The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, February 21, 1891, Image 3

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    3food Itiver Glacier
hood itivi:u, ok., i -i, ink i.
I'.mon I'.uiric iiaii.wav
i.oc.u, r.
K A NT IIDl'Mi 1 I ( M IMiul) I'.IVI It
Nil, H, w lrni i ill 0I.,- A. M.
Nil, t, Mull - .';i.i A. M, liuiNI) I' l:cn iiuiiit iiivi II.
No. 7, l"iri"in Ii'hvim hi ;.r,7 l M,
No. I, Mull " u( A.
Main Mm', Niih. I iiinl V, "Tin' Ovi'iliiinl
Htii"' iviiti llnniHili I i 1 1 n i it ti Wi'i'iH r, t'ul
iull HlwiH-ri, !" I'lmlr i 'iim mul i'imrln',
tinlwix'ii I'm IIiiimI mi. I Iii iim r, mimliii, K .in .
1 I'll)',!!, IiIHIIn, hi, I'nill III' I III' 'IIJ'II.
Main t,ln. MiiiiiH,"rii"t,linll.Ml Mull,"
"wrty Cullman lMiiliiM ni.l hIi-i'iiik Cur.. l-
t'Mi " It I . 1 1 I llll. I I 111. II. I,
Imilv 1 l,n';il Mmnliiv.
Till; MAILS.
Tli mull rilin from MiiiH'lmy nl II
'llM'l A. ,M, V.'imIiii .lllK ,11;, Mlllimluj ,),,
m la I'll- .nine .lit-. ,ii iniMii,
I'nr I 'hriimvi't li, let . ! M A. M. urrlvrsiit
4 I', M. Hut until v n.
I'nr WIiIik Suliiiiit, l. ii . ilnlh nl S ,. M
rt Ivi-i si mil" h i InrU P, M
Kfiiin U'lilli' Mu lin.iii Ii.iim , (nr KiiMii, llll
jinir, 'I'iiiiii i n In' ami ;Ii.iimi,i, . I . und
TIhi mhI mil, i. it. i.i tnr ci ni rij ili llvi rv
from 1 A. M, i mil h- ji I'. . i x.'. ni Mm I n,
when II Mill lii'iij.i n n mi imiiiIII II A. '
liiMi i' i. umrns.
Oil I'lotli al Ilic furniture More.
Ittilldltitf jmjH-r nl I'liinitiiiv Kiiuc.
John T. thick w.ii in 'Jin- nl!cM
I'lctuiv fc-nu il iii onli-r n(. tin' ftir
li 1 1 ll it- store.
Tin' IuiiIm-ix nf I'nrt latnl have organ
ized ii tiiilnii.
Lev, It. . II nu ll Is ul jiii m ut in
'nliil.ill ( In pin.
I'liilii'flliix niul belies foi-ieunern nt
Jlmiim A .level's.
1 HI till' fill llitlll-l' XbliVltlld Hit' tlll''l
niul '.'-' ii t ni:ii i In,:.
Ciiiliilti A. S. Mower w as ul The
I IiiIIi h W'i'iliii'Hilay.
Mr. niul Mr. Sliwait left fur
Ol.l lupin Tlunwl.ix .
It lciected (lint Holm' nf our iiiIIIh
w III Mult iii iiliniil Maii li 1h(.
Senator.!, II. 1 liin -ai l;i r wan hcie
Monday ruroii'i' ) llvniiiin.
V Iiiivi billed liny fur mli' at
JT 1'HI, llll'MI M A 'll . W 4 11.
MU I. Illy KirliiiriNn'i made this
ofthv i plem.itit rail Mninlay.
Mr. M. I'. Lux- Imhi'.'IiI lot I i.riil.M'k ;
'J I of lli' Town..!:.' Co , Tlunvlay. !
.1. U M.itti'i iiu r nli'lit n-fi'iii
lii'n-w iih up fri'in I'm ll.'unl Sninlay,
Mr. ('. A. lu ll v''ti'. us vi"4'i I'lav
mill tin- tii.Ai ll ll w ill return hii visile '
vivkly. '
A WW I'lVili'" if i'IiIh' fiiriil-'liiuir
fiiniU ivi'i IVi'il till Wi't k at ll.lllllfl iV;
Illllll'll''. '"il "ir" llMM' jllst ll'i'i'lvi'll ;
II I'll'W IllV.'lei' (if Icllllll ', liI'llllp'S Mi
A. .1. H"vt nf I'airv lew u;m u-ii
Mmi'luy I'ni'.-lii" iii'ti-r Ills lnlcri'sN In
Hiilllr lllllll'iT i',is, rt.
