The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, December 05, 1891, Image 3

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3(ood Tiver (Slacicr.
llO'MHtlVKIt, Oil., JMV. n, (Mil,
mox imcihc uuiavay
. r'xmiwi Iwivei t 1 1 01 A, M,
No. 'i, Mull 1(1.11 I'. M.
IlllVl'k III
7:10 I'.
:H A.
Till: MAIL.
I'll mull krilvrn (Yum MlrulUlinrir Hi II n'.
rliM'h A. M. Wi'itm wIiivk mill Hiiltililuyn; ill
ll'U Mllll a Ml H lit.
Knr Clii'imMi'tli. Ifnvim i M A.
M. arrive nt
1 . M. rMiliirilaVM.
For WlilliiMiilitmi. Iitivit dully kI n A
rrivptniiiiiuo i'iiM'k P, M,
Krniii Wlill Kiiliiimi Inivi-K fur Kulilii. nil
Mar. Tumi i4iki mill lilenwiMxl MiuiiIii), mill
Mill? LOCAL . UTKltS.
Mr. John WiiImoii
In tip front Port
I'lctiiri'N fr.iiiicil
llllUll' Ulllll .
to order lit tlu fnr-
Mr. 8. IIumIjhikIh of MimliT wiut livrv
.. , .
I In- C.i.Ai'tKH wiih thirty niontlm olil ;
liMt wii'k.
IJiniiH. II. Ki ttlii ri'?
mile. H. II.
Wi ll I hIioiiM
(oHIiin uml iiii.lcrlnkfm hiii.hIIi-h !
i furiilturu nloiv.
t all mil nci, tin. i.w m-Iumi1 miIIm for
1miv n ut luiiimV
l V II I I . '
U. .Mr.Nally Ih the new n HIoii !
rorimmi h. ri'.
All kltulM of it hi 1 1 1 ry jriMluce
liiuirlit i
im ohi in jiiirriHiurh.
A flue lit f neut'M rurnlMhlll khhU
nit received nt llumiiiV
... , ... , I
I. J. utHon nunc I'mt- j
land yi-Mlenlay inoniliiK'.
Mih. K. V. Wi'iidllnr iiihUh
proof on her hiuiii hii iul the IrJi h.
Mr. 1 ::11m4.ii'k hill..
L'lll. w ho Iiml lnr
eiliiok ii m.uie weekn iil-o, Ih ahout
I lit Vi. you welt the JII.IHI mililie
inaple iH .i room M-t ut thu furniture
"l",v '
lluvinj-: Ih'i-ii appointed .,,tury I'uli
lle we mv pivpuied to do all w ork In
thut line.
Mr. Mini Mm, .Mutlilu expect to
.turt Sunday for 'KiiKlaiul to remain !
nil II Minlnif
lllltll KplllIK
from The
until the ,
K. li, l.ytle wiih down
D.iIIch Sunday, nuialuin
ii;.U pinwner.
J. W. Wallaei' Iiiih Kfaded IiIh lotn In
VViiueoiua, will niovit IiIh ham mid
in ike u dwelling limine of .
Im you want u line wnteli or elegant
Jewelery at the very lowcnt jirlivH'.' If
Mio lo Sidney Voiiiik'm ut the DuIIch.
W. Ii. Allen, formerly lilnekHinllh
with Ihe Oregon I.uuiU r ('oinpany, Ih
now ut wmk with the pile-i hi vinir out
lit. Mr. I.nke, of the CiiHcade IM-kn, who
Wiih Ik-iv hint Wii'k, Ih HerloMwIy coiihIiI-i-rlnjit
oH iihig u gi'iieral inerchaiidlHO
fttoiv here.
Sidney You njr at The Dallen Iiiih iiii
elegant UKsortinent of Jewelry, Jut the
tiling for a ChrlNtiuuM pitm-nt for yoiir-M-lf
or frlenilH.
, Mi-Hun. IllowerH A Cmwell have fin
IhIkiI (akin; html, mid the traiiHter
from Mr1 HIowitm to Mr, ('ruwvll has
Ihi ii conipU'ted.
With the completion of a ditch
throiiKliIhe went bide, rarkhuixl and
rieiiKiiiit View projH-rty Ih goinn to
take it hoom.
