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    5ood iiver (Slacier.
, Published every Eriday by
TerniR of Subscription S1.B0 a year whn
paid In advance; 2 if not paid in advance.
FRIDAY. JANUAltY 0. 1899.
The city of The Dulles is in a fair
Way to lose the trade that has built up
the city mill inurie it the distributing
I oint for u liig portion of the Inland
Empire riming the past 40 years. The
'olunibiu Southern railroad building
fom BUgs lias reached Mora and in
time will reach Antelope, with prob-
uhl a branch to Prineville. This takes
away the ratle of that part of Sherman
imiiity Unit h.n been tributary to The
I ailes, and the trade of Crook county
ami southeastern Wasco will be. Inst to
it. The projected railroad from Lyle
to Uoldendale, if built, will take from
The Dalles most of the trade of Klli.k county ll now enjoys. The only
hope. for The Dalles to retain her su
premacy as the chief city of the Inland
Empire lies in establishing manufac
tories. The Mountaineer has been
pointing out the way, but the men
w ho have the capital and own the real
estate and who are most interested con
tinue to hesitate.
Under date of Dee. 17, 1KU8, Governor
Lord, by authority of section 2500 of
Hill's (.'ode, appointed the following
named gentlemen as a state board ol
immigration: J. C. Cooper, Henry L
J'ittock and Win. G. Gosslin. In view
of the importance of the work to- be
undertaken, and tile desire of the board
to secure co-operation in every section
of the state, as well as by every indus
try therein, it is deemed advisable to
obtain a full expression of opinion.
With this end in view a convention is
ailed to meet in Portland, Jan. 21,
1S!K), at 10 o'clock a. m., to be com
posed of editors, mayorsy-eounty judges
and commissioners, members of the
legislature, and such representative
citizens as may be appointed by mayors
uud county judges or commissioners.
The question, Where are we to get
the soldiers to do garrison duty in oil'
new possessions? has never yet been
satisfactorily answered. ' But, presum
ably, the men who favor imperialism
also want to do the soldiering. To bt
c msislent, every man who favors the
annexation of the Philippines should
be willing to join the army to do gar
rison duty or tight if necessary to sub
due the natives. No man ha the
moral right to help send others where
he would not be willing to go himself.
Imperialist newspapers of the dem
ocratic stripe seem shocked at the prop
osition to increase the regular army to
100,000 men. More than this nuiber
of soldiers will he required if o.ur gov ,
eminent is going to hold all the terri
tory now claimed as captured from
Kp.iin. The congressman who would
Vole for expansion and then oppose an
increase of the regular army the only
means to carry out expansion would
hhow very poor statesmanship.
Canadians are becoming alarmed at
the spirit of conquest shown by Amer
icans and fear that their "free and in
dependent government" will be traded
nti' by England consideration ot
Uncle Sam's alliance against the great
povversof Europe. If Canada had a
heathon'populatlm of several millions
n'ie would indeed be in great danger of
boing "absorbed."
Another Union Meeting.
As will be seen by a notice in the ad
vertising columns of the Gi.acier to
day, a meeting of the stockholders of
the Hood River Fruit Growers Union
is called for January 14, 1899. It is
well known that the directors of the
it 1 1 ion are more or less handicapped by
bylaws and rules that need amend
ment, ami it is necessary that a meet
ing of stockholders should assemble to
transact other important business. The
board of directors held a meeting last
Saturday and adopted the following
resolution, which is to the point:
"He it resolved by the Board of Di
rectors of the Hood River Fruit Grow
ers' Union, That a failure of the stock
holders to attend the meeting on Sat
urday, January 14, 1899, and to amend
the bylaws and transact such other
business as may come before the meet
ing, so as to allow the board to conduct
the business in the best interests of the
fruit growers,' shall be deemed bv the
board good and sulficient cause for dis-
continuing business the coming sea
ton." mine sainion Mae. i
v rtrt - J . . 1 nr.., ,T
i ineuuueeon uie ouui was a gratia
success. ,
The young folks are having great
sport coasting.
Mrs. Edith Hansberry is couflned to
her bed with rheumatism.
The Columbia river rose 'rapidly last
week, but now it is again falling.
Someone borrowed Mr. Dethman's
boat last Friday night and has not re
turned it yet.
