The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, January 23, 1903, Image 4

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Council Procpedinps.
Council met in regular 'session 1 Mon
day evening, January 19,Ut03. Present:
Mayor Coon, Aldermen Blowers, P. S.
DavidHon, Prather, Gessling and Mayes,
Recorder Nickelnen and Marshal Dukes.
On motion of Gesslina. the mayor ap
pointed standing committees for the en
suing year. Following are the commit
tees as appointed by the mayor, tne
first Darned being chairman of the com
mittee: Finance-J-Gessling, II. F." Davidson,
Fire and Water H. F. Davidson,
Pratlier. Maves.
Streets and Public Property Blow
ers, Gessling, Mayes.
Judiciary P. 8. Davidson, Prather,
Health Pratlier, II. F. Davidson, P.
6. Davidson.
Printing and Police Mayes, P. S.
Davidson, Blowers.
Mayor's message was received and
read : 4
To the Honorable Common Council of
the citv' of Hood River Gentlemen
Permit me, at this time, to offer for your
consideration some suggestions and rec
ommendations which I think will be
found in line with the views and ex-
Dectations of the citizens of Hood Kiver.
We have a charter which of itself
leaves little to be desired. Ample pow
ers are granted by which the city is en
abled to supply to its citizens all need
ful public utilities the bonding limit
however tieing too- low. As yet little
progress has been made in establishing
these utilities nor indeed has there been
adopted any definite policy by which
the people can know what utilities are
to be provided by the city, or by what
means they are to be maintained. Thus
lar, no provision tias ueen maae Dy
which a permanent revenue may be se
cured, unless it be admitted that as a
city we have already become liable to
that fearful indictment: "Woe to him
that buildeth a town with- blood, and
established a city by iniquity."
Probably no city in our fair etate has
better natural advantages than the city
of Hood River for the supplying by . the
city itself of light,and of water for domes
tic uses, lor lire protection ana tor sew
eraee nurnoees.
The charter guards the city against
the granting of exclusive franchises.
But, until such time as it may be ' con
sidered best for' the city to undertake
ist duty in these matters, I - would res
pectfully suggest that it is incumbent
upon the city council to protect the city
against improper systemsoi water supply
us well as against the' planting of the
same at an extravagant cost, lest such
system and cost be at some future time
unloaded Dpon the city.
Furthermore the council should be
careful not to bind the city to any agree
ment which shall practically have the
effect to prevent the city from doing
business for itself just as a good business
man may be expected to do, namely, in
its own best interests.
It will doubtless occur to the council
that it is not good business manage
ment to enter into contracts with com
panies which are not responsible, and
who will not give sufficient ' bonds.
" . The future growth and prosperity of
this city will depend in no small meas
ure upon the business sagacity with
which its affairs shall be managed by
you. It is my belief that the people of
Hood River expect, as they have a right
to do, that you who have been intrusted
with the conduct of its affairs will not
only protect thenr ; against excessive
rates charged by public corporations,
when such corporations are employed in
the public service, but also that such a
policy will be adopted as will not be in
consistent with the prospective owner
ship of public utilities as a means of
providing- a permanent revenue. If
possible, cities, as well as individuals,
ought to be self-supporting. It is a
cause for humiliation that heretofore
the chief revenue of this city has been
derived from the licensing of public vice.
As the executive officer of the city,
permit me to say that if there are any
ordinances which in youi opinion ought
not to be enforced, I would recommend
that such ordinance be repealed. 1
would recommend that an ordinance
be enacted providing for the referendum
. iu all cases wherein it is found neces
sary or desirable to ascertain the will
of the people.
I think you will agree with me in this,
that after all Vet are only the agents
and servants of the people, Yours for
the common good. T. R. Coon, Mayor.
Report of the marshal wag -read, ap
proved and ordered placed on file. The
report showed that the sum of $10 was
due the city for impounding cattle, and
the amount was turned over to the city.
P. 81 Davidson, for the committee on
finance; reported that the committee
had found a discrepancy of $23.76 be
tween the reports of the treasurer and
recorder, but that such discrepancy had
existed at the beginning of the pan year.
It was explained that the difference
had arisen in the sale of the city cow after
the small pox cases had subsided and
was caused by a check having been lost.
On motion of Gessling, the report was
Resignation of J. H . Dukes as mar
shal and street commissioner wag pre
sented. On motion of Blowers, the res
ignation as street commissioner was ac
cepted, the charter requiring that the
marshal hold over until his successor is
appointed and qualified.
