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    food iiyer (Slacier.'
W. L. WilHon of West Virginia was
Appointed postmaster general in the
place of Mr. Bissell resigned, and the
appointment was promptly confirmed
by the senate. Mr. Wilson has been
th8 most successful chairman of
the ways and means committee. He
Jjassed through the house nearly all the
important bills that he advocated.
There was no revolt against his leader
chip. His personal popularity is greater
how than at the begining of the ses
sion of the 53il congress. He assumed
the elutiriiumwhip of the ways v and
means iMiiunittee witli the unbounded
confidence of the democratic masses
back of him. lie has retained that
confidence. Much was expected of
him, and he lias disappointed no one.
A bill has beeil Introduced in the
Texas legislature providing for the levy
ing of a $50 annual tax upon all un
married men of 30 years of age who un
der oath swear that they have not ex
erted due diligence in trying to get
married. ' He shall be exempt from the
line, however, if he can produce evi
dence to show that he tried to get mar
ried. ' To be exempt from this act,
however, if he remains single, he must
produce the affidavit of some reputable
women that at least once a year he has
made a proposal of marriage to her.
The governor has appointed A. N.
Gilbert of Salem superintendent of the
Congress adjourned at noon, March
4th, and the president has gone duck
hunting. .' :
Gov. Lord has re-appointed Eniil
Schanno on the state board of horti
culture. ; Poverty Social. ,.
Tuesday evening, the. 26th, a poverty
social was given at the home of Mrs
Win. Somerville, at Belmont, for the
benefit of church repairs. The atten
dance was good, but oh, the poverty!
There were rags and patches until one
could with difficulty tell whether a
neighbor was coming or going. There
were patches before and after; patches
here, patches there, patches every
where. Miss Lillle Templeton was
there in her usual grace and carried off
the prize for, the ladies. Her costume,
of rather late design in make up, was
made from Peerless flour sacks. Mr.
W. 11. Perry won the prize for gentle
meu, us his clotaing was rags from hat
to shoes. One would have to see him
in Ids costume to appreciate it. . The
young people went them to have a
jrood time, and from reports they -had
It. The net receipts were $5.69.
' Driving Association.
A driving association was organized
here lust week. The association has
leased grounds of Oscar Stranahan, on
the hill southeast of town, and no bet
ter location could be found. This piece
of ground is well drained and the track
will be in good condition for driving at
all seasons. Hood River, being half
way between Eastern and Western
Oregon, it is said presents advantages
for a race course not found in other lo
calities. Horses trained here can be
taken on the track in the Willamette
valley or to Eastern Oregon and not be
affected by the change of climate. The
officers of the association are: Presi
dent, F. H. Button; secretary, E. M.
Wheeler; treusurer, Cupt. Blowers;
trustees, Dr. Bros! us, C. A. Bell and
Win. Rand. . ,
Perhaps the best illustration of the
fact that corporation interests did not
control this legislature, outside of the
senatorial contest and its results, was
the passage of Senator Smith's portage
rairoad bill. The Sun has published
t lie bill and commented upon it before;
we are not very sanguine of its accom
plishing much; yet it may be very use
ful as a club to bring the railroad com
pany to terms. In saying this .The
Bun does so without, any unreasonable
animosity to the railroad, or any desire
to cripple or even injure it. It is an
expensive road to operate and keep in
repair, and has been wretchedly man
aged ; but the rates on Eastern- Oregon
produce, and Portland merchandise
liave heen too high. The people should
not be made to pay,during generations,
for the follies and crimes of those who
drove the compuny into bankruptcy,
indeed it has been a short-shighted
policy that has kept those rates up so
liigh all these years. Lower rates
would have resulted in such an increase
of businesM n would have compensated
the company Jong before this. But
that is the company's business; it is
also the people's business to look out
for their own interests. Portland Sun.
The small-pox scare at The Dalles
has died out entirely. ; There is no
danger now, as this is the 15th day
sepce Mr. Monohan waa taken wick.
John Hill was killed by a falling
dirrick while at work for Seufert Bros,
at The Dalles, March 4th.
