Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, July 26, 1916, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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rrrroT?"n vatt: TftrnrxR iuf.dfotjt). otcfjox. tvkdkerday, july sn. ioin
W tt a
JBHffiKT j
Ortow Wlthtvt Ptralltl ftwitViil
ti Tiny Air In Artiry
Tin- Merit nr Imiiil tfHi- if- weekly
roneert at the ei1 imrk mi Tiie-ilnr
pvpnintf anri altliouitli the mr waa
eool, it C?med to Iih little el'fVct
I ha tlnaiia tllvar valla fna th .
Ci-4t in CtrftM UwJir Prewwrc ronr ,... bf)d. fom.rly
1144 In (Irand Pork, N. ., but has
llrtd In Mmtford for the pMt two
year, and ha won many frltnda by
hr charming tnannar. Mr. and Mr.
McDonald will make their horn at
I PHyftotaiT! ICttlfn Ywlk Who
Kftfit Ctmaany Willi Utrl AccumiI
OI.NKY. Ill, Jul 2H -Whin a
ttm air Itiihl'le hurnt in n nrtery
tmr preKdiire or a ih)nl latiH knife,
the firm riialn of vldMM- moilnat
Hor lllntirlitfr, who (noun-lit the
hnrtv of VtlKM Klirntieth Ualrllffc to
n -nnltHrl'ii.i here, In a liuuiey laxt
Irlilin nltsfit, wai ill '. roM-ul-In
V miflioililei to have heen welded
T)i iintiii r the iiateiirra; Kin is aia
I., metlli.d niithorltle to be without
,nii,ille. If II (levelopa a irlme nc
i i.iiu w.'i roinmitled.
III.iK t Ht r uan held lo Ihe urn lid
lir wir.NMil iiond vnntnilny by a
tfiioneri Jim which held him renpon
i iiiio for the kIH'u death.
HinteTllicr liegau ralllua on thtt
irl nlMint len month ago, wlieii alio
1. 1 in- to olml rrom I'aoli. Ind., to
t .. llli In r hUht. Mrs. Hert lan-
1 1 r I. ' iiiritiv evenlnx I lie eotiil
'it ilrUinii The Kir! la said to
i.iw it if i MMieatii an old aim tra
in mil iriim (own. Doctors say
t j, Kirl rk ied when aha was
i.hixil In Hie Imikk) for tli rlile to
11m Hiiiiltiiriiitn
AntiMil VoiilliV Story.
e . rr xeti in near (own whan
i.. M.iid, Km. i (eel bad,'" lllutar
ii"i t il(l tin iihvHlrluns. "Then she
i- ii in or i u .1111 I ruiibad her hands
iimi f.-et, t.'M louldn't bring her to."
M tin Kutoimv no marks of vlo
lime !. round, hut it (levalupetl
m.ii the i in wih Minn to bacom a
mot her. im-eMI examination failwl
. ieeai m attempt at nil IIIukhI
Ol'l'l iitlon
ihe .niiiii ii wan examlHod. No
r,i . of ii iin an round. Than ana
.i ih MiniiniiiK doctors stuck a
i r .i.- ini.i .in aiier.i Thar waa a
Mnf til ",.i Innmllble, at a bubble
iiii w .. - mid only two thing
i ,. "Mi ' ini'iliinl lu'len' would
u - ni in i lie arlei ii, faulty
Million i hi! ii iitpodern.U' xaedl,
i. ' '' il n ni l ItlllK.
ih.i ii! w.ih iixumlnad earefully.
,,..,- k i- no needle mark. Thar
ii no i' ioii of tit lungs. Tha
. n .- i nihil io b full of water.
i i ii .i" v'irii piaread, almost es-
I I. nil .1
in-nninHt. PWiwI.
Mm, 1. 1 ura sto4 an a man
in .i mrlng town ram to
- A i i Morris' off Ire with
"t'Ui i t.iaiai a surnlral In-
ii mi. in id -I4 ho had found on
i.i hi. !.. rnrods of Hlniarlilar
1 1. nm ii H ii uu'iar an old elm tra.
