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- Tho Gold Hill Boxinir commission
will irtage (U first iimokcr in several
tnontha next Tuesday cveninn, April
11th, when Ted Thy of Portlitnd will
wrwrtln Tom itnjr. Thyo will weigh
101. Kay 170. pounds, and the win
ner of tho will b matched
With Ralph Hand. Hay la a proteite
Of Parmer Duma, nnd la a touch bird
to throw. .
A preliminary will be a boxing bout
between Johnny Carlson and a Tort
land boxer thru Thyo will bring down
with him. . He has been commission
ed to plok out somebody who will
Itlvo tho Carlson boy a struggle.
Tho Oold Hill commission expects
to ' civ a number of wrratllnR and
boxinir matches durins the Kprlnx
and summer, one ohject helnc to put
Ulph Hand up In tho ranks, by hav
ing him meet the best wrestlers on
tho coast, one contestant being Mike
Yokel of Salt Lake City. '
.WASHINGTON'. 3. A produc
ttott of 11,437.000 tons tho highest
recorded since, a week' In December,
19J(V waa reached in the bituminous
coai Industry during the week ended
March 25, according to figures com-
piled by the geoloRlcal survey. "First
activity in anticipation of the strike,"
was said to have been largely respon
sible for the heavy output.
"Thin confirms the survey's forecast
that stocks In the hands ot consumers
woBld reach 35.000.OOO tons by April
1." the statement said, adding that at
least 3.000,000 tons of the production
of tho last reported week would be
added to reserves.
TOO revolvers, 39 machine Runa and
500,000 rounds oi rulo ammunition,
together with a small quantity of ex
plosives, it was stated In the houee
of commons today by Winston
Churchill, secretary for tho colonic.
It was announced earlier that the
adm'ralty had cute red an Inquiry iuto
the 8eleure.
A Dublin dtepatcu Sunday r.iris
an account ot tho parade tt the Dub
lin battalion of the Irish republican
army, when more than 3,000 men
marched nvav tn Krntr h'Ul'l un.l !
took an oath of alllglanco to the re
public, quoted a statement by Kodr
Ick O'Connor, one of the louden of
the republican movement in connec
tion with this selt u re.
Mr. O'Connor In adde.r!nn the
men declnrtd that Mchard Muloaliey.
the Dall Klreann mllntser oi di-tenso,
had caused the seizure of the repub
lic. army's munitions and erenade
factories In Dublin and elsewhere acd
that the republicans had replied to
this by selling at Cork a Ilrttlsh ship
loaded with explosives.
Soldiers Desert Government
DUBLIN, April 3. (Ily Associated
Fress.) Official figures given out to
day 8 how that 322 men left the five
Dublin battalions of the Irish republl
can army yesterday afternoon, march
ing to smithfield where they took an
oath of allegiance to the republic free
ing themselves from any further re
sponsibility to the Doll Eireann.
MVLUNGAR, County West Meath
April 3. An Incident from which sen
Rational events ore expected occurred
here today when 100 free state troops
marched to the gates of the barracks
occupied by the Irish republican army
Adherents of Eamonn DoValera and
were refused admission.
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BELFAST, April 3. John Mallon.
answering a knock at the door of his
home in Bkegoniel avenue last night
was confronted by a gang of men who
asked If his son was In the house.
Upon replying in the negative. Mallon
waa shot dead. A bomb thrown into
the bedroom in tho house ot John
Simpson in Arlington street wounded
two children, aged 3 and 6.
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not know who will succeed us, hut i
Would like to utter a word of kiudly
"Whoever succeeds us will find it
Impossible in the present state of
Europe to go on without conferences.
The world is embattled, bruised and
crushed that the cure will be a slow
ope and will need many consultations
cf its leadiag physicians."
' One ot the mo3t esentisal problem
to a dealt with, continued Mr. I-loyd
George," was the restoration of tho
machinery . of International trade.
He adduced soma figures - on this
tradt. pointing out how vital it was
to Great Britain and continued:
'One of the first thins that will
have to be attempted at Geuo is the
restoration of exchanges. '
Exchanges, continued the premier
must be stabilized at a maintainable
figure which must the;efore b-i con
stituted on a reliable bas.s of Inter
pol tonal commrce. Ti'i nations
nust be induced to balance their bud
get at otherwise the currency wouM
b- debased and the divergencies in
exchange become wider. This as a
patter, he si'd, whero pressure
could he exercised by an international
conference of 'the leading ministers
of tbo various nations.
Piscussing tb- question of near) in
Russia and "pearn witn Riasia," Mr.
Lloyd George said rtuwia could not
get capital without securing toufi-
Cence and interpal as we' I as e::ict
nal peace. Germany could not fully
pay ber reparations until Russia was
restored, be declared, and KtiMla
must recognize all the conditions im
posed upon and expected of civllud
communities, as a test ot her fitueas
for entering the community of ra
tions. j
miners from each state herein repre
sented. together with the interna
tional officers or the United Mine
tt orkers' organization.' .
Claim Breaking Faith.
. "The mine workers of the country
believed thnt the coal operators sign
ed the agreement In food faith, but
we now una mat mey contumaciously
refuse to live up to their agreement.
They have refuwd point blank to do
as they agreed they would do. If they
refuse to liquidate their financial
obligations, it would be no more dis
honorable than their refusal to keep 4
their solemn agreement with tho
mine workers.
"On two occasions since the month
of December, 1921. the operators
have been formally Invited by tho
mine workers representatives to meet
In joint conference at a designated
time and place for the purpose indl-1
rated In the agreement. On each oc
casion our Invitation has been re
P. H. Penna of Indiana, the chief
spokesman for the coal operators ot
the central competitive field in an In-1
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declared the meeting adjourned in
the interest ot peace.
Britifth Ship Seized
' LONDON', April 3. (By the Asso
elated Press.) The Britten ordnance
steamer Upton which was seized off
the Irish coast last week by raiders,
who stowed its cargo away in som
unknown place, contained 400 rifles,
not 20,000, as had been reported:
tervlew said:
I cannot deny that our refusal to !
meet is a violation of our agreement.'
"In the face of such brazen and
uncompromising amiuae on tne part
of the coal operators the mine work
ers had no alternative but to quit
their work when tho agreement ex
pired and await the making of
another agreement. It is particu
larly unfortunate that hundreds ot
thousands of men must be withdrawn
from the industry to the detriment of
the social and economic well-being of
our country before a lolnt conference
can be held and an agreement ne-1
gotlated. The responsibility muHt
clearly rest upon the shoulders of the
coal operators. Their attitude should
..i 1 i J . I- . I.
riKuiiuujr uriun uuwn upon inem m i
iiujrai raffugauun ol an ouiragea
The public can follow its own rea
soning In defining the motives of the
operators. Whether It be their mere
Kordld desire to enrich their already
teeming coffers, or whether It be
their futile hope to destroy the Unit
ed Mine Workers of America nnd
beat the miners backwardj It la
equally reprehensible,
"The -mine workers arc stilt ready
to meet the operators at any time
such a meeting Is possible."
PINE BLUFF, Ark., April 3. Fire
destroyed the main sawmill of the
Arkansas Short Leaf Lumber company
here early today with a loss of $500,'
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