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Medford Mail
Mutlmuiii Yesterday Hit;
Minimum Today nil,
Kortyitxth Ter.
tlallT Wvnth Yr.
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British Repel Counter-Attacks and
Gain Ground at Pozicres French
Make Progress South of Somme
Italians Capture Monte Clamont
Germans Admit Russians Penetrate
LONDON', July '.'.V The IliitUi
lire holding nil tlio gionnd nitiecl
along the Somme front in northern
France against desperate counlor-nt-tack
hy the Gnnnnns necording to
today's official statement from Lon
ilmi. Tlie gi enter part of the impor
Innt fortified town of Porietes, which
stands on high ground vital to n fur
ther ml vn nee toward llnpnume, is in rtosaefdnn. North of the
town, despite the strong opposition
hy the Hermans ndditionnl ground
Iuin hcen gained.
South of the Somme the Freueh
have made progress, hnth to the
north and Muth of Snyccourl.
At Verdun there are indication of
an operation of importance northeast
of the citadel, h violent bombardment
being reported.
On the Atistro-ltulinii front, Home
announce.! the onpture fiom the Aus
trians of Monte Cinnionl.
The ltorlin official statement ad
mits Uusxian troops have penetrated
Herman first line positions defended
liy Heneral Von Linsingen's troops.
Merlin declares n combined French
and Knglish attack uoith ot' the
Somme broke down.
Itrltish Iteport.
LONDON, July 'Jo.Ilritish tioopi
have captured the greater part of the
village. atUaiUynifc, biijk the JlrjtWh
oifioiul statement, issued tins ititor
iioon. Tho (let man Iroijlit up rein
forcement, of infantry nnd guius hut
the counter-attacks everywhere, the
sfntjimont add, were lepnlsed hy the
Ohiuni Itepoit.
UKHL1N, duly 25 . Hussion troops
succeeded in penetrating the Herman
front on n tainnll part of the front
defended by the troops under coin
uinnd of Oenernl Von Linsiugen, ac
cording to the official statement is
sued by the Herman army headquar
ters staff.
An Knglish and French combined
attack made yesterday north of the
Ilivor Somme in Fiance, says the of
ficial statement issued today bv the
Herman headquarters, Jirnko down.
llwvdnn Heot,
PP.THOOHAI), July 25. Some
'Ifiibslhir detachment, already have
fcHtht)d position, about ten miles
Train 'the Tutkieh fortified town of
HrWlignn,' in Armenia, says the Hus
'Siflll'tlffiofoil sUlcmont given out heie
HQMK, July 25, via London. -Italian
troop., have onptmed Monte
Clroono from the Austrian, as the
official Italian sttitoioent issued to
day. FltMICIl ltCMlt.
PARIS, July 25. On tho south
hnnk of the River Somme e tarda y
evening French troow captured a
bloek of houses soutlmf Kstrcon nnd
drove the Hermans out of trenches
north of Yenuandoviller. say the
French official statement issued this
The firm ItliuoU brigade, which ye
terdji) went on a ten-mile march, lot
almost a third of iu members
tkiotujtfa soldier, tlropptng out for
lift in ttuioaMlHl dud ambulances,
itMiwal its HirH to Lom Springs
Rugular army offVers aorU yes
tenlay's reauUc entirfly to tit so
tne4 eoii4ition of the men.
Tb fact that none of ciajdiiy'N
stragglers wtre returned to the baa
Hlal during the night coin uued oin,
artsy affiowfs tbat moat ot $um
were shirkers raihcr than vietims of
beat and fatigue.
u'AQtitvnTnv i.ii.. nr .
Representatives of three big
American bnnking houses in
formed Acting Seoretnry Polk
today that they were willing to
advance n .:tu00O,OI)O loan de
sired by Cliitm to rehabilitate
the finance of the republic
Their proposal, which is under
stood to hnve the full approval
of the state department, is to
furnish immediately $.1,1)00,0011
urgently needed and the remain
der as desired.
Hands of the Chinese republic
will be accepted as security for
the loan.
