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Artillery Practice, Tcnt-Pltchlnfj and
Routine Work Leave Mcilforil Boys
Ready for Ocd at Close of Stren
uous Days Tardiness Brinns
Prompt Punishment.
IT. 8TKVWNB, Ore, July 18.
(8aclnl Corrosiiontlonco.) TIio hoo
onil day In enmp linn como to n clono
nftor tlio tnoHt IntormitlnR sorlon of
ovonta yet iindcrtnltnn by tlio sovontli
company In this or nny previous rnmp
or limtrtiotlou. After Mich a ntron
uoiih dny yostcrdny ovory iiihii was In
Ills bunk whon tatoo wn Hounded nt
y o'clock nnd It took no hccoiiiI nd
monition that nil HrIiIb iniiHt bo out
to oxtliiRulnh ovory Kdlnon Mazdn.
Many of tlio men woro In bed ovnn
beforo the bu(?lo ordered thorn thoro.
Thin fi:30 n. in. tIhIiik IiiihIiiohh that
provnlls In nn army ramp iwoiiib to
tnko enro of tlio onrly to bed require
snout without nny further effort on
tho part of tlio squad corpornlH.
Tlio bnrrnokB by noon todny pro
xontud a niuoli rliangod apponranco
hk a rcfliilt of a thorough HrrulililtiK
from front porrh to flooond story dor
mitory, duo to Ihti combined offorlti
of four mon of the company who
were Into nt falling In for rotroat
ycHtnnlny ovmiliiR, and iih a conse
quence Rpout todny drlllliiK with mop
xtlrkft limtond or BprliiKflold rlfloH
nnd 10-lnoh kuiir. Punctuality and
obodlnuco to ordor Ih oxneted oven
to hucIi minor matters an fallliiK In
for roll call, iih thono four young men
can totally. It would not bo proper
to publicly dlflcloxo who tliono adopt
with tlio mop Ktlrk nro, but If tlio
fond molhorH of Privates I'urdln,
Allnkler, (loblo nnd Welch nhould
need nny ntwlHtimro of like nature
about tlio fnmlly quiirtom they could
enquire through tliu propor military
A it I liny )i ills
Artillery drill todny wnn on lint
tery Low Is, ono of tho 10-lnoh bat
terloH located on the ImukM of tho
Columbia. Iimtoad of theorotlcnlly
rIiiUIiik tho ocean linen iih was 1I0110
ycHterdny, dun Pointer Hill contented
hliiiKolf with taking pot rIioIh at
whole flockH of flBhliiB hontH Inno
cently uitKiiRed In Kill nt'i'titliiK wl
inon out In tho river. Tho tldo w-ntt
comliiK In this mornliiK mid with It
tlio schools of famous Columbln rlvor
Halmon. The rlvor trim lltomlly cov
ered with tlioutmtnln of motor flub
boats, which hnvo In tho jwnt few
tnrs completely roplncml tho old
hI1o cut hontH with tho sIiikI,. hhII.
very ImpoMnK Rluht on tho rlvor
todn, nt lonst to a Hokuo rlvor land
lubber, wnR tho mnJoRtlc Htwunor
(Irunt Northern laxlly droppliiK down
Ktroum, KrlHco bound. Tho rnllR woro
llnel with pniwoiiKer. who npponred
to bo much InloroHted nt tho hIkIiI of
the IIk dlwippenrliiK kuiih roIiir In
to hurjory for an liiHtant and then re
ceding nH quickly out of view. Thoro
Is nothing from oawir( to Indicate
the location of tho ImttorloH oven nt
n dlRtanco of a fow hundred nrd.
the cunciMilment has been no clover!)
arranged. It Im not difficult to un
demtaud why tho Krontont dreud
UHUKhtH or hnttto orulmim ongHod In
the pitwnut ICiiropimn conflict Iihvh
been unable to oopo with tho oppo
Iiik land uattarlmi, Indloatlnic that tho
forolKii powont hnvo an olttvorly con
coal wl tliolr eonRt defeuiMi
Oivkoii Im SIkIiUmI
Tho battltwhlp Ornmi uh hIim
picked up through tho hlrrb iMiwtrml
(eiHic4)pii prDtewlliig up tli eoiit
with tho CHlirornlH naval mllltlu on
board enrnuU to AlMska for thtt tum
nifr milte.
