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    ' i i -fT
Addlaou I, Holms, now of El
Ccntro, Cat., was recently arrested (it
Eugene by Deputy Blnto Marshal Ful
ler on a chargo of conspiring to
ovndo tliu bankruptcy laws. Tho
federal authorities claim that Holms
gnvo promiscuous deeds to parties
-without consideration In order to
defeat lliu claims of creditors. Ho
had been sought for by govcrnmoiit
officials since April. Helms la well
known thrnuehnut tho county.
- (Mrs. Orvlllo D. fJadwoll loft. on
Monday for her homo in Los Augcloi
after nn extended visit with rola
Hvoh In tlin Dunn, Van Bant and
cither families.
Chnrlca McWIlllams, omplojod In
tho Dnnhain garage at Klamath Tails
visited early In tho wpek at tlin homo
of lils parents Mr and Mrs, I'. 0
McWIlllams. llo brought over a
nlinibor of 1'iussviifcarH to witness tho
baseball game at Medford last Bun
day, returning Tuesday afternoon.
lllshop -Watt Hughes and family
passed through hero today curouto
to Portland whero thoy will maho
their future home. Tho IJIshop
presides over tho Methodist dio
cese of Oregon. Thoy tamo from
Pasadena, and llfelr mil out Into
Portland will bo mado tho oicaslon
of a moat Interesting social event
on Trlibiy evening of thfo wroh.
lltcv. V, II. Cox, of Yuma, ArUonn,
In tho now pastor of tho Ilaptlsl
church at Klamath Kails.
Mrijor General J, Franklin Hull,
commander of tho regular army,
passed through Ashland early In tho
week on- tho way to tho Milieu's
proparcdness camp lit American Lake
Dan ApploKaln, Wolls Fn.rgo agunt
returned Tuesday from tho KlkB"
(Irand Lodge at Ilaltlmoro, which
gathering Iiu attcudod as a delegate.
Mrs. William Dodge Is visiting In
Portland at tho homo of her paronlc
Mr and Mrs. A. F. Hunt, forniT
insldolitB hero.
With mallH arriving at Klamath
Falls twlco dally, that town Is now
clamoring for free mall dollvcry, a
sorvlco for tho litstnllntluti of which
tho population of tho town doc's not
as yet warrant. ,
Lieutenant Alfred Plcclnlnl, for
merly of tho Italian army, posiod
through Ashland recently on a gtohc
trottlnu tour embraclnit 85,000 ml lev.
Tho wages Is $50,000. mom or less
according to tho old chestnut condi
tions. Whllo on laud ho must cither
iropoll a blko or hoot It. Under hli
asserted stipulation ho mint appear
at tho homestretch In Home by Jul)
1, ID 18 an cxpodlout precaution In
vlow of tho probability that tho Kitro.
lioan wor will bo over by that time.
l)r. and Mrs. Swedenburg ard
party loft for Crater Luko Tuesday.
James McNuIr Is seriously lit at
tho homo of his Bon-ln-Inw, Howard
Itoso, residing at Hlllcrest.
"Wade llainptori," an Ashland
horseflesh speeder, owped by Jim
Dowers, of this city, will participate
In runnliiR rares at Medford July 30.
Tho Wilson Club will meot at tho
Commercial Club rooms Wednesday
owning, July 20, pursuant to 'calt
of President II. (J. Gllmoro.
Subscription papors aro boliiR cir
culated to ralso $500 needed to lin
provo tho Doad Indian road so that
It wll bo available for anion to tho
Lnko of tho Woods roglon. A.spoc
lal commltteo Is making nn energetic
campaign In behalf of this noKloctcd
work, an Improvement which has
laitKcd for years.
President McClaimhau, of Kuruiiq,
at tho head of tho Btntoa Poultry as
sociation, waa In ABhland on Tuesday.
Bert 0. Adams, superintendent of
tho Lnkuvlow sihools. accompanied
by hts wlfo and daiiRhlor, ore vlslt
luir thn family of Conductor J. II.
Turner, HI) Union street.
Miss lary Alway, of Seattle, oUo
her sislor-lu-la, Mis. Alway and
daughter of Detroit, Mich., are visit
lug thp family of W, II. Hodgson a
cqiuln of Mrs. Hodgson,
'Tho Jowolry store In tho Elks'
building, conducted by It. J. Smith,
has been closed pending tho out
qomo of orclosuro proceedings, In
stituted by M. C. llreoslor. Tho
iimount Involved In ft chattel ui'grt
gago approximates 41SH0 . Tho
stock will" be sold at auction on Au,K
"list Btlj, unless In tho meantime othor
disposal shall have been made.
