The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, September 08, 1899, Image 3

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    3food iver Slacier.
J. H. Rami in lit vinx in tliu Haynt'
llOUW . . i .
Do you aant. lunilicr? If no,
, i, . TlU'KMt.
Mollify to' loan on real entiife bv
Job. I.. llRNDKmoji, .jit. '
C. L. Hogvrs: ha moved into hi limine
tipt the public .-liool building, former
ly oceiiniod by l'rof. Allan!.
Mr. 1'. A. Mel'luTHon, who ha been
visiting the ('uniiiiitfH and Miirkluiili's,
retiirnuil to her home in Portland on
Monday. ' '
J. I. Miller arid bin Ikivh
t th, MisM May McLaren
iiml tliug1i
mid Nellie
Wicklvnm' went to the ho
lields of Ma-
rion county, I utrmlny. "
Judge Li Henry in Hnffcrinjj from hie
old disease con t meted in the civil war,'
when be heliil (.ien. (irant t'r capture
Vickxburg and 30,000 confederate.
Jan. (). I'uijh, a neoliew of II. IujH,
in einctil lort witli hia family from
Ksbon, Kan, and will occupy Mr. 11
PiiSfliV ilaee on the Washington side. ' -
Jndtre Coke, county jud).'e of Multiio
mull county, came up from rortland
Tuesday to. meet with Wauooma hxljre
K. of 1'. Jndjje ('.ike in grand chancel
lor for thin Jurisdiction.
l'rof. J. C. Hazard and family, who
liiivi) been KUfudiiiK the cununer at Mrs.
Alma Howe a, left hint week or their
home at Portland, Prof. Hazard, bold
the tditiir o( f.jlrtlf ill the I'lirTlillrd (Kilrtc
tiny. ' " "' ' ' ,
N. P. Anderson, who has ti claim on
th Kant Kde, left on the lteriil;ifor,
Monday, for Chinook, VpIi., where he
joea to fake a position on the govern-j
inent fort: Heat ioiih at the inuutJi of the
A d H-ree of dlvorpj ha Ikiuvi granted
to John Kweeney and (iertriule Sweeney
of iliod Hiver; Oro;ou. The pica fit
Mr. Sweeney being desertion. Jolui L.
HendurHon and Jnlge liennett were Mr.
fweeuey'n lawyer.
At the regular, iiivtiug of Canity post,
font Hiturday, Mtithina flock, who
nerved (n the Slith Iowa infantry during
the civil war; uh. admitted to member
nhip by transfer from J. V. Xeswith
post at The Dalles.
Mr; W'i P. Wilt huh returned hiHt week
from Newport, w here she client several
weeks for the benefit of her health. Her
health in much improved. Her daughter,
Mr.. Howe of Portland, came up with
lier and will remain for tUe balance of
the mnnnier.
J. W; Morton visited The Dalles last
Thursday and while there Judge !n
nett offered Will' the Kiitioii of traveling
agent to d spose of bin fruit in the East.
Sir. Morton wiyx th prossureof business
til houi". will not permit of his accepting
the situation. 1
The following-named parties, started
or the hop fields: of Marion county last
Monday: T.J. Cunning and wife, Mm.
K. F. Hhoumaker, conn Howard and
Kent, Harry .Ha: ley and wife, MUs Mc
Iareu, J:inii'H and Nellie Wiekham, Jen
nie and Maud Miller.
.fudge Prather met with a erioun ac
Munt one day last week. llu wuh
moving bin barn and hud Indian Pat
helping b'ni. On a heavy lift Put let go
lit the wrong time uixl Judce Prather
unstained a sprain of bin back that ma
t-ripple 'him for nie time.
Mrs. J. II: Ackerrnah, wife 'iif hit'e
Huperiutemlent Ackernian, who fm.
Ieen vinitiim her relatives in Hood Kiver,
l.'ft on- Mondav for her home in Salem.
J'rof. Ackernian wsm ivlj lera '4jid vk'lt.
name dav for Th Dalles, wberu he will
attend tin? teiudierw' institute. -
Mra.V.'A. PUiigerland and Antone
Wine are recovering from, the dist-ase
known as "sbiugles.V. Both have been
juit. k. The syniptoniM of th;n dis
tase are inanifested by a breaking out
on the hod y a cl uister of p'mples.whieh,
if they extend 6. ear arouml the btxly,
tire apt to prove fatal.
Mr. And Mrs. Win. Roornian will start
next week for Salem, where they will
visit relatives and take in the state fair.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred P.oorman and
laughter, llrtlell, will accoMipiiny them,
iind while in Portland will consult an
oculist to have .Miss Helen ' eyes e
umiutxL'. iibe has been, suffering with
weak eyes Uir some time. , ,
J. B. tluitt returned, during the week,
from (iraud Forks, B. C. He .reports
the Hood Kiver e mtingent all riding
well. Sortie of them, though, are show
; ing signs of homo sickness. M. A. Cook
had arrived and was at worlc for Frank
Jones, helping to place the machinery
in his new sush nnd door factory. Mrs.
Cook remained at .Spokane.
II. 0. KYevhnrt has purchased the
husiness of C. L. Copole and branches
out. as 'tine- of HimkI Kiver's promising
Imsiness men. Mr. Kverlmrt is not un
knowri to our community, having, b-jen
in tiie employ of the O. 15. & N. Co. at
the Jlood. River Htation for n year or
two. We predict for Mr.' Kverhurt
miiyessful business career. -
C. L. (Vipple has sold his grocery and
feed store to II. O. Kverlmrt .and will go
to Eastern Oregon or Eastern Washing-,
ton to engage in business. Mr. (.ipfu
has been engaged in business in Hood
Hiver for year or two' and has made
many frie&i'is who will regret to lose
Iiini ' as a f.itiztiu and business man.