A liiip1 amount of piling Im Ih'Iii
irathereil here pi'paratory to overhaul
Ingthe tiVHlle ut the went end of the
Jlood river tirldp'.
Ciiptuln A. S. 15lowern lum sold two
IoIh, lylmr U'tween Mix. A. R. Middle
Ioii'h ixuldenir nml tho V. U. church,
to Huv. ('. W. Wells.
Mr. ('. H. Hone wtw down from
Ornnt'n Suturdiiv. returnlnu; Tuenday.
He will he hack )n u few weeks to re
main during thu winter.
The milt U-twecn the riparian own
ern of 1'atton. cit-ek mid the Oregon
Lunilier Coinpuny will In., tried at thu
next term of court In The Dulles.
l''ornnynne purclumlng ten dollai's
worth of furniture of ine, I will deliver
tlie Hnnie ut landing free of charge.
H. K. J$AKt.Mi;ss.
Mr. lVtcrMolir left im it tvimp'e of
carrotH rained on his place without Irri
gation. Thu largest will nieamire live
Inches In diameter and a foot in length.
We have received a stock of deeds,
mortgages, etc., which we will sell to
those in need of thut kind of material
nt considerably less than 101) per cent,
A short local In the (J r.AciKU Inva
riably finds nn owner for stock taken
up, and almost always leads to tho re
covery of lost articles. Try It the next
time you lose anything.
Ten dollars Is a high price for hair
cutting, hut that Is what Judge Hrad
nliaw charged our friend James Hong,
hut, when he saw what an artistic job
It was, he remitted the fine.
Mr. . T. Burgct, of the firm of I'ran
liill & llurget, of The Dalles, was here
Friday afternoon for the purpose of
preparing the body of Clarke for ship
ment to his relatives 1 the Hast.
Tho wit of the State against Mary
Jane At well, to condemn u pleee of
land at the (Wade Locks for the use
of the wortagt road, was tiied at this
teigt of court at The Dalles, tho value
beiSg fixed atfMM).
Mr. Ellison Informs us that there k
no probability of the day passenger
trains being discontinued for some time
4it least The travel U good, ami so
long as the road Is not blockaded the
trains will be kept on.
The Union Pacific lias given notice
that it will curry freight between Port
land and The Dulles at one-half the
rates charged hv tho Regulator, but
whether this applies to the railroad or
only to the steamer line we know not.
The railroad coiiiiiiImhIiiiicih (in u (our
of Inflection pilHM'd lip (III I'li'lil III it
I hkt1uI Monday, in ehuitfo of Hupcrln
J tendcM 11. W. JJ.ixli r mill W A. Ilnr-
Vl'.V, ItctlllH Htl I H-ll I . t ' IH It'll t of lill Ik H
ami IiiiIIiIiiih department.
An will Im wen I v a notice In thin
Ihhiic. r. K. J. TImhiiiim lum sold IiIh
ilniK nIiu'ii mill IiuhIihmm In Dr. 1', ('.
JIiiihIiih. 'I'lic Dr. iiml Mrs. Thulium
will leave In time to MM'inl Christinas
ut their old home In IVniiMylvnnln.
Ant'xtm bridge (rang l" Iwii or
iranlcil in charge of II. W. Ilrhv, ami
U now located ut Vlento. TIiIh mldl
lliin wiih rn ml in'ccMHiiry on account of
the. cxtt'iiMlvo Improvements mid re
pair K"1"K " all aloiijf lli! mini.
Thcw will he it iiiii IIii of all citizens
Interested ut tlm Oili'll whool hoicc,
I'rliluy. Deo. Dili, for the urMH (
Hrfi'i'lliiK arrangements fur Kettlnjr
water for lirlK'ill'iK ami other purpimcH.
Every HTMon Interested U nipa'sicd to
Circuit court Im rapidly drawing to it
clone, Hint Judc ItrmlHliuw lum demon-
slruted tlutt In Im tlio ihiiimt inthoii for
I... in.... i ....!.i...: .1.
lov inmiuuii iiu in-:ufii'F. i hit will n
lias Ih.'1'Ii pushed, llii! docket c Icnrc'l
uml tlm court run ut the very lowest
Tli m IkmiI U-ll for tliU district nrrl-l
ved Thursday. It lum the mimes of!
