The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, October 23, 1896, Image 4

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    rare or a locomotive.
8om careful experiments which have
been made in England prove that the
life of a locomotive is about 500,000
"train miles." In other words, that a
locomotive of the latest approved pat
tern will ran 500,000 miles before wear
ing out so as to be useless. In making
this run of 500,000 miles the fire box
will have to be renewed three times,
the wheel tires five or six times and
the crank axlea from three to five times.
In a Hurry,
. Mrs. Howson Lot t The tax collector
left a bill this morning. They have
changed the name of the road iu front
' from a street to an avenue and doubled
the tax rate.
Howson Lott By Jove! I'll pay that
bill at once, before they make another
change and call it a boulevard. Judge.
An Honest Confession, Etc. -,
"Mr. Pitcher," said the gentleman's
wife, in a horrified tone, "you are
"Guesh I mush be," assented n teher,'
"or else I wouldn't, (hie) let you shee
me In this c'dition." I'lnk "Un.
At Last.
; "Mary," said the sick man to his wife,
when the doctor pronounced it a case
of small-pox, "if any of my creditors
call, tell them that I am at lust in a-
condition . to give them something."
Port Jervls Gazette.
Sinoe 1S81, according to Alulhall,
Great Britain's stock of gold and silver
baa remained nearly stationary.
This is once more enjoyed bv the rheumatic
wise enough to counteract their progressive
malady with Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. No
testimony is stronger than that which indi
cates it as a source of relief in this complaint.
It is also eminently effective as a treatment for
kidney trouble, dyspepsia, debility, liver com
plaint and constipation. Use It with persist
ence for the above.
In New York oity the percentage of
deaths from apoplexy has quadrupled
during the past thirty years.
I shall recommend Piso's Cure for Con
sumption far and wide. Mrs. Mulligan,
Plumstead, Kent, England, Nov. 8, 1895. ,
HANDS For all kinds of work furnished free on
short notice. Address HlR-ley's Employment Of
Hce, 14'2 Third Street, Portland, Oregon.
The life of William H. Eeward bag
been written by Thorton K. Lotbrop
(or the Amerioan Statesman Series.
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any
ase of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's
Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY A CO., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known t. J,
Chenev for the last 15 years, and believe- him
perfectly honorable in all business transactions
and Huaucially able to carry out any obligations
made by their firm.
West 9 Truix,
Wholesale Druggists. Toledo, O.
Wholesale DrugnistB, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cureia taken internally, acting
directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of
the system. Testimonials sent free. Price 75c.
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Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Gladness Comes
With a better understanding of the
transient nature of the many phys
ical ills, which vanish before proper ef
forts gentle efforts pleasant efforts
rightly directed. 'There is comfort in
the knowledge, that so many forms of
. sickness are not due to any actual dis
ease, but simply to a constipated condi
tion of the system, which the pleasant
family laxative, Syrup of Figs, prompt
ly removes. That is why it is the only
. remedy with millions of families, and is
everywhere esteemed so highly by all
who value good health. Its beneficial
effects are due to the fact, that it is the
one remedy which promotes internal
cleanliness without debilitating the
organs on which it acts. It is therefore
all important, in order? to get its bene
ficial effects, to note when you pur
chase, that you have the genuine arti:
cle, which fs manufactured by the Cali
fornia Fig Syrup Co. only and sold by
all reputable druggists.
. If in the enjoyment of good health,
and the system is regular, laxatives or
other remedies are then not needed.. If
afflicted with any actual disease, one
may be commended to the most skillful
physicians, but if in need of a laxative,
one should have the best, and with the
well-informed everywhere, Syrup of
Figs stands highest and is most largely
,ed and gives most general satisfaction.
Make money by succssful (peculation In
Chicago. We buy and sell wheat there on mar
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particular. Best of reference given. Several
rears experience ou the Chicago Board of
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PomHIt ly Cured with Vegetable Remedial
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If jou order trial return this advertisement to iu
To any address, our
....Special Price 1.1st of
This circular is issued for the benefit of our
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dUKb UUKt FOR f l.Lco
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ins, alworoi tumor. A po.ulvu cure. Circular, .ent few. Prtoo
W. SruHi.uaruuvU. UU. llOBAMvU. fhUaw, Pa.
Chancel That Have Been Wrought
Within the Year Iu the Thriv
ing' Metropolis. -
pecial Correspondence.
