Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, July 22, 1916, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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paoe 7:totit
TI battene ill h . Yr Klam
aid full, Jolly, eatcber; rhgtsM
pftetor. For Medford. Heber.
nitdwr; Heibcrts, pitcher. 1'lay
TM aaawmBeemcnt tomorrow fit
2 M p. w. will start a game of Inn.
ball which, wilt open Medford's oyus
mnI which, weather permitting nad
pftirMaf justifying it, will ubtr in
a season f reel hull game.
The Medford fans have already
learned ijjr experience, that Manager
Ilrevard make good his promises,
even at a personal M'nfW, anil the
fart that he ia eionjieUed by the lim
ited accommodations at the Mil park
sod lh large attendance from the
KnIIh to eel aside a limited number
of reserved sonls Ht 75 cents, ia
mr to guarantee tho visitors mm
cwn break Cor good seals Uimm for
financial reasons. As a matter of
fact, thii oxirn oxKmee of putting
I lie k rounds in tlioir iirrfsent firet
i'Ihw. condition, lonulhur with the
iiriii-iml rtxpijiisf of bringing the
Klamath MYiIls Iumih hero, will in all
probability abaorli anv additional
.receipts ho way Inure; lint bis desire
i- li how that good hull cmii lit far
fuhcd here If tits (while will supjtort
If the attendance gives dim niy
.in-nfo-ation, just aa good guinea will
be arranged fur lhe future, and com
lllc box score will lie kept, eo tliHt
I he Iiiiih can heap traelc of the work
ol iln-ir favorites. 'Pin playing Mini
helling averages of the loeal play
er - il ho ihiIiIUIiciI from time to
lime nmt an attempt will lit) made to
lime h regular baseball season here.
Iml it ih no more tliHii full- that Hie
tun- who Iihib lliu HtijoviiiHiit hIioiiIi!
pl-i hcMr tfioir almrr1 of liia ivtHiio,
4i lcnt to lliv xttit of Httfinliiifr
the uNini'H. Dtiii t l"l it lit) aoiil nan in
Unit llic vtailum fiirnialiinl IIiii ina
Jnrits of lliu HtliUMlHiiit. TIiito nri
plfiiU of faiiM horo -IhI'm nil IhmhiI
fr Komi ball. And rwntmiln-r, lliu
(MnI .fitiM will mo onrly
A- for lliu KHiHluy Him( tlicr will
In- iiini' iiiimi on 1'Hnli (wiiii nil tin1
linn-, mnI (Himu of our old IriuniU
ill innkii (Imi fana ii)ii thi'ir iiyua. Miikrlllt ateal Niicoml ln
( In -k with BIihiIv Ninl Iluilv ooviir
fftp llii' -Mnk, Mini miw liow iiiiii'll li'iiil
tlif Iuim riiiinei'a ant on tiniliurt.
Tin-!'' will tin no aooiva HHMlimt tia
on Htin-ui liny, oUlmr. Dmi't take
i mr for ll ooiim Mini mio for
yi.iiivi'lvca, i
You'll mo aluff (hat will Hinkf
llnki'- "'i" laata tik aiiKar Mini
Mull' nikI I'm mil kitH-kin "IVi,"
iiiiii If you ilnn't imhih1 for anv
iiilnr ri'iiiM, lif a rM,l "ImiK hihI
aiw it a ihhI nriiil-wff at tlif firat
Ifffia uihIit Hrcvartl nianaKamitiil.
Hainit liilwanla Iihh hut (wo meal
tiekaN mi 1li (rmiii' ho .
f'inianv MPrri- throtK tril of
th- natural rarrr of that Mate,
(irnrite K. Hm h r" -i-l Ihr
fwllewiMa: roarnianifatiofl from thr
Atfit-rirnn AnlnmaMI association,
nw-tiar prompt art win t mrm
fiflnral aid aa4r tH natfwwal nm
rimAn Mil, nemtij mmoi for I'a
rhCur hiahway ivipror iMaaat :
"Cltnte K. Itooa, aarratary, Tri
HUt flood Kwaila aaaoeteUca, Mad
ford, Or.