The snow, three feet deep in places,
bothered the Chenowetli mail carrier
Tuesday, and he did not get in till
8 o'clock.
The young folks of this place pave
Mr. O. Jewett a grand surprise Wed
nesday night of last week. He left
Tuesday for his school in the Willam
ette valley.
The mail carrier found it difficult to
cross the river Wednesday morning on
account of running ice. He was one
hour and ten minutes crossing, while
ordinarily he makes the trip in 15 or
U0 minutes.
There will be a partial eclipse of the
son Janua'y llih, visible alotig the
Xiorth Pacific coast. .
The Sealing Industry.
Hoon K.IVEU, Dec. 30, 18!J8. Editor
Glaciek: Just at this time w hile the
fortune seeker not only of our own
country but mauv others are traveling
their way towards the rich gold fields
of Alaska and British Columbia now
if the discoveries of the precious metals
already made under the trying condi
tions are any index to the future, who
can predict the possibilities of the won
derful gold fields of this country for
instance, l lie 'lreaitweti mill, witn lis
thousand stamps pounding away at a
mountain of quartz, with enough
quart:: in sight for the next hundred
years and more, with some of the rich
est placer digtiiigs ever discovered on
the continent, and yet an empire of
like gold fields unexplored. The ob
ject of this article is to notice one of the
best, paying interests at present, and
will be for all time to come, if properly
protected by. wise legislation of con
gress lur-bearing seals.
W hen Secretary Seward purchased
Alaska from Russia in 1807, payi-ig
therefor $7,200,000, the wisdom of his
act was almost universally questioned;
more paiticularly was the price a mut
ter of comment. As no one could un
derstand the significance of the $200,000,
it has recently come to light as a "stale
secret" that when war was feared with
the mother country during a critical
period of the rebellion, our good pres
ident and Secretary Seward secured a
pledge of aid from Russia, who kept a
number of her best warships on our
northwest coast for a number of months,
ready at a moments warning to aid us
Happily the storm passed over.' Bui
the expenses of Russia was a debt of
honor up n the nation which was fi
nally settled by the cession of Alaska
to the United Stales at a nominal price
for the payment of this debt, which
amounted exactly to the sum of $7,
200,000. If this'be true, Russia, in or
der to relieve herself and our state de
partment as well from so embarrassing
a position, really made us a present of
her American possessions. By this
purchase the United States acquired
the exclusive right to that portion of
Retiring Sea lying in Alaska, about 700
miles from the mouth of Yukon river.
In this sea are two islands, St. Paul
and St. George, which are the chief
breeding grounds of the seal. . It soon
oecame evident to congress that if un
restricted killing was permitted the
seals would become, as in all other
places, exterminated. So in 1870 con
gress gave exclusive privilege in Beh
nng Sea to (he Alaska Commercial Co.
By terms of this act the company pays
i he government an annual rental of
$55,000 and $2.65 bounty on each seal
secured; no more than 100,000 to be
taken each year. From this the an
nual revenue is over $300,000, amount
ng in nineteen years to about $5,300, -iKX).
The. lease expires next year. The
cost of protecting the industry is about
5 per cent of this amount. Two gov
- rnmeut vessels are employed to guard
the interest. And yet it is estimated
t hat at least 30,000 seals are capt ured by
independent sealers who take their
chances of losing vessel and boo'y, be--iiles
destroying , twice that number
which are lost; yet they have more
than doubled in numbers during this
lease. The seal is migratory in h s
Habits. ln October he goes south, just
bow far no one knows. Jn their re
turn iu the spring they strike the Cal
ifornia coast lar below .Santa Barbara;
passing north they destroy large n um
bers of salmon. An average seal skin
is worth f roil i $8 to $10 in native color,
and, curiously enough, every seal skin
taken ha to be sent to London to be
colored before going upon the general
market. In this business we find the
most complete monopoly in the world,
tor the process is kmvn only to Lou
don artisans. Its value is increased
many limes by this process.
In conclusion, let the press of this
'ountry urge upon congress tiie im
l oittmce of wise legislation (no exec
s' ve rights or trusts), tenderly provid
ing for the protect. on of this valuable
interest; otherwise it will lie destroyed,
is in all other places; and as a sequence,
for awhile cheap furs, then no furs at
all. W. P. Watson.
