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    "Ml'AH UKU MAU, 'IU1.LAU .U1.1MUKH. UKI.l.UA, o.Ul UIJ.U. .U'lllL W U-
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Medford Mail tribune
Th Mtlford Sunday Sun in furnUhetl
ut.ncribfr di-nlrtng mtven day tll
Office Mall Trlbun HulMIng, J5-S7-SH
North Kir mroet. l'hona 76.
A conaollilnllnn of the IVmooratli
Time, tint Mc.Uonl Mall, tlia Mtttlforil
Trlhiiin", the Southern Tht
lnhlatid Tribune.
ROHRUT W. HUII1-, Editor.
UUM1TKK 8. SMITH. Manaffvr
Rf MAT! In Atlvnnre:
Pallv, with Stimlny tfun, mr 17. M
Imlly, with Hunility 8un. month 5
Pallv, without Sunday fun, ytar 6
Dally, without Sumlay Sun. month .
Wwrfily Mall Trlbuntt, on year .. ! 00
flumlav Hun. year.... ..... l.0
MY CAHIUKU In Met! ford. Aahland.
Jackaonvlll. Central Point, Phcwnix.
Talent: ' .
Dally, with Rundny Sun, month T5
iiaiitr m-ifhiiii Kun.lnv yon. month .65
rilv' without Kundav Sun. year.. T So
Dailv. with Sunday Sun. one yar 1.60
All torma by carrier, caah In auvanca.
Official papor of the City of Medford.
Official paper of Jaekaon County.
awpn riniiv aiTrairit circulation for
alx month! endlnc Oct., tit. JMS
Entcrrd. aa arrmtd oa matter at
Mrdford. reon, under the act of Marob
i. is;.
pv.a a w.lAtrf..! Omm la aTclualtntlv
ntitlod to tha use for republication of
all r.-w dlanatchra frlttfd to It, or
not othrrwlax credited In this paper, and
alao tha local neu puitusneu nerein.
All right of republication of apecUU
dlapatchea herein are also rtaaorvea.
"THK love of money is the root of most evil. It is piirticuhu'ly
I the root tmtl linmoh of the drug evil.
A New York doctor has roeentlv written a look on the DrUK.Kvil
which elenrly illustrate thin truth. But for the ho peddler, the in
fiunous scoundrel who eapitidios the drug habit, to line his own
pockets, the eivil authorities particularly the luedioul authorities,
tould stamp out the Prng t'.vil in a comparatively nhort time.
For neeonlini tti this doctor, who is recognized as an authority,
the drug addict is a sick person rather than a denraved one, ami
should lie treated not as a degenerate, but as an invalid. Moreover,
indulgence in the dnn:. after the initial stages, is not a pleasure, but
a grim ami matter-of-fact physical need.
Ninety per ocnt of the di'iivietiin.s are eager to destroy th
I 1. Who liivi'titett the flint hut nil'
I fur unco?
J 2. la what kind of ground do cut
1 tti la Kt't'N V
II. W;im n common spoiiire ever
1. How nvunv nu n aittl women of
voting nee nit" there In the t'ltlteil
St .-ilea?
f. Is JiinUih" llohnt'x tc the au
pivmo ctiort liny relation to tHvr
Wvtult'll llolmra tle imct?
tl. How tunny c-iu't'8lilttits mi'V
cil us int'iiibci s tC t 'onid'cxa?
T. Wlmt tiro the ruplula of cio lt
nanu.iof tlo two diffi'ti'til, Kovt'rniin'nts in
HHvPMtNT, , , To'mU Hianltila'UH
Xhyfltt. rtu iuei- In yvv' lnlit W it all
inK 'fhdtiiiiiiiit nVOiiti'tl ' hint M it hi-
jitlilt' lust nlKht In MiniiKht lulU.