( iinnt I'.t imM ii'tnrni'il fimn l'nrMa'ul
Tiusi'ay wlicic m 1 1 us I mi fur !(
juint two or tlnVi' iimnilis.
If ymi want to piiri'luisi' wiiiii' line
plrlllli'S or cli'Talll ruct; i u;; rliairs, m';i
tlii'lii lit S. I'., liartliiiss' fiii'iiituit' sloii',
.1. I.. I.iii'i.'iKc M as i'ni.'!i).'i'i Tiii-wilay
in 1'inniiti" it u i'ri' iu'i'iwm i no hiiH'K in
which Itliiwci'M .V Crow ill's Mori'
Mniiil.'iv w;is nat- ilav al Mr. .lulm
S'imIiLmi'iI's mills whVli leaves ncvcral
thoiiKiiiiil (lollars In circulation in the1
There wiM lie a ilmiee nl Mr. ('In-,
rimiiiller Mom lav uii.'lit the '.'"nl it's). !
All ari-Invileil and a ;ioo'l kocIhI time
Is ant icii:i'ei.
Ih'tma iV Zieir'er have mlileil hhy'
n'heol niul ilrcss suits mul extra i"ints,
to their stuck. Call ami pnii Im'Toiv ;
jiIU'cIimhIhk eltiewherc. j
Mr. .Iml Keri'iison has retiirneil to;
Ktay. mul is jirci'areil to do all kimls of
1-cjniiiinir in the jewelry line. Clocks'
ami watehi s a specialty.
A nice lot of fresh huttcr just re-'
celvcil nt Jtlowevs Crowell's. Try
H roil ami he eonvineeil tlmt they j
make i;mm1 luitlcr nt Latirtinilc. j
Charley llallit of The Dalles has
had a hcnutiful rohe iiiaile of IE' hear.
nkins caiitmed hy Win. Stewart mjil
liiuiself last fall at Mr. Stump's jilace.
Hohert, McLean inirchased of Mr.
Watson of The Dalles a line Inrjw span
,f horses for loiiiu; purpose which were
hroiiuht down overland hy Mr. Watson
Mrs. Allen Lloyd of Kent, Washing
ton arrived here Monday to see her
timt her Mrs. Snow, who has heen very
nick, hut wo arc glad to Htato is gett ln'j
well njjain.
The latest novelty out Is the "Mnteh
Ii'bs lU'peiitinjr Air('iun." Shoots 15. Jk
shot of anv kind. Once loading jire-
i Hires you for (ili shots. For'a'.e at Lho
''urniture stoii'.
Joseph A. Wilson took the nlats of
the hlocks In l'urkhurst, laid nil' in
town lots hy Messrs. MaclCaoheni it
MacLeod anil (!. (J. Koberts, to The
.Dalles Friday morning.
Eastern mails have heen delayed for
the past two weeks from one to ten
hours every day on account of the
sliow on the l'ocalello division. There
Is an Immense amount of snow in the
1'iluu mountains.
Found. A (J. A. II. watch charm or
locket near the residence of J. F.
Kichardson who is living on the
Weldner place, The ow ner can have
the same hy culling at this oil lee and
paying for this notice.
Lost, in Colunihia hall or between
there and Mix. Fsther llaekiis' place a
while and old gold silk handkerchief.
The Under will" oblige, by leaving the
Hitine at the nostolllce or at the resi
dence of Esther DaekUH.
Tlie hull Hint mi Oik street to b ni.
pled by H. I'). IlillllUCMS as ll fliriii-
Hue slorc will be lliilnlied hy the
of the Month. If will nreseiif it
Ill's I,
Vei v i
I t ion I iili'ii'i.ilii',' vi lie.l IIiiIhiiI'iI mill mill
tn I lie looks of t In1 nl reel, great ly.