Portland, Or,, Oot 21. Suoh
weather as Portland has been having
all during the Exposition, is simply
delightful. Never warm, at any time.
I have not at any time felt the
need of an overooat. The nights have
been clear, and the moon beautiful.
With such weather, it has been pleas
ant to wander about the oity of nights,
and look in the windows of the big
stores, many of which are lighted even
when olosed to business.
Sinoeyou were here Portland has
four elegantly paved streets. Morri
son street and Third and Washington
have fine, Bmooth, asphalt pavements,
and Fourth street from below the new
ojty hall, up to Union depot nearly, is
paved with wooden blocks which are
on a oonorete and sand foundations.
The wood pavement is an experiment.
The blooks are of a soft fir. The
chinks 'between the blooks are filled
with tar. It makes a smooth and
"givey" roadway. If it shall prove to
wear well it will be the pavement for
this section as long as our fir forests
Ben . Tillman, the Sonth Carolina
senator, spoke here last week for Bryan,
and Ben Bntterworth, ex-member of
congress from Ohio, followed the next
Dight for McKinley. The former is a
rugged, quick, vigorous, dashing cam
paigner; the latter is as smooth,
genial, cosy and persuasive in manner
as what Marian says I used to be. It
takes all manner of men to make a
world. From the gallant Sonth we
find in -Oregon a man as rough as a
miner in earlier days, whilst from the
middle West, Ohio, Oregonians are
listening to a Chesterfield in manners,
and one who evidently thinks a soft
answer tuineth away wrath. Both
had large and enthusiastio audiences.
Tillman had an open air meeting, and
fully 5,000 people heard him; Butter
worth spoke indoors to a packed house
with 1,500 seating oapaoity, but hun
dreds were turned away unable to get
standing room. .
The exposition olosed Saturday night
the 17th inst. without any particularly
special feature unless it be the small
ness of the orowd. The campaign and
bard times were , rather disastrous
financially. Whereas, last year the
guarantee fund was returned to sub
scribers, and a surplus of $4,000 left
over, this year there is a defioit of
about $2,500. Yet the entertainment
provided for visitors this year quite
equalled last. There Were eight big
speoial nights for the various secret
orders this year as against three last
year; yet the exoitement of the cam
paign, the oounter attractions of elo
quent speeches to be heard free, coupled
with the stringency of the times, com
bined to make the gate reoeipts too
small, "by several," to oover the ex
penses. However, Portland is a plucky
town, and no doubt next years' exposi
tion will be a suooess such as was last
This is truly a great campaign of
education. On many oorners right in
the heart of the oity there are gathered
crowds of men, from ten to even 100,
listening to disputes on the money
question. The listeners "put in"
every now and then, and the debate
growing general often beoomes warm,
but never boisterous. ' Nor are these
gatherings composed of only idle men
of the poorer people; by no means. As
a rule the crowds are made up of
rather well-dressed men, and not in
frequently men of position and means
take a turn at solving a stioker, or of
proposing a crasher. The corwds most
' always seem to be in good humor, and
the American's love of fair play is
never more conspicuous than when the
opponents in these street corner gather
ings get to thumping one another with
what eaoh considers knook-down argu
ments. Competition is the life of trade, we
are told. Portland now has two tele
phone companies, and one has to have
two phones' to reaoh the people who
would all patronize one oompany were
there only one. The rival company ;
brought down rates, but when one pays
both oompanies he finds that that kind j
of competition has oost him more than
be bargained for. It is such facts as
these that give rise to the agitation for
municipal ownership of telephones,
gas, street oars, etc.; but on the merits
of that I express no opinion, as the
editorial columns of ypur paper are ex
clusively for expressing opnions.'V A
correspondent should at least let the
editor do his own editing
Almost as many women here ride
the bioyole as men; and my belief is
that about each of one-twentieth of the
population has a bioyole. , The folks
with money, "keep np the style" in
bioycles. Their '96 wheel is turned
right over to the dealer for some small
sum, probably one-quater of . the ori
ginal retail oost, and that amount de
ducted from the '97 model. This
makes second-hand machines of last
year, almost as good as new, sell for
about half prioe. Yon see, it would
not do for one of these tony riders to be
seen next spring astride a '96 model;
that would exclude him or her from
his or her '97 model set. Well, after
all, it is those kind of folks that give
employment to labor, and oheap, good
bikes to poor people. EZEKIEL.
.A Heavy Failure.
