The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, April 09, 1892, Image 4

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    Poison in
No article entering so generally into the food of every
household is so generally and villainously adultered as bak
ing powder. These adulterated powders are shoved upon
the public with,the greatest persistency. , ' : ',
-i , Throbbing'advertisements in newspapers claiming this
brand or that is absolutely pure, backed by analyses and cer
tificates, and yet they are adulterated with ammonia or alum.
It is to be hoped the law will take hold of these merciless
manufacturers and punish them for destroying the stomachs
of the unsuspecting consumer. . . . ; ; '
., Amid all this fraud and deceit Dr. Price's Cream Bak
ing Powder stands almost alone battling for pure food and
continues to furnish a pure cream of tartar powder at almost ;
the same cost to the people as. the ammoina and alum pow
ders are sold at, yet it costs much more to manufacture.
) Dr. Price's . Cream , Baking Powder is of the highest
strength. It produces the largest amount of leavening power ,
attainable in a pure baking powder. It is free from ammo
nia or any other adulteration. No powder does such work.
Housewives who have tested all use Dr. Prices only. '
We offer One Hundred Dollars' Reward for any
case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by taking
Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney
for the last flfte n years and be ieve him per
fectly honorable in all business transactions snd
financially able to carry out any obligation made
by their firm. WEST & TUUAX,
Wholesale Druggis s, Toledo, 0.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 0.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, acting
directly upon the blood and muoous surfaces of
the Bystexn. Price, 75 per bottle. Sold by all
' Love levels all things, but doesn't make a fel
low's heart level.
Good cigars are ; now high
priced, because of high tariff laws
pipe-smoking popular, because it
gives more for the money. -
J. B. Pace Tobacco Co., Richmond, Virginia.
U the only
Water Proof Coat !
to Peel, Break or Stick,
to Leak at the Seams.
There are two ways you can tell the gennlnt
Slicker: tbe Flih Brand trade mark and a Holt Wool
n Collar. Bold everywhere, or sent free for prloe.
A. J. TOWFR, rianufr. Boston, Mass.
Our Nlilvld Itrsnd In Iwtter than ny wat
roof coal mnile ugtpl Uie Fna Hum,
If in any business
not paying yoa drop
it and buy an im
proved Petalum:.
cau-be made in r-is-ing
C'hkkeus than in
any other business
for the capital iur li
ed. A beautifully Il
lustrated Catalogue
of Incubators, Br od
ersand all kind' f
Chicken Fixings E"
fAgents for Mann's
Bone Cutter, N cea
sity Clover Cuttr ,
a ii d everythin re
quired by poultry
Set the Genuinelli
Sold Everywhere!
Morrison Street, Portland, Or.
BOX 808.
The Specific A No. 1.
Caren, without fail, all casfs of Ctonnrr
linen and Oleet, no matter of how long
standing. Prevents structure, It behijf an In
ter mil nmely. 1 Cures wlicn everything else
bait fulled. Sold by all DruKerists.
Manufacturers: rue a. fcschoen heu Medicine
Priw. 93.00. u, Jse, tjai..
i Blir n Isthfta.pknowledir
leading remedy for all the
unnatural discharge and
private diseases of men. A
certain cure for the debilh
tatlng weakness pecullai
to women.
T nrotmri h It and fI safC
1 TheEvAHBCheMII Oq. In recommeDdin Utt
J II rio V Assflver end Analytical ChemlBt,
n. NOlf Washington St., Portland, Or.
nnriD IT
UlltJi I i
'F jrVuTeB ln J
i jf MUM Struton
mmm VfiianWhr
the Kitchen.
fHtnjreroas Skylarking.
Some day it will com to be under
stood that guying a moody, irritable
man is as dangerous as toying with a
gun which may or may not be loaded.
Temporary insanity is, with some tem
peraments, the sure result of long con
tinued and incessant ridicule. , A blind
fury suddenly converts his helpless
Weakness into superhuman strength.
With equal,' suddenness disdain ' and
contempt for him are changed to fear
and respect.- - .
Every few days the crimes columns
of the newspapers contain accounts of
tragedies growing from such a cause.
Revolver or knife sends some tormentor
to his account, and the real victim
goes to prison for life or is hanged.