..The Eastern 8tar Thlmblo Club
jijet n tho open amid park surround
ings' on Tuesday afternoon, adjourn
InR to Masonlo hall, where refresh
. were present. The clyS will meet on
tho second and "fourth Tuesdajs
throughout the summer.
Professor Irvlnk Vlnln'g, accom-,
panled by a trio of ladles, left on
Tuesday for a camping outing In tho
Jleaver vreek section. Tho ladles'
names are. Hilling Schuerman, Mar
lon Mlllor, Clarence Cornelius. The
party may visit Cinnabar Springs bo
fore returning.
. Tho prize wfrn by the ."comic"
float In tho parade du-l'ng the cele
bration nerlod. amounting to five
dpllajs, hat been donated to the Ash
land band by the lady winning, also
In the realistic production, Tppre-
pentlng the city council In routine
f 'mmimrmM&imnw3?smjnEm
m fBgwsssffm WffWAar'wnPwHwiw
: iwmwi.: iimmzmmMmbimim .
WSJEBmPF ymMwrnmmwl
IJJHJiSwiWElBBi? fejjBBS&l i'PjPImB
ilny, wlicrc Mr. lMimmdxim i sin-1
tlOllt'll dllllllft tllO fll'O nflllMUt
Mr. nnil Mm. II. I). Mill en ortnln-
eil n l'cw oP their friewlf Munilay eve-
W. Unv Pnrlicr wont to his hilioii.
UiiNiellV iionli. Tiledn.v, where lie I
lookout during the xufnmcr.
Mr. and Mm. (J. W. llarker mnde
trip to Unt;uo riVor Wt'ilnesdny nf
tcrnt6n. i
Mr. aiiil Mw. Jack Cmtionc moved
nut tn tile UmorHim lent liouso mi
(linjrer umck Monday to rcmnin ilur-
injr the mliumur.
('. tiecldillp of Klnmatli pinintv Imn
been visiting Ins umit, Jlw, Abbott,
thirf weak.
rr. (iild Mr. 0. lLiMurriwi Hlnit
ed TucHilny fm n wccbB'iiulinj,'. Tlu-y
expect to cfiniJi Jnniitt Pitt.
Charles StownrW Wnllcf O'lltien
mnl Caprial Joiioh ntnrted ntcr tho
muuntnin for t'oliean bay lumber
'camp Sumlny mioiu
Howard Vnidenbury; etartcd Siitur
diiv fur I'nlii'tin linv.
Mr. and Mrn. Unci Ilildnth went t
thrlr Rtiitiim thlrt Week.
Iiul KiIkhII of Kudo Point wan in
town on HimnenH l-riilay, Kd WjiIhiiii rotnnicd liomo
from n wcck'H vNit In AkIiIiiiiiI Tues
Anfq AfitiMe
lU1-u"li r i. "-i -iii'i " " M
are operating thn Urficst, oldeM
hnd heit cijulpped nlant In tho I'ft
clrlc, northwest. Uso ouf nprlnge
when others fall Bold under cntM
anteq. 26 North Fifteenth Ht,
Portland, Ote.
i i ii ii -1 i ii rl - '
session during tho rest room nRltc
Hon period. This scene will bo In
corporated In Ashland movlos in n
later sorlos.
iMrs. 18. I.. Mlllor and dnuuhter,
loft this wok for tholr home nt
llluo Knrth. Minn., after a visit with
rolatlvoB In tho family of John U
Mnxdon. rosldlng on II street Tho
returned by lhi.wnj of 8tin Franrlsco
Miss Olydas Good, who has baon
vIsltliiK at Slsson for n forlnliht,
past, returned homo on Monday.
A miieert by tho Medford band Is
n prospective muslcnl-ovont In l.lthln
park on Sunday, Augutt o, provniou
Director Ilnwlond of 'that organUn
tlon can mnko the nooessnry nrranBj
montB. . '
(This- city Is holng enuvn.Mpd hi
rcprcsontntlvos of tho Polke, w,lil.e)i
rirm i miuauod In gottlng out n
stato directory, Incorporating a)J
Oiogou mnl WashliiRtln towns nml
4 - It-
ar, how working for tho inlnca over
on Mill Hollow
Cal Diiscnberry brought Samuel
Ilortolson from Cold Hill Friday
morning In tho now Ford. Ho saya
tho now car helps basinets.
