The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, October 01, 1903, Image 2

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    (o3d Iiver Slacier
The Klickitat Review is a new papei
at Goldendale, making the third paper
in that city. 0. C. Nelson Is nianagei
of the Review.and Is getting out a ueat
and newsy paper. Just why this pa
per w:is slurted seems an unsolved
Tile people of the Mount Hood set
t't meiit will be Interested In H. C.
lititi ham's letter in today's Glacier.
'II i u t long-talked of electric lineup the
v.-dlcy is about due.
Not ig of the Ogilen Trip.
Hood River went after only one prize
a gold medal on apples and got it, to
be sure.
Hou. Thomas G. Hailey, or Tom Hai
ley, an his friends love to call the mayor
of Pendleton, overheard two women dig
cussing the display of big red appleF
from Hood River, and couldn't resist
the temptation to get in a good word
for Oregon. "Those apples must be
painted," said que of the women. Tom
assured them to the contrary, and went
on to explain that there were carloadsof
such fruit in Oregon. He laid it all to
the climate, and declared the Oregon
girls, too, had just such rosy cheeks as
the apples. "Why, put one beside the
other and yon can t tell which cheek to
Sam White, the genial chairman of
the democratic mate central committee,
and his friend Tom Wright, the Union
hanker, were wending their war toward
the fruites hibit.In a vacant lot some live
Ogden merchant had placed an unique
bill board framed in the form of an ele
phant. Sam began to twit his friend
about the failure of the li. O. r. em
blem to recognize sucb a staunch repub
lican as Tom Wright. The latter took
it all good naturedly and awaited the
chance to turn the cases. On their re
turn they met a farmer leading a long'
eared mule. "Now we'll see if he recoz-
nizes you," said Wright. The words
were hardly out of his mouth before the
mule made a bee-line for Sam, and it
was all the farmer could do to restrain
1 1 1 id (the mule.)
Formed of incandescent globes, and
set between two huge mahogany pil
lursof the monster pipe organ iu the
tabernacle of the Latter Day Huints at
Salt lake are the letters U-T-A-H. And
how significant it is. No bistoriun
cun write of Utah and leave the Mor
mons out. The two are iuseoarable.
To the traveler who stops off to visit
the city of Zion.andto see the wonders
or the Ureat Salt Lake, there is nothing
to make him feel as If he were in a
strange land. Everything indicates a
thriving, industrious and wealthy
American community. But the barren
mountains on every hand aud the sage
brush in the untitled fields offer an
ever-present reminder that the country
was a nesert land hair a century ago.
To the toil of the Mormons are due the
green fields and templed cities of today.
With the Mormons will rest the ever
lasting honor of pioneer work in the
reclamation of the great American des
ert. They were the first American irri
gators the first people to transform a
sage-brush plain into rich farming
minis anu nappy nomes.' how unfit
ting, therefore, would it have seemed
had that great movement for the rec
lamation of the arid West convened its
first congress eleven years ago else-
wnere mail in tsau iMke uuy,
1'i aims and Organs,
M. M. Melvln, representing Soule
tiros.- riuno company or Portland,
Ore., is in Hood River prepared to fur
nish ynu with the leading pianos of the
woriu. ine Hteinway, together with
many other high grade piano and or-
1THIIH Hllfltl flHtlm A U Phuua Pulair
Starr, Emerson, Richmond, Heller and
1 will take your old piano or oi iran.
and for the good of the musical public
would accept some of the new pianos
in exchange as part payment on one of
our standards.
Our prices are the lowest, and you
may name your own terms. Hee or
address M. M. Melviu at the Raymond.
On account of the carpenters not be
ing able to get out of the way with their
work, school will not begin at Frankton
until Monday .Uctober 12.
Mrs. W. J. Fullam and Mrs. A. L.
Rumsey returned to Portlaud, Friday,
vt. a ii.nn(iib nihil 11110. 1' ICU
Howe and family. ,
Miss Hilda Walden of Oregon City,
recently the guest of Mrs. Fred Howe,
tueu at ner nonie in that city, Septem
23, 1903.
