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MKDKOim M.tll. VianVXl-:." MKDKOIM)." PK'Ki'iOX, KliiiVAV,' mUU'AUV 'U'2'2
Mkhford Mail tumunq
Tlie Me.lfnnl Sunday Still la f urnls'ici
uln(Tll'i H ili-nlrlng u avcn day dally
for ii Third lirlv.
Office Mall Tribune HiiIMIiik, 25-2
North 1'lr htr.'.t. l'hone t...
A rnnxnliilallnn of the linioorllo
TliiioK, th MiMlfdnl Mail, lli .Ve.lfur.l
Trlhunn, tlio Southern liriKoiilan. The
Aoliluiiil Tllliimc.
ltOHKUT V. Ht'ltl., Editor.
IT. fin I
, 7 o
e 50
BV MAll In AJvnni-p:
Pally, with Sun.lny !-'un. ynr
Pally, with Suniliiy Sun, month
IintU'. wllhoiit Sumliiv Sun. var ...
Dally, without Minitny sun, montn .
Weekly Mall Triliuiie. one your S.00
Suinlav t'un. on v-ar 2.00
DY CAIUUKU In Me.Unrd, Aslilniiil.
.Inrksniivillu, Central I'otnt, rhoenix,
lally, with Sunday fun. month. .TS
Pally, without Siimlay Sun. month .5
Pally, without Sunday Sun, year.. T.R
fially. with Sutiilny Sim, one year 8.50
All teriiia by carrier, cash 111 advance.
oio is nothing unusual v. this. The Oivviuiiiaii mid tinned ;i'.-tt
theiv is no th;inet
Kusretie timir.l savs there is.
Inuil us fro.pu nt 1- us I'Utor tin. I South livhind. j
Hut tin1 unusual fen Hire of tliis dispute is that both 'puper-. ;'iv;
wroii','. It is fair to assuiuo tlio Oivirntiiun opposes a, third p.:rl ,
m-cniise it figures Mioli a party wotil.l aid tlo lMnocr-itic part v. ;;ni:
tlio Guard favors .such a party for the miiiio ivsisou.
Hut would it Mark Sullivan, who is rather a slucw-.l political " ,
server, doesn't think so, and wo liclievo Mark is ritiht.
hi the next federal election the I o'nio.'rati.' party will lie the p.vv i
.f protest and discontent. If there is a .dear out fijrht l tvecn
Kcpulilicans and lVniocruts. the latter will receive the m til id vote .
the so-called left winy:. With so many eontplox prohlenis awaiting S(
lution this vote will certainly bo a formidable one.
A third party, however, would inevitably split this Auto,. The I
lailieals and 110 per cent Diseontenters would rally around tlio now.
standard, rather than the deinocratie opposition. In fact, there have
.veil been rumors in Washington, that certain Republican supporters i
nr.' not inactive in orsiauiini; a Third Tarty movement.
It was different in li.TJ. Koosevclt took W hv cent of liis support 1
from tho Ivopubliean party and only ten percent from the I Vmocrat ie. I
MEMUEUS OK THK ASSOCIATED A Thvd ,,ar,y ,. .0j.,y wou,j m.orM, , ..1( J
Official paper of the City of Me.lford
Official ijuir of J.ickson County.
Enttred 0 Berime o..i matter at
Me.lford, Oregon, under Hie act ot March
The Asnelat,.,t l' la e'CcluaiVfl V
nllWn to the use for repuhUcntion of
all news .llmoitohea credited to It, or j
rot oilurw ise credited in this paper, and j
altfo the'tocal newa published lierein. ,
AU mhla of republiciiiion of special
fllppatehea herein are also reserve!.
Ye Smudge Pot
By Arthur Perry.
Quill Points
A small particle of intellkence entirely surrounded bv
: - w a.T 9 w
.IOYKIIK. .IttVK'lUK even .hy, and sup. rlieiM thinkers sa.
