The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, February 01, 1901, Image 3

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    3(ood'I$ver Slacier:
Uriah Ileup cigars.
Dr. Brosiu' horse for sale, $75.
Wood gutters and spouting at Savage's.
Ihiildor's hardware, nails at Snvugo's.
Old )trij 25c a hundred at the Gla
cier ollice.
K. K. Savage, sole agent for Oliver
plows and extra.
For the host logger shoe in town go
to Bone & McDonald.
For Rent- Small house, (3 a month.
Inquire at People' Store.
When you want a good smoke, buy the
"Uriah Heep" cigar. For tale by all
Jusl arrived. A flue lino of spectacles
at Cha Rigg tlie jeweler's. Call and
see liia prices.
Thin is the season of the year to cut
cordwood, grub trees and do your prun
uing. Get your cross-cut flaws, mattocks,
aies, wedges, pruning shears and saws
at Savage'.
F,. E. Savage has been appointed agent
for Hood River and vicinity for tho S.
I,. Allen & Co. 's l'hinet Jr. goods, and
will carry a.fuil line of these celebrated
tools, and extra parts for the same.
Dr. F. C. Hrosius has removed to his
new residence. at tho west end of Oak
street, midway between tho school house
and armory, and can tie found in his of
fice over VUUams & Brosius' drug store
between the hours of 10-11 a. m., 2-3
and G-7 p, rh.
Kureka ?f arkct will have on Jiand
Saturday 'VJresBud chickens, Belgian
hares, Faate 4 oysters, salmon, smelt,
crabs, sweet potatoes, celery, cabbage,
purfS home made pork sausage, link pork
ansagn, Frankfortb sausage, Hamburg
Steak, pickled pig's feet and trijw, fine
stock of fresh and cured meats. We
employ no hired help. We do nil of our
own work. TImis wo are able to com
pete with the other fellow Free- deliv
ery ; phono 35. .
AI. Roberts and family of Portland
moved u p last Friday.
Mrs.Wiju Evans arrived from Skagway
Saturday,-on a visit to her relatives
John Iceland Henderson last week
old one lot iu Barret t-Sipma addition
for (.
Miss Hirstel returned t Portland last
Patnrday after a visit of five weeks in
Hood River. ..-
Letters remained i the post office,
Jan. 2Htlufor H. IWnhard, Joe Lobby
and Frank F. Young.
Quality and not quantity makes De
Witt's Little Early Risers such valuable
little liver pills. Chas. N: Clarke. ;
Mr. Kiel has finished his house suffi
ciently to he occupied. Though there is
quite a little carpenter work to be doue
yet. . .
The wife of Rev. J. G. Alford, at Rel
mont, who has been dangerously sick
for the past month, is now in a fair way
to recover.-
Miss Nellie Erwin is quite sick with
congestion of the lungs. The attending
jihysician'was called in three times last
Saturday. '
E. L. Smith is getting his small tract
of land on the hill pretty well cleaned
up. Heinttuids plantingstrawberrieson
it in the spring.
T. II. Coon has soll six acres of his
country Tiicev' including his dwelling
house, and has moved to tow n, occupy
ing his dwelling on tho heights.
Mrs. K. W. Udell was taken sick lat
Thursday night with chills and fever.
She was confined to her bed for several
days, but is now somew hat better.
Mrs. M. II Nickelsen, who is visiting
liersonat Heppner, will probably be
obliged to stay for ome time, as the
small-pox is prevalent at that place.
The Ladies' Ai'd sorioty of tho M. E.
church will meet Fridav afternoon at 2
o'clock with Mrs. W. E. Sherrill. All
members arg requested to ho present.
I',. H. Pickard has been on the sick
list for some time and passed through a
siege of pntlemonia and a complication
of other diseases. lie is on the streets
Miss Nellie Isenberg, who has beon
working for Davenport's for the past
two months,1 is now at home. She ex
pects to go Jo Portland to work in the
near future.
H. Hennagiu of the East Side, Fri
day night f last week, gave an oyster
supper for the benefit of the Pine Grove
church. It was well attended and
about ( 10 rertli.ed.
Mrs. riutson Was taken to a
Portland hospital last week. She. has
Veen suffering with risings in the head
for some time, and acting on tho adviea
of her physician, uho went there, for
treatment. ,
C. R. Tione is pushing tho work on
the East Side ditch. He is camped on
the ground, and with a force of ten men
and teams, will make a strong endeavor
to give the East Side ranchers water,
for their crops iu the ye"ar 1901.