Barnes, the real estate man, sold his 20
acres in the Copple neighborhood on Sat
urdav to k. L.
Smith ; consideration,
Miss Vera Jackson of Hood River is
visiting her school chum, Miss Una
Wilson, tor a tew days. Dufur Dispatch
Rev. W. G. Eliot will preach at Col-
1 I x-f c. i
umuift nuuui iiuusv, iMuuiai, nunuay,
uciooer , ai p. m.
Mrs. K. C. Clark hag returned
from Pendleton where she has been vis
iting her son fcarl. Karl has a perma
nent position on me U.K. s N.,as paint
er, and at present lie is at Baker City.
Miss Nellie Clark came ud from Port
land, Saturday, where she has been for
the past three months. She met her
mother at The Dalles Saturday night
ana returned w ith ner Sunday morning.
8t. Mark's guild will meet with Mrs.
K. E.Savage, Wednesday.
M. M. Melvin of the Soule Bros. Piano
company is in Hood Kiver taking orders,
Little Miss Holliway presented the
Glacier editor last week with a hand
some ooquet of Mowers.
Attorney John Leland Henderson left
Thursday morning to accompany his
motner on ner journey to her son Louis
at Moscow, Idaho. Mr. Henderson will
be absent four or five days.
John W. Kelly, an old typo and news
paper man, who set type with the sen
ior proprietor of the Glacier on the old
Portland Bulletin, 33 years ago, helped
to get out this issue of the Glacier.
arnin that the Glacier was in nwd
of help, Mr. Kelly dropped his work at
inei'aiies and responded to our call.
John is an old-timer that did us good to
see again.
W. J. Lloyd, representee R. L. Polk
A Co., directory publishers, is in Hood
Kiver. Mr. IJoyd is collecting data for
tiood Kiver s portion of a w asco county
directory his farm is preparing for pub
lication. Full citv directories will be
given, and in addition to this the names
of every property owner in the countrv
districts. This ought to be a valuable
ooo it.
In past years The Dalles has eiper
iencvd some inconvenience in connec
tion with dock privileges, and is at
present is in a tangle that will require
some time to unravel. Hood Kiver mar
well profit bv the lesson The Italic has
learned in tin regard. An tflort it be
ing madeto give Hood River better fa
cilities for reaching a boat landing on
the river, and a few days ago $1,600 were
subscribed by the residents of that city
to buid a wagon road from town to the
saw mill, where a good landing can be
had. It will be well for the people of
Hood Kiver, betore they build a mad, to
stipulate that the dock be public,
where all boats may land and receive
and discharge freight and passengers. It
is always a good thing when the people
put in an improvement to be certain
that they are going to derive come bene-'
fits therefrom. Mountaineer.
The ladies' aid of the Congregational
church will meet Friday afternoon with
Mrs. 11. F. Davidson.
Buv vour lard at McGuire Bros. Our
lard isliome product, made from Oregon
wheat-fed hogs, a pure kettle-rendered
leaf lard. 5-wound pails 75c ; 10-pound
pails, $1.40.
Try the new Weatherby creamery but
ter at McGuire Bros.
Lost. A small black croquet shawl,
used for head gear. Finder will please
leave same at the Glacier office.
Millicery. Ladies, you will find me
maiIii 1. . i.i.,, i i, t .i , ativa nno .ln
ICWH lui vuuiiiccd 11 1 J a vvi ... wiib wvrv.
south of Abbott's grocery. I carry a
full line of dress and street hats, also a
good assortment of veilings and velvets
at reasonable prices. Tailored hats a
specialty. Mats. Abbott.
Trout Lake News Notes.
Ooldendale Review.
A tetition has been sent iu for the
organization of a Masonic lodge at
Trout Lake.
Miss JaneJ Locy of Goldendale ar
rived in Trout Lake the 12th. where
she began teaching on the 14th. The
school children are responding reaany
to the call of the old school bell.
A ball will be given on the 26th In
honor of Miss Mury E. Byrkett's 18th
birthday. Seventy-five invitations
have been sent out.
Mr. Fresliour and wife of Miami
county, O., are iu Trout Lake at pres
ent, visiting relatives.
