The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, June 15, 1889, Image 3

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( RIVER, OR., JUNE 15, 1889.
'o. 2, loaves i , ..10.40 A.M.
... i'o. 4, leaves , 12:35 A. M.
I No. 1, leaves .'-.:..' 2:05 A. M.
I No. 3, leaves 8:45 A.M.
mail arrives frera Straitsburg at 11 i'fclbcfc A.
iordays; departs the same (lay at noon; .
eno'cth, leaves at 8 A. M. urilves at 6 P.
turda.vs. i
i White Salmon loaves dallv at 8 A. M., arrives
P.M.- .
Urn- White Salmon leaves for Pulda, Gilmer,
)t Lake and Glenwood Mondays, Wednesdays
Fridays. Arrives on alternate days.
jUvoTBtde Lodffe, No. (13, A. O, U. V., meets 1st
8 3d Saturdays of each month at 8 P. in. Lyman
ilth, Master Workman;' H. L. Howe, Recorder;
fcl. Middleton, Financier.
Canby Post, No. , G. A. R.,
firth Saturdays of each month,
meoto second and
strawberry season , is about
iMrs. Stump of Camas Prairie, W. T.
i quite sick. ,
Raspberries aud cherries are coming
a numerously.
i Mr. John Sweeney, went up to The-
Dallos Wednesday. (
Mrs. C. P. Hunt of The Dalles visited
Wrs. Prather here Monday.
? Mrs. L E.- Crow, was visiting , ,in
Portland Sunday and Monday
iThe ferry boat is launched and will be
farted as 60on as the sails arrive.
;Mrs. William Booreman, is quite sick,
tying a severe attack of erysipelas. ,
Berdes & Jackson have a neat butcher
(op and keep the very1 best quality .of
peach crop in this vicinity will be
largest and best we have had for
lr. J. Demick of the Baldwin neigh
rhood visited The Dalles Friday of
t week. -
h the Camas Prairie section across
V river everybody is busy haying.
crop will be an average one.
ans Lape,, has nnrchased an Oshorne
; self rakin .harvester; Jf
Dyer, a coi fa reaoer aiK
Mr. Ne J ciMke, Gra Recorder
of the A. U W., was u! pm Port
land duririUeek to set 9 family.
Uinta - Weid.M. Passed
through JLr WRy to Tbi
les Tues
day, she
J. 1I.J
dence s
room f
soon move V Mland to
U about perf
althfy his resi-
StiU nnds
d makes
Jaiweison,' o6i'
ger Mon
day 7isit his eistersid returned
next il Ining at 12o. j
T1M irawberry and itfain festival
t W ft E. camp grouft .a!urdai;
even wa o very pie "r anii
addtf tin to the treasu
AVhe last election tiundred and
twoVote8 were rolled s precinct.
To(lv by actual count are consid
eral v over three hvin!
.r t xr TTnmiltorerintendent
Wdv up from w , " r"
and took them wf
SrintSnt Cof expected to
be present. !
,V 6 tfroundi tomorrow af
Ulub on the grounui
ternoon at 1 V tho deDOt on
.-will-meet ino ( ,. ' .
.their arrival., 1
The woods .emountains are
ine wouu strawberries.
She s o tttuPe picked and
ijjusnem " , a as the old
thev are almof af .
fashioned tann
o -i-l A'ho has been
ho ham fori". ;
" 1 :n u
will also take a trip over to the lake,
and the famous ice caves. The ferry
boat will soon bo rigged and will prove
of great benelit to all.
The stock breeders in this section are
highly pleased with the treatment they
have received from the firm of Closter
Ward & Kerns of The Dalles.
Messrs. Ladd & Wood will celebrate
the Fourth of July and the opening of
the hew hotel at the glaciers, bringing
their families and a few chosen friends
up about the 1st of the month.
Everybody is talking fruit,- and there
is 110 doubt ' the , -acreage next year, in
the valley will be donble ' that of this
year, and the - time is not far distant
when our fruit will be shipped in car
load lots. ' 1 . ' -
Last Saturday' a 'gentleman from
Seattle purchasad two "yoke of Sne
work oxen from S: N.' Baldwin, paying
$125 per yoke for them. . He will be
here again soon and parties having good
work cattle lor" sale can find a cash
Here is another item that' shows- how
rapidly we are growing.' : When the
bridge was built two years' ago - there
was not a settler above the forks of the
river .'' Mr. Neff, who lives in that
neighborhood, the other day named
over forty settlers, cabins : above that
point, and no doubt skipped several.-
Messrs. Hendricks, Pealer . and the
Harbison Bros.' here purchased a fine
new thresher, the only one ever in the
valley except a little affair whicU was
taken away six - years ago. For the
past six years the grain of this section
has been threshed by primitive methods,
being tramped out by horses, or thresh
ed with flails. ,-.,,, , , r ,j
Rev. A. J. Barrett, and wife left
Tuesday night fof Salt Lake Cify, where
they will stop" lor a week,- from therii
the Will- go" to; Colorado,: and -after. 'a
weeks visit there will 'go on, to tiieir
hoidelif Rochester, Nv Y., - They were
delighted ' with ! Hood' River,' and: will
no doubt cause some of 'their tourist
friends to come this wayi: 1 ; '. '
Messrs. Meniman, Loy," Morris' and
Neluh, are running 1 sixty th'ousaud
cedar posts down the riyer; - The rear
of the drive is near the forks of the river
and the drive moves slowly on account
of the- low stage of water. The poms
are to he delivered at the track for 4)
cents a piece, and it does not look as if
there-was much-money in -it at the
Mr. M. W. Pealer took a load of sup
plies up to the glacier last iFridav. On
Mareiii!cnhe put a chunk ofglacier ice
weighina about KIU pounds m Ins wagon
and brought it as far as the, seven
miles from town, with nothing to protect
it.. There he covered it with sawdust
and it arrived with but little loss oy
melting. The ice is very clear and firm,
free from air bubbles and about as good
as can be got anywhere.
