The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, May 21, 1903, Image 2

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    Hood River Slacler.
THURSDAY, MAY 21, 1903.
spltteraught practicing bis art In the
streets wilt be fined from $2 to $5, ac-
oowiinffto the irravltv or the c-nense.
r " : p - . . . , it
It Is tobacco cnewers inai we pouue
are after especially
Th mnrrlncea and cl vorces 01 tue
i . 1 ; i . i . . .. . I l-tjK r.1 i rvMI I (
r ! I. n njifluvl in I - - . , ,
TheUoiumDia mver m , thig wor n xhev win pr0uaoiy
r!fl and nredictions are tor men water. more in tbe next.
The cold weather for the past week has Unless some of those good roads are
mused the snow n the mountains to hunt tterore long we may in uo
causea tne bdow .u balloon, and In that case the
cease meUing while at the head waters dwm n()t needed
of the Columbu in the Kock .
mountains additional snow has ". . .,, ,. , tfo rlnht to work
This leaves a greatly increased amount ttll(j tul 11 them and not depend on
tr. hA thawed. When this does start t cheap talk to do tbe work,
w i - , ... ... 1 1
i . ,. Tf the tresent The cost omce scanaai in wastiniK-
men UB.11K0. - - . - - tr ik. ,..nH.linn
f weather continues mo im" ) '."l, t '"T" .
of the building, although It embrace
almost everything else in mem.
Advices from St. Louis Indicate that
some of the governors and their roil-
causes a delay in the final thaw, the
wtonk incomes more critical, because
it Anm -nmo it. will come with a
ruBh. TheouUc.kinl894,tlyear o. r
the big flood, it.sciain.e-, w gayg (he of
cany me nam q v tne army eanteen was a good ming.
Can jj be possible that he is preparing
An article on the Oregon fruit Indus- , run for preident on the prohibition
trv in the Portland iraaesman eay; tlcKet
'A few examDles ol what nai oeen
done in apple culture tells a most con-
winAino torv. At Hood River D. II.
Sears, on VA acres containing 297 trees,
part of which were 7 and the remainder
8 years old, gathered SHUU Doxes oi ap
ples, which at ruling prices at that tiim peace among the powers. A
1 j r,ri ttnon I itt e fe nwa are running to hi
(last season) netted him nearly $3000. J. the)r q.
When the king of England met the
king of Italy at Rome the two mon-
archs Kissed eacn omer lour ume.
What a lot of essence of life wasted on
barren ground!
Uncle Sam la slowly but surely be
coming a big policeman to keep the
All OI inr
m with
W.JNorcross oi centra, x o.ut, Thev aav the kinaof Enirland made
a tingle acre received gross returns Ronie bowl. At all events the entire
amounting to $870. Hon. J. W. Merntt, populace was out to see his greatness
also residin. at Central Point, from 2 arrive. Who wouldn't be a king with
- . . I .. ltlV. I
acres obtained a yield bringing htm in
a .lie jou ni a uig aaituyt
The post office department of tbe
Un ted Slates employs loo.lKW men,
one-half of whom are Dost masters. They
are a Dower in politics and are opposed
to rotation in omce. tew aieana none
'3 n fi
G)tton and Silk Medallions.
We have just received a hew'lotof cotton and silk Medallions that we are sell
at just half the price formerly asked for these goods. If you are going to use
any, do not fail to see our stock.
Ladies and Misses' White Underskirts,
We now have a most complete line of Ladies and misses' muslin and knit Un
derwear. Misses' White Skirts, 35c and up; Ladies' White Skirts, GOc and up.
For ladies, gents and children, in plain and fancy designs, . Our hosiery, is all
firse class and our prices below all others.
Campers' Supplies.
For this class of goods we are headquarters. We have knives and forks,
spoons, fry pans, stew kettles, plates, blankets, quilts, etc., and dozens of other
articles that you need. You can rely upon our prices being the very lowest,
We Are Leaders of Low Prices.
Tnit Office at The Dalles, Oregon, .Apr
, .Si - Notice lx it.
MonUit.v, June
at Hood Hiver, Oregon, on
lttt-l vie:
of H.m.1 Uiver.ure.).!. H. w, ir .
nortlieiinl Yt eeiiim j, iv--r - -
"HI?: bwS heMfilwlng wltnetomjm
her wiillnuouH reslUenc upon andcultlvtt
Uon of .id land. ylf: , , ,lMrvr.
Rivet '.or. MICHAKL T. 01A,
For Sale
Shipping Season Begins.
Strawberries are beginning to come in
lively now, and Wednesday night 16 resign.
crates went from Hood River. The cool jf tlere g any paw niore dangerous
weather during the week has been good than behind the gun we have not yei
. : . i :.. ii kn.nM in heard of it. It has tieen remarked that
or Kruw.a - the man behind the gun" Is getting
uYo ran is ' .- ---- biown to smithereens pretty reguiany
ton ot Kiversiue irun iaru. iurumueu mc 0f iafo
first full crate from the Hood River side. xhe internatioiiHl Kd roads con
The Fruit Growers' union received the vention at St. Louis has given the
same. D. D. McCIure of White Salmon
got the first crate of the season. He
feels proud of this, as this is his first
year iu the business. The union aleo
shipped this crate. Mr. McCIure has
sfiiit out four crates already and will
realize over 30 for the same.
