The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, September 08, 1894, Image 4

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Be on your Guard.
If some grocers urge another baking
powder upon you in place of the "Royal,"
it is because of the greater profit upon it.
.This of itself is evidence of the supe
riority of the "Royal." To give greater
profit the other must be a lower cost
powder, and to cost less it must be made
with cheaper and inferior materials, and
thusthough selling for the same, give
, . less value to the consumer.
To insure the finest cake, the most
wholesome food, be sure that no substi
tute for Royal Baking Powder is accepted
by you. -
Nothing can be substituted for
the Royal Baking Powder
and give as good results.
Two Scenes.
i i- oi i r n T
Wow, wow, o-o-oughl I'm killed!
Boo-hool Me bands are tender, toacher!
- Scene Two A Field. Same Small Boy
(same day) Soak der ball in Jiarder,
Chimmyl Why doncher put somo speed
inter it? Let 'er go! It don't liurt me
hands a bit I Slug 'er in! Boston Trav
eller. Legislation In Ohio.
' 1 ' T T 1 1 . 1 X -
' in umo a Dm io enaoia women ravoio
at all school elections passed the senate
on April 10 by a vote of 21 to 6. As a
similar bill was defeated by only a few
votes in the house, it may be called tip
again and passed. The Dayton Herald
and Ironton Republican indorse the
rnonq-nrp "
Only a Step
from Weak Lungs to Con
sumption, from Depleted
Blood to Anaemia, from Dis
eased Blood to Scrofula,from
Loss of Flesh to Illness.
Scott's "
the Cream of Cod-liver Oil,
prevents this stepfrom being
taken and restores Health,
Physicians, the world oyer, en
dorse itlv;--''J7':':'' '
. Don't be deceived by Substitutes!
Prorvared by Soott A Bowne, N. Y. All Druggists.
Mining- Machinery, Bryan Mills, Johu-
ston Concentrator, Engines, Boilers,
Pumps and General Machinery.
Kstlmates siren on all classes of Iron
work. Address
B. H. MOORE, M. JC.,
v Hotel Portland, Portland, Or.
Will open September 24. Prepares for college.
Gives advanced English course.
Kira nnnnrMl In ivAptim tinnpltnrB Aa WpII AS
day soholars. For catalogue address
191 Eleventh street, Portland, Or
Portland Business College,
At r. Jjuuraoira. rm I. A Wasco, CM,
Open all (he year. Students ad
mitted st an tims. Instruction in
' common school and commercial
broaches, shorthand, typewriting, etc, Colleob
Joukhal and specimens of penmanship sentrw.
Fall term commences September , 1694. Com
mercial course, Shorthand courte ana two years'
English course. Send for catalogue.
Oswego, Oregon. Address N, S. KKLLOGii, Os
wego, Or.
We deal exclusively In 8bcond-H and Machin
ery, and have a large assortment of Engines,
Boilers, Pumps and General Machinery. Write
for latest descriptive catalogue. DANA, ALBEE
100 IN GOLD will be paid by the Koch
Chemical Co. for any cave of female weakness
that will not yield to DR. J. S. KOCH'S ANTI
box. For sale by all druggists.
Thousands say that Ely's Cream
Balm entirely cured them of
UATAKKti ana nay ever.
Apply BaIH Wt ist Nostrils.
Pries 60 cents. Druggists.
Bomantlo Love Story of Novelist Barrle and
Miss Mary Ansell, the Actress.
James M. Barrio, the famous author who
wrote "The Little Minister," may-well be
called a latter day Pygmalion. Every one
remembers how the irreat sculptor or uy
prus carved such a surpassingly beautiful
Ivory statue that he lost ms neart to n.
In answer to his prayers Venus breathed
the breath of life into the cold ivory, and
the lovely woman thus formed became the
wife of the happy sculptor. Not long ago
Mr. Barrle wrote a play which he called
"Walker, London," and in which he por
trayed his ideal young English girl, free
as the air, modest as the violot, full of
life and spirits, and a bit of a romp, it is
true, but pure as the limpid waters or a
After he had created her it does not ap
pear that Mr. Barrie prayed to Thespis to
breathe life into the voins of bis charming
English heroine, but Thespis took the
matter into his own hands, and when cue
curtain fell on the first night of "Walker,
London," Pygmalion Barrle had seen his
living Galatea in the person of Miss Mary
Ansell, the charming English actress who
impersonated his Ideal in the play. Mr.
