The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, November 03, 1899, Image 2

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    5f ood Iftver Slacier.
JJilop potter and Pr. Rulus V. Clark
ul Detroit were among the sneakers at
the Episeopu! church congress at St.
Paul. pisho Potter, as is well known,
is An avowed anti-ex naiisinnUt, and lijs
addresses are listened to with tho ri
speet which his words always command.
He ia rejOTted H saying: "It Is possible
that a nation whu-h still preserves the
(orjps ot'demoeratic government may in
time subordinate them to methods of
jts administration which sooner or later
Will brijif! the suLstni!e of imperialism
along with thern." This is the .lunger
which he apparently apprehend in the
Philippines, where, he udds, America's
"tlrst word is subjection, its first de
mand, surrender, its first, second anil
third conditions are, 'We will recognize
nobody, we will treat with nobody, we
ttlnne will dictate all tins terms.' " Asau
hirurablfl alternative, he proposs that
"we submit to an international court,
representing the best wisdom of t)u best
peoples, the question of the present dis.
position and future administration of
the Philippines." Dr. Clark, on the
ether hand, insists that expansion "does
po rest without qualification upon the
principles of 'personal luVrt-. It rests
upon the principle of th largest gol to
the greatest number," a contention
which he confirms by citation from our
past history.
Evidently; everything is not seranely
pleasant for tho imperialistic, members
i.fthe Canadian cabinet. The Ilritish
government asked for a contingent of
GOO troops from Canada to aid the Eng
lish in South Africa, and the Canadian
itovernment was going to send 2,000, un
til MrTarU!, minister of public works,
threatened to resign'if such a force was
sent. Mr. Tarte declared that the par
ticipation of Canada in one of England's
foreign ,entnitglenienfs was a phase of
imperialism' which French Canadians
would not tolerate. A compromise was
reached fcnd Canada will semi 1 ,000 men.
The season for tree planting has again
arrived. Hood River fruit growers will
plant a good many apple trees this fall.
His good plan, when buying trees, to
go to the nursery and see them taken
fropi the ground see that they have
good roots. A two-year-old tree is best
to plant if it has good roots and is care
fully dug from the nursery rcny. A
yearling tree is more easily dug to save
all the roots, and for this reason it is
preferred by many to two-year-olds.
The British sustained a severe defeat
Jn a battle with the Pnprs at Ladysmith
lat Tuesday.' Two balu.iions of British
troops and a battery were lured to a
part of the field and captured after
being cut to pieces. 1-ossea on both
Bides were heavy. Tho situation looks
gloomy for the English and they may
have U. rutreat or surrender before re.
enforcements can reach them.; The
Boers are putting up a good fight.
''Thriee armed is he whose cause
iM right." ' ,
Indiana was the great volunteer state
during the oivil war. It put 2Qf,000
men into the ..field, and it can lie said
that no other state in the Union spilled
so much blood and participated in so
many 'bloody engagements.?, Indiana's
war history is written in letters of crim
aop on the soil of seventeen states. It
furnished the first and last soldier to
lay down his life in that w ar a nicmber
oftlic 7th, at Philippi, ' in 18M, and a
member of the 34th, at Talm Beach,
Mexico, May 12, 1805,
Jt is a common belief among straw
berry growers that prices w ill be good
next season, and extra efforts have been
made to cultivate the plants and set out
pejv .patches this fill . Thrifty; plants
H putt even, at; this date will make'a
crop'next year that w ill go a good way
towards paying for the work of setting
and cultivating.
Ranch and Range says the demand
for hay on the Sound is now very great
and local dealers find it almost impos
sible to fill orders., The price has taken
A good high jump and an average of $10
is now being paid for Paget sound hay
that sold for 6 and $7 a few weeks ago,
and even then was In little demand.
; . . , ' ,
The new populist editor of the Sun
got out a yery creditable issue this week,
Hjq best 'that lifts appeared. But his
editoral ptigu was doypted ohiefly to the
(iiAOKB, and Pf pourap hp had a good
subject,1 - -'' ; ' " ' -" '
It is said that much butter is now on
the market which' lutt been churned and
worked without file use of water to
w ash out the buttermilk. The flavor is
said to be fine Und the keeping' qualifies
good. : ' ' '"' '
firea't Britain has about 36,009 sob
diers in the -Transvaal, with probably
100.000 reinforcements on the way. The
forces of the Boers are estimated at from
40,000 to 50,000, men!
Oregon, if, after investigation, they find
that such youth have not departed from
the paths of virtue. Mr. Gardner says
he wishes it distinctly understood that
this class of children does not embrace
the class known as fallen.girle.
The society is" maintained by state ana
county aid, by the inlsrest of a bequest
fund,' and bv voluntary contributions.
About one-half the expenses are paid by
the latter.
The superintendent while litre was
the guest of Capt. A. K. Blowers. He
further says that it has been stated by
business men of Hood River that a per
son has been canvassing for rnibrcrip
tions from time to time, and many pc.
pie here have been led to believe that it
was fur the Bvs nd liirls' Aid Society.
This is entirely wrong. Although the
society has taken many homeless or
abused children from this county, they
have never asked nor received one cent
from anv perwui in Hood River.