In the hands of a competent physician, by scientific ami gradual re- '
rtiitt wb.'ii it:
unction ot ttoses, ttie liaiut can lie tlestroNtM, lint the traitut lias te-i,,t In tnpioen obiuinc
1 ),.lf ,,1,... l.i;., .,.,(.. 1... .,f' "ere nny
n.'iut t. it t'l tuiiiAti, nun m in m flic ti'nwvi tt i. iihvi inv inning i :
VANt'orVKK. 11. t',---llohhy l,n
ier of SfuU.e. rlnliunnl V lh I'm llli'
enliNl Imhl t 1kIi. Illle, ktint-UiHl mil
tlt'tutio utitto of Han l'r in 'Im'o hi ih '
Hlxih rouiitl of ti icii-i'iiiiihI nmln
tM'iil itt a hoxlnu i -how hertt :i -tt
iiUht, tnultt ttiitu ltcl
the rupca hy u blow, a tin l tt bfl Oi
the poinl nr. I he Jaw,
'l'lil-; MAei it
the RIhIIq!
l'lii-V'rt.-i ti I'luliiH, it at! M'isut mill
ilieli' ii'aUhtdii wiiiit wuva of iluhm
tliliiKs lire woven lino a Npli'tittlit inn
Hun ili(iiro of ttie weal omitted
"HtmlKlit Kmm I lie Mlionldei'," fvittui'
lii llio row hoy miir, Hui U Juiich. It Im
ii picime which I'lirrloH n riiu t liariii'
tor Htutly, a iiit cttiii it it tl of runt tiiov
IIIK mvitc.'i, noiiiii liidllnu I'immI Inrl
ileal, bint u iiiiiiiln'i' .of iliiills vateulHl'
t tl to Itn 111" iitniotit In MUHi"Mitt,
"I'lit iilierlnu i'tHt'uli liiick .Imirta as a
iaeeiaaktr, ttioiiK It Ijiililltii one.
of the t'Hdaav
Is there nny law iiKiiinst a
nr.vxt.l.'ltt Neevlntr 11 tlillM ttti'il, .
a reliable doctor, fifty get into the hands of tpiaeks ami hop peddlers, i io. wim-H chinestt Ktwcrninent
.nd physical ami moral destruction is the result. r,'"''K,,ir,'J 1,1 u, V'" v"nU'v'
The profits of the drug traffic are enormous. One peddler can iiswt rs t Yetertia'M iiesiions!
ooneeal on his nerson, without anv serious danger of detection, enoiiuli ' u l,'a i"'-1"1'''" hiimieii inn-
" . nui a r, ivst-nuilitt hU paaiport bo.
nope io put nun on easy si reel lor a year, i no eontcnts oi a jnu nox
lo.ay bring a six mouths salary for the average man.
Small wonder that Coventor Olcott has taken action in this state
to fight "the drug traffic and organize a law enforcing body through-
rut the northwest to drive these human jackals out of civilized
WlNNll'Kll fl.inlt Uiililcaii if
Vain ttuver, tl.uiimiu nf ilm I'
W! IttTWi t villi lllphlllNtllll, out
IKMMiod Johnny Tlllnma of SI. I'uul H'to'iv are several vtvl.l fli-.iilH r'Viil-
UiHt tiluht In
,-aiistt the tiilniitier wrote limuo that
the re-e.eetlti of I he president wniiVl
to r.HKUintt? Alts.
i;as first utCtt III the
ns Durihi; 1'olk'n
metuy spent fur
than f t i- ineii'M
Quill Points
Ye Smudge Pot
By Arthur Perry.
The man who thinks talk is cheap has never said: "Darling, will
ou be nunc!"
Now Owe i hungrr. The Greoks
liavo boc-n bo busy coraitiR to America
and starting froitstands Tor tho last
three years, they had no time to jdow.
, Cherries are riie on the spring
bonnets of tho. CWUshevlkis. Poiibcra
tions over the selection ot an Easter
hat continue, and many disagreements
result. It is sonio job to pick out a
lid that does not make one look fat,
and at the same time matches the dia
ins room rns.
A drunken jihoae pole ran iota an
autoist on the Specific Dieway Thurs.
and luckily escaped without serious
(Eugene Register)
Miss Barbara ;a a fancy dancer
and is but six years old. She has
a future before her.
Tho tong war in Ireland continues
brisk. As usual on Saturday, a Bel
fast policeman had same religion shot'
into him at 3 am. with a 30-30.
They say Hsu, the Chinese president, is dry.
Chinese for 1120.
The early bird doesn't always
mower beats him to it.
A publisher warns us that new books should be handled with care.
And some of them, wo fear, with ton-'s.
About the only creature in the world that has hindsight is a mulo
end he kicks about it.
The 1022 ears are better in some ways,
more action as collateral.
be favmablo
Vleve laml.
s. When was
iWliiro House?
luliiiinlttli at ion.
3. Is there men
women s t lothiin;
i lotliiio; ? -li. Vt N.
