Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, March 29, 1922, Page 6, Image 6

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NEW HAVEN", Conn.. March.
The Ynlo IN'ews today irints the first
cf a snrlcs of editorials on eollego
tub let Ira in connection with an agree
ment with Princeton and Harvard un
dergraduate dallies.
In noting the rapid spread of foot
ball and tho Increasing number of
teams- with high rattnK with many
laying claim to "mythical champion
ships," the News says that "it Is now
Impossible to determine not only to
what single Institution the palm of
leadership should be awarded, but to
what dozen. On this basts lntersoc
tlonal games should be awarded, but
to what dozen." On this basis lnter
ectlcnal Karnes whereby Harvard
goes out to California or Iowa State
conies to New Haven are of a highly
sensational and spectacular order but
quite futile. ...
"Each school would have to mako
a' dozed such trips' In order to deter
mine any championship.
"The present day spirit or over-organization
has already begun to In
vade the xol'-ege curriculum and it
must be restrained. On the football
field," Yale. -Harvard and Trinceton
have found in tho past and should
continue to find, quite enough to oc
cupy their, Interest and energy in de
feating one another.
" "Big games are only an added
strain, a product of a too highly de
veloped system; ' They should ty all
means be abolished."
rection of the rorvn ofiuo in Lon
don, the ltrltish embassy here bus re
quested the stale department to have
all proper faclliUes extended to Sirs , purtmont un,j,.r u stem of slnto eon
Hons and Keith Smith, Krltlslt avia
tors, when they lVaeh'. tho Vuited
States on their attempted aerial tir-
WASHINGTON. Mar. 29 Tho iost
office department -apUily Is complet
ing plans for a decentralization of
much of tho. routine work of the de-
cumnavitttitJun of the world.
Sir Ross, with his brother
Keith, fU-w from England to
trail more than a year ago.
latest venture will involve a start I
from London April !0, tho first stop
being In France. The route lies across
southern Europe, Asia Minor, India,
China, Japan and Siberia. Tho Pa
cific will tie crossed nt Kering straits,
landing beinR made on some of the
Aleutian Islands and at I'nalaska, In
The course will thrn In- aerosa Can
ada to the Soo, where It will swing to
tho southeast and New York. Then
the lino will be along- the New Eng
land coast to Newfoundland, where
the start will be made across the At
lantic. If weather renditions are favorable,
nn attempt will be made to rench Ire
land directly from Newfoundland,
following tho course taken by
Hawker. Otherwise the plan Is to
fry by way of the Azores to tho Euro
pean continent at Portugal and up
the west coast to the point of starting.
tral offices which postal officials bn-
lievo will incre.t the vffUiency of
the service great it and ut the same
ci,. 'time effect nn tinimrtant saving In Its
cost. In Announcing tho broad nature
of the plans today, rostuiasler Gen
eral Work said he believed they would
mark "one of the most important re
forms in the service In several genera
tions if not in its entire history."
Details of policy, adjustments and
service which have heretofore been
thrown uiou the department In Wash
ington for final disposition under the
new plan, tho postmaster general said,
will bo handled by a central postoffice
for each district.
The effect of this change. Dr. Work
said, will be not only to relieve the
mails of thousands of letters and
documents shunted across the conti
nent but also a great saving In oicrat
ins expenses and In time required for
service adjustiuelits of all kinds.
. . .. .j - l.;
2. .
l Continued front lust Thuimliiy)
. Health Itegislnilion
W. S. Cury, health registra
tion t l.TS
Sophia Chlldreth, health
resist ration X . T r
J. W. Jucobs, health regls-
lr. T. J. Malmgrou, health
registration 3 , 7
Mrs. Nellie Hood, health
registration .. l.t'O
Dr. I". O. Swedenburg,
' health regis! ration S,
Tola! .....I 1S.25
S'mtKltti'ivd Cuttle
W. W. lllttle.. claim for '
slaughtered cattle (
D. M. I,i we, claim kr
slaughtered cattle 2.'.. 00
It. K. Smith, rlittm fur
iulughtcred catt'e 25. Oil
penso, , , 4.S23.1"
Total i !,:i9ll.79
Aohlnnd KlnmiMli lull Huml
Modford Furniture Hard
ware, Co., , expense , Ash
land Klitmuth Fulls road J
. Drohthltloii l uml
3. II. Snudefer, prohibition
enforcement '.