The Ki.cietv completely covers the
work of the rescue of children all over
the state of Oregon and never refuses to
cure for anv case reported und sent to
the Hoim.' No red tape is required ; to
know that a child is in need is milliciein
t nlitnin nilmiisioii to the Home. All
such eases should - lie reported to the
county judge or commissioners.
I arei now on hand at the Homo
in l'or timid uUmt 1:7 children, 20 of
wlinin art bovs and 17 Kills. The boys
ramie in uge from 2 (o U years, and the
girls from 8 to RS years, Besides the
above, the society has under its care a
l,v tmliv of excellent narentaue ated 7
months. All the ulsive children are for
iiikiiition or indeuture. and any person
wiJiiiiK to obtain ono 4jf them should
address the superintendent of the Boys
and Girls' Aid Society at Portland.
Mr. Gardner would like to get the till
nils of the public schools interested in
the soeietv's children and on Thanks-
giving to bring to the school some small
article of provisions or cluthing, which,
after being gathered together, will be
forwarded bv the principal to the Home.
Thus a twofold object will be secured a
grand lesson of charity taught the chil
dren anil aid to those "who can not help
Mr. Gardner w ill visit all towns be
tween here and Baker City where any
of the society's wards are placed. The
society places on an average i!5 children
each month, or 300 a year.
: Planer Notes.
The new trimmer is in ojieration and
does nice work, with J. O. Eastman at
the wheel. :
J. O. Eastman laid off Tuesday on ac
count of the sickness of his little boy
Roy. v-.
Mr. Helms, one of the planer crew,
took a trip to Portland last week to at
tend the exposition. He spent four
days visiting relatives in the city and re
turned to work Monday.
The contract has been let to build
three more houses; at the planer.
Mrs. Gillis Hubbard's death is the
first to occur at the planer. ., Gillis is a
steady worker and has the sympathy of
the entire foroe.
The O. It. & X. are-pushing the work
of straightening their track at this point,
and great changes will be made here
within the next few weeks.
The store building is Hearing comple
tion. We will soon lme a place to
trade near home.
Business never was better than it has
been the past month. We have been
rushed almost every day.
Mark Davenport's genial phiz was in
evidence at the planer last Tuesday.
Murk is doing good work on the irrigat
ing flume, miing a large amount of lum
ber,. '' - ' ' -.:
Mr. Pred Xew by and lady came down
from the big mill last week. Mrs. New
by is still at her father's (Frank Daven
port's) home, but Mr, Newby returned
. Just look out for the new uniforms cm
the switch this week if the rain sets in
with the new moon. They will be "out
of sight." .
Harry fiarabrant. who wont to the
coast with his father and Mr, Copper,
in August, has returned and is at work
at the planer. He says times are not
nearly so good in the Siushuv country,
and the climate there does not compare
at all favorably with that of IIoodKiver.
lie hays this country is good enough for
nun, " .
The Unappreciated lieu.
There are many reasons why the hen
and not the eagle should be the national
bird. Among them ia the growing dis
content our beat citizens feel for the
eagle, w hich bird has never given thor
ough satisfaction, because of its low
down nature. The eagle is a cowardly
creature and never makes war except
upon weaker things.- It never earned
an honest dollar in its life, and its daily
food is stolen from some poor bird too
small and too weak to defend itself and
its property, says the Chicago News.
Moreover, the eagle swoops down
among children, lambs and other inno
cent things, and bears them to its home,
among the mountain crags. This alone
is sulhwont to oust it Ircm tne position
of U'ing the bird of .America and pre
vent its picture from continuing on our
dollars. The hen, however, is a sweet
tempered, hard working, productive
creature, She is identified with our
home life and our domestic and national
prosperity. She lays 1300,000,000 worth
of eggs every year, or four and a fraction
eggs for each individual in the land.
When the eagle is loafing around,
waiting to steal something to eat, the
modest hen is attending to business.
And after a lifo of activity, laying eggs,
cackling, and laying more eggs and
hatching little chicks, she gives up her
lifo that the American boarding house
may thrive and wax fat. How much
better tho hen than the bald-headed
eagle for cur national bird. As a just
recognition of her supremacy in the
money producing industries she should
displace the eagle. Tho domestic side
of her life -kmf-since endeared her to
every home in the Union. Calm, gentle,
somewhat coy, sno is, nevenneiess, a
strong, courageous, uncompromising foe
to all t hiit -tlio eagle ia. W e hope to see
her, visage' stamped in our moneys and
become-the national bird of freedom.
Wild -Oese'LoNt in a Storm.
The Baker City Republican tells of
the advent of the wild geese last, week
as follows :
It was evident that the geeso had
become lost in the storm w hile searching
for their feeding ground, aiid attracted
by the lights ot the brilliantly illumi
nated city, were unable to get away
from it, as a blue bird is fascinated by a
rattlesnake. Their wings soon packed
with the heavy snow.,.- and. exhausted
beyond endurance, they comineiiecd
dropping from the clouds into the street,
the noise of their squaking being almost
deafening.. Then commenced a wild
scramble, men and boys joined in the
sport. . Geese or brants . were picked up
on every side alive, and it was noticed
that amongst the game birds were all
kinds of birds known to Oregon, that
have been mixed up with the geese.
