The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, January 23, 1892, Image 1

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The Hood
iver Glacier.
vol. ;i.
NO. 34.
3food Iivcr (Slacier.
The Glacier Publishing Companj.
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Thiw tiinnllii.
Ut Chlif Vlt k II. II Uml (ifBr,.
IjHihI :: I-itw :: HporialiHt.
Room No, I, land Offli-. Ilullillii,
Tim Dal.l.M, OH,
Real Hstalc Broker.
Firs, life and Accident Iniurmsa.
Money Loaned cn Real Estate Security
OfHc, Krmi h Co ' uk I1iiilillii,
Barber Shop
Grant Evans, Propr.
8k oml St. , nrar Oak. Hood River, 0.
Shaving and llnii i-uttiug atly dona.
Satisfaction GuaiaiiUad.
Indictments Dismissed
Against Mormons.
Oregon's Board of Equalization Raises
' ( the Total of Taxable Prop
ertyOther News.
The grip has firm hold nt Sacramento
and bin Angeles.
All liiiir of Hoods in Oregon from
the Willinmctte ia now hhhih1.
The icemen at Truekeo have been
fighting hard to keep their jtonda clear
of SHOW.
J'utics collected at Victoria the past
year amounted to $1,000,000, the highest
figure yet reached.
Frank E. Hill, a young drugget, will
have to answer at San Bernardino to the
charge of bigamy.
The Oregon Board of Equalization has
raiaed the total of taxable property of
the (state $. tu.ouooo.
Anaheim is satisfied its sugar-factory
project ia a success, ami the factory will
be in operation next fall.
Stockton haa now four flouring mills
running, they having a combined capac
ity of 6,1)00 barrels per day.
The poaition of the wrecked aicainnr
San Pedro in front of Victoria haa been
unchanged by recent at rins.
Throe creameries are to be established
in Mason Valley, Lyon county, Nev.
The milk of 0,000 cows will be used
Ohineae fishermen are charged with
peddling in the streets of Sacramento
fish caught in the foul waters of Sutter
ville Lake.
Annie Campbell, win passed counter
feit money at Boise City lias been found
guilty by a jury. Her male accomplices
made their escape.
The certainty of the completion of the
gap in the coast road by the Southern
l'acillc ia causing the pulse of the land
owners to lieat stronger.
W. A. Arlington of East Portland
while hunting attempted to climb over
a log, and in doing so the load in the
gun waa discharged and the top of the
head of the young, man waa blown olT.
The Sheriff of Loa Angeles complains
that he ia unable to reach parties who
nave been Indicted by the grand Jury,
owing to the publicity given the proceed
ings. The parties in interest avoid the
serving of writa.
Highwaymen held up the stage near
the Idaho and Montana line the other
night, and collected $0,000 in jewelry
and $100 in cash from the pasaengera.
The jewelry is the property of a Chicago
wholesale house.
Indictments against nearly 100 Mor
mons in Idaho have been dismissed at
Boise City. The accused were charged
with violating the election laws, and the
case involved the construction of the
Idaho test oath.
Michael Flynn of Virginia, Nev., has
applied for letters patent on an air ship,
which he claims he can hold stationary
in spnee while the earth revolvea be
neath him, thus enabling him to circum
navigate in twenty-four hours.
Only seven of the lady bugs sent from
Australia by Mr. Koebele are alive. It
has not yet been proved that the insect
multiplies rapidly enough to be of early
service; so horticulturists in the south
are advised to continue fumigation.
Turning Mads Compulsory In All Girls'
Schools in Cattel and Berlin,
Heading (Pa.) workingmen have pro
test, d against the Introduction of cook
ing into the public schools.
in the universities of Germany there
are 1.IM10 foreign students. Among them
are 4,til Americans, 'Ml Russians, 203
Aiistriana, 226 Swiss and 117 English.