Harvey Byrkett of Hood River Is vis
aing his son and dauttirter. kuius Byr
kett and Mrs. William Coate of Trout
Owing to the rain last week, the farm
ers were unnble to haul all their bay
Home of it is badly damaged.
A fruitless search was made this
week for the body of the Indian girl
who was lost near the ice-cave Novem
ber, 1902. The father of the girl thinks
she was murdered.
Louis Powers of Trout Lake was bad
ly injured while working iu a logging
camp on the Sound. One leg was brok
en and the other badly crushed.
Card of Thanks.
The family of J. P. Burnet, take this method
of returning thanks to the kind neighbors and
friends who assisted during the sickness and
at the funeral of their little child, Mabel
rear I.
Onen summer and winter. This well known
resort is only 13 minutes walk from the de
pot. Lovely view of Alt. Adams and the Co
lumbia river, with fruit flowers, beautiful
scenery and spring water, f Ine cuisine.
Terms , to per week.
Manager Hood Kiver, Ore.
"The Viento."
Northeast cor First and Oak Hts., Hood River,
Mrs. M. K. Bird, Proprietor.
Breakfast t to 8 a. m. Dinner 13 to t p. m.
Hupier 6 to 10 p. m.
The tables supplied wltb what t he market
anorqg. jr
Tie Veterinary
Has returned to Hood River and Is prepared
to do any work In the veterinary hue. H
can be found by calling at or phoning to
nance s um store.
neatly and promptly. Our office Is
fully equipped with latest styles of
type and up-to-date material. W
carry a full line of printers station'
ery, and can fill your order for a
visiting card or a full-page color
poster. Have . your stationery
printed by
4 Plymoth Rock
Rooster, tnorootbred, tor tale a SI aaeh,
Feed Store.
I hare opened a store at my place, and will
carry In stork flour and feed: also, potatoea
ana wooa. r armers aoum 01 me can save a
long haul and buy Just as cheap of me.
ol Foot of Straight Hill.
Ring Lost.
A child's rlna lost somewhere between Hav-
ward'a residence and the Paris Fair store.
r inder will be rewarded II by leaving at
ine uiacier otnee.
Man and wife to take charge of boarding
nouse. inquire ai omee.
Open tar silver watch, with chain; Elgin
movement, him in town. 1 liunvlay last week,
Reward sir return to Uiarler office.
For Sale.
One thorough bred Jersey cow.
For Sale.
A nine room house and three Iota with
tood well. On the hill above the school bouae
twit on phone its.
Cow For Sale.
Uood Jersey cow at mv ranch.
Rev. J. W.J F.N KINS.
Board of Equalization.
ot!ote hereby given that the Hoard of
r.quaiiunoa will meet toe 0ml Monday In
m-iober, al I be court houw In llle l ttvnd
continue In aetuuoa fcr ,.oe week, for toe aur
poae ol am nut in and correcting Um
I luenl roll for the year ItK
iii""' -ttrt " " 1 "4
JF ,''.f. ; iy
Our Fall stock has bepfun to arrive, and within lo days we will have one of the
very finest lines of Fall and Winter j,1h to he fouwl outside the lar?-e cities.
Our buyer has taken great care in select inir this stock, and we can assure you it
will mean a saving and satisfaction for you to wait and see what we have. A
few more of those Men's Overalls at 2."c a pair worth double the money.
We have the largest stock in the city and can ht your feet properly with the
best wearimr shoes on earth for the' nionev. We have a few odds and ends in
shoes we are selling below
Phone 711.
Vegetables and Fruit.
loniHioes tor canning ana catsup i per
hundred. Also Druneg. Dears. Dotatoes and
apples delivered on Tuesdays and Fridays.
i none u. j. i nner, raraatae f arm.
Land to Exchange.
M seres a-ood Mr saw timber In Columbia
county. Or., In eichanite lor Hood River prop
erty, either farm or town Dronertv or a busl
nesa proposiiion. Apply to names, me neai
Folate Man. alU
Strawberry Plants.
About 75.UU0 In first-clans shape, forsnle.
For Rent.
1 acres 2 mllea from town. Free water.
l D. n;
UCKEIjHKN, Hwid River.