Boys went out on the hills and built
bonfires, Which attracted some of the
birds to them, and they secured a dozen
more that way. Others took their shot
guns and killed a large number.
. i r Sued .the County.
Henr'v Gardner, through his attor-
neys, Moore & 'Gavin, has begun an ac
tion for damages against Wasco county
for injuries sustained while traveling on
a county road near Fifteen Mile creek
last winter. In his complaint he al
leges that he was coming down a grade
on Dec. 21, 18'JS, with a loaded wagon,
when, because of the bad condition of
the road and tho ice that had accumu
lated tliervon, 'his team was, unable to
hold the 'i'wtigon'; that it went ctr tne
grade, and thereby he sustained injuries
that will be permanent. He therefore
demands damages in the sum of 0,500.
It will be remembered that iur. uartiner
and Mrs. Reese were coming to The
Dalles when the accident occurred, and
that 'rs. Reese was killed while Mr.
Gardner had, an arm broken and sus
tained other serious injuries. Moun
Taking; the Census.
Notwilhst i.ding the law, there were
many who seriously objected during the
last census to giving any information in
regard to their personal affairs, and in
many instances it was only with great
ditliculty that the de-aired facts were ob
tained. Some misguided individuals
barricaded their doors and treated the
census-takers in the light of villains w ho
were seeking to rob them of their pos
sessions, and not infrequently a poor
eeifsus taker (or ''enumerator, ' as he is
officially called) was hustled out-of-doors
by the indignant woman of the house,
because he had drtred to ask her how
old she was or whether she knew how to
write. This unwillingness to answer
questions would no doubt be overcome
if it were known that the replies are
intended only for official use in prepar
ing statistics and will never be given out
to "the public. In fact, the huvexpressly
provides that if any enumerator shall so
far forget his duty as to communicate to
any one except his superior officer any
information he obtains in the pcr-
fnrnmnre of his work he shall be sull
ied to a fine of five hundred dollars
The law is verv strict with reference to
the duties of the enumerators, for unless
this work is done properly and carefully
tViR centum fiffuren would be of little
rahin. ('onNemi.mtlv. overvone who
enters upon this important duty is given
understand that if he shall knowingly
make a false statement regarding the
nersons whom he has ennmenuru,
pHhprna to rlieir number or any facts
reltitiuff to them in anv possible way, he
aha It b iknin..! c )!. ? of misdemeanor,
niid noon ronvtn.'iii'ho may b fined
five thousand Qullirs und' imprisoned for
two years. .... r-
' A ButtleScarrod Flag-.
The Wocdburn Independent is respon
sible for this story about the banner
that the Second Oregons carried to vic
tory in the Philippines:
The Second Oregon regiment flag was
in only one engagement, and that not a
serious one, at l'asig. In the march
through bush and in other battles the
emblem was not taken as it was con
sidered too much bother. Yet when the
flag w as turned over to Governor Geer in
Portland it was rent with bullets. Tat
tered and torn, it presented the appear-
anco of having gone tnrougn a ien
war. While civilians beheld the Stars
and Stripes in shreds, through tear be
dimmrd eyes, and shuddered at the ter
rible story without words, the returned
volunteer gazed in amazement at uiu
Second Oregon's flag ami ailently won
dered "what had t-truck it."
riant in? of the A;lw Tree.
Come, lei in plant the apple (roe,
Cleave the tough greensward with the spade.
Vv tile let its hollow bed te imnio;
Thou Ki-ntlv lav i he rools, una there
Hifl. the durk mould with kindly cure,
And prwlt ii'ertti'-m tomletly,
As round th sleeping infant's fuel,
We softly told the orartlr kIimM,
bo plant we the hp;1 tre -.
What niant we in this apple tree?
Duds, which the hreath of nummer duy
Shall lengthen Into leafy pra.v;
liotiifliM where Hie thrush with crimson breast
Shall haunt and Hints and hide her uesl;
, We plant upon the sunny lei
A shadow for the noontide hour, ,
A shelter from the sumimx shower,
When we plant the apple tree.
Rand Stewart,
Dry Goods, Fancy Goods, Clothing, Men's Fur
nishing, Boots ana bnoes,
Hardware aaa-d. PtoTres-
Crockerv and Glassware, House Furnishing, Groceries, Feed and Flour, Produce
amli- ruits. An i arui prouucis uuugm.
All lines have been renewed and increased until we are able to meet every
want. Bargains secured in Woodworth stock aro made more attractive than ever.
We are most grateful for your royal reception and solicit your enquiry on
every future want.
Do Y,ou Qse -.Cbem?
Diamond D. Flavoring Extracts, Vanilla ,Lccr ,
Pine Apple, Nutmeg, Banana, etc.
A complete assortment. Purity and strength guaranteed.
The preferred stock of Canned Goods-Salmon, Oysters and corn is 'of tl.t
best Quality for us to buy. We solicit your favors for any goods in our line.
for Bale
" AT
I. The William Kennedy Improved Krult
Farm, N miles southeast of Hood lllver: 1IU
res: line lieanilK oirnyru; kinmi
trntw itit n liter, sol' in if. Thee t-VinV: will 10
sold In small tracts; 30 acres In cultivation.