-My l)r Mr. Ileoat
MTh wiawtwa; of th fedaral aid
rna4a Mil by I'rtaioVat Woodrvw
Uliaoa, emrtybm a MmtraVatioa of
f7AHH),0O0 fnna Urw fwlral trwaa
iiry, to be NamlaniHtid bv a like
amount from the atatea, idna $10,-
(KJO.OOO lo'be ihI"I on mada in
'"Tba moat popular conc-rt of th
wh aa axpraaaloa that waa
SKW VOIfK. JuU 2J Then- werr
uvrr death in the epidemic of in
fantile naralrnM dunne tha laat
haard !rm kaadroda af maate bftwily.for homd. than at anv time
nf ailMMal la fnramt nu'ivaa an. """"
V-j- n..i ii i- ii- iM.rf.1 lfcltilorl,4ha mnltltailo only bdnc t-
tbr rolaaiaMUy fifed away attar
Uit ffnal nambar of taa eancert atven
ay lbs Medford band at the park ea
TrMay orenlas. Promptly at t o'eloefc
the Medford band aadtr IU abla lead
er, ItetSlnald 0. Itewland, eommoaead
aae of tfas moat deltahlfal entorUtln
mohU that baa boon Klvaa for many
a month, to poaalMy the laraeat and
moil approrlatlT attdloaco of the
Tim well arraaxoil proeram con-
lHlriil many hnAMtlfal and tannfal
iininaera which wore admirably ran-
.A. J,
Um afwnnara for the trnnk line in-
li'rttti' hiahwayx mirmeelina the
different wrta of Iho eonntry aball
wnlmivor to iditain a reentaaa of
the feleral-atalo mom'r for their Ink
Nrtrie of oontiHuaieatioH.
Of eourutt, you nut rimrinrmi thai
tlif I'Hcifie hnthway ia Koaoml to
none in importance to the dtataa
thronah wlifpfa il twaaoa, and natur
ally yon will at tinea nut inU petipuj
in obtaining iart ol thia twinral
atHiti money for your mad, na ila aa
inlilure in ilrjiandefil upon the rer
iHamendalion of a xtali- hiahway de
imrtiaont whieli Ima tba aHirval of
the neeralary of aaricultiire.
"Aflnlil wo atiaaoat thai yon at
once aet into oummnniitalion with the
Iriahway duartmonta of the aevoral
atatew in an affort to Inina; ahont a
logical apiMirtioiiint'iit or part of the
joint fiinda to Ihn Pacific hiahway.
"If you ileaire anv aihliliinial in
fonnatioH, which i ohtainalile from
VhIiIiiIoii, hc hall he pleaHcil to
Hiipply it. Vcrv truly.
"A. fl. ItATl'UKUmi;'
"Kxccutic Chairmini "
laflad whon oncorea were reapondad
to. Tho wnlu, "Hliie IMnuhe," Ma
xwrka "Dorothy," ami ovorture,
"Hrokan Dawn" wore sreat favor
Ifoa. The nolillor aoni? "Keen tlio
Home Plroa ItiirnltiK" (Till tho boys
ooino home) which wan very appro
priate whon o many of our local
hoys aro away at camp, wa tho hit
of the ovunliiK, tho vocal fhorim by
th ''and being atiammtol by many
voeailata ffl the audience. "AtwayR a
favorite. "A I'ortact Day" iiIhvihI hk
a cornet nolo" by Mr Wlbion Walte
broni;ht the artist a flattering oncoro
to which he responded, tho hand pro
viding a filling accompaniment.
A feituro of next wook's concert,
which will take pmco on Tuesday
ovcnlng, will bo tho playing by tho
band of a now work Ly a local com
honor. Tho song uiiilor the title "Tho
Ilattle Cry of irnlvorsal I'onco," Is
by 11. J. McI'Iiho, a well known Ineal
citizen. Mr. Howlnnd has nrrnngoil
the noiig In band form, nnd tho com
position will Im given Its Initial ren
dering on Tueda I'WiiIiik.