Saw Mill for Sale.
Haw mill and nluner. located at Trout Lake.
Wash., for sale. Addresa
ni.uir,nijN t AMisi,
ol Tmut ljike, Wash.
Pony for Sale.
Cheap. Inquire of HcUUIRK BROS.
To trade a team weighing 1HU0 pounds each,
perfectly true, for a amallor one. Or will buv
a team weighing about 12U0 poundB each, If
satisfactory. Also have a new saddle for sale
or trade. J. H. HHOEMAKER.
Cow for Sale.
A good family cow. Dart Jersev. for sale for
Cow Wanted.
1 want to buy a No. 1 fresh cow, Jersey.
s24 ROUT JONEH, Belmont.
Cow for Sale.
Good Jersey cow, giving gallons of milk
a day.
n A it IV 1
Furnished Room.
A furnished room to rent, with no bed bugs.
Inquire at the depot. l
For SaleFor Debt.
H. C. Jackson bas conveyed to John Leland
Henderson as trustee his store building and
lot by Abbot's store on the bill to .be sold to
pay said Jackson's debts. The property is
ollered for sale at (57ii. All persons owing
said Jackson will please call at Henderson's
office and settle at one. All persons having
claims against anld Jackson will send Item
ized statements..
1 n tbe Circuit Court of the Slate of Oregon for
W. H. Wilson. Dlaintirf. vs. J. E. Friend, de
To J. E. Friend, defendant:
In the name of the state of Oregon yon are
hereby required to appear and answer the
complaint tiled against you In t lie above en
titled suit on or before the last day of the time
prescribed In the order for the publication of
this summons as hereinafter mentioned, and
Ifyou fail so to answer, lor want thereof the
pluintln will apply to the court for the relief
f rayed for In his complaint, to wit: For a
udgment against you for the sum oflMOO.wlth
merest thereon at 10 per cent per annum
from tne win day of January, ana tor
the sain of $76 attorney's fees and for his costs
and disbursements and for a decree of tore
closure of that certain mortgnge given by you
to tne piaintitr, uuteu the mu day or June,
1(102, to aociire the payment of the sum of $100,
with interest thereon at 10 per cent, which said
mortgage la upon the south half of the south
west quarter, the southwest quarter of the
southeast quarter of section 4, and the north
west quarter of the northeaat quarter of sec
tion nine. In township one north, range ten
east, In Wasco county, Oregon.
i his summons is served upon you by pub
lication thereof for six weeks In the Hood
Itiver Glacier, in accordance wlththeorder of
the above-named court maae on the 17th day
ol September, IWCI, directlog that this sum
mons be published lu said paper ror six con
secutive weeks.
Tbe date of the first publication of this
summons Is September '24, linn, ai.d you are
required to appearand answer said complaint
on or before six weeks from the dHteol said
first publication, said time being the time
prescribed lu said order of the court.
, 24o29 Attorney for plalntlft.
Sheriff's Sale of Peal Estate.
Notice Is hereby given that under and by
virtue of an execution aud order of sale Issued
out of tbe Circuit Court of the state of Oregon
tor wasoo county, on tne sth day or Septem
ber, TJOtt. and to me directed and command
ing me to sell the rent estate hereinafter men
tioned, for the purpoae of satisfying a Judg
ment and decree in favor of L. U McCartney,
plaintiff, and agalbst Mrs. M. K. Mark ley el
al., defendants, for the sum of (4:7.oO, princi
pal and Interest, and the further suui of lib
attorney's fees, and tbe further sum of tnM
costs, 1 will, on
Saturday, tbe 10th day of October, 1U03,
At the hour of 2 o'clock P. M at the county
court bouse door tn Dalles City, Wasco coun
ty, Oregon, sell at public auction to the high
est bidder fcr cash In hand, tbe following de
scribed real estate, to-wit:
Com niencing at the southwest corner ot the
northwest quar'er of the northeast quarter ol
section aleven In township two norlb of range
ten east of Willamette meridian: running
tbeneeeaaleighly rods, north twenty rods,
weal eighty rods, and south twenty rods to
Klac of beginning, containing ten aores of
Dalles City, Oregon. September 8, ltim. :
F. C. BF.XTON, Sheriff.
Sheriff's Sale of Real Estate.
