The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, December 17, 1903, Image 7

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O 1 1! U R going to eat chicken at
Carrier's Sunday. 2 bits.
Chicken dinner at Carrier's Sunday,
25 cents. -
The woman's alliance will meet this
week with Mrs. J. E. Rand.
Rev. A. A. Beery, pastor of the Val
ley Christian church went to Portland
Thursday. He expects to return
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Waldo and Mr.
and Mrs. Jewi'tt and their families of
White Salmon, were the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. T. J. Cunning Friday, and
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A bullet hole in the plate glass win
dow of Williams' drug store attracted
crowds of people all Friday morning.
The shot which did the work was heard
by a number during the night at about
quarter after 12 o'clock, when several
men in a drunken carousal were dis
turbing the sleep of people along Oak
street. The whole proceedings were
moBt disgraceful, but worst of all the
city marshal is said to have been as bad
off as the rest of the crowd. He found
it necessary to shoot, but with an un
steady aim the bullet went wide of its
intended mark.
G. R. Castner and eon Charles made
a trip to the Willamette valley last week.
They visited Reedville, and also Van
couver. In the vicinity of Reedville
they found a rich stock and dairy
country. Hay was a good price $12
per ton for the cheapest. In traveling
along country roads they noticed the
absence of teams going back and forth
like we have on the roads in Hood River
valley. They could travel there for
miles and not see a team on the road ;
but men and teams were seen at work
plowing in the fields;
G. B: Castner has been doing some
advertising for Hood River in an unique
way. In driving to town recently with
a load of apples, he stopped in front of
Rogers' art gallery and had himself,
team and load photographed. On the
picture is printed by the artist the words:
"80 boxes apples brought 1150 50."
These pictures he is sending to his friends
in the Eastern states where they will
do the most good. Mr. Castner is one
of Hood River's most euicessfulorchard
ista. The little daughter of Mrs. Ralph
Savage was born in the South where
they have none but artificial ice. During
the late cold snap Mrs. Savage put out
a tin cup with water in it to freeze fur
the little one. In the morning Mrs.
Savage gave little Eleanor a bit of the
ice to eat. After crunching a mouthful
of it she looked up and said: "This is
the first time 1 ever ate wild ice, insn't
it, mamma?" Mamma said yes, and
The senior editor of the Glacier is
?randfather for the first time in his life
tis expected he will be obeyed and
respected accordingly. There will bono
advance in the price of subscription.
Advertising rates will remain the same
for the present. ''It's a cold day when
we get left."
C.F.Waldo of White Salmon paid
the Glacier sanctum a friendly visit
The United Artisans will give a pub
lic dance next Wednesday evening.
Vancouver, Wash., lias 140 old sol
dier pensioners.
See the fine honey at Holman's on
the hill.
in mind tne
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ret the best
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Our collection of calendars,
thermometers, pipe racks,
match holders, trinket and
jewel boxes is individual. No
one else has anything like it.
Japanese Silk Hand-
KIyUCIULTS. Our assort
ment is a most beautiful one,
embroidered flower effects in
fine Jap silk, 2"e values, but
we've got 'em as high as $2-
George II. Himes, upon his return to
Portland carried with him an old Revo
lutionary war sword, which Dr. W. L.
Adams loaned him for exhibition in the
museum of the Oregon Historical society.
Connected with this sword is the story
that it once belonged to the famous he
ro, General Warren, as it was picked up
from the field of Bunker Hill near the
spot where Warren fell on that memor
able 17th of June, 1775. I'r. Adams se
cured the relic from Jeremiah Pease,
when on a visit to Boston in 18ti9. He
bought the sword more particularly be
cause his forefathers from the Green
mountains of VermoUnt were partici
pants in the fight at Bunker Hill,
Charley R. Bennett of Oregon City,
Or., visited his sister, Mrs. Rose Wilcox,
of this city, last Tharsday and Friday.