May success attend him and his family
w herever they choose to loeste.
IJew C, I. Xiekelsen bid his congrega
tion in Moro ''good bye" Sunday even
ing and left next day with the expecta
tion that his erviei will he rouired in
Nrtm iu rtelil iir'the future. ' ft nurt.
Mith Mr. Vickelseii regretfully, but hop
ing that his abilities as a working mini
ter of his church may be as highly ap
preciated, wherever he may go, as it
lias been in Sherman county. MoriOl
Thre.i yo in? ' ladies residing not a
thousand miles from Mrs. Alma Howe's
hitched tlm horse in the bueuy to come
to town n day last week. AH went
well till thay vame to Mooneyes corner,
wlven in. going down grade, the shafts
wefit up on the horse's back. They dis
covered Unit something wa lacking to
complete the harness and went liack
lioni J to hunt up the belly baint.
15ev.' Koliert Copple and wife left Eu
gene last week for Pes Moines, Iowa,
where Mr. Copple goes to enter IVnke
I'niversity to complete his course for the
ministry.' Mr. Copple has spent three
years of thorough work at Kujrene in at
tendance at the Kugene divinity school
ii nd supplementary work in the literary
liepartmeut of the university, and at the
Kime time tilled a charge at Cottage
irovj. llin H.H'd Kiver friends wish
him success.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Foster .".re prepar
ing to titart on their trip to California
and expect to go next week. They
will go by way of the Prineville eouatry
nnd will eaterCalifornia from Iakeview.
Fa'd is taking a comjilete photographing
outfit with hijn and will make a ajiecialty
of doing tine work w bile tn his travels,
lie is disponing of his furniture and ?ome
that was left by Mr. Ballard at prices
astonishingly low. A large desk and
h'k case, that c ist fM, heotf rs tor J15.
M. M. Davenport nnd family have
moved buck from Home Valley, Wash,,
where Mr. Davenport has charge of the
wav mm belonging to the IHiveniiort
fonipany. The mill, being run by water
jxiwer, has to susjieiid oerations dur
ing low water. Mr. Davenport has re
lieved II. H. P.ailey as ganger for the
Improvement Co., while the latter takes
a much' needed rest. Mr. Bailey received
another fall recently, by which his
broken rib was greatly aggravated, and
he is almnt incapacitated for labor.
lion. J. W. Morton brought to this last Saturday some samples of to-iiiatm-s
grown on bin liiverside farm that
are the largest we ever saw. One toma
to, though yet green, weighed bounces.
Mr. Morton ha about one-guarter of an
acre in tomatoes from which he expects
to gather 100 boxes or more. His peach
crop, though not a full one, is of line
quality, at least we should judge so from
tlie sample of ivarly Crawford, he left at
ouroltice. .
- The Hood River Trading Co. is one of
the solid institutions of Hood Kiver. It
hai a commodious warehouse, 40 bv lot
feet in size, .with otlices fitted for the
transaction of the different lines ot
business the company will engage in.
Outside of Strawiierries this company
buys and i-hips all kinds of fruit, anil
has bought ami shipped probably one
half of the present blacklierry crop, pay
ing all that the market would stand for
the same.
. Frank McFarland ami family re
turned on tlie Regulator today, Friday,
to their home ut Portland. Mr. McFar
hind says he lias thoroughly enjoyed his
vacation, anil that he has done consider
able life insurance business among Hood
Kiver people for the Mutual Life Insur-aiK-e
Co, of- New York, 1 for ' which 'ctiln
pany he is sprtcial agent. , ;
The widow of the lute A. K. Iseiuberg
is lyinf quite helpless from the effects
of her late stroke of paralysis. For the
past ten days she nan not been ubiety
speak a word. Khe seems1 to suffer no
pain, and during the past few days has
heen able to take some nourishment in
the shape of soft foods. . .
Miller Bros, have baled ovfrr 300 tons
of hay on the west side of the valley and
have considerable yet to bale. The rain
stopped them last week at A. P. Bate
ham's stacks on Paradise farm. Daven
Hirt, & Boorman have also baled con
siderable hay on the West Side, and the
I Kaat Side is yet to hear fri ni.
Miss" Irene Callisoir "passed' thfrmgh
Hood Kiver on the Spokane Hyer, Tues
day, en route to (Jartield, Wash., where
she wuut to visit her sister, who is quite
sick at that place. Miss Callison will
teach school this fall at Echo, I'matdla
county, beginning Sept. 18th.
Rev. J. W. Jenkins will deliver his
illustrated lecture on Jamaica and "A
Trip to the Tropins," at Frankton school
house Saturday evening, Sept. tub.
This lectnre is well worth bearing, the
illustrations are flue, and there'should
be a full house on this oceanioip.
W. A. Slingerland bus his new apple
house about completed. It is 2100 and
is one of the most complete apple houses
in the country. Mr. Slingerland will
lind that it is money well invested when
he has another b:g crop of apple to have
a good place to keep them.'
('has. A. Staffs, the man who got his
arm broken by beims struck withu uiteh-
fork in the hands of a fame hand, in
Sherman county, still carries his arm in
a sling, lie don t know yet that lie will
ever have the use of his aim again.
Winnie and Florence Champl'ii came
up from Portland last Friday and are vis
iting their grandfather, trco. Booth. The
Misses Pauline Rerham and (iretsciian
Isegliam are visiting with them.