Notice Is hereby given that by virtue of an
execution Issued out of the Circuit Court of
the slate of Oregon for Wasco county, on the
5th day of September, lW:t, aud to nte directed
and commanding m to levy upon and sell
the ptoperty of tbe defendant hereinafter
mentioned, for tbe purpoae of satisfying a
Judgment in favor of Kittle Coe, plaintiff, and
against tbe Hood River Manufacturing Co.,
defendant, fr the sum of HW7..Y). and the fur
ther sum of SI,) attorney's fees, ana .,. fin-
tner sum oi ousts, I nave levied upon, and
Saturday, the 17th day of October, 1SKM,
At the hour of 1 o'ewtek P. M.. at the count v
court house door In Dalles City, Vt' asco coun
ty, Oregon, will sell at public auction to the
highest bidder lor cash In hand, lor the pur-
flaw oi sni istying ne sum jungment. tneioi
wlng described real estate, in-wit:
Commencing at the N. W. corner ot the N.
Coe iHinallon Land Claim In Sec. , township
I north of range ten east; thence south to the
center or tne o. ri. f. vo. s right of way on
the west llneof said I. L. ('.; thence In an
easterly direction following the center line ol
said right of way all feet: thence north :i feet
tn the north boundary of as id right of way, at
which point a slake was set Irtr be Inning or
corner; thence north feet; Ibence east a
feet; thence south 'JIN feet; thence west feet
lo place ol beginning, containing on acre of
g rou nu. r. t'.euno,
sl7o Sheriff.
Positively Cured.
Tb California Medical Company will re
fund A the- riuliunM all Itmnov that h r
the drngglat in case he fat not rated of Rheu
matism by tbe um- of
Oil of Eden
Sweet Spirits
of Eden.
Chronic case In variably earn), and Cl'RED
For Rata) by
Agent for Hood River.
of XjO-w- Prices.
cost. If we have y ur size you
Stump Pullers.
w cnri'v a comnlete stock
bing Machines, wire cable, rope nhortners,
.Utjcks, root hooks, etc., for which we are general
. ng-tmts for Oregon and Washington. Write "for
ONLY exclusive Hardware Store in
MAYES BROS., Proprietos.
Dealers in All Kinds of Fresh, Cured:
and Canned Meats.
Headquarters for Vegetables and Fruits.
Stages to Cloud Cap Inn.
Ticket oflitie for the Regulator Line of Steamers Telephone and
have a hack carry you to and from tho boat landing If you want
a lirst-clasp turnout rail on the
Livery, Feed
Bargains in Real Estate.
8 acres, three miles from town, all in berries, a
good house and barn.
1") acres 4 miles from town, $200 house and 12
acres cleared. Good apple and berrv laud.
100 acres, (i miles out, 1,000 bearing apple trees,
J acres in berries, and all kinds of other fruits; .'50
acres in cultivation; good house, barn and milk
house; income, f 1,100 a year.
40 acres 4 miles from town, 20 acres in cultiva
tion, 5 in bearing trees; can sell in 20 acre tracts.
o acres (S miles from town, 300 apple trees, the
balance in wheat and clover.
20 acres 7 miles out, all iu apples 2 years old.
20a 7 miles out, all cultivated, fine" apple land.
80a, 1) miles out; 'ion in cultivation; barn&house.
For prices and terms call on or address
H. F. J0CHIMSEN, Hood River, Or.
The entire stock of merchandise, consisting of
Hardware, Stoves, Ranges, Wagons,
Harness, Fancy and Staple Groceries
" AVill fie sold at cost for the next 00 days. Flour
and feed will lie sold at mill juices during this sale.
We are about to make a change in our business,
and in order to make a quick sale, have placed our
goods at cost for CASH only. Our books areclosed
for any further credit.
Thanking the public in general for their patron
age, and appreciating their good will, we cheerfully
ask you to take advantage of this sale and lay in
your fall supplies. We want your business and will
save you money. Parties owing us will kindlv pav
up ami oblige.