I'm Wi'stiny; tuee ami eash: hut oil. the lasliinr e-ud I do ! II'
tiny would hold thai fact in view the see their tall, is
A thousand nu n l,ae belter fare because I ehoo ehoo every w here,
they bless me as 1 pass; and worthy tiieli like Henry Kurd neon
Ululate a humble lio.ud because I burn thesis. ). is aide
to uplu'ild Kesear.-h l-'oundal ions, amply filled with scientists
v. re. wl.o find the i;.-rm that causes inuiups, 'and make the blamed
thiin: luimp the bumps, wink out and disappear. And skilled mo
'I'N V limy he 1 1 ' I lulu liy a 1 1
lillllel Wllluilll exiiliilllllU.
I In wliut t- iiinlry Im (Ki n. I mil
ve- sl '.'
" Wllill pill t:( of u ellleliell m e (tile
M Wil't Ki.OMItlltl l llixlll u- a I'.'lll
1-el .1.111','
I I lew List In ,i l,n it '.'
" - VV hl h 1 1 ;i vein In il ce. hIkUI or
.1 :
,'l aiiies iii their luui i s spend ha
'in. n..('i' e i.i tin;-! rea.inii; puine aiu
pi:i in-.' it. nullities, heeaiiso m, Wat. in knows no rest, but i tt rn- s
north : tul oast and test. where'er the lonu' road -oes Ami town,
like Akron shed tl.e blues, and ii.mnv daily in the news upmi the
throI'lMiiir w ires, because I soak my Sunday hat and fountain pen
buy some rubber tires. I burn up all the e.eiii
ple look from tln-ir abodi s ami say 1 am a
wastiuv; j;, a, i j,!,,,,,!,! t(1,.y,.
ihe savin-.'s Imiik. lint oh. my fi-i.-mls. the
ri.l siuuil.l ti.-s me as 1 eliiio and elm
i iniiiisu ies sue. n lieeaus
loin; da v !
and Maltese cat, t.
tr roads, and p.
crank; I'm alwa.t
honest toil, and In
uiiio.l I do ! The u o
my way ; a liuiidr.-,!
speed t,l ;e merry hv
a i on-,'
m ant"
peliMi ill
Most of the time-killinjr is done bv seconds
Kirst-class men don't
-In. the discussions o tile soldier'
.bouus 'bill. one hears much about the
"exempteJ man." He is an tinsnns
hero, who escaied the horrors of war
sad 2nd loots, only to be forced to stay
home, and have a wage of nine times
their actual value inflicted upon the:u.
Snow . . . The rattle-brained weather,
man has fooled the bluejays again.
(AP. Dispatch)
. The ladies are going to send a
personal appeal to the royal bride.
All American ladies whose seat-.
Jng requirements are over the
sixecn-ineh limit w ill view the re-
. suit with heartfelt, perhaps even
with prayerful; sympathy.
' . PuriOcation of politics by an injec
; tion of reltf ious prejudices continues
! .throughout ,tho land. . Get-votes-quick
i gilckers' are losing sleep practicing
(.yelling '"Amen" through their npsss.
Point to Ireland as shining example i f
j intolerance and bigatry. lilood only a
; foot deeu in their streets, and many
t bhot ih the back enroute to worship.
Rumors of religious war all around.
1 All born and raised a Methodist won't
go if the commanding officer is a Bap
I list, with a ISL'O model Ford.
i Baby boys asleep, in their cribs, and
I awakened by the hellish toots of Kspee
engines, will grow up to be hind-end
brakeuien. .
Anyway Miss MathilJe McCormick,
rich, giddy, and 16, with her livery
I stable romance, disgusted the public
1 ps much as the movie queen, who
maintained in a letter that the murder
mystery, victim was a he-angel, and the
police had mistook his wings for
i horns. ;
. (Roscburg News Review)
The husbands and (sweethearts
of the Merry Workers club of
Looking Glass were given a moist
enjoyable time by that society
Saturday evening at the home of
Mrs. Geo. liacon, its president. The
liacon home is ideal for such an
, entertainment, with its large
rooms and all the . conveniences
electricity can give.
Hay Times). Frank, candid, and ruth
essly destructive.
.Things have come to a pretty pass,
when a struggling young bootlegger
ian't operate In spitting distance of
he police station without being mo-ested.
' Some plowing is beiug indulged in
tereabouts, but the mornings ure still
oo cold to sit down on a cast Iron plow
eat, without a hot water bottle.
. (Corvallis Gazette-Times) '
, The Hawley brothers have not
gone to raising skunks, but they
killed ten on their place the other
day. .