It's a cruel, cowardly instinct which
prompts a combination against one
man. . The others enjoy a brutal sport
at the expense of his feelings. Such an
unfortunate man, when driven to des
peration, is entitled to lenient . treat
ment by judge and jury. It is hardly
a crime which he lias committed. It is
more the deed of a madman who is not
responsible for his action. . He needs
imprisonment under conditions which
will change his nature and teach him
wisdom and self control. It is gene
rally an ill natured and unsociable man
who is made the object of ridicule by
his fellows. "He doesn't know how
to take a joke," and his impotent re
sentment stirs up feeling against him.
He is not strong enough to give as well
as to take. He is not strong enough to
master his own hatred. He shows his
feelings, and adds to the persistence of
his tormentors. . :-
' A little more of the milk of human
kindness and a little more of self con
trol would save millions of hours of
human torture, would save many a
man from injury and death, and many
another from a prison cell or the gal
lows. The philanthropist who can in
vent some antidote feObiftesidBfc-
stim.... u ..v um worlds bene
factors. Buffalo Express. " ''.
Fortunes Quickly Made. ".."' :'
A man came into the editorial room
today and broke everybody up with
this story: Several years ago a pay
master in the United States army in
vested $600 in a piece of ground in
Spokane Falls. The other day he sold
it for $54,000. The excitement that
greeted this story had scarcely died
away, and tne boys m tne room were
fanning each other and cutting each
other's hair to cool their skulls, when
another man came in. and told this
story: In 1882 a Pennsylvanian went
to Denver, and when he landed he had
enough to buy a tent and a few mining
tools. He went prospecting, made a
little money and then went back to
Denver and bought real estate. Today
he Is worth $4,060,000. The only sound
that greeted this story was a succession
of dull thuds as men dropped to the
floor. , '
There was a hiatus of half an hour,
when another man came in and said he
had just heard of a young man in one
of the mushroom towns of Virginia who
had invested a little money in real es
tate right after breakfast, and when he
sat down to dinner had cleaned up
$1,000 on " his purchase. There are
three half crazy men in this office.
Whenever a man comes into the edi
torial room he is asked before he gets
warm: "How much did the fellow
makef Then he tells his little story
and goes out, leaving the boys just as
poor as ever. Harrisburg Telegraph.
. Before, the cause of con
sumption was known .(that
was only a few years ago)
we did not know how Scott's
Emulsion of cod-liver oil did
so much good in consumption
and in the conditions that
lead to consumption.
The explanation is inter
esting. We send it free in
a book on careful living.
" Scott & Bowns, Chemists, 13a South th Avenue,
New York.
Your druggist keeps Scott's Emulsion of cod-liver
oil all druggists every where do. $i.
Brot er Explains Himself, and
Si iValpole Talks on Faith. '
Whfe. .etins had been called to order
Brother jSer arose and said: '
"One e. nin' las' June, while gwine home
from a session of dis club, 1 bad de misfor
tune to fall into an open sewer. I war tooken
out fur dead, an' fur months I war a cripple.
Our club did not feel like gwine on widout
me, jan' hence no meetins bev bin held fur de
ss! six months. Doorin' de interval Paradise
hall was rented to a commishun mareuant,
de library an1 relics keerfully stored away,
an' we open fur bizness agin to-nigbt widout
de loss of a cent.
"A few of our members hev wandered
away, but only a few. : Whalebone Howker
went ober '-. to Canada an' adopted a
boss widout axin' bis owner, an' be has bin
laid away in de archives fur three years.
Kurnel Kyann Johnsing has got a place in a
county jail in Ohio fur a year. Sacrifice
Smith went to Chicago an' walked in bis
sleep walked off wid an ober coat an' de
chief of police took an interest In hira an' got
him a warm place fur some time to come.
Three or four others am not heab to meet wid
us on dis occashuu, an' it ar' perhaps jist as
well dat dey hain't.
"As many different reports hev gone
abroad as to de natur' of my injoories, an' as
some of de newspapers bev received a false
impreshun, I will heab state a few facks. 1
fell about fo'teen feet 1 didn't say nuffln'
when 1 fell I lay dar' in a catamose state
fur three hours befor' I was diskivered an'
rescued. When de doctors took hold of me
it was found tbat thecerbellum bad bin badly
fractured ui two places; de clavicle bone had
binonhinged, de diaphragm was broken; de
bronchial ramifications was unconscious; de
pulmonous arteries bad bin driven cl'ar into
de left renter'cle. In addisbun, as dey
found on a second examination, dar' war two
kinks in de lumbar vertebra: , de carotid
artery had become all mixed up wid de tri
cupsid valve, an' de epigastric region bad col
lided wid de right auricle. Nobody thought
I could pull frew, but yere I am, almos' as
good as befo', an' ready fur de nex' calamity.