A buiioh ot 23 new ;ocnt!on cortlfl
puicm wen on tho v to Jamison
vlllo for riHoul tho lant of the wool
Most of them were ror the new Utah
Quicksilver Co.
W. W. Scott, tho now flro wnrdon
tor tho Meadowa dlstriot Is now niak
Ing his lioiuliiunrtera nt tho flro war-
dnii cabin on Morrison ertok near
whoro the old saw mill burned a num.
bor off years ago. Klnior Simmons,
who Had clinrio of this torrllory last
year, l1ooatel noar Winter this ytor.
Wlmor and llonuo ltlvor wore mi
Aliln innrnt u stroiiK uiiOUKh t Willi to-
ntlisr (b tarltlo tho Mondows ball
toaiii up thd postponed ilato and there
wn no KUino this waak. Tho Merd
owe hat net lost n gnmo this year.
Fred Muor It gutting lilt thre-lier-
rondy for operation, or ho has nbout
tlnlthad outting his grain.
Rnvnral iiartlea ara tntkliitt of rank-
tug the trip to Medford to atumd the
Jllrtli or tho Nation OAhlbttlon this
weak. i
Ivno Wyland and wife returned
tram a trlii to the valley last Tlitira-
day, bringing tholr mother with thorn
for a visit.
William Cottrell raturnod from a
trip to Medford Saturday night bring
ing with htm Mr. llockensmlth. who
roetmtly bought the Wyland ranch.
Mr. Hockersmlth It staying with hit
son-in-law, Duvo Cottrell, for tho
uceu maKing uuno h ic-i -lug
cinnabar ore from. tho I.lttlo
u. Ilia ,wlfo ft yfWk
Wo hnvo had n wook of voi;y hot
weather following tho roln.
Tho danco nt 11111 Poiuerojr..8ut.
urduy night na well atlondod.
1)111 Cottrell and wlfo and It. J.
Ilowcn drove over Into Josephine
county Monday to look over some,
mining property in which Hill is interested.
Samuol Ilertelion was a uoiit urn
visitor Thursday.
Timro is omo talk of Fred Sloora'a
ihriwhnr uolntt Into tho Antloch conn.
try part of this season uud a crow
Is being engaged for n long run.
iiiml: llutson Is nackliiR up to
loavo those parts to take up his resi
dence nt or near Malta, Mbntann. Ho
has been employed at tho l-lttlo Jean
ulna for nbout n yuar utid reconny
hat been making aulte n record re
rn- Yl.l Mill nlmTll II U'llplf into.
lur yum . w.. .. -," -.-.
John Payuo has been liolpln Miua
Mil) field with liljs hay crop wlrlch wob
(julto badly dainaged by tha heuvy
rain of a woea ago.
The flnnnolal troubles of the
Mountain King nilm liavo finally
caused nn almost complete oloso down
ot thut property, only throe men ro-
inninfnir at work ami inuiinor in
Hens are boJn foreclosed in tho eli
cult court at Jaeksouvlllo. The ore
dovolopnimltt nt tho property howovpr
keep Improving,, a strike of the main
cinnabar ledge recently btilng mad
in tho lowor tunnel which IncrdaMs
the njiiittrvnt value of the properly
r fnllr ilnlltlln. . Till! HOW StrlKO lint
eniotiratfixl the nieit who handled,Jto,
formoMlojU'toi now ori "" flp
understood u now rpmpnny li ready
to take over the prajprty and UUt
time tho-comnalli IS OJitllly auie iin-
nclalb-to; Kjjtjioiifli lth thp donl'
H is aptniieu j mrf immuvr ui a
I.oran Ico haa beqn working af tho
I.lttle Jean mluo for the past weolf.
