The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, July 23, 1903, Image 4

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    No tiian or woman with a eoul (or the
divine in nature ever visited White Sal
mon without being impressed w ith its
matchless view of mountain and river.
The entire absence of town life with its
rich and its poor its people of fashion
and its outcasts, . its grinding competi
tion and its sickening pathos, has been
to many who have sunk into its .retreat
ita greatest charm. In them the occa
sional rumor of a railroad down the
north bank of the Columbia awakens no
enthusiasm. To such persons the advent
of a railroad, or even the development
from a rural hnmlet into a village means
the advent of bums and thugs, gin-mills
and jails.
Nevertheless, such a process is slowly
giing on at White Salmon, and he who
loves the solitude must, in a few years,
move on or adjust himself to a more
complicated condition, lock his doors at
night and wear a collar. We have a
telephone connection with the rest of
t'ie world, a local reservoir and water
system. Mercantile buildings are in
process of construction and others are
planned, and so it goes.
P. A. Trana's new residence Is going
to L-e one of the handsomest and most
homelike at White Salmon.
Frank Uroshong is putting up a resi
dence opposite Wolfard's store.
Work Is being pushed on the Jewell
water system.
D. D. MeClure has been laying 4,000
feet of pipe from big new residence for
irrigating purposes.
Professor Thomas Condon of the Uni
versity of Oregon and his daughter,
Mrs. F. C. Wolf of Pendleton, are visit
ing Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Condon of
this place.
Judge Arthur L. Fraser and family
of Portland are sojourning at Trout
Lake for the summer.
('. M. Wolfarrt is building a large
addition to his store to meet the growth
of this community and the demands of
an increasing trade. A large stock of
clothing is to be a feature of the new
The new building to bo used as a drug
store with oftices above is nearing com
pletion. Rev. W. G. Eliot delivered a splen
did sermon to our people last Sunday
evening, every seat in the house being
Mr.and Mrs.BIythe, Jr.,of Hood River
recently visited White Salmon as the
guests of the Condons, both having
been former students at the state uni
versity. Among the needs of this place, the
most indispensable are a new school
buidling and an Irrigating system.
Miss Georgia Johnson has been elect
ed to teach the primary department of
our public school. The principal has
not yet been chosen.
Those fruitgrowers whose strawberry
shipment was wrecked on an unmarked
submerged pile belonging to the Lost
Lake Lumber company feel that the
company has not only defied the law,
but acted very small and excited much
indignant feeling. The attention of
the federal authorities may be called to
the matter. The reckless obstruction
of a stream like the Columbia and the
impudence of the company may re
sult in an early investigation by certain
federal oflleers.
Clii'iioweth Sews Jiotes.
Our beautiful little burg of Chenow
eth is situated in the midst of the most
beau tifu 1 of the Col u ra bia river scenery.
A few miles above the Cascade Locks is
the Little White Salmon, a stream of
water flowing now in gentle descent,
then in wild dashes, funning cascades
of splendor and beauty and quiet pools
of crystal clearness, fresh from the
mountains fur above. This makes, an
ideal trout stream, where a lover of
fishing or of art and oeauty can find
the most enjoyable place. Here nature
in her fullest abundance has pro
vided all that could be asked
for. Our little burg of one store
and a post office is situated in the
midst of this splendor and beauty. One
wishing an outing or sport cannot find
a place to compete with the, Little
White Salmon. Hunting is excellent
for those who are not afraid of the fam
ous w ild animals so very numerous,
here. Earl Keys.
George Marcyier spent Saturday and
Sunday in Hood IUver.
Robert Stone lost a good horse Sun
day through the animal becoming
15. F. Fuller and wife have gone to
Sherman county on au outing for three
or four weeks.
Mrs. J. W. Forbes of Hood River
spent three or four days with her
parents, last week, gathering blackber
ries. The young folks of mill A had quite
a nice dance Saturday evening. Sever
al people from mill B attended and
reported an excellent time.
Camping parties are occasionally
seen going up the valley to partake of
the sport to be found there, such as
hunting, fishing aud fruit gathering.