"De doctors hev cautioned me to be a leetle
keerful about exertin' de tibialis anticus too
much fur a few weeks to come, an' to gin de
flexor carpiradialis as much rest as possible,
but de crisis has passed an' dar is no fear of a
relapse. I wish to return my thanks to all de
members of de club in particular, an' to my
outside friends in gineral, and to say dat we
shall hold reg'lar meetin's of dis club ebery
two weeks from now on until furder notice.
Sir Isaac Walpole will now address you wid
a brief address." '
"My fren's," began Sir Isaac, as he care
fully arose, "de subjick of my address dis
eavenin' is 'Lack of Faith.' I see it in front
an' behind, an' to de right an' left of me,
almost ebery hour in de day , Fifty y'ars
ago, if I went to a cull'd man an' axed de
loan of two bits fur a week, 1 got it widout
the least besitashun. He didn't draw down
his left eye an' whisper 'Chestnuts,' an' softly
inquar' if he had hay seed in his ear. In my
ju venous days, when an ole man cum to me
an' put his hand on my bead an' toled me
dat spreein' around nights was de side doab
to state prison, 1 didn't grin in bis face nor
whistle in his ear. If I wanted a cup of
sugar or a drawin' of tea, every naybur was
willin' to lend, nebber doubtin' dat I would
repay at de airliest moment Twenty years
ago I could walk into a butcher shop an'
order a soup bone an' tell bim to charge it,
an' dat bone would go up to my cabin in all
faith an' confidence in my integrity. Let
me go into a butcher shop to-morrow an' gin
dat order, an' do butcher would pint to a
dozen signs of 'No Trust,' an' look upon me
as crazy. . - -
"Dar was a time when I could git a patch
put on my bute an' walk off wid de remark
dat I would pay fur it next week. If I should
try dat on to-morrer I would git de collar
from a policeman befo' 1 had gone a bundl ed
rods. In de good ole days I could walk up an'
down all de alleys in Detroit widout an on
kind remark bein' remarked to me. Only
yesterday, as I was gwine up an alley tolook
rokedober LJrbaclj.
fence an' saidf T on is jist one day too late,
cull'd man dem chickens is gone!' De world
seems to hev reached dat stage when nobody
believes an' eberybody doubts If I git on a
street kyar de conductor wants his cash In
advance. If I go on de railroad a pusson
come around befo' we hev gone five miles an'
demands de fare. If I go to de postofflce fur
a stamp de clerk reaches out fur my two cents
afore he tears de stamp off. If I want to
borry sugar or tea de nayburs ar' jist out If
I go to rent a house de owner wants a month's
rent in advance. ' i
. "De good ole days, when man bad faith In
man, an' when to doubt a man's word meant
dat be was a rascal, hev departed, probably
never to return. It grieves and pains me. 1
want to hev faith, an' 1 doan' want to doubt
but de state of aff airs affects me mo' or less.
I find myself besitatin' when Waydown Be
bee wants de loan of my Sunday coat to at
tend a pray'r meetin'. I find myself fishin'
fur excuses when Tickles Smith wants de loan
of half a dollar fur a week. 1 cotcb myself
wonderin' if Shindig Watkins takes me fur a
haystack when be sends bis boy ober to bor
row my Persian rug to lay in front of his
stove de night he has a party It grieves me.
It fills me wid sadness." -
The meeting then adjourned. Detroit Free
Getting at the Right.
"Look a-heret" he began, as he entered the
Ninth avenue station the other day. "Has a
feller any right to kick my dog?' : ;
"What did your dog doP' asked the ser
geant. '.;. . '.:'
"Nothing." , ' " ' '"' " . "
"Then be had no right"
"That's what 1 say." '-j' !-'
, "Did be do anything else!"
"Yes, he kicked me, but I didn't intend to
say anything about that. What 1 want to
know, and what I've walked ten miles to find
out, is if a feller has a right to kick a dog
who ain't doing nothing but lying behind a
stover . . ,
"No, be has not." '
"Well, that satisfies me. It's just as I
thought. And now if my dog ever comes
back, and if 1 ever get my eyes on that chap
again, I'm a-going to prove that I was right."
Detroit Free Press. .
Uncle James Well, Bobby, are you gain
ing any prizes at school nowadays?
; Bobby No, sir; the other.fellows get them
Uncle James But youll keep on trying, of
Bobby What's the usel , The other fallow
keep on trying tool Lifa.