' The Albany Democrat, repji ting
:iat rarity in daily life an auto accl
ent notes that the human menace ta
peedlng was 'within a stone's throw
f his home" when he slovenly messed
l the engine howl with his own blood.
stone's throw" is an old fashioned
xpressicn for distance, and is abjul
j" far as a gas idiot can knock a
Jtlestrlan, if he ain't looking.
Otto Itelclmian, manager of the
xnmt Shasta Milling Co., was over
t Scott Valley last week, conseiiiient
: Hour has advanced 20 cents a barrel.
tYieka Journal). Cuiise mid effect
jnde plain.
f ' . .
Tho Curlew law! The curfew law,
It saves our son and daughter;
jAnd neither one will mind their pn,
.ID lililli'.le ilh wilier,
f -.
- .
As:e thinks it has ae.iuired will power when it has merely lost its!
mi arrr m i rt
V mmuuv A urn:
s i iii i itn hi n i l
VllllllilOIV I li.VI Ikl
It fretjuently hapivns that when a man takes unto himself a mate
he gets a checkmate.
OAI CO TAV nrA!'1'""'1 b" l''",l"1 fliert thM p.r ;
AH I 111 IMA I) It" W tl"1 "f l!"' '' ""'s 1 ' h "Vl'alizaium and'
UPULU in iULf I rehal.l'ltatioii t n liio uli-k and u.i.iml
Few people can stand prosperity, and when a man gets u fl'iwcr
lie usually shakes his old friends.
cd, thereby ile
lor that pureos
A cartoonist shows a radical sowing discontent and labelK ,it '"The '
WASMINti n.. KeU ..-The .nl-1'
tilers brniis (Uit-stlon tv:i.s Mlowe.l t i
dimmer t lay. the sj)i c.'Uiinittee
ileahni; with th ? .tuestnu of ways of
taining fi;nds tleierriim further sen-!
siens until t u;o row. Tliero was no!
iliilit'atinn when a det i-i -n would Ii
rt aehe.l but soac cuiu ai'tefaieii said
the bill would pr.iluli!.v n it U, report.
out of the co::uu;tte. this w ek or
next. ;
It was s.iid there was a urawiius sen i
timenl among It Jilse uiiiiicrs to p.i.-it-!
HAll.i !i(.i.,ti until ..I..,. ',., l.,l,t
... . j funding negotiations between the
We can t.:j litHli uiu-s an. I the p. inetpal iilll-iij
nations mx put under va-. j
At this tinn -entiau-iil iu the special
Cfl-lllllilf Mfl UkX'tf- 'J I. -.,f t,,t l,l I
i bill Tarrying a i.i.tni''a.'tiu'rs' I
land whnlesalers' tax similar to that,
j fn force in C.ii-a U '-it with lower
ihe nations shmilil trmt ; ..e i .i. . . rates.
" , "i. ..-viii ; inn uiev w on i
far on the way to peace until they be-in to trust another.
i. 'ii
Ii I in i ihe g iM ltlllU'lit
rieil'eilei.ite lautt'.'
", W lieu wiiii ihe id, ir of
iitiSitsniiuileil ''
S 1 1 i w rili.i'ild l'ii 1 1 1 t lei
liiiiiilee.l '
;i h the name nf Hie prliiel-
pill . .mi 'f j.tpuu iiiid t'biii.r'
III Wllele ill. I III.' lll.ll'il i'i!,rll III
Mes ten hi iKiniite','
A n u rtn a to YcntcrtUy'i Queitlonti
I Im lliii'lii the Hi -t li lelwi tiiiiuil
f.i. lure.l in .u;eina .' Aim. Tie Vir
ginia e-'l init-l.
U II -w iiin -li iiwreii l tln-ie In the
liiaii.ui im I ,' Aiim. TO i: per rent.
II What i it vol. aiilut'.' Ann. line
w Ii i i.i 'nlie.1 ulean e.t
I W was Ihe Iiml iiiiiulier dntttii
111 the ;-eleltie illltlt,' VllK. :'.'iS.
." Ittiw far Is It, le, Ii mi, fi.iiu New
Y " t U t,i b'an I'rauel-ieii by ay of the
I'liiiiuim .,111111'." Aim. e'.'an miles.