Ordinance No. 8 was presented grant
ing to the Mount Defiance V'ater,Power
and Light Co. the privilege of laying
mains and putting in hydrants for fire
protection and to erect poles and wires
for light and power purposes. On mo
tion of. Gessling, the ordinance ' passed
first reading.
Ordinance No. 69 was read, contract
ing with the Mount Defiance ' Water,
Power and Light Co. to furnish water for
fire protection purposes for 4 - period of
60 years.-On motion the ordinance
passed the first reading and was referred
to committee on' fire and water.
Ordinace So. 70, granting a franchise
to the Electric Light, Power and Water
Co., to lay mains and furnish water for
tire protection purposes for a period of
10 years, was read and on motion of P.
8. Davidson, passed first reading and
was referred to" committee on streets
and public property.
The following bills were presented:
Truman Hutler, treasurer f.V) 25
J. H. Dukes, marshal's salary 23 35
J. E. Hand, nails for cross walks. 2 20
On motion of Gessling, the bill ofTru
ftian Butler was allowed and ordered
paid, and the other bills referred to the
finance committee for report at next
Bond of Truman Butler as treasurer
in the sum of $2,000, with Islie Butler
as surety, was presented and approved.
Bond of J. R. Nickelsen as recorder
in the sum of $2,000, with F. K. Jack
ton and 8. E Bartmees as sureties, was
presented and approved. On mo
tion of P. S. Davidson it was resolved
that the offices of marshal and street
commissioner be consolidated for the
coming year at a salary of $50.00 per
The mayor appointed U. A. Cunning
as marshal and street commissioner,
and on motion of Gessling the nomina
tion was approved.
- Adjourned.
Nice Spring weather; chinook winds.
Fresh Columbia River smelt at -Mo
Guire Bros.
Don't forget the Hoosior social Febru
ary 22. A literary programme will . be
Elder J. W. Jenkins will preach at the
Union church on Sunday, January 25,
at 3 p. ra.
II." F. Jochimsen during the week
made sale of 10 acres of the Ferguson
place to I. M. Wilson.
Special at McGuire Bros. Saturday,
5-pound pails of lard 75c, 10-pound
pails of lard $1-50. Rex hams Hie per
Miss Laura Cramer, one of Hood
River's popular "hello" girls, went to
The Dalles Tuesday to attend Ue lun
eral of a friend.
You will never reeret it if vou no to
C. H. TemDle. the exnerienced and
competent jeweler and optician, for any
thing in his line. His work, guaranteed
The Mount Defiance Water, Power
& Light Co. of Hood River, have tiled
articles ot incorporation, rrank uaven
port, C. T. Early and Geo. W. Stapleton
are the incorporators. Shares $l0Ueacii
Qualifications necessary to entitle one
to attendance at the Uoosier basket
social are: Any person, male or female
who has at some time made Indiana hie
or her home, and the family of any
such person.
The new council had a full house to
listen to its proceedinirs Monday night,
Every chair was tilled and some of the
npeotators occupied the platform, it is
well that our citizens turn out and see
that our city fathers earn their fat sal
Tuesday there was grief in the office
ot Dr. Dumbie. One ot tne pair ot nun
canary birds that the doctor and Miss
Congdon had learned to love and be
charmed by its sweet song, fell from its
perch dead. Billy Dick was the bird's
The Useful Knowledge society met af
Mr. tricars residence Monday evening.
Horace Mann and his school work was
the subject discussed. Ella Wheeler
Wilcox has been selected as the sub
ject for the next meeting, which will be
held at Dr. Dumme .
-Miss Nell Isenberg came up from her
school on Fridav to spend Saturday
and Sunday at home. On Saturday
a few of her friends, who learned she
was homo, called on her. The evening
was passed with gainesand a general good
time. Miss Nell returned to her school
Diohtheria is prevalent at Trout Lake,
Dr. Dumbie made a trip there last week
to attend the family of James Cox, who
had three children sick witn tne dis
ease. Two of them, a boy aged 9 and a
girl aged three, were so near death's
door that nothing could save tnem, and
they di d January 12. One other
boy recovered. Sundav last he was
again called to Trout Lake to attend the
nine-year-old'son of Jacob Claterbos, who
was sick with the same disease, x lie
boy is in a fair way to recover.