The new Harvard cuta'oguo shows her
whole nuiiiler of students to be 2,tJ!S,
and that she haa 121 professors and In
structors in the faculty of arts and sci
The Mount llolvoke Aliiiiinin Associa
tion of New York haa raised $4',U0d for
an educations pro ect in memory of
Mary Itiigham. the first President of the
Vassar's share of thn l-'iivi'rvmntlii.r
lK'llesta ($50,00 i) ia to Ikj used in build
ing the new dormitory, which the in
rreuse in the number of students has
made necessary,
The Hrokaw memorial at Princeton
College is to take the form of a recrea
tion Held, and the plans as decided upon
contemplate one of the finest series of
such grounds in this country.
Th iiiiaa II. Swope, a wealthy rerdent
of Kansas Iity and a graduate of Center
College at Danville, Ky., has sent that
institution a check for $35,000 to be used
for any purose designated by the fac
ulty. Seven girls have passed examination
at Brown University, and will take up
the freshman studies under the privilege
oi ine eo-eiucallou law recently enacted
by the corporation. The class will nnm
her over 120 memU-rs.
ri . . . . ....
i in re are at present I m.ihi.i co leges
ami schools In lmlta for men, with S.OJil,
i'.H) students, but there are only to bo
found a few hundred schools of low ver
nacular standards and half a dozen col
leges for women, with 21)4.201 students
In Cassel, Germany, turning haa been
mane compulsory In all the girls' school
The dossier school reform bill, which
will Isj up attain for discussion in the
Prussian Landtag, proposes that turning
snail be compulsory In every girls' school
in PrustiH, as it is in Kerlin.
The decadence of university educat
ors is snown by the lact that at the col
lege convention at Ithica but one paper
on me opening nay was devoted to col
lege athletics, the rest be-in on such an
tediluvian tonics as mathematics, aeien-
line philosophy, acone of aniruauea and
the like.
Perkins Appointed Sen
ator From Kansas.
Secretary Traoy Promulgates a New
Order Formation of a H uge
Class Combine.
In Reykjavik, the capital of remote
Iceland, a t-harrahle lady has erected on
her own land a high school for Iceland
girls. Needing more fund-i for teach' rs
salaries, books, etc., than her private In
come would cover, she has sold her fam
ily jewels, many of them heirlooma 700
-.11 ! . 1 . . . . .
years oia. in order 10 Obtain the monev
lor iter enterprise.
Bill Introduced to Admit Free to
World's Fair All Who Served
In the Union Army.
Representative Pickler Introduced a
bill conferring the privilege of free ad
mission to the World's Fair on all who
served in the Union army or navy dur
ing the war.
Representative Stump of Maryland in
troduced a resolution requesting the
President to lay before the House any
definite and poaitive information in the
possession of the State Department rela
tive to the famine in Russia, with such
recommendations for action as is within
the power of the government.
Representative Enloe oTennessee has
introduced a bill amending paragraph
nni oi me scneuuie tarin law ot 188J ao
as to provide that lead ores and lead
drosa shall pay a duty of cent per
pound, provided ores containing silver
and lead, in which silver is of greater
vaiue, tie considered silver ores and be
admitted free of duty.
Representative O'Neill of Missouri
has intr duced a bill for theonforcement
of the eight-hour law in all departments
of the government and extending its
provisions to laliorers under government
contract; also a bill prohibiting the use
of convict-made goods or materials in
the departments or public buildings or
unuer contracta with the Indiana.
Senator Allen'a speech on the Nicara
gua canal ha attracted a good deal of
attention and elicited verv favorable
comment. He aaid it waa the wish of
his constituents that this canal should
bo built, and pointed out the many ad
vantages that wonld accrue. Sneaking
oi wnnt ine t'aeinc northwest could send
through the canal in deep-water ships,
he referred to the gigantic forests, the
walls of coal and iron, the immense
catch of fish, while Eastern Oregon and
Washington had a cereal belt surpassing
any pari oi our country or in the world.
The speech contained all the points in
his recent interview on the same subject.
