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uHivc-Miy or urcfton 3
Medford Mail Tribune
Maximum Yentcrtuiy 70S
Minimum Today 47.
F6rty-slxth Yar.
OrIIv Klevcnth Yr.
Havlnn Captured Whole German
Second Line Souili of Sommc to
Belloy, French Resume Advance to
North British Heavily Engaged
Maintaining Captured Ground.
LONDON', July 0. UnvIiiR rap
t tired the whole Oorman second line
unuth or tho Sommo from the river
to llclloy, the Fronch hove rosumod
operations north of the rlvor nnil
have cleared the Imnk almost to
C'lery. Tlio French, who have es
tablished themselves nt Sormont rnrm
iiIko threaten Clory.
Tho llrlllHh are still heavily en
gaged all alonic their front from Har
derourt to flommocoiirt. Notwith
standing hoavy nerman counter at
tack they have heon ahle to main
tain all the ground gained and ex
tend It at some points.
Artillery Kxociilloit
As the Gorman tronchos nre oc
cupied, evidence accumulator of tho
deadly exocutlon of artillery. In
some canon eighty percent of tho de
fenders wero killed by tho terrific
shelling to which they wnro lubjecteil.
HrltlBh Iobsob vary. Certain forma
tions boliiK called on to attack de
fense where machine nuns remain
ed undamaged suffered heavily.
Othors captured the positions which
had boon set as tholr objecllvo with
very slight losses.
Instead of compelling the Hermans
to losson their efforts at Verdun, the
Anglo-French offensive seems to have
Increased tholr determination, possi
bly In the hopo of preventing the
French from sending rolnforcontonts
to tho Soinme. llrltlrh obsorvers
express satisfaction with the progress
which has beon made. With the
heavy casualties caused by the bom
bardment and the taking of 16,000
prisoners and a great quantity of war
mntnflal, together with the losses In-
fllctod In counter attacks, It ts bo
llevod here that the Herman power
of resistance must have been weak
Itiisslnn SurcKwu
Tho ltusulans eontlnuo to record
neooeaos, some of which are of grout
Importance, along their wholo front
from Ulga to the Carpathians. They
have crossed tho railway betwoon
Dolatyn, west of Kolomea and Koro
hiiho, oto of the main lines between
Oallela and Hungary upon which tho
Austrlons depend largely to supply
their armies at Stanlslau and boforo
Tarnapol. This places the army of
(ioneral Von llothmer In a still more
dangerous position and It Is thought
ho may decide to withdraw toward
Lowberg. Herlln confirms report of
, Withdrawal of portion of his lines
'.in me uiiick wtiieiii. v ihmmmu
vlehl and along the Ulga front the
ltusslans also olalm to be making
progress and to have repulsed count
tor attacks. Herman correspondent
axprees the opinion that General Ku
ropatkln Is preparing an offensive In
the Vllna region. I
IliltMi War Itepoit
LONDON, July 0 Near Thiepvnl
(oh the Homme front) we made u fur
llit'r lght advance and cutturl a
iimuhor of prisoners, the war on ice
Announced today.
"South of I." Hne rnnal, after
the dichiirge f K"a id smoke, 'e
niude wiine -ucee Inl raiiU into the
cnonnV lr-t line. In line of thec
(Continued on page two.)
The tropical hurricane which swept
the gulf coast yesterday and last
night passed Inland over southern
Mississippi with much decreased U
mmU) tola morning, according e
i wMtfcer bureau bulletin Issued at
:ie s. m. l'snsacola, MoMlg and
dVr poinU on the Alabama and
west Florida coasts still were cut oft
from comuntration and no informa
tion available as to the damage
rougbt h the lnd hlch at times
Tea bed a Yi'louD of M UiUt au
bom .
LONDON, July 0. A violent
earthquake tit ('iiltiiiiitettii,
Sicily, cntt-ed tip deaths of
nearly 110(1 person, it is report-
ed in tin fcxrhange Telegraph
(lipiilcli from Hume. It is Miid "
the vietimi wore in three sulphur
miniM which the eiutli shook
enured to envo in. Cnltnnis-
sella, capital of tho Sicilian
province of that name, hits ittoie
tltnit :i().lini) inhabitant.
.PKTHOOIUf). July C An official
communication Issued last night
"On tho wostorn front In tho ro
glon of- Vulknh-Clalotulsknl, a mas
slvo onomy formation dellvorod
counter attacks, but wore ropulsod.