Mr. E. A. Littlefield, who1 has beun
foreman of this section for the O. R. &
N. for about three years, was -discharge i
on the 5th.- What the reason was we do
not know, but we do know that when
hd took charge of this section it- was in
a very bad condition and to-day it is in
better shape than any section between
The Dalles and Portland. He under
stands his business thoroughly and the
company has lost one of its most effi
cient foremeni , , . .
Rev. Trojoi- -
H;EinT every Sunday
8 0 C,S r fi tie bour instead
thereafter i .
ot 11 o-clocV t.--. . -
.i..i'wiil be quite a
vve u ;. erg on n 4th
1CU" "x.jjrottiat is
at some
''8 are m order,
near nere.i ive proper no.
nd the i-Jem611ta are com.
tice as sooy .
p'.eted. ' ' !-
. .y.1 The Dalles wants
A genty ; hoat wi be ,.un.
to kiov -imt ert, wjll be
Ding " seonle from there
lake country
bv the (). R.
quite a
who wi'
& N.
iam to the White
j that ' it prohibits
be White Salmon
(tractions, and no
Siting the glaciers,
The bridge near the ice house caught
fire last Sunday evening about 8 o'clock
and part of one bent was burned before
it was gotten under control. Wednes
day another bridge near it cauuht fire
from the engine, and burned enough to
detain the -east bound passenger for two
hours. The passengers walked here
and took dinner at the Hood River
hotel, after which they walked through
the town and many were the express
ions of delight, the big oaks coming in
for a good share of admiration.
From Billings, Montana, a fruit-grow-tr
writes to Mr. Prather, inquiring con
cerning, the variety of strawberries
raised here, how we plant and cultivate,
and other matters concerning them.
He intends to buy plants here being in
duced thereto, he says, by tne splefidid
condition in which the Hood River her
ries arrive in tnat market. - We can say
for his benefit that the Clarke's Seed
ling is the favorite here hoth as a pro
ducer and shipper, with the Sharpless a
good second., ine latter is a hne flav
ored berry, very early, hut not nearly
eo good a shipper as tire Clarke.
A correspondent says: . Clias. A.
Smith, residing on what was formerly
known as the "Lubin" place, purchased
by him last fall, has just completed a
fine irrigating ditch one and a half
miles in length with - a grade of one
inch to the rod, conducting the .vater
from Ditch creek to the highest tillable
point on his farm. This will give him a
never failing supply of fifty miners
inches of water, and greatly enhance
the value of his property. Whilst
working alone a-day or. two ago he
hearo a slight disturbance in the brush
above the ditch, and glancing upward,
discovered a good B'ased cinnamon bear
coiii:ng down the hill in Ins direction.
Having a small. 32 caliber revo.ver for
squirrel killing purposes, he p-oceeded
to take a shot at bruin who "stood still
at a distance of about thirty' yardx,
investigating Cliarlev in the most, un
concerned manner. 'Fortunately for
the bear (or for Smith) the pistol re
fused to revolve anil whilst, the latter
was protipw.ting around for a suitable
-ap!ing to eiimb, the intruder started
Aiirieisui' in the direction of Parker's
mill, and Charley let him go. 1
Lost Lake.
Lost Lake is rapidly becoming a favor
ite resort of the angler, as it will soon
be of the sight-seer. It is situated
about six miles from the glaciers, but
at present the route between them is a
hard one. The lake is situated about
twenty-eight miles from here In a direc
tion west of south. A good wagon road
is constructed to within about nine miles
of the lake and the trail the balance of
the way is very good. The lake fork of
Hood River has .its source in this lake
the land around the outlet haying been
located by A. J. Rand, its present own
er. ; From' bis, place a magnificent re
flection of Mt. Hood is seen when the
lake is; culm, the image feaid to be as
perfect as that of Mirror lake in the
Yosemite.-; Mr..' Rand informs us -that
he will in a short time have boats on the
lake and as soon as stage lines begin to
run, wilt put on a saddle train to con
nect With it, or to carry out any parties
coming by private conveyance. When
a trail is made from the Glacier -'hotel
Lost lake will prove a great attraction.