(lie committee thut rnlni'il tli fit ikIh '
for IIh purcliiwc 1'HMt In It. It wn miicli I
needed and I u iMTiN'tiuil n'lnliulcr of
ii... ..f it... i ..i.ii i i...
IIIIT I IIIIBI in liiVB limii VIIIHlll'll Willi
,1IHHIU, tni. u-ll. urocun-il It.
i i
I Momliiv wiih Hit' ImiiniT nilnv ilnv i,t 1
inn ymr, ine cny iti iiiiiih mi iniiin to
, f - . -
fairly imur out ltd coiitcntH, uml !-
. " . . I I I. ... .1.
twi-i-n cIoikU uml ruin It wum at IIiiicm
i liK im twlllirlit. 1
vtty pwiil for ruin, ti
otiml Ih llioiMiinlily wmk
too, mid
K,ii,l Ih llioroulily Houki d.
n J
'IM... L!l...lll t ..I. I.... I I .. 1
I lit I 1 1 II 1 1 1" Ml I J liwni, IMIII'.I lllin llll-ll
dlwoiillnucd, mul Icttcin ud.lriwd to
Unit ollhv will Ih' found In tin- Hood
Kiwi otllci'. The ri'iiMon (hi! olllcii wiih !
illrwoutliiui'd wiih that Mr. Slrulnlit ex-1
k'cIh to K' r.UHt mooii, tit IcumI wi; have
ici'ii IiiI'iii'iiiimI that Hiicli Ih the i-mhc. I
J. T. Delk, chai,'i'd with Helling
j,.1(r without it llceime, had IiIh trlaln,
(.n. .K two Indictiiients
' I'lU'i 'aMl week, lielliif i lenred of one
jchaixeuud convicted on one. He will
I ri'i'i'i . i I iU m'li Inn i' M iiiuIm v. lint li'iiut
ti.. i... i.... .mi I . . ....... i i. li u i
' , , I
' Ihe llrHt Miow of the m'iihoii fell here :
1 Tlmi-Hilny. 'I'lii' liltf, lav HakiH came
! Ilimtln Hlowly down In IiohIi 'MS oppn-1
! Ntloii lo the more niinhle ruluili'.i.H,
land lifter an hour or ho i;ae up tin? I
cniiteHt, leavlnn the lleld to the gentle
wilifiNit rain that rained uml rt Igncd. i
The armory ulto lum not yet Imh-u dc-!
elded upon, hut It will U either mi the
"'"Hiwl ""ht 'f A. H. Joiii-h' M.K-k
or on the corner went of It. We under-
Ktaud It Iiiih W-fii decided to build a
two-story building, which Ih eminently
correct. A one-ntorv bulldlni' of (lie
jnie promised would look like the ex (mi-j
neiil or tllstrcKM.
Wutch our for sale columns for some
of the Uwl ivul estate bargahiH In the
.country. If you want to buy cull on
us, and If you want to sell, iiuue and
Me u hat uc can do for you. We ad
vertise till proR'rty placed in our hands
free of charge, iiiiti lire HOhitUuteil as to
make the ijuiekest miles. It will coxt
you nothing unless u sale Is made.
Head I. C. Nickelsen's ml. in this
Issue. Althoiigii tiiirued out in the big
II iv at The italics, .Mr. Nlckelseu has
ugain oH'ued a upleudld slock of goods.
An exumliiallon of IiIh stock will amply
rewind those intending to procure
ChristuiuH giKuls, us presents suitable
for thatiK'Caslon, pianos, jewelry, luniks,
fund fancy articles. Cult on hint when
iu The Dulles.
At the regular meeting of Wuueoniu
Lodge, No. Jill, K. of P., the following
officers were elected for the term com
mencing with the first meeting In Jan
uary next: J. H. Cradlebaugh, C. C;
tJcorge T. Prat her, V. C; A. Jiershey,
Pivlale: J. It. NlckcUeii, M. of A.;
li. J. riioinas, M. of K.; 11. V. Coe,
M. or r . liistaiiatlon, oaturuay even
ing, December oth.