I. V, li.U In Vei;a ' Alls, It in u ,u..
wlut" t-lar wlili-lt In l.'.iiiui i.iiiri will
le 111. i liilKliiest 111 Ihe lii'llheill lieav-
7 heie Is ItiMitci, elt ilaiu? Aim
ill A I .',"iia.
s Wt-al is tubei .-nlluT Aim. Il It a
i.i'iiiii piee-U'el fmai m'iui'. which
i aut o tilH'iealuii:i.
'. V hat U Hie t an a of Ihe
lai llr.' Aim. t''i'..'.' lii.tmn n pi.u e mile.
l- What i-i a tuiidrn? Aim. A r-'ll
111.. tl vl b-H , .!ail in Sllx l I I. I'tMnUl
i'lid N.e.'th Aiuf'i iean i.,L-l,i'iti
mi'iu: ,-,, ..,.., ,.,.,.,, UI,, Mtlni ,in,,
t liniea are M iy in ibn and luaisliy.
Remove Corns
Easily, Quickly
not by tminful, iIiimiumoom irutiuitm r
rutllitit, iiol hv hnttuiitf hul lnlMlv
nluifily iy irlv'iitf Ilium up u Jri
ou pvi'l l hn in mi In im pi'fo. lnu
Demnn.l the .'iiiiln. Vutir iitonnylMrk
It il lulu, lli'iith', iKitliinii. nlio.iluii ly
liiti mien to Itv mli. A l nil .Iruim-iu,
'iila Imt n Irllle, U, Iaiwi.-iuo 4 l'u.,
Mir., I'liKuno,
piib'iie.iil. New .nk, nnt;;.!iieit a
' sole-tlvo tielliiK" ter slek mid the
:aire said
ie main evMui-licr,-.." Mr
who ! tt I nee l the biuum
liind .hin t waul It. iiiid in tti.i ,ies til
. .'ll-llll in ul .nil- finance we nlmui l n I
! r.'.; tl lit-, n t'.'li. auiiie
Sower.'' "Win- not "The Sore?"
When a man loses anythini: else, he advertises or it.
l e loses his head, he stops advertising.
In the old days, a man was crowned liy divine riirlit :
more frciuently dune with.. a dangerous left
lut when
now it is j
'.'What does a blush slow?" asks a beauty specials
answer ott-liand, but lt'seldom shows through.
The Senate still concedes: however, that the peopl
i resilient without its advice and consent.
e can select a
0 OOilSa
ThoH. II. HlnipHnn. nf Axhluii'l. l.'B his inmi'iilli elllelll no u i mi
illdiite fur the imiulnatle! fur tin of l
ur I'.iilllty I'.uiiltU.-rl'iner of Jneke'll
CiilllllV, HHlieel to the derliil ill nf lb"
liepiililleiin viler of iiiilil eoiuiljr nl
the I'rliiuiry IMeellnii, May PMti,
Cherro Hard Wheat
At "Vour G rovers
Day or Night
Funeral Directors
S. 5. S. Will Rid You of BoiU, rimpl...
rllackhra.U and bl ii t rupticn.
' In an opvn lvttfi tolay t Chairman1
; Konn'y, Koprrsf !it.iti p Aim i rk
A I oil In a wtuAhu vour M.mhI !
n rluirk f:) tit t"lM'tirt (Ih.M trim
"IkjiI out llitu T hry II
' li'iiiiiitf M(t" utiltt )''! tlrIrtiy liicitt
enmplrtrW y U Mnn tif t 1 . tr
of lhr mi ml tHinrtful lt!ntl rnnr
kfmri to n -Wtit H. ,H. S t.''ul
thu !( t t tiiHf Tt ' ,i"r of I'm
tnttt-'Mieiit U rtfhn l) ttuth- ilfr to I'o .u:r!v r c r U d I t,
kX atlit tiff. If rlc-ar-i thn kktn if l.ltn.
K'MitM rttnh uit.1 t.itirr n'.ln rrui'tl itn.
