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Maximum Ycstcnh
Minimum Today no. s
Forty-sixth Yr,
Pnllv Kirvpnlh Year.
Russian Forces Penetrate a Day's
March Into Hungary and Threat
ening Austrian Rear Artillery
Duel on Rlna Front and Along
Stoklioil Germans Claim Offens
ive Ayninst Hlndcnhtirg Repulsed
LONDON, July 10.- Tho Htmsiniis
liuvo crossed tlio Carpathians ntul
lmvt' iinutratuil n day' march into
Hungary, according to a dispatch to
tlio Star from Pctrogrud.
Tlio dispatch says tin1 HuKsinns
aro thrciiltmiug Hit' Austrian roar in
tlio mountains.
Tlio udvnuee in being made, ne
roriliiifc to till information, lv tho
unities of General I.eticliitxky, which
n lo again on tho more after an in
turvnl of ipiiot.
Infantry Advancing
PKTUOGHAl), July 10. KtiHsiHii
infantry in Gnlicia in udvuncinir to
waul tlio passe of tin- Carpathian!
which I (Mill is into Hungary. Further
north in tlio innrwh region, the offi
cial stnleuietil of loilay wivs, an at
tempt of Austin-Geminii forces to
take tlio offensive was .broken. In
tho ('iiiiohkii tlio Itiisnhma have
made fuithor udvunco. Tlio uu
noiini'uiai'nt follows;
"On tlio Kign front nrtillorv on
gugomonln continue. At Lnko Mind
r.Ial our infantry and lake flotilla, mi
liar Lieut onant Olschi'veky, mndo a
mtipriHo attack on tlio German in
jUi'!"Kl't. llirowlujr them into eoni
iilote panic. Kncmy airmen mani
fested jtront anxiety from the region
south uf tlio Dvinn to the Pinsk
inn mho.
"On tlio Rlokhod there wan nitil
lory fighting at ntMiiy phiec-.
Floods (,'ilpplo A lint rla us
"Wo tepulsod hy our nrtillorv lire
hii attempt on tlio )Mirt uf the eiiem.
to take -the uffvtiHivo foitli of the
marsh. Owinir to tlio heavy raius tlio
Dnoister lia risen almost 2.." mo
tow, destroying Austrian bridges,
buttresses ami forrv boat.
"On our loft flank in the region
of the river Hlack ami White
TeherowHwohe, southwest of Kuty,
our infantry in advancing lownidi.
tlio mountain defiles.
"In the Caucasus im our right wing
in tint ivgioti of Djivixlik, south of
Trehixond ami llaihurt, ami west of
Itaibnrt, we maiie considerable ud
vamcos everywhere, dislodging tlio
Turkish roar guard. Iu recent day
iHir column have captured 8."t Turk
ah officer, mora than 1'JlMl men.
ono heavy gttu ami five machine
fit us."
' Ccrimins Claim ItepuWo
1IF.KLIN, July 10. Tho Kus-iuii..
navo boon strongly roiuforcod along
the front south ami southwest ot
Ifilta al tb noKhorn eml nf tli u
aimi liM awl have boon heaulv at
taokinK I'wkl Marshal von Ilimlt'ii
hurg'ri fnraa ther. tho war oltn-o
Hiuiounooa today. Tho axttaultx,
however, all failod, the KuxHiaiik auf
forins iinimnally overe ltMi.
The nffioutl atatouiont ou opr
tioiw on the wawtoni front wiyt:
"Army jroup of lleld Manthal von
llUiuenbiHY: South and southwest of
Hitfa mil' brave rotfiineuta obumm! rt-
uoatoil aUaok by Ruiana, doiiv
erwl with Htromdh to brook down
with oxtruordinorv hfuw Iukok for
the onoiny.
"Armv i:i''iip of I'rint'i Loepidd:
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WABHINOTOM. July 1. Ambaa
sa4or Oerard at Berlin ku advtMd
the tUte department he eooa U1
leave Berlin on a trip to Ua Sen
dlaarUn penlneuU. Offidait f the
department explains t4ay that Ur.