1 S. K. V, of w. 'i see. 12, Tp. 2 N., II. 10
E., ntilmpioved; S"iO.
The Anton Wlsr Iinoioved Fruit Farm.
miles southwest of Hood Klver; liSI ni'ienj
20 Meres In eu-tivatlon. Hue soil, hpring
water, l'l iee, M.'M'.
4. N. V.. V, see. S2.T. 3 N.. H. 10 E. for only 5700.
mine linpioveiiieiils; ltU acres.
ft. 8. V. of R. -V. V of N. W, .' H. 12. T 2 X.,R.'
10 K.; 20 acres; some improvements. J'.Ou. .
WiM Hood .. :
Hoy anil filrls' Aid Sflidetjr.
Pnpt. Ua,rduep of the Jloyu and Girls
Aid Society of Oregon, w as i tpwn Sat
lirday, being here for the purpose of vis
iting wards of the society placed out in
thin vioinitv. of whom there are quite
number, lie savs he has found them
to be in excellent homos. The society
Mr. iar.lner represents is under the dt
reution of some of the leading men of
the city of Portland, as follows; II. W
forbett. president : F. K, Punch, seere
tarvi u L. llawkips, treasurer) Judges
!'. It. Hellinaer, W. B. GiltK-rt anil Geo,
H. W illiams; !. T, L- Kliot, A. H.
Breyman. Mrs. W. A. Buchanan and
Mrs". Levi White. The objects of the
society aro to rescue homeless, neglected
or abused children of the statu, to care
for such, until suitable homes or em
ployment are found for them, and there
after to continue a systematic oversight
of their condition and treatment. The
society also receives juvenile offenders
who; u'my be in danger of being impris
oned or sont to the reform scIhkiI -under
aetka HH of the annotated laws of
Mount Hood Sates.
James N. Knight is with us again for
a short time, and is very much in hope
of being able to return to his Mount
Hood home 111 the spring to remain per
manently. . '
Moc nt Hood, Or. .Oct. 29, 18!.i: Fred
Knudsnn, has picked bis small though
vVrv.tine apple crop. His trees are in
thoir'second vear of. bearing, )t being an
off year, and a voting orchard. Mr.
Knudsnn only bad almut titty boves, nut
what, he has are very tine. lsit liim
and be will be only too glad to show any
one his apples and fine trees.
The Middle I-ork Irrigating company
of Mount Hood have itone a large
amount of work in their ihtcli through
S'titetnber ami October. The dam, in
the west branch of the Middle fork, is a
substantial structure, also t he head gate.
Both are completed, and have been coiv
Htructed in the very best nossible man
ner. In addition to the construction of
the dam and head gate, the company
have done a larire amotintof excavating
and another season will see the ditch
ponmleteil which will add another, very
substantial improvement to Mount Flood
and be a irreat benefit to the upper val
ley, David Wishart and Henry Ries
were very active and took great interest
in tho completion of the dam and had
gate. ' II
Selnad Report.
Following is -the report of Barrett
school, district So. 4, for the month of
K umber enrolled Primary, 30: gram
mar, 35 total, t".-. Names .of pupils
neither absent nor tartly during the
month i '
First Grade Willis Kollov, Willie
Gibbons, Wesley Markham, Alma Hin
Second Grade Kent Shoemaker, Wil
lie Davidson, Grace Sherrieb.
Third (Irade MabclJenkins.
Fifth "Grade Viola Wilson, Maud
Tyler, Carl Gahigan, Alvin l'oore.
Nettir Kkmp, Teacher
Sixth Grade Albert Gibbons,- Bert
Tyler, Ernest Smith, Nora Wallace, -Ar
thur Gunning, Irie'-! Hinnehs.
Seventh Grade Howard Shoemaker
Alice Hill, Fred Ingalls, Pearl Dit-brow-
Hiilda Hinrichs.
Eighth tirade A udry Markley,IaTph
Hinrichs, Flora Wilson, Bvron Smith,
Donald Hill, Alfred Ingalls, Grace Up
ton, Arvilla Poore Ali'rt Kelly, Mart !
Morse. Max Hinrichs, Orpjia. Miirklev
Ninth lirade Ida Stranalian, Laura
Frkd B. Baknes, Principal
The president has, by proclamation
set apart l nursoay, ,ovemoer ou,- tis
day of thanksgiving. . '
I a Lrime. with its aftor effects, annu
ally destroys thousands of people.. "It
may be quickly fun4 by Cue-Minute
Gotigh Cure, the onlv rvineily that pro
ilo.iw imnifdiate results in COUL'hs.cords.
croup, bronchitis, pneumonia and throat , everywhere prescribe it.
and lung troubled Williams A Ir"sHS. 1'BrosHUS, - '
What plant wo In Oils apple trew?
Sweets for a hundred tlowerv )rlneH
To load the May wind's wins,
When from the orchard row he pours
Ita l'raaranre Uuouli our open doors;
A world of bliwa-uus for Ihe bee,
KloweiH for the slek gliliinileiit room,
For the glad infant sprigs of hlimni,
.. Vv'e plant with the upplo tree.