. uivi ii ii any from Mm and
i mi. -in H i.. i..wa thinking It might
i i. inn. !' mug on the raa,
ii nfi u . -I vuiied the spot men-
1 i i n4 where a horse had
n ilea ..mi uarks of a struggle in
i snd -"'H, the imprint ot a girl's
mil uud ' bap's shoes.
'nteaii o( nalng tha Instrument ns
' lulled, ii la nuOnlnlned by phy-
i. in- Hi ii b ua4 It as an uaflllod
i 'l.-riiw nandm nn4 punctured a
I. ii! ariy.
'to I tend who saw lllaterllter.
"t ii' hd taken the girl to a saui-
t'ridav night, the latter !
i i il as aavlna
1 no lo bad Take my ria home
'' ' nil mother -that I don't know
i i ll lie home, bin to expert
A wedding whlrh rome im a tun
lirlse to their man filemU i sol
emnised Wednesday afternoon July
2 l, at .'! 'o'clork at ili liont of Rev.
John Mrltonald nn Mistletoe street,
alien Miss Jessie Carolina Olson b
tame the bride of leatr K. MrDon
alil rtev. John McDonald, who la
a brother of the groom performed the
marriage ceremony, whlrh waa very
simple and Impressive.
The aioom is a nroareslve vouna
business man, and la wall and favor- s,n wdnHnw the ifroimrtimiM of tha
Hblv known hero, having realded in Vrowd- that have been o rtmsjdeu-
oum ill true neuHtm k entertainment.
Thnt fimt lively mon-h by the band
Tnarie a dUtinel ehnntre in the atmos
phere. Any enolneH there nin.v have
iieen in the air wn easily ounter-
halnneed by the warmth of uiipreein
lion it h own by the erowtl lowartlw the
the beautiful naw Itogue Klk resort at i,mnd fnr t e-ffort-, mw of the -e
Blk Creek, of whlrh Mr Mrfion.ia nrnnnma rweivtnf rtouble nneores.
Is manager. Owing to having Juat I The "?n,w J""" WR Mn "',"et
ooaoad tin tha new resort u, ..! lumber, the march "Hir lien" and
Mn u.nauiM in .,i,,nnn ih.i, Tlie xeleetioir- of old fnvoritc "War
hanavmnnn until i.i.. i it., wufH,, won iriHtnnt favor. Tor the
when they eoutemplate a trip through i'ir"1 ,"n,' "Th'' BaUl" (v "' r"'
tha east. The. l-est wiahea of their v"ai I'. ' - ""IM "y " '
friantta ataM.larf i. il,.i nuiHioiwr, n. .1. .nernee, was
nannt, it iihh a tiinerm meimiy vritii
n pretty ari-Miiirwnent. The (Inim-
ails. Margaret ICmla anil J. B. ,"!- wt with exi-erj)le
tin- meeting, will he $1 181.14. leuv-' he lift- Ihcii viMiting her mother,
mn a im in nee or jzniw.HO. JJertnet- Mr. iniauneey iye, ami ner mmei,
iliMjilay of (lie irwluel n hi funn
at the Man FruneiMCo lair Inel ear.
They were out workimr up on inter-ling- Ihe $2.V0 for lenehen' hire itKiJIm. ,lw IHMifif.
et in the coming etftuity fair and c- airreeri to by ihe old hoard, that is, I
leelinjj perxim- to wink up an inter- 1(100 fnr the irineiml ntid $(i"'i
i'-l in thin ilixtriet, No. II. lie ' eneli for the two lady teaehen, then
that he in going to haw nn exhibit add ikl,')l) tor furnihinir the high
nl the fair thia fait, but thnt he does whoid, pmvided it carries, and if
not intend to enter the eonteat for Jt does entry we will have to my,
the prise. He mid that from the rotd-r th ntfreetnenl with tile old
present nppearnnees that we lire go
ing to have the bast eminly fair thia
for a long anil happy Ufa,
' U I Miiu will I.,. -
l Hi. I I .into I 111 Hit- Mutiuiil l'ien
uvui riit thunh tmiiorioH etfiilug
Ut id, iHicimUle Mipoiuud Iin ill.
tioulUvru ttmniua l'r-ti (rrv. consmt
Ins ki itev It. tfpenaar, moderator.
whu i hava v barge of tha sarvlce.