Hood River will furnish strawberries
for President Roosevelt. The Davidson
world some new and liilt-edned aruu
meuts for the cause of good roads. But
we need something more man argu
The Russians are said to be building
a submarine boat which will make ob
solete all the fighting ships of the
world. However, we have not noticed
that the powers have abandoned any
of their battleships.
When Andrew Carnegie and J. Pier-
uffuir. It was simply essentially Butte
Fruit company has arranged 'to supply pont Morgau Bailed for Europe on the
the presidential party with berries in SfiZ"
rortianu, lacoma, oeame, cpo,,0 m.u fJe wag probably disappointed, as they
Montana points, i nose growers wuo never gave mm a ceut
will have the honor of knowing the pres- Butte, Montana, the burg that gave
ident will feast on their fruit, shipped Mary McLane to the world, is now
u .I., n-. o. makintr another bid for fame. It has
'nZnCilnv-TaviA UU8t ?lve" birth t0 tl,e "female stag
. W E Wheeler, S C Zeigier, G F Ad- ' 5, and , enlovluir the usual
ams, GFLamb, N C Evans, G W Mo free advertising in the newspapers of
Intoeh. J N Mouier, C D Moore, W LI the country. It appears that a aozen
Ppaitpr H C rn A R Bvrkett RLau-V0Un8 women, memuers ot tne oesi
Register, 11 1, Coe, A K KyrKeu, K iau M , dre8ged tbemselves in the
terbach, 8 F smith, U J i,amar, Mart evenn)g costumes of men and made
Bros. A L Phelps, Cook & Owens, C E I merry at a Dartv from which the sterner
f! A Ahhott. A O sex were excluded. But then there
tt t 4i n a n n was nothinir rfDrehensible about the
1 1 1. 1 H T 1 , V H II . HWtu.L. , . n OUUI IU. ' J .1. .
G. J. Geealing, of the Fruit Growers
union will supply berries direct to the
Portland hotel for the President's ban
quet tonight. lie also has orders for the
' banquet at Tacoma. Following are tie
growers who supplied the berries: S C
Zeigier, D D McCIure, J W Morton, J P
Egan, Hoyl Green, M Willis.
Florin Strawberries sold in Portland
last week for $1.50 a crate, while South
ern Oregon berries were quoted at from
20 to 25c a box.
The first strawberries for The Dalles
market were brought in from the Hoer
ing place on Mill creek Friday morning
and sold to J. A. Carnaby. There were
five boxes which brought 30 cents a box.
Smallpox seems to be general among
the Indians ot the w arm spring reserva
tion. W. H. Bishop, who is in the gov
ernment service at this agency, in a let
ter to the (jlacier, says: "We are
receiving many communications from
Hood liiver relative to the Indians pick'
iug berries. Smallpox, of the lighter
tvpe. is much in evidence on the reser
vation. As many of . the Indians will
not submit to vaccination, we deem it
desirable that they have this light form
of the disease, and so no steps are taken
to prevent its spread." This means
that no Warm Spring Indians will be
here to pick berriee tins year. Iht
agency authorities will likely see to il
that no Indians leave the reservation
during the smallpox epidem'c, and Hood
River certainly doesn't wantany of them
The following report on the strawberry
market in Chicago is taken from the
Chicago Packer of May tH "Market in
good condition with hotter feeling for
nice, ripe, sound berries. Louisiana
berries coining rather tender. Main
trade is in Tennessee stock which selle
well. Arrivals from Mississippi light.
Stocks from that section have been so
small and poor and had to be sold so
low that it has not paid shippers to
send them in. Train service is still bad
and some berries e en in carlots which
should be in one day' are not received
until the next. This causes them to ar
rive often soft and in bad order. In
case of delayed berries some often leaked
so badly they were constantly dripping.
Illinois berries sell about the same at
Tennesse, as there is little difference in
quamy. oome Illinois very common,
poor color or soft. "
Note and Comment'
June 4 the Glacier buggy will be given
If those naval accidents continue our
jolly tars will all be blown to kingdom
The enlistment of Filipino boys as
naval apprentices at uaviie Das been
One by one the legislatures have ad
jnurned in the several states, and not a
tear nas been shea.
General Miles thinks, with the sul
tan of Hula, that there are too many
mings ioiiowing tne nag.
Don't be a stick-in-the-mud. Fufch
along that good roads proposition, and
do something besides talking
Whv doesn't Mr. Carnegie brelu
nearer home and give a temple of peace
to aome oi the political parties.