What plnnt.w In this apple troc?
FruiU that shall swell In sunny June,
And redden In Hie August nix)n, '
And drop when geutle nil conie by,
That f in tho hluu Sepwiiiuer sky,
While children come with cries of glee,
And welt them where'l he frasrsint grass
Keiravs their bed to4hoso who pass,
At Ihe fiot of tiie apple tree.
H. M. Prindle and wife of Mt. Hood
went to The Dalles Wednesday.
Little Jimmie Wickham w as reported
quite sick -Wednesday.
Geo.Koland, Rockland, O., says, "My
wife hfid piles 45 years. De t ltt's itcb
Hazel Salve cured her. It is ihe best salve
in America."It heals everything and cures
all bkin'diseasos. Williams & Brosius.
Sunt. C. L. Gilbert returned Saturday
night from a visit to the various schools
throughout, the county. .When asked
how their condition pleased him, he
spoke very, flattering concerning the
success attained bv the teachers. Al
though looking much better, Mr. Gil
bert totincl Uie rilling very tiresome,
particularly eo as the riding jars his hip,
which lias hoi yei recovered iroin .me
fall- received some time since. Chron
icle. . . yl
Dr. W. Wixon. Italy IIill,N.Y.,says, "I
heartily recommend One Minute Cough
Cure. It gave my wife immediate relief in
suttocating asthma, rieasant, ro taKe.
Never fails to qujekly cure all coughs,
colds, throat and lung troubles. Will-
ims Js Brosius.
The supreme court has affirmed the
decision of Judge Bradshaw in the suit
of Levi and Burris Jones against the
Oregon Lumber Go. The supreme court
opinion concludes, alter stating tne
liituciuty in deeming - uie case, owing io
the different statements, as follows:
The testimony of plaintiff s (Oregon
Lumber Co'b) witnesses, in our judg
ment answers every requirement of the
law, as announced in decisions, and
hence it follows the decree is amrmeci.'
"I wouldn't be without DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve for any consideration, "writes
Thos.B.Rhodes,Ceriterfield,0. Infallible
for ii!eff,dii,l,b'urns and skin diseases, lie
ware of counterfeits. Williams & Brosius.
Senator McBride is in Portland, sfop-
ping ftf the Imperial. He will start for
aslnngton soon. . ,
Dr.H.II.IIaden, Summit, Ala., says, "I
think Kwdol Dyspepsia Cure is a splendid
medicine;,! prescribe it.and my confidence
what you eat and quickly cures dyspepsia
and indigestion. -.Williams & Brosius.
Caot.: Hiram E. Mitchell, ' son of ex-
Senator Mitchell, returned to Portland
last week from the South, Ho was ma
jor in the Oregon militia at tlie outbreak !
oi tne war wiui fpain ami receiveu n
commission as paymaster in. the army
with the rank of captain.'- He was mus
tered out with the volunteers.
You never know: what form of blood poi
son will follow- const rpation; Keep the liv
er clean by using DeWitt's Little Early
KUers and you will avoid trouble. They
are famous little nills for constipation
Tind liver and bowel troubles. ' Williams
& Brosius.
Prof. J. M. C. Miller, formerly princi
pal of the Hood 1'iver school, has pur
chased a home at Mann station,
J. D. Bridges, editor Democrat, Lancaster,
X. 11. , says,. "One Minute Cough Cure is
the best remedy for croup' I ever used."
Immediately relieves and curtis coughs,
eolds-.croiip,asthma,pneiuiionia, bronchi
tis, grip and all" throat and lung troubles.
It prevents potisumption. Williams &
I had dyspepsia, R7 vears and never
1 - ", '..t. li.o'll T .....1 1-..1..1
The' Market.
Flour, Goldendale Diamond, per sk,
Flour, Peacock, per sk
Flour, Dalles Diamond, per sk
Bran, per 100 Its
Bran and Shorts, per 10U ft s ....... .
Shorts, per luu lbs . ,
Barley, per 100 lbs ; ,
Hams, .
Potatoes, per 100 lbs
Onions, per 100 Its .
Cabbaae. per 100 lbs
Pumpkins, per 100 fts
9c to 12 W
12ic to 10
5s, 55c; 10s 1 00
65c to 75
,...$1.00 to 1
75c to 1 00
.....75c tol 00
Smmsh and Beets, wr 100 fts. .90c to 1 00
Carrott and Turnips, per 100 fts. . : .1 00
Lemons, per dozen .30c to 35
Apples, fall, per box, 50c to 1 00
A pples, w inter, per box .... $1 .25 to 1 50
Granee. oer box ::. ..... ,40c to 75
Cranberries, per gal'.' . '.' 50
Butter . .-. . . . .-. i . . 40c to 45
El?h ;.v; .;;v. 25
Coffee, fancy bleuded roast. '. , . HO
Coffee, choice roasted 11
Coffee. Arbuckles ..12)6
Siiiiar. dry critnulatcd, per sk 5 25
Snirar. extra C. her sk ; .4 75
Two Milch Cows.