Gerard merely at, aoluu on k vaca
tion with apocial iiutrm tluim and
that no isnltlranre could be attached
to I he trip lie robatl will tUlt
L'OiU Nra and $ed?u.
f ' '
t'llllIl'AUUA CITV, Mox.,
Julv Id A hand of Villiln
" atlaokod a train on tho Mo.xioo "
" Kortliwpatorn railrund noar
"" YhiiIioI, nlioiit fifty niilo vot
of hero, yoxtoidny, in'cordinif to
n report to Gunonil Jaointo ""
f Trovino today. Tlio linndlta 4
woro hcatcii off and cinht of ""
"" them, who woro oaptiirod, woro ""
brought hero today for trial by ""
court ninrlial. ""
" The hand was Hiiid to numlior ""
" loss than a score.
4- "
WASHINGTON', July 10. -The
uiiniHtor fiom Switzerland, Dr. Paul
Witter, todav diouod the proHpuota
of poaco iu Kuropo with Acting Soe-
retary of Stnto Polk. Ho intimated
nftunvaiilK that hia talk had huon
without tnnjjililo roNiiltx.
Tho iuinitor onllud at the atato dc
partuiout primarily to iiHk whethor
thoro was any foundation for vari
ous icportH lecoutlv oiruulnted re
irardiiiK 1'rohident Wilmiii'a dexiro to
oo ponoo ui'KotiatioiiH initiated. It
i umloilooil that lie wiik infonuod
that the attitude of tho American
Kovcrumoul wiih unchunKed.
White IIoiimo officials have let it
he known (hut thev aaw no ovideuito
iu iroKent cvoiiIh thut would maku.
iuimmiIiIii ii iiiiivk in the ilirecliiin ol
'the restoration id pence.
8T. I.Ol'IS, July 19. Tho St.
I.oula and San KraneUco railroad
(Krieco ayittun) wna wild to ropro
vcntatlvoti of the roiul'a bond hnldora
bore today for 115,700,100, JJ00.000
moro than tlio minimum prlco flxod
March 111 by Unltod Statea .IuiIko San
born. Tha aale ondi the roeolvorfehlp, and
(lie road will bo rotumod to tho
gtookholiIoM under a plan reeontly
dpproved by tho Mlasourl public nor
vleo communion. There waa no
contObtlUK bid.
AdilrolnK the International conven
tion of the Loyal Order of Mooio
hero today, Darius A. Ilrown, former
mayor of Kanaaa City, made an ap
peal for u living wage for w onion
"We never can be proud of our clt
Uenaulp until we know that gtrla aro
getting iwough wagea no they can
tight the battle of lite without u tre
mendous handicap," ho declared.
"The Mooae meuiberahlpSU.OOO
now and constantly growlug will be
one of the big factor In the tight for
a living wage for young women."
WASHINGTON, July 10. Hv a
ote of ol to 17, the aenate today
rejected a motion by Senator Oliver
to trike the government armor
ijate aeetion from th nayal frill.
Senator Taggart waa the only demo
crat who supported the motion.
A motion bv Senator Oliver to re
fer the armor plate manufacture
mu -tin t the federal trade comak
sion a voted down 4U to It), witfi
S-iiiii.r New lauds the onl democrtit
ujpurtiuj.' it,
Germans Recapture Part of Delvlllc
Wood and Obtain Footlnn. in Out
skirts of Longucval at Heavy Cost
French Make Proflrcss on Ver
dun Front.
LONDON, July It). Tho (lerinnu.s
have recaptured n portion of l)el
ville Wood and obtained n footing iu
the northern outnkiits of LoiiKitcvnl,
the war office announced today.