Representative Wilson has introduced
a bill for a lightship, house and flag sig
nal at Gray's harbor, appropriating
150,000 for the purpose. He also intra1
duced public-buildings bills forthe three
principal cities of Washington ; one ap
propriating $500,000 for a building and
site at Tacoma, another for the same
amount at Seattle. The bill for Spokane
appropriates $300,000. and it is the onlv
one which can possibly be got through
nun EeaBion, tta .Representative Sweet OI
Idaho, who is a member of the Commit
tee on Public Ruildings and Grounds,
says that he will favor Spokane above
the other different sites, and it is not
possible for one State to get more than
one building during this Congress. Mr.
lr; i :i. . i . t . ,.
iinuu win iiiirouuce a uiu ior a public
building at Walla Walla, and will let It
take its chances in the House.
It will coat !I50,0'X) to put the desired
wings on me White House.
Baltimore ministers have taken a firm
stand against (Sunday funerals.
Duluth's receipts of wheat aim-e Sep
Umiber 1 have been 32,173,043 bushels
The Massachusetts naval battalion
to be armed with the new Lee repeating
Death notices in the Philadelphia
newspapers fill from four to 11
... -
t,hlcao expects to have her Smith
MMie elevated railroad in operation by
April 1.
Contributions to the flour fund tnr M,
distressed Russians now reach 700.0M
Kentucky's State Treasurer think.
.Viuu is too small a salary, and he has
jexarkana (Ark.) School Board is
alarmed Btwut gambling among the
sciiooi children.
All the type foundries In the United
htaus are said to have been sold to an
r.ngiisti syndicate.
Congressman Cutting is the father of
a oiii to promote the elllciency of the
miiiua oi the country.
Mixed-blood Indians are organizing to
uwinanu ine same treatment the govern
ment gives full-bloods.
The failed New York firm of Henry E.
Titus A Co. ia found to have 5 ()On nf
asseis nnu f 'uu,uuu debts.
Maine sustained a biirirer lu In-
uunng in ii man ior several vears nast.
I he losses foot up more than $1,100,000.
The strike of the Southern express
messengers on the Illinois Central
threatens toextend over the whole South.
The total number of murders com
mitted in this country durinar the nast
year waa 6,900, as compared with 4.290
in 189J.
Many Congressmen favor the d! win it
of the grent ship canal from Ni
river to the Hudson, to coat abont
At Philadelphia the work of W rnv.
ing tho diea used for making coins dur
ing 1891 has commenced at the United
States Mint.
Joseph Pulitzer is back of an enter
prise to publish the Chicago World,
which an incorporated company pro
poses to establish.
It is almost impossible now for f!hl.
cago hotels to accommodate the tide of
travel setting thither from all parta of
the civilized world.
Georgia cotton factors have called a
convention of all those interested in
growing cotton to take action on the
proposition to reduce the acreage of cot
ton next year.
Representative Fitch of Ne w VnrV In.
traduced a bill fixing the following rtw
of duty : Barley, 10 cents per bushel :
barley malt. 20 cents per bushel : hnn
3 cents per pound.
The total value of the freight
the "Soo" canal, leading out of Lake
Superior, hiBt year was $128,178,208.
which is an increase of .nort fmm
the aggregate of 1S90.
It is evted that the National Cordage
Company, which controls the manu
facture of binding twine in this coun
try, intends to raise the price of its
product 1 or 2 cents a pound next year.
Representative Pattieon of Ohio has
introduced in the House a joint resolu
tion amending the Constitution bv mak
ing the Presidential term five yea'rs and
declaring the incumbent iuelnrihl fnr
Kepresentative Newberry of Illinois
introduced a bill authorising the 8ecre
tary of War to detail for special duty in
connection with the World's Fair such
officers of the army as may be required
iur me purpose.
At Wheeling, W. Va., preliminary
oreyo uave iwen laaen in tne formation
of a powerful glass combine to oppose
the United States Glass Comnanv. Thn
combined capital will be in the neigh
borhood of H,000,000.