Beuuly Is liluuil Deep.
Clean blood means n clean skin. No
beauty without it. C'ascarets, Candy Cathar
tic clean your blood and keep it clean, by
stirring up the lazy liver and driving all im
purities from the body. Begin to-day to
banish pimples, boils, blotches, blackheads,
and that sickly bilious complexion by taking
Casearets. beaut v for ten cents. All Hriiir-
gists, satisfaction guaranteed, 10c, 25c, 50c.
A very pleasant social event occurred
at the residence of Mr. Charles Castner
on Thursday, December 29, 1898. Iu
the presence of a number of the rela
tives and friends, Mr. Frank W. Angus
and Miss Grace E. Belding were joined
in marriage. Rev. J. W. Jenkins of
ficiating. These young people have a
large circle of acquantauces in Hood
River who join in wishing them much
happiness on life's journey and who
will be pleased to learn that they pur
pose making their future home in the
valley. - :
No-To-Hao for Fifty Cents.
Guaranteed tobacco habit cure, makes weak
men strong, blood pure. 50c, 11. All druggists.
La Grippe Successfully Treated.
.... "I have just recovered from the sec
ond attack of ja grippe this year," says
Mr.Jas.A.Joues, publisher of the Lead
er, Mexia, Texas. "In the latter ease I
used Chamberlain's Cough Remedy,
and I think with considerable success,
only being in bed a little over twpdays
against ten days for the former attack.
The second attack I am satisfied would
have been equally as bad as the first but
for the use of this 'remedy, as I had to
go to bed in about six hours after being
'struck' with it, while in the first case I
was able to attend to business about two
days before getting 'down.' For sale
by Williams & Brosiua.
A Watch Night Social.
A social was given by W. P. Watson
New Year's eve for the young folks.
The evening was spent in playing games
and a goodly lunch was served by Mrs.
Watson for which all were thankful.
Those present were Mr. and Mrs. W.P.
Watson, Grace Graham, Carrie Shutes,
Lillian Shutes, Maud McCray, Verna
Sm th, Alice Graham, Ida Foss, Mrs.
Watkins, Mrs. Shufes, Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Clark, W. E. Sherrill, Chester
Shutes, lid Williams, Charles Clarke,
Win. Graham, Joe Mayes, Dell Rand,
Wm. Gregory, James Eggert. Most of
them remained to see the old year out
and the new year in. - After wishing
each a happy new year the guests de
parted for ilieir several homes.
Home Literary.
A home literary society was organ
ized last Thursday at Briurvale and the
following programme assigned for next
meeting, Thursday; Jan. Sih, at 10
o'clock u. in.:
Subject, it lsnano-Amerlcan War
I 1. Geography of Cuba uud Porto Kico
i.;. ii. Aiui-Knani
2. Geography of the Philippines
B. E. Shoemaker
3. The Reconcentrados.i J. H. Shoemaker
4. The Autonomist . Government, and
why did it fail? Mrs.B.E.Shoemakcr
5. The Destruction of the Amine
..Mrs.-A. M. Cunning
0. The Fifty Millions Voted by Congress
L. 1). Blount
7. Why Did the United .States Declare
War on Spain? Mrs. Fannie Bailey
8. Why Did Spain go to War with the
United suites? Mrs. Mattie Markham
0. Declaration of War and Call for Vol
unteers JS.-N. Benson
Owing to duties as manager of the
Valley Improvement Co., Mr. H. H.
Bailey could not be assigned regular
duties with the society, and he was
elected tin honorary member. The
next meeting will be at Briarvale, con
ducted by T. J. Cunning. Mrs. B. F.
Shoemaker will assiirn duties for the
following meeting, at which she will
preside. E. N. Benson, Secretary.
Educate Your lfowela Wil li Cuscarets. -
Candy Ontbarlir, euro constipation forever.
lOo, 25c. Xf C. C. C. fail, druggists refund money.
The Irish Fair.
There is to be an Irish fair in Port
land from January 21st to February
4th, 1899. It comes iu the merry
month of January, after the holiday
festivities are all evaporated and faded!
