The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, February 18, 1898, Image 2

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    5ood liver Slacier.
' Published every Friday by
S. F. Blythe.
Terms of Subscription -S1.50 a year when
paiu in auvance; sss 11 noi paid in advance.
Minister De Lome, the Spanish en
voy at Washington, in a private letter
to Canalejas, the Madrid editor, who
recently visited the United States and
Cuba, wrote very disrespectfully
President MeKinley. The letter was
stolen by a Cuban "patriot" in Havana
before reaching the person addressed
and has since teen made public De
Lome did notdeny itsauthenticlty, bu
telegraphed his resignation to Madrid
and his successor has been appointed
Our government, of course, took steps
to give De Lome his walking papers.
Americans exercise the right to crlt
izise and condemn the president of the
United Stales when they see fit, but
when a representative of a foreign gov
eminent undertakes to abuse our chief
executive it becomes an insult that is
resented by the whole people.
All preliminary arrangements for the
establishment of a Grand Army of the
Republic colony in Matagorda county
Texas, have been made, and the first
Installment of eight hundred families
from Minnesota and Dakota will arrive
at their new home in about two weeks,
The colony will occupy 22,000 ' acres of
rich land. Some of the colonists will
come from the New England States.
The Autelnpe Herald, after copying
the remarks of the Glacier of two
weeks, ago on county politics, adds
"Of course that section of. the county
is entitled to the Commissioner and
.will get it, and if Mr. dinger is nom
inated for sheriff he will be elected
.Custom-house records show that
shipments of American fruit to Ger
many have risen steadily from $178,421
in value in the fiscal year 1894 to $1,-
080,304 in 1897 and $1,217,439 in the first
half of the current fiscal year.
The Wasco county central commit
tees of the democratic and people's par
ties, at their, meetings in The Dalles
last week, adopted resolutions favoring
fusion of all parties opposed to the re
Loss of the Battle-ship Maine.
An explosion occurred on board the
United States battle-ship Maine, lying
, 111 Havana hftrhnr. An t.hfl nltrhf. nf
February 15th. Over 200 of the crew
were killed and many wounded and
the ship is a total loss.. The explosion
is a mystery, but it is. thought to have
been caused by the accidental igniting
or a miigr.zine on uoara. v;upt. sigsbee
nun fill rn omnprs nnr. turn wpra buvmI
The explosion shook the whole city
and broke every window... The ship
was commissioned in 1895 and cost $2,-
The latest telephone bulletin received
at Williams & rosins' drug store as
we go to press is as follows: - , .
i oktjj and, ur., jet. 17, 8 a. m.
The number of dead in the Maine ex
ploxion is 254. Our government has
ordered an immediate investigation.
There are rumors of Spanish treachery.
Capt. Sigsbee is reported as saying the
explosion was not an accident. Spain
has expressed regret.'
The news of the loss of the steamer
Clara Nevada is confirmed.
At Barrett School House.
Editor Glacier: The Lincoln night
at the Barrett school house, by the
Cascade Gushers, was an overflow as
far as to numbers and a general deluge
as 10 patriotic tnougnt. At roll call
the members responded to their names
by giving a quotation from the great
.cmaiicijmior, ana me readings and
recitations were all on the same theme,
until a good history of Lincoln could
be learned at the short exercise. J. H.
Shoemaker read an interesting paper
on the downfall of slavery. C. E. Cop
pie spoke entertainingly on the topic
w me evening, and m. r. lsenoerg so
captured the Gushers by his eloquence
as to win a merited vote of thanks.
Hood River School.
The Hood River public school opened
Monday, February 14th, with a total
enrollment of 111 pupils, as follows:
In Prof.Allard's room Eighth grade,
11 pupils; seventh grade, 13.
In Miss Graham's room Sixth grade,
is pupils; nnti, iu; fourth, 21.
In Miss Stevens' room Third grade,
an pupiis; second grade, is; nrst grade,
1 22
Tuition for outside pupils has been
raised from $1.50 to $2 per month.
Democratic County Convention.
The democratic county central com
mittee, at its meeting last Saturday,
fixed the date for the county conven
tion ofl Saturday, March 19th, and rec
ommended that the primaries be held
March 12th, to elect delegates to the
convention. The convention will be
composed of 91 delegates, giving the
precincts representation as follows:
Falls 6
Kast Hood River 6
Eight-Mile 8
Nansene 8
West Hood River 4
liiildwin 2
Mosler 4
Durur B
Ramsey 2
Bakeoveu 2
Tygh 8
Oak Grove 4
Wamio , 6
Kinsley 4
Antelope 8
Vlento 2
West Dulles g
Treavitt 0
Ulgolow 6
East Dalles.... 9
Columbia 2
Deschutes . 2
Walter Rice, the young man who
forged F. E. Jackson's name to u check,
about a month ago, has been sent to
the penitentiary lor one year.