The principal addreas of the eveniHK
will b aade by Be. A. J. Mam
goauvo ui' Hvrtiaad, a puluit orator
I great UrUlMi wnwer and abillt.
A brtwf i harg will be wade lo tint
MtMrteaattttn tr In i K. BaiUe
k H the i-iiarga tn the pastor w
delitii-.l iy Hot ttr. Carnabnn.
Tkr Ui . . utrua Uotr wtt aing
uiiti v suaatal tvumr of
ih-h i vsram will h ius uy
Juou ttiMutan and tlulin uuh
It ' luiii. Ueiaaatloas from
i. ..ii. I..- aad etahbttruta
PJlPJkrl ' ' m wtM ntlettd the
asjbr . Ut and t'hri
gbjt vbu i id) tha i vtt
Ki' a nnurth U
MiittMi ranant. it
iiJiiUi ""'
fwWsflRl """" '
.h' ffm .i i .. .
aad rbot '
Woohnlck wr iinlted In marriage
nl :sn n'olnok at the Calholle churt-h
Hev. Ilhor Power parformlng the
OHramotiy. Tha young couple left af
ter tho eoiemony for Portland wheru
they will make their Hi lure home. I
Mtaa Rmig, who la tha daughter or i
Mr. atiil Mrs. Adam Umlg. sir. West i
18th atieet, lias bean employed until j
rocontly at date's garage. Mr. Woelt-'
ntrk, In eompany with his father and !
hrothur hauilleil the brlrk ami atone
construction work on the federal
bulhllug In Madfonl. Of lata be
baa started In busln for himself
mid is liullillng a $30,000 muooI
Iioiiko at UUseo, Oregon.
from sevcrnl niitmuiil nirx in npfim
)irinte to tht litle of the nuw work.
The arranging of the hiiml miinie lms
been done in Meilforil bv IbnidiHHator
Uy A. C. Ilowlstt
Local and Personal
Mr. nail Mrs. II. J. Hill anil Mr.
anil Mrs. J. M. Arnold are spauilliig
a few- days In Medfunl and vicinity
sightseeing. They (mine from the
Willows, Oal., In their ear.
George rMlleubaiigh of CanyoiivIHa
Is In Madfonl for a few days on a
combined business and pleasure trip.
Itaiph 8. Harris or Aahland Is
spending Hi afternoon with Madfonl
Hlewart MrArlbur returned to Med
ford thl morning after n two years'
stay lu Sitokana, Wwsh. v
. ('. Ilecker and II. ('. Iirown of Hoy, New York, lire In Medford
for a few da.
Irvin T.Miel o Like Creek w
among the i-allei Wednesday.
.Mr. Andrew OrinNom, wife of one
of our progreMNive Innuera in the
like Creek region, hail the misfor
tune in have her tare and neek bad
ly burned by eiirlmlie neiri. The bot
tle wiim knoeked over by'xoine menn-t
anil the eonlent itruok her in the
laee and nome of it went inM one of
her even, but Dr. Holt, who wax call
iil to iliexM the burn, Ncaiued to think
that Ihe eye waa not crioiiMy hurt.
Mr. and Mrs. I. M. I .owe of AnIi
Inud railed for dinner Wedmmilny
and while here entertained iin with
an nrroiint of how he nuinnjjeii liiw
dry land Innninu that !h, without
irrigation, nnd how he manam'H to
raii-e fruit of alnurnt nil kimU wilh
oul the uxe of wnler, nnd how he
uianageii o urnuige in- on-mim mi no
to lie litrui'lv immune from fru-t. The
render will remember thai Mr. Lowe
wiih the mini who had urh a fine ilin
il.i al tlii- ri.imlv iiini -late fair-,
mil I Muni iluil In- nl-i hnil iinle a
fall that we have eer bad in tha
liilutx Hart of nhland was also
here with Mr.' ( and wife in tha
same ear. -
Note Oormnii 'wns here tha same
day. fie was xprayiHg W. Hart Ham
ilton'- orrliard for him, and us Mr.