Barrie was too great a lover of a good
dramatio situation to allow the Incident
to end there. He promptly fell In love with
Miss Ansell, she as promptly loved him,
and this latter day Pygmalion and his
Galatea up to date will be married as soor
as Pygmalion is strong enough to travel.
. Miss Ansell is said to be one of the most
winning and beautiful of the younger ac
tresses of the "natural school" in England.
She has been on the stage about two years,
and ber youth, beauty and unquestioned
talent have won for her a high place on
the English stage. Her first appearance
was with William Terriss in "Harbor
Lights," after which she began a tour
with her own company in ''The Love
Story." Her success was Instantaneous
and very nattering.
Mr. Barrie was born at Kirriemuir,
Scotland, 84 years ago. He was graduat
ed from the Edinburgh university as an
M. A. in 1883 and then turned to jour
nalism. His first book, "Botter Dead,"
appeared in 1887. He has published half
a dozen others since ana nag won a world
wide reputation in the portrayal of quaint,
humorous Scotch character. He has also
written several successful plays. A recent
attack of Illness loft him in delicate
health, and he and his Galatea will take a
long wedding tour, which may Include a
visit to Novelist Robert Louis Stevenson
In Samoa,
V JLand Tenure In England.
The facts with regard to land tenure ir
the United Kingdom are such, one would
fancy, as should rivet the attention of ev
ery thinking man. "Of the 73,000,000
aores in this country," says The Financial
Reform Almanack for 1802, "50,000,000
are 'owned' by less than 15,000 persons,
and of these 60,000,000. no less than 80,
00,000 are owned by 1,000 persons." It is
estimated that, leaving out blocks of un
der an acre in extent, some 180,524 per
sons practically "own" the whole of Eng
land, Ireland, Scotland and Wales; that
10,000 persons "own" two-thirds of Eng
land and Wales, 800 two-thirds of Scot
land, And 1,600 two-thirds of Jroland. .
, . JEth) Allen's Sword, .
The sword of Etlian Allen, preserved In
the National museum at Washington, is
an old fashioned blade about 7 inches in
length and slightly curved- The handle is
made of horn or bone And is some seven
inches long. The mounting is of silver,
marked with gold, but tba latter U par
tially worn off. A dog's bead of silver
forms the end of the handle, and from this
to the guard runs a silver chain. On one
of the silver bands of the venerable leath
ern scabbard is the name "Ethan Allen"
engrossed in large letters; on another
band, "E. Brasher, Maker, New York,"
while on & third band appears the name
'Martin Vosbnrg, 1775." , ... V
Statistics In France show that during
the last flow years the population has ab
solutely depressed,
An American Girl's Adventures
In Old Mexico. ,
While Sketching In the Wilds of Chihuahua
She Fell Down a Hill and laterally Tum
bled Into a Fortune Full of Pluck and
Expedients, ' ;' " !
Miss Doria Kemp is a lucky young
woman. She went out to sketch In the
hills of old Mexico, and while looking for
a brook fell into a bed of gold . nuggets.
She jumped from poverty to comparative
riches in the twinkling of an eye. Her
find netted her $9, 700. Miss Kemp is now
on her way to Paris, where she proposes
to study art in the hope of becoming a
great painter.
Miss Kemp's life up to the time of her
great discovery was not a "particularly
happy one. She was the only child of a
New England farmer who moved west
during her girlhood, and she was left an
orphan at the age of 18 in the mining
regions of Colorado. She engaged at Lead-
ville as companion to a lady in search of
health and traveled with her to old Mex.
ico. The invalid was a hard mistress,
and the companion finally left her service
at Chahariparl, a remote settlement in
Miss Kemp had saved a little money
from her earnings and decided to' stay in
Chahariparl for awhile and rest. Her host,
a German named Miller and an Italian
servant were the only people in the place
who could speak any English. ; The story
of her discovery is best told in her own
words: ''One afternoon I started out from
the town with my sketchbook under my
arm, and after a brief walk came to a
rolling, rather steep hill. , Curious to see
what was beyond, I went on up and over
Its brow. Before me lay one of the wild
est scenes I have ever seen. The sound of
a stream came up from the depths of blue
below. It sounded tempting, and I start
ed for it. As I went on down the sides I
tore my skirts in the jagged undergrowth,
but I kept on and on, marking my way
by breaking low limbs. i 1 soon came Jn
sight of the stream and was turning to
make my way to the left to find a slant
' MISS DOB I A KEMP. : ;'' "
that would take me to the bank of it when
I found myself sinking down and down.
I reached out for something to clutch, but
something always gave way, and I finally
landed on a sandy bit of beach in a little
core that the horizontal wall pf the moun
tain's base made at the edge of the stream.