Mrs. Bert Snyder of Ruthton Is visit
ing with Mi's. Arnold and gathering
some berries.
A. E. Moreta has injured his back
again aud is unable to work at present.
Clarence Hill and Clifton Hughes
spent a couple of days camping out up
the valley last week.
Fred Kaut. spent several days at
Hood Itiver and towns along the line
on business last week.
The weather has been very warm for
the past two or three days.
Fuller and Tubbs have finished mak
ing hay up the valley.
Charles Meyers is seen here occasion
ally. At present he Is looking after
his hay on the ranch.
('rapper I'rupphigs.
The weather for the past week has
been quite warm. We look toward the
cool blue hills and wish we could spend
a fortnight or so there during the warm
days, but like many others we are too
busy to spare the time now.
It. II. Nichols and sister and Mm.
William Nichols took a trio to the black
berry patch and succeeded in gathering
about 100 quarts of tine berries. Mrs
William Nichols returned to The Dalles
on Saturday, well pleased with her trip.
The blackberries seem to be plentiful
this year, as quite a number have gone
out after hemes and come back well
supplied. !
lSert Tvler had quite a thrilling ex-!
perienee last Saturday in the shape of a !
scrap with a vicious badger. The bad-
ger seemed to do all the scrapping while ,
lrt did the yelling. Bert is working I
far Fred Chandler aud started from
the house w the orchard about ten rods
distant, and wlfen about half way he
ran across a large badger. The badger
didn't seem to be very bashful, and
started for him with bia bristles up and
his mouth open. Bert gave one Com
anche Indian war whoop and landed on
a workbench close by. The badger made
several attempts to jump on to the
bench, but Bert kept bis feet going
pretty lively and yelling at the top of
his voice. Miss "Kuby Chandler and
Miss Ellen Dodge hearing his screams
ran out to his assistance, and seeing his
plight called the dog.which ran the bad
ger off to the tmioer. The girls assisted
Bert down from the bench and into
the house, very badly frightened but not
hurt. Bert says, talk about your wild
cats, cougars, bears or anything elBe,
but he'll take any of tham in preference
to that old badger.
Several of the neiah bor bovs took a
trip to Green Point on a fishing excur
sion. Some were quite lucky, and we
understand one of them caught 730 line
trout. But we won't tell his name as
that sounds kind of fishy.
Some of our farmers are setting out
more strawberries this summer, while
others are Dlowimr uu their berries and
will sow to clover, claiming that there
is more proft in hay at present prices
than in berries.
The Christian Adventists are holding
a camn meetine in theeroveeastof their
church. Quite an interest is taken.there
being a large attendance every evening
H. E. Blocher gave a dance and oyster
npper in his new hall last Saturday
night. Quite a number was in attend
ance and all appeared well pleased
with their evening's entertainment. Mr.
Blocher will have when completed one
of the finest halls in the valley, it being
30 x 40 .eet. He will give another dance
and oveter suDPer on Saturday nigni.
August 1. Good stable for horses.
Everv one invited to come.
P. Harsh informs ns that his wife,
who went to Kansas last spring with the
iutention-of making her home there, has
. . .. 7 II 1 11'.
come to me conclusion uiai iioou ivivcr
is good enough for her and has written
to her husband not to sell the place, as
she intends returning soon. When
vou find a better place to live in than
Hood River valley you have a paradise.
An ice cream social will be given, at
the home of Mrs. John A. Mobf, of the
East Side, Fndoy afternoon and even
ing, July 24. Everybody invited.
Odell Motes.
Messrs. Coe & Shute of Hood River
are busily engaged putting up the
warehouse at Odell. Fred Coe is on
the erotuid siiDerintendinir the work
and has a force of 7 men under his
direction. The work is first class and is
progressing rapidly. The building is two
stories with basement and will be quite
an imposing structure.
Mrs. George Booth is building an ad
dition to her home on Odell Heights.