-r-r-r 44-
LONDON, July 25. Replying to
questions in the h"lisc o commons,
Loid Robert Cecil, minister of war
trnde,said today that the American
press criticism ot the HritUh black
list wnw based largely on misappre
hension. The act under which the
Ktatutoi" list of American firms was
issued, he said,. was passed last I)o
cemhur and list lefcrring to most
'neutral countries had been publish
ed. Nor weie the provisions of the
act, he added, unduly stringent.
The French law, the minister said,
provided that nil persons of "enemy
nntionjility," wljorevor living, were
etieuiiijs of Frnjtco, und tJia,rit Sfris
illegal t,or V rcncJimcii to ,u.'ul with
111 the (JJritjh y)e, only persons
nnd sliijwn (lieuisejycv liuMHc to
Hioat Dritnin were put on the list
Nefther did Grunt Dritain eek'' hy
these its to interfere with the free
dom of action of neutral nations,
Lord Robert said, it bought only to
secure that Ilritish goods and credit
be not used for support and enrich
ment of those actively assisting
laud's enemies.
If any persons were unjustly in
cluded in the lists, the minister said,
their names would he removed nnd
great eaie would he taken in apply
ing the law to existing contracts, Je
was informed that Hennanv had
taken similar action.
cmur.MirA city. mpv. Jniv 25.
Oenernl Jacinto TreMiio announced
today that he had received oiders
from General CarrauxM to make every
jMMsiblo effort to paeifv and rehab
ilitate northern Mexico. The first
step necessary to comply with thco
orders, he added, is the extermina
tion of Villa and bis bandit and ie
ports from General llatia Ramos, in
active coiuinand ot the command in
northern Ourango, indicate that this
on the crgw of conipletiou.
The dispatches elated that be
cause of" bis recent hard riding
Villa's injured leg gives him great
pain whioli eaitsaa him to en- out fre
quently. No surgeon being avail
able, he has been coerced to lance it
hinwelf several Jimes recently with
crydo knives to alleviate the pain.
General Travino issued a formal
statement denying Amenean reports
that he bad been summoned to Mex
ico City and that either General Luis
Ilerrera or General Luis CahaJlero
had been appointed to supersede aim.
COU'MIUS, X. M.. Juh .V-Joso
Valenziiela. charged with the murder
of Mr. and Mrs. Willium Parker, haa
been lm-ated on the ranch Del Dos
Adolo, tilt unle. northwest of
Casas Orandcs, Mes. This report
rr.ich. l here early today from relia
ble sourees. The Parkers were kilkn)
six weeks ago on the limbic ,
r.iin li in-ill IIj lill.t, N M.
Cleveland Waterworks Under Lake
Erie Scene of Fatality Explosion
Kills Workman Trapped In Tunnel
and Memhers of Two Rescue Par
ties Trying to Save Men Trapped.
CLKVKLAND, O., Jul 25. Twenty-four
men nro dead and nt leant half
a dozon othera are dying h the rc
milt of an explosion of gas In n water
workH tunnel five miles from shore,
underneath Lake IJrle last night, re
cording to a Rtntomeut nmdo by the
police this morning.
HeHeuers working with oxygen hc..
niets hnd at 10: 1R o'clock
eight liodle from the tunnel. No
more have been found ullvo. The to
tal number of hodlea in the morgue In
now ton. Three men rescued by re
lief parties have died In lionpltnln.
Among tho doad Is fiustav C. Van
nuzen, Huporlntondent of waterworkB
construction, who was nt the head of
ono of the relief partlon.
None of .Men Kscact.
The dead include workmen who
were trappod In tho tunnel when gas
exploded and motnbern of two roxcuo
liartles who attempted to navo the
men flrnt trnpped. None of them es
caped, Tho first roecue party con
sisted of seven men. Four of tliom
porlshod and three were savod. The
second resciiqpnrty comprlsod elevon
mon. Six on'hose lost their lives and
flvo esoap'od. The first rescue party
accomplished nothlpg. The second
saved one of t)ie. first relief expedi
tion. Of the eight rescue who got
out nllvo, two died Inter. Tho others
may die. Two men who did not go
Into tltftuiniel weri also OWn'crimo by
third rescue 'pnrty entor
!l .the.
tlinnol and brought out alive (lustav
C. Van' Uuzbri, superintendent , of
waterworks (onstructlon, wild hail
Headed the sWond kollef force. Van
Duzeu later died from Ills nxporlonce.