F. W. Onrnahan. Hum Nonber, Krlc
Anderson and Gome Warden Walter
drovo down Kvans creek this woak to
give tho now copper mine tho onoe
Doctor ChUholm, son and Honr
r.. nr f!nl,l lllll ilrnve out to the
" "w i- -... -i
v.i.l.. hrlmrln.- some new .. u ""1 " '"". r,";"i
III. lino ,.:mt -.....- - - Wllin ,mlr if faMlg Uia tue ujimriiu
quicksilver flasks and taMn ouck 9elm t xa,t tlm ball routs. Datay
nimin mind ones from iiif i.imr j-u f"vr r -
mine. Iat Thursday ' f'1 "k op
time It wa found the dav ip'i.ittin:
endalled 61 ppupdv which with mer
cury at' Its pwswu,prl would seem
to pay pretty well
Cliff llazlrwoon iia io n. nun,
Fred Moor.- with In v m ion w'i
J II Uruho and bou uut ud Johu
1.' 1 l,lt. 1,1 Cmh.Iiiii irwirmiiir
I'll'II 11 1"L , - V lyJHimi iiivinj
for Surorarfwhuro he will upend n fow
iIukmI vnenlion.
I'. . Tin pin and iumily of Mod
rilMPtfil Muiiday iVjIh Mn. Turpin'n
liWWrV.BJru,tl Mw.Kumnora.
Mum Audio. llnhiiuMwaa tho gueat
if Phoenix rolntivea tuid l'ricndK Inst
The tmid mnfilbrv iiirnio of the
l'W MelhiidiHt idiiirch will lie hold
in huxtdmll pink Tucxdnv oveniug. On
Hint oxenmg the ImliuM will furiilsli
(lie lofruidmiunt and iimiiHumenbi
ami a unv time U Kiiurniitevil nil uho
nttend. The nu'inhera of tho oliuroh
lind the Kpaoith Iwiguo nto oxpoolcu
ami urged t ntleml. m
Air. nml in. OiiUh Aiiiu-i Iiiivo now
tiikeo np their ri'kidence in Muilfurvl.
Tljey rilt Ik at homo thero to nil of
their friatuK
Mr..jind Mix. Kriiotit MlliTllh (if
jiwl ii. i. 'OUiiiHillioijt.
,r' -0.WIIi1t"o of'-SiimH Vlliy wiia-n
ImiiiiwKvii'itin' in Cmittitl Point tho
hwtof the wcufe. ,
,..-Mtii. Anun llatajoim-of, AncJioiwo
AJimkii, onjo.voil a vimi H)t' lior jmr.
cjiti Mr. and .Mr. l"liamhiuT8, Imro
;tnr tv few day. Mr, llatiminn loft
for her liw Sunday ovoninjt.
Mr. and Mrs W. R. I'riae, necom
ivuiW by lU(.s Ornee Ujjtnn and
lrr, I'plon, started at ft
I'ctoik Siiturdn cMMiiinr for Crater
I ui,". Thcj wal i" fur n I'ro
peit Siilurdnv ommiuir mid expected
to stmt for tile Ink. i in there e.uly
Siibbitth nuitnliitr.
Jniiii Jlrown mid on 1'iiu' wen in
town n fow Jionrs Sntmiluv. From
hc-ro tiioy drove to (recent City,
lirt tlicv will MHMid the Hiinnnor.
Juliii Cimwron of tlio Talilo Hock
mIiuo onmo in ton iiltoj u load of
stmo aiii'ipllos Sntiirdiiy uftoriioon.
JiiHpor ltuditcr- ot IU'IirIo traua-
licled liil-ilKHS lure till' lunt of I lie
Mr. and Mr Nvimhi ul Mwlfoul
wore iiut-oft(mii biicmU at llio honio
of J. D. Suitre iTi'iMMitly.
, Tim fannerf plenlo glvOtv lioro nt
the tVntml Point -cluinlhoiwo Sntlir
d mih a well uttcmW uml mifOtw
ful nflnir. (luLihcriiiKK of till Ifind
urr highly benetii'int to tlm (torn-
.i tu l.niMiiiur I tin rwiiilitil MlfllMlt t(l-
gethcr iinillosWili'h;n u mnlgnl ro
iHtiorn!!!' lM't5(icn llieim Iittt la
tuiva inori' iP tliwn.