The all-absorbing question as to
whether or not It Is under given cir
cumstances U'tter to hold on to a tiger's
tall than to let go, still remains to lie
demonstrated. The Samsonian debate
(Samsonlan is no doubt correct, since a
I jawbone wus Sunison'M lieuvy weapon) i
!., . . . i ... I I . ....1 1 I
mil noi niKe iiiace, inn wo uuncreuiiin
will lie urgued und submitted next j
Wednesday night, If the weather is not
too bad. Wo fall to see any particular !
argument In the premises, but likej
tioiusniiiirB peiiugogue, an can -argue
Sunday, NovciiiImt 2!)th, to the wife
of C. P. iicuid, a duughter.
Having disposed of my drug busi
ness and practice to Dr. F. C. P.rosius,
I will sell my household goods, horse, j
harness, saddle, buggy, feed cutter etc.,
ut private sale. All goods not so sold j
will lie oll'cred at public auction on
Saturday Deccmlicr 12th at noon, and j
sold to the highest bidder.
l)r Brosius is located ut my oflice '
and will attend promptly all who may I
favor him with a cull. He is a gradu-
ate of Hush Medical college of several
years practice.
Thanking you for past patronage and
wishing for him a continuance of the i
same, 1 remain very respectfully with
a farewell to all K. J. Thomas.
All persons having money on de
posit with the late firm of Blowers &
dwell are hereby notified to call im
mediately and withdraw same or trans
fer it to the iew firm.- All parties
indebted to above firm are also notified
to call at once and settle. Those whoso
accounts are past due, will save costs
by attending to this matter promptly,
a all such accounts will be placed in
an olllcers hands for collection on Dec.
10th 1801. A. S. Blowkkh.
( J. P. CltOWKLU
Sons of Veterans.
The annual election of officers will be
held on the evening of the 2d Thurs
day of December. A full attendance la
desired. H. L. Uowk,
CapU Commanding."
floni'i tliim before the tragic death of
thu late c,itr oim of the mo . t iiniortitfit
men hi tlm empire was Prince Michel,
but reasons of statu will not permit tho
(li'Mlgniition of liiri illustrious family .
During a sojourn la Paris, jimt after,
the war, h met at oiui of the receptions
of tlm PrinccHs Lls.t General de Cotilre-'
luoiit's charming daughter, whom tlm
Parisian world, Just arising from it:;'
omIicm, knew under tlm nuimt of "the;
beautiful Mii'liieinc." Khe was ulto u
jMMir us hn was lieiiutifnl. j
Michel wim smitten, in ppitH of his
forty jeiim and his long fonued resold-;
tiou of celibucy. For fifteen years im
had wittiHtiwMl Hie biaiiilishiueiits of du
signing young ladies an 1 tho liianeuvern
of their arlhtoeratii! uiamuias, who had i
thrown tliemselves, so to Hpeitk, at his!
head as iMiiupietM of roses and lilies nru
thrown over the footlights ut a favorite ,
diva. j
One evening Miuleleim said to the
widow of the hero of (iruvcloltc,
"Mother, would you bo satitsficd by my
becoming a jirinccMs"
"No, indeed, my daughter, for yon '
were born beautiful enough to Im-coihc a
ipui'ii.'' I
In fact. In the moHt reli ct ai-Hcinbly;
such a jH-rfect type of womanlKJod wus
reldoin sei'tt. I saw this suiHTb creature
ut the opera one evening shortly after her
marriage, und I will wager that them
were fifty young men in the orchestra
who were more or less in love with her
through the whole gamut of love, front
resiectful admiration to the grand
passion. Von can imugino how they
listened, to the music; it might ns well
have lieen from the scorn of "Mireille"
us from the "Huguenots," and they
would have lieen none the wiser.
This wan probably the most memora
ble evening in the young life of Mad
eline, f ir slie felt herself avenged in the
eyes of thu ni'-u who would now ghu'Jy
impoverish themselves for one hour of
her favor, but who l;:id formerly consid
ered her too poor Xi) be the object of
their. From her proud elevation,
though warci ly seeming to nmile, in the
d-pths of her being she vibrated front
head to foot with the exultation i.f tri
umph, and her cold brilliance radiated
their ii.lmiration as diamonds radiate
light. She raw in the elegant audience
many beautiful women, but she felt her
self to be the most beautiful woman
On this particular evening un Ameri
can lady in one of tlm boxes, many times
a millionaire, but not pretty, said: "I do
not hope to resemble tin.' Princess Michel,
for that would be to expect too much,
but only to have her teeth I would ive
my hotel in the Champs FJysees and all
it contains, including theconteuts of my
jewel hot; for witli such teeth one need
not be pretty out! has but to yawn or
Hinilc and the world is at one's feet."