According to our correspondence in
unother column, writteu by an old fish
erman, the-fish caught in ilood river at
this season of the year are not fit to eat.
The surest way to stop the Indians from
from fishing during the closed season is
to quit buying the fish from them.
The oflicers o(,the Sunday school of
the Valley Christian church und Christ
ian Endeavor society met at .Mr. Lock
man's last Friday evening. . After at
tending to. soiiie business, the rest of
the evening was spent iu'a very pleas-,
ant social time.
E. E. Savage has purchased a lot SO I
100 feet o.n.Uie E. L. Smith block. This
lot fronts pnThird street between Oak
and State, adjoining Reciprocity Corner.
Mr. Savage will commence at once the
crecion of a two story building with a
3t front on Oak street for his hardware
Tho O. N. fend out a letter each
week to dealers in (arm produce, fruit,
live stock, wood or any other commod
ity placed on the market. In this let
ter the names of all persons known to
the company as having anything to sell
are given. It would be well for our far
mers and others, who have anything to
market to take note of this free adver
tisement and give their names to Mr. J.
Btgloy, the company's agent at Hood
River who will forward them to head
quarters. Richard X. .Mills, whose arm was
Lroken and who received other severe
injuries while attempting to dislodge a
jam in the Hume at Davenport's planer,
is getting along nieely towards recovery.
He geU nvwdical altendanco free and is
looked after by his w ife and daughter
and the good people-of the planer com
munity. Mr. Mills is an old soldier,
having served during the civil war in
Co. B, 8(th. Illinois. He wassunstruck
at Nashville,- Tenn, iu 18;i3, and at
Chiekamauga he was overheated during
the hard marching of the army and fell
between the union and confederate lines,
where he laid for three days without
food or water. He i of strong constitu
tion, but he never fully recovered from
the effect of hjs.war hardships. -
Urenville Goddard was severely in
jured Friday of lust week. He was rid
ing on the reach of A. C. Staten's wagon
when, in going down hiH, the team
started to run. . He was jolted off the
wagon and the hind wheel struck him
on the hip and Kissed over his abdomen.
Although considerably bruised, Mr.
( rodiiaru win bo all right again ui a lew
days. ' "-.
Mrs. J. W. Ingles last week received
word of the dent h of her father, James
A. Hatch, who died at Evansville, Iud.,
Jan. 18 1001. Deceased was a pioneer
of Oregon, coming here in 1851. lie was
a veteran of the civil war, having served
as second lieutenant in Co. F. 1st. Ore.
volunteers. He at one time served as
county judge of Klickitat county, Wash.
His age was 70.
Riverside lodge, A. O. U. V., has pur
chased the lot on the comer of Oak and
Irving streets, opposite the IT .IS. church,
on which the lodge will erect a hall for
the use f different fraternal societies
and for public use. At tho next meet
ing of the lodge, Feb. 2d, tho iilaiia for
the building will bo presented, and if
adopted, work on the building will soon
Tho World Almanac tor 1901 is for
sale at E. R. Bradley's, price 25 cents.
It is a book of over 000 pages, u cyclope
dia, a statistical volume of facts and
figures crowded into less space than any
other book. It is regarded as standard
authority by writers and statesmen.
Rev. J. W. Jenkins, who hai been
holding a meeting at Athona.will return
this week and occupy tho pulpit in the
Valley Christian church Sunday. His
meeting at Athena has been quite suc
cessful, fifteen persons having obeyed
the gosjK'l during the meeting. . "
. Hon. E. L. Smith, II. F. Davidson, I'.
J. HihbarU and G. J. Gessling will
attend the meeting of the Northwestern
Fruit Grower's Association in Portland
next week. It will be a good timo for
all interested in fruit growing to go.
Recorder Nickelsen on Wednesday re
ceived from tho county clerk theasseased
valuation of all property in the town of
Hood River, amounting to ?(io,0t)5. This
is f-i(),000 below w hat was generally sup
posed the valuation of our property
amounted to.
The friends of Dr. II. K. Hines iu
Hood River aro raising a fund to pur
chase him a lot in University Park. The'
Dr. has many friends in Hood River
who will be pleased to contribute to
wards this laudable purpose.