V7l1 Tor tt thotul.!it It drhw otil
3 iir.i'Mtmrv mm ll I'lilKl
(.rufluina wwtn, nia.- imp i iimmj tun 1
I'Utt tutll'lft tll it r. t ftt-nft. Il t'l
Arf yon -up to tl. nV U bl ,m! Im. l rlta - m-vt'j
arlli.? H. H. H. W on. of iUm trl-. ttU u, lK ftUlr.t , lw mUt.n TUq jj.
blaaU-purlUrr known. Try It, cr bUm la Uio U.wi cuiivukl.
China Herb St,oro
T1' 14 I" I ll.fl ti'. I '1 111 f'-vlliS "f
M. ,irnr.l I'M-. I'"" "il-l In- "Hi"
nil. t "i.'llnu li lli.i'l'l. H M ."l.(llt.
.,"1 J , lil,ltl l'ii4.
I ,1-4 1., I. I I . I l,Kl U-l-.l ' I -II'B "f,.r.!. I'i l-.i itll.-l l:- nf tiH'iui'
ur r..tsi ion.' nl.' ihiiiik I 1 lhiiiit.
Ill h l . lir iltl. I'rts, .'I
m. ,ir..,.t. .". k-. hi .) 1. l"K
'riii in e,-il!r l!.. it I II nti.Jnr
lKi'.,-l, li'i-l v,'l. H,r uliiiuai li litnibti-f.H-1
1'H, I lu-fll I". 111. 1.-. I f"l ..t-,.l i-i
,u-l inti Atiiicii let I-:'.. "I I"
I. - ,ii, Ii, 'il iiik 'f .llill I'tiU'iif .! ,.-
II. 1 1, la ,,l '.'II fiiiiiii Kim "If". I
M. .iii.i -i i. I ,i. ,i.. .i ii, m i ti. 4j f.M iii,
,1 II Ii In. i, ii. I I nlnlL.t to l.'.ll'ifc-
i'. l.-l 1.4 tut. I ,m I li-.l lie in ami liMlnv
him a A. II limn unit r;.n l-pi'll-. r- e.itn
In, e,l, .iffilt li.l .4.1 I " in 1't 4 si
linn t'l.und iii'. I ii I'll M.ilpi
IMxn.tll U.I! Jull N ' t.N,
w i.. I ni.- puint
I., .!. tlniii.. I'uiiil.
,M A Aii. I. i ...ii. .VI. 'limit.
K 1 I I, .11, I. .. I ,1,-lu I lll'll
i I ; M I k : rmi i
.1 V li Inlvic I ... e I'ulnt
!.-. V. .Ii .1.1- lli li'M. I,.ll" I'otl.l
t,.. I S .'!-. I .... I'nll.l
The Bat Seat Sale I
The sale of seats fur the coming j
presentation of "The Bat" at the Page!
theatre next Monday niqht opens to-1
morrow at '12 o'clock. Manager Hunt'
of the Page theatre declared yestuiday .
that there Is greater interest being1
manifested in the forthcoming of!
"The Bat" than he has ever seen be-j
fore la advance of a theatrical event. '.
This is the play that broke ail theatri- j
cal records for the .inioiint of business j
transacted during the first year of its'
run in .New York it is still being pre-1
sented there as well as establishing:
new marks, both for the amount of!
business done and for the length of'
its run in Chicago where it played one j
solid year.
"The Bat" comes here, staged exact-!
ly as it was presented in New York
and Chicago and played by an excep
tionally fine company.
7s ?av
u ma
Saturday, Feb. 25th; Monday, Feb. 27th; Tuesday, Feb. 28th
Sport Flashes
MOSCOW Idaho 31, Whitman 16.
KOKK3T fJROVK Pacific Univer
sity 19; Xevada 17.
I-OS AXUELKS Arizona 2S;
Southern California 2 7.
LOS ANGKLKS Frank Troeh,
Vancouver, Wash., continues to lead
VernoGun club annual mid-winter
trap shcot tournament.
ST. LOL'IS Body of Wijilam Dil
hoefer, catcher for the local Na
tionals, who died with typhoid fever,
sent to Mobile for burial.
BOSTON' Rube Maruuard and
I.arry Kopf, former Cincinnati play-1
era, sign ctntracts ' with Boston I
ST. PKTKKSIit Rt-Charles Clyde'
-avis or i i-luml.ia wins national
horseslK'S pitching championship, .Ip-fr-atlng
field of 22 pitchers.