TUf llev. AJfrwl A. .1. IIorr hiII be
nwlaWtsj mtev f tilt .Mwlford I'rea
Iiytvriaw i-Iiiiimm en 'lliurwlav evening
by lit 'uiiiiiilUee apHinled liv the
Nmtbeni (ircyoN 1'taali.vler in mm
awn at Cugeiie tl urine; the mt week.
Iter. A- J. AluHtRowery, I). I)., of
I'efUaad, will Oeliver the pnncinl
aiblttMv ol the evenina;. Itev. I ir. J
K llatlic ot I'lmeuu Hilt dehtcr "
cliarmr to the imator. It. NMncir.
mmUriiloi of the l'reiblcr, Mill
MMkl-. KCV )r. KolllllH Will Hid
case Hie new imailr mi iH-linlf ol
the Mid ford MiiiiNtenul unioii All
I in i-burekea in Medfuid bar Incu
invited to Hit slid thu wiv intiicNtni(.'
ami moat linpno-iw scnicc The
liuldlr u lordlulK iiimIciI i:cibud
A miiHlr (MiWIlHliing ioinianv has
been Ihhih lifd In Huh ill) l I'rid
Alton llalght and I'M win Onirics
Itool, to be known tut the Kreil Alton
llalaht,Cv., Miisle I'litdlnbors. 3
ford. ptiLt. We tt IWnoslpn
"CrHtnrlUWo Aiarrti", J 'Blf
Chwrles Itoot and dttdlpajad to Will
0, Mtfe, swl a sof.'"Tbc Valley
of tba ItogHe." by'll. J. MrPhmi.
These (ilscea hIII apiiear In about mho
week and will he followed at one
by four compositions for Ilia piano
by Mr. llalght, "A Memory," "An
IiiiIIhii ItoHiHiice," "I'leadlng." and a
new edition of the popular "Our
Navy March."
"Viilse Seranado," by V. Uarleton
Janes will appear soma time In Au
gust Also a aoui by I'HHtile Town-
send I'lerro and a song by ll. Hopkins
llrvHiit. Ths eompanv Invitee ail mu-
slelans who have wrtltau mnalr In
any form or have vulltsn words
sHllabla to be set to music to present
tho mihsh- or words for the eewpauy's
ouslileriitliin. An arranKlna ami
eopylng depart tin-lit m III he a featuri'
of this ioiiiiHiM
Jfow men, as thoy grip their faor-
Ite cigar or cigarette hihI puff enjoy
Ingly, remember tln-lr first flirtation
with l,ady Nlrollne If thoy could
they would recall how, us a hoy, nnd
possessed In Mime mysterious way of
a iwckaae of cigarettes, they sneaked
back of tho bsiji and Initiated DtnH
selves Into what tjiey hollevwl to bo
the rudiments of a man-n(-the-world's
knowlmlge. If their aeiiualNtanoe with
the weed rame about In this fashion
It Is reasonable to believe that the
elgarette they closely guarded and
smuggled was a Sweet Caporal.
And although porhaps forty years
have passed, ltdy Nicotine never
smiles so sweetly as she did on thut
long ago day.
Demonstrators nro now In the city
snd are explaining bow Xweet Cap
orals, first made In U73, have stood
the lest of time by rvaaon of the high
grade twbarro nnd paper used The
sanitary rouilltloua under which the
cigarettes are manufactured ar also
Why SinnUr. lilt ('ignrn
WIumi I .a (ioudas ore only Ida
sine the ineeption of the dineaa foor
weeks aro. Sne 10. m. veaterday
the ptaame killed thirty-nine childran
'in the five ItornuaJift of Kew York
fity. There ware 1.1." new ensea.
Qaaranllnc rogalationa of Increas
ing stringency, dae to foar of tho
spread of Infantile paralysis, wore
reported toda from a number of
dtlea and town near Mew York.
The Krte railroad, which sorvos
thousands of dommMtera, has sent
out a bulletin to all It station agents
warning them to notify prospective
passengers that children will be
barred from most of tho stations, i
along the linos In Now Jersey nnd
Pennsylvania. ,
A total of 219 caaos of Infantile
pa.alMM aro reported In, Now
Jersey. The cases In Connecticut
nHmbored 69. Xew York City has
106 canon.