Hamilton m one of oiir refntlnr baaril
ern, he mrtiirnlly linmuhl him here
for dinner.
fieorge K. Itooa, dit-trid nftenl for
the North AmgrhjnH Aeeident ftud
(leallh Int-uronea oniiany, wna also
here the name dny.
It. F. Morris of Dutte Falls wna do
ing hiKim in our town Wednesday.
He eaiue ont with Mr. Hen-inn, wh.i
hns ehnfge of the fifh hntelieiv nt
Itiiltt Fa IN. tl Wn- out Inoking
nfter buy to snpply hi nerds thia
i'omiii!t winter.
Uewey Hill nf IViliy nnd .1. I
HughoH and sun Knm of liulle Pulli
ami F. K. Iltigiit of "W.iHhingtort alute
iient Wednesday niiihl with ns.
Mr. Mtwrht i m the dairy )Mius
iit m Wn-hitiirtoH nnd was het io
look over our eonntry with nn eye to
thai line of bnsinaae.
A M-H-rial sehool meeting is rolled
for Monday, July 31. at .1:16 p. pi.
to eleet one director and owe ftlerk.
iin tieorge von iier iiellen resigneu
ns director shortly atler the annual
election ninl C. Hongerhyde, who wiim
elected, failed to quality. The vot
ers will be ni lied Umui to deride on
the -iroMrtit'on as to the extnbli-h-ment
ol u high mMiii'tJ. the amount
of money lo b rni-cri for sehool
lurioHi.- th lining vcir. It is es
timated in the bud'-tit ihat our ex-
H-n-e will be ")i.'ift75 nml Hie receipt
.Ihiih-s .liinioii, who left here some
weelti agi with his wire to visit their
children in I own and Montana nnd
buiieri his wife in thoir old homo
town, returned to his home here Fri
day. Ifi'v. John Hay of Unite Falls
spent Friday night with u- and Sat-
the r. & K. tor
board, an additional sum of &A7A for
llio adtlitional tenHicr, provided the urdav niitrnun- look
i-x i i : i , . ..
jiik-imii wne ih employed io ' m.. home.
tench, making a total, of .fWiTi lor Mr-. Horn Hi .
tenrhrrs' hire alone, more than i be- Ii, i- been m-iIiii- Tier
llig panl by any other third grade
school distnet in the county. Nn't
it about tirno to call h halt
('..II. Hanseom brought in a fine
lot of lions nnd broilers fm our rie-
Innt agent since my last rumit.
, .Mrs. .IoIih Oheiirhniu of Hulie
lails. who ban unm nnt In lwlrrl
fvisiting relative?-, rctnmed home on
.1. l Frill k has finished cutting a
thirty-five acre fielil of wheal for
W. Hurt Hamlitmi, nnd Mr. Hhude-ftni-teil
hU tiireMhing niiiehine In
threshing il out this Saturday mrii
it. Mis(ts I .a a ih Onles and Mniy
Ilnlmes, AHh Allison OITieor
O'ltricrt, Miss Margin d and .Mis
Kittle Soulier Itnve been visit inu Mi
'Initel Hrown Ihe lat week.
Thoinna Itiley nml l:veivtt Dnbnck
rwore -niPKliH nt the Sitiin.vide for
dinner FrWIay and Inter in the dnv
Ari'bie I'nrker of Ceulrat Point. Ihe
man who bus taken the place of .Mr.
Hrown, the menl market mnti, called
fm' dinner. It in quite u eonem
anee fo hnve ii man that you can
depend on come twice a week with
freh meat right to your door.
Howard A. Hill and F. H. Steel
were here ulso. They were looking
over the fruit prowpect, nnd Mr. Steel
I.- ui the stock business. He keep
pcriiurecri Hcrk-diire hogs, HoNtein
entile and I'preheron horse. Mr.
Hill is' one of our Mcdionl fruit men
and Mr. Steel i- loeateil in Onuil-l'n.
Mr. Kiln I-loicy hn relumed
Hamilton Wutkitis, Iwik dinner nt
the Siinnyside Snturdny ud took
Lewis' jitney for Aledfoid the some
Harry A. Young cniue mil Friday
Mlh Rvirrll tlnhitek in hi .ptiipy.