"Yes," replied u diplomat, "but I fear
the priiKvss will have occasion to yawn
oft .-ner than to smile, for bis excellency,
her husband, has the air of being neither
agreeable nor amusing. I imagine the
princess will regret Paris many times."
Indeed the prince, even at the time of
his marriage, was not an ugreeable man,
anil some year. later he w.ia still less so, ,
to the sorrow of the princess lie it said.
He owed it to the cixpieiry of his wife to
be us jealof.s as a tiger, and to the favor .
of the czar to become minister of thu
jsilice, and the result of his position did
not serve to render him more amiable.
However, he had found the opportunity
to utilize his public functions in aid of
his private jealousy. Ho used his wife's j
coachman and th servant who oiiened
the door to further his euds, and his
emissaries among tho police soon placed
in his hands all sorts of amorous declara
tions addressed to, his wife, in every
strain of ardent and passionate avowal. 1
H )vcver, the flood of correspondence
soon slackened, not because the princess
was less seductive, but Ijccanse she was
indifferent or mirfeited, and those who
had confided to the post or telegraph
their hoH's und fears soon found them
selves the victims of the most unexpect-!
ed and various ill fortune, and began to
conjecture that either the princess had
tho evil eye, or that the eyesof the priiuw
were too good. The correspondence only
revealed to his excellency thut his wife
was a harmless coquet te, und this dis
covery brought a relative satisfaction.
But the exactions of the czar in regard
to the nihilists now left hun littlo time
to protect the virtue of his wife, and
judge of his ineffable surprise wlcn one
day the following letter reached his
hand.-i, of which also ho recognized but
too well the handwriting, though it was
signed by only u single initial:
"It appears the emperor will set ont
sooner than was expected lor Varsovie;
hold yourself then in readiness to start
ut the earliest warning, fcr who knows
when we will find again so favorable an
"1 do not wish to conceal from you
the difficulties of the undertaking. Ar
range your plans then for success with
out delay. You will present yourself to
me as a friend of my family, traveling
in Russia for your pleasure. Call upon
my mother before you set out; she will
give yon some commission for ine which
will serve as un introduction in case of
The unhappy prince was beside hni
self wheu he had.' finished reuding this
horrible letter. Tlieu this conspiracy,
which he fought,1 night and day with
sword, with prison and with exile; this
pitiless war of armed monsters against
the life of a single man, had its origin at
his fireside! It was his own wife, his
beauti&il Madeleine, who said to the as
sassin, "Behold the hour; be ready to
striker What fatality had armed his
foreign wife against his sovereign? This
woman had everything youth, beauty,
wealth, admiration. Yet she wan &
Nihilist. ,'
What mora did she want? What stu pendous
hatred urged her to this criitw
at tho risk of imprisonment, exile 1 1
death? Did tho snows of SiU-ria tempt
her erring feet? Was there infatuation
In tliocord that Imight strangle her ivory
throat? What could he do? IIu thought
(,t killing hi wife, tliiiii himself, und
leaving tli'i public to conjecture a casu
of coiijugid infamy im the least of evils.
Then he thought of throwing hiuiHclf ut
tlei fei't of the czar, and, after divulging
everything, flying with the guilty worn
un. lint the ciitimcnt of duty made
him pauw. He held the clew to a con
spiracy; it was luresiry to unruvel the
whole plot, und for this reason tlie letter
must be allowed tori-ach its destination.
The uKi'iiKsin could be thus mudtt to le
tray himself.
Already tho name of this man wan
known to the minister Nicholson
nome Englishman or American, is-rhaps,
an expert in dynamite, or simply it Rus
sian studi-nt who hail assumed a fube
inline. Tho letter wan sent, and the
name evening the prince accompanied
his wife to the ojicni, where, pule, trem
bling und feverish, lie appeared fifteen
years older. She wan more charming and
udmiri'd than ever.
"Are you ill, Michel?" Inquired Made
leine, us seated iu their carriage they
drove homeward.
"Why do you ark that question?" re
plied her husband, with a strangely
fcomls-r uir.