Thomas Chapman has bought 0 acres
ofthe'fendiek place, making him 5fi
acres in his farm. He has a two story
house ltt.2 nearly completed. Thomas
in rapidly becoming one of our substan
tial farmers.
All who arc or have been members
of Mrs. Armor's Sunday school class are
invited to meet at the home of Miss
Clara ISlythe on Saturday Bt 3:30 p. in.,
for the purpose of organizing a club.
The Sunshine society will meet with
Mrs. F. E. Jackson on Saturday, Feb. 2,
1001. Every niemlier is requested to
bo present as there is special business
to come before the meeting.
Mrs. ISoyden-Goddard's recital is post
poned until the evening of Washington's
birthday, Feb. 22d, when an especially
good programme is promised.
Hood River Poultry Club meets in the
A. O. U. W. hall tomorrow, Feb. 2d, at
2 o'clock. Important business. Every
mem be.-should ho present.
A. O, U. W. Notice. Important busi
ness to be considered at regular meeting
Saturday, Feb. 2d. All members aro re
quested to be present.
The Sunshine society will give a social
on Valentine evening. Every one re
member this and don,t make any other
A boy was seen on the streets of Hood
River Tuesday wearing a button hole
boquet of purple iris, the first signs of
The father of the Spront Bros, of the
East Side is building a neat dwelling
house between the two new houses of his
Mr. and Mrs. Chas T. Early of Viento
started Wednesday for a trip to Kansas
City and will stop" at Salt Lake on the
Hon. J. W. Morton sold a hog to Reci
procity Corner, Monday, that, when
butchered,dressed 355 pounds.
Workmen are encaged planting the
poles in the streets for the Howl River
Electric Light and Power Co.
' Mrs. W. II. Perrv has been qnite sick
for the past week with an attack of
tlie grip and sore throat.
L. Bradley stepped on a nail that ran
into his foot, and he was laid up several
days last week.
. F. W. Ccal has purchased 40 acres of
partlv improved land on the Last Side
of Robt Rand.
Frank Countryman is building him a
house on his 5 acres recently bought of
D. G. Hill. . ..
Rev. J. L. Hershncr has ymrchnsed
the Emma G. Robinson 40 acres on the
East Side.
The Misses Vera Jackson and Nellie
Clark spent Saturday and Sunday in
Miss Lillian Lewis dislocated a finger
while hitching up the family horse on
Miss Ezma Jones was the guest of
Miss Laura Hill last week.
Uncle John Smith of Belmont is laid
up w ith a bad cold.
Gifford, photographer, of Tho Dalles
is in the city.
S. J. La France of Portland is in the
city. - ,.
John Sipma is on the sick list.. ,
Had their dav, but their time is past
and eone, and the smoker of today buvs
"Uriah Heep," the best 5c cigar on the.
market. Try one.
Underwood Notes.
The sun never fails to shine at Under
wood. Tuesday evening a fow of the neigh
bors gathered at tlie residence of Ed.
Underwood, it being tho 13th birthday
of Miss Elsie. Those present were: Ed.
Underwood and wife, E. Benjamin, T.
L. Bunco, Will, Lena and Lizzie Kellen
donk, Will, Maggie, Elsie, Lottie and
Kata Underwood, Mrs. Geo. Tyrrell,
Mrs. G. Dark, Mrs. N. Brown, Geo. Du
venal. Games were played and songs
ung. Lunch was served. All report
a jolly time.
Amos Underwood went to The Dalles
Wednesday, and while there was offered
a position as captain on a barge or flat
boat on the upper river, but declined
the offer on account of his advanced age.
Fred Luthy went to visit his sister in
the Willamette valley whom ho has not
seen for a number of years. On account
of the high water he could not get back
and stayed longer than he expected.
Nicolai & Cameron have a force of men
at work on the White Salmon river re
pairing their boom which was destroyed
by the flooiL
Eick headache absolutely and perma
nently cured by using Moki'Tea. A pleas
aut herb drink. Cures constipation and in
digestion, makes you eat, sleep, work and
happy: Satisfaction guaranteed or money
baek. 25caud50c. Williams Brotius.
Protect Hie Fish.