1. Can a pensioner live In n for
rinn vountry niol si ill Urn' his pen.
i.inn? Ans. Yea.
j 5. Why iWs wan,! ah'oliol poison
Inc often reauil In lilimlnem? Ans.
;VimhI alcohol nets en tho bltitnl vett-
ist ls t aasint; helnnrrhaKi a. The tiny
' arteiits of tho retina of iho ej are
u.rien i uptm t'd. lausinit loa of kIkIii.
name is prtdiablv ! ,:- tp ft' "
every ittphnbet." Ans. It Ii lust in
all ,fpliabeta cxrept tho old ennail
in which It t'tuii. t fourth ntnl in the
Kthopian in wbuh it rumis l.lili.
7. How manv mrea are ettveritt
by tho Chit .i:n .--ttn Ana.
S. Who vim die first man to
tun! 'I tulle tit fortius! weather? Ana
Prof. Cleveland At. be. ,
!. What Is the thttkiuics
of pliltt kIism'' Ans. From three
.sixteenth to five-sixteenths of an
in. What other pit si, lent than
T.vft s lebrateil hljt twelllv-flflh Wetl
tin atiiuvt rsaty in the White House?
Ans. I l.ij . ,
riTTKltrmS, April H. I'.ntl (llani
tlttin, vi-lerun twlrler of the rutahttrti
I'lrates. pll. lieil three innliiKS .verier
day niuilnst the Spi iiik leltl, Mo . t lul
xt the W'tthtern usioelatlon in tbst-r"
ini; "llainilttui Uav" nl the Spiiimfiehl
park. The ei.-mn, who la-nan
iwclvo-riitiiul etl, its well ui a'liiie tlaiinil rticlio wnrk
ami h.ii.l rlttliiK. At Iho lllallo Uraliv
itiiinu r.' , Sunday an, I Monday.
i.ii,... The laiy li weiiuiiy une,-
a liill.l lilliliei' w In n I In Hhil-y hoMUm.
When ttm Mlrl'a Utliei' teUa blm ls 'ft
M WOlk II ll" WtlUI'l IOU teen ",
nliif tli.f (ImiKlit'-r, tin yoiilh iM'ill'M
at it liM'i'iilllliK Mlntloll rtllil la het.Hi
lor thit'o veaia. Ilia tin lie oil Mhlii-
linat'il-lllH Hlioi-e leiivca-lilH reaetin nf
ttm c.lil fixuii n Irmn heroiiH tullpli jn
iho uileiil-liltt OHiapiolea every wlnfiu
llniMM hi'lmi ttie alar to tlm fore
Itroiinil In aci lieu wlili li are iIiIIciiIoiih.
ly runny. Mildreil I No-la playa the chl
In MplrUoil fiinlilon iiml III" ',IMI
pilaeH ii KtHnlly linmhol' of I't-ll'iliin
aiilloia. '
Notice Conlracton
111. la will he lecclvoil by tin l'.KU
lUv.-r Valley Ciiuul f for Iho cm
alrmHoa ut three enneivlo hni.hwiiy
l Ulveilaoa the t'riimr Luke HlKltwaj'.
Kor Inioininlloii call ai Coiuimny oil'lee
Sotllll l'"lr alfoi'l. 17
At the Pajje
If ynu want Io come unit nee a I "I
liyklnu story of ilio kim will) Iho Illim
itable ll.uiilil Llnyil t'linrltai; a h.iIIi r
hitlietl ti In the I'li'e lln-afe lolimrrow .
it the worm. Sometimes the lawn
baseball career at Sin tiiitflebl, ilhtn't
allow a man In n a. li first base an. I
ill die I in itt inninu. It I lit. I thtt f. lit -till
alrlkea. The Kanle, a si vell-illllltlH I
: f In It-, was won bv the 1 Hales, to 1
I'lltl.Alil'.l.l'lllA - Kiu;'.H . -nl-lone team i outturn il lis rec
ord of iinl'iokcii victories by tlefeat
Inif the t'nlvt inliy of I'cnnn Ivanla, s
to 0.
Motnltv an. I Tueahiy an. I n.-o "A
Sailor Made Man" ThU funny tt.illte
of ti k.illoi'a life l-i Jn-.i aliottl tho elev
crest coiiloily In whli ll Iho Hint Ii.ih
nppoaretl ll ulvt-it I he apci-tiiiuc a
in-nt in lte' ny Unit llie niill.ii mi
nil- of I'lii-le Sam's wut'i-lilpti eninlnci-t
Cord of Thnnki
Wo wish Io tlniiik our friends tar
their NMllpitlliy ttliil l.linllluuHes showil
ihnllu: our leecllt ht'l'PitVelltelll. A I it
I- the floral olfoflm(
1". ' WM. ItooivlCH.ANIi KAMILY
MedfoiJ Tent & Awting Works
lpMkfll M. I. lN'llll
MlLWAfKKt:. I'lnklo Mil. hell
liMhlivt Isht, utveii neWNpnper tletis.