Under the recent decisions of the Chi
cago courts any person of good character
ia entitled to a saloon licenae in that city,
no matter where the groggery might be
located and no matter how objection nhl
such groggery might be.
Twelve breweriea in Cincinnati. f!no.
ington and Newport have agreed to form
a combination similar to the whisky
trust for the Purpose of imnrovino- tho
quality of the product and reducing the
expense of production and delivery.
Kansas Alliance men are suspicious of
the National Union Company, a cor
poration whose alleged object is to make
cheap purchases for the benefit of the
Alliance members. Thev think it U in
reality a branch of the Jute Bagging
Hassan Ben Ali of Morocco is seek
ing a concession to make a Morocco ex
hibit at the exposition. He says he will
spend 30,000 in showing the people,
manners, customs, amusements, etc., of
his country and in brin 'intr to fih
a tribe of Berbers. j Manning Does All Hit Liter.
ary Work on a Pad, Which He
Rests on Hit Knee. and I'rli. Hchoine. t'.ed to Bell
Alum and Ammonia Baking I'owd.r.
A New York concern, manufacturer.
of an ammonia baking powder, hoaxta
that its yearly profits are over a million
Edgar Haltns. the novelist. Is Dictured dol!ar"' wt,Ie perhaps, none of the
as a small man with a sturdy frame, a "Jert of alum powders individually
fine head, an observant eye and a mus- Cftn thow 80 lart?e earnings, yet their
ptuuoi mo cuuruiuug.
tache black as night.
I i. .... : . . . i i
Sir Edwin Arnold calls Zola's pen "the J? V'uZuJ W1" , y?
poisoned stalpel" of the disaectmg room attnut0 ilf ,f H,0"e whose greed wid
of liter.ture.'and vet the t preS L'ct" ht?rmtfHctttn'Ldreglird the.ff"
to admire the novelint. V feet their traffic niay have upon the
... ii.. ii..
mine, iiliia uu nf ti.u iimnuu n.. v..l: i . . .
M:. i r in 'i , . ,( ., . Am"' "'g powuers are introduced
mister In Washington, can ta k Eni- .roi i. ,..;... i
lishwell enough to go shopping, and, schemes. A piece of glassware or china.
a ii.i iujo. 1LUII BIHWm. BUB UrHB.ll T I 1 Mil 1 m an, ,n U . -
. some omer article oi attractive annnar.
Ti, , . , . .1 l i. t . . . r
aiio miiinuii oi ine eminent r rencn hl-b. imi oi email lninnsir va no nr
neurologist, Cha'ccl, that all men of ge- coat, is given with each purchase, or a
iniiB nro vt some oegree insane simply uumoer is aitacueu to the can which en
indorses a popular be hef that has ob- titlea the cnatomer to a similarly nnm.
..!... i .t i i . . I l , i - . . . . J . . :
niiiDu Binue me oeg'nning oi time. oereo ariicie or to a prize oi some kind.
General F. RnrH n,M, ITnt.t 1U! ,n. 801118 uch W7 B this that the
Minister to Spain, with his charmin A,m ana mmoi? baking
young bride, who Was Miss Violet SopT . !" 1 V-1 Uine(l "UCh
u.:.u . ft . . . . . I If 1 atlt DrODOrtlOnR find thfMr Pinanmn.
wiui oi Msmore. AriJHn re. ijt and. i -.i V "i .77 . . . w
i- i... i . . ' .. ' I LiuiJ uv Liin Dniiiin wnifri riaa raanhuH an
I - - ,..VH mtw VWVUVU BU
extent which is truly alarming.