The program for tht day hmIhiiwI
the Hf(frHo to th Till etHttiHtuy for
tint pitching practle. (toe only eom
lHin t Htttuitptlni tills future of
iiiIIKmi) ImtruetloH, ami In fuel tho
III t tlm It but Immii iIuhh at nuy
rml rtlllr mw. It wit a moat
lutrMlltt dlvemlou fioui the iijiutU
right and Uft evolution that Ue
! worn threadbare and oo initio n
plwae Ih month of armor) drill. It
apiMuanll) npiMared Nt wiually Intar-
Mtting to tho oibtir mimpaiilM, alnce
lUw auaiMMdH! drill t WMtrh tht
Mod lord company go luto CNiup lu
fltld cHtupaigH aiyltt.
Ttia eoHtMMgy pr4NMld Ut tit
large pamdv ground Ih hvy warch
lug ordar, and at command lu thir
ty threa ImuU. or "ahaltar halvva,"
were In a few wluutva aUndtng Id a
Iuuk roM lu military preaUlsH. Wda
made, and the company ready tw turu
In. Bach man carries one half ot a
tent. It beiHg uaed ordinarily aa the
covering for tun blanket rwll which
Is wung over the Wt ahouider.
W'ropiwd tualde the uhtnkel roll are
the U teut nliyi and Jointed uol
At jn command "ptLh teuia." the
ro'lU" ace quickl) opeueS, to halvea
Ninety Underground Fortifications
Taken in Drive Yesterday Ger
mans Make No Attempt to Follow
Up Smash at Verdun, Due to In
creaslnu Difficulty Concentration.
tl'AltlB, July 21. Tho resumption
of tho liattlo of tho Boninio In tho
Pronch noetor linn Rreatly onhnnced
tho Kouoral confldonco In tho situa
tion. The protracted halt of oporn
tloim on i ii ore than a minor ncalo
was boKlnnliiK to mako tho public
four that the first results would hnvo
uo morrow, nnd that nH lu tho enso
of tho CliumpnKuo offensive a yonr
ago, there might ho a rovomlon to
tho old trench warfare Yostcrdny's
bullotiiiH effectually removed tills Im
pression. 'jiIiiio libyilntli.
A particularly fluo ploco of work
from tho French point of view, waH
nccompllRhed In tho now Hector at
tacked south of tho rlvor. lCnst of
tho old French front, which ran from
tho east of llerbovlllo to lyilf way
between that village and tho Koii-
qiioHcort-VcnnnndovlllorR rond, tho
(lermatiR hml coiiHtructed, by inonths
of pntleut toll, anil iinderRround
fortlflriitloiiM lu n star limped wood,
very doep with two Horlo of under
ground Rholters, lu which tho soldloiH
lay snug, during tho hottoet honi-
Tho (lorniniiH bore, nn In tho llnr-
lenux nnd Hoyecourt region, whore
tliolr positions formod nn Intricate
nuiro of trenchoR, offered a Hlouter
roslslanco than olnowhoro on tho long
line of attack. Hut the French
IroopR carefully propnrod for tliolr
work, and Hklllfully led, not only won
through ovorywhero, hut hold on to
tliolr gain nnd worn preparing liiHt
night to attempt still further to ex
tend them. ,
It now dovulo tnnt yoslordnj'n
effort wan duo Hovoral dnyn ago, hut
tho arttllury preparation wan ilclux-d
by heavy weather. Tho French com
mnuder'a report la that tho prelimi
nary bombardment wan ho effective,
that tho lowteR of the nttnckem wero
comparatively light.
(t'eiiuiiii lllftlcultleH,
Contrary to oxpeclatloim, tho (er
iiiniiH have made no Httempt. to fol
low up tho smashing blow delivered
against the northern Verdun defomttw
a woek ago. Tho French counter at
tacki, according to tho official ac
counts, nro gradually winning hark
tho ground gained by the (lermniiH
nl heavy cost In the vlclult) of Tlilnu
inont nnd Finery. Thin InactlvlM on
tho purl of tho Crown Prince Ih lu
terprotutod by FronnJi mllltar) opln
Ion nn evidence that the (IcriuuiiH are
finding Increasing difficult) lu con
ceutratliiK troops at one point on the
front. The French officers sa that
each freeh aaeniilt on Verdun Ih re
quiring longer mid longer IIiiih to
pntMro Thoy olalm that the Car
man look no letw than IS dny In
preparation! for tho attack of .Mil)
Wilbur Mnon, known In thin sec
tion nn John Austin Hooper, wan
sentenced July 12, nt Joplln Mo., to
servo ten yearn lu tho penitentiary
for killing l.ouli Wells, a ipeclnl po
licomnn. Iloopor, who wan out on pnrolo
from San Quotum prison, whore ho
hud boon given a life lenience, was
wanted for tho robbory of a postofflco
for rifling the Itogne Itlvor hank,
ror holding up an lutoriirban train,
for robbing a hardware store nt limit
ing bin oRCitpo from tho (Irants Pass
Jail a yonr ago, after ho had locked
up tho aherlff.