Mis Xell TlitiliHMin came out from
Derby Saturday and is .iitiiir her
con-in. Mi Claire Ciimncriuiui, nt
the Suiiiiysiilp.
There was n coiitmiiv of our oiti
eiis iniiile a tup to Crater Lake tlie
tir-t nl the week, but a I line not
all the lifiine- will mention it in my
, I .Mr, rata i'hupv
not iui-liiiliiiir the lax to be Voted at 'from a trip to near Pro-jH-ci, when
GOING home to sup
per? Wait a minute
you may have some
guests tonight. Better
be prepared.
A pocketful of OWLS
is a safe guarantee of a
pleasant eyening. Just
hand a, quarter to the
cigar man and have a
few OWLS on hand at
home just for hospital
ity's sake.
nt T'l a. a e
vvuih ne w
F(ftflB;'; Doilar C
2VjCu,J 1 U THKiSaU Jf'AJ3tth1tiXTY1Rm:aVCXVltl!RTifo-mP
Breskfast Cooking
Naw Pot Toaaties arc iv;il tt cat tlirn-t I'imiii
the lUH-knc. Thi'x have a I'iiu- n- I'litxtir scU-
(It'Vt'lojU'tl h It llt'W pUtl'lllt'tl JlfOl-t'KK. 1 1 K tilt
itii't', lint- t'lavoi' hi piiinc wliitc hnliaii com i I sell',
niul tin-He New Toaitiw nif the firxt ctuui fltiUcs
that tin not ileHiit mi ctvain and suai' for palat
aliility. The irHr tf thin tmiwrior i'lavor ut found bv eat
iiiy; Huiiie fttmi the iMtekajfe tlry. Thoy'iv delic
iouwlv KMttl that way, but r coin-He are iMtially
seixetl with civiiiii tr gtMul milk.
Kxaniine tho Nw Pott TomUm flake. Tlie
tiek, I'U ree Uejtt of the new uces8 of niannt'ac
ture nut only ruiwes the tlUtiujftiiNhintf little Imb
lilt'H nn each flake, but (fives a Unly and firnmesK
that makes the Ntw TonUat a uiiuv sulmUtntial
ftMttl than oitliuary "eoni flakes."
New PvMt ToattiM tin not "chaff M or enunble in
the package, anil they don't muttli tlowu when
cream w tultletl. They eoine to you untouched by
lutud, ttud in moist tuv-prtMif packajfo that pre
ntrvt their delightful oxett-crlHpMn until served
at your tttWe.
Well worth trying these
New Post Toaattes
1000 yards of beautiful new
Embroidery Flouncing, 18
to 24 inches wide, up
to $1.50 vals., now yd
IN tl
TheWbmatfs Store
1000 yards 46-inch Flounc
ing in Voile and Swiss, up
to $3.50 values, this (hQp
sale at, per yard vOL
d B 5
1 Remnants of
Percale, Gingham, Crepe,
White Goods and Curtain
materials, values to 20c yd, Zp
clean-up sale, yd
LOT No. 3 Remnants of
Fancy Voile, Sheer White
Goods, Poplin, Silk, Mull and
Crepes, values to 59c
yd, clean-up sale, yd . .
LOT No. 2 Remnants of
Curtain Material, Sheer Sum
mer Goods, Cambric and
White Goods, values to
35c yd, clean-up sale, yd
LOT No. 4 Remnants of
Silk and Wool Goods, Yl off
price marked on the ticket
Clean-Up Sale io Ready-to-Wear Department
Women's Middy Blouses, made of
good quality white materials, including
silk tie, regular '$1.25 value, "7
clean-up price?, each . . . .
20 per cent off
on all Silk Parasols
Women's Sport Skirts, made of good
quality washable material
$2.25 values now .... $1.48
$2.98 values now . . . . $1.98
$3.98 values now .... $2.98
$4.98 values now .... $3.48
$6.48values now
Voile Waists trimmed with
val lace and fancy crochet
buttons, values to $4.48, $fy ftQ
0 Colored
Silk Suits, just a few left, clean-up sale
$50 values $25.00'
$40 values $19.98
ivhJl uU
1 1
ean-up price
a- li i Ai i " '- -- - - -,- i ii A r i .-imarnidnTtauMMM