One body was also brought out by tho
third rescue party. This wns n mem
ber of the socond roscuo crow.
Tragic I'iiIo of Itcscuei's,
Tho tragic fate of tho rosouors In
tho first and socond InstnncoH was
duo to the fact Hint they- worked
without oxygen helmets, which were
unavailable. The third roscuo party
was oaulppod with helmets which
had boon assomhlod, but nearly elevu
hours had elapsed following tho ox
plosion before sufficient equipment to
outfit the third roscuo party was at
hand to permit u descent Into the tun
nel. The cause of the oxploslon has not
yet been ascertained. It Is supposed
that some workman struck a pocket
of gas with a pick or possibly gas
collected n the tunnel and became Ig
nited by an electric spark. Tho tun
ned was equipped with electrically
driven mnohlnory for excavating.
The first Intimation of the disaster
caino when William J. DoUui, look
tender In the air chamber at tho on
trnneo to the tunnel, heard the dull
boom of an explosion This was about
9:80 p m
MJATTLK, Wash., July 26. -The
wilice today were inclined to accept
till deathbed statement of I. Such
iro, the JaMiiese watchman, at a
warehouse raided yesterday in the
eaten or ciiMironami minor, mat ue
shot and killed Police Sergeant John
r. Weediu and erioul injured Po
lice Chauffeur Robert Wiley last
night ia the belief that ibev wore
highwaymen coming to the assistauee
of wen who had been attempting to
enter the buildiug. Indications of nu
attempt to force omii u window we, re
found by the police today. The two
policemen went not iu uniform and it
is believed that Sucbiro, who spoke
little l!ngiih, did not understand the
officers when they made known their
kleutity jut before the shooting be
gan. The police be been unable to
find tin mo men ubo etopped the
nolieauien automobile and. awiettlod
for help, j using the oflicci to at
tempt In Ji -.i j in the Jupaiii - .
Treaty Purchasing Three of Antilles
for $25,000,000 From Denmark for
Use as Naval Base, Sent to Sen
ate for Ratification Treaty Prac
tically Certain of Acceptance.
WASHtNOTOX, July 2.1. Official
announcement was made at the white
house today that negotiations have
practically been completed for the
purchaso of the Danish West Indies
by the United Slates from Denmark
for ?2S,0OO,n00.
A treaty closing the transaction
probably will be signed today and
sent Immediately to the. senate.
Whllu dctafls of tliu.ltr.onty were
not given nut, it Is uiitlefstood that
the United Slates would come Into
complete possession
of tho Islands.
Word has been received
from Den
mark that the treaty Is practloally
cortain of being ratified by the Dan
ish parliament,
Three Isles In (irou(i.
The threo islands of tho Danish
West Indies,. St. Ctolx, St. Thomas,
and St John, lie (Inn cast of Porto
Itlco and their value to the t'nltod
.States Is strategic from a military
point of view. The harbors of St.
Thomas nnd St. Croix nru of first Im
portance to the American navy and
St Thomas, Itself, lies In the lane of
shipping from Kurope to the Panama
eannl. Important Cermau and Eng
lish and French mall companies have
coullng stations there.
The ncquislyou of the- Islands by
tho 1'nlted States has been the sub
ject of uiiscccossrul diplomatic nego
tiations since tho Civil war.
Negotiations lU'guu.
Secretary SQwnrd begun negotia
tions for acquisition of tho islands ill
ilHOri,. because the naval oporitlons
of tho war Imd 'shown tho ileiJtHttity
ot a base In the West Indie. ' A
treat.nwas. made and mtlflud by fion-i
mtark.'but the Unltod States failed 'to
net on It. in propor tlma-nud It lapsed
Ineffectual offorta were made to re
open the negotiations during Presi
dent drain's time. In I'resldont
Itoosevolt's administration Denmark
offered the islands for 15,000,000.