t'lai-eni-i. I,irern nml wife and IIisk
lloxe llicavcii left in thu Wee wua'
liimrn ol the eiirtjbabbatU mum tor
I 'nm-Piit Cilv. wtieru Mrn. Ijovorn mid
Midi. Chpovi'iH will enjoy a, abort vn-
oation. '
Frail 1 f i.i.IirTn i'ii mo down frcim
Tnlent one iliiflat week to Jniul
few happy liaimf with in jwircuin
lei. I
1. R. Oloa-mrouil wife, K. (I. lcn-
ann nnd Mr-. OIouhoii, MIms I.hcIIm
OlrnKon .mil MiiMtor Men in OloaMin
ariwo eiirh Sundnv morning nnd be-
fom it wa yet day crniikeil tnwr
Forda and hturtod on their way to
Jtoaelmrg. Mr. nml Mr. I. It. (lion
aim will conthiuo on tliair wav north
t'nini ItoHeliuiib, while I. It. and fiim
lv will immtHliaioJy liuu nround and
wuiul tlieir wiiyloiuowurd,
v G. V. Agev WMH one of tho out-
pf-tuw(i gueats froju Talent In at-
tominnoe m my juntior inoiuc iikiu
I'mfoHMiir .lidiuwon ul Miglo rmni
wiih uinong tho fnnners ut their piu
nlc the hit ofjpo weuk.
Point mntoied out to Ucuglo Sattir-
dll OM'nillR.
A lnrjso crowd unlheri'il nt the homo
of Mm. Snyilor Sunday, every one
ho'vlna u fine lime, with refreshments
r Inn cri'ilni nnd cllkc.
Percy Chnpinun nml wife of lower
Hiiiii'm Valley woro up in this hcotion
Sunday' isitiiiB rclnllvoH.
Km Chirk and wilo ol i cntrai
Point inolurcil out riunduy.
Frank Do Foul wnt tiding nroiinu
Sunday in thft part.
A niimhor of peoplo frum HciirIo
nnd Sams Valley nttended Hie allow
at t.'ontrol Point TliiirHiltiy. livery
one rojMirlotl a fine ahow.
Tl, ,.n mii it hiririi itldWil oil tho
rivur Sundny, the larpost Hint has
boon lip in Has part iibiiiiiB "
John IliKlimn nml wife woto alum
jiljijj in town one day last week.
- M..ts... I,., .ilil.t wUti lunt lioftl lllllk-
l.llll'll IIHHIU'U, p. ...... -
Inr her grrtndmotller n visit, returned
III uer iiimiii' in inviiii'ni m
Clnrpiioo Chho wna In town ThurH
ilav. hriiuriiiif hnck hi Overliiml wilh
Mr. Diuilnp njiaut Sunday at hny-dor'i.
GKO. W. CIlRnitT Attornoy and
Notary, rtooma 0-10, Jackson Coun
ty nank untitling, ontranco n.
Central, Medford, Ore.
PORTEU J. NHFF -Attornoy at law.
rooms 8 nnd 9, Moiuorn jvationai
Dank nulldlng.
A. R. RTSAMSS, IAV,'TSU tlsrsatti
uorey bluer.
0. M. nODKnTfl Lawyer.
Medford National Bank Balldtag.
collected soniq accounts 11 yean
old, W know how to get ta
woaey. The Bullock MereatrtlW
Agency, fee, Rooms 1, 2. J, KM
ElnB' Dldg., 21R R. Mala at.
Cheap substitutes coat YOU asms price.
FOR SAI.H Uecs. Twenty awnrms,
hives and sopors mostly filled with
section honey. 2.00 per swarm,
quick sale. Ill
FOR SALK 1DM Maxwell. Just or-
ornauioa nuu in uno simpo; roou
tires. Hox U5, Mull Trlbuuo. 110
FOR BALK IJcardlcss barley straw
by stack or load. Also splendid
hog pasture Tor rent. Call 732J2
Onmett-Corcr Bldg.. it !!
Medfora, Ont. Phono SS8.
ColIcctlcBs and Reports
M. F. &. II. Bldg. Offlca Hohw
8130 to 12: 1 to G. rbona 607-R.
Knglneei and Ceatraetor
FRKD N. CUMMINOS tagiaew 4
contractor, 404 H. F. ft II. Bldg.
Surveys,, eatlmatea, Irrlgatlo
drainage, orchard and land 1st-provemeat.
IIohso Mover
Movo Houses, Barns, aaragos, Ma
chinery, Ktc. Phono 488-M. or
488-X. C13 S. Newtown, 811 Dakota.
FOR SAI.l' Parlor sot, cut glass
water sot, manaoiin nuu cuiar. Ad
dress 329 N. Applo. 107
FOR SAM'! Hudson flvo passenger
nillO 111 ROOU COIIUIllUII, I1UW lliuir,
electric lights, cheap. Apply 1207
W. Main strcot. 108
FOR SALE Cream separator Do
Lavcl No. 12, used only short tlmo
good na now. F. W. Mooro, Ash
Isnd, Oro. ' 107
FOR BALH Somo furniture Phono
370-J. 124
FOR SAM: Alfalfa hay cheap.