"I was not hurt, My fall had been
gradual, I had fallen through a growth
that covered the side of the hill above me
full 80 feet. I scanned the sides of the
rock that made the cove, - There was no
retreat except through the brook, ' I was
not worried, however, and as it was early
sat down to sketch the canyon as it stretch
ed away in the blue depths. While con
templating the view I absently picked" up
pebbles and threw them into' the water.
One of them I happened to notice as I held
it in my hand. It was of odd shape and
peculiar color where the dried earth didn't
cover It. -1 washed it off In the stream. ' It
looked suspiciously like gold. I looked
where I had been sitting, and there in an
oblong rift of the ' rocks was a hatful of
just such clods as I held in my hand. ' I
had seen nuggets of gold, but had never
heard of them in such quantities as met
my gaze. Hoping it was gold, but not
sure, and with thoughts or Monte Cristo-
like splendor in my mind, I made
my way around the point pf rock to find a
way pack home wjth the nugget securely
fastened In my dress. , The water, was up
to my shoulders, but I succeeded n get
ting around; then, marking carefully with
bits of paper the way, I made up the hill
again and gained the house much the
worse for wear. I put on a dry dress, and
seeking Miller showed him my find, ask
ing him, with a calmness 1 certainly didn 't
feel, what It was. He scanned it carefully
and said! . .
" 'It's purtygood gold.! Where 'd you Ket
"I rather stammered that I had found
it In the creek's bed a short distance from
the house. Thoughts of the treasure, if
it were one, being filched from me caused
this little deception. I thanked him and
went to my room. To get the rest of the
nuggets from where they were and take
them safely to a place where I could dis
pose ol them gave me much to think on.
I finally decided to trust the Italian, who
seemed grateful for various little kind
nesses of mine to his wife. I promised
bim $50 for his services, and he swore to
keep my secret.
"We went to my gold mine with pick
and shovel, bags and a rope, and after
eight or nine hours of hard work exhaust
ed the pocket. . It made about 80 pounds of
dirt, which we divided into two packages.
'J he next day the Italian secured a cart,
and we started for the railroad, which we
reached after a six days' trip, , I gave the
Italian live or six ounces of the most solid
of the stuff and had the rest packed n a
stout box. While at the station I met a
traveling salesman to whom I confided.
He advised me to take it to the City of
Mexico, I lacked f 10 or 113 of having
money enough to pay my fare, but he
loaned it to me, saying I could sepd it to
him. I arrived safely In the city, and
with the assistance of an American at the
hotel I had the stuff melted, and after the
customs and license were paid it netted
me $9,700. On the advice of the same
gentleman I invested in a small cultivated
coffee plantation near Minatitlan. It was
profitable, and I sold out last year." ,
Its Curious Formation la the Full Buys of
a July Son.
Two solid bodies, one yellow, sulphur,
Che other black, cafbon, unite under cer
tain circumstances to form a colorless
liquid called sulphide of carbon, which
must be handled with much precaution
on account of its great explosive prop
erty. The soluble property of sulphide
of carbon renders it valuable to take
spots off of garmenta If its odor -is
more disagreeable than that of benzine
or turpentine, it has at least the advan
tage of being dispelled quickly in conse
quence of the prompt evaporation of the.
liquid. There is nothing equal to it to
take off spots of paint on clothes. It
does not do it, however, without creat
ing great fear in persons who use it for
the first time, fov they see on the very
place where, to their great pleasure, the
paint had disappeared a large white
spot, the nature of which is hard for
them to define, and the more they brush
the more unsightly and the larger that
white spot grows. Is then the garment
lost? No, for fortunately after a few
moments the spot melts away never to
show again. - It was snow and nothing
mora . The sulphide of carbon in evapo
rating takes heat from the cloth and
surrounding air, and the result of that
is a sudden lowering of temperature suf
ficient to freeze the vapor of the atmos
phere. ''; ' ' .
.Without operating on your clothes
yon may make the experiment in the
following way: Fill a small vial with
sulphide of carbon, taking great care to
do it far from all flame or heated stove.
Then close the bottle with a cork stopper
through wbichyou have previously bored
a small hola . In this hole place a piece
of blotting paper made up into a small
rolL The paper must reach to the bot
tom of the bottle and about an inch
above the oork. Within 15 minutes you
will see the outside of this paper cover
ed with snow, the quantity of which
gradually increases. The liquid has risen
through the pores of the paper as the oil
of a lamp through the wick. Whea it
gets to the open air, it evaporates, and
the water contained in the surrounding
atmosphere, being brought to a temper
ature below 83 degrees, has been frozen.