The highest authoritiesnf all Annntris.
uueen v ictorla has Ion j been regarded condemn the ubo of a um in breao' with
as more or less of a recluse, being nota- out reserve. In America the most dis
bly indifferent to society. But of recent tinguished nhysiciana. chemist ami
years she has grown mora social in her hygienists have declared that the traffic
ways, and now shows a fondnesa for n Hiu,n baking powders should be sud
making visits. pressed by law. In England and France
The richest of the ne Senator i. where the eubject of pure fowl, and its
eltn of California, who is said to have euecl nPon lu ayBtem, has been more
one million to Stanford's three. He was tall7 con"idered and made the subject of
a poor boy at the time of the d scoverv ewuueu experiments by the scientists.
of gold in California, and made hi 80 eenous a matter is the use of alum in
f n J v u va a I
is the leader of diplomatic entertainers I
at Madrid.
money in mining.
the manuscript of "Home. Sweet
Home," was given by John Howard
rayne to Miss Mary Harden. Misa liar.
den haa died, and the inann print haa
' , , ,. 1 i ,ui nit uuui. iv in ucucvcu io u to mane them lor use in food, or at
sun in existence, and efforts are being tempted to use them for hr
oiscuii or caae. would sutler severe nen
Dread or other food considered to be.
that most stringent laws have been en
acted to prevent it. These laws are
rigidly enforced, and the eaie of alum
baking powders would not be permitted
for an hour. Any one who attempted
made to discover it,
John W. Mackav made his nannl
Christmas gift of one-half a month's sal-
ry to every employe of the Commercial
uaoie tympany, of which he is Presi
uem. inere are zi names on the cav
roll, and the distribution amounts to
The ill effects noon the system of food
raised by alum baking powdera are the
more dangerous because of their insid
ious character. It would be less dan
J0.01H), which Mr. Mackav nava ont n . i. i. .j u L
hisown pocket. avoided: but their rldlftprmna a;
Prof. William R. Ware of Columbian because imnercentihle at. first j. nn loci
.i i i . .... . . ' ""i "
vuni-Ke, wnose anowieage ana taste in certain.
architecture have made him an author- The puckering effect which alum has
ity in that art. haa recently heen in Tn-1 when tAknn in tho mnnth, in tamiii..
dianapolis to inspect the new eoldiera' to every one. Phyaicians say this same
..luiiuuicui in jiiuut-BB oi erection mere, eutiui is proaucea oy it upon the deli
He is charged with the supervision of cate coata of the atomnrh and int.tinou
mat worn. What housewife would take home tn
Tennyson's dislike, not to sav hatred, her family a can 0f aum 0r ammonia
of the common people growson him with Pahmg powder if ehe knew it? Such
his years. His beautiful homeatHael- powders not only undermine the system,
mere is so arranged as to exclude the P"1 't is pointed out that ammonfa taken
" profane hnni " frnm a aiht nf tho iron, into the BVStem in even infinitesimal
1 " - - " 1 p, ' " W . . 'lt I . " ' .... . . . . ... .
erable poet, and it is a rare thing for any d08t'8 da7 aIter day, imparts to i he com-
ouisiuer to eaten a glimpse oi him as he H"iuu a sauow ana Dioicnea appear
strolls about the garden with hin lnniT I ance
pipe and slouch hat. aafe to discard all baking pow-
work on
rOUt. nn hia k-noa Tka fnn.,... L- ..1 : n U
prelate is now past 81 rears of age and Pwa.er8- iwo of the largest selling
growing feeble. His fine, intellectual '"""u.'.uuo uiauB '.roin mm, me otner
foi.o iii OQom,.,i ,wi. i:L. .L.i. .u containing ammonia, and both of these
mvu .o DvnUJCll niVll fcUO 1IUCH L11HL 1,111 I . . . ' ' . ' . "
age brings, and the skin is drawn tihtlv "ged baking powders have stamped
across his broad forehead. ThefWinnl nP their labels and circulars these
nd slouch hat. safe to discard all baking pow-
linal Manning does all his literary deI?,,8Jd wih a Prize or Rift- J
n a small writing pad, whic'i he BJ fhf 1 a mnpmer are the words "Ab-
n his knee. The famous English eolaty p"re," as applied to baking
a very tall man. more than six feet in
height when erect, but his slender figure
is bent with years, and his white hair
shows in scant locks from beneath his
skull cap.
words, absolutely pure ; as a matter of
ikui iuey are Absolutely roar."
shown by official examinations.