Howell Ackernian i i Portland, who is
spending the summer' at Mr... Amior's,
'will start the latter part of tlli Week for
Mt. Hood, and expects to -reach lliw top
before returning. " 1
'H"- Congregational Sunday school
jjave a picnic on Tuesday on the grounds
near tlnijtidrtnc of Alrs.,Bartlett, ,, It
was well attended considering the
threatening weather.
Hon. J. W. Morton recently com
pleted an addition 12 by 1 1 to his resi
dence and built a wood shed 18 by 21.
He will set out two acres in strawberries
this fall. . . '.
P. D. Hinrichs sowed seven or eight
acres of wheat just before the rains
came, and now his wheat is two or three
inches hijf li with a good . sUiud all' over
thd field. ',:, .' ; - . ' ;
Parties intending to pluiit fruit tree's
will do well to see' Tillett. .He hih a
tin lot of trees, and has 1,200 Lambert
cherry, two years old, for 10c each.
. D . F. C. Brosius has returiiet and
can be found in hisotlie.! over Williams
& Brosius' drug store, between the
hours oi 10--ll.m., 2-3 and ' C-7 p. m.
Capt. A. S. Blowers, last week, sold
10 acres of his 40 near Belmont to Tyler
&. Saterlee for ifiiOO. The part sold lies
just east of M. H. Xickelson's place.
L. E. Morse of White Salmon is carry
ing bis arm in a sling. In crossing a
stile after night he fell and tore his hand
Mnerely on a barbed wire fence.
Mark O'Neill, a prominent attorney of
Portland, ami wite came up on Hie
Dalles City last Saturday. and went over
to Jewett's at Whits Salmon.
C. I). Henrichs,. while up at .Endersby
recently, met "Nip" Neal, who U still
freighting, driving a six-horse team, and
is the same old "Nip."
The steamer Regulator' ha heen re
paired fri in the injuries received when
she blew out her eylender head, and is
again on the route.
W. A. Slingerland made the first ship
ment of Hood Uiver apples last Saturday
He sent 8 boxes of -Wealthy apples to,
K. H. Pickard has finished a neat iob
of papering and decorating the house of
Miss Ida Koe, which will be. occupied
by W. M. Stewart.
The new house built by Judge Prather
is almost completed anil E. H. Pickard
is putting on the finishing touches.
. 'A. H. Tieman still improves under
the care of his friends at the home of
( J. Hayes.
. The 0. R. & X. Co. are securing .right
of way to straighten ' the railroad at
Jlayne Spur. . . .
A heavy rain soaked the valley Iat
Sunday and caught out a good deal of
clpver hay. . . ,
The young grass is starting iiioelyand
feed on the range will be good in a lew
days niore.
Lost A bunch of surveyors pins.
Finder will please leave with O. B.
Mrs. M. F. Shaw is making an ex
tended visit among friends in Wallowa
A pair of sectaries were found and
left at this office for the owner.
rlchool in the town district will begin
iu?ft Monday, September 11th.
12. Quaekenbush and family went out
to Trout Lake last Saturday.
Dale Copple has gone to Crook county
to look for a stock ranch.
Mrs. Kline of Portland is viaiting her
sister, Mrs. C. U. Bone.
(ieo. P. Crowell has been re-commissioned
notary public.
B. R. Tucker is building a comimxlious
still plentiful
at Rankin's ferry landing at
White Sal-
moil. Miss Kniily Palmer, one day last
week, found 50 lieautiful net. There hi
a Mint ledge' at this place, niwl More the
advent of the 'pioneer the aborigines
used to quarry arrow headH here. . .
John A. Smith lost his spectacles on
the day of the reception to the return
ing wldiers at the armory. Finder will
please leave them at this office. The
spectacles would be of no use to any one
but the owner, us they were made es
pecially for him. ' .
A number of discharged soldiers of the
Pith Minnesota, from Manila, passed up
on the SjKikane river, Monday evening.
They were healtldy looking' men, but
one of them said he hud seen enough of
the world to unit him for a w hile. .
Joseph Mctiuire has been quite under
the weather for the past month, and
came down tow n for the first time last
Wednesday. His trouble whs something
like the r pell he had two years ago.
Plantation Social In the A. (). I. W.
ball next Wednesday evening Sept. 13th.
Plantation songs will be sung. Planta
tion refreshments will be .served. :.Ad
mission 15c All are invited.
Tlieo. Dallas .manufactured a big el
bow pipe of galvanized iron through
which the shavings from the planer at
the I.. I.. L. Co's mill will be carried to
the engine. , . r . ,
John Unit is now lining the bicycle
repairing for the tow'ii,'hiviiigsiicceeded
Mr. Wilson. Bring your bikes; to him'
and he will do a good job!
Mrs. H. R. Iewis and family 'of I'ort
land arrived on the Dalles City, Wednes
day, and went out to Mrs. Alma Howe's
boarding house. ' ' :'r '."' '' 1 '
Miss Hester Ihwe will 4r!iVv lievl Ffv
day for Monmouth, .wbi-neish? eitpeetrf t;
attend the normal school the coming ac
ademic year. ' '' ' '''' '' "'
Miss Maud Decker has been quite ill
,duriiK the week at thu residence of S. J.
LaFrancu. ' She is now at J. 1 ArmoT's.
.Willie Carstons, son of A. W. Car
stons, the wood sawyer, recently return:
ed from Yakima. '",'.',
Miss Emily Palmer was over from
Whit Salmon and .visited withirie.nds
during th"Heek. " ... .