Mr. Bennett operates the steam ax in
the wood room of the Oregon City Paper
mills, where he has been employed for
several months. He took home with
him his little daughter Louise. She has
been in Mrs. Wilcox's care since her
mother's death nearly two years ago.
Little Louise w receive for her Christ
mas present, a new mamma. Perry
Leisey, a schoolmate f Mrs. Wilcox,
accompanied her brother from Portland
for a visit and to see the country.
Have you ever stopped to think when
you notice the columns of a newspaper
filled with advertisements that the men
who do the advertising are the men who
do the business? When a man comes to
the conclusion that he can't afford to ad
vertise, he may as well conclude he
"can't afford" to succeed in business, for
he never will. The merchant who con
tinually reminds you that he is here to
stay and wants your trade is the one
who gets it Be assured (hat the mer
chant who toots his own born has some
thing worth tooting about. Chronicle.
A letter from ' L. NV- Blowers states
that he and his family w ill spend the
next month or so at Long Beach, Cal.
"We explored San Franciscj, last Fri
day," he writes. "It is quite a thrifty
appearing villa, e. We saw 20 ships
sailing In from the ocean at one time
under full sail. We were at the Cliff
house at the time and it ' was a mag
nificent sight. , But after all, there's no
place like home, particularly, if 'home'
means Hood River, 'J,
Recorder Nickelsen has received noti
fication from the clerk of the circuit
court to furnish Judge .Bradshaw with
certified papers giving a complete re
view of the case now pending between
P. F. Fouts and. the city of Hood River,
the same being an appeal on behalf of
Fouts from the decision of Recorder
Nickelsen in revoking the saloon license
of 8. F. Fouts. Judge Bradshaw will
review the case January 9.
A. L. Evans is thinking of organizing
a class for instruction on the violin, pro
vided he can secure enough pupils. Mr.
Evans has done this sort of work before,
and has always had good success. He
is a brother of Grant Evans.formerly of
Hood River, and was himself a resident
of Hood River for a '"number of years,
leaving here about 10 years ago. Mr.
Evans is now furnishing up-to-date mu
sic for local dances.
The Dalles is to have a fruit cannery.
The Dalles Fruit company incorporated
last week with a capital stock of $25,000,
and it is intended to have the cannery
in operation to handle next year's crop.
The board of directors of the company
are: J. S. Bchenck, E. C. Pease, E. M.
Williams, H. J. Maier, R. II. Weber, F.
S. Gunning, L. E. Crowe.
Mrs. O. D. Kea is in St. Vincent hos
pital, Portland, where she underwent
an operation, Tuesday of last week, for
gall stones in the bladder. Nearly 100
gall stones were taken from her, ranging
in size from a BB shot to the sb.e of a
small marble. Mr. Rea and daughter
Alice visited the hospital Sunday, when
the patient was getting along nicely,
The children of the Congregational
Sunday school are preparing a pro
gramme for Christmas eve. The chief
feature of the entertainment will be the
presentation of the cantata, "Waiting
for Hanta Clans." The officers of the
Sunday school have the entertainment
in charge, while A. W. Onthank is di
recting the musical features.
Wm. Davidson and F. W. Angus were
the Hood River apple growers to con
tribute fruit free for the St. Louis expo
sition. Mr. Davidson gave three boxes
of handsome Spitzenburgs, and his
name will appear with the apples when
displayed at the World's fair.
S. II. Cox has traded his fine resi
dence property in town to J. J. Turner
lor his 35-acre strawberry farm near
town. Mr. Cox gave considerable more
than the price of his, property, but we
did not learn the full terms. Mr. Tur
ner, it is said, will convert the building
into a hotel.
James McBane has just finished the
stone work on the residence of Captain
A. S. Blowers. This is the finest piece
of stone work in towrr, and reflects great
credit on the workmanship of Mr. Mc
Bane Mr. Blowers has now a hand
some residence built at a cost of 5,000.