The sight of an automobile drawing
delivery wagon around is said to be
enough to make horses go on a strike.
An exchange thlnk9 Missouri ought
oil her to seud her state senators to the
penitentiary or her convicts to the
a few states hare enacted laws mak
torr f Kikkta Wlanla Twm mm
Ela Viewpoint.
One of the popular features of tht
annual horse show In New York Is the
suuad of park police horses that Is al
ways entered. The winning of a blue
ribbon by one of these police horses is
told In "Horses Nine," by Bewell Ford,
from the viewpoint of the horse. The
author says:
So It. happened that one morning
Skipper heard the sergeant tell Reddy
that he had been detailed for the horse
show squad. Reddy had saluted and
said nothing at the time, but when
they "were once out on post he told
Skipper all about It
"Sure an' It's app'arln' before ail the
swells In town ye'll be, me b'y. Phat
do ye think of that, eh! An' mebbe
ye'll be gettln a blue ribbon. Skipper,
me. lad, an' mebbe Mr. Patrick Martin
will, have a roundsman s berth an
chevrons on his sleeves afore tbe year's
The horse show was all that Reddy
had promised, and more. Tbe light al
most dazzled Skipper. Tbe sounds and
the smells confused him, but he felt
Reddy on bis back, heard him chirrup
softly and soon felt at ease on the tan-
Then there was a great crash of
noise, and Skipper, with some fifty of
bis friends on the force, began to more
around tbe circle. First It was fours
abreast, then by twos, and then a rush
to troop front when, In a long line,
they swept around as if they had been
harnessed to a beam by traces of equal
After some more evolutions a half
dozen were picked out and put through
their paces. Skipper was one of these,
Then three of tbe six were sent to Join
the rest of the squad. Only Skipper
and two others remained in tbe center
of the ring. Men in queer clothes.
wearing tall, blade bats, showing much
white shirt front and carrying long
whips, came and looked them over
Skipper showed these men how be
could waltxwla.tlme to tbe music, and
the people who banked the circle as
far up as Skipper could see shouted
and clapped their hands until it seemed
as If a thunderstorm had broken loose.
At last one of tbe men In tall hats tied
a blue ribbon on Skipper's bridle.
When Reddy got him Into the stable,
he fed him four big red apples, one
after the other. Next day Skipper
knew that he was a famous horse.
Reddy showed him their pictures tn
the paper.
Aa Baalish VUw at its Pawer, Aa
taarlty aa Farfarautaaa.
The senate has played a very great
part In American history, and, on the
whole, the tremendous power and au
thority wielded by the senate have been
well exercised. The majority of the
senators are statesmen of great polit
ical ability as well as men of high char
acter. There are few sights in the political
world on either side of the Atlantic
more impressive than the senate in ses
sion. The sense not only of a very
high standard of personal capacity, but
resent not mere localities, Dut states,
In their corporate capacity, and states
which are often as populous as Euro
pean kingdoms, naturally fill each indi
vidual senator with the sense of per
sonal distinction. A United States sen
ator is a yery great man, and he knows
it and the senate, as a whole, is in
tensely conscious and proud of the
might majesty and dominion wnicu it
wleids. To make a comparison, it mat
ters very little what an Individual
member of the British house of com
mons thinks and means to do, still less
what an individual British peer thinks
and means to do on any given subject
but it matters a very great deal what a
single United States senator thinks and
means to do. .
The senate can veto every appoint
ment made by the president whether
the man nominated for omce oe a
Judge of the supreme court or an am
bassador or merely a collector oi cus
toms. Again the senate can, by refus
ing to pass it veto any bill sent up
from the lower house, no matter
whether the bill is concerned with the
raising or spending of money or with
alterations in the law. Lastly, not a
majority, but any minority which num
bers over a third of the senate can re
fuse to ratify any treaty presented for
ratification by the president. Thus the
executive can make no binding treaty
with any foreign power unless it can
obtain a two-thirds majority in the
senate. In other words, the Senate can
say the final word not only in regard
to all legislation, but Da regard to a.,
finance, all appointments to high office
and to foreign affairs of the nation.
London Spectator.
Bar Trlcic.
A cantankerous old farmer, who
hardly ever agreed with anything his
wife said to him, came home one wet
day and, placing bis back to the fire,
stood up to dry.
After some little time bis wife turned
to blm and said:
"John, you'd better watch yourser or
you'll burn your flannels."
To which John replied:
"I think I'll need to burn my trou
aers first"
"Indeed, John, you'll need to do naeth
ing of the kind. They're burnt al
ready." London Tit-Bits.
It is a solemn duty devolving on all
to make the utmost possible out of
themselves. Men seek the highest de-
Telopment of their flocks and herds
and grain and flowers. The result is
the Improved flora and fauna of these
days over those of prior ones. Bt
should this evolution cease with the
lower order? Should the body of cre
ation Improve and not the head, which
is man?
, nin Line.
Hook-So he Is a poet, eh? What is
his particular line?