The Faster Star will meet on Satur
day evening. A full attendance is de
sired. Prof. Thompson's wife and children
arrived here Monday from C.irvullis.- .
Misses Agnes Dukes and Eva S'usher
visited at bite Salmon last week.
II. C. Bateham went to The Dalles
Tuesday. " '"' '
From McCoy Creek.
Jas. f lreeu fetunied to L'ndef wmsls nu
Monday froni ,Mi:t"oj' creek in ines, where"
he was employed ly 'Aijios l'wJ'r'oud. I
to work hi quartz xilai.m.: ', JohfivDivrk
came w itli Jiiin " .to luitir 1 Tftju'I-alye
where, he slopjs-d, Wjlt.h u party oiprtis
pectors fnini Citscadi! . Locks;1 Jim
brought along khiic sis-ciilieus (if quartt
showing rich ifi free gold to tile nuked
eve. This, ledge, which is-tlie property
ot Lnderwood Unit tiers ami Joitti Dark,
gets wider and richer the further if is
nrusieetel. McCoy creek ih coining .out
ail r.ght and may make rich men yet. of
the holders ot .claims,', uouj placer aim
quartz. "Mr. dreen came out afoot and
I made thVtrifr in a1 days.--jThe distance
jis about. 7f or H'J miles over one of fhe
roughest trails imaginable1.
Jesse liuMer, w hose place rs twmnilps
southwesr--f town, takes the lead so far
as heard fn in in growing nnioiis jn
Hofd Kiver.' He planted one-thirt4jriith
of an ucreto Yellow DattverK!iiou need.
The lioitsu'be bonglit -416 BI 'f '"ftfllwl
it "Prize TaktrsC Z F.rdrn thison'r
thirteenth of an acre he marketftl 25
sacks, or a little over one ton of as line
onions as one could w ish for. The price
reeieved was t cents uioUmL .A t thip
rate his onions netteit f.iZ. An
acre of the same yiehl would have nettetl
him. il, ''lliU is airyfirfbrer's ilrst
cro of onions in Hood River. In the
shapeof fertilizers heippliediiOO pounds
of wood ashea and one bucketful of laud
plaster. Also, from one acre of ground,
Mr;, linbler harvested thre' tons -of
timothy bay. Mr. Imbler's land is not
what woiili) he eofisidered good uim
nor hay land. ' The timber' growth oji
this land wan principally jiino, and .20
yM'rs ugi this same land was Considered
by fanners to be the poorest in the val
ley. For strawberries there in, none
better in tlie valley, as has been dem
onstrated every year for the past ten
years. ' ' ' '
Barn-U IMsiricC;
MisN Stjmson ..has bought 20 acres of
1. W. Angus; and lumber is being haul
ed to build a cottage on, the. place.
A party of young people went up to
Mt Deli a nc.e after Huckleberries Thurs
day. They tame home with only a few
quarts of berries, but laid an enjoyable
trip. The ilartv consisted of the Misses
Maud. Parker, . Arvilla I'oore, Stella
Riehard'sori," Minta Alexander. ' Messrs.
James Parker, Frank tiibbotis .
Mrs. Morse .and ilauahter, ,-JUiry, just
from California, are very sick witli some
thing like la grippe, -, . .
Elder L. tJ. DU hits. gone. in-. -Mora to
hi 11 a tent ineeting.
Charles Gibbons got hurt while work
ing on the tiunie last week. The pick
used to pull lumber outof-.the flume ae-
cidently slipped and went into his leg.
Charlie" will be laid up for a while.
Mrs. Lucy Isenberg is still very low
from re.uatj 1 atrak-)t of piralysis. A -
iSlrs. Friedlvis visiting .her son Ar
tljur.. or a fgw weeks. ' - " , '"
j'Miss Arfnilla Foim. is Uisiting friends
in The Dalles. :
M ts.f M 'Ptlu?.
A mars tiiee'tiii'of 'iitiSii'iiH fif the town
and valley is herehy called to nieet in
X.,0. V'., W'.. hall, at 2. o'clock p.m.
Saturday, September Itith, to consider
the proposition and make arrangements
for holding the fourlh biennial horticul
tural fair of Hood River, White Salmon
and vicinity. J. W. Mortov, ISupt.' '
' ' Ciittrcli Notices;, ;
Rtv. J. W; Jenkins will preach in the
Valley (Christian churvh next Sunday,
morning and evening.
: Congregational church. Services will
he held next Sunday at 11 a. in. ami at
7 p. m. Sunday scliool at 10 o'clock.
In Hood River, Sept. fi, 1.):)
Eggert and Miss Lizzie Ehrck.
J. II,
The bride is the daughter of Wm.
Ehrck of the East Side and in one of the
most respected young ladies in the
''.-nmunity. The groom is a prosperous
young farmer of the East Side. The
Ul.uukr extends congratulations.
In The Dalles, Aug, 31, Vm, Jas. F.
Blurof (ilenwood and Hannah-M. Rob
bing, late of Kansas.
At Mower, Or., St-pt,. 1, im, Mrs. M.
McGregor, a'ed 73 years. Fanera.1 ser
vice were conducted orr" .Siturdav at
the family residenee by Rev. . L.
Indimi arrow heads are
. Shoes of great endurance for men. , These are made "of hea vy
ralf, three soles, Knglish last, straight tip, lace, andiFl'I.i.
I.KATHER I.IXED. You would expect the price higMr than
we'eharge von .'. '
, - .
"Wear Reskter" WKI.T, best chrome calf, tbre soles, made
for men who want a nice looking whoe that' will efir like a log
ger's shoe . . ..' ...