Iloopor, or Mason, offorod nn bin
dufenco lu bin latest crime, tho story
that Im did not know his victim was
a policeman, but thought he was a
tramp nttomptlng to hold him up.
Tho prlsonor In a sort of Jokyl
llydo porson. On ono side ho Is a
crook, who has spent most of IiIb life,
since 18 yonrs of ngo In prison. On
tho other hand, ho In a polished
goiitlomnti, who moves In good Ro
ddy, hnndRomo, nnd well droftned,
bookish nnd having In bin prison cell
Dr. Klllot'H flvo-foot shelf of cIiihrIch.
Ho Is nn authority on Omar Khny
yhni. Dr. Joliniou and tho theories of
iWwIn, lluxioy nnd their like.
lie hue homostonilcd In Oregon, lie
has llwid In most of tlio Rtalon In' tho
union mid (ins worked ns engineer,
nloro dork, bookkeoper, ranchman
railroad hand nnd numerous other
Ho In rognrdod by Chlof IlltUoii
nnd other police officials of .Southern
Oregon nn tho smoothest crook, who
has uvor oporntod In this section.
8. S. Smith loft Friday afternoon
to attend tho meeting of republican
campaign and executive committees
In Portland Snturday. From Portland
ho will go to Aberdeen, Wash., where
ho will Join Mrs Smith who Ih tho
guest of her daughter nnd husband,
Mr; nnd Mrs llenumnut I)I,osh.
lu place, plus driven, gu) ropes at
tached, iMiurhne and blanket apread
Inside, and a complete shelter provid
ed for the entire eompaii), In pa I is.
Teut I'iteliliiK I'nulln'd
The thirty-three tents wen pled the
eiitlio length of the large parade
ground. After all tenia wore erected
and the occupants standing nt atten
tion lu front of their reapeethe cn
vmi abode. Hie officers inspected the
entire row and awarded the first
prli for neatueaa and precision to
Privates Welch and Mlnkler, the
"ouukles" of the heat ereetmi tent.
Privates Seamen and Jackson carried
off the secoud prise.
The prattles proved o hilerostlBg
that a geurMl requeat waa made IhfU
the cumpau) le perilttwl Hgalu (e
pitch their sbelloi kahes tteteie
hieaklug eamp.
This eienlng lh Imud gave a ten
eert In fioui of the bar rusk, which
ever) ouo attended The coast artil
lery band is a splendid urgsHlutieu
and does much to vultwu the ratMp
and take aw a) the drurtgerj of drill.
Tomorro eveutng the Hevenlh
com pan) puts oh the guard mount,
the eae ceremou) that the entire
eamp turn out to lw and criticise
or commend, a the leaulls desene
In consequence every man had out
his drill tactics tonight and the
squad leaders were putting their men
through their guard mount sprouts
The greatest ambition ef ever) com
pany and every mau in It is to have it
said that his company excelled in
guard mount cerenioale.
Tells in Following Letter How
She Was Restored to Health
by Lydia E. Pinkhnm'a
l Vegetable Compound.
Milwaukee, Wis. "Iloforo taking
Lydln E. Pinkham'n Vefc-lnblo Com
pound 1 wan n phy
sical wreck. I had
been Rolnf to n doc
tor forsovorul yenrs
hut ho did mo no
Reed. A friend told
me nboul l.ydia E.
I'inkhnin'n Vvgotn
ble ComjK)iind, so I
decided to give it
me relief f nun benr
ItiK down pnlnn
which had been no bad that I would hnvo
to lie down. I nlso used tho Snnntivo
Wnsh nnd It bus done mo n Rrent dcnl of
KiKxI.nnd I nm not troubled with nivcnk-
noes any mom." Mrs. P. L. Umix,
W llooth Streot,, Milwnukoo, Wis.
Tlio most Rucceeful remwly for wo
tnnn's Ilia in Lydln E. rinVhnm'a Vege
talde Comjwund. It bns Htmxl Uio tt
for forty yearn, which would bo imnos
Iblo if It did not hnvo genuine merit
lo r Hppclnl nilvlce, froo, wrlto
to Lydlu K. l'liilflmm Iodlelno
Co. (ooiilhleiitlnl) Lynn, Jlnns.