Hood River, Jan. 20, 1901. Editor
Glacier: About the first of September,
from time immemorial, there arrive in
tho waters of Hood river one of the most
lienutiful, gamiest of all our food fishes,
that is, our Silver trout. These trout
aro protected by law, which makes the
closed season commence Nov. 1st.
Trout ure being caught now by people
of poor taste and judgment, in tho fact
that the trout are now in the heighth of
their spaw ning season, and aro in the
poorest jioNsible" condition. Indian
Spokane lorn came in town Monday
night with 4t trout, and sold them
about town. Thisshould not he allowed.
These fish should not he caught at this
stage of the spawning condition, and no
true sportsman would catch them now,
at this stage of the game. It is not just
ice to the fish. Nor to the people who
wish to keep these most excellent fish
in our waters. Xio.n.
Menial Notes.
W. T. Hansberry was seen .in town
Samuel Etter moved to Portland Mon
day. J. A. Hcavener of Hood river valley
is this place.
The W. S. IS. I. Co. have been en
gaged for tho past two weeks building
another dam in tho White Salmon at
the mouth of the river for the purposeof
raising tho water so it will run through
a ditch constructed to run logs down.
Harry Hansberry is nursing a boil on
his hand. ' ,
IS.'A'.' Ileavener is laid up with 'a
sprained wrist. . " . - ; ,j
F. It. Smith and family are visiting in
Miss Ilattie Purser is staying with lior
sister, Mrs. Rowley Thelps. Who. .
Aid .Society's Teas.
Tho Ladies' Aid society ' of the Con
gregational church has planned a series
ot "teas" to be given monthly, for the
purpose of promoting Christian fellow
ship and culture, as well as to udd to the
society's funds. The first of these teas
will be given at the residence of Mrs
F. C. Brosius on Friday (today) at 2 to 5
p. m. under tho auspices of the following
ladies: Mrs. J. F. Armor, Mrs. Frank
Button, Mrs. I,. N. Blowers, Mrs. N. W.
Bono and Mrs. F. C. Brosius. An inter
esting programme will be presented, of
which, part will he as follows: Instru
mental solo, Miss Clara ISlythe; instru
mental duet, Mrs. A. B. Canficld and
Mrs. J. H. Ferguson ; recitation, Mulla
White; vocal solo, Mrs. P. S. Davidson,
jr. Refreshments w ill he served. Only
charge, 10 cents. Tho public is invited.
('. E. Anniversary.
The 20th anniversary of tlie C. E. so
ciety will bo observed bv tho local socie
ties of Hood River next Sunday evening
at 7 o'clock in tho Congregational
church. The Epworth League of the
M. 1',. church win join with the
C. E. societies in this service. An ap
propriate order of service will he pre
sented, including briet addresses by the
local pastors, Jenkins, Soaulding, Shaffer
and llershner. The public is invited
to attend tins service.
. Horn.
In Hood River, Jan. 25, 1901, to Mr.
and Mrs. Claude Wetherell, a son.
. At Belmont, Jan. 29, 1901, at the. resi
dence of the bride's parents, George
J I tin tor of Mosier and Miss Eliza Rogers ;
Rev. J. G. Alford .officiating. '
The bride is a dauuhter of. -Mr. snd
Mrs. E. C. Rogers. The Glacier extends
congratulations to tho happy couple,
t'luirch Notices.
Congregational Church. Services
with worship will he conducted he.xt
Sunday at Jl a. in. and 8 p. m.. At the
evening sorvice a chorus choir consisting
of young people will sing. Mrs. P. S.
Davidson, jr., will also render a vocal
solo at the evening service. A cordial
invitation is extended tho public.
Valley Christian Church. Sunday
school at 10 a. m. Preaching at 11 a. hi.
bndeavor meeting at ir.W p. ni. 1 reach
ing by the pastor at 7:30 p. m.
United Brethren Church Sunday
school at 10 a. in. Preaching at 11 a.
m. und 8 p. ni The 0. K. will unite in
the J uior Endeavor service at the Con
gregational church from 7 to 8 p. m.
Besides the music by tho orchestra in
the evening preaching service, Miss
Nellie Clark will sing. The subject of
the discourse Sunday evening will be
"Mama's Boy or The Other Fellow."
Revival services each evening . this
week and next at 7:30. A cho-
,rus will lead iu the singing each eveiv
Appointments, Belmont Charge 1st
Sunday Pine Grove, 11 a. m.; Crapper,
;i p. m. ; J'.eimont, 7 p. m.