1 here will be excursions, uud all the
surrounding country can take advan
tage of this occasion and be happy, It
is for a most worthy charily tiietiome
for the aged but it will not be con
ducted on an order of church fairs In
all ways I lie Irish fair will be an expo
sition, and a most attractive one at
I hat. It is an elaboration of the in
dustiial exhibition, carried out on new
ideas Most of the booths will be illus
trative of Irish architecture, and will
be miuature productions,on a sufficient
ly large and massive scale to be beauti
ful, ot' the celebrated structures of the
"green little isle."
The undersigned hereby desire to
express their heartfelt gratitude to the
members and friends of the Congrega
tional church, who so generously
brought material tokens of regard and
helpfulness into their home by the oc
casion of the church's annual meeting.
Many, many thanks. '
Mr. and Mks. J. L. Hershneb,
To Cure Coital Ipjti.tou Forever.
Take Oascarets Candy Cathartic, 10c or 25c.
If C. C. C. fall to cure. druggists refund money
Harbison Bros., Prof'rs,
ground and manufactured. t
Whole Wheat Graham a specialty. Custom
grinding done every Saturday. During the
busy season additional days will be men
tioned in the local columns.
Stockholders Meeting.
A meeting of the stockholders of the Hood
River Fruit Growers' Union will be held at
the A. O. U. W. hall on . y,
Saturday, January 14, 1899, f
At 1 o'clock p. m., for the purpose of amend
ing bylaws and transacting any business that
may properly come betore the meeting. "
The question of whether the business of the
Union will be continued during the coming
season will be determined by the results of
tills meeting, and a full attendance is desired.
By order of Bonrd of Directors.
J. W. MORTON, President.
Datcd January 2, ltfWt. .
Team for Sale.
One span of Bay Mares. Will sell for cash
or on time. Also, a good wagon.
To Whom It May Concern: My wife Gert
rude Sweeney, having left my house and
board without just provocation, I will not be
responsible for any debts she may contract in
any way whatever. JOHN SWEENEY.
A 2-yeor old, part Jersey heifer, brand the
shape of a heart on right hip; round hole in
right ear. Information of the heifer will be
thankfully received by C. DETHMAN.
News and Opinions
OF ; '
National Importance
Alone contains both.
Daily, by mail $6 a year
Daily and Sunday, by mail 8 a year
Is the greatest Sunday Newspaper In the
Price 5c a copy. By mail, t2 a year.
Address THE SUN, New York.
40.000 sol it and shaved fir Shineles. V
Bids Wanted.
Bids for grubbing 40-acres of land and for
wood chopping will be received by the under
signed. The land Is located mile from
Tucker's Mill, 6 miles from town. Bids must
be received by Jan. 15, 18U9. JOS. HEN GST.
Satisfaction Guaranteed or
Money Refunded.
Jewelry of our manufacture warranted to
give the wearer satisfaction or money re
funded. We manufacture a complete line in
Rolled Gold Plate, Gold Filled, Gold front
and Solid Gold.
A complete line of Jewelry of our manu
facture Is for sale by Chas. H. Temple of Hood
River, Or. Call at the store and examine the
line. Prices low and goods first class.
W. F. MAIN Co..
Manufacturing Jewelers, Iowa City, Iowa.
Notice of Assessment.
To t he Stockholders of The Hood River Trans
portation and Boom Company:
Yon are hereby notified that an assessment
of 15 per centum on the capital stock (ssi.fio per
share) has been levied, due and payable at
once, to be delinquent ten days from the date
ol this notice. By order of Board of Direct
ors. Payable to Geo. P. Crowell, Treasurer.
Dated Dec. 18, 1898.
Do You Want
To buy lanfl In Hood River
Valley. If so, don't fail to
See Tucker!
Fruit Land. Berry Land. Grain Land, or
Hay land, at prices von can't equal in the
valley. H. U. TUCK KK, Tucker, Or. i
To close out my stuck of Shoes More than two thousand dollars
worth of slioes will be slaughtered. Come early and get your pick
of the slock at prices that are almost like giving them to you.
1 mean exactly what I say, that the entire stock goes at prices
lower-than you ever heard of before. I have an immense stock of
Shoes coming from the East, and I must close out what I have be
fore they arrive.
Don't let your neighbors get all the bargains, for I will slaughter
Shoes us long as there are any in sight but only for CASH.