Hartford, Conn., Oct. 21. Judge
Henry E. Taintor, receiver of the as
signed banking firm of Q. P. Bissell &
Co., today filed in the superior court a
partial inventory, whioh shows 800 de
positors, with total deposits of $290,
000. All assets that could be found
make a total of $307,236, but the re
ceiver is unable to give any approxi
mate statement of the liabilities and
assets further than the failure is
known to be a heavy one.
Scenes at Hatcher's Creek and Peters
burg Recalled.
John B. Scace B peaks to a Reporter
of Stirring; Seenea Escaped With a
Slight Wound, but, Like Other
Veteran, Baa 'Suffered Sinoe
A Story That Read! Like '
a Page From History,
from the Albany, N. Y., Journal.
When one enoonnters in print the
life story of some scarred veteran of
the civil war, a feeling of admiration
and sympathy is the certain result.
Accustomed though- we are to tales of
heroism and suffering in every day life,
there is something peculiarly attractive
about these old war reoords, serving, as
they do, as a sacred passport to the
heart of every true Amerioan. Thou
sands found their rest on the field of
carnage or in the hospital, but their
comrades, when the struggle was over
and the victory won, returned to their
homes and began anew the battle of
life. '
John B. Scace, the widely known
contractor and building-mover of Al
bany, N. Y., has an unusually interest
ing life, and when seen by a reporter
reoently at his home, No. 15 Bradford
street, told of bis many experiences and
adventures while serving under the
old flag in the late war. Although
having endured all the hardships and
privations of life in the ranks, Mr.
Soaoe bears his more than half a cen
tury of years with an elastio step and
a keen mind, taking an active interest
in private and publio affairs.
Mr. Soaoe is a member of Berkshire
uoage, no. oss, i. u. u. a: no en
listed in the army in 1862, in Company
A, Fortv-ninth Massachusetts Volun
teer Infantry, serving under Col. W.
F. Bartlett, First Brigade, First Divi
sion, Nineteenth Corps, with whioh he
participated in some of the hottest bat
tles of the war, inoluding Port Hudson,
Donaldsonville and Plain Store, where
he was wonnded. His time being out,
he was discharged, but soon re-enlisted
as sergeant in Company A, Sixty-first
Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteer In
fantry. He was in the battle of
Hatoher's Run, the fight about Peters
burg and the battle of Sailor's Creek.
After his honorable discharge, June
4, 1865, Mr. Soaoe returned to Albany
and settled down onoe again to his
business and social interests. He has
resided in the oity ever sinoe. It
would seem that now, of all times, his
peace and happiness would have been
uninterrupted. Such was not to be the
oase, for four years ago, while engaged
in superintending the raising of the
immense smokestack of the Albany
Eleotrio power house, the lever of a
loosened windlass struck him a heavy
blow across the back. The effect of
the blow was not at first apparent, he
being able to leave his bed in a few
days. But the worst was to follow,
for without warning he was seized
with soiatio rheumatism in all its
virulenoe. Untold agony followed.
Said Mr. Soaoe, . I could not sleep
for the pain. No one will know the
tortures the rheumatism gave me. I
don't known how I lived during those
days. I became little more than skin
and bones, and it seemed' like life
didn't have anything but suffering in
it. Cures? ; I tried every so-oalled
rheumatio cure that was ever invented.
I gave all of them a good trial before I
stopped taking them. My friends and
neighbors recommended remedy after
remedy that they heard of. but my
rheumatism went on just the same.
W ell, after I had almost had the life
tortured out of me I came across a
newspaper aooount of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills, and I thought I might as
well add another name to the list as
not, so I ordered some of my druggist.
1 tell you, I was glad in those davg
to hear of anything that oonld give me
any hope at all. Yes, I got them, and
before I had taken two boxes that pain
began to leave me. Why, I oouldn't
understand it. , I oouldn't imagine my
self being oured. But before I had
taken a half-dozen of those boxes I was
oured. The suffering whioh had made
my life almost unbearable for so Ions
had disappeared. I was a new man.
"I began to get strong. I pioked
up in flesh, and I went back to my
business with all the vigor and vim of
a young man. I think everyone who
knows me will tell yon what it did for
me. Pink Pills is the grandest medi
cine ever discovered, and if my recom
mendation will do it any good I want
yon to use it. I hope others will hear
of it and be benefited as I have been.