Two new milch cows, grade .lerseys, for
sale by y.-A. slimikiu.ami.
Order Your Dressed Chickenfor Sunday Dinner.
Sweet Potatoes .'; 5
and Cranberries.
' Breakfast Bacon and
Susar-Cured Hams
Phone 21.
Free delivery.
Oil! Merit cm til pat rails.
CLYDE T. BONNEY, Proprietor.
With V. E. JACKSON. He' and the DAVEN
PORT BROS, have over One Million ; ,
feet of good Dry Lumber
at Haynes' Spur. (
Stockholders' Meeting.
The regular nnnnnt meeting of stoekholdcrs
of the Huocl Klver l'rutt tlrouerH' Union will
be held at A. O. U. MV noil, Hood lllver, Ore
gon, on Sntiirda-; .November 11, liW, ut 10
o'clock, A. M. ' . - .,
Article XI. or By-Laws: "A majority of Ihe
stcx-k subscribed, upon which all legal calls
or assessments have been paid In full, hall
eotiKtltme a qiioriim ut auy sU)eklioiler'
meeting, and no fcotw shall be counted which
Is not represented by one share of the stock
upon whli h. nil- !! or assessments have
been paid.' v :-' ' ''i' - '
'X. r.'EVAN. wi-rewry..-
liated Oct. itl,l!t- : ;
Land Office t'Ti Holies, Oregon, Oct. 81,
iSiW. Notice Is hereby riven that the following-named
settler tm.! ri Itsrt notice of his Intent
lion ui malm finnJ ocoof In mipuort of his
claim, and that said proof will he made be
fore Geo. T. Fratheiv II;- H. Commissioner, at
Hood liiver, Oiewoo, on Thursday, llecewber
11, Hffltl, viau -
GEORGE n. woon,
Of Moslcr, Oreson, II. E. No- W. 'r the
northwest y. southwest '4, south y, northwest
, and lot 3, section 23, township 2 north,
range 11 east, W. M. .
Ho names (he fullowlng wltnes. to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of. said land, vlv
Matthew Duly, tv D. Fisher, Charles A.
Cramer and John Evnns, all of Mosier, Or. .
n18 JAY V. LUCAS, Hegisler.
found triualu'm't relief till I iifed Kodnl
Pvspefisia Cure, Tov I am well nnd feel
litre rftiew nrnn," writes S. J.Fleniing,Mur
rHv.Neh. It in the best digestunt know n.
CiirefKll form of indigestion. Physicians
uliams &
is BM River tefe
AgriiHiltural Implements, Deere Plows,
Old Hickory Wajjond, Columbus
Bugsy Co. 'is Carriages,
20 acre farm at nelmont.well Improved,!!!
a acres :i m i r fmrn town. Kast ISIdB 8,0110
2ii acres 3 miles from Uiwn, East Side .... 7s(l
ul nern .! miles from town, Kast Siile ijeo
10 acres n miles from town. Kant Side . l,ItH)
!cres 1 mile from uwn, West hide
a acres 1;-, miles from town, West fcide.. 800
50 Veres near the Ihvui'S ranch - -
20 acres near UclUiUiit church 2,2oU
22' acres near II. h-own's. ; .',... Id
It) ner valuable tiuiber land ,..,..... -
Towu lots, farms to exchnnite, etc.
' . . t - '
of N. V. V., S. V. i of X. V. , and
W. 4 . 8, T. 2 X., K. 1U hO
W. of .
7. Ilarrett-8lpmn Addition; I0 per lot: ten
lolliirsaown und five dollars per month; mi.
8. The Clms. IT. Hnuers 5-acre Hoinestend,
Kiaukton; good cottage ud burn; spring
-titer, n ice IMA).
9. Tiie old lingers Mill property at Frank-.
ion, wiih (ails and water power. ou i neipn
reel;, l'l'lcc OK). : ' ' ' ' .
10. The Or. Barrelt Imteoved Prult Farmf4,:'
m. umiliwel of Hood Kivit; 'JD acres; 70 acres
,,ll cnllivallon; 4U ai'-ci tu u nit; iiitf sprini;; csi -
n.'Iies li riixatiufr wuier. i i tee n-u, nt imj
ld in parcels. ,,
i-O nere. r: fl-vi.t river. F,:ist Side, 2 lilllei
linn sppii. I.'i'.l.v l,iul.
1:! The.!,. N.'fl ti. t.i,
'.in'.l'iil lr
!U acres tin Hood rlv
'plenty of fruit; a.
I, (M. Ti n acres und.'
!. fhns. yy.r.w ii 't- It
if !:.: J . aeris; fin
li nuteird. onlj
,tetend, nt OMnier,
niw tiinher; (rood soil;
oHi; a l am bargain. .' .'
II The WVlilner Homestead, in0 acre, near"
losler; ,KI acres cloaicd; 2 sprliniNf :4II0 irXut ' '
ices; ii'.od Improvements. Only l,0tw. ;. .;.!