Tho 1'nltcd States senate this time
ratified the treaty, but the Danish
senate defeated it. Dnmnrk's huge
oxpenses since tho lightning of the
war are said to he responsible for
her wltlliiKiK'SR to sell the Islands.
SAX ANTONIO, Texas, July 2.".
Members of the Klghth Illinois negro
regiment involved In the little riot of
last night when the provost guard
shot down three of them, told of
ficers linestlgHtiug the lucldont to
day that they had been goaded into
a display of their resentment by the
series of derogatory remarks mailo
to them by the white soldiers and
civilians, as they passod along the
A thorough Investigation by head
quarters of the Second Illinois brig
ade waa under way today. None of
the injured men in the hospital aie
In a critic il oiidltlou
funeral of Jomos Wliltiionib Itiley,
the Indiana pool, waa held at his
home bore today. The simple ser
vices were attended by relatires and
a fow Intimate frlmitts. The funeral
was private, but the placing of the
body In u vault in Crown Hill ceme
tery hero, was public. Large crowds
aasembled near the vault.
The body was plaead In the vault
pending arrangement for Us final
disposition. The vault was decorated
with flowers of brilliant eelors, which
the poet liked beat. BMHtlful rugs
were spread on the floor. A abort
prayer at the cemetery eonclotled the
send ah ,
'Captain Vauyh of Berkeley Suc
cumbs to Wounds Caused hy An
archist's Dynamite at San Fran
cisco Perfecting Dragnet to Catch
death list In the preparedness paradn
bomb explosion of Saturday, grow
to seven today with the death of
Captain Heubon Vaughn of Berkeley
whose leg was mangled by the scraps
of steel and lead bullets sprayed by
the bomb among the spectators and
participants In tho parade. The con
dition of Mrs. Klngsley Vanl.oo, of
Krestio, ami Pearl Sceiuan was still
considered grave today.
"We are facing one of the nuNt
difficult iiivcstigntinnN in police Iuh
tory, hut eventually the peipetntor
of the bomb outrage will be bioiighl
to justice," no id Captain Duncan
Mathewou, who Iiiih been placed iu
charge of tho special "bomb bureau"
at police hcadtUurtor. lie Iiuh undur
him fifteen selected men from the
detective force. Co-opcruting with
the police are all the count v ami fed
eral official wliixc hithiucfct. i the
upprehciiHiou of lawbreaker. Hut
helping more than anything cImc, iu
the opinion of Captain MntlicMtu, is
the rewind of $1:1,(100 that Iiiih been
offered by the city, the ntnte and ui
dividuul. Xo AitoU Vet .Made.
No ariesls made in San
Francisco yestenlny in connection
with the hiinih o.plnSnn, bpt in
Fresno uu alleged 1. W. W. member,
Osmond Jneohs, wan taken into cus
tody hiHt night. Acuonllnjr to the
)!vr ttfi.r'juiuio, hiKLfldl been over
heard lo h.v of Saturday's, trngudv:
"Mf, a iluuincjil good job., It might
hae hucu hultey." He hn not been
charged with cu,w)lieily jn tlie'af-
""' ii . i i . 'y'
the notice hme in their uswion n
number of thieutening . 1cUmi and
notiCN, ent through the mails he
fore the parade. It i true these, a
well ns the reconstructed bomb which
M'ltttctcd denth in the holiday crowd
nnd through the dcMenptioiia furnish
ed by witncHscN who saw I he bomb
placed on the .Market street corner,
that (lie police hope to find their
first "lead."
An-cM AnairhUts,
Ah Mirt of the police program, nil
anurehiHtie and lovnlutioiiHry grou
in the city aie being pinned under
surveillance, nunc or lost atrial.
Wliile the police investigation are
iu progioos, the funeral of four of
the bomb wctiins were to take place
today. Xo further deaths hnve oc
curred since Saturday, though e
eral of the injured are in a scrum
condition and not expected lo live.
A meeting of the aihiwory commit
tee of 10(1 apHinled to assist the
law and order eoiuiliitlee of the
chamber of commerce in arranging
for a mass meeting has nlso hcen
called for loda. It is planned to
bold the iims mcetiuir Wednemliiy
to give cpic'nn ot the city's in
dignation om-i the hniiili outrage.