Everyone should hear of it. I can't
say too much for them," Mr. Scaoe ex
claimed, enthusiastically, in conclu
sion. This ia but one of the many cases in
whioh Pink Pills have taken suoh a
benefioent part in the history of hu
manity. Mr. Soaoe is now enjoying the
fruits of an unusually large business,
managed soieiy Dy nimseir, and cover
ing almost the entire eastern portion
of the state. Mr. Soaoe is also an
ivory oaryer of marked ability, whioh
You know coffee is used
fresh - roasted Tea ought
to be for the same reason
the taste.
Ours are the only tea
firing works .in the United
States; Schilling 's Best is
always fresh-fired when it
leaves our hands.
A Schilling It Company
6aa Francisco f!t
he follows solely for his own pleasure.
Many little trinkets carved by the light
of the camp-fire, attest his skill in
this direction.
Far from being solicited to recom
mend the curative whioh had taken
luoh a load of misery from his life, in
his gratitude his praise for it is un
stinted and unceasing. And from his
own statement one may easily see that
when he does oease to sing its virtues
it will be to answer the las mustering
in. ' - '
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills oontain, in
a oondensed form, all the elements nec
essary to give new life and richness to
the blood and restore shattered nerves
They are also a speoiflo for troubles pe
auliar to females, suoh as suppressions,
irregularities and all forms of weak
ness. . In men they effect a radioal
lure in all cases arising from menta
worry, overwork or exoesses of what
ever nature. Pink Pills are sold in
boxes (never in loose bulk) at 50 oentt
box or six boxes for f 2. 50, and may
be had of all druggists, or direot by
mail from Dr. Williams' Medicine
Company. Soheneotady, N. Y.
Cynthia (looking at photograph) Hi
ram, Just turn your head a little. ' Hi
ramYou have turned it already, Cyn
Shia. New York World.
He It's reported around that we are
neaged. She Well, you know it's a
mistake. He Yes; I called to see if 1
:ouldn't rectify It. Puck.
Arthur Are you sure she loves you?
Jack Yes. When I told her I had no
money to marry on she asked me If
:ouldn't borrow some. Puck. ,
Sometimes, ' said Uncle- Eben, "er
man puts on er long face an' says he's
discouraged when he's simply too lazy
ter try again." Washington Star.
She Everybody says you married
1 r 1 r t t, r
I me uiiijr iur uij uiuuej. ne out i
didn't, dear. I know you look it, dear,
but I didn't. Indianapolis Journal.
Her Father Has my daughter given
you any encouragement, sir? Suitor
Well, she said you were always a very
generous parent Philadelphia Ameri
Mame I hope , you didn't let. that
Mr. Hugglns put his arm about you?
Mabel Why? Is there anything the
matter with his arm ? Washington
Mrs. Elmore I wonder how many
Btops that new organ of De Smyth's
has got?. Elmore Only three, I should
Judge.' One for each meal. Buffalo
"I see they are applying ball bearings
to a great many things now." "Yes;
they have a ball bearing sign down
where I keep my watch." Washington
Times. ' : ,
Stern Parent You say he Is a genius.
Geniuses seldom amount to much.
Daughter But, pa, he promises that he
will not work at It arcer we are. mar
ried. Boston Transcript.
Hoax Poor B Jones has to run all the
errands and cook his own meals. Joax
What's; the trouble? Hoax He was
foolish enough to buy his wife a bir
cycle. Philadelphia Record.
When in the brassy skies above
No hope nor help I see, .
I gladly seek the girl I love
She's always cool to me.
-Cleveland Plain Dealer.
i Spirit (at Lily Dale seance) Don't
you know me? I'm the spirit of your
mother-in-law. Investigator You can't
fool me. My mother-in-law always
brought her trunk with her. Buffalo
Times. '
"I suppose you know all about the
financial question?" said the Intimate
friend. "I don't say that I know all
'about it," replied the candidate, "but
I know enough not. to talk about It."
I Washington Star.
Miss Chllledame Don't you know
that nature rebels against laziness? A
' man can get nothing in this world with
'out labor. Wresting Offen Humph!
Can't he? He can git hungry, I guess.
Harper's Bazar.
Peasant I spoke to our herb doctor
and he advised me that I should
Doctor (interrupting) Oh, he gave you
some Idiotic advice, I don't doubt
Peasant He advised me to see you.
Humorlstische Blaetter.