Captain Belcher has started upon his
big hotel, which will' be three stories,
75x100, and contain 96 rooms. The new
store building was finished this week,
45x00, and the big barn will soon have
an addition.-Pioneer.
The Regulator company advertised
last week that the Bailey GaUert purser
would refund all 'ares to passengers if
the opposition boat should reach The
Dalles first. Saturday the Spencer won
the race and the Regulator people paid
Barnes, the real estate man, made
sale of J. H. Miller's home place on the
East Side. The purchaser has returned
East for his family and proposes to
make Hood River his home in the future.
Sale was made last Friday.
The ladies' aid of Belmont will hold
sale of quilts and aprons December 18
and 19, at Mr.. Jackson's store. The
ladies of Hood River are invited to come
and see us.. ' . ,
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Connie spent last
week at Pendleton. Mr. Copple is rap
idly recovering from his recent illnees,
and will soon be hearty and robust once
Little Lawreuce Hershner is expected
home today from the hospital at
Portland for a few days. He is doing
nicely at last report, but very homesick
- Mis Nettie J. Kemp, student of. tin
Gillespie School of Expression will givt
a recital at Odell, December I'd, begin
ing at 8 o'clock. Admission 15c.
C.E.Wilcox returned to Portland
Thursday morning He is a teamste
in the employ o.' Wakeman A Mora
Transfer company.' . '
A. I. Mason lost part ot his sprint
wairon seat between fine drove am
town last week. He ' holies the findei
will return the lost spring.
Mr. and Mrr. Mark Thomas left last
Thursday for Rapid City, 111., when
thev witl visit relatives lor the neit two
L. H. Roborts write from Grasi Val
ley, Cal., that he has sold his land an
gold mine at Grass Valley and made i
good sale.
D. A. Hanna, representing theKansa
City Packer, was in Hood River lat
week gathering data lor an article on
the fruit industry of the valiej.
Wm. M. Hird, a prominent hop-grow
er of McKee. Or., is visiting with hu
brother, M. F. and family, this week.
Beu Powell of this city received, one
day last week, from his home in Pali
sade, Neb., a box containing a paper
bag of popped corn. It made Ben feel a
little homesick and he almost wished
himself back in old Nebraska. But
after thinking It over came to the con
clusion that to eat big red apples, such
as grow here in Hood River valley,
was just as good as Nebraska pop corn,
so he will remain here for the present.
Mr. Powell came here last spring to pick
strawberries and being pleased with this
part of the country, has taken up a
homestead in the upper part of the up
per Hood River valley. His friends are
seeking information concerning this
famous fruit valley and may sometime
come West. Mr. Powell sends them
the Glacier every week that they niay
read for themselves the stories of the
big apples grown here.
Several weeks ago an agent appeared
in The DalleB taking subscriptions for
magazines at "combination" rates, and
secured a long list of subscribers, all of
whom paid in advance. As yet none of
them have received the periodicals for
which they subscribed, and it is begin
ing to dawn on some of them that they
have been buncoed. Mountaineer.
Little six-year-old Mildred Smith
came with her aunt Hattie Hansberry
from Cascade, Locks, last week.and is vis
iting at the home of her grand parents,
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Hansberry.
O. B. Hartley made sale yesterday o
75 barrels of pure white flour to Will
iams the baker. This is the largest flour
sale ever made in Hood River to one
man for his own use.
" We are helping out Santa this year
by carrying a full line of all
good things to eat and wear.
The great bargains we are offering in silver-plated ware, cut glass,
Chinaware cannot faiLto interest you who want to buy useful gifts.
At the Handkerchief counter you will find the assortment complete
in Lace, Embroidered, Hemstitched, and Hand Embroidered Initial
to be most generous. ,
We shall place on sale all of our lamps, which are
an endless variety-all the newest shapes and decora
tions. All prices.
Mufflers, Fancy Suspenders, Neckwear, Handkerchiefs, fancy Hosiery,
Gloves, Sweaters, etc.