Nye Tbe Market street line prln
Clpally, although I occasionally see bis
verses In some of the other cars. Phil
adelphia Record. (
To (he Larikg of Hood Kiver nnd virlnllv
I am martins c le lu Kmbral1-ry nnd
Palming In all their brnnrheH, a oil, f.s;IIc
and o -ayon, ana win ie pioaxeu to imve you
call a id see my embmldery nieces nnd paint
Inga, at my home Jimt west of the eoliool
bouae. Will aloomnke paintinm, orembroid-
ry pleoea to order at ieaonaule prices. See
ma for terms fur lessons. Very respectfully,
m21 - Ho Ml Klver.Or.
of the Immense Dowers which It wields.
ii g an attempt on tha life of the pres- seems to perTade the assembly. The
ident or a foreign embassador punish- Ugliness of their numbers, the fact
able by death. thsl lfh .ntW,rr
Tbe anti-epittinir crusade is on In full a-hit-ti ! HMI tA n mm w.ll mm lavt.U.
i ir. i.i r rw j I - - -..
wxn ... u.utwu, v. v., auu every Ut tn(j knowledge that UttX
Notice to the Public.
I hereby give notice to all whom It may
concern that on and after Mny 21, llM. I shall
not be responsible for any debts or hills con
tracted by my wife, Mary HHkcl, she having
len my nea ana nosrn. .iiit-i.t! u.Aivr.ii.
Hood K.ver, or., Muy 21, ivm. jeu
In Carriage nnd Wagon Repairing, HorKeshoeing
and General Blacksmithing is done bv
Thin firm is competent to do all repairing of ve
hiclesno break so bad that they will not repair it.
(jive them a trial and be convinced of their capac
ity to do fine work. Phone 125.
r ..a nm,. at The Dalles. Oreeon. April 2T
UW!. Notice Is hereby given Unit the follow-
lint-named seuier iu uicuuuu
...?.i..n ... M.mmnin and iniike final ntoof
!r,.u.ri ,,f bis claim, and that said proof will
h.., ..,. hwfi.ra Oeo. T. Prattler, U. S. Com
missioner, at Hood River, Oregon, on Hatur-
day, June s. . jjmtricaN.
of Hood Kiver, Uregon, H. K. No. M. for ti e
west V, southeast and south Y, northeast
section IM.towiiHblp 2 north, range U east, W.M.
Ho names Hie following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon auu cuiuvu-
George Wiulth, C. I. Richardson, O. n. Hartr
ley and 0. J. Hayes, all of HikkI River, Or. .
j4 M 1 CjlA tTN OL AN , Reg Ister
" ITImber Ind, Act June 8 1X7H.1
United States Land Offlce, Vancouver,
nrnuK Movj tarn N'otlcji Is hereby itlven
that In compliance with the provisions of the
act of congress of JuneS, 18;8, entitled "Anact
for the sale o. timber lands In the state of
California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
Territory," as extended to all the public land
states by act of August. 4, 1HI,
of Hood River, county of Wusco, ste of Ore
gon, has this day filed in thlsoltice his sworn
statement No. 3i)l, for the purchase of the
lots I and 2, southeast northwest , and
northeast M southwest of section No. 1H, in
township No. 5 north, range No. 12 east, W.M. ,
and will olfer proof to show that the land
sought Is more valuable for Its timber or
stone than for agricultural purposes, and to
establish his claim to said land before the
Register and Receiver of this ottice at Van
couver, Wash., on Wednesday, tbeDtli day ol
KpnlKlllhei'. lUUi.
lie names as witnesses: uuvcr f.;. uciti.,
Theodore K. Bheplerand Allred J. Kliepler.ull
of Hood River, Ore., and H. A. Kalmer ol
;ilmtr. Wash.
Any ana an persons claiming Huvcrsciy tut
above-described lands uro requested to lilt
the rc In ins in this omce on or Detore aaiu
9th day of Septem ber, 11KM.
Park addition
Money to loan.
1. Lots in Wauuoma
Corner lot in front of school house,
I ho Oeo. Melton lot ami
Barrett-Sipma addition, $373.
Fine improved annln form n, r...
Side for sale. 8,IJ00. Terms ,,
22. The Emerson hoim.ut.m.i ,..,'1
mile eat of town ; fine range; f 1,500.
1 V P,'"'r!tt-Sipma addition ; $100 per
lot: $10 down and $5 ver month ; no in-
Shirt Waist Sale.
Monday and Tuesday, May 25 and 26.
per cent
i On all Shirt Waist price irom
M 50c to $10.00.
If you miss this Bale it will be your fault, for
this offer will positively be withdrawn after above
The Glacier Buggy
June 4, 1903.
Examine the label on your paper and see if you
are not entitled to a ticket. A ticket is given for
every year's subscription paid, whether you are in
arrears or pay in advance.