The President of Ecuador Orders
Complete Display of Women's
Work at the Fair.
The women physicians, nharmacists
and dentists of Illinois intend to prepare
Hn exniou to De made in the lllinou
Mate building.
The department of electricity is mak
ing an effort to secure a complete collec
tion of historical electrical apparatus in
order to show the progress of the science
from early times.
The pressure exerted on the Rhenish
manufacturers to induce them to exhibit
at the World's Fair is likely to be suc
cessful. Several prominent ones among
them, who at first refused, are changing
their opinion.
The President of Ecuador has ordered
that a complete , display of woman's
work shall be prepared for the fair.
This is to include a collection of gold
and silver braid work, woven straw and
other novelties. Two or three women
may be sent to Chicago to take charge
of the display.
L. Takaqui and K. Ikeda, two repre
sentatives commissioned by the Mikado
of Japan, have been in Chicago seeking
detailed information concerning tha
exposition. They were greatly pleased
and Baid their country would make a
fine exhibit, and that in it would be a
number of private art treasures of the
In the interest of the Persian partici
pation in the exposition the Persian
government has lifted the export duty
on all goods which will be sent to the
World's Fair from Persia, and it ha
also lifted the import duty on all goods
which will be purchased at the World's
Fair and brought into Persia. These
concessions have greatly increased the
interest taken in the World's Fair in
Electricity is to be the motive ferce in
Jackson Park during the construction of
the buildings. The electric plant has
been completed and steam engines must
go, lhis is done in order to reduce the
fire risk. The saw mills, used in cettini?
out building material, which have been
run by steam, are now supplied by eleo
trie POWer. fnmished. if doairarl nifrKt
and day. Electrcal Engineer Sargeant
is prepared with a sixty horse-power
plant to supply eleetrio motor service.
Fouthful Depravity.
Carl and Ruth, brother and aster, aged I
ana 4, are known to tneir immediate rela
tives and to a good many besides aa "terrors."
Tne other afternoon they were encaged in
a very promising sparring contest, when their
mother intervened with some violence, took
both contestants by the collar and set them
down sharply on the floor, one on one side of
the fireplace and the other on the other side.
Then she seated herself between thein.
"There 1" she exclaimed; "now star there.
xacuy wuere you are, and 1 forbid you to
make a soauar
There was something unusually peremptory.
perhaps, in this treutmeut, and for a few
momenta the "terrors" were cowed. Carl sat
silent, bliukiug and looking puzzled. His
Mother would have sworn that he was study
ing up some means of getting around her com
mands. And presently she was astonished Hi
him extend his hand solemnly toward
Ruth, with the remark:
"Liet us pray I"
And the two children fell on their
w hue the boy repeated the Lord's Prayar. He
knew his mother couldn't spank him for that.
Listener in Boston Transcript
Telegraphy In Conversation.
An expert woman telegrapher was telling
aa Mings connected with her profession.
"Do you know how many more ways teleg-
rapners uaveoi communicating among them
selves than ordinary mortals have!" she asked.
"Not Well, I'll tell you. Not long ago, in
crowded house, I saw an associate to whom I
ry much wished to say a few words. She
was within easy hearing distance of me, but I
could not get close enough to her to whisper
wnat i wisnea to say, ana 1 could not even
catch her eye. Suddenly I thought of some
thing. 1 noticed that the frame of the chair
in which I was sitting was iron. I took my
latchkey out of my pocket and, striking the
frame of the chair, tapped out her full name.
Her practiced ear caught the sounds at once.