At The Dalles, at 8 .o'clock each
evening, the fire bell is tapped eight
times. This is the cerfew bell, and all
person) under 18 years of age, if found
upon the streets after that hour, are
liable to arrest.
G. Virgil Bolton, mayor of The
Dalles, died Thursday, aged 32. ...
Theodore Cartright, an old resident
of The Dulles, died at that place last
A family of four persons in St. Louis
were poisoned by eating a quantity of
badly decomposed salmon, A six-year
old boy died, but the rest recovered,
The salmon was labeled "Columbia
Clover Lear." ...
" The Dalles Cold Storage company, a
new enterprise but recently orgauized,
shipped, yesterday two carloads of pota
toes to St. Paul and a carload each of
apples and prunes to Butte and Minne
apolis. Tins company will undoubt
edly be of material benefit to our fruit
growers in developing a market for
their trim. Mountaineer.-.'
The Skamania Pioneer says. Fred
Broadbent has taken a position as clerk
under the government at Cascade
Locks. ' ,
A telephone line between The Dalles
and Antelope is talked of.
Observation Car.
The Evening Telegram of Saturday
has the following regarding the "new
observation car soon to be run between
this city and Portland:
The observation car being built at the
O. R. & N. Co. shops in Albina is
nearly completed, and within a few
days the innovation of running an ob
servation car up and down the Colum
bia river daily will have been estab
lished. As a scenic route the O. R. &
N. line along the Columbia river is ex
celled by few railroads in the world,
and yet it is a safe guess that thousands
of residents of Portland have never
had the opportunity to properly see
and appreciate thib ' scenic beauty.
The purpose of the new observation
car is to afford sucli opportunity. It
will be a perfect car in every respect
and dissimilar from the regulation pus
senger coach in little hut the fact it
will be unenclosed at the sides and
ends. The car will ordinarily run on
the morning train out of Portland,
leaving here at 8 o'clock a. m. Passen
gers will be allowed to leave the train
at Bonneville and return by boat or on
the evening train. A stop will be
made at Hood River, and passengers
can leave the train at that point catch
ing it on its return trip three or four
hours later. The car will run through
to The Dalles and will return the same
day, arriving at Portland at 7 o'clock
iu the evening. Mr. Hurlburt states
a low rate will be made for the round
trip going and returning the same day.
As the present morning train runs
only on six days of the week, it is prob
able special excursions will be arranged
for each Sunday, when low rates will
be made, and there is a likelihood of
this soon becoming one of the most
popular forms of Sunday outing.
Our trade with Mexico and Canada,
our nearest neighbors, fell off last year,
but our Central American exports
gained 10 per cent, the largest increase
reported in percentage. Our principal
foreign trade, however, is and always
has been with Great Britain, except
ing, of course, during the war of 1812
and the American Revolution. The
United Kingdom takes nearly half of
our exports. This is exclusive of our
trade with Canada, India and other
British possessions. The United King
dom's imports from the United States
amounts annually to over $400,000,000.
We haven't the returns for the lust cal
endar year, but during the fiscal year
ending June 30 last Great Britain and
Ireland bought merchandise of us
amounting to $424,000,000, and this
country's entire exports for the same
time amounted to less than $870,000,000.
Germany was our second best con
sumer, taking $90,000,000 worth of our
goods. France's purchases here amout
ed to $53,000,000, Canada's to $50,000,
and Holland's to $43,000,000. , Nearly
80 per cent of our foreign trade is with
these four European countries and Can
ada. St. Louis Republic.
Don't Stop Tobacco.
The tobacco habit grows on a man
until his nervous system is seriously af
fected, Impairing health, comfort and
happiness. To quit suddenly is too se
vere a shock to the system, as tobacco,
to an inveterate user becomes a stimu
lant that his system continually craves.
Baeo-Curo is u scientific cure for the to
bacco habit, in all its forms, carefully
compounded after the' formula of an
eminent Berlin physician who has used
it in his private practice since 1872,with
out a failure, purely vegetable and guar
anteed perfectly harmless. You can use
all the tobacco you want, while taking
Baco-C'uro, it will notify you when to
stop. We give a written guarantee to
permanently cure any case with three
boxes, or refund the money with 10 per
cent interest. Bueo-Curo is not a substi
tute, but a scientific cure, that cures
without the aid of will power and with
no inconvenience. It leaves thesystem
as pure and free from nicotine as the
day you took your first chew or smoke.