Mr. W. .1. Smith and family caine
up fi'oin Astoria Friday of last week on
a visit and nliiriied lioinn 'I'huisday,
Mr. Siullli paid this olllco a ieiimn'it
call and Iwn big dollars while hire,
Dnl iillee Slllll ll Is lit pI'CM'iit, III Aslorln,
l(. ,1. Dills lout lil'leen laying liens
this week by their fill ing hliol ls which
lV some inealis enlilailieil ' l. "I I . The
hfini Is bail In i ll In Hie boltnin of the
j lii'd box for n long time but. he eiiii't
I lien, mil for the poison (.'ell Inc. lulu It.
I Mis. llayni'M Was In town Tuesday
! looking nl'ii r her building, She whs
! hot ,il l-lleil with the heii'htli nf the
1 foiindal Ion mid had It. lowered two
jl'eel. The fi'iuiie woi Ii Is nearly nil up
and the huilling will be completed as
lapiilly as Hie Weather will pen. lit.
The pio'ily owners on 1,'lver ulreel,
luriied out Tuesday and Wednesday
mill trimmed the trees along the street,
and commenced ell iiriiig and grading j
(he sniiie. They propose pulting lho
street hi Mrwl -class coiidll mil, from
Second to the Waiieoiiia line, or In Mr.
I'crry's house.
i iiiigrrgHiiniiiii servicis mr reii, l.
IVM. .S'lvlees In Ilic valley Ci)luri
cut loiial ehiiieh at 11 a. m. In Cok
mnliiii ball by Hlversldc Coiigregat lon
nl chiireh at p. in. Siibjeet oui' way
of success ill life. Text : John, 'J:
W hati ver 1 le t'liyelh unto you do It.
I'-. M. Aiinks, pastor.
TI ard party Inst Saturday nicht
at K. nf I. ball was txf very pleasant
alliilr; those pre-ent were; Mr, and
Mr. Junes, Mr. and Mi". Iterdan, Mrs.
Klein, Mrs. A mi'-1 roil'; Misses I'erry,
Oeiiigiii Smith, Cowperlhwalf, and
Miksin, L,
Hunt, line
( Hi-ran,
ami Me-
An eirh hops' leant hauling the
bel'.er for the !ili and door f.ietury
arrived in Thurl.iy niorniiur from
l'ailier's mill. The Townsite com-!
pan v have given the lraliahali liros.
a lea-e of the lots where the fin lory !
stands, for two yours, whh the prlvi-j
lei'e of buylnir them at the cm! of that I
time at a staled sum. j
One day this week some dos eha"'! ;
three door into lho Columbia on (lie.
White Sahnnii Hide, which were seen (
by an Indian and having his boat and
uu.'i iiearsl'trli'il In inirsuit. Jle red'
several shots nt tin in missing t hem. I m'ul 01 11,0 Kri"u' ol,"'r lo world liau-a h woman with a grit-T-
mid in the iiieati time liail paddled up Hide of the Deschutes free bridge is a ance. It jmy.i to be honest'y happy,
so near to Ihe last one that he could j well. It has Isi-n noticed for some There is absolutely no profit In being
bav,.e,ju.'hl It by the ears and cut il" 1 1. that when the water got low ill hlm und VI,''J' l'ttlo sympathy attend
lb rout lull did hot seem to think of'... ,1,1 , . . . . , .. iuir it.
Ibis, but kept Irving to reload the gun. j"'" ''11 hl"vk i-1"k .
When this wa aeii.mpli! bed (lie deer ! 'I'l' Adams boys concluded to exam- Olives by common consent are taken in
bad made good their 1 seats, going up: iue Into it and cutting through a ledge tho lingers, aiid it is also twrmissible to
the bank and disappearing near the j )lf ,,,, ,,H.U) ,ijw.vm.d an excellent help one's self to cut sngar with the dig
1""'1'' ; quality of coal. It is impossible to ita, although tho esc of tlm sugar tongs
A pleasant par! v at Mr. A. S. I Slow-' sav vet how valuable th.tir find Is us 13 referable.
ers' ivsideiie,' Wednesday evening W as ; )IVU 1t (.u, U)rol rl tht! vd
ntleiideil bv the following friends: Mrs: j . , , , . . ,
I'errv, .loni s, I lai n, Klein, Armstrong ; l,,lt ,1,t' nil i8 ",MV. " U'Mt! . NOTICK FOR I'l'LLICATIOX
and Yates. 'Ihe Misuses ICendiieks that it buriiH freely. This is the most:
and (iroshoiig, Misses Middleton, I iiiiporlant discovery ever made in this' ''"" '"''t The lall.-, Or. Jan.