She turned and saw tw. Then I tapped out
my fall message on the rim of my chair. Sh
took her latchkey from her pocket and sent
an answer in the samo way. Not a word was
spoken, and only two or three persons noticed
the clicking, and these did uot understand
what it meant." New York Evening Sua
A Bacillus In Warta.
Dr. Kuhnemau has found in sections of
warts (verruca vulgaris) a bacillus which is
always present in the prickle layer. It has
distinctive qualities as regards its capacity
for color, and is found both between and in
the cells. Its form is that of exceedingly
delicate, slender rods, the thickness bearing
the proportion to the length of one to six. It
is seldom found in th skin surrounding the
warts, and is found most plentifully when
the wart is recent. Philadelphia Record.
Proline, fruit, Rta.
WiffAT Vahey, Wai a W
$1.57u (l.oO per cental. Standard, ij.oO, Walla Walla,
$4.80; Graham, 4.00; fcupertine, $3.00
per barrel.
Oats New, 40(a;-i5c per bushel.
Hav vll'gi3 per ton.
MiLLSTtri's liran, $19; snorts, $21;
ground barley, $&2.&oti; chop feed,
4l8'ult per ton; feed barley, $20; mid
dlings, $28 per ton; brewing barley,
$1.101.15 per cental.
Burma Oregon fancy creamery, 37)
40c; fancy dairy, 324ac; fair to
good, 25ft27c; common. 1522Jc;
Eastern, 25(?ai4C per pound.
Chbehk Oregon, 14Q16c; Eastern,
15 10c per pound.
Eoos Oregon,3032Jc ; Eastern,26(i
27,l4c per dozen.
Poulthy Chickens. $6(36 60: ducks.
$5.50(s.50; geese, $11 per dozen; to
keva, 12ic per pound.
v koktablks Cabbage, nominal. $1(4
$1.5upercental;caulih'ower1$i per dozen;
vuiuua, m;uai percental ; potatoes, -KHg
00c per sack; sweet potatoes, 3c per
pound ; California celery, 76c per dozen
bunches; fancy Oregon celery, 60c per
dozen bunches; carrots, 7ac per sack ;
beeta, 75c per sack ; parsnips, $1.00 per
sack; rhubarb, 3 4c per pound; rad
ishes, 10c per dozen ; egg plant, $1.60(3
2.00 per box; cucumbers, 12bC per
Ehuits Sicily lemons, $5.506.50 ;
California, $4.60 per box; oranges,
4.5o5.50; apples, 75c$1.25 per box; -bananas,
$3.oU4.00 a bunch; pine
applea, $4t per dozen ; grapes, Muscat
and black, 1.25(gl.60c per crate; cran
berries, $10.iX) per barrel; Smyrna
tigs, 1722c per pound; citrons, 27c
per pound; Winter Nellia pears, $1.60(i
1.75 per box ; lady apples $1.25 per box.
Acts California watnuts,U124c;
hickory, 10c; Brazils, lOdllc; al
monds, 10 18c; filberts, 1415c; pina
nuts, 1718c; pecans, 17l8c; cocoa
nuts, 8c; hazel, 6c; peanuts, 8c per
Staple Groceries.
Honby 17j18c per ponn I.
Salt Liverpool,$15.5uil6.75;stock,
$ll(tl2 per ton.
Cuffm Costa Rica. 21c: Rio. 21c;
Salvador, 21c; Mocha, 30c; Java,
soc; Arbuckle's, 100-pound cases, 20 he
per pound.
Kick Japan. $5.00: Island. $5.75 ner
Bka-ns Small white, 3c; pink, 2c;
bayos, 2.kc; butter. 3'-c: liinaa. AUn
per pound.
Sugar V, 4.c; Golden C. 4Vc:
extra C. 4f.c: granulated, (ice
cube crushed and powdered, 6,c; con
lecnoners' a, oc ; maple sugar, lfi.a
I c per pound.
bYRur Eastern, in barrels. 422 4v..
half-barrels, 4447c; in cases, 66t80c
per gallon ; $2.25 per keg. California, in
barrels, 3oc per gallon; $1.75 per keg.