; . ; Men's Hercules,
For heavy wear every tlay, best liea vy calf upper, so) id oak sole
and heel put on by hand;" never get hsise; seweil with double ...
..wax thread ain'l . rivet ted ; solid as Mt. Hood an.d .-cheap, in huig
run . . 3.00
Men's good quality, genuine kangaroo calf, oak soles, new rasy
toes, plain or cap, lace and congress ... . $2.10 and .2.20
. ' Ladle' best and finest vici kid custom shoes, w ith splendid
welt sole, very liest oak tannage, worth $3.5ll..-. .......
Lidies' very true vici kid, excellent oak Sole; you would expect
to pav 2..W or 13. tliev gii fast at ,' , . .. . .' :: '? '. ' ' ' '
nr IH . i!i..s''l'.'?;L , '1,".''' jie. ,ni;t'iMpialed' at the rieein any
other line out
. v .
. If your sole gets. Kiose, don't go around "kicking.;" ..makes it
worse. ...We peg; Hieni and resew all seams frei. , , .-. .,,
' ' You can't gi t ti better dt-al than we give on shoex. .
( rapier lHlfM. 1 ;
! II. Prigge went Vf J-tAo,ti week
t i iun:l,4.-i shingles for )iis lyaiiMuoliUi
barn.- , f , .;. , .. : .(
The little daughter , of Mr. and Mrs. i
A. P. lilark in slowly eoilvalescing from
an attai'H ' typhoid fever."
MiMuR KreiiLi I'riiCL'f. N'e fi Wiekham
Slav McCJaren. Malid ami Jehnie Millt'rf
and several others leave, this w6cK for ;
an outiiig in the WilhuHftte ulleyv,,..
! On their return from a, visit ill Klick-1
itat county, Rev. Charles Coop ami
family'' .will 't remove' b (i'lark comity.,.)
asli., to make their future home. . -j
Sclnsd H'iied -.,ugu-( SSth. ., There j
are about V5 children ofssidiool age in
the district and with t)ie present rate of '
; . I..:'.... .:.!ti :.. .1. '..1
increaseJn jMipuijuioii w'Mr 'oe iieai .. , .. :
future reiiuire another room. . .J,;,IM,l.,),lfi'e,a,1Vuii"-ony(;r, v.'nh., Auirnst T,
... , ' ., -i , ., , , i IDBft.-Nolleo In n-rrby lvni thnt the litlliiir-
edliesda v, August .mjIIi, a chllilrell s ; hic-i.nmed Mailer has a led notice of Ills Inten-
party was given at the heine of .Mr. and ! ""!' " I5"lf-e.,ulVl 1,'"",,f !" ,l,h
l M l l,,,,,,!. r,f ,,,.ellm, nun lliillsul.l lrrir Will lie iliMitehefore
Mrs. (,. A. Mc( in- honor Of thfr W. Kule.Herk r Uir milor court of the
tifth birthday of hilen McCurdy and I suite of WuHljinirton, for sknnuoilu eount v. ut
Mona (ireeii.' Though liavilig first mxti J!!'?!Vi,lt,!,"t '"!. n'.,l
the light in listaiitfitis, their life liiK'si. 'M""'r '' '"'j;VW o. RV '
have met in tlu Vunny; hap)y.hoiirs of j M. SOi ,o-:w,'for the west iflorih-west'i;.
childltoisl, and retl4yiii.i .could not be r-i fion 12. townnbii) :i,nirtli. riiiiice jjt,w:,!u.
more fond of each other. This was , , "'V1"'" lhl rollowlnn wliiiesH to !rove
Iheir first tiarty and if was
. .hid.
inticii en-
joyed. 'rThoV reveled ' in swings under
protecjiiig oiilis, romvieil with, their ilof: .
lies on the law ii, ami prattled as only!
fliiklrrn can. aMhe Inippfl hours flitted j
iiway. During the altefnooii. zi iioyfi,
. 11 i i .1 .. .".
unu gmw, ure.-sro' upfMopriHw ut uk "v- i
fusion, were served witli Ice cream aiid
cake and .candies., Mrs. M t'urdyr.w ho:
is a line entertainer, added much to, the
enjoyment of all. irandpa " ,t rapper,
wboYarries'the bunte'n i t-U years w ith
body erect and intellect uiidiiiimcd, was
jireseilt in fyofujr of the ruebfa,tiin. '
.luit ShIjuuii hSfili.
' A party pustd uf tbs. foljtiwing
started for the hop lields .of .Vakiiim
Monday: .Misses Mary and Anna Wolf-'
ard, Lrila Crow, ' Olga IittfatrbaeJcy rlil
Messrs. .(,'f.tlrlie M.firse and ( ! uy, ( 'row.; ' .j,
Mr. ilmbertkuwliuid came down fnni j -
Mosier'it. several. ihivs ii.i White
Salmon iluriiig Die we k.'.'i ,', .',', It: I
A verr-plcatfliit pur'y 'ics' teudcrcd '
Mr." and Mrs. Kank.i'--ai-l family ''
bite Salmon hull hint Monday evi-ning,
lhineing wal.' indulgeil- in nntii bite j
hour, and Jrhe. gueti' tlepaiteil biildiug j
farewell Hi their lYiefuls," w ho w itl soon i
leave for UoldcndaU., Mr. aurl,;MrK.
who wiwi them Hticcesw in thBir new
homei. Among thrive jirsent were: -Mr.
and lr.; agan, .Mr'. aiid LMrs,. Myers,'
Mr. ami Mrs. Sisson, Mr. ttndxMrm Ad
ams, the Misses flora and lie nil Hanson,
Hiflda ami ("hestie. KanlUlU Minnie My
ers, Veda 'i'holiEis, . Kostf -r'erTy, Mrs.
p., 'If l Ti o'j
nanKin, iuov iitoiiuis, i-.o xrahtr, wuit t
('olrjman, Herbert- Howlad;! ih'o. Atr
kiilson, ,;Arf'.-j Ward; ' Berriil Robinson;
f rank Hunsaker, Johii anjl. I'rank La
gan, Tunis Myers and Air. Stevenson.