The plague took a big stride In
Manhattan, whore thoro were ten
deaths, tho largest numhor yot re
ported. In tho Ilronx alto, the dls-
oaso gained. More there wore Hvo
deaths. A marked lucroaso wns
shown In Hrooklyn, tho seat of the
disease and easos and deaths In the
other two boroughs Indicated that
tho opldemlo, aided by n wave of
high humidity, was becoming more
Cnsos to date total Z.GG2 and
deaths 668.
Hundreds of "quack" dootors,
patent medicine fakirs and "gut rich
quick" schemers are thriving on tho
epidemic, Dr. Oscar M. Loiser, as
sistant director of public health de
clared today.
"Solutions Hint cost from flvo to
ton cont n gallon to prepare aro
being sold for Jl a bottlo," ho as-1
firfml I
Commenting on Iho big Incronso
In the number of dUonscd from tho
diamine, hoaltli Commissioner Ilmor
son Insisted Hint the outlook wns
not diNcournglug, salug Hint Irrugu
lar reports wore to bo expected.
tour indirideaJ power aad rfDoet'i
bilitv mat be reeos)iaeL Ua
ii the court baa onMed free ofTie
'm thit derikm all of the ofTirwla
hm the msH reach by law, ami
n tiew of the fart that thee men
acre found to ha been mere tool
and aabortlinate of the company.
wc anbmit that the plain duty now
devolre upon von to discharge im
mediate! v thoee of roar aretrt ami
emntnye found hi I hi deciniwn to
have been smilty of thene criate
aamint free gnvermBeai, to the ead
that the worker in the omtdoir ef
yonr rowiany mar esereUe their
sovereignty freelr and take that part
in the election of judicial and ad
minlatrative officer which i goar
anteed to them bv the conntitotiow
of Cotorado and the United States.
Yours trnlv,
KAfK I'. VAISir.
Chairman, committee on industrial
Itocknfollcr.; Itcply.
"KimI Hnri.or. Mc Jul- 11 lHn
rk I. Wh. rhsirmaTt. cyvinmit
lee eat sadstMnai reiaHon. SMith-
era hoiMsasu Wa-duatloew. I- "
Ynar Ulw of Jalr 1! ha- it
1 1. .. tm Lir, vdrr I
sa veamnr . amsmer raeation.
mmA the first word which has
j reached ia reeard to the deei-iea
of the uprease eoart of CotolBdo re
ir J . - : l-l t..
My nfriee iaferm me that aa yet
thev have seen onlv newanaper ac-
'eoanta of the dVcisim and at oaee
took ateps to aseertaht the facta.
resaNoa; the receipt of this infor
mation, I can only ear that any of
fene, no matter by wham commit
ted, which eoald have been jnatly
characterised in neh langnage as
yon have onoted, woald be quite as
abhorrent to me as In you. and I am
confident that no aueh conditions aa
yon describe could exist in the
catm of the Colorado Fuel & Iron
Co. under the plan of representation
which wns adopted by joint action of
the company and its emirio.Nc at the
time of inv 'mit to Colorado Int
NEVY YORK. July 22. .Settlement
bf the ftrike and lockout which for
several months has tied up the gar
ment working industry in this city,
was announced today at a meeting
between represeatatlvtw of tha cloak,
snit and skirt manufartnrerV associ
ation and the union.
houis 1evy, attorney for the man
ufaeturcra' association, doclarwl that
every major question at inane hail
been adjusted and that a new areo
ment waa to lie drawn up immediately
whereby the workers will rccoivo
many concession.
The settlement of the strike will
rcliexc iliHorgiinixHtion in the iiuliiH-
trv which lien lmllcil Die miinufiif-tiitf-
of wnmcn'M iipiiril with nation
wide el'leet.