2d Sunday Belmont, 11; Crapper, 3;
Pine Grove, 7:30.
3d Sunday Mosier, on the hill, 11;
lower school house, 7:30. Pino Grove
and Belmont supplied at 11.
4th Sunday Mount Hood, 11; Bel
mont, 7 :30. .
At Belmont, prayer ' meeting each
Thursday evening, at'7; Junior League,
Sundayat 3; 8. L., Sunday, at 0:30.
Everybody invited. J. G. Alford, pastor.
M. E. Church Sorvice. Sunday-school
10 a. m. ; preaching followed by class
service, 11 a. m.; Epworth League
6:30 p. m.; preaching at 7:30 p. in.;
regular prayer meeting Thursday even
ing at p. m. t. ll. Spaulding, pastor.
Personswhosufferfrom indigestion can
not expect to live long because tbeycannot
eat the food required to nourish the body
and the products of the undigested foods
they do eat poison the blood. It is import
ant to cure indigestion as soon as possible,
and the beet method of doing this is to use
thepreparation known asKodolDyspepsia
Cure. Jtdigcstswhatyoueatand restores
all the digestive organs to perfect health.
Chas. N. Clarke, Glacier Pharmacy.
In Memory of Daisy Campbell.
On voice Is sllfot nround the eenlne fire.
One form comes not to cheer us with iu glad-
There brothers andslttors mingle with mother
and sire.
But toneting ara mute and hearts are chilled
with sad ;
Thoughts dwell on past communion ud forgot,
One volee Is silent, we hear it not.
The loved fo'm no more is sittlnn there,
Those lius move with eheeriun words no more;
leath'shnnd has thrown a strange light on
the brow.
One voice is silent. It pleads not now.
One voice Is silent from the couch of pain
Which she has preuod in winter time and
No words of comfort shall eome again,
No troublesome thought that gentle bosom
The shrouded eye hath parted with Its tears;
One voice is silent, one we loved o dear.
One voice is silent, aye, no more that tone:
Kather and mother, brothers, sisters, o'er our
pleasant home is stealing.
Onr darling Daisy's life is done and wears
But oh, remember, in this pang of feellns.
How denr the ho?e that Ood to ns has given.
One voice Is silent here but wakes in heaven.
In heaven's flower garden, above.
Sweet little Diilsy buds und blossoms Into an
an ire I of love:
Her angel baby brother meets her at the
pearly gates.
And at Ood's throne together for tlie loved
ones they wait.
Tree Pruning
And tree planting by an experienced nn.r
servman and gardener. Address "Gardener,"
tare of Ulacier o2ie. JJ5
A Square
Every time is what wo give you. In fihoes wo liave somtj lines we
are closing out. What WE mean by cost is w holesale cost to us plug
freight. We will NOT try to deceive you bv saying, These aro FOUR
We try not to deceive you either in our advertising or our goods.
Sometimes we are deceived in buying but don't wa'nt you to stand the
loss. If they do not wear your money's worth, wo want to audit
your claim and adjust It fairly, giving you tho benefit of the doubt.
Youths and mistW oil-grain Shoes, laoo and button, 90c to 1.00l
Boys' kang. calf Shoes, one piece, non rip, $1.35.
Ladies' best Puritan calf heel and spring Keel, 2.
Men's satin calf Shoes, f 1.25 to f 1.75.
Our men's Hercules and. Dis. 76 school Shoes are STANDARD
We sew your Shoes freo if they rip while In good condition
otherwise. '
On the square,
FOR SATURDAY ONLY Childs' Waists, popular shape, drab color, but
tons to accommodate all under garments special price. ..
s English fast black sateen corsets, w hite lined, French strip, black
and gold embroidered tops social price
4-inch delft pat tern footed bowls, each ,
Japanese decorated Tea Pots, very dainty, each
Straw Cuffs, the iiieest sleeva protector, per pair
New, Autograph Albums... .MUSIC VALENTINES.
Come Just to Sea
For thirty days, commencing January 11th, we will offer in our
Dry Goods Furnishing Goods, Hats, Shoes and Rubber Goods at
Prices Na?er Before MaOB ia Eoxfl River.