Sold by all druggists, with our ironclad
guarantee, at $1 per box, three boxes,
(thirty days treatment), $2.50, or sent
direct upon receipt of price. Send six
two-cent stamps for sample box. Book
let and proofs tree. Eurekay Chemical
& Manufacturing Chemists, La Crosse,
Dr. E. T. Cams, Dentist,
Has returned to Hood Kiver, pre
pared to do all kinds of dentistry work
examine, fill, extract, regulate and
make new teeth; also, crown aud
bridge work. ,
- 1 : ' 1
- rri.n !.. 1441.. T.,
A lid AJlg AJlllXi; XIIUV1. l
We have Just received tho last issue of tin
big little Fin in Journal, the well-known and
popular monthly farm paper, edited by Wll
mer Atkinson. Tho Farm Journal Is now In
its eighteenth year, with over 200,000 subscrib
ers, giving It a round million of readeis. It
circulates everywhere from Maine to Wash
ington and from Michigan to Texas. Its ed
itors and contributors are sleeves-rolled-up
men and women, und it Is surprising how
so much valuable and helpful Information
can be crowded Into so small a space. The
very best people take It Uecause it Is clean,
honest, earnest and progressive, with no axe
to grind or hobby to ride. It is for the farmer,
first, last and all the time, If you do not
know the paper, send a postal to Farm Jour
nal, Philadelphia, Pa., for a free sample cony
and beautiful colored plate of berries. Take
our word for It, you will be delighted with
the paper. ,
Timber Land, Act June 3, 1878.
United States Land Office. Tho Dalles. Ore-
I gon, January Si, 18H5. Notice is hereby given
mat in compliance witn me provisions oi tne
act of Congress of June 8, 1878, entitled "An
act for the sale of timber lands In the states of
California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
Territory, ' Harry H. Campbell of The Dalles,
county of Wasco, state of Oregon, has this day
filed in this office his sworn statement No. 119,
for the purchase of the southwest of section
No, HI, in township No. 1 south, range No. 11
east, and will otter proof to show that the land
sought is more valuable for Its timber or
stone than for agricultural purposes, and to
establish his claim to said land before the
Register and Receiver of this office at The
Dalles, Oregon, on Wednesday, the 10th day of
April. 1805.
He names as witnesses: Perrv Van KamnN
N. H. Fngan, (Jeorgo Uelrles and I.J, Norman,
all of The Dalles, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely tho
above described lands are requested to tile
their claims in t his office on or before said 10th
day of April, 180.5.
ft'2 JAS. F, MOORE, register,
Ordinance No. 1.
An Ordinance entitled "An Ordinance Adopts
ing (jeriam ituies ior me iovernmenc 01
Uio Proceedings of the. Common Council
of the Townoi Hood Kiver, and Providing
lor the Appointment and Duties of the
Committees of the Council."
Be It Oruuined by the Common Council of
the Town of Hood ilivcr: Section 1. The coun
cil shall hold regular meetings once each
Mioul h at the council chambers in the town of
Hood Kiver, on the second Tuesday of each
month, except when it falls on a legal holi
day, in whlcn case the council shall meet on
the next day following: ProvidedThat at any
such regularmeetingthecouncil may adjourn
to a spccllied time thereafter, and sucn -adjourned
meeting shall be considered a regular
meeting, at which all business may be trans
acted the same as at regular meetings held at
the lines appointed by this ordinance.
Bee. 2 Unless expressly otherwise ordered
by the council upon adjournment, or by the
mayor in convening the council, all meetings
of the council from the first day of April until
the 11 ret day of October shall be held at the
hour of eight o'clock P. M., and from the first
day of October till the first day of April, ut
the hour of seven o'clock and thirty minutes,
P. M.
Sec. 3. At the meetings of the council the
business before it shall be taken up and con
sidered in the following order, unless by con
sent of the council the mayor shall otherwise
. 1. Petitions, remonstrauces. memorials and
communications shall be reud and acted upon
by the council.