(Contlnuud froin pngo one)
eloc their ojuiiion with thin oniinou
wa ruiug:
"'ITie links in the cliuiim of tyr
a n n v are uxiiallv forgeil ihkIv anil
silently, Momctiinea uuoohciouI,, l
tlie who arc distillled to wcin
The fimlingH of tho court acre1
baaed ii Min the wworu tcatunonv oi '
tlie general niunngor in charge of nil
the Hoebefeller mining iroH)itica in
Colorado, who still retains control
and Ihereliy ymir Hiithority, and
thereby has mitucrntit' eoutrol ovei j
the livea of lliouaaiiila of your work- .
eix ami their dependent. '
I'nlil Ibe iiii'ii h ml women of Col
orado mule to ilestroN the iiliolitlf
dominnlioii wliiih vou nnd ''oni ,
Cbnsidor the Mothers Health
after ihlldblrth by taking-
uccesmiry pre itlllli'iis In'
fnre tlu trying oriiuu,
by uxliig 'Mothcr'j
Frli'iul'' t aslil ini
lure In prcpiirlng
lier for the pit)
Nll'HI CllSllg
"Alothcr's Friend"
for many yenrs lms
lii'i'it the means of gU
In r lief to tliuaniN of
iiiutlicrs. It Is tin cxtrr
iml remedy, with unex
ci'iU'tl iii.tIIm. mnI should In-
In Umi homo if rfrv riitrlant motlwr. llfUl'Ut -ll ll
.mhi fur (n- !"' ii Mull,. i'mI lilrrM fho IlrsUlWUI
lUcuUtur (, l"l I imir AlUnln, On.
Romody fo
Exp oo t ant
Captain I'uili- It Winn mid n
cmiUaa pnrtv will be m Mcdioid mi
Augaat 7-y in couuectiou with the re
ciuitiug eamimign to eulit meu for
sen ice u the Msxican lainler with
OragoH Inwna now there. These
muni will fill vacauciea occasioned
either beeauae onmuiea were not
reeruitnl to full war stieugth whsu
they left or beoau-e of rejeeUona or
liM'bargeM beeauae of mieal e
awinalious or bv the return ot mar
ried men, under a recent order of the
war department. AH told. 1IMH) re
fruits will he needed.
All men are to go to ths border.
The fiiM triiiiilimd i scheduled to
go in a -Imi i tunc In the ineauluue
iiihii will In- ili ill d mill mi i ucted at
t'limp WiHim iiiiiiic, hi t liii'kaaiaa.
Aiilicnliou- mi l.r ili- .Inittly to
tlio VfitMHUuf MirtMiB for enlistment.
htwe you seen
and (;o4) fcfewj wal DOPE
You'll ho xp in the
air if yoa do
Highest iiiullt. Jewelry repairing
diamond setting, watch
Martin J. Rcddy
The Quality Store foi
Keliiiblo Hoods
'!- V MhIii St Medford. Ore
It is with great pleasure wo announce the Medford
Book Store havo become our exclusive representa
tives in Medfcrd for tho Columbia Grafonolas and
Columbia Records. After considerable investigation
before' placing tho agency we bolieve we have repre
sentatives who will always be courteous to our cus
tomers and willing to give all information and ser
vico possible.
Stock, both Grafonolas and Records, will bo car
ried complete, showing each item catalogued by us.
Columbia Records compriso an immense list of titles,
covering every subject, supplemented each month by
a largo number of popular and classic titles.
Wo respectfully solicit your patronago through
Columbia Graphophone Company
'';Now York, N. Y., U. S. A.
V. JaaBBBBmfl laaBBBammaT f M
JhL. JL- jL 3l jL-V 1 j
Medford vs. Klamath Falls
At Medford, SUNDAY, JULY 23
i -i up- i ii . '- ' .ii asMiispswiM.MMM,. i, mmm, ,mmm ,, MmmmMMsawmamsawsssssssmamaiasMasssssMsaisamssssMsssMMaami
The deciding game for the Semi-professionaf Championship of the Pacific Coast
For Medford, Seiberts and Baker For Klam. Falls, Bigbee and Jolly
Admission 50c. Reserved Seats on Sale at Haskins