I'erry, I'.ush and Feiiley; and Messrs. 1 M.,,.,ioI1 ir tilt, ...M.niitv is there and : . N,,ti(-t' H hereby given that the fol
.1. Ik As. Lal.n.; I'aul Wiillln,.' f 1 - n. lllJ , lwing-named settler has filed notice of
A. Ik and Frank .buies. ( has. i.;u,.v. i t'"'1"1' w1'"'" lj-' no ooubt of it. his Intention to make final proof in
Frank York, Will llaukiii, C. It. !
I ii'ia', 1 1. r,. I,ai.i,l,. iieiungioil. U. '
D. Kmi.l, L. Il.ilhigton. D. 1
A. Jones, and Wid Yates. The cvcij in daiicmr, gann-i etc, i
and a nios eNcelleiit lunch was served. '
The farewells were iml said until ll
o'clock 'I huvsday iimi niiig. 1
Captain A. S. r.lowers appointed the!
c:li;;p!;;v'L:vN. 'is. '
eeaiit, S'im'iinis James I!. Ilunt't 'has. 1
I'.irlev. T. L. Donoho. Win: Yates.
Ktih. main. ( orporals Kokt. ;
McLean. Iv Oliii"er. L. '.. Morse. !
Frank Nell'. Treasurer Ivl Miller, I
Itecriiitlng Committee Lieutenant A. ,
Winn us, A. Oiler C. L. Morse. The
boys are turning their wliole attention !
to'drilling. using at lnvsent the hall I
over Blow ers A; Crowclls' store for that :
inse. but exi.eet to drill there tor '
I!ie last inn.' loingiu, having rented
t!ie building now occupied by S.
llailniess as a fiirniiure store, This
building they will use until they are
able to build mi Armory which we
hope will be in the near 'future. Col.
Houghton was here front The Dalles
Saturday and says the equipments will
arrive i: a dav ni- two. Tho Company
'. '. .... a , .I.',. I I . I .. ... 1 I
will give a Military ball in the
I'm ure. Sfil unlay night has been
for regular drill.
fixed, Or,, Feb. 10, 1)1.
ElUTOlt (il.ACIKK:
The ii,A( !i:n reaches this place
every week, and vou may be sure it is
always welcome, and road with eager-
nes. The editorial in the Issue of 1 Mine. Caron i.nd M. ergnet. lion
January .".1st, seemed only a ropoti- "mlicnca cspocted tho two singers
tionofour own thoughts, and wns ; to coino on in orthnary draii tlio con
, , ,, , ., ! ductov gave tho signal for tho orchestra
appreciated by us, only as those can 1 tittncit tlio iirst chord of the prelude
appreciate who have drank in the pure 1 10 tn(J ti,u.j llct,
refreshing mountain air, and joined In I The curtain then roso oa tho bridal
the sports of hunting and fishing,
allbrdod by the wooded hills and the
pure clear streams Uowiug from hoary
Thinking over the past good times
we have spent in tho valley, we re
joice to know that in four short months
we will again shoulder our gun and
rod and spend a delightful week or so
in the heart of tho Cascades. Too
much credit can not be given to Hood
River as a summer resort, and it is evi
dent that it is fast becoming tho popu
lar resort and everywhere one can hoar
inquiries in regard to its climate, and
the productiveness of its soil. In re
gard to the winters they will compare
very favorably with the winters of the
Willamette valley. But for mud Hood
Itiver is far behind. The mud here is
of an adhesive quality, so much so
that it has been said, "A thief trying
to make his escape," in some time
past, "could not be tracked tho mud
being so sticky that the tracks all
stuck to his feet." In this part of the
Willamette valley a brisk thriving
business seems to be it thing of the
past, and only old remnants remain as
mementoes of the days of Mi).
Tlio Oregon Agricultural College
is the main feature of this place.
I There a re id jt'vunit about W nebular
I lied. II. Is under PKci'llelit, limit-
ngeineiit, nnd bids fair In beeoini! the
i leading school of the stale In tin; near
future, It hnijust r. iM'lved an u PI"" -
print Ion of Jrii",(K)n which wim much
needed to Improve the buildings, mul
IgroiiudM. Speaking of a college brings.