If you divide the paper outside of the
bottle into several pieces, you obtain
flowers and most charming effects. You
may make the experiment in summer
and in the full rays of 'the sun. The re
sult will be obtained then more prompt
ly, evaporation being more abundant
St Louis Post-Dispatch.
Is the'mighty West, the land that " tickled with
shoe laughs a harvest:" the Kl Dorado oi the
miner; the goal of the agricultural emigrant.
While It teems with all the elements of wealth
and prosperity, some of the fairest and most
fruitful portions of it bear a harvest of malaria
reaped in its fullness by those unprotected by a
medicinal safeguard. No one seeking or dwell
ing In a malarial locality Is safe from the
scourge without Hostetter's Stomach Bitters.
Emigrants, bear this In mind- Commercial
travelers soiourning in malarious regions shonld
carry a bottle of the Bitters in the traditional
gnpmcK, Against ine ejects oi exposure, men
tal or bodily overwork, damp and unwholesome
food or water. It is an infallible defense. Con
stipation, rheumatism, biliousness, dyspepsia,
nervousness and loss of strength are all reme
died by this genial restorative.
Mrs. Ciimso So thev married in haste, did
theyf Mrs. Cawker Yes, love; bat they are
repenting In Sioux Falls. ' ,
For over a quarter of a century, Doctor
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery has been
effecting cures of Brpnphial, Throat an4
Lung affections. Weal; Lungs, Bleeding
from Lungs, Bronchitis, Asthma, all linger
ing Coughs, Ppnsumption, pr Lung Scrofijla.
and kindred maladies, are cum by fa
Mrs. MiRA IiH8, of Sardis, Big Stone Co,,
Minn., writes ; " One
year ago was given up
by Biy family physician
ihd friends l all said I
i must die. ' Mv luncs
were badly affected, anq
body reduced to a skele
ton. My people oom.
menoed to give me your
'Medical Discovery'
and I soon began to
mend. It was not long
before I became well
enough to take charge
of my household duties
again. -
I owe my recovery
to Dr. Pieroe's Golden
Mrs. Mills.
Medical Discovery.'
Special Doctors for Chronic, Private
ajid Wasting Diseases,
Dr. Llebig's Invtgorator the greatest remedy for
Seminal weakness, Loss of Manhood and Private
Diseases, Overcomes Prematurenessand prepares
all for mar-riaire life's duties. Dleasures and resrjon-
sibllities; Si trial bottle given or sent free to any
one describing symptoms; call or address 400 Geary
St., private entrance 406 Mason St., San Francisco.
Men's Suits at $8.50, $10.00, $12.50, $15.00, $20.00.
' Men's Overcoats, $10.00, $12.50, $15.00, $18.00.
. Young Men's Suits, $3.00. $4.50, $5.00, $8.00, $10.00.
Boys' Knee-Pant. Suits, $1.25, $1.75, $2.50, $3.50, $4.00, $S.00.
Oregon Wool Socks, 3 pairs for 50 cents. ' v
. White Laundried Shirts, 50 cents. - :
If you can't see us, write for goods. '
A boarding and day school tor boys and young men, under military discipline.
Seventeenth (17) year under present management will open September 18. Thor
ough preparation lor college and scientific schools. Commercial Course, ACA
For Catalogue and Full Particulars.
J. W. HILL, M. D., Principal, P. 0. Drawer 17, Portland Or.
H Three done only. Try 1t.
- II yoa are thinking abomt buying
plaster, remember that you will place It
upon your body and oannotget a plaster
that will be too good for you. . .
Allcock's Pobous Plaste is the but
plaster made. Your druggist may have
some other plaster on his shelves which he
is anxious to get ria or, or else some worth
less imitation purchased at a low price for
the purpose of substitution. Do not ac
cept his " Just as good " plea, insist upon
having the genuine. Allcock's Pobous
iTLASTiB has no equal. -Bbandbith's
Pills can always be rellsd
upon. - - -
Warsaw, 111., has a man whe has not closed
his eyes for eighteen yeais but h is not on th
pouse torce.
The Northrop & Stargis Company make
The finest flavoring used in cake.
And housewives who their extracts try
Will never any other bay.
Besides good value they receive.
Before the grocer's door they leave, '
A coupon which enables, FREE, .
The bolder to acquire, you see, ' -
. A souvenir of those qaeer days
When Portland viewed with dread smut
A mighty flood of waters flow
, . Where now the ladies shopping go.