I.",. Tiie W. II. Illslmp rinnift III Iltvld' UiwiS
;l Hmii! Part of lot 7 h nek I, v uuciuiiH adHV-'.
ion lo Hood Limi; u pieitj home. Onlyl,IUL. ;
1(1. Five tie its cleared and in clover', 1J J m.
iu Hi west of Hood Klver. Only '..,-'"
1". 'Hie Han-lierry home, 2'i miles soiil.1',
-....t i.r I.,,,-,,, hi ,...,,i i.'.eervllilnir eonilIM
mil liiiud.v;s?'o"d h int, Koiid water. onl tl,500
IS. The Chester Welds home, ill the hllls.nne
iiileenst ol town: a pretty home; good fruit ;
ind water. 40 acres. Only Kl.tlO.
111. The llarvev Clapper H0 acre Fruit Farm,
ineoflhe best In the valley All furniture,
laini l.iipleinenls und shsk o with tiinr.
oll. wider, fruit and Improvements first..;
lass. I'l icc w.tKXi. .- ;
2 . The Ir. Mornan houeand lot In Hoi.d."
liiver; new barn. Only NX).
21. The Frank Chandler Improved fruit and "
K-raln farm; ',K acres; In culllviilion: 1,MI0
hearlnKiinple trees; larije nous- nnu uurn; line
wnler aim piemy oi h; noiisu unu mini uii-
nished. I'l ice Sf,000; tci ins easy. ' '
22. The. I. Wlckliam farm. 7 miles southwest .
uf town; ll acres; uuod bulldinKsand Iniprovc-
merits; spring water ana ou ineues nee lor ir-, ,
ri(filng. l'ricel,'.00. 1
at Tf. ..,., n.... 11 i.m,mi1 ntrth tit Vftttnff
orchard and east of Crosby's; otf keyl Xionnja
farm. A So. I land. Only ).
24. The Husk Irk place, 1 mile west of town;
I acres: mood siirini? water; irood orchard; new
fiair.o buildiiiL'S. Only snuU; one-third cash,
balance at H per cent per unnum. . .. ,
25. The i :merson homestead, only one mile
east of town; line raiiKc; Sl,o00.
2i. Two an t u half acres at Hardicrahh-e,
2' miles west oi Hood Uiver, In. bcuring u,
chard. S2,'i).
27. TheMwan homestead at Whlto Kairtioh,
only 2,u00; will he wil l In sejwi'ate fortlev
U. The Ueraer -place, IW acres; 40 ur -,
cleiueil; 10 aeies Kiubhed; free water. 2,MKI..
hall cash: l,4uo spot cast).
The Hoi-don Fruli Farm'. 20 acres. I'hiHt't
tnt. ol' tftu-ii. l.liKl! nml nice 'etltin:& Hird
lot In Hood Klver. yn1y . 00. .' .
The Orant Evuns home, lot o, block 4, Hood .
Uiver, MM. ,' '
N. B. Terms are easy on all the abn e "
lands,. with Interest at i! per cent. l'einons dti- ',
siring IcK-iitlons on homesteads and timber :
claims should apply at The Emporium.
W Keep ;jnur cie on the Barrett
Sipina Addition. Jg3
Land Olllcc nt Vancouver. Wash., Scot. SO, .
lMiii. Nolice is hereby kIvcii thai the follow,
iuil-miincd settler has tiled notice of his In- -U
nlioii Ui make II n ul proof In support of
His vim in, itud that suhl proof will be maiVe
before lite i.culst. r and Iticclver II. h. Land ,
i nhce at Vancouver, Vath on Tuesday,'
Nu.'umher li, viz: "
II. E. No. KMW. for the east half of southeast
quai ler anil northwest iUarler of soulheust'
tiiui'Kr seel Inn II, lownsliip 3 north of rangd
10 cast, W. M.
He names Ihe following witnesses to prove
his eunliiiUoiis resilience upon, and cuUlyii
lion of, said mud viz: - ' ,
Howard C. Ctsik, Fcter (IroslionK, Itoimld
it. Cameron un i isianly LoeKe, all of White
S.lnioii I'. O., W'lKhingioii.
isJnlU. IC HUNBAtt, Iteglnter.
As we expect to move Into our own building soon, we will for the
next GO days rpake special prh-fs on ,lry Oooia, Mensancl Uoji'sloth i
lng, Hal and Cups, and men's,"W'omen and Children" Underwear." If ..
you want bargains In these lines nee us. . ' . .'
O12II Ms of FornlturB, CarBEts, Wall Papsr, etc.
1 challenee any one to itet. lower prices on House Furnlshinft Ooods than I can quote.
Special figures given op bulldirg material for contract work.
Persons wanting one tree or a thousand
will save moncv, eet fli-st-cla!a tres, nnd
TKi:K-tlmt ar lit' K ANTFEIl to heTRVK
to NAMK bv pla hif Ittnir orders with H. 8.
Galiisun, io Is haudling trees from the
Most Reilab'e form in Oregon. "
BlWKiIOIJ)F.(t8' JIeetixq.
Notice Is hereby Rlveri that the annual
shK'kholders meetimc of the Valley improve
ment Company will be held In A. O. C. W.
hall, Hood Klver, 011 - -
Tuesday, November 21, J89I),
At 2 o'clock r. M-. for the purpose of eliytlns
a board of directors, reading rorts of of
ficers and for the transaction of such other
business as may come before tilt meeting.