A pleasant party was given at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Frazier at
Belmont Fridav evening January 16
Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Frazier, sr: Mr.
and Mrs. Jos. Frazier, jr., Mrs. Maggie
Galligan, the Misses Audrey Markley,
Mary Gerking, Idell Woodworth, Mary
Foley, Bess isenberg, Ethel Church,
Messrs. Bert Kullv, Walter Gerkine,
Alfred Ingalls, Arthur Johnston, Wal
ter f oley, hdwtn fc. Jolinston, Joe
Tompkins, Roy Woodworth, and Marsh
Isenberg. A delicious lunch of coffee,
sandwiches and cake was served.
Odell Note.
The teachers of the school ars making
preparations for an entertainment, the
proceeds of which are to go toward pur
chasing an organ for the school. Notice
r . T i . x i
oi me uaie win ue given next weex.
State Superintendent Ackerman, in
his report to the legislature, submits a
good plan for the upbuilding of schools,
as follows: In neighborhoods where
there are several schools, to select a
central location and build sufficient to
accommodate the pupils and teach the
higher grades. To insure a full attend
ance he would have carryalls go around
after the children and take them to
school and return them to their homes
in the evening. By this method better
and more systematic work could be
done; hence better results. The plan
would oe to pav tne additional expense
by taxation. This seems a good plan
and is endorsed by the teachers here.
C. G. Roberts went to Portland yes
terday on business.
Grubbing and wood cutting is being
vigorously prosecuted. The ground is
in excellent condition for grubbing.
John Kroeaer went to Portland this
week and dame rumor has it that he
will not return alone.
The Davenport mill at Charlev Davis'
place is being enlarged, and we under
stand that a box factory will be one of
the features this season. This is as it
should be, the timber and apples grow
here and why not make the boxes
here. This will increase the pay roll
and benefit the people in more ways
man one.
' Sherman Young, the rural carrier, is
circulating a petition for an increase in
salarv, which is being numerously
signed, but it is questionable whether
congress will do anything along this
line, v mi sucn efficient service, 1 think
the patrons should be willing to aid if
the government should refuse, as it is a
well known fact that he is giving too
mucn ior me amount lie receives.
The mellow rays of the sun this morn
ing give promise of spring's early return.
Miss Brown, Deaconess.
Miss Brown from Spokane, deacon-
ess in the M. E. church, has been con
ducting a series of meetings at the M.
K. church the past week with gratify
ing' results. The services have been
well attended and much religious In
terest has been awakened especially
among the young people.
On mat Sunday afternoon, the good
lady gave a heart to heart talk to the
ladies of Hood River and on Sunday eve
nlngshe earnestly pleaded for the young
men, biking - for Her text the 2!Kli
verse of the 18th chapter of 2d Samuel:
'-And the king said, 'Is the young
man Absalom safe?'" Drawing inspi
ration from the text, the dwelt upon
the love of David for his son, and asked
"are the young men of Hood River
safe?" She then quoted statistics from
prlwnis, asylums and eleemosynary
institutions to show that a very large
percent of those conttned in these
places is the result of false teaching, or
rather, lack of teaching by the parents
of the unfortunates. Card parties and
club dunces, the deaconess avers, are
but the kindergarten to ihe gambling
liens and brothels, services will con
tinue throughout the week.
The Doe Tax.
I hereby uotity all owners of dftgs
within the city limits that the tax on
dogs must be paid or the dogs will su'
fer the consequences, as the ordinance
will be enforced. H. A. Ctnnish,
City Marshal.
New Today.
Salt mackerel at Hartley's.
Valentines at Coe k Son's.
Go to McUaire'g for prepared mince
meat. None better.
' House to Let. A four-room cottage,
furnished. Apply to Mrs. Alma Howe.
Clover Harmonophone and np-to-date
Harmonicas at Coe & Son's.
D. F. Lamar has 50 tons of No. 1 hay
or sale wheat, timothy and clover.
New line of Valentines just received
from Chicago by Coe & Son.
If you want your rvyla delivered at
once, order them at Hartley's.
Bob White Flour is the best. Try it.
For Rent Furnished house, close in.
Inquire of Friday & Barnes.
Bring your chickens and eggs to Hood
River Commercial Co.
Bee the display of Fancy, decorated
table-ware at The Spot Cash Grocery.
Just received a line of watches,
clocks, jewelry and silverware, at F. W.
Clarke's, opposite postotfice.
Dressed chickens for Sunday at Hood
River Commercial Co.
Flour and Feed at Spot Cash Gro
cery. If you want good bread, buy "Bob
White" Flour, for sale at Spot Cash
If you want to file on timber land
homesteads, call on George T. Prather,
U. 8. Commissioner, district of Oregon.
It will pay you to get our prices
before buying; your winter supply of
groceries. The Spot Cash Grocery.