"During a hostllo counter attack
against the village of Kostlukkovka,
we took two officers and SKtS.inon
"According to a roport Just ro
celved, the onomy, oponitlng in the
(region, on tho right bank of tho
Dnolslor was overwhelmed and put
to flight. In this action wo seized
part of the enemy's organized posi
tion wosf of the line Kssnkof
.Ilduttcheff and mado some hundred
"Half-way on tho railway lino
from Delatyn to Korosmezo we cap
turod Ue village of Mlkoupchliie.
"In several sectors of the left wing
or the Ulga front we penetrated the
first Hue of enemy trenches and cap
tured prisoners and many guns.
Further nerman attacks were re
"North and southeast of Ilarno
vlchl the fighting routlntios. One of
our divisions took S7 officers and
1000 men prisoner.
fYostorday a hostile aeroplane
droppod bombs on Minsk, wounding
threo men, seven women and two
"Caucasus front; Our element! ad
vanced In the upper Tchoruk region,
took prisoners and captured a great
quantity of rifles, cartridges and
bombs and tents."
LONDON', July 6. There has been
a revival of Herman submarine ac
tivity during the last few days. Thre
llritlsh fishing boats have been sunk
In theiN'orth sea. All the crews were
allowed to leave In boats except In
the case of one on which the skipper
was killed and two of the crew
wounded by shots. It Is officially
announced that a llritlsh mine sweep,
or was hit and damaged by a torpedo
In the Norfh sea.
A report from Chrisllanla says that
a German submarine yesterday at
tacked the Norwegian steamer I'e
rtonelle off Karsund, the submarine
firing three shots, without, however,
damaging the steamer.
VANrorVKK, II. P.. July fl The
fire which swept over the buine
seelion of the town of Asberoft lat
night caurd damage amounting to
ha I J a million dollars, t'ullv inured.
Chinutown wu altogether wiped out,
and among other building lost were
two bunk- end Uu hotel. The of
fice of the Journal, a weekly paper,
w;i -uftl. Willi yreul ilif'!'iriilt the
limif i-r-iiit: tiif Th'iiii'-"ii ruer
t"H at, I tin l .1 1 ibii'i 1I1I H 1 -1,11,,
A r ' . . 1 1 1 . , 1 i -
Bodies of Nine Americans Slain at
Carrizal Exhumed From Common
Grave Arrive at El Paso, Where
They Are Given Military Escort
Adair's Remains Among Them.
Kli PASO, Texas, July 0. Tho
bailies of Captain Cunrlos T. Hovd,
Lieutenant Henry Adair and. seven
troopers of tho Tenth cavalry, killed
at Carrizal, were brought to Kl Paso
today at S:80 a. in. Only the bodies
of the two officers nnd Private Do
wltt Hucker have boon identified.
Klght of the Americans worn ex
humed from n single grave, the un
dertakers who brought back the
bodies said.
The dead had been gathered from
the field of battle and east Into a
ditch. This was then filled up. Cap
tain lloyd, hletitonaut Adair and six
troopers, stripped of their uniforms,
wore mixed ludlscrlmlnatoly In tho
The body of the ninth trooper was
located two miles distant from the
othors. He had boon wounded nud
apparently had dragged himself away
to din in the gravelly waste beyond
the town.
Kvciit t'unotkvtl
Scones In sharp contrast to thono
of n week ago when the Carrizal
prisoners were brought from Chihua
hua City and turned over to Ceneral
(loorge Hell, Jr., marked tho return
of the Amorlcaii dead. In Jtiaros
the event was scarcoly noticed, while
In Kl I'aso only u few hundred per
sons, quiet and siibduod, replaced the
oheorlug throng that greeted tho 23
troopers of the Tenth.
(Senernl Hell had not oxpocted tho
bodies to be delivered so early In
tho morning, and the Klghth ouvalry,
which had been detailed from Kort
Illlss to act ns an oscort, was not on
hand. An Impromptu guard was
formed, however, from the soldiers
of the Seventh Infantry encamped
near the bridge. Part of these march
ed beside the car while the remain
der stood at attention aa It rolled
off the bridge upon American soil.
Met by Cimilry
Word was Immediately sent to
Fort Illlss and the ICIghth cavalry
was started cityward.
Indifference In Juarex to tho ovnnt
was explainable In the fact that tho
special train bearing the bodies did
not arrive there from Villa Ahumada
until late In the night. Ileforo the
town was woll awako an engine de
tached the car containing the dead
and pushed It to the center of the
International bridge. The Amorlcan
authorities then hitched on an on
glno and completed the transit to tho
Kl Paso side.
Kxamlnation of the bodies showed
tht Captain lloyd was shot through
tho right eye and that Lieutenant
Adalr"s death resulted from a wound
In the breast.