Another roou'i is being added to the
public schisd building here,' which w ill
lie userl for the irimary pupils.
A railing in being nun t.i around tlie
White -.Salmon dK'k,r inr improvement
w hich -will make it niucli.jiafcr. K.
"They tire s'niply jierfect, "writes 1'obt
M(sire,"of Ii Kaye'tte, Ind., Uf He-Witt's
Little Karley Risers, the "famous little
pills" for mnrtiMtioh anrl 'iill liver ull
ments. Never gripe. Williams & lirosius.
and - -
Thoroughbred Jersey.
Tliorouglitired Jcisi y cow I'or wilf, fid.
... .. , v, , .. K. K SavaisI;:.
New Stock of Jewelry.
(.'all and see my stuck mli .;t priiw-4. ' Uy
buyliiK c1.ise I llinl I in S,T1 c'io.i:wr
ol.liors. MppHttl reilui:tloni ,m Jfinvdiw trill tie
mailt: on Saturttit.vs. ( 'if.t, , Ti'.siei.K..
If your wuHrnrettek'ttr'ftMillMi'ri.-Rtll on
K. I.. ttM)d. tXiiituUt)onf!o, imI rfne Sir
lircscrlptiorn. Noeiit'flio vy. , ottlrv' hours
from A. M. fill HI'. ,M., uml nit ftlglit'if nei
essitr.v. .' .'.." hH
a ; ; t rtit-r-h--1
Strawberries as IS Strawberries
No mutter wlietlier von have water to Irrl-
Ifaie Willi or not. the .Miiaoun will proiliwe a
crop. Xo mntter how early variety you
have, tha Kurly Sunrise wtlLbeat theiH bv
Aveek. Xo mat l'r how large he.r-rie,' you irrow.
the Clydcor Glen Mary tvmihl be ant to nut
them to rihnme. Xo niatler how pooil h table
berry you tiavf. the Mlitit'klt!SKOesime better.
And for a kikuI late berry the Hmin takes t lie
e:vke. (Hi HKItK V THY SUltltOW ami eel u
few new varieties at the (tolunibla Xiiraery.
Painter and Decorator,
Hood River, Or., i
House Patntlnu. Hnrd Oil FinUhlne. (iniln-
I ntr. rner Hnnsini;, Kalsoiotniuii.eti'. Thiny
j'earK' expi?rienee. (Titanoiteeti satistaetory
results rr no iiv KstiinaliM irralis. I.e:lve
onlrrs at ii lacier fMntrmacy. .
Imki Office at Vancouver, v at :. Sept. I
Item. XotUtr is hereby irtven that the follow
ing name.! settler hax fl(e1 notice uf hlx ln!
terM.ior to make final proof In support of hin i
olaon, mut t,liiHHirt proof will bumuiJe before I
the KeiriMermid Rnrelver V. H. Lam! orfie
at ani-ouver. Wash.,, on Tnesdny, Oetoljer i
H. lSIO.via:
. BYRON F..'fTiANr.vr.I
Hoineslead KntryNo. On 19. for the Hnntlieast
viit Tiin H, township $ norlh. range 11
eut, W. M.
He nionea the tonowivtg ftrieine. to prnv
his continuous retJeuce upon anj cultiva
tion of. said IriI, vi.:
John H. Jarvls. llnliert M"leien. Walfer
J. Rates. Krlwiii M. Jarvia,7 (l of White Sal
nin P. o., WasMnetiin. .. . -
kio.S W. It. DrNBAll, Hesistor.
. ' ' "
I ;'U
ItiVer Willi tt'i(iMi ut
III. '.if luiKn...u.kii.l I.
. Has nnn irt llood IhVe'r Willi u'K'mI st.'s'k
"' inoni'ss. AM kinds of liurnewi ami !.-
I Hu ropith'lii, ,Jj lie.IUd.i'elloivs' biitUtuk
Persons ttiitlnj m tn-e or n' tliousnnU
will nave luiiney, et flrst-ebivs lines, iind
T K K I'X 1 1 1 at n re I i 1 1 A l A XT f. k 1 1 to t.C T H I f.
to NAMK by phK-idur their orders wild H. si:
lialllguu, who is leuullHin trees from tbv , ...
' Most Reliable Hurssrjf in Oregon. -
Mmiiiiiiuitfl, IV iin1 UIHIH eUlllVU-
ii.,.. .,, i ,.,. .
llwirue Tymlh t!iiK.rr(iMi;- iM)i6 Tislier
find- .1. A. I'lsliet, al of Clieuowetli. r. (I.
Wl. AIInI.'i
Aiiuir. ve u iti'vi-i ko o.. ..(..,....'
Ranch for Rent.
i. i hti in cunTitniiili:
'21 nmf tn 'iil1ti'11im: 400 apple Invt, tnn.
)v , henrinu;.tJluT n ull; an early ine .for
HtiHwiienits. tiiioil imv innl; inilfiiemieni
'Hier ri.ui:KAsy4HiH oil m ililsorilcr.