"l'lipe'g JJlapejisin' iiaa 'proven
Itself the surest relief for Indigestion,
(i.-iseB Flatulence, I en rt burn, Sour
ness, I'Yrinentiillon or Ktimiaeli UIk
tress caused liy aridity. A few tub
lets give almost iinmedinto stomiicli
relief and shortly the stomnch is cor
rected so you can eat favorite foods
without fear. Largo case-costs only
few cents nt driir; store. Millions
lieljii-il iiiiniiillj, ijv,
.Men's 'iilliii'."'iiii I'liinii Suits. I i !-1 1 1
' weixht. value .00
Atliletk I'liion Suits. .1.-J." v.ilij'.
"ii SI. 00
lioys' I'iiIiiu Suitx, iiu'diniii wei'jht.
Kaeh S 1 .00
.Men's Outirif.' Night Shirts. 1 .J"
viilii". Kaeli 81.00
o.k' Oufiiiir Nioht Shirts. All
sizes. V,iU-h '. $1,00
Hoys' Outiiiff I'.'ljiiniHH. Sizes Ii to
VI. Each
Boys.' Muslin i'lijum-is. Sizes
12. Kiieli ;
Men'i (.'lislllliere SoX. !." n
Three pair
Wool Mixed Sox, 2c n ji 1 in,
pair .-
Lilit Wool Sox, (')'( value,
Durham ('(ittou Sox.
Seven pnir
Jleavy ('niton Sox. In-own
rive piiir
Lihh Sox. nil coloi-s.
Four jmir
I i Imt Silk Sox. li.'ic
fi to
J'hoeiiix Silk Sox. ifl.'J,") vnllle
Men's Soft ('..Ihii'-il I)i'i-ns Slnrls.
!fl.2.". ami . 1..VI viilues. Kneli $1.00
Men's Nek l.iiinl style Shirts, A new
lot, .-fl. :.'." vhIiu-s. Km-li ... $1.00
Men's !!lin (iiiiy ami Kluikj work
K-i-h $1.00
Moys' liloiises. All siziS. All colors.
Km'h ' $!.(:.
Hoys' Shirts, dark mid liht colors.
All ifl.'J") viilues
Men's hlim, Hili Overalls. 1.2-"' v ih"
A pair
Hoys' weight Hliie I'cilini Ov,';
nils. All sizes
Hoys' Khaki Ki I'nni-i, !.'.". ,
lies. A pnir '
-Men h Suspi-ndersi ( ii,
I 'resident 's. Two )' n i
lis. "!. Mlllii'M
t .00
r or
Men's Hells.
for ,
Silk Soft Col
Slidewell Linen Collors,
Km mieh or l';'i.'li for
ir.:. .'.")( viiluc,
V. Illie,
Mann's Department Store
$ 1 .00 Mail Orders Promptly Filled, ; Postage Prepaid
M'li's Wliiie 11.,1,,11,,'i'eh'.' ,1. il"
c;ich 1)1,,. .Ii..i-ii Im $1 .00
Men's i'iiie !l.i;id!:.ji ,i !'s, .'"n en. h,
. r'iv- I'm' $1.00
.Men's Linen I laipl' i-l'-'iMi'l'l, ("n
Vlilil.-. ThiV, for $1.00
Si!!; I low Ties, li'ie value, Tw
.if 1.00
Ul: Knit Ties, 7-"i-? Milne. 'J'wo
1'"' $1.00
i ('ul Silk Kniir-in l l.iini, H'' viilue.
Th re for .;. ';. . 1 .00
Cut. Silk l''oiir-iii-!I,iii 1 1, i!.'.'ri viilue.
' K'H'li - $1.00
Men's Caps, 1. '.") Viilue $1,00
Hoys' Clips, $l.:i.") 'viillK'.. .. $1.00
Hoys' Knil Cups, two for . $1.00
Small Hoys' lints, two for $1.00
llylil WeiyliL Ciinvns (Jlovi'S. Twelvi'
('''' $1.00
Jersey Knit (iloves. l-'ivc pnir for $1.00
Li'lllliei Fiieed Cunviis (Jloves, :l.e ' '
Viiliii', Four pnir $1.00
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