Although the undertaking force
that made the Carrlsal trip was
shown erery courtesy by the Mexl
oun officials, they said the populace
In the vicinity or Villa Ahumada
showed considerable enmity. They
were not hindered In their work,
however, they said.
LONDON. Jul l. It i- understood
(hot the reM.rt that Sir Kdwunl
(irey, the toieigu sec ret si- is to lie
raied to the eerage 1- correct aud
tliat iu tact he iilnadv hut ueeepted
such un offer. A baronetcy of the
I'uited Kinuilt'in )nbubl will be
conferred iimii him.
DivoRce raorc pubperer
fill AND KAIMDK. Mich . Jul .--A
decree ot onnulmetit of marriage
was grunted todu to i'. Claru
tauUe I'e-k Wane, wff? ot'Dr. Ar
thur Warreu Wuite. The latter is in
Snt Sllllt ill-nii iindt-r -cliltlirc i,f
dt'utli tur tin iiiirdii ut In-, luilirr-
1, !.,.v J .l.i, ) I'. , I ,! I'll 11 .1 li.ip
01?M(). TlllTHSI)AY, .JIM,Y (J, 191(
l'KTHOnilAD. .Inly 0. The
war office announced today the
capture yesterday of more limit
10.0110 Trntntit, of whom .1000
were token on Hie Dneisler
P.KIILIN, July fl - Attempts made
by tho French yesterdav to advance
In the wood southwest of Fort Vnux,
In the Verdun sector, were repulsed,
says the official statement Issued to
day at Oorman army headquarters.
Similar efforts made by tho Fronch
to recapture Damlotip hill battory,
tho statement adds, wero unsuc
successfitl. Kronch troops yesterday mado an
attack along a narrow front In tho
Alsne district to the south of Villa
Aux Hols, northwest of Uliolms, tho
official statoment says. The attack
was not successful and cost the
French serious losses.
Jiotwoon tho Ancre brook and the
Hlvor Soninio and In the region south
of tho rlvor, says today's Cormnn of
ficial statement, fighting continues.
Minor progress mnde by the llritlsh
troops near Thlopvsl, It Is added,
was balanced by rouiitef attack.
Farther to the south the llritlsh sua
ceeded In obtaining a firm foothold
In an advanced trench salient.
The headquarters stall announced
that the small village of Hem, In the
Somino valley, has been evacuated
by the (iermaiis. llolloy-eit-Santerre
Southwest of Peronue, has been rap
tured by the French. The fighting
around Kstieen It Is added, ban come
to a standstill
llO.Mi:, JiiK tl.The Italian of
I'i'iimwi 4-uiuiMiuiit is making further
Irt'ogTCMN, cotnM'IHug the AuxlrimiM
o withdraw in ome seetorw. These
operations are described in today'
communication from the war office.
' I let ween l.nyarinn and Suginiii
valleys our ol tensive continued yes
terday," y the eommiinicalioii. "In
the Adige vnll.v and iu the upHr
A-tico lni in ur presume eomM'lled
the ciii'inv tu ttttlitlniw, iiin'm'rinu
new liatti'iM - "ii cutiiitui mlintr poi
liu! picMiiii-U pri'imrt'd b him."
HF.KLIX, Jtil v 0.- The iiiliiiniilt
toduy gave out the followiiiif leprnt:
"Oue of our ulrtwarinc xnnk mi
enemy uhmnriiie ile! rover in the
Noith sea on Tuesday. The ubuia
ime I'-JW, wliii'b carried to' Ciirtu
tieiia, KfMtiii, 1111 nutogiaph letter of
Kuificror Willi. mi. to the king of
Suin, nnil he- leiurueil ufter curry
iiiir out it- tn-k iieci'l'ull. mi it-.
jitiiriif -nnk 1 lie 111 mill Kiench
-tl'lllli-llli III 1.' lit, t'.iililllliu it-
POIlTI.VMi ire, luL -Lloyd
(1. Hyatt, pohtni.ister at Telotaset,
Ore., toils a- sentnued oy the
United States dlxtrlct court here to
a term of three months iu Jail for
misappropriation of federal funds.
The prosecutor did not urge a heavy
sentence as the nhortage had result
ed, it wan .aid, fiom I halt' attemptx
to aid hotncnteailein b shln th m
1 r-'dit .it In. (1,1 J .
Larue Area of New Territory Occu
pied and Extensive Captures of
Guns and Munitions Army Firmly
Installed Between Second and
Third Line of Defense.
l'AUIB, July fi. Tho Fronch of
fensive hna mado steady progress In
the Inst twenty-four hours. All coun
ter attacks have been repulsed, n
largo area of now territory has boon
orcupled and oxtenslxo captures of
guns nud munitions have been made.