Turkeys for Sale. -
Trio of Itfi.iiw Jirknys. Apply l IHkoI!W.
:'; Farm? for Sale.
f'Ohrre. nourlv nil. In riifliynllon. 'The vcrv
Imleeor (limit KivifVrflley: hiilm Soutll ut
town. 1'rWe iitin ni-re.
A.iH,, DHJiltoAV,
, .
yspepsia Cure.
Digests what you eat.
' ' 1 1 artificially d i gests the food apd aids
Nature .in strengthen l,ng .and . recon
stnjctlns the exhausted digestive, or
gans. I t Is the latest d IscoVererf digest
ant and tonic. ' No other preparation
cao approach it iti' efflciency. ' It in
Btantly relieves atnd permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indrgestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence,.: Sour Stomach, - Nausea,
all other results cf imperfect dipestioo.
Prepared by E. C beWltt A Co., Cblcago.
i'or side by i 1 nins & lirosius.
Time Schedules.
il'r'in HOOD UIVKUl AnniVB
Halt I,aUff, Jlenver,!
' Mail
t-M p.m..
r r. tt oi l ri.i Mnanii,:
Kshsiis i'ity., Ht
JonlK, Cliicago;
anil Ui Kusf. j
Walla Wnllu, H)o-.
kioii'.Mlnni'M polls.
HI I'iuiI. I'lllinh,
MllwniikiH', l'tii-
eugii mill KusU i
Fnln ronTLAXI).!' 4 p.m.
llCKAN .SlT,AMSUU,,l , , :
For Him Francisco: ''
Kvery tlve davsj . i. ''
i. '
('OM'MBIA RlVKK 1-4 p.m.
STKAMKItH. . , K...SUllllliy.
To Asioriii ' nil way
" lUIlUIUgH i
- ' -
WniimicttB UVv'er. 4:'l p.m.
!t)rpnTi City, Nett-'Kx!loiilay;
. Suiiilay . lieiK.Siilcni iiv .
liolilhilrs. - ' ' ' l-
Wihamkttr and :t::n) p.m.
YAMiiti.r. RrvEfts.'.V'oii. ' WJ.
I a.m.-'
Tur. Thiir.
and Sat.
(hinim 'Hy,I uy urn., and. Fri.
ami way landing. . ,
H a.m.
Tiles, Tliur.
u i ill Hat.
Wlllninelte niver. 4:30 .in.
PiM tliiiKl to Cir,val-Tues.,Tlnir.
Us A. wt)y laiuliiifjs. , ' anil Sat.
Lv.Klpuriu.l ... - ,.Iji Lewist n
l:l.) STtAKK ItiVKR.
daily ex.Siit.llllpafla to lf lntohex.Fi'lilsy.
wVii.'lnnu.ljiusT; "
(ten't Pas. Aent, Portland, Or .
K. It. Ct.AKK, Aicen t, HikkI Iti.ver.
ffls Dallss.PffltW & Astoria
Navigation Co..
Through Freight and
Passenger Line. :
I Daily bet. Dalles aiifl Portland
a Fricrht Will Cnmtt Thrnncrh
A" r rel?P,,VV "'. V?, e '"OUgn
" ' '" .Without Delay:-
'PI. lkillu o 4i
. . . . .
j t"f r . .-i.
Ieave l'ortlaniLv
....7.IW a. M.
One way f t oO
IiouiKl trip v....7.w.!ft '2 SO
Freight Rates Creally Reduced
V. C. A LI AWAY, GeiieralAirent,
' -' '' ' . ' : t. V l( V
j ' liKI'AaT
' -' Frwt !
Hnott.-inA !
,' Klyrr '
' 4:.'t7 p.m.
; 8 p.m.
j S p.m.' I
I Kx. Siinilny
I Saturday,
j 10 p.dn.
bone & Mcdonald
Staple Groceries,
Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes,
(, Whh h we will sell at live and let live ju'ui
.- ... .
Agents for Osborne Mowers and Reapers.
... rft . ! i
Chas. N. Clarke, AgtM at the Glacier Pharmacy.
"uhX: ,ru 1'al""t M,"""",es Wrt" ' w.p,...u
highest prices ii;:en'a,,n!:"n:!wau;:r1'-
I'halxe lara ipianl II ies ol IVnit for canning pnrpostn. :
All kimls e'' Iroil bnr uiul enilHK mi iiunil. Coine and sec u; we mean bnstntvit.
HtiKlebatrer Wnsonsnnd Sprlns Watnn; Planet .If. Harden Tool and Cultivators: I'aa
Ion Clipin'r Plows. Itai'i'iiHH and Hises; Roller Spring Tooth tlaninvs. Thesa are the beat
uiii are sold at an low prices as are chargei br cheaper grudcH of tools. (Jet our prices unit
exainlae th (fisnln. -f '-.,
N. Kvakk. Pi-es.
K. savaok, Sec. and Treus.
1 ! M . ' -. "'" , (liicorpo.'alcib.
I'nexeclled fhcllltleo for handlini; real estate. Parties wishing to dispose of real property '
will rind It to their Interest" to list the same with us. Conveyancing oVuie and lit leu eiuui
tiled. Abstnmls furnished. ,
. .Frull 1 luxes, crah-s and packages nl all kinds. Murage warehouse.
Thfi Farnoiict Rfisart. at.
Will be opened to the public. July ;
, , . , The HiKwl IrlpHml most accessible glaciers In Ainerlca. Pure air, omt
night, unrivalled winery. Jtulld up your tired system lo the health
' giving ozone of the h.lgli altitudes. . .