Team for Sale.
fienlle team, lltiu and 1200. Will fully ex
plain good and ohcctionabletraltsof each an
imal and sell them for less than their actual
value, lmiulre on A. 8. Uisbrow place, '1
miles south of town, of J. L. HEAV1W.
Seed Potatoes.
Rural New Yorker No. 1, and Carmen No. 8,
T5c a sack, for sale by 3. H. KOUKKl.
Ice for Sale.
Also, pasture to rent andlionse fgfififap.
. On streets of Hood River, package contain
ing three pieces violet embroidery, a piece of
liollv (milmilderv. one niece of drawn thread
work, and one piece of forget-me-not em
broidery. Kewara u. ire
GlscleroJIiee. ,
I the
Packers Wanted.
Four strawberry packers can get work at
my p umw. mil I. C. NbALKluH .
School teachers and students who are open
tor a traveling position ftirthe summer. Write
to H. W. Norton, The Dal lea. Or. Jel I
Reliable nfrawberry picker, ami on exr
riencd packer, to work cUtee to Htot Kiver.
irti; i u, LititiriiMrU, u tr 'U
Strawberry Piickers
Wishing to work for nie on that tine 10 acre
patch opposite Mrs. Alma Howe's place
should eel on my list right away.
ml4 T. R. roof.
Bids Wanted.
Bids will be rewived for building a school
house In Rose Hill district. No. "S, until 2
o'cloc k K M , .lune 7, 1!. Hpeclficiilions can
lie seen at Hie honse of the district clerk. The
board of directors reserves the right Ui reject
anyoralUiida. MARK THOMAS.
jiv,gr Clerk DIsU No. 78.
Berry Packers Wanted.
I want to engage eight berry pi
m'M I- M
For Sale.
Two fresh Oows. with calves, $4) each: one
second hand stncii-baker wagon. 2'Jtneh, i";
cook stove, fl.j; :a-lncli (liver chilled plow, Ss;
i dot chickens, 40c each: spray pump, one vat
empty barrels, and all klndsof oilier tools lor
hale cheap by ARTHUR IHsHUoW.
m!4 Hood River. Or.
Horse for Sale.
One small riding horse, will work In bar
ess,? years old. A h renin at J.n.
Je M. Il . VI as. Ml. Hood, Or
Spring Wagon.
Light rounlnf spring wapnn for sale hv
8. K. BI.YTHE.
Government Land.
I can local hom-reker on government
land good fruit land, with springs, some
with water tn Irrlrnle-, easily clesrvd; Ii to IS
miles from Hood Kiver: near conn'v rrwd.
P21 K C.MILLER. Hood River. Or.
Help Wanted
To take homestead. I hsv several qoarter of good wheat land, fail on
T. I). TWEEDY at Hood Kiver or The Ltell.a,
In the ms tier of I he application of K. 8. M ayes
to register the title to lot, block 2. Wlnans
Addition to the town (now city) of Hood
Kiver, count V of Wasco and stale of Oregon,
In the mime of the stiiteot Oregon,
To Mrs. O. 1. Dodge and all whom il mar
That on the tilth day of May. A. D. 1MM, an
application was tiled by said K S. Mayes In
the circuit court of Wasco county for initial
regi-tratiou of tlie title to the laud above de
grilled. i
Now, unless yon appear on or before the22d
dav of June, lint, and show cause why said
application honl;l not be granted, the same
will be tasen as confessed, and a decree will
lieenteicd according to the prayer of the ap you will be forever barred from
disputing the same.
Wiu.e mv bund and the seal of said eonrt
hereunto afti'xed this lh day of May, A. D.
WHS. A. LAKK, Clerk.
John Lelund Henderson. Ally lor applicant
Team Work.
I now have a team license and can do plow.
Ing in town lots or hauling of any kind In
Lhecilv 1-mII me bv Uhone I1M.
Am also prepared In do wood sawing In the
country with mv steam saw. I wiuid like to
liave neighbors i-hib bstethcr and rail on me
when thrv have en-ngn to pay for hauling
ont and setting up the '. II will he cheap
er fur them, m
Acme Cement
I do Acme ( enieiit ris.u-iing w :ll List
along as the home si.m,ls .-v !, rem' tn
KHindstiona. s. s-iln' l- 'I j-s ud get
prii-e belure htuug -v-i. vi. '
Cow for Sale.
A n Al cow, fresh, for sale cheap.
mil J. J. JORDAN.
Money to Loan.
tiVX) to CtlitlO to loan on Improved Hood
River real estate, gilt edge security, nt 8 cent
ni7 r. C..AWUL.EK.