Are you contemplating buying a
watch? Before purchasing see F. W.
Clarke, opposite postotlice.
Dry Oak Wood for Sale. Davenport
Bros. Lumber Co. have dry oak cord
wood for sale. Inquire at Mount Hood
Stage Co.
For Sale 210 acres, all farm imple
ments, including new hay baler, and
stock. Free water; fine stock ranch.
Inquire of Friday & Barnes.
For watches, clocks, jewelry and sil
verware, see F. W. Clarke, at Clarke's
drug store, opposite postotlice.
Two hundred to $5,000 to loan on real
estate. If your security is good your
money is ready. Prather Investment Co.
F. V. Clarke, practical jeweler and
optician ; all kinds of repairing neatly,
quickly and cheaply done at the Glacier
Church Notices.
Congregational Church. Preaching
service with worship will be conducted
by the pastor, Rev. J. L. Hershner,
on Sunday at 11 a. m. Sunday school
at 10 a.m., with A. C. Staten, super
intendent. . Christian Endeavor service
at 7 p. m. Mid-week meeting on
Thursday at 7 p. m.
U. B. Church Herbert C. Shaffer,
pastor. Sunday School at 10 a. m. Wor
ship and preaching of the Word at 11
a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Y.P.S.C. E. at 7
p. m Junior C. E. at 3 p. m. Meeting
for prayer and praise, Wednesday even
ing at 7 :30. All are welcome.
Episcopal Church. Rev. Clarence
Lake will hold evening service at the A.
O. U. W. hall Sunday at 7:30.
Valley Christian Church J. W. Jen
kins, pastor. Sunday school at 10 a. in.
Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
Christian Endeavor meeting at 6:30 p.
m. Morning subject, "The Testament
(or will) of Jesus Christ and its Admin
istrators." The evening subject will be
"The Testament (or will) of Jesus Christ
its Blessings, and How Bestowed." All
not worshiping elsewhere are cordially
invited to attend these services.
M. E. Church Rev. F. R. Bpaulding,
pastor. Sunday School nt 10. Preach
ing services at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
Junior League at 3 Epworth League at
6:30 p.m. Sunday, and E. L. prayer
meeting Tuesday evening at 7 :30. Gen
eral prayer meeting Thursday evening
at 7:30. The public is cordially invited.
Danger hf Deforestation.
Philadelphia North American.
It is too late now to avert entirely the
calamity which will follow forest des
truction as surely as night follows day,
but there is yet time to modify them.
Not one in a thousand of the people of
this country probably realizes what the
consequences of deforestation are. When
fertile valleys become wind swept, tor- I
rent scarred deserts, and vast areas now
productive become incapable of support
ing human life, the next generation
will understand, and it will wonder
what sort of a fool it had for a father.
Frank Davenport. Warren Davenport. J. F. Short
Mt. Hood Stage Go.
DAVENPORT & SHORT, Proprietors.
Buy and sell Horses, Hay, Grain, and do a gen
eral livery and dray age business. 'Phone 171.
Buy a
And Own A Home of Your Own.
A paid-up Contract in the
National Home Seekers'
Will entitle you to a Home or a Fnnn or
$ 1 ,000 in Cash.
The poor man or woman placed on an equal
footing with the rich. We lent! vou monev on such
tt'rnis that a Home is in the reach of all.
Money loaned for buvinjr timlier claims. Farms
and city )rojH'rty. You become your own surety.
Money loaned for 1G vears and 8 months, with
privilege of paying back nt any time,
Office 2G.'J Russell stnvt. Portland. See
At the Office of Prather Investment Co.. Hood River.
Mount Hood School.
Report for school district No. 6, Mt
Hood, Oregon, tor montn ending J an
nnrv 13. I'Hl.t:
No. davs taught . 20
No. davs attendance 434
No. davs absence 51
No. times tardv 3!)
Average daily attendance 21
Tho following named pupils were
neither absent nor tardy :
May Cooper Leonard Larwood
Hattie Cooper Clyde Fredenburg
Donald Larwood Dave Cooper
Laura Hill, Teacher.
Card of Thanks.
We desire to express our sincere thanks
to all who so kindly gave us help and
sympathy in our recent uureaveineni.
Wa feel that Hood River neoole know
how to nut in practice the sweetest of
divine lessons and shall remember them
with deepest gratitude.
Ai.ich J. Dickkn and Children
Notice to Mater Consumers.