Phono 310.
roit H.iiiiu MTrrnGK
FOR 8AI.K Cholco litter of thor-
oiiRhbrod Duroo Jorsey pls with
registration papers. Prlco vory
reasonable. Apply to A. H. Case,
Phono 571-R1. 112
Mr. nnd Mrs. Henry Gordon nnd
ftninlv of Klnm'ath county motored
over to oitr town tn viait Mrn. Gor
don'., parent, Mr. nnd lira. Hen hd
PioiiiImiii, arm inn Saturday, mid iu
tiiriKxl linme Tuemlny.
Jlr. and Mr. Jonoa of Los Amtoloa
came 8tiirdn nml vlnilod 1). J. 1'at
lou und K. K. Smith fmnilioa ocr
n w. itniki.r nml family. Miss
l'tta nml Iinrn Stowiut vtaltcil Mr.
Did Mm. Muiol llnumiril nt tno i-ar-kor
rnucli Sunday.'
cIihHuh KdmomlMoii Hinl family
moved to the Knil linker cabin Mon-
FOR SALH Forty Iiorb 12 weighing
about 100 pounds, 20 weighing
about 00 to 75 pounds, balance
wolghing 25 to 40 pounds. Four
milch cows, all first class milkers.
Phone 314-1.. Ill
Mr M.wneifL'er nnd Wlfu nml
daughter Ha'eliUlf Auto woro Iium-
no. caller, at 'Chiipuian a ono ooy
lust wwk.
I'luudv t'hapimill Wit out to sco hia
homo folk hmt.wq.ok.
, i, i, ,ni. tluiiM) ' loiivim for Fort
i.'taiu.iii ludt weak Welti V. C. Chap
man and miii llur, Dull Morrison und
John t'oniui.
Sam Mnwhall llllil witc ol Control
Every Colli Should
Be Considered Serious
Bo say th liost medical authorities.
Unless promptly dwokcU, often they
liad to chronic bronchial ana !'"'
monary trouWca which may prov
It vour cough or cold has not ro-
apoudod to lrinlmni-anu '"'j
medlcliio should n)t be aololy relied
on timely use of Kckman'a Altera
tive may Blve you relief.
Kor moro than twenty years It has
tieon lieneniliiir suflerera from Iheee
dliorders. It Is espoclaljy Indicated
when the system (lomsndN lime, (or
It contains colrlum chlorld eo com
bined as to be easily aeelinlluted by
the averogo person.
Baft) to try because It contains no
harmful or habit-forming drugs or
any sort whatsoever.
At your .lrug8lt;. MtlMMm.
UrKIRltn Mwvrmi.1,1 .."-'---
FOR SALE Horses, nnd grain hay
in tno noia, ono muo nonuuaei ui
Phoenix. B. K. Itcamcs. 106
FOlTsAr,! ACRHAtin
EARL S.'TUMY Qaneral Insurasaa
office, Flro, AutornoDira, Acclue
Mablllly, Plate aiasa, Contrast,
aad Surety Bonds. Excftllent eoM
panles, good local servlee. No.
210 Qaraott-Corey Bldg.
Instraetle in Maaie
piano nnd harmony. Halght Mnslo
Btudlo, 401 Oarnott-Corey Bldg.,
Phono 72.
cleaned up for the bbjbiw Can
on the city garhage wagoaa fa
good aenrlca. Pheae 174-L. F.
Y. Allon.
PliystckiM id BfiTgeoM
MAINB OARLOW Osteopathia
physicians, 410-417 aarnett-Coray
bldg., phone 1030-L. Relda
26 South Laurel at
DR. W. W. HOWARD Oltaopttat
physician, 303 Qarnett-CoMMr
building. Phoaa 136.
FOR BALK Improvod 40-ocro ranch
alfalfa, etc., Addross K. V, II.,
Iloitto 3, box 43, Medford. Ill
FOR BALKA bargain, 6 acros In
(Irnnts Pass, good soil, family
orchard, good buildings, 2 wells,
with windmill and gas engine Mrs.