John Groff, who lives on the Mount
Hood road above the bridge, called at
Odell today and related in a graphio
manner one of the most thrilling inci
dents that has been told here for a loug
time. A few days ago he was going
from his sou's ranch homeward when
he encountered a cougar, which chased
him for 80 rods, with bis horses under
a dead run. and finally sprang at him
in the wagon. Probably the only thing
that saved him was the speed of the
horses. The cougar made a leap for
the side of the wagon and landed at
the rear end of the wagon box. This is
no dream, for the prints of bis claws
are plainly visible on the end gate and
one side of the wagou box. I don't
think Mr. Groff is at all frightened
now. but from his vivid descriutiou of
the incident it was surely exciting. I
think this is about the hardest propo
sition this old war veteran ever
Last Sunday W. E. Neff found a era
zy man in his barn. Ihe roper
authorities were notified and he was
taken charge of.
Fred Coe and wife and Henry Shute
and wife are tenting near the little
white store. They seem to enjoy the
outing notwithstanding the men are
working ten hours a day.
A small pnrtv of friends of Messrs
Coe and Shute was entertained
at their tents on Wednesday
evening. Ice cream was served
and a pleasant evening was spent
beneath the pines in the park near the
Pine Grove Gleanings.
Mrs. G. D. Board man's mother and
sister started today for Iheir home In
Los Gates, Call., after an extended vis
it with relatives here.
Roltert Miller has returned to his
home in Waterloo, Iowa.
Rev. Frank Spaulding of Hood River
preached at tlie fine urove cnurcb
Sunday morning, and Professor Bates
of the Pacific university. Forest Grove,
preached in the afternoon.
Miss Lulu Thomas closed her school
work last Friday and has returned to
her home. Rumor says she will take a
scuool ol only one scholar next year.
There will be preaching services at
the church again next Sunday after
noon at 8:30.
V. V. Johnson Is building a new
barn. His new house is nearly com
pleted and will soon be ready for occu
A gentleman representing New
York City commission house is in the
valley buying apples. We have heard
of a few sales being made, among them
being C. H. Sproat and J. L. Davis sel
ling their No. 1, 4-tier Spitzenbergs at
$1.25 per box net f. o. b. Hood River.
Roy Jackson has finished hauling
lumber for Ids new house. He will be
gin building at once on the ten acres
he owns near the Moody place.
There will be a lawn social at Mrs.
John Mohr's residence Friday evening,
July 24. Ice cream and other refresh
ments will be sold. The proceeds of
the entertainment will be added to the
funds now on hand intended for the
erection of a church by the Catholic
people of Hood River valley. Come
early to the social and be sure of a wel
come. Dukes Valley Items.
We are having some warmer weather
at present, which is good on the hay
Our Sunday school and preaching had
a good turn out latt Sunday. If the
crowd continues to grow our house will
not hold them.
We have given the bill of lumber to
J. I. Koouta of Mount Hood for the
new school house in Dukes Valley.
We have had but one applicant for
teacher as yet, and this does not suit
our directors. If there is any woman
who wants a school, she might stand a
good chance to get a school here, as they
seem to a eat a lady teacher.
Nelson Anderson of Roseburg was in
our valley last week. Mr. Anderson
lived in Hood River valley some 14
years ago. He is formerly from Illinois
and is acquainted "with Dodsons and
Cameron of Dukes valley. He said he
could recognize the valley only by the
lay ol the conn try.
William TVflonn P II Glanlnn 1 C
Cameron and N. Anderson went fishing
Ust wek up Hog river and the East
Of interest now Something
A good oue, 85e; better, $1.50; Al, $1.75
up to 14.50 at
Cool Cooks
With cool tempers are guaranteed if
you use our uiue name on move.
Agents Universal Ranges.
Screen Doors
Best cedar, 90o to $1; Front doors,
$1.40 to $1.65; Window screens, 35c to
40c; Steel wire cloth, all widths.
"Hardware, Stove and Tinware, Paints and Oils, Building Material,
Furniture, Carpets, Rugs, Linoleum, Shades, Pictures Frames.
Not yet ready for business, hut please
Fe:k of Hood river, but did not get
loaded down with fish as they expected,
but report a good time just the same.
