The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, September 24, 1892, Image 2

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Mrs. Hat-rUon wiu taken In a bihvIuI j
train from Loon lake to Washington
City Tuesday. She stooil the trip well
and is slightly Itetter than wk ago.
Mater Meeting,
A meeting Is c.ilicd for oVWU
Thursday afternoon, at Armory hall,
of all iH'rsons interested in t!u west side
ditch. The committee eunvas.lng for
lands doire to report jmgrv, and to)
briny oilier matters to the attention of i
our jH-onle. Several lliousaud dollars i
nave been sui'scnlicd, and with unan
imity ami energy the success of the
scheme is assured. Let everyone at
tend and do manly service in the good
cause. Success is within our grasp,
and Thursday, with a good strong pu!l
all together, the matter can he finally
X OT WK It m IT 15 1. It 'AT ION.
Lund DilUv t Ytuieonver wash. Xng. l lssti-
food Jiver (Slacicr.
HOOD 1UVEH, OK., SKPT. 4, 1S2.
The company represented hy Mr.
McCoy lias Hied upon (iO.OdO Inches of
water from the cast fork of Hood river
and a like amount from the west fork.
As the whole river at low water carries
not to exceed 50,000 inches, there is
likely to lie a severe dry sitcl! in the
river. We called httention fluently
to the danger our ooonlo ran in ncclect-
ing to iile on and appropriate water for
irrigating purposes, and fortunately
home 5,000 Inches were appropriated
liiortoMr. McCoy's tiling. McCoy's
filings are properly made and might
prove a source of annoyance, at least,
to all of us, were it not for these prior
appropriations. As it is, Mr. McCoy
Will hardly care to invest his money in
u ditch where the people ure opposed
to his scheme, and w here no market
would In; found for the contents of his
ditch. In this light, ami from these
conditions, it is safe to go ahead with
any ditch project, and Mr. McCoy's
rights in the premises will, pcrhaps.cut
i.o figure, as to maintain them he must
commence work.
That Abraham Lineol u w as a hard
worked man In his early days is evi
denced from the following items, gath
ered from a free, truthful ana untram-i
nicied pass in the course of the past six
years. Before .Lincoln reached the age
f years he w nipped 4(W bulla's, won
S4 wrestling matches, took up the
quarrel or defence of sickly hoys,
all of whom are now hale and heartv
old men; escorted 04 flat boats to New
Orleans; and all this besides working a
y ear or more each for more than 200
farmers. The papers say so, and we
can not help but wonder at the mar
tyred president's constitution standing
up u nder the demands so freely made
Ly the papers upon it.
Our young friend Lawrence Blowers
writes the Orccjonian on the political
usiiect of the country and expresses his
opinion freely. Lawrence has no faith
in either of the old parties and cannot
indorse the financial nosition of the
limwUwK, P W III
x ' i . - "viv. hiv iiuiiuicun ui I
voter In about the same position, dis- ..iSrST ZZ
satisfied with present affiliations, and U"",l,wl;.mu'-!mil,'i T,'1 ..J,,,in Vu"
uujiijj me 4iuau a uove act. A party
with low tariffs and sound money
ideas, indorsing the doctrines of elect
ing U. S. senators, stopping immigra
tion, and issuing pensions only to old
soldiers' actual need, would corral vot
ers enough to break all the other parties.
E2 mmImimimI Q S
vna u van u ytyi
Wall Paper, Paints, Oils etc.
A largo supply of, and l-Mmin 7.7rir tosoll
Celebrated liquid colors and tinted loads.
Undertaking a Specialty.
1 rcparod to turnish at once, a line flaw of Alius, U if cheap grade
hut neat and substantial.
Notteels hereby jrlven tlm! tlio f.llim iiitf. i
ttnmctl xeitl.r luis li'.i .i II, hi,.,, .if hi-int. n.
ft,,,, ti, it) ,i L-. H it. 1 1 m.uif In ui,..,pt ..'
I'luini. ami Hint sjiiil inKt Ui tie mutlr Im-Chiv j
W. U. IHuiliai', t mniiiMnier t'nueil Mam i
nreult Conn lor IMMiiel u Wiishtiixioii ill!
llolilt'iiilnli' wtisli.on teitemter ' , lui u: ;
Tlmimis t. WhtUvmh. ;
A lUllleilt inn til nmelulK.. 11 ,7 ii,i,1.r 1 !
aei .ept -y, 10 Mr I lie o'a e 't s.v at Tp 3
u r i. e u in.
lie mimes Hie follmrlni; wilnessox to prove
lllSlMUtilUIIHIS resilUMHV U1MII lUlll rlllltVll-
liiimit, kiM limit, vU: Levi Mnllh. willmui
sjH'iuvr, Kiwi H. Smith, .lunt.s Kit?., nil if
I. le Klickitat county, wnshiiu'ton.
nKAVoiit'JTi John Ii. tiKiHiiiKciAM. Ktxlstor.