ITImber Land, Act June S, 187H.1
United Ktates iMiid Offlc, Vuneouver,
Wash.. March 2. lm. Notice Is hereby given
l.liatin coinullance with the provisions of the
act of conir ress of June 8, lli8, entitled "An
act for the sale of timber lands In the Hlates of
California, Oregon, Nevauu anu Washington
TerrlUiry," as extended to all the public laud
states by act of August 4, 1X!,
of Portlund. county of Multnoiiiuh, slnle of
Oregon, bus this day tiled in nils olllce her
sworn stuteinent, No. Hill, lor the purchase oi
the east hail northeast quarter of
section No. '25. In township No. 6 north.
range No. 12 east, w.M., and s-UI otler proof to
show that tne land sougni is more vaiuiiuie
for its timber or stone than lor aKricuitural
Eur ix wen, and to establish her claim to said
md before the Regisler and Receiver of
this otlice, at Vancouver, Washington, on
Thursday, the 20th day of June, 1IXM.
She names as witnesses: louie ussio anu
Henrv Hosteller of Portland, Or.: Krmie
Trough and Herman Kuluihauseu of U len
wood, w asn.
Anv and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described hinds are requested to file
their claims In this olliue ou or before suid
25th day of June, 1U0:.
mar2UmZi w. it. uufm.iu, negisier,
Timber Land, Act. June 8, 1878.)
United Slates Land Office, Vancouver,
Wash.. March 2. 1WW. Notice Is hereby
given that In compliance with the provisions
of tbe act of congress of June:!, 1878, entitled
"An act for the sale oi iimoer lanus in ine
states of California, Oregon, Nevada and
Washington Territory," as extended to ail
the public land states by act of August 18U2.
of Nortliwood. county of Urand Forks, state of
North Dakota, has this day tiled In this oltiee
his sworn statement, No.81811, lor the purchase
oftbe north half northwest quarter, south
east quarter nurth west quarter and northwest
quarter nonneast quarter oi section v in
townshlii No. 4 north, range No. 11 eiisl. w. M..
und will otter proof to show that the land
souirht Is more valuable for Its timber oi
stone thau for agricultural purposes, and to
establish his claim to said land before the
Rtulster and Receiver of this office nt Van
couver, Wash., on Tuesday, the li'ld day of
He niiines as Witnesses: (leorge W. Gilmer,
Melv.n Munley, Charles W. Ollmcr and Will-
lam c. Miiniey, an oi uiimer, w ssn.
Anv and all persons claiming adversely
the above-described hinds are requested to tile
their claims In this omce on or before suid
Xid asy ot June, imci.
mar20m22 W. R. DUNBAR, Register.
Timber Lund Act J li ne :l, lH78.j
United States Land Ottice, Vancouver,
Wash..March 20, Unci. Not ice is hereby given
that In compliance with the provisions of the
act of congress of June H, 18:8, entitled "Anact
for the Rule of timber lands In the states of
California. Oregon. Nevada nnd Washington
territory, us extended to all tlie public laud
elates by act of August 4, IMr2,
Of Portland, county of Multnomah, state of
Oregon, has this day filed in this otlice his
8177, for the purchase
As the National Homeseekers' Association
would like io place tiflv 11000 contracts In
Hood River In the next sixty days, parties
wishing money to purchase homes, farms, or
build houses al the lowest rateof I merest ever
heard of in the West, should consult
J. W. RIUBY, Agent.
Persons carrying heavy mortgages can re
lieve themselves at a very low rate of Interest.
sworn statement No,
K U HE Va section SI. and N
section 211, In township No. 8 north, range
No. II east, w. M., and will otter proof to
show that the land sought is more valuable
for It timber or stone than tor agrlcullura
nurnoses. and to establish his claim to said
land before the Register and Receiver of this
ottice at Vancouver, wasn., on Jhursuuy
ineiMi anv oijuiy, itsn.
He names as witnesses: John L. Henderson
of Hood River, Or.; Andrew H. Richmond and
Homer C. Campbell of Portland, Or.; I-rank
Davenoort ot noon liiver, ur.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to rile
their claims in tins omce on or beiore said
28d day of July, 1WM.
m27in2 W. R. DUNBAR, Register,
And wagon repairing attended to promptly It
my shop on the .Ml. Htsid road, south of town.
Oood work at reasonable prices.
sepl7 i. A. HOWELL,
Tomato Plants.
If you want Tomato Planta send to Jewetl's,
White Hslmon, Wash., and get some of those
early sorts that have made While Maimon
famous as tne earnest and best tomato sect ion
In the Northwest. Pine plants, 75 cents per
100; ti per 1000. A. H. JEW KTT.
Customers for SOO loads oflie ends and lum
ber trimmings, at !l per load In the yard.
A good 10-horae steam Boiler. Inquire of
ai SNOW A Cmm,
Water & Light Notice
All water and light bills are payable at the
Hood River Electric Light, Power and Water
Co. s ottice from the 1st to the loth of the
month, iu advance.
Oiltf w. C. EVANS, Manager.