1 ' I
This would: seem a contradiction is so, in
fact, to the eye. But expiienc has' proved Its
possibility. Tak the case of the individual who
dwells in a malarious region. A robust consti
tution is no certain defense against the dreaded
chills, i What is? Recorded testimony, covering
a period little short of half a century, proves
that Hostetter's Stomach Bitters is precisely this.
This continent does not limit the field where the
medicine has proved its effic -cy. In South Amer
ica, the Isthmus of Panama, Mexico, everywhere
in fact where mlasma-born disease takes on its
most obstinate and formidable types, the Bitters
is a recognized specific in illimitable demand
and prescribed by physicians of repute. Potent,
too, Is it in disorders of the stomach, liver and
bowels, and against that destroyer, la grippe, li
Improves appetite and sleep, neutralizes rl
matism and kidney complaints.
When a young man thinks he knows more than
his father knew, he gets the idea that the world
is progressing. .
Peter C. Vandewater, Commissioner of
Highways, Woodsburgh, Long Island, N.
Y., writes: . 1 '
" DuriDg the last three years I have been
troubled with stitches in the back. . They
came on without the slightest warning, and
laid me up for two and three weeks at a time,
and nothing did me any good. Over a year
ago I had a more severe attack. I could
hardly move. My wife then applied an
Allcock's Porous Plasteb on the small of
the back, where the kink appeared to be. I
never had used one before. In a short t ime
all pain had vanished, and the next morn
ing I got up and attended to my business.
I put a fresh plaster on every week for a
month, and I feel that I have been entirely
cured; as I have not had an attack in the
last eighteen months."
The man who has no business of his own to
attend to always goes to bed tired. . .
"Brown 't Bronchial Trochet " are of great
service in subduing hoarseness. Sold only
in boxes. , .
We all encourage folly because we " don't like
to Bay anything.'' ,
If manufacturers throughout the United
States would adopt the policy of the man
ufacturers of Star Plug, who give the con
sumer not only the best tobacco that can
be made, but make full-weight plugs, there
would probably be no complaints from con
sumers about poor quality and short
weights. i
' The Quimby House, Portland, Or., is the
best $1 a day hotel on the Paoiiio Coast.
Try it. Quimby & Edwards, proprietors.
Thy Gkemka for breakfast.
Use Enamellne Stove Polish; no dust, no smell.
every cent you've paid for it, if it
doesn't benefit or cure you. A med
icine that promises this is one that
promises to help you.
But there's only one medicine of
its kind that can and does promise it.
It's Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dis
covery. It's the guaranteed remedy
for all Blood, Skin and Scalp Dis
eases, from a common blotch or
eruptioiatoti l junoaKpf rJajCt.
-vteataseB, purines, ana enricnes ine
blood, invigorates the system, and
cures Salt-rheum, Tetter, Eczema,
Erysipelas and all manner of blood-
taints from whatever cause. Great
Eating Ulcers rapidly heal under
its benign influence.
It's the best blood-purifier, and it's
the cheapest, no matter how many
doses are offered for a dollar for
you pay only for the good you get.
Nothing else is "just as good'' as
the " Discovery." It may be better
-for the dealer. But he wants
money and you want help,
This GREAT COUGH CURE, this success
ful CONSUMPTION CURE is sold by drug-
gists on a positive guarantee, a test that no othet
Cure can stand successfully. If you have a
will cure you promptly. If your child has the
quickly and relief is sure. If you fear CON
SUMPTION, don't wait until your case is hope
less, but take this Cure at once aud receive im
mediate help. Large bottles, Coc. and Si.oo.
Travelers convenient pocket size 25c. Ask
your druggist for SHILOH'S CURE. If youi
lungs are sore or back lame, use bhiloh s ror
ous Plasters. Price, 25c. 1
Mr. Albert Hartley of Hudson,
N C, was taken with Pneumonia.
His brother had just died from it
When he found his doctor could not
rally him he took one bottle of Ger
man Syrup and came out sound and
well. Mr. S. B. Gardiner, Clerk
with Druggist J. E. Barr, Aurora,
Texas, prevented a bad attack of
pneumonia by taking German Syrup
in time. ; He was in the business
and knew the danger. - He used the
great remedy Boschee s German
Syrup for lung diseases. E
Plso's Remedy for Catarrh 1b the
Best, Easiest to Use, and Cheapest.
Sold by druggists or sent by mail,
0c E.T. Hajwltin, Warrta, Fa.
In 15 Minutes.