The announcement snys;
"The enemy' attack last niKht, the
bcxiuniiiK of which already had been
repotted, was directed against our
new positioni-i eiiHt of llazcntin mI
Iiikc. Very luru Gormnii roinforee
ments had been collected for this at
tack. After an intenao artillery fire
the firwt iiHwinlt wiih delivered in
dense masses at about fisHO o'clock
iu the afternoon. Tho flKlitiiiK con
tinued all night and wua particularly
violent iu DelviUu wood.
"After ttf forinjr very heavy
lnssis. (he encinv succeeded in 10-
cajitiiiing ii portion of Dolville wood
ami also ooiaiueii a ioouiik in ino
northorn outskirts of LoiikuoviiI. Tho
strulo in thcM) nreiiH in still vio
lent. "Hlhowjioro the attack, inliidln(!
throe separate assault) ou Waterlot
fat m, completely broke down under
our fitp.
"On the lenmindor of our front
there were no event of importance."
(Yi'iiuui Official ItojMii t
HKHLIN, July ID. The recapture
hy (lonnnii troops of the village of
Louuoval and of Delvillo wood is
announced today bv the war office.
The statement says:
"Western frent: In the Sommo dis
trict the village of LoiikuovhI and
DcImIIo wooil Hiljoiniiii; wore roeap
t ii red last iiiiclit from the Hritish, af
ter fierce fijshtiiifc I'.v tho .MiigdcliiirK
tweuty-sixlh iiifautrv reiinoiit. In
addition to heavy saiiKuinary losses,
the Hritish lost cinht officers and
JHII men in prisoners and left n eon
sideralde number of machine kiiiim
our hand.
"Kucmy attacks ou our positions
north of Ovillera, and against the
southern edge of l'o.ioros were dis
poivcil hy our ourtaiu of file, and
had not tho NliglitiMt nueeoaa uuy
where. "South of the Kouuiie, Krench looiil
uttHoka failed lo the nuith of Mar
limiix and noar Ilolloy. At other
poinU they wuro cheeked at tho out
net. (In Vonliiu I'oout
PARIS. July It). Tho I'leneh
made sonic progress lust itiuht on tho
Verdun front iu tho course of hand
gieuHile fighling iu the vicinity of
Floury, sayx today's official report.
Artillery actioiim continued euorgut
icHlly in this sector.
A Gorman raid iu the region of
I'hscIioikIhmI, HelKium, was cheeked
by the French fire, as was a raid
north ot the Aisiio near Paez.y,
AIoiik the urea I or pint of the front
the nitiht uii- (iiii't.
LONDON, Julv HI. A Lloyd'a
dntsteb friHii Algiers says the Ital
ian steainship Angelo has been sunk
by a ubuiariue. Tho crow was
The Greek steamship, Kvaugulmtriu
is boljovwl to have boon unk.
The Angelo anilod from WIIuiiiik
ton, llal., June 1, for .SMia, Italy,
reuobiug that wrt ou June 2.1. She
was 330 feet long, of 3oOU tons
The Evangeliatria, XM tous
groan and 'J&l feet long, waa owned
in Syra. bne waa last reported og
her arrival June 0 at Savon, Italy,
from Hm.
STOCKHOLir, July lfc It i r
ported hero the liritua atMM
fcUip Adrnu., -'JJ.i toaa, baa ' bean
captured bv a German de-trover off
Ahiio, SHfdt-ii, while on a o)Hge
tioui r'lulaud,
Airliiliiko CIiui'Icm, iikoiI Ull, lielr
nppiiiviit to tlieouo, KraiulMiii of pivs
eut einpcroi, Ills wife, fiitiuorly 1'i-lu-cuxs
Ha, ilaiiKliler of the Into iluko
of raluia, and thi'lr clilldicu... Ik
low, ImilK'ioo 1'ran. Joseph. Tlio
arrluliiko Is a miu of tlio Into Arch-
4liike Otto and Arcbiliirlic-ss .Mai la-
Jiutcplin and most jvopulur,
OF 113
PAItIS, July 19. Ono of tho moat
striking oplsodes of tho IS rout of
foiiHlvo of tho Sommo was tho tak
ing of a field fort nt Illaoboa and
tho garrison or US man by nine
I'ronoli soldiers. Thu Kronch hud
rostod throughout tho artillery bom
bardmont and the Infantry uharges
had been chocked by uiiirderous mu
chlno gun flro. Ily a lucky chiiuco a
I'ronoli officer dliroverod the precious
Hooret that the terrible bombardment
hud made the fort vulnerable at one
point. Selecting a sesond lieutenant,
two sergeants, a corporal, and four
muii, he led them on hands and knoea
through the long grass to the spot
whom ho knew there was a breach In
the defonses. They reached their ob
jective point without the Uormans
learning of their approach.