James Carnahan has returned from
Sunny side and is with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J, Q. Carnahan.
Miss Ola Norman, our school teach
er, was catling on her frieudB in Dukes
valley hist week. She has the primary
room in the Barrett district, and wecon
gratulate them in securing her as a
Trout Lake New Notes.
Uoldendale Sentinel.
A young son of Mr. and Mrs. Schmidt
died at Trout Lake on July 2.
The eight year old son of Mr.and Mrs.
Yost of Trout Lake died on July 5.
There are some 200 campers at Trout
Lake and vicinity and it is expected
that there will be fully 400 campers
before the season is over.
Miss Janet Locy of Ooldendale closed
a successlul term of school in Trout Lake
district Friday. A basket social was
held in the evening, Professor Frisbee
selling the baskets at auction, and
brought the sum of $8.40, which will be
used to buy maps for the school. Miss
Locy has been engaged to teach the
next term of school there, beginning in
C. W. Moore has sold his stage line
from Trout Lake to Bingen to Gus Cole
man. The Trout Lake Artisans installed the
following officers Monday evening: Win.
Coate, M. A. ; Janet Locy, superintend
ent; Claus Pearson, inspector'; Alden
Kingman, M. C. ; August Wagnetz,
treasurer; F. M. Coate, secretary;
Wayne Dean, S.C. ; Ktlie Bvrkett, J. C.;
O. B. Frisbee, past master artisan; Ame
lia Fitchner, instructor; John Peterson,
warden ; Julius Hope, Louise Byrkett,
field commanders. This order now has
some 45 members at Trout Lake.
Bills Allowed by County Court.
The following bills were allowed at
the July meeting of the Wasco county
court last week :
J F Haworth, sup clerk's office. .$ 8 50
C M Grimes, 11 H fare indigent. . 3 !K)
Star Lodging house, hoard 3 00
E C Pease Co, Flip to indigent. . . 3 50
Friend & Burkell, lumber for road 18 15
Irwin-Hodson Co, sup elk office, 45 00
bv Anna Katherine
Brown. If you begin it
you won't stop before the
end. The most clever
book of the season.
Drop in and keep
posted on the new books.
They are arriving dailv
The Book Man.
Bicycles Must Go
at Once.
We have six bicycles that must be sold
at once. And here is a list of bargains
in second-hand wheels:
Bov'a wheel.. $7 00 Gent's wheel, $ 12 00
Ladies' wheel, 5 00 Gent's wheel, 21 00
Ladies' wheel, 6 00 Gent's wheel, 8 00
Ladies' wheel, 10 00
And sundries of all descriptions at
Successor to C. C. Holman.
Now Is a Good
Time to Paint
Powdr Paint Costs I"ss
than one-half the price of
oil paint; is weather and
fireproof. Forprieessee
Abbott & Co.
7x9, $4.75; 8x10, $0.50; 10x12, $7.50 ;
12x12, $8.50. Special irders filled
Dining Tables
You w ill give yours away after seeing
our immense line in beautifully fin
ished oak, hist in $6.75 to $30.
Furnishes everything
needed about a home.