Beatty's Organs wJr
rile tor CHuT!imic. Aiii;.v. luiiicl K. lU-uttv,
W u.shiiij;toii, New Ji'ix-y
I Mini ot!Ht lit Viuicouvcr nish, Spt., 12. 1
To Krciuoiit r. Foster. Henry Wtwuer mut I
nil niiuiu ii iiuty (Mlici i u:
Notice Is hereby given that Die follow In;,
naiinsl settler has tllcl imtleo ol his in.
tentiin to ninke tin.'il nr.Mii' Iti Miitu... ..- i.,.-
Cliiilll anil lllut Kiil.l nr.uil 11 ill i, I., l...r.....
tliel'leik ol tliexuiieiior t'ourt, of.skiiiiianiu,
ctninty wash., at lower I'liMiutes wuU.,tiu
rsovemlHrii, li, viz:
W illiam A. Kirkinaii.
H. K. No. Ml:! for the e s v llm lots a
unit 4 sir oil 1 1 a ii r k o w in.
He names the followlnit witnesses to prove
his coin imams residence upon anil cmtivii.
tlon ot, saul laml, viz: John Anderson,
Joseph lottsley, John Sweciu-y, William
ureer, an ot .Nelson. skHinaniu cmntv wash.
spK-octi' Jolln li. tiKoi,m;iiAS. Kealster.
That thirty days Utw Ionian we can credit tfondw, ami would rcHjiectfully
retjuest our palroim to ptvern thciihtclvcM necordliitfly.
Ijind OtHceat The Italics Or. Aiijr. 29, lsai,
Notice is hereby given t lint the lollowlnx
nsuntHi Metier has tiled notice of ids intention
to make tlnal commutation pruoi in supimrt
if his claim, and thai said pioof will be made
before the Ucjtister mid Hci civer I'. .s. U O. at
The Italics Or, on tel., 10, lsjrj, viz:
William i.. Tate.
II. I). No.lWStfor the n w "4 sec 27 To 2 n r 9 e
witnesses to provo
ana cultlva
'aitier. t'. J.
- - . - - " , t. . , vi
timni Jkier uri gon.
spt3-oct8 Joun W. Lewis. Hegistor.
Timber Iind, Act June .1, IS7S.
t'nltnl .states Land Office,
uncouver, W'ush., Sept. 20, lsftj.
Not tee Is hereby given that in compliance
with the irovisionsorthe act of Congress of
June 3, 1S7H entitled "An net for the sale of
timber lands in the states ofCalifornia, Ore
Sou.NevuUa, and washing-ton Territorv, "I'eter
OroshoiiK, of whiteSnliiioiicouiitv in' Klick
itat, state of wash., lias tills diiv riled in
tins olhce his swoi n statement So 14 1. for tiie
uurehascot thi. ii-i i ...i. ..:.. ..i....
2 1 in townshipNo j nortn, ransfe no. 10 east, and
will otter proof to sliow that the land snuuht is
,1 , .n mum; II1HI1 lor
agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim to said land before the Keglster and Hi
ceiver of this ottice ut Vancouver, wash., m
.Saturday, the Hrdduy of Iiccemlwr, 1SU2.
was to obtain f 1,000,000 which was be- j tZTk SU'iVffl ItrljS
ii. nui.saKer, fcdwaid J. Jones, of White Sal
mon, wash.
Any and all persons claimins ndverse'v the
above described lands are reiitiested to" tiie
their elainis in this office, on or before said 3 d
day of December, M12.
spi24-nov2, JousD. tifconiiEGA.v, Register.
Train robbers derailed a passenger
train on the Atchison, Topeka and
bauta Fe railroad, near Osage City,
Wednesday. A switch was put In on a
curve and the train ran over an em
bankment eight feet high. The engi
neer, fireman, expressman and a guard
were killed. The object of the robberv
Have samples of their $10,000
stock of dress goods at MRS.
where you are invited to exam
ine them. Orders filled promptly
and goods guaranteed to be samo
as samples. PEASE & MAYS.
fcSadu ! AraalElyCoiptt
And a Complete Lino of
ingsent from the City of Mexico to
Boston. The robbers fled without at
tempting to get the money.
All the big transcontinental railroads
have pulled out from their traffic agree
ment, and rate cutting has commenced.