The young man McBee, who was
charged with purloining handkerchiefs
from Wood worth & Ha nlla'ti store, was
discharged by the grand jury.
The County convention of the
pie's party will be held March
M.d I he primaries March 12th.
19 th
The De Lome Letter.
Legation De Espana, Washing
ton. Eximo SeuorDon Jose Canalejas,
My Distinguished and Dear Friend:
you need not apologize for not having
written to me; I also ought to have
written to you, but nave not done soon
account of being weighed down with
work and nous sommes qulttes.
The situation here continues tin
changed. Everything depends on the
political and military success in Cuba.
Ihc prologue of this second method of
wariare will end t lie day that the col
onial cabinet shall be appointed, and it
relieves us in the eyes of this country
of a part of the responsibility of what
may happen there, and they must cast
the responsibility upon the Cubans,
whom t bey believe to be so immaculate!
Until then we will not be able to see
clearly, and I consider it to be a loss of
time and uii advance by the wrong road
the sending of emissaries to the rebel
Held, the negotiating with the auton
omists not yet deciured to be legally
constituted, and the discovery of the
intentions and purpose of this govern
ment. . The exiles will return one by
one, and, when they return, will come
walking into the sheepfold, and the
chiefs will uradually return. Neither
of these bad the courage to leave en
masse, and they will not have thecour
age thus to return. The message bus
undeceived the insurgents, who ex
nected something else, and has para1
lyzed the action of congress, but 1 con
aider it bad. Besides the natural and
inevitable coarseness with which he
repeats ali that the press and public
opinion of Spain has said or vveyier, 1
shows once more what MeKinley is
weak and catering to the public, and
besides, a low politician, who desires to
leave a door open to me and to stand
well with the jingoes of his party.
. Nevertheless, as a matter of fact, it
will only depend on ourselves whether
ne will prove bad and adverse to us. J
agree entirely witli you; without a mil
Itary success nothing will be accom
plished there, and without military
and political success there is here al
ways danger that the insurgents will
be encouraged, ir not by the govern
ment, at least by partof publicopinion,
I do not believe you pay enough at
tention to t tie role of Jinnlann. jNearlv
all toat newspaper canaille which
swarms in your hotel are English, and
at the same time that they are corre
spondents of the Journal, they are also
correspondents of the best newspapers
and reviews ot London. Thus it has
been since the beginning. To my mind
the only object of England is that the
Americans should occupy themselves
with us and leave her in peace, and if
tnere is a war, so much the better; that
would turtner remove wbat is threat
ening tier although that will never
It would be most Important that vou
should agitate the question of commer
cial relations, even though it would be
only for effect, and that you should
send here a man of importance in order
that I might use him to make a prop
aganda among the senators and others
in opposition to the junta and to win
over exiles.
There goes Amblard. I believe he
comes too deeply taken up with little
political matter, and there must be
something very great or we shall lose.
Adeia returns your salutation, and
we wish you in the hew year to be a
messenger of peace and take this New
I ear's present to poor epain.
Always your attentive friend and
servant who kisses your hand.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy Always
. i-roves luieciuai.
There are no better medicines on the
market than Chamberlain's. We have
used the Cough Remedy when all
others failed, and in every instance it
proved etlectuai. Almost daily we bear
the virtues of Chamberlain's remedies
extolled by those who have used them.
This is not an empty puff, paid for at
so much a line, but is voluntarily if i veil
In good faith, In the hope thatsunenng
Humanity may try these remedies and,
like the writer, be benefited. From
tie uienyuie (W. Va.) Fathflnder.
For sale by Williams & Brosius. ... ,
. Bounty In Ulood Deep.
Clean blood means a clean akin.
beauty without it. Cascarets. Candv Cathar-
tic clean your blood and keep' it clean, by
stirring up the lazy liver and driving all im
purities from the body. Begin to-day to
banish oimoies.- hniU. hlnfnhea hlnrLlioli
and that sickly bilious Complexion by taking
Cascarets, beauty for ten cents. All drug
gists, satibfaction guaranteed, 10c, 25c, 50c.
A thrill of terror is experienced when
a brassy , cough sounds through the
house at night. But the terror soon
changes to relief after . One Minute
Cough Cure has been administered.
Safe and harmless for children. ' Will
iams & Brosius.
Don't Tobacco Spit and Smoke lour Life imr.