I suffered
with face
neuralgia, but in 15
minutes after applica
tion of
was asleep; have not
been troubled with it
since. No return since
1882.':; v'
F. B. ADAMS, Perry, Mo.
O - .
j '
Costs no more than an ordinary clumsy wood picket afralr that obstructs the view and will rot or faU
apart in a short time. The " Hartman " Fence is artistic in design, protects the grounds without con
cealing them and is practically kvebimtino. iIiWistbatisu uai aujuuii wun rmMo i
TESTIMONIALS MAILED FREE, f Always mention this paper m writing. I
Hartman Mfg. Co.. Beaver I
in Mfa. Co.. Beaver Falls. Pa. I. u. uanse,
David M. Clarkson, Jr., port I ana,
Holly, Mason, Marks &
ELY'S CREAM BALM-Cleanses tbe Nasal
-w- ah Ll I 1 T 41 ... .Hnn4-3 .in If Aula
t'aBSafjeis jxiiuym rain
sores, JK-esTjores lame
Gives Relief at once
Armht into tht Sostrils.
50c. DrngeiBts or by mail. ELY
5 Jthe
1 -jfiK YV-WBE-.
Send for photo of our trial groandi.
We are Pacific Coaat Agents for
D.M.Ferry's Seeds
Trees Free From Pests and Healthy,
j And we sell these goods at Easteni
prices. Send for catalogue.
I I kl I A IT yu ee bad? Do. you have a headache?
ll Lb KJfJ Does your back ache? You can't eat and
don't feel like work. The f' I I E trouble is your liver is tor
pid. You are full of bile. I vUfl Get rid of it without delay.
Three doses of Moore's Revealed Remedy will do it and make I I ET O
you feel like a new person. For sale by all druggists. LI w tbam EH
'Warranted to Plant 6 to 8 Acres Per iy
For Fun Particulars
FRANK BROS. CO., 68 and
School, Library, and Office
Have a Dictionary.
Care should be taken to .-. ..
New from Cover to Cover,
Successor of the "Unabridged,"
10 years spent revising.
100 editors employed.
9300,000 expended. -
.. Sold by
All Booksellers.
Rend to
for free specimen pages.
Write for catalogue and
particulars, state age.
127 Washington St., Portland, Or.
Metallic Skylight, Iron Cornices
J. C. BAYER, Portland, Or.
A blend from the formula of an old English
Tea Merchant. i .
Best Tea in the World for the Price.
60 cents per ft. at your dealer's or postpaid
from the sole Importers,
CLOSSET & DEVERS, Portland, Or.
Portland Seed Co..
F. W. MILLER, Manager.
Seeds, Trees, Fertilizers, Etc.,
'No. 171 second St.,
Send for catalogue and mention this paper.
IQCM Tmacle S71 in four days on my Electric Corsetf I
prf. Sample free. r.BrldgmaB,Broadway,N.Y. '
Booka fro)
Pacific Medicine Co., 589 CUy St.. Ban Francisco.
rnnr vrnii m i a 3 P.T TP1'
aunt. -rT-
DR.EV0ET-S California Diamond
m k warn k am n t vtt. t. "ia t !t. -
VAlalMiAu The Creat Cure.
' . No one so bad where life exists but may be helped by
this great cure, 60 cts. by druists or mail.
4. P. ZVO&I ft CO., P::ps., ICO Sreenwich Et-, T- City.
Wo Want Name and
Address ot Eenr
The Credit plan means, as a
rule, high prices, poor
ViorH fimo A Kf a mnrt era crf nn t hf hnttlR. the-
sheriff, and sometimes poverty and want. .
The Cash plan means low prices, best of goods,
Erompt and genial service, good times, money in
and and in bank, children well educated, money
to spare to help others over rough places, and
a thousand unthought of comforts and pleasures.
You may have tried one; now trv the other, 1 Send
to Smiths' Cash Store, 416 418 Front St., S. F,, Cal.
lien, western aaies ngi., duo siara si., umcap-.
or. nunia woirei, incomer
Co., Spokane Falls, Wash.
uu xuiin,muuviuiit
Him mn, i '"r
for Cold in Head.
It is Ouicklv Absorbed.
BROS., 66 Warren St.. N. Y.
Ceiter Than Tt Can Be Done by Hand.
call on or Address ,
70 Front St., Portland, Or.
True merit is al
ways recognized.
"Seal , of North
Carolina" has risen
from the ranks on
merit alone ; its .su
perior quality has
placed it in the
i m-wa-vwu lit
Patent Cloth
Pouches and
in Foil.
N. P. N. XJ. No. 434 S. F. N. TJ, No. frl