For lesci viitloiis, rates, eti-., address
H. D. LANGILLE, Manager.
I.uekey .t Olingcr, Stage .Managers. .!
Successor to K, L.Kmlth Oldest F.stnhlltlied House In the valley.)
' ' ' '' -HKA I.Kit IX. . . ...
ZDr3T 0-ood.s, Clot!ln-Im.g:,
'' ,. AND . " '
Flour, Feed, Etc., Etc.
Justice of tlie Pence . , (Notary FuMio for
for Hood Hiver District I . Oregon. ,
I am prepared at all times lo draw andcxecute Heeds ami Mortgages, and all kind of le
gal papers carefully prepared.
I am also prepared on short notice to furnish correct Abstracts. ' Also represent. Khe oldest
and strongest insurance companies; so if you tvant. your prosarty insured doo't ail lo call m
we and get h policy In a reliable insurance company. - .
And when It comes to Ileal Kstnte, I am the one you want to see. If you want to buy, e1t
or rent uny land In Hood Hiver valley or White Halmon, don't fail to call on or write to me. I
also negotiate loanson real estate. I have been a resident of Hood hiver valley for 111 year,
therefore am thoroughly acquainted with till! valley. (IKI). T. PHATHKK, Hood River.
Timber Land, Act June 3, 1-.7S.1 '
United States Land Orllre, Tlie 1 'a lies, Ore
gon, luly II, lswi. Notl. Is hereby given
that in compliance Willi tlie provisions of the
act of control'', of .ImwH. cntitloii "An act
for the sale of 1 1 m her lands in the stales of
California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
Of Ilivod River, couiiiy of Wusco. stale of Ore
gon, has til is day tiled in this oltlee hi.s sworn
sliitj'lni'nt. No. Hi, for the purchase of thfi
miiih i southeast '4 nnd north southwest
of scilion 21,- in township No. 1 north, range
ho. 9 east, W. M., and will offer proof to show
that the land sought is more valuable for its
timber or stone than for agricultural pur
piwcs, and to establish his claim to said land
before the flcgisle. and Receiver of this office
at The I miles, Oregon, on Wednesday, the JOIli
day of September, IMHI.
He mum's as witnesses: H. O. Wyatt, llcrt
V. Wyall, YV. A. Winans and A 1. W inans,
allot' lliKd River, Oregon.'
Anv and all crsons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are leijncsied b tile
their claims in this oltiee on or before said 20th
day of September, Iswi.
Jyllsl,-, .IAY P. I.t'CAS1, Register.
Stockholders' Meeting.
To the Stockholders of the Fast Fork Irrigat
ing Com(am:
Take notice, 1 hat a special meeting of the
stiK'k holders will he. held . ,
September IS, ,
At 2 o'clock, p. ni.. at. the nflli-e of the Hood
Kiver Trading Comp-ny, Hood River, Or., for
the purpose of electing one director, to in
crease fhe enpttal stock and' to devise ways'
mid means, lor-an -early comrdetion of ihe
ditch. Uy order of the Hoard of Directors. .
C. K. RON K, Secretary.
Dated AiTgtist Ii, IW.
Held high
In the estimation or
Practical falaiirs.
Every gallon of
aj Sherwin-Williams
will cover 300 or more square
feet of surface in average con
dition, two coats to the gallon.
Every gallon is a full U. S.
standard measure. It is made
to Paint Buildings with. It
is the best and most durable
House Paint nude .'
(!. It. 4'ahtnkk, Vice Prel
l'. It. ItoNK.
Snnw Tinfi nf Mt. TTAnrl""'
IU1. . jially jitucs( from HimmI Rjver,,, .
Ijind Otllcn at Vancouver, Wash., Aug. 10,
ISjW. NotiiT Is hen'by given that the follow-
lng-named stiller has filed notice of his Inten
tion to 1011 lie anal proof in support of bis
claim, and that said proof will be made
bctore W. It. Presby, P. H. Comniis.iioner for
Ulstrtct of Washington, al. his oltiee In (lol
denilale, Washington, on Monday, (September
St, IK.KI, vi.:
Honieslcad F.ntry No. !fl:l, for the south half
of tumthcast (iiiarter of section 4, and the
north hall of northeast quarter of section 9,
township 3 north of ranee 12 cast, W. M.
lie names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of said land, vi.:
.lames Fit. Ira It. Iiewelt, James O. I.yl.
and Frank Reynolds, all of Lyle P. O., W'a'sh
ingtoii. aWsvaj W. H. nUNBARReglsler.
' Ijold Office at Vancouver, Wash., Aug. 17,
IXWI. Notice is hcrctiy given that the follow-lug-Haiiied
settler has II led notice of his In
tention to make final j'wof In support of his
claim, and that said proof will be mads
bwlore VV. B. I'resby, IT. s. Comniis.Ooncr for
Idstrict of Wnshingtnn, at his office in Ool
dendale, Washington, on Tuesday, Sept. 'At
Hootcstead Kntry No. KWi. for Hie smith half
of southeast quarter section 2, northeast, quar
ler of northeuHt quarter section, fl, and north,
wist quarter of northwest quarter section lit,
townhhlpa north, range 12 east, W. M.
He names tlie following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon aud cultivation
of, said hind vm:
F.rnest Kiihnhansen, of ftlenwood P. O..
Wash.; Henry Kestorn", of Fulda P. O., Wash.;
lieorge Tains, of lilenwiod P.O., Wasli.; Hana
Henningscn, of Fulda P. O., Waslr.
a2jt-"J W. R. DUNBAR, Regi-ter.