i
and Eve Wlnans of Hood River, Oregon; Ar
chie C. French and Arthur R. trench oi
Waynoka, Oklahoma.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to file
their claims In this office on or before suid
13th day of April. 1904.
fi7 MICHAEL T. NOLAN, Register.
Timber Land, Act Jane 8. 1VH.
United Stoles Land Office, The Dalles,
Oregon, Dec. 21, 190:i. Notice is hereby given
that In compliance with the provisions ol the
act of congress of June 8, 187H, entitled "An
act for the sale of timber lauds In the Stutcs ol
California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
Territory," as extended to nil't lie public land
states by act of August 4, 1892, the following
named persons have ti led in this office their
sworn Blateineins, to-wtt:
of 2:15 Yamhill street. Portland, county ot
Multnomah, staie of Oregon, sworn statement
No. 1944, filed June 190.1, for the purchase ol
theHEJ SW'4, SWV4 E4 section 20, NE!-j
iW and NVV'K NEW section 29, township ;
north, range 9 east, WM.
of Viento. county of VVasco, slate of Oregon
sworn statement No. 2i:i't. Hied September 21,
KKM, torthe purchase of the V, NW;j and
Wk SW'4 section 9, township 2 north, range 9
easi, w Ait
of Hood River, county of Wasco, slate of Ore-
fon, sworn statement Jo. a18, tiled July i:,
HUH. for the purchase of the lots 8, 10. 11 and
12 section 31,townshlp I nui lli,raiige9east w.M.
I'tlOEliE E. .HOUSE,
of Hood River, county ot Wasco, slate of Ore
gon, sworn statement No. 2'M, tiled July 27,
1903, ror me purcnuse oi ioih i, i and 9 section
iti. townsuip i norm, range y easi,, vv. m.
That they will otter proof to show thai
the land sought is more valuable lor its tim
ber or stone than for agricultural purposes.
and to establish their claims to said land be
fore Geo. T. Pratheiv II. s. Commissioner, at
Hood River, Oregon, on Monday, April 11.1904.
They name as witnesses: William F. Rand
of Hood River, Oregon: Gilford 1. Wood
worth. Lewis E. Morse, Phoebe E. Morse and
Mary F. Morse of Hood River, Oregon: Samuel
woodward and J neodore i.,iazer ol Cascade
Locks. Oregon; Millard F. Bird of Hood Riv
er, Oregon; Fremont Foster of Hood River,
Oregon; Chester Casluer, Frank H. Itulton,
i:u.riesLi. Morse ol lioou Kiver, Oregon
Louis E. Morse of Hood River. Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lunds are reuuested to file
their claims in this office on or before sttid
Utli day ol April, 1904.
f4a7 MICHAEL T. NOLAN, Register,
ITImber Land, Act June 8, 1878.J
United Stales Ijuid Office. The Dalles. Ore
gon. Dec. 14. 190.'). Notice is lierebv given
that in compliance witli t lie provisions ol the
act of congress of June 8, 1878, em it led "An acl
for the sale of timber lands in the states oi
California. Oregon. Nevada and Washington
territory," as extended to all the public land
states by act of August 4. ls2. the following
named persons have tiled in tills office their
sworn statements, to-wii:
of Hood River, county of Wasco, slate of Ore
gon, sworn statement No. 1915, tiled June 4,
1903, for the purchase of the SE'i section l,
township 1 norm, range 9 cast, W. M.
of Waynoka, county of Woods, territory of
UKianoma,sworn siaiemeni,s, nii.-d .May
27, 190,1, for the purchase of the SE'N WJ4, E'4
n , niiu iu, n o, sraiiou iy, low 1111 ip 1 lion II
range 11 east, W. M.
of Waynoka, county of Woods, territory of
Oklahoma, sworn slaleineut No. 18,2, Hied
May 25, 1908, for the purchase of theSW!.; sec
tion ill, township 1 nortli, range 9 cast, w. M.
of Waynoka, county of Woods, territory of
via lanoiiia, sworn siao-ment MO, Willi, nied
June 2. I'm, lor the purchase of the W'i NK'.
and h', N W'4 section 80, township 1 nortii
range 11 east. W. M.