J. It. Gal bra Ith, prohibition
Tetal .'!...! hut.:.o
IHig Funtl
llimlionu & Co., dog cellar
and licenses f
W. T. DoKord, sheep killed
by dou ,
11. Mynul, sheep killed by
Total : $ C2.0M
Cottnty Ajteni
Stuto Of Oregi :i. agricul
tural and farm demon
stration work $ 500.00
Itojtd Fund
Hoed District No. I
K. C. Hoover, right of way
district No. 1 $ 350.00
Head District No, li
Wm. It ruin, pavroll dis
trict No. 2 4C.00
Itimil lUtii(l "N.
Win. Terry, payroll district
No. a , , 207,50
J. Iliirtman, work on Ante-'
U'po bridge 1.0d2.20
J. I.. Koberlstn, work on
district No. .1 9.50
Total $
County l.lbiiuy I'tind
E. Kay W'oolsey, llbrarlun'M
salary , S
K.Kuv Wools)-, librarian's
expenso ....
Mildred lUiton, assistant li
brarian's salary
Willo Howard, assistant li
brarian salary
IMouecr Library Hinder)' ,
bluRliiK books
Mrs. I'. A. liatt, mmuuliu
small lllirarli's ,
Medfonl Hook Store, library
.books and supplies
i'aisou Unit Company,
maKiiilnes tor Central
I'o'ut library
I The J. lv. Gil! Co.. library
Hros., library sup--
CHICXGO. March 2.S. Albert
Phillips, labof member of the Vnfted
States railroad labor board, gave his
resignation April 1, to the secretary
of the board today. Mr. Phillips has
been in 111 health for several months
and has been In California on leave
since January 1. He was an ap
pointee ot former President Wilson. '
Mr. Phillips was formerly vice
rica president of the Brotherhood of
Locomotive Firemen and Ehginemen
and a member of the railway board
-of adjustment No. 1. under tho fed-
eial railroad administration. j
One of the original board mem
bers, Mr. Phillips had one more year
to serve. His resignation If accept-'
. ed, will fall on the same date as the
evpiratlon of the terms of three other'
original members' of the board, J. H.j
Elliott, railroad member; A. O. Whar-j
ton, labor menper and G. W. W.
Hanger, public member: '
Eould Amundsen, ntvtie. explorer, re
turned today on the StavanaserCjord
from a viit to Norway and conferred
with those who will be ntmoeiated
with him in his attempt to drift
across the Arctic basin. His expedi
tion will t out fom Seattle Juno 10.
With Amundsen was .Lieutenant
Oscar Omdal. Norwculap air force
ace. who after special trtiinlns and ,
experience in flying under adverse 1
conditions wilt accompany the expedi
tion. He 'w ill lie one of the pilots to
handle American-constructed air
planes, the other nilot. Lieutenant
DahU now in on hi way to the coast
via the Panama canal.
Amundsen said he would rely on
his two airplanes and powerful radio,
and wirelrss telephone equipment to
. - ...... 1. ..-tSK !..'
Keep nun in cuiisiuhl iuwh ,! i.iu,
outside world, and to sivo his expe-!
dition a cruising radius Impossible
under other conditions. m.
IS, Mar. I!. !'y tho Asso
I'ress) The Genua conference
asked to take up the task of
tho spread of contuKlon
from Kussla into central and western
Europe in pursuance for a resolution
-" Captain of .Nations tolay.
exp.oi-er. re-, Thc.hyBienle conference, which has
leen in session nt Wars;iw, reported
the situation ns of the prnvewt char
acter. There have been 20.000.000
cases i f typhus, cholera and other
contagion diseases In Kussla in two
years, . The report declared measures
taken to prevent the spread of these
diseases were inadequate.
Total v $1,279.20
lb ,l IHstrict Nit. 4
W. M. Tetherow, payroll dis
trict iNo. 4 4S.1 1
Komi District No. .1
V. J. Wtsou, payroll dls
tlict No. 5 53.00
Hoa.t Iiitrict No. '
Uusy Corner Motor Co., pay
roll Illstr'ct No. 7 24..0
llonil District No. H
I. I.. Gregory, payroll Dis
trict ....o. a 37.00
Hood District No.
t. II. Vincent, puyrcll Dls
liict No. 9 15S. 35
Portland branch of Federal
Keserve Hank of San
Francisco. Cnilf., expense
district No. 9 i 1 59. 10
PONCA CITY. Okfa., March 2S.
Kd fStrangler) Lewis, wrestlinp
The planes will be designed to per-' champ'c n, offers to meet Jack Demp-
mit of landing on land or water and 8ey bcxiug champion, at 101 raucl
will be equipped with fuel tanks for . . ,h . wrestlinz-box-
lng match for a side bet of $50,00f
LONDON. Mar. 23. (By the Asso
ciated Press) A coroner's jury,
which held an. inquest over the body
of Gertrude Yates, otherwise Olive
Young, whose body was found some
time ago' in the bath room of her flat
in Kensington, today returned a ver
dict of wilful murder against Major
Ilonald True, an English aviator, who
lived some time In the United States..