- This is no fake nor sell out, but a purely business proposition and
up to date. Now is j'bur golden opportunity. '
Many of these goods aro priced lowest now when you most want
them. '
; J. E. HAND.
In the estimation of
Practical Painters.
Every gallon of
will cover 300 or more square
feet of surface in average con
dition, two coats to the gallon.
Every gallon is a full U. S.
standard measure. It is made
to Paint Buildings with. It
is the best and most durable
House Paint made.
Chas. N. Clarke, Agt., at the Glacier Pharmacy.
Oo lo him for pure freali Ilrugs, I'atent Mcdlclnos aud Wall Taper. Prescriptions and
Family Kcclpe a specialty. , . . . . ,
Graining, Natural Filuisliibfj, etc.
EstiMatks Gbatis. .' E. II. PICKARD.
l and Oflle at The Dalles, Oregon, Per. 21,
1000, Notice Is hereby given thut the follow
lni nnined settler has Hied notice of his
liiU'tilion to imike flnal proof In support
of his claim, sud that said proof will
be made before (icorpe T. 1'rather, U. S. Com
missioner, at Hood Ilivcr, Oregon, on Fri
day, February 1, 1!H)1, viz:
Of Hood Klvcr, Oreson, II. K. No. 4T02. for the
northeast section 17, ton-niihlp i north,
ransto II east. W. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of, said land, viz:
J. It. Juekson, I'oter Kopki1, V. Winehcll and
Murk Robertson, all of Hood River, Oregon.
dJSfl JAY Y. LI't'AH, Koylsier.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
Nature in strengthening; and recon
structing thi exhausted digestive or
gans. It is thelatestdiscovered dist
ant and tonic No other preparation
can approach it in efficiency. It in
stantly relievesand permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
Sick Headache, Gastralgia, Cramps and
allotherresultsof imperfect digestion.
Price 50c. and $1. Laree size contains m ttme
small size. Book all sbbutdyspepsia mnilexlfres
Prpard by E- C DtMTT A CO.". Ct)lcaj
' Sheriff's Sale. '
In tha Circuit Court of the State of Orogon for
Wasco County
Chris Iietlinmn, Plaintiff,
Ltr.nacusW'Inansand 1.. C. Winnns, J. M.
HunlinKton, 1'. J, Mcowtn and Sous, a
corporation, Ciuciunnll Coventon, und
Dalles Lumbering Company, a corpora
tion, Defendants. ,
Ily virtue of an execution, decree and order
of sale, duly Issued out of and under the seal
of the Circuit Court of the Stale of Oregon, for
the County of Wnsco, to me directed and dut
ed the 7th day of January, KWl, upon a decree
for the foreclosure of a certulu mortgage, and
Judgment rendered and entered in suid Court
on tlie 2ilh day of December, the above
entitled cause, in favor of the i'laintill' and
ngaiutit the Defendants Linnaeus Winansand
1 4. C. Winans as Judgment detuors In the sum
of to hundred and twenty five dollars, with
intercut thereon from December Sl.IKliS, tn-wit:
the sum of SJii!i..'l2, for the further sum of 87. 25
011 account ot taxe paid by I'laintill on the
premises herein described, and the further
sum of flflylSoO.OO,) dollars, as attorney's fees,
and the further sum of thirteen f $13.00) dollar
costs.aod the conUofand upon tills '.Vrit, and
commanding me to make sale of the real
property embraced in such decree of (orceins
ure and hereinafter described, I will, on the
9th day of February, liiul, at the hour of two
o'clock, in lhn anernoon of said day, and at
the front door of the County Court House In
Dalles City, Wasi;o County, Oregon, sell at
public auction to the highest bidder for cash
In hand, all the right, title and Interest which
the Defendants, Linnaeus Winonn and L. C.
Wlnans or cither of them had on the filst day
of Dwember,lis.'M. the date of the mortgage
foreclosed herein, or which such lefenduntsor
nny of the Defendants herein, have ince ac
quired, or now have iu and to the following
described real properly, situate and being in
Wasc. County, Oregon,to.wll: The southwest
quarter of section thirteen (111), township one
(11, north of range nine (flj.enst of W. M.. or so
much of sal it property as will satisfy said
Judgment and decree, with costs and accru
ing costs..
Said property will be sold subject to eon
llrmatlnn and redemptions by law provided.