XIAV YORK, July M. liolh
deaths and new eaoes inoteused toda
in the epidemic of infantile paralysis.
Dining the twenty-four hours period
ending at 10 a. m. thirty-eight chil
ilren weie killed bv the diseuse und
L'tii olneken.
Sn the beginning ot the epidemic
a month .iu" (here lime been ti 17
death-, unl ID'IH ea-e.
WARIIIN'OTiiN. Jul .'.'i. Jntoi
mation that the I'll, miller eoiupMliv of
Philadelphia ha- atreuged a $30,
UOU.UOU louu at t mt ceut to the gov
eruiuent uf Chile rr milrond devel
nntneut wns n-ceived at the detain
ment of eoiiuiieri e toduv from ('im-
in i i.i I An, I. In II iv fii. ut S.uii iny...
I'resident Wilson has dcflnitelv
decided to remain in Wfiahing-
ton. no milf (4i Iinw In t it eiiiiirrnoa "
in in session, nnd will postpone ""
nolifieiition of liiw reniiiniioilion
until ufler.. udjoiinmicnt. The "
preaident let it be known today "
that he will insist on the ndoo-
tion of the pending child labor
and fedcrnl employoH compen- ""
mi tion hills hy congress during ""
the prcicnt session,
A ciiueut of demoerutic Hpnn
toiN Iiiih been called for tonight
to consider including the child
labor bill in tin ciou' pro
WASHINGTON, July 2.'.. Major
(leuernl Kunstou today reported to
tho war department regarding a dis
turbance created by groups of the
eighth Illinois national guard regi
ment at San Antonio, last night, Iu
wlilnli three of the men wore slightly
wounded by bullets from the rifles
of tho provost guard before order
was restored.
"About rc.'lO p. m. todoy (July 24)
nftor having been pah), about 40 man
of the Klghth Illinois (colored) were
assembled Iu n saloon nunr ha, reser
vation. Throats were mndo to throw
out tho whlto-ftoldierH and its b
lievoll that itoiit! disluilmurii 'oc
curred. Reports came to guard house
to send guards to stop tho distur
bance l'atiol' of ' four or f lvj men
went to the scene nnd tried' to dis
perse the crowd, bill Without unuch
success. I'atrot was Joined by jibout
four ntoro memhera of the guard and
nil trlod to get the men away by
pushing thorn along.
"Otiurd finally had to strike some
men with tho butts of guns. Then
members of the lClghth Illinois bogan
to throw rocks nt guards. Guards
finally flrod several cartridge ut
logs of crowd. Crowd then dis
persed. Officer of day and post com
ninnder arrived on the scene shortly
"Investigation is being made of
tho whole nffnlr, whlph will Im, for
warded later. All perfectly quiet
n jw."
HALTIMOUIC. July Jf.-"Clrouni-stances,
conditions over wblsh we
have no control are keeping Ha In
Ilnltlmore. There Is no onus for
uluriii from any source. At the piopor
time we will get away; there Is a
time fur everything."
Thus did Captain I'aul Koeulg,
(omiiianilHi of the (ieriaau luerobant
hUbmurlne Dutschlaiul, explain his
luescnee. In Hsltlmoie today, when
uhU'iI what Is ilels)IUK his sailing.
KL I'AU, Te., July .V u of
ficial denial of the (vfwri that a large
Villa force was uiurebiug aguiut
'l'orreon was receded today fiom
fleueral Alvaro Obregmi, inioistei of
war, by Andres (Is rem, local Jleu-
a n consul. Couul (laieie hud in
formed Ohregoti thai such a reort
wan itent to the war department ut
Wushiujtton hy fleueral I'eisbiug.
Ohregon's repl -ulf.tuiiti.tud pre
ioiu reMirt ('hiiiiiuhuu I'ltj.
Newswiei Ir.'in .Mimo t ' 1 1 today
staled thui (leiieiul (libiie Uavirti,
foriui r i r oi tbe .inuy of
northern Chihuuhuu, has beeu niade
in-etor general of the euliru eon-
-1 1 1 u t It.U.I li-t IIIIIIV.