2. Keports of standing committees In the
following order: Finance, tire and water,
streets and public properly, Judiciary, and
health and police. i
- 8. Keports of select committees. -. f
4. Keports of officers.
5. Keports and business on the table. 1
H. Heading of ordinances. i
7. Claims against the town.
8. Propositions, motions and miscellaneous
Bee. 4. At each regular meeting of the coun
cil the minutes of the last regular meeting,
and the minutes of adjourned or called meet
ings, If any. tor the month previous, shall be
read before the order of business is Called, and
if there be no objection, the mayor shall ap
prove the same, and if there be objection and
such minutes be corrected, the mayor shall
approve the same as corrected, and after such
approval they shall not be changed or cor
rected: Provided, That no objections shall be
considered except when sustained by the
bee. 6. AH parliamentary questions which
may arise belore the council, when not other
wise provided for, shall be determined by
Roberts' Itules of Order.
Sec. II. At the first resular meeting of the
council, on the second Tuesday in January of
eacn year, tne mayor snau appoint, me ioiiow
lng committees, to be composed of three conn
cilmen, to wit: Judiciary committee,
committee . on finance. committee on
street and public property, committee on fire
and water, and committee on health and po
lice: and such committees shall serve for the
period of one year and until their successors
are appointed, and In case of vacancy in any
ol the said committees b, death, resignation
or otherwise, the mayor shall appoint other
members of the council to fill such vacancy:
Provided, That if the mayor does not appoint
such committees at the time named by this
ordinance, he may do so at any meeting
thereafter. " : 't .
Sec. 7. The duties of the council committees
shall be as follows: The Judiciary committee
shall report from time to time upon such mat
ters as may be referred to them by the coun
cil, and particularly upon matters of a legal
nature, and thev htav In their discretion take
such counsel und advice from time to time, as
they may deem proper, to enable them to cor
rectly advise the council upon sue matters.
The committee on finance shall keep them
selves advised in all matters pertaining to
the finances of the town, and t he collection of
revenues due the town, ana slum report 10 tne
council from time to time upon matters re
ferred to them, and thev shall also advise the
council in matters pertaining to the better
ment or tne nnanciui ariairs oi tne town; mey
shall also examine all ciaims the
town before the same shall be allowed, and
shall report the same to the council with their
approval or disapproval, and such recom-
menaaiions or explanations as tney may
deem proper, and perform such other duties
as may be imposed by the ordinances of the
Uwn, or the order of the council. The com
mittee on streets and public property shall
keep themselves"ndvlsed us to the condition
of ull public property of the town, and the
condition of the roads, streets and sidewalks
of the town, and they shall report from time
to time upon such matters as may be referred
to them by the council; they shall have gen
eral charge and supervision of all public
works, and the streets, sidewalks, sewers and
public places of the town, and shall perform
such duties as may be imposed by ordinance,
or order of the council. The committee on
lire and water shall have general charge and
supervision of the lire department, and any
buildings, equipments and apparatus apper
taining thereto; they shall perform such du
ties as may be imposed upon them by any
ordinance, and shall report from time to time
upon bucIi matters as may be referred to them
by the council. The committee on health
and police shall have general charge of tiie
matters pertaining to the police department,
and it shall be their duty to see thut the laws
of the town are prooerly enforced: t hey shall
also keep themselves informed as to the san
itary condition ana neaun oi tne town, ana
shall from time to time recommend to the
council such measures as they may deem
proper for the betterment of the health of the
Passed the common council of the town of
Hood River, March 4,18115, and approved by
me this 5th day of March, 18!I5.
C. M. WOLKARD, Mayor.
Attest: CP. Hkald, Recorder.
Ordinance No. 2.
An Ordinance entitled "An Ordinance Defin
ing the Duties and Fixing the Compensa
tion of the Recorder of the Town of Hood
River, and Regulating Proceedings in the
Recorder's Court."