A Visitor's Opinion.
. ' ' Hoon River, June 10, 1889.
Editdt Glacier:
Though only a visitor in Hood River,
allow" me to congratulate you oh the
very creditable appearance of the first
..number of the Glacier. It compares
favorably with the best .'of our country
newspapers, and deserves at the hands
of this community a prompt aiid liberal
patronage.,' , I bave .no 'doubt this ' Will
be cheerfully ; given as' it is ' art' oppor
tunity that no intelligent" citizen Will al
low ,to pass by ,. unimproved. : I believe
the right kihd of a newspaper" in Hood
River, one that panders hot to the baser
instincts of human 'nature but aims to
inspire men with -a desire to impfove
their 0W9 conditions and -that' of their
neighbors' will have a greater influence
in f securing the , development , and
progress of the town than any other sin
gle agehcy;j -through it the business than
is brought, into- regular' communication
with" : the-'. people; , through it ' the
churches, the schools, the various; civic
societies and social organizations, farm
ers and mechanics, buyers and sellers
cari make known their wants and wishes.
It is the public rostrum on ; which any-,
one who bas' anything to say,, that is
worth saying, may stand aud catch the
ear of all the people.'. By means of it
the sentiment of the community may be
moulded and unified ; errors of 'plan or
procedure may be pointed out and dis
cussed; scamps, tramps and swindlers
denounced; higher ideas of living and
thinking may be held up; As editor
I von have it in your nqwer to leave a
lasting impression on the lives ' and
characters of the young men and women
that will in a few years constitute the
frameworK of ' Hood River society ; if
you remain true to your opportunity the
farmers will feel the generous impulse
of your thought and purpose; all ClasRes
will be incited to n'bler aims; they will
strive for better facilities, better methods,
better results and they, will gradually
acquire more comprehensive views of
all social, political, religious and eco
nomic questions. I bespeak for you
tho largest success and I urge all good
citizens to rally to vour support. .
. s . Very truly; ,.
. , A. J. Barrett. ,
E-eal Estate Dealer
And Conveyancer,
Has for sale Improved and Unimproved Farme. .n . 1 f.
.- ' Freah Milk Cows with Calves.'
. Young Stosk. . Horses, broke and unbroke.
The Hood River Hotel,
R. Ir . A-ITD, Proprietor.
- Hood River, Oregon. '
Close to the R. R Depot.
Neat, Clean and Cool!
Special Rates by the Week or Month.
Jive glasses at Prather's.
Best fresh candies at G. T. Prather's.
For perfection fruit jars call on J. II.
; Best liue of stationary in town at .'the
postodice. (, .
Machine oils, boiled oil and paints at
G. T. Prather's. , - ; 7 .. . ;
The place to get your school books
at G. T, Prather at postoffice; ,
We are not here ' to cut prices, but
allow no one to undersell us.
., Blowers & Son.
Go to Geo. T.- Prather for cigars and
tobacco. Best stock in town. ' .-,
Fine line of wall ' paper being closed
out at cost at G. T. Prather's. . Call and
see. , ,. .' "'. ' '.- '
G. T. Prather agent for D. M. Osborn
& Co.'s binders, mowers and sulkey
rake. ' , -.
Middleton got in a fresh lot of berry
crates Thursday evening. Call and get
some. '. ' . '..".'
When yon j want a sewing rriaehine
buy the White, for sale by ' Geo. T.
Prather. , j..'" ' -
A lot of Peoria earthenware at Mid
dleton's. Splendid butter jars, 1,2,3,
or 4 gallons.
Get your house insured in the Pacific
Insurauce Co. of Portland. , G. T.
Prather,' agent. ;
Coon' says he will "paint the town
red" with tomatoes, about the 20th of
July. Look out. . -
We can y a full lino of General Mer
chandise to which we will soon add a
larre stock bought in New York and
Chicago. Bi.oveu & Son.
Go to Blowers & Son for 1 first class
wagnnri, buggies, road carts, Aiay rakes,
motters or anytmng : in ine rami
machinery line. ; 1 '
in , the mercantile
years, we claim to
l-,5reby enabling us
slue receiVxi for
General .:. Merchandise,
J 4 . '.''..
Book's and -Notions. Cigars and Tobacco.
Confectionery and Fruit.
Orders for fruit filled promptly.
Having been
business sixteen
know how to buv
to give custotr
their - money
and see us.
never make any
sell goods; come
4 Son.,
: plinger & Bone,
jivcry am
Oak Street, near Postoffice,
We have First -Class Stock and Outfits, Double Buggies, Hacks,
and Saddle Horses.
- A Fine Foilr-Ilorse Coach, suitable for fishing or excursion
parties, carries nine passengers. Parties taken to any accessi
ble point. Keliable drivers.
Our Dray delivers bagfrage or freight anywhere in the Valley