2 Cents Income Tax Is
Paid By Clevelander
CLEVELAND, O., March One of
the thousands of Clevelanders, who
made nn Income t;A: cost the govern
ment far more than it derived. The
return wa for two cents, the smallest
on record this year.
From the time the return blank
was mulled to the taxpayer until filed
for a record it was handled by ten
persons connected with the-, revenue
department, attaches said.
"Cut the 'bit; ones' balance lip 'tho
losses." Collector Koulz-ahn declared.
20 hours' flvlng. In addition, each
will have wireless equipment. Only
one plane will leave the ship at a
time with the second in reserve for
relief work.
Amundsen expected the expedition
would start June 1 in order not to
miss the current which was expected
to give them a hig start In the 2,000
to 3,000-mile drift. The trip, if suc
cessful, would take from three to fivo
years, he said, ana nis snip, mo
Maude, should emerge between-Norway
and Grccn'.and. The expedition
will take provisions for seven years.
and the winner take all gate receipts.
The offer was contained in a let
ter from Lewis today replying to Col
onel Joe C. Miller, who said he hat'
offered a $200,000 guarantee and
a spiff In receipts. ; Dempscy has noi
been heard from. Miller said.
BOSTON, Mar. 29. "Tho Glory of
tho Sous," a Boston built clipper ship
of the 60's.has been condemned to
the junk heap and Cornelius Vander-
bllt has appealed to the maritime as
sociation of the BoBton Chamber of
Commerce to save her. . His telegram
from Taroma, Wash., said the glory
was capable of facing the Atlantic ut
slight expense and that her copper
probably was worth mosc than tlu:
vessel would '
'Tho Glory of the Seas," one of
tho fastest square rigged ships afloat
in her day, has been used us a burgc
on tho Pacific In recent years.
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5000 Vacant Flats in
High-Priced Chicago
CHICAGO, March 29. There are
5.000 vacant flats now in Chicago and
by June that number will be doubled
says M. S. Walsh, secretary of the
Tenants' league. The reaHon, he says
id that prices ure too high.
"Landlords are asking anywhere
from tl't to 'i'oO a month for them
and people can't pay," declares Mr
Walsh. "Try and get a flat where
you'd like to live for ?50. You can't
do It.'
LOS ANGELES, Mar. 28. Eugene
Meyer, managing director of the war
finance corisjration, wag a visitor In
Ijs Angeles today on a tour of Inspec-
jtion of the went, undertaken, he said
at the direction of President Harding
He will leavo tonight for San Francis
co, Bait Lake City, Portland and seat
tie. . 1
WASHINGTON, Mar. 28. President
Harding was said today to believe It
desirable to extend the use of the
naval radio to the press for the trans
mission of trans-Pacific dispatches
until such titDO us private facilities
will be available.
The executive was described as feel
tug that congress will work out such
an extension and allow the press the
privilege of sending the dispatches for
Hawaii, the Philippines and other por
tions of the Orient until (irivate facil
itles are reasonably available.
Tennis Champion Beaten.
NKW YORK, Mar. 28. William T,
TiUlen, 11.. notional tennis champion
playing with A I Weiner, tho fourteen-year-old
FK'liool boy, was put out of
tho national men's indoor doubles
championship tournament in the
socdnd round today in two straight
sets by lnf?o Harmon and .Tjhn Wing
Flood Crisis Thtirxlay.
MEMPHIS, Tenn., March 28. The
crisis In tho Mississippi river flood If
expected Thursday. No serious dam
age has been reported so far.
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I 317.75
Head PUtrict No. 10
I.. Cxtodmsn. payroll dis
trict No. 10 SO 1.81
Hnhhard Hrcs.. supplies dls-
tr'ct No. 10 20. 00
Total 321. St
I:hmI IMtrlct No. II
. L. Freed, payroll district.
No. 1 1 $ 59.50
. I j. Wan llcuten, payroll
district No. 1 1 93.60
plies .
Total ,
Brereton, library
(SO. lit!
"O t 'I
O I . i J
, 4.10
21. Ml
7 :
t 363. s;
Total .$ 3S3.10
Itoad lLstrlct No. 12
W. L. Van Houten, payroll
district No. 12 . .. f 1S3.7C
I. L. Rowo, payroll district
No. 12 IS. 3
H. J. Oswald $ 6. w
Walter Charley 0D
Zera Dahack 2 .Vim
llurrv Hays 1"
U. W. U.we .0
Anton King 4j.o0
Fred lionart '."