It is quite probable if peace is not made
soon that the round-trip ticket from
Pacific coast points to Chicago will be
sold as low as $25. At any rate, the
price will be low enough that even
a printer can afford to go. It would
just be our luck, however, to be unable
to catch the low rates without running
against the cholera.
t'. S. La d Office, )
The Dalles, Or., Auk. 8Hj Is'r' f
Complaint having been entered nt thin i
.-in. coy jurneti jMnjiiit, Ufc'itiiist John I,,
l ameron, for abandoning hi Momesleiul
l-ntry o. 2108, dated .November li'iid It.',,
upon the s ne J and a n w J. section X
lownship l kouiIi runge iO t: w in,; in Wasco
county Oregon, with a view to the cancella
tion ol mid entry. The said parties are hereby
uiimioned to appear at th ioiti e, on the 12,
day ot November, nt 1U o'clock a. in.- to
respond and turnish testimony concerning
unii,lmrm, .ioiiii ii, crauie-
bangli, otary Public, is authoiized to take
testimony in this ease at 10 a. m. Nov 5th 12.
House Builder s Goods. Sad
r.. ,1 T VC" T 1
Brackets ni ifooJ Tonim
Lime. Plaster and latli Ceil
ing, Rustic and Floorinj;.
Coffins CaslTCto.
ON .siKtllTKST OTh i;
lie. iiik
1 Oil SALE.
One 3 seated 4 spring mountain hack.
.New. Will carry 2,000 pounds with
ease. Warranted A wheel and 1st
class in every resjiect. Will sell cheap.
Come and see it at the Hood Itiver
Manufacturing Company's Store.
The dispatches Thursday show but j a?oKeJ
rT d ,1 l,in,rn ... 41 , I, I .... Gil', , ,,.., ,
"I'J-""-'" JOHS V. L.EWIS, lie
little change in the cholera condition.
A few cases are reported as suspects,
and one or two deaths in New York ;
city nave been pronounced Asiatic
cholera. The quarantine is rigidly
maintained, and it looks now as though
the light was to be won by Dr. Jenkins
and his able assistants. Jenkins may
Lea Tammany appointment, but he
lias proven to be the right man for the
A ship having cholera on board ar
riving at a Canadian port was met by
the city authorities with a fire engine
ready to drown any German who at
tempted to laud. The water battery
served its purpose and none of the im
migrants undertook to charge it.
Another cruiser, the Cincinnati, will
be launched from the Brooklyn navy
yard to-day. Her engines are of 10,000
horse power, and she will be able to
steam 22 miles an hour. Slowly but
aurely the United States is getting a
navy tnat will compare lavorably with
those of other great nations.
The city of Hamburg is at last get
ting tree of her terrible scourge, the
cases and deaths decreasing steadily
eacii day. Those of her citizens who
lied to the seaside are returning and
business is again opening up.
Hood River lodge Xo. 105 A. F. &
m. regular communications at 7 n.
m., ftaturuay on or before eacli full
moon at Odd Fellows hall. Sojourninir
brethren cordially invited.
Ti E. L. .Smith, W. M.
notice foiTpublicatiox.
Land Office at Vancouver, wash. 8ept. 9, 182.
.l'?6 i;,.,1"! iven thilt the following
named settler lias li led notice of his inten
turn to make nnal proof in support or his
belore wU fid l!r'f ?i' made
M- utrX: KVl,"b,ir "ini.iiiKsloner United
i,t ; i I V"U1 1 V" ",s" lcl "l Washington
Wi "vU- ' waMlin8lon on October, 27,
John (. Cottrell.
Tl . .
w y sec 2o Ip i n r 12 e w m.
lie ntimnn r. n i
his ' "'S'1" ? Pve
of fi!, i d i,Vrt ; . W" " cuiiivation
Rvt i,,,LVr " -lowpii ranvu, i.ervy jor-I'i-Tffiol,1,
r"nk KCyn"ldH' 1111 f
-'j'l'.oojiKUAN. iiegister.
Land Office at Vancouver Wash. Sept. 9, 1802
Notice is hereby given that tiie followlng
niullT !'" of her inu2
of her 0 ,im , . ""W
, , :. !' naiu uruoi will
, ,f i m ,e VUe!!lst,'r nml lift-elver U
UI II I U1J1I II ill
Painter and Paper Hanger, and
all kinds of work neatly and
Cheaply Done.
Ill HOOD flOffl
Cleveland and Harrison are before
the public, using every available means
to gain llie public favor, while Corbett
all eady stands on the rtroudest nintm-
cie of lame, notwithstanding the fact
that lie "beat" his way up.
Professor Bernard of the Lick ob
servatory has discovered the fifth sat
ellite to Jupiter. It is a little fellow,
but the discovery is the engrossing sub
ject among astronomers.
Laml O I u v"?" "L" :l,v(!r J, H.
2Jth, im, ' viz: " ",on October
John Clarkson.
Pre D. 8. No, 2V 0 for the s A s e V. and n w V.
e e 34 sec 10 Tp 3 n r iOe w m. A Wi
lie names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence, nnon n,i in. ,....:
of, said land, viz: Jake lliinsaker, John I'ur-
""""""i r.nzaoein lliinsaker
allof Wlme .Salmon, Klickitat Co., Washing!
sptl7-oct22 Jonn D. OKOGHKOAn, Iiegister.