Land Office at The Dalles, Oregon, May 8,
:W.- Notice Is hereby given that the following-named
settler has tiled notice of his In
tention to make flnsl proof in support of his
elnltn, and ttial said pnsif will be made be
fore tlie Register and Receiver nl The Dalles,
Oregon, on Tuesday June ti, IWI. via:
of Mosier, Oregon, H. K. No. 5Vi, for the N W
VWi section 22, township 2 north, range 11
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
..r l.,n.l
Leo Root of Mosier, Or.; Alexander Watt of
Tne tsiiirs, dr.; 1. A. Murgisa and George
ntisseyoi ffm.1T. irregon.
'.I, 1.
IllltjelS M It'll AKI
. NOLAN, Register.'
Land Office at The Dalles, Oregon, April
II, Itstl. Notice Is hereby given thai tbe fo.
Hiu imroained aettler baa tiled notice of his
futentlon lo eoiuinute and make final proof
in supfion of his claim, and that said prott
will be made before Oeo. T. Piather, J. H.
Commissioner, al Hood River, Oregon, on
Friday, May 2. Iw. vlx:
of Hood River, Oregon, II. E. No. 10,047, for
lots a, 10. I.i and K section a township 1 north.
iante Iiie.i.1. w. M.
He name tlie following wtlnwwg to prove
his eontlnuoue reside ire a poo and cultiva
tion of said land, vuc
P.H. l-nvirt-.n, r. i'. Bni.lus, K. B. Barnes
and r, W. Murphy, all of Hood River.
alm2 Mil. HALL T. NOLAN, Register.
United Slates Land Ottice, The Dalles. Or,
April 14. 1WW. A sntticlent contest iirtldavl
having been tiled In this otlice by tieorge W.
Huskey, contestant, agiilnst homesuad entry
ino. nui, mane April a, int'i, ior norinwest
southeast section 10, to nshlp2 north. ran;
H east, by John H. WheiHer, conlesloe.
which It is alleged that said entryman has
wnouy atmnaouea saxi irset tor more than
four years last past. That the alleged nban
donment Is not due to militarv or naval sen
vice. Said parties are hereby not I tied to ap
pear, responu anu oner eviaence touciitn
said allegation nt 1 o clock 1'. M. on June Ifi.
lWW, before the Ri-glsler and Receiver nt the
L nlted states Ijina ottlee in The Dalles, Ore.
The said contestant Imvlm:. In a tiroiier uill-
davit., filed April U. HOI. set torth ftu-ts which
show that after due diligence personal service
of this notice can not be made, tt is hereby or
dered and directed that such notice be given
ov uue anu proper puoncaiion.
a30m28 ANN P; M. LAND, Receiver.
Land Office at Toe Dalles, Oregon, April II,
Not Ice Is hereby given that the follow.
Ing-named settler has filed notice of ills in h-n-
tion lo make final proof in supisirl of his
claim, and that said proof will be made be
fore the Keglsterand Receiver at The Dalits,
Oregon, on riuiuraav, junea, imri vix;
of Mosier. Olegon, H. 10. No. SS-'il, for the west
4 souinwest v., souineast a souihwest and
southwest southeast section ;i, towuship
t ....... t. K.... ll ,..,ut U' u '
He names the following witnesses to
his continuous residence cpvin and cu
lion oi saiu tana, vis:
William Duvls, r"eter HennlngMn and
C r.. Davidson, all of Mosier, Or., and Ralph
uovieoi i ite Danes, nr.
safmai MICHAEL T. NOLAN, Register.
(Timber ljuid, Act June 8, 18,8.1 "
United Slates Land Office, Vancouver.
r asn., Apiu di, law.!. notice is nerstiy given
that In compliance with the nrovlsion.
of ibeactof i-ougressnf JuneS, 1878, entitled
"An act for the sale of timber lands in the
aies oi ijiiiiornia, ureaou, Nevada an
vt annul 'on rertitory,' as extended to
the public Isntl sau-s ly act of August 1, Ittsti
ii.i.iaji .i. r It" ri I .
of Portland, enmity of Multtionuih, state of
rTJoii, him mis otty n'etl in mis omce hi
sworn siatemeni, -o. s-.'ii, tor the nntehsse
toe southeast norihuct t and northeast I
oulhweM section 4, In township. Nn.x north
muse .'o. in etutt, . .M., atltl will ont'
uets'f to show that the In mi aoiorht I
more valuable for its tinsber or stone than
Nr agricultural pnriosi.. ii',l ( establish his
emiiu hi sum uin i the Kegi'.ier am
Keri-iveroi tins ntuer .-.I nncntiver. Wssh
on 1 uemiatf, I tie isili nay ol Aiikuhi, 1HH,
He nani-s ss witne-s: I. Cnrnev and
lames K. C.imeron of I'oriUinl, l;r.. and Jo
.pb Sullivan and IC D. Cameron of White
Salmon, W ah.
Any and ail p rotla claim ine adversely the
bovede.-rllH-il laii.l. s-e requesteil to file
their claims In this on or beiore said
1Mb day of August. (Hilt.
in the
One of tlio most vuluablo
ceiuer ot Hood River.