That they will oiler proof lo show- thai the
land sought Is more valuable for lis timber or
stone than lor agricultural purposes, and to
establish their claims lo said land before
uco. i. pratlier, U. s, commissioner; at Hood
niver, Oregon, on Tuesday, A to 1 1 12, 1901,
lheyniiitie as witnesses: Uill'ord 1). Wood-
worth and Hoy Vi oodworfhoi ilisid River
Oregon: Edniond C. Miller and Warr,-n Coon
er of Mt. Hood, Oregon; Archie C. French, liert
L. Woolley and -ArHinr C. French of Wayno
ka, Oklahoma: Warren Miller, ol Hood River,
vicgoii; ivHipn rrencn sua Allien .1. t aid
well of Waynoka, Okhilinma;Edmond C. Mil
ier of Hood Klver. Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to tile
tneir ciaiius in inis omce on or before said
rin aay ot April, 1904.
f4a7 MICHAEL T. NOLAN, Register.
Timber Land, Act June 8, isrs.l
Unltod States Lnnd OlHce, Tlie DalleH.Ore-
that In compliance with the provisions of the
m ioi.H.iiKii ui junu ,n,r emilleu "An
act for t he sale of ti m ber land In the Btwtos ot
f "ulifttrtiiu I iruiinn Klutiuli. 1 it'.. .1.1 .
i-. vn.jn, nuu it nll I UK Kill
Territory," a extended to all tlie public land
aliiluu hf ant A I li.i r
nf r-pntrnliu mniilf l .,.iu nr.. ...
hwu, uw,, .ui aiikiim a, 111,1, n leo. in this
office his sworn statement, No. 2102, lor tlie
purviiHsvui inenvv insertion No.27,ln town
ship No. 2 north, range No. !) east, W. M and
will otter prs)f lo show that tlie land sought
kninm valnuhlu f,.p itu I ...I..,- . .,
- - -' mi,...-, ui mime man
for agricultural purposes, and to establish his
i.. ,-,., mini Winn- neo. i. i-rauier,
ti. 8. Commissioner, at libi office at Hisid
Kiver, Or., on Thursday, the 14th uay of
April, 1D04.
He names as witnesses: J. T. Hagley J A
Htranaliun, Albert K. straiiahnn and W. Uoss
Winans, all of Hood Klver, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to tile
their claims In this office on or before said
14th day of April, IHill.
flll4 MICHAEL T. NOLAN, Register
Hay for Sale.
Hay for Sale. .
. Timothy, wheal and clover hay, all first
class. Also, dry pine wood.
niarlO l 1). IIINRICHS.
I wish to Inform the ladies of Hood River
that I am located In tlie Jackson building
next to McOuire's meat market .and prepased'
to do their dressmaking and tine sewing. I
have also a few fnrnlkiti..f r..n,u i.. ... ....
alrable parties. MRS. K. C. CLARK
For Sale Cheap.
Light hack in g.od repair.
Ji"t! J- OEKNUNil.
Cow for Sale.
Oneof the best. Crnilw Mn f , ,. u
and Columbia sts. J. R. mckkijskv
Effers for Galfv Itiiffl lri,i,iuin o..rt- - .
horn. 15. per setting ii no. "
ull liRM. ANNA AIlKnlv 11..1
I am prepared to do all kinds ot work in
Photography. View work a special! v. Write
tome If you would like to have views of vour
houseor farm taken in a workmanlike man
ner. If you wish to phone me. call Net! Ilros
!2fJ? V. E. COLLI NS. '
Sealed Bids Wanted
or building bain on Ualligan place paint s
buildings separate bid and two land clearinir
contracts. A II on iHlliiran'pfaf. Inipiirt-of
John 1.K1.AM1 iiknukhV.n.
Gasoline Engine
ale cheap: i horse power; nearly new
; H. c'. tXK.
Incubator for Sale.
A lii-cgg lucabitor. nri-a nisclituc
Price .". c. u. M K Ki jm-; s '
Strawberry Plants.
I hv fm sale nnr U iOMKi p.)r(. ( ( rK .. j
lin plants, warranted Hrl sr.iih in..,i i, .
plains, stroin ud healiiiy, at mv t,iH(v at
bmp-n, asli. A. IL li KKLIT.
Real Estate
For Sale
Money to loan.
Ilunna house and lot, $2,000.
1. Lots in Waucoma Park addition
Corner lot in front of 6cliool liouse
2. Eligible residence lots in Spangler'g
subdivision, near cannon house; only
$125; terms easy, installment plan.
4. 320 acres of timber land at the fulls
of Hood Kiver, belonging to Georjio K.
Forsyth ; ltil) acres pood fruit land;$4000.
8. 100 acres at White Salmon; fine
timber land; $10 an acre.
100 acres, house and garden patch,
located 10 miles south of The
Dalles. Known as the Woodman
place. Trice $900.
The Hunt place Jv ni"e southwest of
town. House, barn, mostly in Btraw ber
ries and other fruits. Price, $1450.