Abruptly three of the French offi
cers leaped Into the work sheuting:
"Forward with the bayonet!" and
throwing bombs whleh oxploded In
the dugout. The other six daring
Frenchmen remained behind ready
to retrout If the attempt fallod.
Hut the Germans, taken unawares,
hud uo time to get tliulr weapons
and surrendered almost without a
show of fight. When one of their
number fell, shot ly a revolver fired
point blank by the commaudlug offi
cer, the German, us In all, rame
out of their nhell'Ts and threw up
tlulr I'ands, thi l'n-ucb ussort
L (JUNKY , I ul IU. The Neuste
Nacbrlchteu of Munich says thit It
learus from Berlin that the Oertnn
noatal authorities are compiling
resulatlans and a scale of charges
fur a submarine postal service be
tween Qermauy and America, gov
ernment eorrepondegflft to have pro
educ, No arrangements are being made
for parcel post service, according lo
the uew isjri 'a information.
abLmlgmm. ttlwS1aa
rJgmmBfok x PfSySJf.'JmW
'k lmaOiu"ibu&riSf CQ
m5V?'l!S5?, ' mKSat'XvT'JPT-vijiJ
Ws aaarnvM i!lklT ahbb
rMM' It Wt 1
.ll'LY 19, 1010
LONDON, July 10. "No, wo are
really not worried by the course of
the war," said General William M.
Ilobertson, chief of the Imporlul staff
at army hoadnuarterk In an Inter
view tuday with the Associated I'rosa.
"As to the new offensive, a glance
at the map will tell the story of our
progress. And the happy oxpnwsion
of our mounded soldiers from tho
front reflects the spirit of thu nion.
Do you notion that all published pho
tographs show them smiling or luiigh
lug?" The subject of general specula
tion aa to how loug the war would
last oh used the general to shako his
head and smile.
"That's a question touching human
nature, which means dealing with a
dubious proposition," be said. "None
Is wise Iu Ibis."
Iteferrlng lo the complimentary
references by military experts to the
work of theJilg Hritish guns and the
use of cavalry In the offensive, Sir
William remarked;
"The work ot the guns Interests us
not only because of the organisation
required to produce them, but ou ac
count of the careful trtlnlng wlileit
In necessary before the guns are pro
ficient. hVleuttficaly accurate gun
nery la required In this war probably
aa never lirfore. The necessity of
firlgg over the heads of advancing In
fant r of one's own side makes It so,
and It Ii nrcussaiy that troopa thus
advurxing hsv perfect confidence In
the gunner "
W4BHINUTON. Jul 1 1 - A lever
able report on the Inderal shipping
bill was submitted today by tmPseno
ate commerce committee. Several
Important amendments bare been
aded to the ensure as it wt ' "
housr and it i eti id lo nave the
undivided wipnrt of dtmocratlc rcii
Army Denies Chnrncs of Shortnycs
of nations and Lack of Military
Facilities Handling of Troops
Rctjartletl as Excellent Encamp
ments Found Healthy.