"SI '
Free Delivery
M. Manly of White Salmon, the sen
ior member of that city's leading renl
estate firm of Manly & Crow, was in
Hood River last Saturday. Mr. Manly
owns a large farm at Gilmer, Wash.,
but is at present interested in pushing
the tale of White Salmon real estate.
He says settlers are steadily increasing
in his country and that by next spring
two new stores will open for business.
Read the ad of Manly & Crow to be
found in the White Salmon column, and
if you are thinking of invcatingin White
Salmon real estate, it will pay you to
correspond with them.
Once more we will mention that ads
and all notices must be handed in by
Tuesday to insure publication same
week. ThisweeK we were overwiieimcu
with copy on the last Hay, ami as a con
sequence some oi our huvwub-ih t,"i
left with their chango of ads. We are
sorry to have to crowd out anybody s
copy, but it can't sometimes be helped.
hiring your copy in iu "
the rest. Monday is a good uay, or e eu
the Saturday before.
fipn V. Coe & Son have issued their
last call on Christmas goods. They have
everything imaginable in the shape of
toys and lancy goous iur uiruunw ind
ents. Baskets, purses wtin your unmc
on, cards and booklets from 5c to 2oe,
calendars, shell goods, candies, celluloid
goods, books, albums, 100 different
games from 5c to 4. You can always
get what you want at Coe's.
Mrs. Alice Love returned to romanu
Wa.tnoa.1av mortnns:. atter a visit oi
three weeks with Mrs. Edward Wythe.
While here. Mrs. l)ve met nirs. naipu
Savage, and in the course oi comers-
tion it developed inai mo mu.on.-n
distant relatives and well acquainieu
with many people in fxmisann, me ior
mer home 'of both.
Wriuht. who bought out
the transfer bueinessof W.Ganger.about
two weeks ago, had the misfortune to
lope a f'200 bay mare Monday night. The
animal sustained a bruised font'snmehow
and was taken very sick, told una
t.......!it u ml .iiMu.xl n
tever set in, n m muug".! v.-.- -sudden
Judire and Mrs. L. Henry left lues-
dav. for their California trip, iney gi
direct to Loe Angeles and will spend
the winter at Santa isamara. ine
will return to Hood Kiver anoui prn
is Thoir mrniv friends wish them a
pleasant trip and safe return.
HID iiuiiiu...
.i... n u Knpph next Mnndav evening
ti. ..rAi. i tinn h nance win met-i i
rwohor 21. K. O. Miller of Portland
will be present. A good programme.
J,,l,n Metca f is visiting las aaiignier,
Mrs. C. J. Fit, and sister, sirs. Arcnie
Chapman, at ancouver, vtasn.
II. I!
.o2i mm
Co different games all new
one in each package of
Lion Coffee
at your Grocer.
Before Xmas you are looking Jor something
tasteful, pretty and artistic, After Xmas you will
be glad you selected holiday goods with reference
to usefulness.
We are prepared to meet your requirements at
prices that give you your money's worth most
abundantly. Among them are
newest, most beautiful designs in endless variety.
Silk Opera Shawls,
Gloves, our Sorosis are noted for their excellence
Elegant Pattern Hats
ileal Furs at the same prices you pay for manu
factured Fur elsewhere. Bring in your Xmas list,
we can fill the bill in our line to your entire satis
faction. KNAPP'S
John G. KoIIh. who came to Hood
River last summer from Palisade, Neb.,
savs he has received a number of letters
lately from his former neighbors in
quiring auout tins country, some oi
whom will likely come nere nextspnng.
Mr. Zolls thinks he made a wise move
when he uame to Hood Kiver. His
wife was in very poor health for 10
vears while thev lived in Nebraska, but
since locating here she is much im
proved. Mr. Zolls is glad to hnd good
schools and savs ins ooys are progressing
very nicely with their work.and that they
expect to be promoted the hrst of the
John G. Zolls, who is a first class
stone mason, having mastered the trade
n huroiie.says the best building stone
in Hood River is to be obtained from
the quarry on H. It. Erwin's property
on the state road. This stone works up
nicely, while rock from other parts of
the val ey is so hard it is very difficult
to cut into shape. Last week Mr. Zolls
lid considerable work, gratis, on the
East Side grade.