C. N. Horn :'."
Otto Niodermeyer ., 7, no
John Coblolgh 4.nn
l. 11. Waleh on
Melvtn Forsvthe 10. ltd
W. F. IVKord 3.00
Herman Walter 1 1 "
Frank Messluo 5.00
It. V. LcuUBtiant 2.00
Irvin twlt 2 no
It. Phillips 46.00
Karl Ilostwlck .
S. M. Hays 1 K.lio
W. F. PeFord 3 on
C. 1,. Mtoro l'. 00
Wm. Simmons 4. on
A. L. Ferns "' 00
Charles Wocdworth ... 14. do
Ike Ct ffman 3.oo
J. K. Spencer o.i
Hugh Hnrron 23. no
Charles Injnfcrd " oo
Paul Pearre 7.00
John l.rownsworth l.nn
S. M. Hays 3.0o
II. II. Walch 3.00
.VI. Walch T.oo
Otto liackert 4.00
Joe Shoemaker 10.00
P. E. Sandox 12 00
Total 201.00
(n ut-ral llouds
Tack Thraslier, payroll uon-
eral roads 373.69
E. -P'ele, payroll general
roads , ,... 22.30
Ashland Iron Works, gen
eral road expense 20.43
Busy Corner Motor Co., gen
eral road expense 16.32
W. J. KurbidKe. labor, gen
eral roads 104.00
Chanslor k Lyon, general
road expense 2C.84
Electric Shop, general road
expense ., 1.60
Hittst a Mi tors, general
road exicnso 40. OP
Hubbard Bros, xeucral roud
exueusn 10.60
Modford Sheet Metal Work".
atiar 1 1 srt A aiifinllnd 11 V
P, . w v. i i sweat pu'ii n
Mcdford Service Station,
general road supplies 71.84
Elmer Morse, labor, gen
eral roads 130.00
Medford Furniture & Hard
ware . Co.. teneral road
suppliei 48.39
Thoi. T. Merrtman, general
road expenso 3.0
Oregon Htate Highway Com-
misssk.n. general roid
expense 2,6 13.91
D. W. Pence, general roud
expense 327.
Rolley IllnabargiT. labor.
general roads 104.00
Thrs. Uosetierry. supervisor
general roads 15C.00
Southern Oregon, Hardware
Co., general road expenso 1.1
Thos. If. Simpson, general
road expenso 1.6
Arthur Shaffer, labor, gen
eral roads 11. 00
Southern Pacific Co., .
- freight, general roids .... 203.12
L'Dlon Oil Co.. of California,
Oil and gas. general roads 2 4.0(!
A. V. Walker Auto Co., gen
eral rt-ad expense .T.. l.oO
Young's Machine Shop, gen-
- oral roud expense 41.75
killing's Cur & Auto Works.
general road expense 20.17
P. J. Cronln Co., general ,
. road exiienae t 23.30
Fred J. Kick, general road
expense ,. '., 33.21
F. E. Jenkins, general road
expense ...r.s... ......v. 8.00
Medford Concrete Const.
Co., general road,expcno - U3.77
Oregon 8tato HiBbway Comipv ?
mission, general rnsdo-- t
., :rV.4.r.o
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U.peua Paeik
. S tpn HxHr
x Ua.pimit Sal
3 uhlr.rnon, fraieoluiwo
w 'mtr .
A iiiM t mlwil tv4MtnK.
tn r. with i t,..e,m,
Irmi-H Ivncf er vlntB.M .ml
lo. HI. I.lliiu n l4
nH-n MinU4iiiue im.
Ill I.Oklui 11,1, ksn ullrr
tl, li th Stml.i iiiv h
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na U l.lfcl u Iwt.
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Mvdf.ircl, irKun, Jan. 1), 131?.:
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dim Cluing and try III H'-rhn.
fftlgm-d) W. 11. JOIIN'ON.
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W.-L. Chlldreth, Kaglii Point.
f. "A. Andoraon, Mi.-dford.
K H. Ilolim-B, Kairlb 1'filnt,
C, K. Mooro. KiikIc Point.
.1, V. Mcintyre, )CiikIi Point.
00; Von dcr Hi.llon.-KnrtB Pqlnt.
W.n V. Nlolmt V,nrf PMnt7
j.. - -- J . mmt ... jt
'. ' , . fa - ' .v'
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f . lM fV1 M m tr T4k tT Ik M
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1.00 1', M.
4.30 I RI.
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