WASHINGTON. July l'J Koporta
from tho army nlohK tho border,
which woro Butliored by tho war de
partment to nnswor congressional
roHolutloiiH of Inquiry na to tho
haudllni; of national KiiardBiiion at
tho moblllzntlon, nil deny cbnrKos of
shortnRos and lack of (military trnns
portntlou fncllltloR.
Department cominaudorfl report
that tho troops loft tholr homo ota
GoiiH with ndoqitnto supplies. Siim
mliiB up tho reports, tho war dopart
munt today Itmuod this stntument:
"Tho war department regards tho
linndtlnK of tho dotalls ot tho move
ment of trooim to tho border as ex
cellent lit ovory respect."
Conditions Snullury. '
Tho department mailo public n
lirollmlunry roport from Dr. Thoman
Darlington of Now York City, who
has boon mnkliiK Inspection of the
national guard's camp nt tho burdor
at tho Intorest of the national olvlo
federation and with tho cousont ot
tho wnr dopartinoiit. Dr. Darling
ton's moHRiiKo told of his Inapoctloii
of tho camps at Fort Ham Houston,
Tex., whoro 11,000 nion aro quar
tered, nud added:
"ItcasHiiro relatives and frlomlH ot
Moldlors. (leuoral medical and sani
tary conditions, roiiRHiirliiK thus far.
No nontiiRloitfl dlsoaRos."
Geuornl dlHtrlbutlon ot ropular
trooT nndnatlbilal gfnr1lHmeiT hlfini;
tho bordor wag auuoiincod todny by
tho war department as follews:
Shu Antonio dlitrlot Uefiiilnrs:
Third and Fourtoonth ouvalry, Third
Field Artillery, Third, Fourth, Ninth,
Nineteenth, Twenty-Sixth, Twenty
eighth nud Thirtieth Infantry.
HUtributloii or 'I'ci Mips.
National (luaril Fldrlda, Mary
land,, Illinois, Kansas, Indiana,
Maine, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebras
ka, New York, New Hampshlro,
Texas, Virginia, Vermont and Wis
consin. Douglus, Ariz, district ItegulRra:
Frst eavnlry, 11th, tlth, llth, Slat,
and 23rd Infantry.
.National guard Arlinun, Coiinoo
tlcut, California, Montana, District
of Columbia, New Jersey, Utah.
HI Paso district Itegulars; Rth,
0th, 8th. 10th, llth, llth and tilth
oavalry;i)th, 7th, 10th, 17th, 30th,
23rd, and 21th Infantry; second bat
talion Fourth Fluid Artlllory.
National (luard MasaaohuselU,
MichlKsu, New Meitfou, Oklahoma,
I'euusylvnula, lthode Island . and
Mouth Carolina.
WAaillNUTON, July IB. Action
on (ireat llrltalii's blacklist of nearly
100 firms doing buslueaa In the
United Htates under the terms of the
Trading with the ICnemy Act, Is be
ing delayed by the atate department,
with the exportation that Ambassa
dor Page ut Loudon will send a re
port At the state department. It
was said there were some intlmationa
that Ureal llrltaln's latest actlou
might bo construed aa unfriendly.
lliltherlo representations In behalf
of Amerlruu firms placed on a black
list hiive rekulted In the removal of
their namoH
WASHINGTON. JuU l'. tain
pa IK ' dan und orv'iiuiutiiiii of the
caiiioaign coinmittec will bo di-ciied
bv Prenident WiUou tomorrow with
Vance llcConnuk, chairman of tha
ilc iii 1,1 lii ii . 1 1 1 1 il mil It i Tile
president u prepuiing to enter ae-
liel upon the litibt tor re election
ii inia ai i illicit-? adji'iiiiis.
NO. 101
Keynote Speech Attacks Militarism
and Preparedness Pronrams of
Both Old Parties Sharp Rivalry
Between Sulzcr and Hanlcy Adher
ents Over Presidency.
ST. 1'AUL, Minn., July IP.-Tlie
ooiiveutioii of thu national prohibition
paily wna culled to order here ut
10:20 this morning with dcli'Kntcu
from prnelieally every stale m nt
lendaueo. Tho arrival of John 1. St.