1, , i.i it i . ii I
to lullld the excellent ml vuntages Hood j
I I liver him lor an Institution of that1
I kind, and aluo the fact (hat the slate Is .
!lii need of another college, mid very
much so Indeed, im all the Male v l -
lei's are now crowded,
This place w ill tin dolibt be much
duller the coming week as the cm-plnyi-s
of the Oregon I'ncilh' railroad
strurk J'eb., l:;ih. The eoinjiauy are
four uiontliM iK'hind with their pay
hence (he Mllkc.
Well Mr. Editor II. Ih rather hard on
our couslilutl'iiis tn stay in ' llila pla"e
after having lived In Jlood Itlver so
long, but lioie to return In June.
Yours Truly,
Alpha amiOmmia.
di ::d.
At Victoria II. C. Thursday Fob. 19, ; ,. .,,,. uf
Marian, wife of Dr. C. F. Newcomb, i flold bcatew, by hanmiering, can ro
uged about HO years. ducn gold leaves to such minutu thinness
Dr. and Mrs. Newcoinb resided heiv Uwt 22,0)0 must be laid upon eiu:h
a iiuinU rof yearn and the eiitho cum- 'Other to prodne tlm-thickncH.i of an
miiiiitv Is Ibelr friend. The bereaved
j husband and motherless lil tie ones
' ,,,,v,! ,Im' ''"'''"-t Hympalhies of this
neighborhood ill their Mid umiction.
Mrs. NcwcoiiiIm! was a cousin of Mr.
ii'orge Mat bias of this place, who left
Friday to ul tend the funeral.
I'-roia ihe lmiim chronli-le.
License to wed was Issued to H.
I'rathcr and Mrs, M.J. Huskcy, Isith
of Hood Liver. A few days ago Mrs.
Iluskey's son was married to Mr.
Feather's daughter. This is entirely
a family affair, mid by a happy stroke
of policy prevents a multiplicity of
Although it has been kept si cret and
Is Kill trying to be, we have known
for . scfcral days that coal of good
ipialily had Ufii ilisi'overed near the
i,esebuti's. On M. I). Ad-m.V nlmn
.. ..... . .. '".
It Is probable now that Judge Webs-
...,...,, u ,u,rwii.lo,l ,.. ,.ii. l,.m.
u. ,u,,,.. ... i...'wl11 ! ale U'f.w the Register and
,, ' ' . , , V, ... i
""tl1 the docket is cleaied. A bill .
pawed recently gives his district an j
extra judge and tltis will make it pos-
. hhl , RllI1,liu hmi
The following railroad cases were ;
M, in rt F,i,l,, uih 1
1'onipany paying tfi'OOO eachand costs:
John .1. Flaherty. Inireborir Fiurt.
Thomas Covle and Henrv lestorll'.
(ieorge 1'. Morgan and K. W. Ncvius :
havi' opened an ortice in the store for-:
incrly occupied by Mr. ( ianvtsou us a j
jewelry store, on Second street, next'
door to (ieorge Ituch's grocery store, 1
mid are prepared to make all papers for ,
tilings or euiries eillter upon the lor- ;
j icnen iiimis or government minis 01
any sort. They will act as attorneys
tin contests, hearing-i and land kiw
j cases of every description. J Sot h these
, gentlemen are ex-clerks of the U. S.
i laud olllce at The Dalles, and certainly
possess the requisite knowledge and
i experience. Call and fee them when:
! you go to The Dalles on land business. 1
"Lohfiisrln" la I'arls.
Nearly tho wholjof r.n act of "Lohen
grin" hua at lat been performed at tha
Grand Opofa. but tlio trick was man-
aged 1:1 sucn a way mat 110 (Juauvunsuc ;
prejudice co'.ild lio hurt. It was an-!
uounced that at tho pcrfonnanct) given j
for tho benefit of II. Dumainio a duet j
from Wagner s opera voul J bo sung by
! i-'iiini.a !mi. Iliki finished. Klsa. 11ml
Lohcngriu wero loft on tho stago to sing
tho moi;t interesting and tho most im
passioned lovo duet that has ever been
written. Kow that an attempt has been I Tlie Townsite Co. will give the fol
mado to reverse tho sentence passed lowing terms to purchasers: One
upon Tannhauscr five and twenty years ! fourth cash, balance in three equal
ago at tho Opera, and to make amends 1 payments, in three, six and nine
for tho brutal treatment of "Lohengrin
at tho Eden theatre, it is to bo hoped
that tho hundreds who applaud Wagner
at tho 'Sunday concerts week after week
and year after year may at leugth have
a chanco of hearing his masterpieces at
tho French Academy of Music. Paris
Cor. London Telagraph.