Put over I'al Moral), New n team "in
len -rotintl no-ilet (ti'ii.
but the cars of" 1019 got
Another thing a lot of people give up during Lent is the struggle,
to keep up good resolut ions.
"A veteran, of the Argonne, and a vet
eran of a Liberty Loan drive conferred
at Main Stem and Ontrale Avenida
last ere, regarding the billeting of the
former ior the night
"When temptation shows a charming pair of ankles, man's only
tliapce is to show a clean pair of heels.
In this sophisticated age, young love's dream is an old party with
hardened arteries and a million.
An infant blizzard visited tho valley
this am. and snowflakes snuggled in
the pear blossoms. It must be awful
to live in Kansas, where the cyclones
rageth, and the icicles hang from the
henhouses till the middle of May.
(Eugene Register)
WANTED Woman or girl to
take care of baby and keep house
from the first to the sixth ot July.
Call the Real Shoe Shop. Phone
G30 or come to 1S38 Lawrence.
- The SatEvePost. will hereafter be
barred from the music center of the
north went. This scurrillous periodical
printed a picture of the Columbia river
that did not show the Columbia high
way. . .
Mr. anil Mr ('.tin spent Suml.iy
ivttilr.n with Mrs. fails' mother. Mm.
Ceoli;.- Smith.
tie. .!.; Hcntt. deputy atiscsxtir. fin
(!.! tl his work In tint Itocuo lihvr
ami Winter prct int In tnm week.
The? voters In the Kvans fret Ic Irri
gation Uistrlet heltl a mi. unit at the
Kruntfo hall Wt ilnestlay a ft. l ie... n
Mr. Cliintitwk of ('.rant I'atu upolf
itu thor-o )ircHeiii antl i xplalncil fully
' several fincsth'its that many tlltl not
The best treatment for a cod that causes open-face sneezins in u mien a mi vsrv tb-aiiy wture.
Webb Neathiimcr was u lloBue
Klver visitor Thurittlay.
Mr. Horix-rtoe-k a truck load of
I . . t . tr. to .1.
r ... , , -,. . 1 . - ,. . . , i.n itKK id t.ittiin .iisi. tor m r. i.iiii-
ery hkely hell is a place where speeders eternally cat the ilust nArt nm, , MmiI,,v,
pubic, apply -a ewivel chair to the patient's ear.
laiSTti.V Tomis- Montreal, I'r.oi
tletn e, avvarth-tl ib-t Isi.m to tell itnt.i.l
v,-r .lubes White. Albany. Abe lb at
tic. New York, won from Johnny
Sheppartl. In ten l.ulttipi.
ClIAS i:,l'IIS - 1'ittl I'nllaii.
lieattweikbt. Hot he tier. Minn.. t i
etl a te. kuotkoi.'t io, r r
Stulih, Kitlatitaron, Ml, h . in m-veiittt
rotintl of a len-rouiul mat-h.
I ; I: - ' '. ! i;e M tub y , t lou
ver, won thi let Ision over Ktn ky titls
Tianniy Muiphv. t beaKo. I
1 I
of cars they are not permitted to pass.
"Ovr l.o.'iOOOO feeble-minde.l peoplo in Ameriea,'
Tliiuk of the wocxl alcohol that crowd will consume.
Great guns.
Ifc nry t'avo mitt Webb Neathanu-r
wt-Vt to Acata Krblay to bt-isln work
on the fr.iler Iike hlKhway.
Mr. INi hman wan transact I ni; bitsl
nes In ir.ints l'nsn one day thin
m y .
Misjt of tltn puplts In tho Mayso
Creek district have rcc'iveroit from
.a ......... . - . . . . ' IfVIV Wtnii., v '
e cioniit, nowevor, it tne illicit htiii owasions as much trouble an;ti, fiu una are iick in hool this
this nhl Wfirld .is Iho tntidioa tluit urn nut wt ill ,we-kj ,
If natioYis hadn't worried so nnn h about tin: balance of power,
they wouldn't be worrying so much about the balance due.