- G. 3D. , WOODWORTH. .
Dealer in General Merchandise, Farm Implements, Lumber.etc.
Hood River Oregon.
All Teams stop at
9 '
Hood River's ill eat Market
liuvs absolutely for cash
other words, buys bargains and sells bargains.
Can handle your wood, butter, egns, cabbage, potatoes,
onions, at a cash price, and can tive in exchange cash, or at
cash price, the BEST GROCERIES and the BEST '
MEA TS in the state.
Just received, an . extremely fine lot of sugar-cured
Hams, Breakfast Bacon, Heavy Side Bacon and dry Salt
Make cut-rate prices to purchasers whobny at one time
$10 worth of goods.
Parties who have not yet. bought yourwinter supplies,
TAKE NOTICE It is your financial interest.. to call and "
get prices before purchasing elsewhere. -
Goods delivered to patrons in the city. '
AND CASH ONLY, is what mpkes prices, so low on
Hardware, Harness, Doors, Sash, Paints, Oils,
! Guns and Ammunition;
Stoves, Shoe Findings and Bike Supplies,
S. &
Of Hood River can furnish comfortable conveyances to all parts of the valley and vicin
ity. Heavy draying and transferring done with care and promptness.
Hereafter I will sell for CASH only or Its equivalent. Regarding prices, will saythatl
defy competition. I am not afraid to meet competitive prices at any time. Meetme on Port
land lines and I will meet you with Portland prices. Call and see
25c 50c , :liZiM&!
Gallery open three days in the week Thurs
day. Friday and Saturday until further no
tice. First-class work and
All Work Warranted.
Wagon Repairing, j
All kinds of wasron repairing done on short
Rotioe and at reasonable prices, at the old
Doners mill in Frunktou. t;. II. ROGERS. 1
tmr ETIk OTjj. aea m .fl si. i
Reciprocity Corner.
-,.um' riw
sells absolutely for cash.
Does the same work equally as velt(if
not beiter) than the more complicaed
and higher priced machine.
A. A. LEWIS, Manager
Oregon Agency,
2724 Stark street, Portland.
Send for Descriptive Catalogue.
L. CO.'S
Good Ranch for Sale.
Six miles below Hood Klver, on the river
and railroad; well adapted fur early fruit.
Strawberries and other small fruits on the
lace. Bearing orchard. Plenty of water for
mention. Also, good timber for lumber or
wood. For terms apply to
o!4 CONRAD REPP, Hood River.
I Challenge
You to find better bargains than I now offer.
80 acres in foot hills.
' 40 acres near town.
v 10 acred near town.
My property until sold.
, ul .'; T. R. COON.
M. F. SHAW, M. D.
(Successor to Dr. Morgan) '
All Calls Promptly Attended
Ofilce up stairs over Copplc's store. Al
catls left at the office or residence will bt
promptly attended to. -
Attorney-at-Law, Abstracter, JSotar.y
Public and Meal Estate Agent. ;
For 21 years a resident of Oregon and Wash
ington. Has had many years experience in :
Real Estate matters, as abstracter, searcher of
lines ana agent, satisiacuon guaranteed or
no charge.
J. F. WATT,M. D.,
Graduate of Bellevne Hospital Medical Col
lege, 1884. In general practice at Hood River,
Oregon. ,,
Surgeon for O. R. & N. Co. Is especially
cquip'M to treat catarrh of nose and throat
and diseases of women.
Special terms for ollice treatment, of chronic
cases. ol4
Dr. R. W. Benjamin, dentist, of Portland,
will make regular visits to Hood River, ana
will have rooms at the Mt. Hood hotel. All
the different methods of crowning and filling
teeth.1 Prices reasonable and satisfaction
Portland Office Rooms7 and 8 Brooks bldg, v
northwest cor. 7th and Washington streets
Mf,. Htfsfl Sn.-rar Mills.
TOMT.refiflM HRflS Prnn'r.
to suit the times. . jy'M
Fresh Milk,
Areated and deodorized, 5 cents a quart.
The Glacier
Hood River, Or.
Estray Notice.
Dark red yearling heifer, dark stripes on
sides, left horn drooped.. Any knowledge of
the animal will be thankfully received by
d'J G. K. CABTNEk, Hood River.