Grew Ovor 100 Feet ta N iue teen Veura.
Monday morning tho tall hluegutn
tree standing at the northeast corner of
German Senter's houso was cut down.
A careful measurement of tho tree
6kowed it to bo about 115 feet high from
the ground to tho topmost branch. It
was 4 feet in diameter and about 13 feet
in circumference at tho ground. Wo
are informed by a Portuguese that he
set the tree out nineteen years ago.
Think of it! A tree ouly nineteen years
old. 115 feet high and showing a diam
eter in proportion. The residents of that
quarter watched tlie fall of the monarch
with genuine regret, hut its great height
made the cutting of it dowu a necessity,
as it was liable to break and fall on some
of the residences around. Sauta Clara
(Cal.) Journal.
A fiiilolnjr wild it fminlry ll.irtnr.
f'.iuiilny Iii ii biiny day for tint doctor.
A gou l ninny piopli) put (,,T being Hi'-lc
till iiUliilae. i-MfM.rti'.ttt' In l.ti !..
j,,,,!,..,, ,.,,, i,,,.,,... , ..,';,,,
1 tlio narrow buggy went down tho roml
I and did not return till Into. Ktinday
( w.hnol xvm in wwion and tlm children
I'nynf fcll tlm ws'k llni ln-iL
I mlilnn i,f i icnml n nt,
A group of young women In white
rnnm rmt into tluj littlo burying ground, my rpen wiidw I could
. , " ' 'l' langiiw.T , lis they jiickcd
j their among tlm gleaming white
ljeiiInb(.'ii'ii. Tlien a party (,f ladien
dreshed In deep mourning appeared.
Standing l:pnrt was a young couplo
chatting in a (.liecpii-h way.
A Minill girl, with cnrior;ity abnor
mally developed, pretended to rwid tlifj
liiHcription on a tonibstono near by,
v.lnlo Mi' absorbed tlm convocation.
Tim cabinet organ wiui jilayed aain, and
tin) children with the older people in the
church, mng "JIo will carry you
through." Tlio voice f,f good Dominie
TlioinpHon rolled out in t tiiring tones an
he nought divino guidance and Mowing
for the beloved children of hid llock.
Frank French in Scribncr'.'i.
m'"- ''t ,;M''1 so perfect arid
fns from hok that ono of them laid on
any nurfaee, as in gilding, gives tlm a
pearan( of soliil guld, 'J'hey ere r,r thin
that if formed into a lmo!; 1 ,.i()t) would
only occupy the i,nac of a nimrk: leaf of
Imok paji"r. A wngk' vohime of a gold
'"''f book one inch in tliiektcss waild
have an many puge.i ai r.n entire library
f i(.-,o() volumes of common boo::', even
though the volumes avera ""l '!D0 pa"-s
ea'h. St. Louis Republic,
A physician has Kuc-cved"'! in grafting
thu bkiu of a frog to that of a torloi'je,
and tho tikin of a to-ioii;;' to that of a
frog, and also in securing the growth of
a frog's Hkiu ujion thu skin of a man 54
years old. Done grafting in not n far
advanced, hnt has met with tho same
buwess as yKin parting.
II.ivo lottof fun, laugh all you can
and keep thj finnniiiuo in your heart if
...., .,... ln.,,ui.u.
"llMrt ' 'laim, and that said proof
Hw-clver at J he Dalles, Oregon, on
March 7, lUd, viz:
, Michael IVlz.
) s 71il for the S Jl S F X W 1
R u s w. V;.",'
'! f N'' 1' 1U E' ''"""'tte Mu-
' witness w
prove bis continuous residence upon
'"'" Vm""tM atmi, v
l'eter Mohr, John Lenz, John Kroe
ger, John A. Mohr, all of Hood Itiver,
Oregon. JOHN W. LEWIS.