By order of the Board.
V. HAVEXPORT, rresldent.
H. H. BAILEY, Secretary, , .
Scientific Amerlcac
Agency for
Fruit Ranch for Sale.
4K'; acres 2 mih fi'om town- 30 acres In eol
tivatuin; 1.0U0 apple trees, mostly winter, new
cider nress: S tons of hav; eood U-ani, 2 wairons
and farming Implements to be srld wiih the
place, juii- oncr.rvur.
tor information nd free TJaixlboriT write to
MINN A (XI.. 381 Bhoadwat. Nkw Yokk.
Oldest bnraau for seeartng patents In America.
Krery patent taken out by as Is brought before
tae pabUo br a uotloe given free of charge In tua
f fittttific amcrirau
I Arrest el real at ton of any scientific paper In the
rorld. gplenJidtr llluMrsted. Ko lmellirnt
tail should be vHhtmt It. Week!, f .1.0(1 a
Tear j tJtl mi mmitbs. Address MUNN A CO.
Land. Oflicc ul. Vancouver, Wash., Sept. 20,
1K'.I'.I. .Notice is neifb;.' nlvi n thai the foliow-
;eolltn to make final pmuf in support of their
clalins.aiul ihat salil proofs will be made beiore.
F. W. Kale, eierk of tiie superior court of trlrO-"
state ol a.-h,iix'"ii, Ipr Miamiuiki conntj,-, at
.ii,-Mts.,t,. v,i. til,.' .nil. ori l iiuitiulil v.-iu,,.
veiiilier !l. IsHI. vl.: .. : '. . "
. - kAlti. A'tN'Ol.Tl V ALTlfKH. -"'
It. K. Nt). Hi, lor Uie noi l beast (uiurter ofllift ?
noriiieni itiai n-r 'i i?t:uuii ivwunoij,
norlli, riiiiKe h e.s.-l, w. M ,lV
IioiiHiueA the following wilnessesloprove.
tils e.iuumious lesiUeiice uihhi and cultiva
tion i.-f Milti.iauii, ''..: . . ... c .
J it nies I lull :c.v an -. ri.mue v aimer, cacn oi-.-
t'lieiiuwclu I'. O., W'asljlnglon; Ueorge Div-",
vanel and Fred Luthy, each of Hood HI ver"
U.K. No. tfil-l, for the southeast quarter of
eel ion 111, township ;l north, rnn;;e lOeast.W.M, .
Who names the following witnesses Ui prove
his contiintous residence noon and cultlv-a...
Hon of suid land, vl.: -
Karl Arnold watt her unit Kiiiile Walther,
eacn of Ciienoweth I'. O., W aslilngton; Ueorga .
Imvnnel and Fred Lutliy, each of Hood Hiver
1 O., Oregon. Viz: . . . . - . ..
.' EMILE vVACTHEft, - t:
II. E. No, 6I2H, for the southeast quarffr -ftf
KftiiMtunsI n tuo'lj'E seel Inn U4. .noil iioi-lh west
quarter of northeast quarter, and north bait
of northwest quarter til section 20," township i
north of ranue a east, W. M.
VV homuues the tol losing witnesses to prove
his continuous rmhiencu upon aud culllva
tion of said land, viz;
Karl Arnold Waliher and James Crowley, ,
each of Ciienoweth F. O., nsliingiou; Fied
Lnthy and Oeonse Duvanel,. eucu of Hood"
Klver P. O., Oregon." -
t2nnS W. K. DUN BAH. Register. : '
Land Office at The On lies, ; Oregon, Oet. II-,'
isiiy. Notice is hereby given that the follow,.,
inif-mimcd settler haslilcd nolicc 'of his in
tention to make final pruof- In support of hlsf"
claim, and that said proof wilt he uuulebefore
the llegisler and Kecelver ul The Oalles, Ore-'
gon, on Saturday, November 2i, 1KHH, vik
Vr Arnuluv n,iu,n ll I,' V K-rrr. L,
south Y southeast . section 2l and
norttieasi northwest and northwest
northeast section HA, township 2 north,
range H east, W. M. - '
He names the following witnesses to prove
tion of, said land, vi.:
. H. Wood, Joiin Kvnns, 8. D. Fisher and
ohinl7 JAY P. Llfc'AS, Keglster. ' "
I-and Ofllce at Vancouver. Wash., Oct. H,
lSdB. Notice Is hereby given that the follow
ing named seitler has filed notice of his In
tention to make final commutation proof in
support uf bis claim, and that said proof will
he made before F. W. Kale, Clerk of the htu
perior Court of the slate of Washington for
skummla county, at Stevenson, Washington, .
ou Saturday, November in, 18W, viz;
LEWIS C. RAY, No. 10,73a, fur the west half of northwest
quarter suction 12, township a north, range 9
east, vt . m.
lie names the followimr witnesses lo
ins continuous resiuenee upon
un oi saiu iani, vik:
aud eultiva-
(Jeorge Tyrell, C. Itoberlson. Oeorce Fisher
ami J. A. FiHiier, ail of Ciienoweth I. O.,
oimU W. B, DUXBAK, Itegister,