! '
J E Rand, road supplies 9 55
F S Gordon, surveying Cox road.. 10 60
Win Davidson, viewing same. . . . 2 00
Win Kennedy, same 2 00
B R Tucker, same 2 00
F 8 Gordon, survey Winans road 2!) 40
L E Morse, viewing same 8 00
G R Castner, same 8 00
W R Winans, game 8 00
F S Gordon, survey HUon road. 38 00
C C O'Neil, viewing same 4 00
WN Wiley, same 4 00
Henry H Smith, same 4 00
F S Gordon, survey Covert road . 18 00
Win Vanderpool, viewing same. . 4 00
J V Dixon, same 4 00
O B Connelly, same . . .. 4 00
Umatilla house, meals indigent. 50
J Like, hauling . 5o
E C Pease Co, nails rd diet No 13 3 35
H Klebs, services physician .... 5 00
A 8 Cathcart, road work 12 00
Pac States Tel, rent and service, ti 35
W A Johnson & Co, sup indig. . . 12 00
Times-Mountaineer, printing 21 50
Dalles City Water works 12 70
Hansen & Thomsen, lumber 5 88
Transfer Co, team 4 days 20 00
Van Duyn-Adams Co, road sup. . 9 tto
8 W Stark, sup rd dist No 9.... 7 00
J C Kvans, sup rd dist No 21 ... . 50 00
David Hoekman, water trough. . 8 20
Frank La Pier, rftad work 101 00
G W Covert, bal due rd sup 35 00
E Frederick, sup dist No 11 30 00
J D Douglas, snp dist No 23 85 00
Dr 0 C Doane, ser at inquest. . . 5 00
N Y Restaurant, jurors' meals.. . 3 25
A E Lake, incidentals 18 65
Frank La Pier, freight rd scraper 2 45
B A Scott, work on Tygh road. . . 22 00
II A Jones, same 41 25
Ed Pitcher, same H 00
G E Corson, same 20 40
James Slentz, same 17 00
E Rogers, same 19 00
C Cruss, same 10 00
M G Asluey, same 30 00
Andv Slimier, same 14 00
HOPless, same 10 00
Otto, same 14 (X)
Sess Robb, same 8 50
Roy Carson, same 8 50
Dr II Logan, services indigent.. 82 00
Davenport Bros Lumber Co 47 80
V J Craft, quarantine small pox 8 00
CL Gilbert, stamps 10 00
The Only Exclusive
Cigar & Tobacco Store
In Town.
Cail and See Our Line of
Sun Proof Paints.
For sale at
True to Name Nursery,
We will offer for next seasons planting about 20,
000 well-bred apple trees, largely Newtowns, Spitz
enburgs, Jonathans and other varieties adapted to
local conditions. This nursery stock wtw grown
mainly to insure trees true to name and propagat-
ing from buds selected only from well known trees
of health and fruitfulness. We warrant this stock
free from apple canker, wooly aphis and other iiests
common to many parts of the country. As our
supply of trees is limited, orders should le received
at an early date.
else in winter
Wagon Covers
From $2 up. You cau't do without
one at the prices we name.
Sewing Machines
$18 to $37.
Noisless Ball-bearing Good
-10 year guarantee.
A late arrival of mi immense variety.
Japanese linen wurp induces cut
prices to force out of way of our fall
stock of curtains.
keep us in mind.
Dr II C Dodds, professional eer. 14 00
Times-Mountaineer, printing 3 00
N A Bonn, rebate on taxes 13 75
Theo Miguet, sup dist No 13. . . . 57 50
Sisters of Mercy, care co wards. . 15 00
Pac Sta Tel, sheriff's office .... i . 2 50
F C Sexton, bd pris, stamps, etc 253 05
J C Benson, road work 10 40
Win Emlerby, gravel for road ... 5 00
T H Wkwood, super dist No 8... 54 00
Dalles Com Club, tax rebate .... 24 00
Crandall & Burget, coffin to Ind. 10 00
A M Calmev, sup dist No 35. . . . 43 00
P A Scott, wk on Tygh hill road . 5 00
R A Jones, same 7 50
M G Ashley, same 9 00
James Htentz, same 9 00
K Rogers, same 5 00
Andv Sluder, same 2 00
R C'Pless, same 000
D C Jones, same 0 00
Frank Prit;e, lumber for road 12 09
Clark & Buchanan, expert work. 400 00
$100 Reward
For any case of the liquor, cigarette or
chewing tobacco habit I rib fails to cure.
Rev. J. R. N. Bell the oldest living
chaplain ol the grand lodge of the Mason
ic order in the world and pastor Presby
terian church, Baker City, Or., writes:
"I have watched with interest the good
results obtained oy the useot your rem'
U, K. ...... k..i:t
'Trib,' and feel that I can safely and
heartily recommend it to all in need."
Price $12.50 per treatment. For sale by
all druggists.
Working Night and Day.