Applications for water must be filed
at the office ot Davenport number uo.
Upon receiving the application we will
intorm parties what they may expect,
Parties not fully paid up for water re
ceived in VMl need not apply.
AH Applications Must be In by Feb. I.
Frank Davenport, President.
B. F. Belien of Hood River, Oregon
came Tuesday afternoon from Lamon
and visited until yesterday at the home
of his nephew, Bert A. Belieu. He
went from here to Long Island, Kan.,
to visit, and will visit at Lamoni again
before returning home. Mr. Belieu is a
contractor and builder. Mt. Ayr(Iowa)
Advertised Letter List.
January 19, 1903.
McNeil, Miss Tina Fewell, Ed
Tonilinson, Mvrlle Thomas, MrsH '
White, Mrs Clara Parchot, J K
Rogers, C II Steed, Henrv
WM. M. YATES, . M.
Knrnr Yam Tee.a
' r - ...
I have ordered a complete spraying
outfit and will be prepared to spray or
chards euner wiin me winter spray or
ior tne couun mom. Also, am prepared
lo dig wens. K. iu HUNT.
Get Your Shoes.
All shoes repaired In J. W. Hlggs' shop In
Hood ltiver, left over 30 days will be sold lor
me cost oi repairing. id u. w. kiuus,
Water Notice.
Applications for water of the Water Suppl:
Co. of Hood River Valley m ust bo In by r eb,
1. ll'Wi. Blank applicat ions can be had of any
oi tne uouru oi directors
J: ap. M AKKH AM, Secretary.
Meat Market.
McGuirb Bros., Propr's.
Dealers In Fresh end Cured Meals, Lard,
poultry, r runs ana vegetaoies.
Free Delivery. Phone 85,
and Builder.
Barber Shop,
On the Hill, .
S. C. JACKSON, Proprietor. Will
do picture framing in connection. Hoom
moldings and all klndsof piclureand window
glass consiiinuy on nunu. uau ann see mav
pies of wall ppr.
Cheap Fruit Boxes.
I wish lo say to the fruit growers of Hood
River that I can furnish apple boxes in any
qnnntitv nt rates cheaper than 'hey can be
bought elsewhere. The lumber tn these boxes
Is of the best quality cotton wood complete
except t he ends, which are hemlock. For fur
ther information snd for orders, apply to the
i. jonns nox racuiry, jonns. uregon.
Jit M. V. HAND.
Stockholders' Meeting.
The first meeting ot the stock hotdnrs of the
Snow Line Water Company of Mount Hood,
Wasco county, Oregon, will he held In the
office of the company, at Cedar Dell ranch,
Mount Hood, county and state aforesaid, on
Friday, February 27, ltM, st l::tO p. m. for the
purpose of electing three directors, and such
other business as may come before the meet'
ing.. mgnea, lu it. kick,
Ladies' Dress Qobds,
: Flannels, '
ladies' Underwear,
. lien's Snlrt3r.
ladies' antt "Children's-fiose,
' GfioVfis," .
Shirt -Waists
German Sox,
Men's' Hats,
Axes, ,
Rubbers, )
ladies', Afctks,
And dozens of other article
Intend to ' Retire. Outside business De
matnds Our Attention.
We are now working for ydaf You an have all the! profit. We arj paying expenses out of capital.
No profll to us iu these gootJsl - Our prlcfes wltt" convince you. There is a good substantial Christ maa
present for every man woman and child In the valley In our store at. factory prices.
, ' . I I .in. H-'-'l."
You will never regret it if yoiibuy some of bur bargains, as
Hood Riyeit ReaH Estate
you fine City Lots oil ad0, with good water
and fine: view ori EASY'tfERMS.
' 4
&S-Streeta will' be 'improved in the Spring. For
full particulars see
Prather Inves
Big Bargate'hi
Block of 14 ! Lots in Dean's Subdivision; fine
view of both mountains. Will sell one lot or the
whole block- at $125 J a 1 lot. " Buy now and get
your pick of these choice- lots.
FRIDAY & BHRNES; Sole Affts.
Else to do besides writing big
ads, but wisn tcrsay wer will
meet all' honbrablo competi
tion, i
Phone 225
Books andl Stationery.
School Supplies. Legal Blanks: Blank Books.
In fact everything thafohould go with a first
class Book and Stationery store.
Geo. D. Culbertson & Co.,
Sales Agents of
Money Lenders. Rental axi Insurance Agents.
Place your land with ns to sell.- Come to us for
bargains to buy.