Lam OiTicr. at Tun Dalles, Ott.,1
February G, ls:)l. 1'
Notice is hereby given ttiat the following-named
settler has tiled notice of
his Intention to make final proof in
support of his claim, and that said
proof will be made before the Register
and Kecciver at The Dalles on March
Al, 1S.M, vi.:
(ieonro E. Lojy
D. S. fi.094, for the X. E. , Soe. 30, ti.
i) E., W. M.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon
and cultivation of said land, viz: 0. L.
Morris, J. C. Marklev, C. 1'. Dush and
j . y. ealcigli, all ot flood Jtiver.
JOHN W. LEWIS, Register.
I Several milch cows. Apply to A. R.
' liyrkett,. White Salmon, Washington.
Anyone knowing the whereabouts
of one red sided bald faced line back
heifer, also one pale red half Jersey
heifer coming two years old in the
spring- You will confer a favor by
leaving word at the Glacikh office.
H. C. Cok.
BM mis.
W. II.
i(()MH W, AM) .V,, MAV Vo'iT I'.I.OCK,
Oi,KL-a Watkikh A MK.iKrcie,
Volt's now building, Soconcl St
'iirio it.u.i.ix ok;;(;on.
I'ruollei't In nil the rourln nf Ori-ifon nntt
WuKlilnKton. Kieeliil ntlelitlon jjlvea to con
Veyiilii'liiK. 01 A'TElt OFFICE,
Land Locator. .
Every body wants land In Hood
Itiver Valley. I have Monie very dt
sirabl! tracts of good land on my list
for preemptions, homesteuds and tim
Is n d claims, witli running water on
them. I can locate several stockmen
advantageously. Do not fail to nee
me at Hood Itiver Falls or address me
at Hood Jtiver, Wasco County, Oregon.
W. JIosh Wi.vaxh,
Lots .", (land 7. block 7, Winan' ud-
i union to Hood JCiver, w ill lie aold at
I Zcigler's store, at '1 o'clock Wednesday,
thelth inst., to the highest bidder.
, I.V . ..I 1 I
ror pai ucuiars, aunresH
AltTllt'K DlPJSJtOW.
Oak Street, near PostoJJice,
Wc have Tirst-Cliiss Stock and Outfits, Double Buggies, Hack,
and Saddle Horses.
A Fine Four-Horse Coach, suitable for fishing or excurtioE
p.Ttieis carries nine passengers'. Parties taken to any aoceesi
ble point. Keliubta drivers.
Uur Dray delivers bagsrage or freight anywhere in the VaUy
Charges Reasonable.
Crandall & Burget,
Furniture, tarpets,
A Full Line of
OfluOrMiHg Goods.
Mail Orders Pronptly Attended to
166 Second St. The Dalles. Or.
Abstracters and
Histoid. Titles
In "Wasco County, and are prepared
to furnish all desired infonna
' tion about titles to any land
in the county on
We also do a general Ileal Estate and
insurance business. Persons having
property to sell, or money to loan on
approved security will do well to con
sult us.
J.M. Huntington &Co.
Opera House Block - - The Dulles Or.
rnocfiiKTOiui or ia
lp w .t.nttr ti hud taj
ujily el
Cnoice Meats of all kinds. 1
Sausages a Specialty,
ftp"ti! ttttnUon pJl to
Furnlfliing Miilmen
und Suppling Meat
in Large Quantity,
Don't Funjel the P'uut,
Oak street
next door to Of.iCltrt
& Bone,
Removal Noticel
Wishes to Inform liis many friends and th publW
generally that ho has rjnioved bit
niKlcrtakintr r.'mns to
Cornur Third and VVashinifton,
Where he carries a full rtork of Terythlnj Med4
in that Imsintm.
Orders by dispntcli, exjiress, mail 01 In person
roinptlj attended to and satislnotioo guarantaed.
Can ho seen an v hour of the dor or night at his rttfc
lenoe, corner Fourth and Waihinstoa, ot plaos
Hood River Market
cers have moved to the
cor. of Third and Union
St. where they carry a
complete line of staple
and fancy
And also do a freneral commission
business. Thankful for past favors, we
solicit a continuance of the same af
our new store in the old Post Office
Building Cor. 3rd, and Union Sts.
The Dalles, Oregon-