Be it Ordained by the Common Council of
tne Town of iiooa Kiver: section l. Tne re
corder s style of office, whether acting as re
corder or clerk, shall be "Recorder of the
Town of Hood River." He shall keep proper
recorasana nooks oi account snowing an ins
acts and doings, and shall keep and pre3erve
all books, papers and documents which may
come Into nis hands officially. He shall keep
a record of all licenses, In which shall be re
corded the name of the licensee, the date and
duration of the license, and the character of
tne license; ne snau De present ana act as
clerk at the meetings of the council, and shall
keep a book in which he shall entel a trueand
correct record of lt proceedings, which shall
be known as the council Jouri.ul; he shall pre
serve ana nie in nis omce an original oral
nances: he shall also keen a record of all war
rants issued, upon what funds drawn, and of
warrants reueemea, snowing tne date, num
ber, amount and amount of Interest paid on
eacn warrant. Buch records shall be kept so
that a Balance may be made at any time.
Sec. 2. The amount of the bond given by
the recorder as required by law shall be two
hundred and fifty dollars. ..'
Sec. 8. I n all actions for the violation of any
town ordinance, the process issued bv the re
corder shall' run In the-name of the Town of
Hood River, and shall be dated the day it Is
Issued, signed by the recorder and directed to
the marshal: Piovlded, That if the office of
marshal snau oe vacant, or sucn omcer shall
be unable to make due service thereof, then it
may issue to the sheriff or any constable of
wasco county, ine iorm oi tne warranto!
arrest to be issued in such cases may be sub
stantially as follows:
i-tate of Oregon, 1
County of Wasco, Town of Hood River, J ""
To the Marshal of the Town of Hood River:
Whereas, has this day complained
In writing, under oath, to the undersigned,
recorder of the Town ot Hood River, that on
the ... day of , A. D. 18 in said town,
one did violate ordinance No of
said town by (enter substunce of complaint).
Therefore, in the name of the Town of Hood
River, you are hereby commanded to forth
with apprehend the said and bring him
before ine, to be dealt with according to law.
Given under my hand and the seal of the
V Town ot Hood River, this ...... day
jSealj of , 18
Recorder of the Town of Hood River.
Sec. 4. In all prosecutions for the violation of
town ordinances, if the defendant is acquitted,
and it shall appear that the complaint was
malicious and without probable cause, the re
corder shall enter judgment against the com
plainant in'favor of the town of Hood River
for the cosu and disbursements of the action,
and unless such complainant shall execute an
undertaking to the town of Hood River with
one or more good and sufficient sureties, to
pay such Judgment within thirty days from
the date of the entry thereof, execution shall
issue therefor: Provided, That If a complain
ant who has failed to appear and prosecute,
shall, within thirty days, appear before the
recorder and show good and sufficient cause
for not appearing to prosecute, the recorder
may relieve him from thr Judgment against
him. In all cases of acquittal, and in all cases
of conviction where the defendant is unable to
pay the costs and disbursements, and has no
property subject to execution, the town shall
pay the same. .
sec. 5. In all cases of conviction the recorder,
in addition to thp One imposed, may enter
judgment against the defendant for the costs
und disbursements of the prosecution.
Bee. ti. In all actions for t he violation of town
ordinances In the recorder's court, the same
fees and compensation shall be allowed tho
recorder, marshal and Jurors as are allowed
by the laws of Oregon lor similar services in
justices' courts. All fines and costa and dis
bursements shall be paid to the recorder, who
shall forthwith pay over ail such lines to the
town treasurer, and take duplicate receipts
therefor, one of which shall be tiled In the office
of the recorder. All costs and disbursements
collected by the recorder shall be paid over by
him to the persons In whose favor they were
Bee. 7. The recorder shall make a report to
the council at the regular meeting In each
month, which shall contain:
1. The title of all actions in which the town
is a party, entered in his docket during the
month, the cause of action in each, the name
of the complaining witness or officer making
the arrest, the result of each case, the penalty
imDosed and disposition thereof.
2. The amount, with date of all fines paid to
3. An account of the costs and disbursements
in each town case.
4. A statement of the cash received for the
town from all sources, as shown by the treas
urer's receipts filed with him, and tbe reports
of the treasurer.
Bee. 8. The recorder shall receive as compens
ation for his services as clerk, five per cent of
all license fees paid into the hands of the
treasurer, and shall have the free use of the
council chamber for his office.