Kluiible resiilt 'nt'ol.itu I,, C,,.,,,. ,l-
BubtliviHior., near cannon house : onW
IU0; terms easy.
; line
6. The Koplin tilace at Fraiikton. 17
acres well improved : true,
water. Price tism.
4. 320 acres of timber land nt tho fait.
of Hood River. belotiL'ini? tn tioortm K
Forsyth; price $10011.
21. H 8. K. H. 8. K N. E. t
4 'V Ok' It 1 .r.'. . '
t, i. o it. it a uiauj suimu,,
timber land ; $10 per acre.
For Stile Tlie Howell cottaL-o and 3
acres, east of Mrs. Alma II
days, at $1,000. After 5 days, $1,900.
32. EnnnaG. Robinson's 1(10 , roa fin
hills east of White Salmon, known as
the Dryer plat; fine timber; unim
proved ; $785.
ll0 acres, house and cardon natch.
Ml the corner 10 miles Month of Thn
Dulles. Known as the Woodman
place. Price filOO.
Persons dueirinit to nnrclinsfi tickets to
or from any points in Europe or South
Ainca may secure the same from John
L. Henderson, who is atmnt for t.h
Beaver line of (steamships.
4. IliO acres fine timber. Al lnnd near
White Salmon, on west bank of White,
Salmon river, known as the Hamre tim-
Der claim. About tour miles from Hood
River, for sale cheat).
The new company now offers for sale
lots formerly belonging to the Hood
iwver lownsite company, ot winch com
pany John Leland Henderson is secre
tary und the Hood River Bunk treasurer.
For Sale Thirteen acres in Wind
River, at Carson, quarter of a mile from
school, partly cleared; $4!)0. Terms easy
rive acres at rrankton. known as the
Charley Rotters' place; house, barn and
plenty of free water. Price, $1,050.
lerms easy. House and trnrden for rent.
by the mouth at $5.00 a month.
Persons who have made desert land
entries and have abandoned the same
may (jet their money refunded. Persons
who have made stone and timber entries,
which entries have been suspended by
the government, may have their entries
completed and get titleB to their lands
oy conlerring with John Leland Hender
son, attorney, Hood River.
At the Emporium is kent a first-class
solar com pass, and tlie nronrietor
being a practical surveyor, is well pre
pared to do the work of laying out acre
age property in lots nnd blocks, and do
ing all kinds of surveying and platting.
rrom and alter this date, April 9, 1003,
the rates will be as follows: 17.50 a
day and expenses, or $10 a day if I pay
my own expenses. Jot corners estab
lished for $5 a lot; two contiguous lots
for one owner, the same price.
For SaleThe N. 40 acres and the
east 20 acres, in one body, of the Hen
derson 80 acres west of Lyman Smith's.
Free irrigating water for 'the lower 40.
Pric-j $5,400 for the two tracts if sold to
gether. If sold separately, $2,750 for
the 40; at least $500 down, balance on
5year8 time at 7 per cent interest.
Subject to McCuistion's lease. This 20
has six acres in apples and cherries just
beginning to bear. Five acres of straw
berries between the rows of fruit trees.
Price of the 40, $2,750.
Special Bargain.
The undersigned desiring to build a
brick building In Hood River must
have some "cush" and for a few weeks
oilers for sale his 100 acres in Crapper
neighborhood for 12500.00 "cash." Dav
enport's ditcb runs mile through
same and all the land is under his two
ditches. This land has about 40 acres
good timber on the flume, nnd is nil
good land, About 80 acres quite level
and the other 80 Is a speciul bargain, as
tbe purchaser will get about 100 acres
of surface See. This is a snap. Ab
stract of title furnished. Trice holds
subject to change any day.
John Lkland Hen-derson.
A Bargain.
One Jt'f-lnch truck, has been used !t years;
one 4-horse wood rack; one new hav rake; one
mower JtiS. W. V. hl.lNUKRI.A.M).
15' Acres
For sale at a hnrgnin ftVM. Five acres In
slrawb.'rries, H aeret in clover, i acres more
reatly for berries. Farming Itsils Included.
For Sale.
. (rasollr.e Knelne, nearly
power. Trice t'ii.
new, 2K horse
11. C. COK.
For Sale.
A .1-seated "lack, almost good as new; one
double hack harness and one act light har
ness; both In good condition.
ai H. W. WA IT.
Strayed or stolen, a heirer ealT, 8 months old:
had a niie round Us neck. Information re
garding lis whereabouts will he tbaiikfullv re
ceived by m'JS T. XTK.IN H I I.HF.U.
Buggy for Sale.
A sccond'huiMi li.iggy forsale I'll F At. Ap-
pt.y to i r r, r. r. krwin.
All bills for material, rendered by us since
the l'th of Msn-h, are payable to our success
ors, the Mount li'sitl Luntis-r Compsnv.
fly Win. F. tH.vlilon. I'resldenC
Single Buggy
And double light harness for sele cheap.
, A. K. BL'jWr.RS.