Watches and Jewelry.
As I have worked at my trade for 18 years. I can turn out the
finest work in wnt.h repairing hikI adjusting in eight positions. Jew
elry repairing of all kind.
Tpct YVlfir PvPC Fit ll,'n, ,he White IVbhle
1 2l I UUI W Grout;,! Otittr bim. oel frame., for
fl.00. S: !!d pM imvkc and tins, f3.50, rtgular Chicago pricw. War
ranlt.(l In giveeiwy fit and to imptove vnuri-yea,
get a bargain.
Idea Patterns, 10 cents.
of W. Smith Grub
and Draying.
Horses bought, sold or exchanged.
Pleasure parties can secure first-class rips. Spe
cial .attention given to moving Furniture
mid Pianos.
Yi! do everything horses call do.
"hone 701.
Out Sale.
fTlmber iJtml, Aet JtineS, lHJfl,
ITnlld BUti iJind Offlie. Vancouver,
Wash June 15, IM Notice la n?r.-
in umt In cumpllano with th. prov - to
of the m i of coi.k r r J ne . l1' ,Yn thi
An act tor tno am. " "" - .,
(alD or (Uiiktrma, yicguu, '-"-'-r -
the publio land lnlei( by wt of Angust i,
of Portland, county of Multnomah, stM 101
uretron. ha. thla dy Hlrd In tll ..fflcel he
sworn HtuHMni ii i , ". , ,.
theNKUof KWii and lots 1 and t of auction
R, and lot, 1 of aectlon , in lowiiniiip
No. 8 north. range No. 9 east, W. M.. and will
offer proof to show that the land aotiirnt l
more valuable for It tiinlwr or atone I
ftitrlciiltuial piirfMweH, aim ; ""3
olulnt to mild land before the Knliilr and
Receiver of thin office at Vancouver, Wraith.,
on Monday, the 2Sth day of Heptember, HUM.
Hhe naniVs n wltiieea: Homer L. Cunip
bell, Geoiye W. Hlmoua. Charles K. 8wl?ert
and Kmeiy Oliver, all of Portland, Oregon.
Any and all persons ciai iinin "" f"i "-flbove-desonbed
lauds are reo,nestd to lilt-
.. . . . .li. ..m.. .... hafim Hnin
ttieir eiHinis in hub uh.-c w ...
2xih duv of Hentember, lmW.
m rnber Land, Act June 3, 187.) -NOTICK
UnlUd SUlea Ijtnd Offloe, The Dalle.
Or., September 5, 1H0TI. Notice Is hereby given
that in compliance with the provisions of the
act of eoiiijress of June 8, 1ST8, entitled "An
act for the sale or timber lands In the states of
California, Oreuon, Nevada and Washington
territory," asextnded to all the public land
states by act of August 4, 1HWJ, m
of Hood River, county of Wasco, state of
i im.m hnn led I ll thlsofllue hie
sworn stafement, No. m. for the purchsse of
the lot 8, 8K NWJ4, W'4 n wi nr.y,
of section No. 2, township No. 2 north,
range No. 9 east, W.M. and will offer proof to
show that the land sought Is more valuable for
its timber or stone than for agricultural pur
noses, and to establish his claim to said land
before the Itegister and Receiver of this office
at Tne Danes, uregon, on r riaay, ine tau
dAK ot November. IWKl
li, names an wilnesses: H. W. Curran. James
Chitty, A. (J, Wright and James Kggert, all of
lento, uregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to file
ttieir claims in tins omce on or Detore saiu
27th day of November. 1008.
slOnia MICH AKI. T. NOLAN, Register.
You want one now
that fall has come.
Drop in and see what
Savage has in the
stove line. Also ex
amine the many
other goods that are
unpacked daily at
Two yearling, heifers, tine a Jersey, the
other common red. Both bearing spear-head
brand on top of left hip. One dollar will be
given lo the sender of a postal card or phone
message telling whero these helfera can be
utunu. k. e. MAitniHON, phone W,
On the Mount Hood road, Bouth
of town, keeps constantly on hand
the best quality of -
Groceries, Hay, Grain & Feed
At Lowest Prices.