Sweeties do not always slay ruth
lessly. The half sister of a Loa An
geles gunlay has been arrested for rob
bing her victim of 120 while enroute
to tho altar. . .
Coos Bay Times). Probably on the
high cost of something.
Outbursts of sanctimoniousness
among peanut politicians are occur
ring with the vehemence of a backfir
ing 4d. Under the Oregon System an
office-mad citizen has more righteous
ness a month before election than a
presidential nominee.
(Mark Sullivan in Portland Oregonian)
There can hardly be any deny
ing the Significance of the election
in Hartford, which gave a demo
cratic majority of between $3500
and $4000. This is the largest ma;
jority ever recorded for any party
in a Hartford city election.
There is a largo outpouring of far
mers iu our midst today. They will
start pouring back into their respec
tive districts about sundown.
, Tho political jackpot in Jack. Co.
has been gummed up . by Marshal
Joffre not standing tip when he was
phiffed through Ashland.
Rons of rich meu have Rtarted cut
ting up on tho front pages, which is
moro interesting reading than, the
news ot their daughters marrying de
funct dukes und livery stable props.
Wu RipplinRhijraQS
HEX AXAX1AS was mi deck he snniinr his falsehoods
day by day; he drove to wake the truth a wreck, hticeeed-
ing, in a modest way. He did bis best, and if hi best was cheap,
compared with modern curves, we should not flout him with a
jest, denying praise that- he deserves. "Wc filiorjld not greet with
ribald jeers the liars of an aire gone by; we sleould not scorn the
pioneers who first discovered how to lie. There were no oil stpeks
to be sold when Ananias blazed the way; tlure were no salted
mines when- -.-obi was shown to coinc-ons evcrj- day. There were
no offices iu sight, no candidates the snaps fiesired; there were
no burbling blurbs to write, in praise of books that made men
tired. Financial wizars didn't sell blue sky tn boobs unknown to
fame, and so there was no chance to tell a falsi hood worthy of tin;
name. There were no yearly almanac jn waljieh to boost some
wooden pills; men knew not how to dodge a tax, or sidestep mer
chants' monthly bills. The world was then ; simple place where
people toiled and paid their debts, and it is ;urely no disgrace if
Ananias missed Home bets. Jfe bravely warred against the truth,
with tireless if misguided' zest, ami if his efforts' were uncouth, be
surely tried fo do his best.' j
Mr. t'avc wan transactim: biisinc
in .Meiironl ami Ja Ksouvitie. ."ii
!Jav antl Ttn-s.lHy.
i Mr. and Mr. John Hitter r.f fioM
ilfill visited ut Mr. llakcr's Inst Htm
i mm r.irtT and wife of Sctmn. who
have t n vMtinic Mr. iind Mm. 1
farter for wveral days., returned to
their homo Friday.
Mrs. Kerns nf l'laeer, w,ho has been
xtniiiilng at J. sve Neath.imer'M for the
limit three weeks, returned to her
.homo Thursday.
Mrs. Kmallne '.rati ford Is vlslllnft
-tt the home of her parents. Mr. and
Mrs. c'arl-r.
Mis. John Malncy and il ttiKhter.
Mailt-, npci.t Saturday in Medfonl.
t.'Ulle ll ll.lml IT Of Klll'h people At
tended the puny Kiven at the honm
of I-red t'K. iihat her l ist iJatiinlay
t'liurlett Smith mitt family motor
ed to M.-tlfortl Saturday itiornitu;.
Lay if f i-n Int her nnt John I'ltn
trail drove to Table l!"t k Katurday
for Keed potatties.- j
Honnt of i.ttr peopbt are id ituiitiK
on JittnitllitK tlw ttant. at I'tilnn-r
t'reek Kitnrtl.ty hIkIu.
-Mism Muriloif of Medford, l ta
let teat lier at Lin h ihl yet k.
Win. "fnp!e ninl family iiinci to
Crants I'ns.H Moinlav Mr. and Mm. .
t'opple havi- many frietnln In the Mil-.
ley. who reKretlt-d liaving them
K-avn tho community.
Carl Johnston iiml wife of Duel"
1' visit,. I Hiintlay with Mr. and
Mr, t'opple. I
Mis Tool Will Hive II iletlion.dt I-
tlon of M-wliiK at AppU Kate the Kill
and Htli of this, month. All Intel-i-Mcd
lire Mtrdla'.lv InVil.-d to nUeiiil
Mis litirr was n yisitor in the val
ley Utinday afternoon.