M. aethlng, Oakland, Ore., Box 00.
',rn asr-n-
WAJyricn prrnATiQNH
WANTHD Lady wants hour or day
-work. Phono 3H-Y. iai)
:- .J.., -u ni
Zemo for Dandruff
flAfr .., nitv .1r.ii. u,A. n l,ntl. nt
wmo 'for lKc or fl.Oii for extra Uro
mil, lTe a dirwlij, for It doe IM
Woik iMWy It k(H the ilaudrulT ganjl,
liourUht (tw hulr rruts ami uumiillatijly
kluiHtjjUhluit mjIp It U suru iiiul safe,
lh noraieai'i Umiv tnrr- and H1 not
Halu tuiin lod uauiiKio urn liflrui
ful u il'y i ,1111111 ukli. Tin- l"-i
tii i. I , ,i . i ' I it ii j.i'i mil
auo utxp,n-
Zvuip, Oit.tlaud,
CraterLake Auto Line
Our Auto tngc is making rogulnv trips to Orator
Lake. I?Quyo Medford at 8:30 a. m. on aroiulay,
AVcdnosdiiy and Friday. Three or more passengers
can go any day for regular round-trip faro, Passen
gers carried to all sidp ponits when atuos aro not
fillod with through passongors. Hound trip to Ora
tor Lako'anU return $1G.5Q; ono way, $8.75. Phone
100 for $t reservations.
WANTKD Two Or thrco passongora
for triji by auto to Newport, oro.,
nbout Aug. 0th. Return In about
two weeks. Phono 02&-J ovonlnRS
wftorT. UP
WANTKD 1000 lbs. of poultry
wooltly; top prices. Warner, wort
luau & (lore. tf.
PR. J. J. EMMENS Phyatclaa aa4
surgaon. rractico uuiioa ej,
ear, nose and throat Eyea aol
tlttrally tested and glanna u
pllod. Oculist and Aurlst for B. P.
R. U. Co. Officca M. F. 4j H. Oa.
bldg., opposite P. O. rhona 67.
DR. R, W. CfANOY Pbyalclaa aa
surgeon t-unncs, qiui au, imi
donco 780, Offlco hours, 10 to
12, 2 to 5.
cian and aurgoon. Office I'ala
block, opposito Nash hotel. Hoar
10 to 12, 1 to 4. Phone 110-J.
rrlntcra an rubJlaber
best equipped printing ofUce 1
southern Oregon; book blading,
loose leaf ledger, billing aystejaa,
etc Tortland price. 27 Norm
Fir st.
WANTED Foathors to rouovato, old
mattresuoB and fepthnr beds mndo
Into sanitary folding farms, For
samples, Phono 190-J, 322 East
12th st. 124
WANTKD Flxturos for etorc. What
have you? O. A. DoVoe.
MONEY TO LOAN Have inonoy to
loan upon city and country prop
erty. Outck sorylco. Money on
liand. Enrl 8. Tumr. 210 Garnott-
Corey Bids, tf
,' n i) i .I1 rts
LOST- Pbcket book, Howard
return to Mall Tribune.
I.OllT llAtwnan Tirnbtinnl find ArIi
land ati auto hlghwn). ladle' gold
watch and chain, Wnltbam Finder
picaso notify James k. unoro,
Prospect, Ore, and rccolvp roward
I havo a 160-acro stock Tanch?
good location; 100 acres In grain,
eopio alfalfa. This place rccontly
sold for 212,000; no incumbrance.
Will trado for good orchard, pnifer
pears, or -would take city proporty,
Would trade oven rr assume some m
cumbranco on orchard proposition,
1U2) West MaJu Street.
STOLEN 24x32 tent night of July
24. Liberal roward for Informa
tion leading to loratlon or recov
ery. W. F. lllddle, It. F. D. 3, 111
i. iC li, i r -
ufiice 43 norm irtaai st. raou"
sis. Prices right. Berrleo guai
Why not buy u homo now while
buying l good?
For instnnce.
Fine six room modorm bungalow
thrco sleeping rooms, pavement paid,
S1700.00 or this other oim very closo
In, pavement about half paid, snmo
number of rooms, $1700.00 or niv
other ono almost as attractlto ut
11500.00 A revhal ot good tlmos
win double the price ot any ona ot.
these places-
We have some fine bios In largo
and Biuull rauches, and' want to tell
you about them. Call ut the olfRo.
Hoon-Cathcart Co.
2o. liarnclt Corey Bids
PhOtVQ 1U7