. "22 I). K. LAMAR, "Prop.
Cow for Sale.
A flve-year-old cow, Holsteln and Durham
will be fresh first seek In Ocuiber.
One good driving horse. Must begentleam
l good driver. A. It. CRO.SI ER & CO.
Horse for Sale.
A good, gentle horse, 6 years old; weight
.."v piunun, iur BJlie oy J. VAUllllKtl.
"" Mount Hood .
Fine Jersey Cow
For sale. Hee 8. K. HaRTMRmm.
Furnished Rooms.
Four well-furnished rooms, for house-keep-
ik, mn, iictj nnici, Apply wi
S M. F. JACOI1.H. Itlouera Arfrtlli,.n
Oak Wood for Sale.
Address J. F. BATCHja.lJiR.jdRlrer.
A purse containing moaey. Owner can
have same by calling upon
For Sale or Trade.
A good cider mill, as good as new. Will
sell or trade for lumber or hay. Inquire of
A. T. 1XJUUK. Dukes Valley.
1 lnrlM.mMa.n I..I . . . .
Owner can have It by railllng t Olacler oflice
a art pay lug for this notice.
Horse for Sale.
I have a iriwiH huru c. - .
for wood cutting. A.BUTTH.
A fold ring with Initials K.J.S.on Inside.
A liberal reward will be paid If left at the
Olacier oltlce or returned to
os l.vuiv avitru
For Rent.
.li'!.ui!l,anJ,-llTk K-IIood Blv"-- Lo
and 4, Block 8, Parkhurst.
04 12K1 Fariiiim at lima),. vaK
Furnished Room.
One furnished room lo rent by
niKiiea room lo rent by
MKS. C. B. UABUIKL. phone 77S.
& Builders.
and Builder
Plans and Estimates Furnished.
S. H. COX.
Ice Cream
and Candies
The place tn get an easj shave, an
up-to-date buir cut, nd to enjoy the
luiury of a poroeluiu Utii tub.
For Sale or Trade.
Real Estate
For Sale
Money to loan.
1. Lots ill Waucoina Park aililitinn
The east half of the north 40 of tlm
Henderson 80 acres west of l.v inn m
Smith's; free irrigating water; j'l.lilX).
Corner lot in front of school Ik,hm
The Geo. Melton lot and cottage in
Barrett-Si pina addition, $400.
2. Eliihle residence lots in Spungler's
subdivision, near cannon house; only
$125; terms easy, installment plan.
0. The Koplin place at Frankton. 17
acres well improved; free irrigatini!
water. Trice $4,000.
4. 320 acres of timber land al the falls
of Hood River, belonging to George E.
Forsyth ; 100 acres good fruit hirul;$4000.
8. 160 acres at White r-almon; tine
timber land; $10 an acre.
100 acres, house and garden patch,
located 10 miles south of The
Dalles. Known as the Woodman
place. Trice $900.
The Hunt place )i mile southwest of
town. House, bam, mostly in strawber
ries and other fruits. Trice, $1450.
The new company now offors for sale
lots formerly belonging to the Hood
River Townsite company, of which com
pany John Leland Henderson is secre
tary and the Hood River Hank treasurer.
Installment plan.
A Good Investment. I w ill sell IliO
acres of mountain land on county road
five miles southeast of Hood River for
$1,000 cash, aud will guarantee $200 ad
vance in two years, or (ailing to sell for
$1,200 net in that time I will take the
land back and pay $1,200, and half ot
profits over $200 to go to investor. First
come, first eerved. Of the liiO acres liKI
acres fruit land, 00 acres stony. All
fenced, small house, well, large" spring.
A fine goat ranch. J. L. Hkndkhson.
Tickets to and from Europe.
Persons desiring to purchase tickets to
or from any points in Europe or South
Africa may secure the same from John
L. Henderson, who is agent for the
Beaver line of steamships.
First-class Surveying Outfit.
At the Emporium are kept 2 first-class
transits and solar attachments, and the
proprietor, a practical surveyor, is pre
pared to do the work of laying out acre
age property in lots and blocks, and do
ing all kinds of surveying and platting.