"Why? Bmins yon finvo not ap
peurcd jealous thin evening," sho said,
At the end of a week tho minister re
marked to his wife, without seeming to!
utl'ich any imjiortunec to the statement, I
"it is on Tuesday that the czur sets ont j
from St. Petershnrg." "Ah," said Mad
eleine, seeming scarcely to have hearJ
her husband. And then she murmured,
"lint the pas-rs gave another date." De
siring to deceive tlie accomplice of Nich
olson, for he hud lib plan, the miiiister
replied. "Yes, it is necessary to thwart
those who iimy have- desigu aguinst the i
life of the eniiKTor." Then he spoke of I
casual things, covertly ndmiring the'
strength of soul of this unworthy woman. I
The very same day convinced the minis-1
terlhat bis ruso'had uceded, when!
t'. e fi '.lowing dispatch was handed to
him iid.'reM-id by the princess, to whom!
it is easilv divined: !
It h tor Tm !a . l!c jinr.i uml.
Tucsl.iy lasjji-d. and it may trH b
believed that neither the czur nor his
mimster left the capital. Madeleine
su ld,uly beca.rn, very uneasy ut the an -
noiiiieeuieiii 01 ins oruienueu cn ane.l
On the ufternoou of the following day '
Uruiiger. richly dressed and decorated
with ;i i noruious rosette, presented him
se!f at the palace of tho prince.
"Whom do you to see'" inquired
the obsequious flunkey, who had received
his orders from his master.
"iladame the Princess de Contre
monr. Present my compliment and in
form her that I uiu the b-aier of a m -s-rag"
from her mother. I um Dr. Nichol
son." "You ure esiected. sir," rej.lied the
servant, "but uailame is at thi.iiioinent
visiting a friend, and has left orders to
huVe you conducted to her. The car
riage will be ready in a moment,"
The carriage drew up nnd the man en
tered with Nicholson, taking his eat be
side him wit lion t ns much as asking per
mission. Nicholson's wonder iu the fel
low's presumption was of short duration,
for after a rapid drive of a quarter of an
hour the self styled doctor found him
self in one of the strongest prisons of St.
Petersburg, and if he was cxjiected it
certainly was not by the princess. In a
slovenly sort of reception room, filled
with armed police, a personage whom he
did not know, and who wus the prince
himself, interrogated him with a want
of resiK'ct to which poor Nicholson was
not accustomed.
"It is iufi'inous!" he cried, struggling j
in his liewildennent to defend himself.
' "I reached Paris only this morning, and
have not spoken three words to any one,
and when I present myself to the prin
cess I am arrested and carried off to
prison like a common thief."
, "You know the princess, then?" the
minister inquired coldly.
"Know her! I have known her since
she was an infant. Here is a letter from
her mother, tho widow of a great gen
eral. Besides, I am an American citizen
and protest"
i "Examine this man carefully!" inter
rupted the high functionary, without
seeming to hear the doctor.
Nothing to excite suspicion was found
on Nicholson, except a little box care
fully wrapped up in many envelopes of
line paper. Could it be an infernal ma
chine? Au expert " from the torpedo
school, who Usually accompanies the
minister on such occat.ions, untied ihe
package with scientific precaution. The
roomful of assistants were very nervous
and stood around with pallid faces, evi
dently awaiting a terrible explosion.
Nothing abnormal was revealed, only
; the expert, with a singular smile, handed
: the open box to tlie prince, who, after a
' hasty glance at the contents, hniriedly
. thrust it in his pocket.
Then turning to Nicholson he demand-,
ed, "You are"
"An American dentist, sir; very much
pressed for time, as my client is this mo
ment waiting for me."
i Five minutes later Nicholson was in
the carriage again, having this time for
a companion the prince himself, who
loaded him with apologies.
But." said the husband of the beauti-
ful Madeleine, "how did it happen that ' naberea, IOI W6 KUOW
I never discovered anything myself:" that realllierit Will Will.
"Your excellency," proudly replied " ,
the American, "if you had been able to j All WO &Sk, IS ail hOIlCSt
discover auvthing, micii a dentist asii..T
would not
merit his great '
"Then the teeth of the princess''
"Are false, my prince. When Mine,
de Contremont was young she was thrown
. from her horse and sustaiued au injury
I which ruined her teeth, and it was niy
i self who constructed tor her the most
J perfect Bet of teeth that ever left my
lianas, but tiieso Decerning worn 1 was
summoned to Paris to adjust a new set
in your absence."