W. J. Uakor has rented his fruit farm
for one year to W. F. Cash, from Boise,
Idaho. Mr. Maker will move to town
and his family will occupy rooms in the
Artisan building, over McDonald's store.
Mr. Cash is a thorough lruit man, ana
himself and family will be welcomed to
Hood River.
H. J. Frederick is preparing to- build
a house 24x-'t in Blowers addition. John
U. Zolls will do the stonework.
In Hood River, December 12, 1903,
Mr. and Mrs. Kdward Blythe, a son.
In Hood River valley, December 10,
HUM, to Mr. and Mrs. F. Fossburg, a
In Hood River, December 9, 1903, at
the home of the bride. East Side, Roy
Jackson and Misa Lulu Thomas ;Kev.V.
L. Dillingur officiating. Quite a number
of relatives and friends were present.
A number of nice presents were received.
Both are members of the M. E. church
at Tine Grove.
New Today.
Fine pickles at Holman's.
Sweet potatoes and cauliflower
Christmas at Holman's.
Meats of all kinds for'
Christmas at
Turkeys and chickens for Christmas
at Holman's.
Cranberries and mincemeat for
Christmas dinner at Holman's.
See the vegetable display at Hoi
man's on the hill finest pickles in
A nnti'h uamo of basket ball will be
playeil at the gymnasium Monday even
ti. Djcui'nr -J.
F'r S.ilo. One hundred twenty acres
partly cleared, six miles out, HO acres
under ditch t2,200.
For Sale. One hundred twenty acres
nearlv ail cleared, seven miles from
town.Vinie of apple land $4,800.
Church Notices.
I. B. Church Sunday school at 10
' a. m. Sermon by pastor at 11 a. m. and
17:30 p.m. Junior C. E. at 3:30 p.m.
; Senior C. K. at 7 p. m. Prayer and
l praise meeting Wednesday evening at
I::i0. A cordial invitation to all. Il.C.
'. Valley Christian. Services at osual.
: Snliject Sondav at 11 a. m.. "The Goa-
pel Its Power." At 7:30 p. m., "Vice
: and Virtue." All are cordially invited
to these services. A. A. Beery, pastor.
' t nitarian. Service at 11 a. m. Sun
day. Subject: "I'nitarianism Dertrnct
; ive, Instructs e and Constructive." Sur.
Phone 581
Treatment by
At the
A new and scientific meth
od for treatmen of the hair,
scalp and skin.
The treatment is extraor
dinarily efficacious in the
speedy and permanent re
moval of Dandruff, Black
heads, Flesh Worms, Wrink
les, Sallow Complexisn, Cold
in the Head, etc.
day school at 10 a. m. at K. of P. hall.
Subject for December 27: A genuine
Christmas and music to correspond.
Christian Tabernacle. Services at
Carmichael'i hall. Sundav school every
Sunday at 2:30 p. m. Preaching by
Rev A. A. Beery, every 1st and 2 1 Sun
day immediately following Sunday
school. All are given a kindly invita
tion. A. B. Cash, Superintendent.
United Brethren. Next Sabbath
morning the pastor will preach about
"Christmas Its Uses and Abuses." In
the evening the subject will be "Five
Husbands and Fathers." The C. E. so
ciety will meet at 6:30, and the evening
preaching hour win De 7 o'clock. ISieh
op N. Castle, D. D., will be in Hood
River in the near future.'
Geo. D. Culbertson & Co. write fire
insurance in both Oregon and Wash,
The finest assortment of
Christmas candies ever
displayed in Hood River
is now on sale at
onr store. We also have
The best grades put up
in boxes of 12, 2." and
50 each. No nicer pres
ent for a smoker.
We have everything
needed for Christmas tree