Land Office at Vancouver -wash .Au". 17 1802
Notice Is hereby given that the following!
named settler has filed notice of her intention
nf 1flnal ?""nutiilln proofin support
18iS'vlz- Vancuver wash, on October S,
Emma C. Carson.
J?4 ?n' n ?n for ,he lots 1 and 2 and 8 n eJ4
sec -1 1 (i ,-i a r 11 e w m. '
She names the following witnesses to prove
tion V"11""0"!' residence upon and cultiva
tion of. said land, viz: John Kgan, Henrv
Johnson, Kdward McDonnell, of white Kal
Oregon?" ' l y K llur"httI". of Woodstock
ag2Jpt2.i John I). Obooiieoax. Register
Has been thoroughly
renovated, and a large
ell added doubling its
Everything will be found neat and clean
Tables will be supplied with the best the
A new stock of Ladles' and Gents'
SPECIAL attention given tol'clean-
mg ana repairing watches.
Hood River, - Oregon.
Land Olllceat Vancouver, W ash., Hept. 5, 1)2
Notice Ih hereby given that the following
named settler has tiled notice of his Intention
to fmtke tlnnl Miii)iini,,tl,, ........ e I.. .
,.r l, L 7.1 .1... ... ' "" '" i, I'i" M V
... .mini, tin u unit hii mi prooi will lie ItllKIU
before the Register and liecelver of the I H.
Land i mice at Vancouver, Waiih., on October
llrth, Is!)2, viz:
Charles V. riitterson.
II. E. 8,'iTl lor the iw1; sec 22 Tp 3 n rile
Ho names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of, said land, viz: John L. Morris. Al.
bertus.S. Kurd, Henry Johnson, John IVrrv,
all of white .Salmon Klickitat Countv wash.
sptlU-o.ttH John it. Wkuoiikoa.n, Register.
Lund Olllce at Vancouver, wash, Kept., 5, IHlri.
Notice Is hereby (riven that, the following-
named settler lias filed notice of his Intend
Ion tomuke tlnal proof in support of Ills claims
and that said proof will be inuue beforo tlio
iiegisier arm receiver 1 1. H. inn, i olllce at Van
couver, wash, on October is, IS!)2, viz:
August J. M'agnltz.
II. E. No. fflw;x ior I be e , n e V. s w n e V.
and n w s e '4 sec 22 Tpjn n r 1(J e w in.
Tie nnriw'4 the r,,M,,,L,M,. .o
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion or, said land viz: i'e ter Sloller, of Van
couver wash., Charles liyrkelt, Krank Conte,
Josepli Aruie, all of Trout, Luke Washington,
also August J. Wagnltz.
Aurilleatlon :'.) Ii, Till (! i (lUfl 11 ltd lit miillnn
.1 act Hept., 211, 1890, lor the e , n e A sec 15 Tp U
TT IWllniu lltri r,.l!,.,ln,. ...1 ...
i..m; etc, yinj; WIUICSSC'S LO prOVC
tils COTltitllloltu Clnitri lix .,,,IH,,..H.,., ,.r
said land, viz: 1'eler Hloller, of Vancou
ver, wash., Charles liyrkelt, Krank Conte,
Joseph Arnie, all ol'Troiil Lake Washington,
NeptKHictH Jons It. Okocheoan, Register.
ox A bisiioo.
Contractors and Builders.
Claris and Estiznat
n n n i -i
nmm mm.
- - - OKEGON.
Crandall & Burnet,
- WindowS. lades. Etc.
A Full Line of
IMertatiiig Goods.
Mail Orders Pronplly Attended to
166 Second St The "Dalles. Or,
JiKATTY'H organs t
' . r ii.iiKtiiiin, i' ii iitti
.liti'k .,,,1,, I.. ...,,1...... I !. ........
WaHhington, iew Jersey.
Land Locator.
Every body wants land in Hood
River Viillev. T L
Hirable tracts of gootl land on my list
tiuiiiraieaus anu timbered
claimF, with running water on
tlierr. lean locate wveral stockmen
afhantieouHly. Do not fail to see
rr e at Hood River Fails or address me
it Hood E ver, Wasco County, Oregon.
VV. Ross W i. vans,
Olinger & Bone,
ivory and Feci
Oak Street, near Postojfue,
Wo have First-Class Stock and Outfits, Double Buggies, Hack
and Saddle Horses.
A Fine Four-Horse finifn.iilo fnr
t j uoiuiig ji cAuureioj
parties, carries nine passengers. Parties taken to any accee&i
ble point. KeliabJf) drivers.
Our Dray delivers baggage or freight anywhere in the Vail
T 11.