To quit tobacco easily and torever. be mag
netic, full ot life, nerve and vigor, take No-To-
Bac. the wonder-worker, that makes weak men
strong. All druggists, 60c or tl. Cure guaran
teed. Booklet and sample free. Address
Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or New York.
For Sale or Rent.
120 acres, 8Vi miles from town, for gale or
rent, whole or In part. Also, wheat and oats
hay for sale. - JOHN SIPMA.
Fruit Ranch for Sale.
40 acres. 2 miles from town. AH kinds nf
iruit; 2 acres in strawberries; natural water
privileges: bearing: orchard. Terms reason
able. W. J. CAMPBELL.
Many choice fruit trees, nut trees, roses.etc..
are given away every year to those who favor
me wltn their orders. These are Just such
things as other nurserymen charge double
for, out I grow them to present to my cus
tomers, and shall continue to do so.
11. U. xSATEHAM.
Land Office at The Dalles. Oreiron. Feb. 1A.
1898. Notice is hereby given that the follow
ing named settler has filed notice of his lnten.
tion to make final proof In support of his
claim, and that said proof will be mude before
the Register and Receiver, at The Dalles,
Oregon, on Saturday , March 2d, 1898, viz:
Of Mosler, Hi E. No. 8774, fbf the west K north-
wen. ?4 mm wet suuiu wet ?4 secnon o,
township 3 north, range 12 east. W. M.
He names the following wUiipiuihii tr nmv.
his continuous residence upon and cultiva-J
won ui, nam muu, vis;
Amos Hoot. Axle Peterson. Thomas Mv
Clure and William- MoClure, all of Mosler,
Oreiron. - -fl8ui25
r JAS. F. MOORE, Register,
, BohSleds.
Two good pairs of bob sleds a heavy and a
light puir Ibi-jmle. Inquire of
m . ii. cox,.
AMl ! lilts of Pjlls.
All Knights and members of the Order of
tnis place are requested to assemble at tneir
Castle Hall on Sunday, February 20th, at 7
o'clock, P. M., sharp, to form In line of march
to M. E. church, for recognizing proper ser
vices of the anniversary of the Order.
, J. B. HUNT, K. B. S.
To Cure Constipation Forever.
Take Cascarets Candy Cathartic. 10c or 25a.
It C. C. C. fail to euro, druggists refund money.
lve gentlemen or ladies to travel for re
sponsible, established house in Oregon. Month
ly (W5 and expenses. Position steady. Refer
ence, Inclose self-addressed stamped envelope.
The Dominion Company, Dept. Y, Chicago.
Land for Rent.
I have 20 acres, more or less, of good land in
cultivation that I will rent on reasonable
terms. Will furnish tools, team and seed.
f!8 Hood River, Or.
Water Notice.
All persons wish I ne water of the Vallev
Improvement Company must have their ap
plications filed with the Secretary by the last
jMonaay in r eDruary.
15 Acres for Sale. V
4 miles from town, on Hood rlvei- 5 acres
under cultivation, balance all slashed; o acres
in sirawDerries; plenty or water; nouse ana all
kjiius oi iruii. rricejijuu. Aaaress
fit , GEO. LOY, Hood River, Or.
Hay for Sale.
Oreeon wild timothy hay. baled, for sale at
$i-.ou per ion. .terms casn. i
. OA Large Pages Every ajl Kf
Week for Only pA.OV
The semi-weekly Republic, the best creneral
newspaper printed In the world, containing
all the uews In eight pages twice a week, and
The Republic Model Magazine one vear for
j. be Republic Sunday Maeazine was the
newspaper success of 1897. A home journal of
ine oesi class, is large pages every week, 4
paces of fun, 14 pases of the brightest and best
reading printed, tt contains more high-class
pictures and cartoonB than were ever attempt
ed in any other publication. More noted
writers and artists contribute to The Reoub-
lio Magazine than to any other Western pub
lication. The Magazine will be sold onlv In connec
tion with the semi-weekly Republic, but is
mailed separately on Friday of each week.
Address all orders 10
.St. Louis, Mo.
Land Office at Vancouver. Wash.. Feb. 8.
18U8. Notice is hereby given that thefollow-intc-named
settler has Hied notice of his In
tention to make final proof In support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made before
W. K. Dunbar, United States Commissioner
for District of Washington, at. his office in
Goldendale, Wash., on March 2f; vm, viz:
Homestead Entry No. 8592. for the north M of
southwest southwest i4 of southwest sec
tion 00, anu uoriueasb 01 soutueust sec
tion 34 all, township 8 north, range 12 east,
Will. Mer.