Iion't forget the nhl fa-tiioned el
IiherltiK mult h to !- Iu ld al tin- Itinh
st bun I I-'ililny rveiiliiit. april 1 1.
Spring Op
Gold Hill Boxing Commission , .'
Tuesday, April 1 1
8:30 P. M.
V. !'. Mandaril Oil Die.
RT. A 'tit 'STINK. 11.1.. Al.rll 1
Martin "'ari y. vlcc-pri-Milcnt of the
HtandariJ Oil company, died today In
a loci! h'iuntal.
Tom Ray vs. Ted Thye
of Omaha of PortLlncl '
Johnny Carlson vs. Geo. Brandon
of Spokane t of Portland .
Ptices: Ring3icle, $2.75; Reserved, $1.65; General
Admission, $1.10; Children, 55c. Includes War Tax.
Ladies Invited. ..
Seats on Sale: Brown Brown Medford; Niniger
Warner, Ashland; Ross Ross, Central Point.
Like Tribune Editorial
To Iho Kilitor: Moro power to you.
Your editorial In IuhI nlKht' paper
cltowH a real (rasp of the Hlttiatlnn, it
was constructive, it was true.
C. 11. HOWKU,.
llerrydalo. April S.
Helped Her N;otnr Wonderfully
In tliesi- ila. of "flu," coughs, cohls
; croup and whoopinit rouuli, it, is well
to know hat every year thero are usntl
more IjoILU-s of Koley'H Money and 'Par
than of any other coukIi medicine. Mr.
S. L. Hunt, B15 W. Cth St., Cincliinuti,
Oliio, writes: "Foley's Honey and Tur
relieved me of a hackins cough, tick
tins in the throat, whoezintf antl pulns
In the rhr-Bt. t Is lielpln my mother
wonderfully." That's why druKKlittfl
recommend I'oley'B. S"hl ever) wlieri.
(The Craftsman)
T picked a wild flower,
1 picked a wild flower yesterday.
The wild flower I picked
Will dio tomorrow.
I hereby nnnouncis my candidacy for
the republican 'nomination'' for repre
sentative iu the Htate legltiluture at the
May primary. .
The Rosary. Why Cathoflics Say It
me itosary used hy Catholic in their prayers in a Hiring of
beads, divided into five equal parU, euch iiintncmoratltiB ttoine
Kreat event in the lif of Christ. On them t)if Lord' Prayer and
tne Hall .Mary (Luke, are recited, and wlifr-n in
v.ainojics nieaiiato upon tuese evenlH.
UMlnR their beaila,
These ativertiHements inserted daily and pail for by two native
Jledforcl Catholic business men who believe In thf-tr religion.
I announcH myxelt as a candidate
for Keprefintative In the IlHlature,
n the Iteptiliiiean ticket, ubject to
tho primaries in May.
' Thoa. II. Blmpgon, of Ashland,
authorizes his announcement as a Can
didate for the nomination for thu office
of County CommlBBlonor of Jackson
County. BuMeot to tho decialon of the
Republican votern of ald county at
the t'rimary Election, May 19tu. 192!!.
I nm a candidate for the nomination
for County CommlBsioner of Jackson
ount.y, on the- Republican ticket, Hub-
Joel in (lie di-clMon of the voters lit
Im primary In ho held May Kith, 1!l-',
jAdv. UKOItQH ALl-'OUJ), I'hoenlx. ";
-uii pnyucun. 1 hen txjm
etnerijency Ueatmetit with
Out r 1 7 Million Jan UteJ Ytilu
V Vapi
i r -
Values $50 to $60
128 E. Main
WO O D !
l"lr $.'t.(MiTler nml up.
rtali i:t;K Coal 81(1.50 Ton.
Cor I-'li- untl Tbli-a I'b'uuo 2 la
Fbone 122 R
436 W. Main
C. A. Do Voc, Prop.
Groceries and Confectionery
, ' We Sell Anita Stewart Coffee
Open Evenings and Sunday,
Oregon State Normal
June 19-July 28, 1922
Full Noi'inii
merits, sociology, und hcIiooI miiiinRciiit.iit on demand
Coin-no. I'nietien sehool for nil BrniU-k..' Music
very Htrong. rKyeiioInrry cdiieiitional menHiire-
-r infoi iiiatiuii write GEO. A. BRISCOE, Director,
' i i