The busiest and mightiest little thing
that ever was made is Dr. King's New
Life Pills. These pills change weakness
into strength, listlessness into energy
brain-fag into mental power. They re
wondertul in building up the health. Only
25c per box. Sold by Chas. N. Clarke,
Is the name of the world's greatest cure
tor t tie liquor and tobacco habits and
can be found at any drug store in Hood
River at a price of $12.50. It is the great
est remedy of the kind ever placed upon
the market.
Trib cures the liquor habit.
Watches and Jewelry.
As I have worked at tny trade for 18 yours, I can turn out the
finest work in watch repairing mid adjusting in eight positions. Jew
elry repairing of all kinds.
Tcf Vfillr' CVqC tl,el" wltu thu l,est White Pebble
I eSl i.OUr Cye& Ground Center lenes, steel frames, for
$1.00. Bolid gold nose and tips, $.').50, regular Chicago prices. War
ranted to give easy fit and to improve your eyes.
Bargains in Real Estate.
8 aeresthree miles from town, all in berries, a
good house and barn.
15 acres 4 miles from town, 200 house and 12
acres cleared. Good apple and berry land.
100 acres, G miles out, 1,000 bearing apple trees,
3 acres in berries, and all kinds of other fruits; JH)
acres in cultivation; good house, lmrii and milk
house; income, f 1,1 00 a year.
40 acres 4 miles from town, 20 acres in cultiva
tion, 5 in bearing trees; can sell in 20 acre tracts.
5 acres G miles from town, .'?()() apple trees, the
balance in wheat and clover.
20 acres 7 miles out, till in apples 2 years old.
20a 7 miles out, all cultivated, fine apple land.
80a, 9 miles out; ttoa in cultivation; barn&house.
For prices and terms call on or address
H. F. JOCHIMSEN, Hood River, Or.
bone & Mcdonald.
Their Dry Goods, Shot's, Hats and Men's Furnish
ings goods at .prices that cannot be duplicated in
Hood River. Our stock of
Groceries, Flour and Feed
Is complete and prices fire right. Come and see us.
bone & Mcdonald.
Doors and Windows.
Paints and Oils,
Furniture, Carpets, l?eds and Redding.
FUNERAL niltKtrrOR AN I) KM HA I, M Kit.
Geo. D. Culbertson & Co.,
The largest list of
Hood River valley and
from. Honest treatment will award you by plac
ing your property in our hands. Loans' nego
tiated. Insurance.
Williams Pharmacy,
Otten lluilding,
G. E. WILLIAMS, Prop'r.
Headquarters for
Pure Drugs, Toilet Articles,
Prescriptions my Specialty.
City Blacksmith Shop, j. r. xick,n,Prop
General Blacksmithing.
Horse Shoeing and
Dealer m Blacksmith and
; Complete line of Syracuse
rami implements
Cor. 4tli and Columbia.
Livery, Feed
First nd Onk
Stages to Cloud Cap Inn.
Ticket office for the Regulator Line o( Steamers Telephone and
have a hack carry you to aud fr.nn the landing If you want
a first-class turnout call on the
America's BEST Republican Paper.
The Weekly Inter Ocean.
."2 twelve-page papers $1 a year. The Inter Ocean
and Glacier one year for $!.!).
A'ou is the time.
To use Squirrel Poison. Ne have .
AW i time
Tosprav your orchards, we nave
all kinds of spraying material for
i sale at the lowest prices,
j AW the tiirc
V; To purifv your blood. We have
fj Sarsapar'illa's and all kinds of Spring
fmnrt ihr itliue.
When vou want anvthing in the
J IIIII'li'l IVK irt it at
t3 4
rniii. ami uerrv uuuis in
1 .1 L. 1 I 1
White Salmon to select
Wagon Wood Work
Wagon Makers' Supplies
Agency for Milburn Wn ir
ons, Carriages & Iuies.
Thone 2.s:5
and Draying.
Horses lKuj:lit, sold or exchanged.
l'leasuie parties can secure tirsl-cliiss Hks. Spe
cial attention f-iven to moving Furniture
and l'ianos.
We do everything horses can do.
"none Ten.