John of Kansas, tho party') candi
date for president in 1881, evoked
the first outburst of nppluuso hy tho
Mootinrt of rival bodies of dclo
StntoH favoriu- tho nomiuatioii of J.
Frank llaiilov nud William Sulrer for
president preceded the convention
Mosalon, nud iiudor-Hiirfnoo talk of
IS. W. Chufin iih n compromise enn
didute, grew as the bitloruoH of tho
Ilanley-Sulrer contest inerensed.
Koynoto Aildross
Temponiry Chairman Daniel A.
Poling of Hoalon delivered the key
note uddroaa when he nttucked tho
militarism and tho prepiiredness pro
griuua of the democratiu und repub
lican parties and delegates stood up
throughout tho auditorium and
Chairman 1'olintf also nttucked
muiiitioiiH inaniifiu'turerrt und exulted
at tho proposa of the prohibition
and miffriiKC luovementa.
Viiil G. IliiiHhnw of Chicago,
cliairinan of the nationnl oummittco,
culled the convention lo order more
limn iyi Jiuuc.iflur,DJA-tmo tyst by
Uio prognuu uommlltee.
Prayer waa offured lv Samuel D.
I'MhiiII of .Minneapolis, bishop of tho
Upiiicoptil church in Minneapolis.
.Mrs. Francis K. Iteiiuehamp of
Leingtou, Ky., seeretnrv of the nn
lioiiuU oommitteu, rend tlio official
call and Mr. Poling wna Ihon intro
duced aa loinportirv chairman, imme
diately launching into his speech.
Sulor vs. I la nicy
An early morning Sulsor mcctitifr
was the signal for the uiiniiiskini: of
the hntleHea of the Sulxer and Hun
ley forces, and hitter debutes took
place iu hotel lobbies, in which tho
Now Yorker's followers accused
llanley of trying to suixo control of
the party, while aouiu of IInnlc'
adherents accuaed Sulur of accept
ing the aiipport of the liquor inter
eMta iu Ilia cauilidwcy for tho pioluhi
tlou nomination.
Members of the Hanlev nud Kulzcr
opponeiila will msut tonight and tho
New Yorker'a frienda hopo ho will
reaeh St. Paul on an evening: train.
Alonao . Wilson nf t'hicago,
chairman of the llanley dccriu
committee, in eonfident of the nom
ination of the Indiana man. while
Kugene W. t'hnfin, head of the
biMiiu, is more eonservative iu his n---rtixii
that the New Yorker will win.
Dr. Iru L. Ijiiidrith of Nashville,
Tcuii., practically is conceded 1io
mimiiiatioii for the vice-presidency
and i acceptable to all factions.
Chairmanship ConluMod
A three-cornered ooiiteat for tho
IHtruiunont chmniiMiiship may he re
ferred to the I'onu'iitlou hy tho com
mittee on pinmimnt orgauitation.
William K. Kcp.'umiu of Peunivl
vuiiia in tin uiiti organiiUltiou oiindi
date and tin- or jn nidation bus pre
sented Itobetl II. Pntton of Spring
field, III, und Fred F. Whuoler of
Cnlil'iMiiia. The Paltou and Wheeler
lone-, it !. "aid, may unite to de
feat Mr. Pfrgiiton.
I. i ! .i ii . mm
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WASHINGTDN, July 10.A dk
juiteh from General Perbiiif today
aid General (icuiutlen, cuortod by
fiia staft and 10U men, isited 111 in ut
headiiuarici lut night. After nil
pxohune nf courtesies DciieraJ Gou
salos It-it tor MikIiu in inveatigatu
f ompl.'iiiti reyai'diiii,' -i'uni" of thu
Jit .ii -I mueh.
The Amerioau aeroUaus ahtidou
ed wet of DublanJuly 11 ufr beeu
recoed. . . j