Bed Spreads,
Children's Underwear,
Shoes fof everybody,
Children's Suits,
House lining,
Mrs; Potts Sad Irons,
Cow Bells,
Rubber Boots,
Men's Arctics,
usually carried in a general store
mm& Mcdonald.
Free Delivery.
wpr ram MMjjpr g
Established 1831.
Pioneer Fruit and Produce
Solicit Consignment? of Apples,
Pears; all Green and Dried Fruit.
Farm For Sale.
40 acres near Belmont, known as the
Armor Place.
10 lilt-hen free water, all under cultiva
tion, 4 acres tn Btruwbcrrlea and tt acres
In orchard all bearing trees. For partic
ulars Inquire on the premises,
fltf J. W. ANDE11HON.
After January 20, 1 will be ready to repair
and oil harness at my shop at Frankton, and
have ordered the best oil and stock on the
market. E. l. CALK INK.
An K-nionths-oia jersey Dull came lo our
have same by paying for this notice anil keep-
To lease for term of years, fruit or berry
(arm. Cash rent, Leave particulars ot Ulacier
Pure Bred Jersey Cows
And heifers for sale. Some old foundation
cows. About. 50 head of heifers, from young
calves U 2-year-olds, all pure bred. Also, my
4year-old Hull, Dewey, of The Ulades, and his
son "Edwin of the Olades," 4 mouths old. To
prevent too much Inbreeding the only object
of sale. A. R. 11YKKKTT,
do Uinjten, Wash.
Montaug Restaurant.
This restaurant i located at 178 NorthHIxth
street, Portland, opposite depot, and Is run by
a Hood Kiver firm. Lodgings furnished.
Cow For Sale.
A fine cow for sale that will be fresh Febru
ary Ist. P. F. KOUTS.
And wagon repairing attended to promptly at
my shop on the Mt Hood road, south of town.
Good work at reasonable prices.
cpl7 O. A. HOWELL.
For Sale.
Ten acre for S-VK), 5 or H acres of It as good
fruit land as there is In Hood River valley;
one-quarter mile from post ollli'e and school,
near river and railroad Inquire of
alo M R NOBLE;
At Frankton,
Squirrels Wanted.
I will give 15.00 for a good healihy pair
(male and female) of the large silver-grey
sq u Irrels. jft H. V. CUE.
Water & Light Notice
All water and light bills are payable nt the
Hood River Electric Light, Power and Water
Co.' ollice from the 1st to the 10th of the
month, in advance.
QJIItf it. C. EVANS, Manager.
A S-year-old white and red simtted steer
marked two under bits in right ear and one
under bit In left ear: branded J7 on left hln.
reward If delivered; tZ.M if whereabout
are ascertained. Jffl K. M. JACKSON.
Spray Pump for Sale.
A Pomona Hpray Pomp, In good condition,
for sale at Hi. J;U J. H.YlLBlNUKK.
In the Circuit Court of the hi Ate of Oregon,
for Ihe IVtlintv nt Wum
Clara Christiansen, plaintiff, vs Nels Chris
Hansen, ueH-naani. huh lor Divorce.
iui n r.
To Nels Christiansen, the above-named de-
In the name of theHUteof Omron. von
are hereli mini red U anuear and answer th
eninplalnt filed aealnst you In the atmve e ti
ll lira sum. on or neiore stx weeks from the
I'Jthday of liecember, lwr2, and If you fall so
to answer, the plaintiff above named will
take Judgment aicalnst yoa for want thereof,
and apply to the conrt for the relief prayed
for in the mmnlainl on tile herein
That the bonds of matrimony now existing
Between you ana tne plalntiir herein he dis
solved and forever annulled, and for tl. -r
custody and control of the Infant child horn
irom your union witn tne said plaintiff, and
for general relief.
This summon. Is served npon yoa hy pub.
Ilcation thereof once a week for six nmarn.
live weeks, and for seven consecutive Inser
tions, In the Hood River Olaeler.a newspaper
ol general circulation, designsted as rntsat
imcijr io give yon nonce. ptmiiKhed weekly
In thefounty of Wasco. Ntate nlommn. anH
is so served by virtue of an order made and
eniered herein on the tMh dav of December A
I), lfti by the Hoa. W. I.. Kradohsw t,1...f
said court. The dale of said order Is ls--em-ber
, MM. and the dale or the first pnbliratiou
otthla DotK-e and summons Is Iiccembvr IX
Ji3 Attorney fur Plaintiff.