From and after this date, April 9, 1903,
the rates will be as follows: $10 a day;
Lot corners established for $5 a lot;
two contiguous for one owner, the
same price.
Special Offers
The Howell cottn'e ami ii
acres, east of Mrs. Alma
Howe's, 1,700.
Hanna house and lot, $1,800.
For 8ale The old Galligan place, 00
acres; $1,800 two-story dwelling, hard
finish; barn and out buildings; 10 acres
in cultivation, 2 acres strawberries, some
orchard; flume, irrigating dih'h and
Thelpg creek pass through property
$4,500; $.500 down, $500 December 1,
balance in five years at 7 percent. This
offer is good for 30 days only.
(Timber Ijinrt, Act June 3, IS7S I
United HfatPS Ijind Office, North Yaklnnt
Wash., July 17, 1IKW. Notice 8 Kreby irlveii
that In compliance with the provisions of the
act ofooiiKn-wt of June 8 IS7H, entitled "An
act lor the aale or timber lands In the atateaor
) alilornla. Urexon, Nevada and WashliiKton
Territory, ' aa extended to all the public laud
unites by act or Auicuxt . 1XW,
AI.It.'K Ht.'HIAI.Krt,
of Portland, county of Multnomah, state or
OreKon, has thU day filed In thin office her
worn Matcment. No. Mi, for the pun-haw of
the east of southwest 9t and weal ' .ol soutli
eastuf aectlon No. at, In township No 7
north, ranite No. 11 east, W. M., and will oiiVr
proor to show that the land souKbt Is more
va unbic for Its limber or stone t hun for aarl
cultural purposes, and to establish her ehThn
losald luixf before W. H. I'resby U,
states t'onimK-ioner for district of Wushiinr.
Jon. at his otth e at Holdendale, Wanh Vm
Tuesday, the anh day of September wui
Hhe mimes as witnesses: J as per' K. Ynuinr
and Anna L. Youu of Castle ttoek Wssli
&e"wah"Ua AllK'U K"l,f"u" Tnuit
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-dewrila-d hums are re.iirstcd u file
their claims In this oltlce on or before uil.l
th day of September, Unit. '
ANNA I.. YoUNil,
of Castle ltKk, county of Cowlll., stale or
ttashiiiK'on, has this dav died in Ibis oflice
her .worn statement No. IM.i. for I he pun-haw
of the west of southwest ol section xt and
theeast V'f aoulheast of s-tin Ux
township No.7 north, ranae No. Ileast W V
and will uirer proof lo show thst the html'
bouk'iI I, niore valuable ror iutimberorsb iH
than for agricultural nnrs4-s, and
her clnim u said land before W. H I'res.
by I . nlted Ktslea Commissioner for district
of Wsshlng'on, at his oilice at (foldcndsle
Wash. .on l'UMalay, Hie Alh day of Hcpti-m-
Hue names as witnesses: Alice Schuyler of
Portland, Oregon; Ji fx. Allien King,
limn and lloliert Cox.all of Trout,Wsli
Any and all persons elalininy adversely the
l..e-deTlbed lands are requested u, na
their claims In this offlce on or before ss.i.1
alh day of September, l n "J
. !TtM. HKNKY V. HINM AN.H.ylsicr.
For Sale.
fhmd bticklioard: In larve Unks, 3) (allon
and over, i or 6 whiskey barrel,, . or i .a"
ami II 10 l,, kegs; 2 live new'
t all on on blmi,,.. I'KTKIl Mull It
For Sale.
12 acres rood apple land, tie roils from Pine
drove arh.M.1 houw. Call on V. WlnchHI flrli
house iwuti, ,u fch.a.1 houw, et slef road
r addreas VWIM HKI.U '
Persons dealmu of obtainli.( positions with
tnan.tef w ,r month, to call o,i Mrs!
tJU WIiAf. l.MH dUi virir. ,,! .
Angora Billy Goat.
' h n An.,w Hilly t,i f g,, d
of atovk 1 . ill set I cheap or
,, H.;.( K,K KrlT? '
llaaelwaal Kami.