Dried Ff.uits Italian prunes. ic
Petite and German. tK7c per pound;
raisins, $1.201.90 per box; apples,
Plummer-dried, 8,9c; evaporated
peaches, 9llc: Smyrna figs. lTiaa-'Un;
California tigs, 7c per pound.
Uannid Uoods table fruits, tt.&va
1.80, 2s; peaches, $1.802.00; Bart
lett pears, $1.801.90; plums, $1.37 VS
1.50; strawberries, $2.25; cherries, $2.5
tz.); Diact berries, $1.85(31.90: rasp
lilies, $2.40; pineapples, $2.252.80;
apricote,$1.601.70. Pie fruit: Assorted,
$I.IO1.20; peaches, $1.25; plums, $1
1.10; blackberries, $1.25 1.40 per dozen.
Vegetables: Corn, $1.10 1.75; tomatoes,
95c1.00; sugar peas, 95c$1.60;
string beans, 90c$1.00 per dozen.
Fish: Sardines, 75c$l.ti5; lobsters, $2.30
(3.60. Condensed milk : Eale brand,
-8.10; Crown, $.7.00; Highland, $8.60; ,
Champion, $5.50; Monroe, $8.75 per case.
Meats : Corned beei, $1.90 ; chipped beef,
2.10; innch tongue, $3 0 1 Is, 5 53 2s;
deviled ham, $l.f 0 2.65 per dozen
Nails Base quotations: iron, 3.00;
steel, $3.0U; wire, $3.50 per keg
Iron Bar, 3jc per pound.
Steel lO'c per pound.
Tin I. C. charcoal, 14x20, prime qual
ity, $8.008.50 per box; for crosses, $2
extra per box; roofing, 14x20, prime
quality, $6.75 per box ; 1. C. coke plates,
14x20, prime quality, $7.75 per lwx.
Lead 4c per pound ; bar,
Solder 13. 16c per pound, ac
cording to grade.
Shot- $1.85 per sack.
Horseshoes $5.
Naval Stores Oakum, $5 per bale;
rosin. $4 80(i).00 Per 280 pounds; tar.
Stockholm, $12.t0; Carolina, $7.00 per
barrel : pitch. $0.00 per barrel : turpen
tine, 65c per gallon iu carload lota.
Bides, Wool and Hops.
Hides Dry hides, selected prime, 8V
9c; Wc less for culls: green, selected.
over 55 pounds. 4c ; under 55 poiindB, 3c ;
sheep pelts, short wool, 3(K-I50c; me
dium, 60S0c; long, 0e($1.25; shear
lings, 10ia20c; tallow, good to choice, 3
3HjC per pound.
Wool Willamette Vallev. 17(ai9c;
Eastern Oregon. 10(l7c per round.
according to condition and ace.
Hops Nominal ; 16'Ji8c per pound.
. Tb.4 Meat Market.
Bekp Live, 2c ; dressed, 56c
Motton Live, sheared, 3Mc: dressed.
Hogs Live, 4c ; dressed, 6c
Vxal 4t)c per pound.
Smokkd Meats Eastern ham, 11
c; other varieties. 12!c: breakfast
bacon, lla12Vc; sides, 10c; smoke
iwon, 1 1 yA at uc per pound.
Lakd Compound. 9(i?10c: pure. 10i
llgc; Oregon, 10il2Vc per pound.
Bars and Ka?rtng-.
Burlaps. 8-oz.. 40-inch, net cash.
burlaps, 10-oz., 40-inch, net cash, 7c;
burlaps, 12-oz., 45-inch, net cash, 7c;
burlaps, 16-oz., 60-inch, 11c; burlaps. 20-
oz., 7-inch, I3e. Wheat bags, Calcutta,
22x26, ep.)t, c; three-tuhel oat bags,
8c. Centals (second hand wheat
bags), 8c