"Has your wife learned to ride a
wheel?" "Nup; but she has been tak
ing cooking lessons, and about every
morning she goes Into the kitchen and
has a scorching competition with the
cook." Indianapolis Journal. ,
"Isn't . it too bad about Charlie
Newed? I understand that since his
marriage he and his wife have been
living from hand to mouth." "Oh, I
guess they're all right. It's her fath
er's hand you know.'WNew York
Nell Miss BJones uses French
phrases In the most peculiar manner.
Belle Does she? Nell Yes, Indeed!
Why, at breakfast yesterday I asked
her how she liked her eggs, and she
said they were very chick.-rPhiladel-phla
"Have you got it on you yet?" asked
little Petey of his sister's bestest best
"W w what?" Inquired ' the three
night a week beau.- "Why, a move.
Sister said the other night she wished
you'd hurry up and get a move on you."1
Philadelphia North American.
"I say, captain," said a young Eng
lishman onboard an American clipper,
"that flag of yours has not floated in
every breeze and over every sea for a
thousand years, has it?" "No, It ain't,"
replied the captain, "but it has licked
one that has." Youth's Compauion.
Fenderson I consider It a good rule,
and it's one I have tried to follow, to
say bright things only once In a while;
in that way my good things are remem
bered. If I was all the time get tins
oft bright things they wouldn't be no
ticed. Fogg A very good rule; but.
Fendy, don't you think you observe It
too closely? Boston Transcript - ,
The Iron Dafcc.
As the Duke of Wellington was stand
Ing, one day, opposite his house In Plc
dadllly, waiting an opportunity to cross
the street an, entire stranger to him of
fered his arm to the duke to assist him
In crossing. Although Wellington bated
assistance of any kind, he accepted the
stranger's arm, and the latter, having
secured a passage by signing to the
drivers of the vehicles to, stop, con-,
ducted the great man in safety across
the street. "I thank you, sir," said the
duke, releasing his arm and proceed
ing to his house-door. But the stran
ger, instead of moving off, raised his
hat and delivered himself to the follow
ing effect: "Your grace, I have passed
a long and not uneventful life, but
never did I hope to reach the day when
I i might be of the slightest assistance
to the greatest man that ever lived."
"Don't be a damned fool!" responded
the duke, and turned on his heel.
Mazeppa Residence in Decay.
The estate of Vaturino, the old histor
ical residence of Mazeppa, the Hetmar
of the Ukraine Cossacks, in the Gov
ernment of Kieff, once famous for its
beauty and splendor, has now fallen
into ruin and decay.
Blackwell's Genuine
Yon will And one coupon Inside each 2 ounce
Buy a nag, reaa me coupon ana see how to get
j JL It's Pure j
j , ill Cocoa is Pure it's all
I MUjftl Cocoa r no filling no
chemicals. WALTER BAKER & CO., Ltd., Dorchester, Moss.
' "
"Big as a Barn Door'
For 10 cents vou
as much "Battle Ax" as von dn nfl
other high grade goods. Before the
I days of " Battle Ax " consumers mtd
JO cents for a small
quality. JNow. " batt e Ax7' Hi vh-
est Grade, , twice the
true economy
"We will Leave it Entirely
In your hands." If you rjurchaHe a
Herculks Uab oft Gasolink En-
PjSoiKK, and If It does notdo all wesay-
ll win, you can reiurn u at our
Eense. Bend for Catalogue and Price
list to
American Type Founders' Co,
Second and Stark St., Portland, Or. N
r r
Or silver dollars invested iii Hood's Bar
saparilla at this season will yield large
returns in the greater strength and better
health of mind and body which will fol
ow the use of this medicine. A -run
down system at the approach of colder
weather will hardly be able to withstand
the chilling blasts of winter. Hood's Sar
saparilla makes rich, red blood, and
strengthens the entire system. ' Get
The best in fact the One True Blood Purifier.
UnnH'e Pillc Cllre Liver Ills; easy to
CiUUU S rtlia taite, easy to operate. 26c.
"Just Don't Feel Well."
ara the One Thine to una.
Only One for a Dose.
Bold by Druggists at SSo. box
Samples mailed free. Addresa
Dr. Bosanko Med. Co. Phila. Fa.
is the
very best
bag and two coupons inside each 4 ounce bag.
your share of 1250,000 In presents.
mm .
set almost twice
oW of the same
quantity That's
RlinFK WHi-UC an EISC 1115
Best Cough Byrup. Tastes Good. Use I
m i:mew ooia py arnffffists. I
P NTJ No. 672. 8. F. N. TJ. No.