He names the following witnesses to nrove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of, said land, viz:
Robert A. Struthers, Chris Franlen. John
Kureand William O. A. Markmann, all of
Lyle P. O., Washington.
mnus jo. r. ohaw, register.
Do You Want
To buy land in Hood River
Valley. If so, don' t fail to
See Tucker!
Fruit Land. Berry Land. Grain Land, or
Hay land, at prices you can't equal In the
valley. , B. R. l'UCKKR, Tucker, Or.
For Sale or Exchange.
The best Hay ranch, or an apple or straw
berry farm, already In bearing. Cheap for
cash or exchange for stock merchandise.
JZl A. S. BLiUWliKS.
To Rent or Lease.
CKER'S MILL, for one vear or number
of years. Power for 20,000 to 25.000 feet of lum
ber per day. uan oencreased to any amount
oesirea. would possiDiysen ir cannot rent.
J14 B. R. TUCKER, Tucker, Or.
New Photographer.
I have ODened the NeflT sallerv in Hnod
River, where I can be found on Frldavs and
Saturdays of each week, prepared to do good
work In Photography. My charges will be
reasonaoie ana sausmeuon guaranteed, j
have a new and complete set of instruments.
Farm produce will be taken in part payment.
Come and Settle.
Havinsr cone out of business here at Hood
River, I would like to see- my old customers
come around once more with a smile on their
faces and pay their little accounts some of
uiem nave 10 seuie. .
J28 .. M. H. NICKELs EN.
"Up to date"
Just received from the Potter Wall Paner
Manufacturing Co. of Chicago. '
New and beautiful designs. Harmonious
Over one thousand patterns to select from.
n White Blanks. Gilts. Embossed Gilts.
Bronzes, Ingrains and Varnished Tiles.
All at prices that should be a surnrise to
residents of Hood River and vicinity. Can
sell you Gilts as low as FOUR CENTS Der
single roll; Borders and other styles at pro-
1ui tiuuui rus.
Those contemplating papering will find It
to meir interest hj see me unaersignea oerore
investing. Drop a postal, and I shall be
pleased to call on vou with full line of sam
ples. - E. H. PICKARD.
' Farm for Sale.
On the east side of Hood river, on the coun
ty road, 6 miles from railroad station, I offer
860 acres all In a body; 80 acres in cultivation:
1,600 fruit trees, mostly winter apples; half of
tliem bearln?: 80 acres in winter irraln. The
Kast Fork Irrigating Co.'s ditch will run
through the place and every acre can be irri
gated. Fine spring for house use. My price
is $14 per acre for the whole place; timber or
uncultivated land in 20 or 40 acre lots, from 88
to (10 per acre. Inquire at Glacier office or of
JOHN LENZ, Hood River.
For Sale.
Two small farms close to Hood River, all
Improved. Seven acres set to strawberries.
Houses, barns, sheds, orchards, wells, etc.
Terms easy. Address T. R. COON.
160 Acres of Land
Located on Hood river, SJ miles from town
of Hood River. Ftee from wind and frost.
Will sell whole or in part, from one acre to 1( 0,
Inquire of . J. H. FERGUSON.
Highest cash price paid for Stock,
Fresh and
To state right here, that which possibly has been left to
inference, that our time prices are such as you pay else
where on any terms. We HAVE NOT raised our time
prices, and give them prominence only to show the
saving TO YOU in our cash prices, which areinva
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' established manufacturers' prices. r
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Tooth Brushes, from
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Shaving Brushes, from
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Soaps, for the toilet, from...
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We can sell you Columbian Spirits, as good for
every use except drinking as alcohol, for 50c a qtiarc
bottle. Try to get It elsewhere and note the price.
Hood. lEiver Pliarmacy;
" The Corner Drug Store."
Vehicles of all kinds.
Canton Clipper Plows and Cultivators. Best
you In money to give me a call.
(Successors to A. S. Blowers & Son) , v
Second door East of Glacier office.
Hereafter I will sell for CASH only or its equivalent. Regarding prices, will say that I
defy competition. Iam not afraid to meet competitive prices at any time. Meet me on Port
land lines and I will meet you with Portland prices. Call and see
Land Office at Vancouver. Wash.. Jannarv
lOPW. ilVMO JO tuj kivcu Mini. fcllC
following named settlers have filed notice of
tneir intention to make nnal proor in support
of their claims, and that said proofs will be
made before W. R. Dunbar, U. S. Commis
sioner for District of Washington, at Golden
dale, Wash., on March 15, 1888, viz:
lllllltau i.3. lUIVf 1UI 11IC BMUll
of northeast and south K of northwest
section 5, township 5 north, range 12 east.