DB. C. E. Obiokb cures catarrh, throat and
lung aiseases, etc. jueaicine oy malt or express,
xuiau aim iuurribvil, ruiuuiiu, uregou.
Progressive Literature. W. E. Jones. 291 Alder
street, rortiana, or. , , .
We oiler One Hundred Dollars' reward for anv
case of catarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's
uaiarrn uure. r. J. uuit-MSY & CO.,
Toledo. O.
We. the undersigned, have known F. J. Che
ney tor tne last niteen years, and believe him
perfeotly honorable In all business transactions
ana nnanciauy awe to carry out any obligations
maae oy meir nrm. wtur dt tkuaa,
w noiesaie Druggists, Toledo, o.
Wholesale Drue-plats. Toledo. O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken intemallv. actinir
directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of
me system. Testimonials sent iree. nioa 70
oents per DOttie. boia Dy an druggists.
Use Enamellne Stove Polish: no dust no smell.
Tbt Gkrmka for breakfast.
In Hot Weather
Something is needed to keep up the appe
tite, assist digestion and eive p-nnrl. honlth.
ful sleep. For these purposes Hood's Bar?
Bupaniia is peculiarly aaaptea. as a Dlood
parilla .
purinerit nasno
equal, and it Is
chiefly by its
power to make
nure blood that
It has won such WVsVtfc&fcvX'v
fame as a cure for scrofula, salt rheum and
uiucr Biinuar aiseases. Get flood S.
Hood's Pills cure headache and indigestion.
Anaorreeable Laxative and NKRVE TOOTH.
Bold by Druggists or sent by maiL 25o..6dc--J
and 81.00 per package. Samples free.
Tr TTaS The Favorite TOOTH P0TO81
liU 1J. V for the Teeth and Jireth,(i,
Will surely find that
in every particular
there is no superior
among all baking pow
ders to PMIJM V
S7 vUfllT 13 THE VEST.
POLICE, 3 Soles.
- - LAD1ES.
Yon enn save money by wearing: the
W, I,, Douglas ta.OO Shoe.
uciwuie we nrm Mm uu-gvBB msDaiaemmi ni
this gradaof shoes In the world, and n-iiarantAA thniv
value by stamping the name and price o tt
uoiwjm, wmcft prowxH you against high prices aad
th -1 . I .
work In style, easy fitting and wearing aualltles.
We have them sold everywhere at lows
the value given than any other Biake. Take no sub-
sunue. u your aeaier cannot guppiy you, weoan.
Cook's Musical Institute SFnpo0wRTpeNrS
encing Quite a " boom " because of the remark.
able sucoesses of Miss May Cook, both in Europe
iiu 111 tut, J-.OSL, ns n wuutri piMUlst. ruf mux-
ougn methods this school is unsurpassed.
Blue Cornsr, Morrl'on snd Second Sit ,
ache? Does every step seem ft burden? You need
l,llEl)GE, '
Brings comfort and improvement and
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used.. The many, who live bet
ter than others and enjoy life more, with
'ess expenditure, by more promptly
adapting the world's best products to
the needs of physical being, will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence is due to its presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleas-
ant to the taste, the refreshing and truly
beneficial ' properties of a perfect lax
ative ; effectually cleansing the system,
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
and permanently curing constipation.
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of the medical
profession, because it acts on the Kid
neys, Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug
gists in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is man
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co. only, whose name is printed on every
package, also the name, Syrup of Figs,
and being well informed, you will not
accept any substitute if offered. .
Ask lor Tickets via
Big Four Route;
e. o. Mccormick, o. b. martin.
Pass. Trafflo Manager. ' ' Gen. Pass. & Tkt. Ag-L
; GAS and
In Every Detail.
These enirines are aaknowlAriirAri Vtv Avtwtri n.
glneers to be worthy oi highest commendation
for simplicity, high-grade material and superior
workmanship. They develop the full actual
horse power, and ran without an Electric Hpark
Battery; the system ol Ignition is simple, iuex.
pensive and reliable. . ..
For pumping outfits lor irrigating purposes
no better engine can be found on the Paclllo
Coast ' ....(.,. i
For hoisting outfits for mines they have met
with highest approval.
For Intermittent power their enonnmv is nn.
questioned. . . . .
Cor, Front and Alder 8t.t
Bend for catalogue. . ' ' ,
. P. N. U. No. 660 8. F. N. U. No. 637
CIIUFX WriHIf All HSi (All?
I Best CouKh Syrup. Tastes Good, Use
in time. Boia Dy aru&frtsts.
" r "
. '
. sari