Three head of cattle, coming two years old.
Earmarked and branded Jj on right hip.
Will pay a reward for any information con
cerning them. B. W. CUT. RAN, Vieuto.
Jewelry and Watches
At New York prices. My Jewelry is tested be
fore leaving Ihe factory and is all gold-braced.
These goods are warranted to give sattsfao
tion. , dfl . C. H. TEMPLK.
Fruit Ranch for Sale.
40 acres, 2 miles from town.' All kinds or
fruit; 2 acres in strawberries; natural water
privileges; bearing orchard. Terms reasou
able. .. W. J. CAM f BELL.
5 Acre Tracts.
Some of the most desirable places in Hood
River Lave been placed in my hands for sale.
Sixty acres for sale in live-acre tracts.
If you wish to buy or sell lands in Hood
Elver valley, call on or address
Real Estate Agent, Hood River. Or.
Lumbar Wagon. lph JtSO
ViTT sell part oiall of my ranch.
120 Acres for Sals or Eeiit.
With good improvements,: miles southwest
of town. Good school near by. good roucis,
plenty of fruit and the bust of land. Call on
Klondike Bakery.
I can supply people of Hood River with
f esh bread, pies and cake after this date, and
will hare on hand everything connected with
a bakery. M. II. NICKKL8EN.
Marco 4, ls.
140 Acres for Sale.
One hundred and forty acres of good land In
Bouthwestquarter section l;, tovnship2 north,
range !) east, W. M., known as the Chai its 5-
V. Berger place. Good roomy houue and'
ome fruit trees on the place. For price,
erras, etc., address or call on J. M. Hunting
on & Co., The Dalles, Or. d2
Semi-Weekly Republic
and Glacier
The Semi-Weekly REPUBLIC is so well
known that abont all that is necessary to se
cure a sub3cription is to call attention to it.
It is the best general newspaper of its class
than any other news weekly or semi-weekly.
It has command not oniy of all the gr 4t
sourcesof news from the Daily and Sunday
REPUBLIC, but also receives the special ser
vice of the New York Herald and New York
Journal. The telegraphic and cable Bervice
of the REPUBLIC and the papers mentioned
have never been equaled in the history of
journalism in this or any other country. .
The special features and illustrations are al
ways the best. "More noted writers contribute
to its columns than to any other pi.per of Its
class. It is published especially to meet the
wants of that large class of readers who have
not. Ihp nntvirlnnitv ni- cnnmit. ntf,rl ti tmiH ..
ti unity pttpci .' -
By a special arrangement made for a lim
ited time only, onr friends will be given an
opportunity to take advantage of this liberal
Remember the offer, the Twice-a-Week RE
PUBLIC, IB pages a week, and the GLACIER,
both One year for only two dollars.
Address the Glacier, Hood River, Or. . )
Land Office at Vancouver, Wash,, Dec. 7,
1808. Notice is hereby given that the following-named
settler has tiled notice of his inten
tion to make final proof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made before
the Register and Receiver U. S. Land Office at
Vancouver, wasn., . on Monaay, January iu,
icyy. viz: .
H. E. No. 7521, for the lots one, two, three and
four, section 22, township 8 north, range 10
cast, W. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion oi saia ianu, viz: '
Amos Underwood. Edward Underwood.
George Dnvenal and Henry Kellendonk, all
of Underwood (Hood River P.O.),Wftshington.
nuji3 w. n. -UUJNiiAtt, register.
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles, OregorVNov
3U, issis. -notice is nereoy given t at in ,-nisi'
ance of instructions from the Commls ;n
of the General Land Office, under autlont
vested in him by section 2455, U. IS. Elej
Stat., as amended by the act of congre.taaf
proved February 26, 18t)5, we will procewl
offer at. public sale on the 14th day of Jania'q
next, at this office, the following tract of lit
to wit: NK N W!4 Sec.14, Tp.2N., R.11E.W.
containing 40 acres. I
Any and all persons claiming adversely?
above-described lands are advised to file tf
claims in this office on or before the day &
ucbi(j . mui tile c.iii iiirij.-tjuicin. naiui
eir rights will be forfeited, j
.1 A i f. luuah, Kegista