Unmn.t.n rnln, Va "7VTi! ,Kn ........ 1. 1
W. M.
Who names the following witnesses to nrove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of, said land, viz:
Courtland Chnnman. Abl Lowell. Clans
Staack and Charles W. Moore, all of Fulda
r. u., w asningion.
Homestead Entry No. 8377. for the north f. of
southeast and east of south west Vi section
ao, lownsiiip u norm, range ii east, w . ffi.
Who names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence iitMn. and ctiltiva
tion of, said land, viz:
Bert C. Dymond, AbJ Lowell, Alex. Cheyne
and. George '.V. Gilmer, all of Fulda P. O..
Homestead Entry No. 8495, for the southeast
i section. 4, township 5 north, range Ueasl,
Who names thefollowinv wttnpfuuaitn nrrvvn
his continuous residence Upon, and cultiva-
uun ui, baiq iuna, viz:
CoUrtland Ohauman. Bert C. Dvmond. Roh.
ert Cline and Charles W. Moore, all of Fulda
. w w nsningion.-
jiWml 13. V. SHAW, Register.
Successor to
ZEa.clsIri.g: Co.
j Dealer and shipper of all kinds of
5 to 25c. worth 10 to 50
55 to 95c, worlh 75 to $1 50
15 to 25e, worth 25 to SO
10 to 85c, worth 25 to 50
5 to 25c, worth 10 to 50
5 to 15c, worth 10 to 25
Specialties: BfVe7ag-
quality of goods at a low price. It will pay
Land Office at The Dalles, Oregon, Feb. 7,
188. Notice is hereby given that the follow
ing named settler has filed notiee of his in
tention to make final proof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made before
Register and Receiver at The Dalles, Oregon,
on Tuesday.April 6, 1898, viz:
of Hood River, H. E. No. 8898, for the north
southwest southeast section 9, township
2 north, range 11 east, W . M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of said land, viz: .
Daniel Smith, Jason Rand, John Jackson
and John Monroe, all of Hood River, Oregon.
film 18 JAS. F. MOORE, Register. ,
Land Office at The Dalles, Oregon, Jan. 10,
1808. Notice is hereby given that the following-named
settler has filed notice of his inten
tion to make final proof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made be
fore Register and Receiver at The Dalles,
Oregon, on February 25, 18f8, viz:
TTfl V. Wa AIf (k. 1 ..T..K 1
and north yt northwest y. suction 8, township
1 south, range 10 east, W.M.
no names ine roiiowing witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of, said land, viz: ,
rnuotus p. r outs or 'ine Dalles. Oregon: J.
Knight of Kingsley, Oregon! Peter L.
Knudsen and D
R. Cooper of Mount Hood,
JAS. F. MOORE, Register.
Nursery Stock for Sale.
I have for sale 8,000 two-year-old apple trees
of the best quality, consisting of Yellow New
town, Spitzenburg. Baldwin, Lawver. Hyde's
King, King ofTompkins County, Gravenstein
and Wealthy. N. C. EVANS,
slO Hood River Fruit Gardens.
Mt. Hood Saw Mills,
Of the best quality always on hand at price.
to suit the times. - ,Jy24
Fresh Milk,
Areated and deodorized, 5 cents a quart.
bargains in teai estate
20 acres fine fruit land, is also good farm
land; all cleared or under contract. 400 fence
posts. 5,000 feet fence lumber. Cabin, etc.
Price 8900. Make me a spot cash oiler.
The Glacier
GRANT EVANS. Prop'r, ,
Post Office Building, Hood River, Or.
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Skin Diseases.
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granulated lids.
Dr. Cady'a Condition Powders tor
horses are the best tonic, blood purifier
and vermifuge. Price , 25 cents . Sold bjr
Forsale by Williams & Brosius. 1
Notice of Hearing of
Final Account.
In the County Court of Wasco County, State .
of Oregon.
In the matter of the estate of Annie F. Rich,
deceased. ,
Notice is hereby given that the final account
of the Administrator of said estate has been
filed with the clerk of the above named court, .
and that . ,
Tuesday, March- 8, 1895,
at 10 o'clock In the forenoon, has been fixed
as the time of hearing objections thereto and
final determination thereof. Any person in
terested in said matter may file his objection
to the same In writing on or before that date.
By order of Hon. Robert Mays, Judge ot
said court.
Dated February 1, 1898.
.fiml Administrator, -
$1.00 Bottle. (& B A I
One cent a dose. .jr' a.,if .f Jf. , . j.