Status of Ireland Has Gone From
Bad to Worse Since Revolt
Makeshift Government of Judges
and Military Rule Land Irish In
Parliament to Desert Government.
LONDOX, July or,. Apparently
the status of Ireland linn gone stead
ily from had lo worse ever Miiee the
Sinn Fein rising on Hnster Kmiilny,
for nt present the country h in tho
hands of n temporary nnd makeshift
government 'eompoHoil of a commis
sion of jiulgiN ussi-tcil. hy .Major
(leneiiil Sir John .MiLWel), comman
der of (he Itrilisli fon-o.i in Ireland,
who still is niniutninin'tf niilitarv con
trol over movt of the onlluarv policn
There is ho ylnofoy In the ptnee of
Jlaron Wiuiboine, fotmcr lord Hcu
tciiant of Ireland, nnd iih Premier As
ipiith aniiouneod that the Dublin cas
tle tcm of government wim an ut
ter failure, none is likely to be ap
pointed. The office of Augustine
Hirrcll, ex-chief xcerotnrv for Ire
land, icmiiiiix unfilled and lleihert
Samuel, the head oT the home office,
who has no speeiul knowledge of
Irish affairs, repreamitB the interest
of Ireland id the cabinet ami heforo
the hoitho of commons,
Ciitlcul Stage Hwichccl.
flieat Ilriliiiu fiuiU itself nt one of
the most critisiil stages of the war
again dial meted by wranglingH over
the old piohlcni nnd with npparenlly
no, light abend. . The nntioiialiHt
membort, in tluJi(iue of commona
who uh u juirty thus fur hnve sup
ported the government'! war and
domestic liteiifiiiris.'hrontnn,to shift
Ihciv posliioi! nili( to become mi opt
positliin fmrty. Tlio position of the
natioiihlist. moreover, is niinuiulmis.
llisci'infent in Irelniiil over the gov
ernment's dealinga' with the insurrec
tion bus become so widespiead, ac
cording lo nl wports, that the n.i
tiniialiH hiue lost the eonfidcucc of
their constituent and iirobabh would
be repudiated if they atood for re
election today. The Kuglish news
pa pei of all factions blame the cab
inet for Us management of the InJi
ipiestiuu nnd regret the failure of u
compromise, tho only conspicuous
feature being the Morning Post,
which consistently has demanded tbe
government of Ireland bv n strong
band nnd no home rule.
Itcdninud'ri HpNcli.
i' '
John ItediHoud, leader of the lush
uoiiounltsUi iu hi.fpcoeh Inst night
said; , , i,ti - i
"I will not luutdy wo,ruV njioiil a
breach of faith or tho, yjubilion of a
-olenui agreement, lmt,iI t,WH the
goxerumeut elearlv ti,,i.dfr.fiinil
that thc hnve eutered npun u .'ourse
which is hound to increase 1 risi mis.
piei'in of the good faith of Ilrittsh
stntesineii. To inflame feeling in Iie
biinl would do serious mischiel. to
tboe high imperial interest- which
we are told necessitate a provisional
settlement of this ipiestinn.
"Some tragic fatality seems to dot;
the foottep of this government iu
ull their dealings with Ireland. H
ery step taken by them since the coal
ition wa- I'oimed, uud ospecially since
tbe unfortunate outbreak iu Dublin
bus been lamentable. They have dis
regarded evidence we have tendered
them, end no, having got us to in
duce out icodf to make ,a tremen
dous sur n lue ami to agree to the
temporsrv exclu-ioii of the six Ul-r.ti'1-
eotuiiie-, they thniw tju's agree
incut to the winjls Hinl have taken tho
-iiui meuiis to accentuate ovory
piK-iblc dsuger and difficult in the
lll-ll oltlLltlOll."
DKN VISJt, Colo., July 25.- Tho fu
neral of former United States Sen
ator Thomas JL Patterson, who died,
it In- Iwaoe hare SuiuUy, was to
t.ike place today. Tbe services, in
iiee.oiLiuce with the wishes of tho
deceased, were to be Mliide. Anions
me--ages pf s,Mupith received by
iclutives vu a telegram from Pres
ident WiUou. The slute cupitul waa
to cise at noon, r