Passed the common council of the town of
Hood Kiver, March 4, 1895, and approved by
me this 6th day of March, 18(15.
Attest: C P. Hkald, Recorder.
-Ordinance No. 3.
An Ordinance entitled "An Ordinance Defin
ing the Duties and fixing the Bond and
Compensation of the Treasurer of the
Town of Hood River."
Be It Ordained by the Common Council of
the Town of Hood River: Section 1. The
amount of the bond to be given by the treas
urer, as required by law, shall be live hundred
Sec. 2. The treasurer of the town of Hood
River shall receive all the moneys paid over
to him for the town, keep a correct account
thereof, and credit the same to such fund as
the council shall direct; he shall pay all war
rants drawn on him in proper form out of the
fund specified In the warrant, and all war
rants shall be paid in tho order of their pres
entation to him. When any warrant is paid
by him he shall cancel the same and write
the word "PAID" in large letters across the
fate of the same. When there are no moneys
in his hands wherewith to pay a warrant
drawn on a particular fund, he must endorse
the same "Not paid for want of funds," and
enter and register tho same in a book kept for
that purpose, and thereafter, and upon no
tice, pay such registered warrants in the order
of their registration, and all wan ants so ,eg
istered shall bear interest at the rate of eight
per cent per annum from the date of registra
tion until paid. He shall make a report to
the council at each regular monthly meeting,
showing the condition of the town finances.
Sec. X. The notice requhed in section 2 of
this ordinance shall contain the number and
other necessary description ot the registered
warrants and a statement that there are
funds on hand to pay the same. Such notice
shall be posted at the post office, recorder's
office and tne tieasurer's office In tne town of
Hood River. The interest on -the warrants
contained in said notice shall cease after the
posting thereof. If any such warrant be not
presented for payment for a period of five
years after such notice. It shall be so noted by
the treasurer and not paid except by order of
the council.
Bee. 4. The report required in section 2 of
this ordinance shall set forth the amount of
moneys received and from what source; also,
shall show the amounts paid out from each
fund, and ihe balance of money or other prop
erty remaining in his hands at the time. The
report shall be accompaniea by all warrants
paia auring tDe inontn, wnn a scneuuie speci
fying the amount and number of each, and
the tunds out of which each was paid.
Sec. 5. The treasurer shall permit and allow
the mayor or any member of the council to
examine his books and accounts, and make
an actual count of the funds o.: ht. jd at any
t,me, and the examination may be the subject
oi a special report to tne council.
Sec. li. The treasurer shall receive for his
compensation five per cent of all license fees
paid Into his hands.
Passed the Common Council of the town of
Hood River, March 4. 18Uo, and approved by
nie this 5th day of March, 181)5.
C M. WOLFARD, Mayor.
Attest: C P. Heald, Recorder.
Ordinance No. 4.
An Ordinance entitled "An Ordlnanoe Pre
scribing tho Duties and Fixing tne Conv
. pensation of the Marshal of the Town of
Hood Kiver."
Be It Ordained by the Common Council of
tne Town oi uooa Kiver: section i. The
amonnt of the bond to be given by the mar
shal, as required by law, shall be two hundred
and fifty dollars.
Sec. 2. Tho marshal must execute all pro
cesses issued to him by the recorder, or di
rected to him by any magistrate of this state:
ho must attend regularly upon the sittings of
tne recorder s court ana tne meetings of tne
council, and act. as sergeantratrarms of said
council; he shall have control of such room or
building as the council may provide for a
town jan, ana snau nave enarge or tne town
prisoners; and lor boarding and keeping such
prisoners he shall be entitled to such com
pensation as the council from time to time
sini II allow: he shall keen a record, in whic.i
ha shall enter the name, age, sex and color of
every person connnea in tne towu jau, or to
his care, whether upon commitment or not,
together with tho data and duration of the
Imprisonment, and a list of all articles ot
value found upon the person of each prisoner:
he shall also keep a register, in wl ich he shall
enter the title of every state and civil case in
which he has been called upon to act in the
recorder's court, together with a statement of
nisomciai acts, iees ana compensation tnere
ln; he shall be ex-officio health officer of the
town, and as such shall rigidly enforce the
provisions of all oidinances relating to the
prevention of contagious, infectious and dan
gerous diseases, the cleanliness of the town,
the draining of sewers and cesspools, and the
removal oi ruooisn irom tne yams, streets or
blghwaysof thctown.