Dated at The Dulles, Oregon, this Stb day of
January, 1901. ROBKHT KfcLLY,
Sheriff, Wasco County, Oregon.
East Fork Irrigating Co
Notice Is hereby given that the annual
meeting of stockholders of the East Fork Irri
gating Company will be held Saturday, Feb,
16, 1 o'clock, In Rone Bros.' office, town
of Hood River. C.'R. BONK, President,
YOU KNOW, is not always easily attainable. Sometimes the price,
is objectionable; often it is Uie quality, a 11J occasionally BOTH are
We always try to have both price and quality right. If we cn
furnish you o'shoe that meets these requirement, we know yon will
become a shoe customer of ours. The
Combine both essentials lo a . remarkable degree. We carried them
last yearliiul are now restocking with the same make. We have
them in men's, women's, youths, misses and children's, and ask you
to examine QUALITY AND PRICK. .
a mm m a
, , ,
VMDDFPT ft 6T! crn ciiDcninn
Equal to any $5 Shoe en th Market
Kit your dalr dim u keep them, tnilrt on tiim fffittnr
jiir cor yuii. waourtMiaiAiOMCfromvwiiiAMiMM,
ft Pinncsota Shoo Go. it, !SSSl
Mow is
I have just opened a line of elegant Pictures for the holiday trade,
the finest assortment that has ever been shown in Hood River, in
cluding some of the finest design in Photo Panel and. Color Photos
Also, tlie newest design iu frame. I am offering these to my pa
tron at very low prices.
I shall open a stock of new Furniture this week, including the
newest pattern in Bedroom Suites, Iron Beds, Kooker, Dining
Chairs, etc., at Portland price. I have an expert mechanic in the
shop to frame picture. My stock of Duors, Window Moldings,
Paint and Oil i unsurpassed for a town of this si.e.
U. S. Comnissioner.
Notary Public
r'. I have lots and blocks for sale In different parts of the town of Hood River.
Also, linve tlie exelusiv. suleof lulu iu Mowers' Addition, tlie most tooautlful bulld-
lu location In town.
Business, mcli ns paying tuxes for non-resitlents, or anything pertaining to th.
County Court, piomptly attended to. t'un furnlNli township pliils t binne-seek-
crs or ihosii looking fur lands. Have been a resident of ilood Hlvcr Valley for 21
' years. Correspondence solicited. Telephone W.
(Successor to E. Ij.Hmlth Oldest Established House In th valley.
Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes,
Hardware, Flour and Feed, etc.
This old-established house will continue to pay cash for all it
poods; it pays no rent; it employs a clerk but does not have to divide
with a partner all dividends are made with customer in the wey o
reasonable prices.
E. R. Bradley,
Job Printing, Books, Stationery, Hag.
azines and Periodicals.
In addition to my line of Books and Magazines, I carry a complete
and well selected stock of Stationery. I am also constantly adding
to my Job Printing Department and roeiiectfully solicit your patron
age along these lilies.
Orders by mail given prompt attention.
Below Portland price and you also av
the freight. Common W. W. Mattress, (1.50
same old price. Yum Yum W. W. Mat
tress, (2.25 redueed. Excelsior Wool Top
Mattress, $2 same old price. Washing Ma
chines, (3.50 reduced. Iron bed, (3.50
Lumber, Lath, I.ime, Toor8, Windows,
Vloldings, Building Material of all kind.
Lowest price on Wall Paper. ! .
" 0
Ladies' Wool Hose . 25c
Ladies' Wh1 Hose 30c
1 ,-t Wrilinrt Pnnnr nnft P.nvplnrw - lftfi
Children' Wool Hose 15, 20 and 25c
Little girls' Kid Gloves 75c
8 roll Toilet Paper 25c
2 packages Jumho Mush , 15c
1 gallon Pride of Oregon Syrup : 25c
3 large Pencil Tablet 10c
Boys Hats ami Caps at cost. Children' Sloep Garment at eotit.
And all kinds of supplies for
Printing paper, card mounts, developers and toning solutions.
Prices range from (5 to (20 for Kodaks.
NURSERY, jLJSBBMwatawi.ii jm i L'iJlLJUJ1Bt
STOCK. The Columbia Nursery is on hn.
airalii. as usiml. with lane stock of Kruit Tree.
Ktrtiw berry Plants, and all kinds of Kumrjr atoek
uei our price, auu see is. sinck.