The new company now offers for sale
lots formerly belonging to the Hood
River Townsite company, of which com
pany John Leland Henderson is secre
tary and the Hood Kiver Bank treasurer.
Installment plan.
Tickets to and from Europe.
Persons desiring to purchase tickets to
or from any points in Europe or South
Africa may secure the same from John
L. Henderson, who is agent for the
Beaver line of steamships.
First-class Surveying Outfit
At the Emporium are kept 2 first-class
transits and solar attachments, and the
proprietor, a practical surveyor, is ire
pared to do the work of laying out acre
age property in lots and blocks, and do
ing all kind's of surveying and platting.
From mid after this date, April 9, l'.Hltf,
the rates will be as follows: $10 a day ;
Lot corners established for $5 a lot;
two contiguous for one owner, the
same price.
Lot 4, block 9, Hull's addition, fine 2
story house; $1,800.
For Sale Residence on State street at
head of Front ; $2,500, including 3 lots.
For Sale. 40 acres near Monnt Hood
post ollice. (lnnd land $700 cash 30
days, only. J. Leland Henderson.
For Reift For a term of ten years,
the two lots on State street, back of
Hurt mess' and the Paris Fair. Rental,
$120 a year for the two,
For Sale- The 50 acre strawberry farm
owned by A. F. Lake and others, on
west side. Price $14,000. All in straw
berries in their prime. A good oppor
tunity for several buyers to go in to
gether and each secure a part. Must all
be sold at once. Terms half or more cash.
F'or Sale The Henderson ranch, for
merly owned by J. K. (ialligan ; 00 acres
HO cleared; orchard; strawberries;
clover and timothy ; well irrigated ;large
2-story mansion, small cottage, new
barn; all fenced. Price $10,000. A
brook runs through ranch. ICasy terms;
telephone; rural delifery. Four miles
from Hood River.
Two goat ranches on mountain east
of valley on county road. One, $1,000;
the ntherg $1,2011; each has small house,
running water, and is fenced. Terms,
Iiooms to rent in city.
Unfurnished house to rent. Center of
city. Good fur stoie or ollice.
Mrs. Clark's l.'a' acres on the hill for
sale or rent ; house $10 a month, with
land $15; selling price $1,500; renter
must take subject to sale.
My own house opposite Savage's hard
ware store, occupied by Mrs. Jayne, is
for rent; suitable for oiFice or shop.
The 10 acres owned by II. S. Lewis at
Belmont, improved, with buildings,
farm implements, furniture, stock, etc.,
$3,000; the bare place, $2,500; $1,500
or more cash ; balance on time, (i per ct.
L. C. IIAYXES, Prop.
The place to get an easy slr-e an
up-to-date hair cut, and to er'ov the
luxury of a porcelain bath tub.
The Veterinary
Has returned to Hood Kiver sud Is prepared
to do any work In the, veterinary line, lie
can lie found hy calling at or pluming lo
Clarke's drug store.
House to Rent.
35 Acres
for SalC lit H hliruittn. .... tt.A .t
Hisid: UIHid Hltnli. lunjf. nl,u I.....KI.., I..'.
for n house by the roadside. Inquire on tint
premises. m2t J. I. H I I.L-Tlt( i.M .
4 Tracts of Land
for Sale.
I'd ftf'IVK. 10 rir 1 eliturnsl anrl nfu-lH .11 a,t f,
;tlH-ris. ii tiltfthlo; 2 aorcH olem-ed; $"t h p
ftrre for tillwhli nurt t.uio....a in ... .1
to putvlmM'r.
a acre, jmrtly cleared, $70 per arre.
1 1 IKTI'S. ull r) t., tu
Whole plm e set to irUtt nnt Htniwtjerries.
1 jMwt-H u,r nx-med irom one In nve
( o H aileh. I hid not A real eulut uinnl hut :i
tanner living 5 miles out nnl tun ohVr'iitf
i""i"M' mr iMin-resHicni menus
wi ie inii resled fn unv wav, don't hei
to ask m.eMtitmtt Th iit
aei y wtmi you whuI, or your friendw who at
i" ihhk uivit, lire looKing ror. 1
on. write toor nhoi.H ll K. Mtiniuuv
rimtie ;iff. j1Mld Kjver. or
if ;-cn at once I will put a low price on my
ppcre Improved
a miles inim t,-n ,-t abu Pl.,- is in
extra tin condiliou and c give ImmcdiaW
p ItHMslOt)
l. KKAI1M.,
fort land, Oregon.