The public never heard of the ad
venture, but it was duly observed that
I the prince uppeared to be less iu love
! with his wile than formerly. From the
I French of Leon de 'iiuseau, by Francit
1 M. Livingston, for New Orleans Timet-Democrat.
Tho Dalles Oregon
Cauli buyein will save ntoiie by examining my ulnck In-fort?
purelianlng elsewhere, KndletM variety of holiday presents.
JVsiks In rH'tfi ami single lit attlactlve binding. Fine
Watche, Jewelry, gold pvtin, and Ktatlonery. Agent for tlie
Doinentie Hewing machine. TImj Katey organ, Htelnway
plaiuw, and Krauich & Dach'i piuno In all kinds of wood.
Optical Goods.
Fine Watch Repairing a Speci
Second St.
The Dalies. Or.
A black slieppurd pup, fan legu,
white spot hi breast, wngs his tail to the
name of Ix-wis. lleturn to this office
und receive proper reward.
. , . " I ' ,
I have appointed J. T. Ielk, my
Agent to sell my Is-er at IIihhI Itivcr,
at wholesale. AvuvnT l5r in,fcn.
The Dalles, larch 10, 18U1.
j 1 have opened a line of mllfinery and '
I fancy gisids, iu tlnr (;e, boilding one'
I door west of the Oi.aciku office, and!
,nvite, ,a(li ((f jihrj ftivt.r BIIj
;HUrrmln(. , m ((, mU a,fl
surrounding country to call and
- .... i
my gisjds und prhvs, before purchasing
Mus. It. S. HOWKI.IA,
j. m. mmmi IK
Reliable information concerning land j
titles. j
Choice city and country property for
Conveyancing a Speciafty.
IM Second Street TheDukOr.
You know that you can buy moro
groceries, provisions etc , for lcssiuoncy
ut G2 Second street than any other
place in The Dalles? It will pay you
to call and get my prices, nnd examine
my stock before going elsewhere. AH
goods delivered free to wharves or
The Leading Crocer 62 Sec
ond Street, The Dalles Oregon.
JX'KCR 'Watkins A Mkseff.f,
Attorn ey s-at- Law,
Vogt's new building, Second St.
Say the S. B. Cough Cure
is the best thing they
fiver sn.Ttr. Wo are not
. , -
For snle ly nil Drugls'is.
Med. M'F' (i. Co.. Dufur,
s. p.,
A new stock of Ladies' and Gents'
SPECIAL attention given to clean
ing and repairing waU h s.
Hood River, - - - - Oregon. 1
5 NJSaarfl ?
In French's Block.
MS IE. :
The Dalles.
Klneethc first of June we hav dJ4 .
to our i i
Furniture & Carpot 4
JJnini a complete Undertaking -tablishment,
and as we unotwoVrJ lit !
getting onr tock fnm the East trlth-i.,
otrt UHng compellcl to Join the lfndr-
taker's Trust, we twOre the poWIe that '
In oorine(Knc thereof our ) .
Prices Are Very Low.
llemember oar place of bfHfneM ou
; moiu sr., kt.xt soody s baxk.
Klr-Kiinl Ktcumor
Will leave the foot of Court street"
every morning at 7. a. m. ex
cept Sundays for
Connections Will le Made with thw
Fust Steamer
3Da.lles Cit3T,
At the fHt of the Cascade Itcks.
For Passenger or freight Rates, Applr
to Agent, or Purser on Hoard.
K i..uuook.s JAgmt.
Ihmse, sign nnd Carriage Painter. j
Paper hanging and calcimlnlngr
Fine KumolHi ut Wull Paper kept r instantly );
Burned out bat Again to. ttuslutsa
Wm. Michell,
And Kntbnlmer, hiu ukiUu titarteil with
new uml uomplele sUivk ( every! liiug
in the uuderlukiiiK bustne.'iK. t'uitlcular ai-
tent Ion 1 ui ul 10 einnuiiiuiig una taHlUK ai
ul' the lU'iul. Orders promptly attended ly
tiny or nielli.
l'riees us low us the
riee of liiistiie.SK, (llaguniiUy aorriM ttuv
l)Hrii KliH'k, on I lie eornrr of Third awl
v uHliiuKton Street The liutlea, Urcgon.
l u me r