Your lottor will ho opened, rond
nnd answered Ityrt wonuui, and
liolil lu Htrlut coutlduucc
Wliy Huuk Hit CiHtxrn
When la QondM are ouly He
Send us our mail orders de
ceived mall orders from Mtuot, Ne
vada, for little ilea alarm clock 1
guess that Is putting Medford on the
map ay a mail order town We have
the lajtet etock or clocks in South
eru Oictttti.
Martin J. Reddy
The Jeweler,
lloilto of Oiinllty.
til Bsst Xttln Street, Uedford
N'Uliorp AlMy Welcome
Any doubt AlhlcJ. may have
lingered In tho mlnita of tho fans nn
to the clnsH of ball they will see Sun
day was wiped out when tho nows
wbh mado public Hint "Chick" Dnkor
would hnndlo tho receiving end for
.Medford. "Chlok" nnd Selborts make
it bnttory III keeping with tho rest
of Uio Inflold nnd Hob can ho relied
upon to provldo nn outftold that will,
mako a balanced team. r
Tho Increaso In tho price of n
limited number of scats la rendered i
necoesary on account of tho hcnvyl
oxponso of gottlng tho Klamath Fails
team hero, ns woll iih to assure tho
exceptionally lnrgo bunch of rooters
from tho Falls Hint thoy will bo Hiiro
of seats. The capacity of tho grounds
Ih ho limited thai these stopg nro un
avoidable, nlthoiih thoy nro not In
tended ns a precedent.
From all indications, tho ganio will
not only bo of absorbing Intorost to
local fans, but will also bo well worth
the co:.t of admission to tho ' non
pnrtlsniiH "
Mnnngcr Brevard has a staff at
work on tho grounds and everything
points to n real hall game. If there
In nny baseball enthusiasm In Med
ford, n fow of tho fans oupht to fore
go tliolr dally fishing trip or Joy
rldo, and "play tho gnmo," ns n tenm
capable of playing good bull ngnlnst
a good team, cannot bo kept going on
tho ordinary rccolpts whon everyone,
who owns a car has gone to Calif
ornia. '
Aulolstx Attention! ! !
Tnko your Sundny dlnnor at tho
Hotol Austin, Ashlnnd (formerly
Hotel Oregon) Tnblo do Hoto 75
cents. Excellent musical pro
gram 101
Worn with or without ti pin
15c ca. 6 for 90c. $1.75 (lie dot.
Medford vs. Klamath Falls
The deciding game for the semi-professional
championship of the Pacific Coast
For Medford-Seiberts and Baker
For Klam. Falls-Bigbee and Jolly
Admission 50c. Reserved Scats on Sale at Haskins
lasiois ii r.oa,aM jmcuws
TTheWbman's Store
3 A( 4ff
VJ Jt tuf Ju
Sensational Clearance
Ready-to-Wear Departm't
Woiiifn's llousi' Drt'sscs,
Silk Waists, Wash Divas
on and Coats sold up to $8
cat'li, flcip'auce' Q8tf
salt' cat'li vOj
$20.00 .Suits now $0.98
$10.00 Suits, now .$10.9S
$10.00 Skirts now .$7.50
$(i.0() Skirts now. . $l.50
$5.00 Skirls now $3.75
Women's and Children's
Waists and Middies, some
sold as liifdi as $-1.00,
slightly mussed, 4C
this sale
Women's IVttieoats nntl
Child ren'h Wash Dresses.
values up to $1.00, clear
ance sale price
TTheWomarfs Store
Sensational Sale
Wash Goods
Flowered Crepes, new de
signs, worth 12Vi2C, Op
clearance price yard ...0t
1000 yards of Fancy Klax
ons, Lawns and Dimities,
real values up to ' -JOli
20c. this sale. vard.. J-2
I'lessie Crepe in White,
for underwear, worth 20c,
sale price.
a yard
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1000 yards of odd pieces
of "Wash Goods in Gaber
dines, Voils, Poplins and
fancy weaves, all good
colors, sold regular up to
'.)rn clearance sale 1 ()
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ft i l
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M m ' 1 J
Wash Skirls
In all materials, in all pricos.
Additional models .just arrived
make our assortment more
complete than ever. Every
new feature in style and fab
ric is represent cd Prices
( $1.48 im to 5
White Gloves
Special Sale
of Japanese Goods
New stock of Japanese
Cloths at special prices,
napkins to match.
ISxIS now 98
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mutch, dor.
.Japanese Table Runners,
new patterns, at
19, 25 and 35
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stripes, special, 9
a yard lt
Japanese Baskets,
9SS $1.25 and $1.98 ea
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Lisle and Chamo
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(Moves, 2
clasp, very CAp
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ser's, very flOp
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Gloves ..
New Colonial Draperies
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special Saturday,
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