Sec. 3. Immediately upon the receipt there
of, the marshal shall pay ove.- to the treasurer
all taxes aud other town moneys collected by
or paid to him, aud he shall, at the time he
makes return of any wrltor process issued by
tho recorder, pay over to the recorder all
moneys collected by virtue thereof; and for all
moneys paid over to said ,i t icers he shal I take
duplicate receipts, one of ihich he must file
In the office of t he recorder.
Sec. 4. The marshal shall have power and
authority to appoint one or more deputies,
who shall be continued ns such during his
pleasure, but such appointment shall first be
approved by the council: Provided, That in
case of emergency, the marshal may appoint
special deputies until such emergency snail
have passed, or until a meeting of the council
shall bo hela, after which they shall not con
tinue on duty unless approved by the council.
A certified copy of such appointment of any
deputy marshal shall be tiled with the re
corder, and the person appointed shall, before
entering upon the duties of the office, take and
file with the recorder the oath of office.
Sec. 6. The marshal shall be responsible to
his deputies for their compensation, and the
town shall not be liable theefor, unless other
wise specially provided.
Bee. ti; If the marshal shall make or cause
an arrest to be made In the night lime, or
when the recorder's court is not in sess'on, he
shall keep the person so arrested in confine
ment until he can have a hearing: Provided,
That no poison shall be confined more than
one day before his examination or trial shall
be begun, except where Sunday or a legal hol
iday intervenes. The confiuement shall be
continued until the noon hour of the day fol
lowing, if necessary.
Bee. 7. The marshal shall make a report to
the council at its regular meeting in each
month, which shall contain:
1. The number of arrests mado during tho
month, with the names of the persons charged.
2. The number of persons kept in confine
ment by him during the month, with their
names and the duration of their imprison
ment. 8. The amount of moneys collected or paid
him du. ing the month, and fom what source,
including the fees, costs and disbursements
paid to him.
4. A schedule of the treasurer's and record
er's receipts given him during the month.
Sec. 8. In all proceedings before or arising
out of the recorder's court for violation of any
town ordinance, the marshal shall receive the
same compensation as is provided for con
stables forsimilar services by the laws ot this
state. The marshal shall also receive such
other fees as may be provided for by ordi
nance. Passed tbe Common Council of the town of
Hood River, March 4, 1895, and approved by
mo thisuth day of March, 1805.
C. M. WOLFARD, Mayor.
Attest: C. P. Hkald, Recorder.
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Land Office at The Dalles, Oregon, January
22, 1895. Notice is hereby given that the
following-named settler has filed notice of his
Intention to make final proof In support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made before
Register and Receiver at Tbe Dalles, Oregon,
on March 9, 18fW, viz:
Robert B. Lindsay,
Hd. E. No. 8128, for the northeast V Rectlon 18,
township 2 north, range 10 east, W. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of, said land, viz:
Antone Wise, Henry Prigge, H. C. Stran
ahan and John Parker, all of Hood River,
Oregon, JAS. F, MOORE, Register.
Two choice lrts, Vlth good residence, In the
town of Hoo Riverwtll be sold at a bargain.
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The Annie Wright Seminary,
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MRS. SARAH K. WHITE, Principal.
by QUALITY aa well as QUANTITY.
full line of
To Water Consumers.
Owing to hard times I have decided to make
a reduction In water rates, but as some have
paid up to March 1, 18, new rates will not
take efl'i until that date. For all water
rents pai(t promptly, the first day of tbe
month, trie following rates will be accepted;
Present rates of 81.53 reduced to $1.25; bath
tubs, now 50 cents, reduced to 25 cent; livery
stables, $2.50, reduced to S2; hotels, $1, reduced
to $2.50; rates' now SI, no change; Irrigation re
duced 50 per cent from old price.
Above prices apply to those only who pay
promptly first of each month.