In the first five days of their bat
tle against tho Oorniane the French
have advanced with remarkable uni
formity. The ground gained varied
each day In depth nt different points,
but the gains havo averaged about
the same along the entire front, nnd
the Freuoh'nro now firmly Installed
between the Oerinau second and third
lines of defonso over n front In ox
cess of seven tulles.
I ohm's ComiuntUvHj Unlit
That tho Frenoh losses have boon
comparatively Insignificant Is ludl-
catod by the maintenance on the front
line of attack at their own request
nt tho samo time of army corps that
made the first assault on (lerman po
sitions Saturday morning. One of
these rorpa distinguished Itself bo
fore Verdun In Fobrttary after hav
ing won laurels lit tho battle of tho
Mnruo and at all parts of the front
where they havo been fighting. Tho
other corps comprises chiefly colon
ial troops. Tito generals command
ing each corim wero nguln congrntu-
loteil yesterday by (Ioneral Foch. Not
all the divisions of those two corps
have been actually in action, but has
lug tho calculation upon 9000 moil
made prisoner by these troops, the
Fronch clearly appear to have suf
fered only slightly In comparison
with the forces with which they were
Th result Is attributed by (lerman
prisoners to the efficiency of the
French heavy artillery.
In Front of I'omuuo
The new French trendies at the
most advanced point are now In front
of Peronue and the village of .Mount
Ht. Queutlit, situated on an elevation
aoo reet from the point from whloh,
in 1S70, the (lermaua bombarded
The dermana' second position had
been so demolished by ai Hilary that
they were unable to make a strong
resistance except at the village of
Hem, which had been strongly for
tified. Here the attacking troops met
desperate opposition. Uy dint of hard
fighting the village was won as well
as Mouacu farm to the southwest.
The Hermans are beginning to re
act moie vigorously aa reserve! ar
rive, particularly south of the 8ommo
and the French advance there la hot
ly contested. FreHeh erltlci expect
that the Hermans will concentrate
all tbHr energle In defense of the
villages of Hurleux and Vlllers-Cur-
I bonne), whith bar the ay to I'eron-
KAN IKAN't 1st t), Ji.U (i. J. J
Foley, prc-iiU'iil "I the I'licifie count
distiict of the liitciniitionnl Long
nhoremeii'x iioeiniion, aul toduy
"that ,it lotks a if all conference
are of I" between union officio U and
employer 111 the Pacific i'oat, long
horcmen' -tnke for higher wages
and a iloeil h".
lleniv M. White, federal medi
ator, hope of yet com-.niii-irnf
ih otrikc, however. Doth
-tiileniiiil rt aiatle liuriilv the
liroyre-- of 11 aittiM? I'tin White
nud the cxeciitit I'onimittce of the
I ,on"liori'ineif union
Mure noiiiiuiou men ere put to
work ut Mirioti dock-. , liiioii men
are working on only thoe docks
which Ibex declare fuir.
The ehauilMM' o? eoioilicrce Hll-
l.lllllil I ,i 1 III. I M.l'lllllU' I "I Ml'll'lil
1 -1, , i . 11 ' 1 Imii 1 uK
1,1 , I .
. .j. .. .. . .;. .. .j. :, .;. 4. :
POUTLAND, Or., July .
A petition to place 011 the
Novombor ballot au ninotid
: ment to the state prohlbl-
Hon law forbidding tho Im
! (portntton of all splrltous nnd
malt liquors, signed by 30.-
107 names, was transported
to Salem today lit an nutnmo-
k title in which roue lorninr
Oovemor OsVnld West. Mrs.
! Jonnle Kemp, president of
! tho Women's Christian Toni-
! jiernnre union and other pro
hibition leaders
HF.ULIN. Jul) li rter repeatod
Kussluu attackit 011 positions held by
troops of (leueral Count Von llotli
mor along one sector of the front In
Oallclu hail been repulsed, the Teu
tonic lines were partially trnmforrod
to a neighboring sector, the war of
fice announced today.
Today's tinny headquarters stato
ment dealing with tho eastern front
"Army group of Field Marshal Von
LiiiRlugeu: The buttle at Koscxlu
ehnowka nnd In tho neighborhood of
Kolkl have not been concluded.
Army group of Oonerol Von
llethmer: On tho front of the Mar
ys sector the defense, nfter the re
pulso of repented enemy attacks was
partially transferred lo the Koro
plec sector, Russian assaults fre
quently broke down beforo the (ler
man Knew 011 both sides of Clincint
Irx, southeitHt of Tlumuch."
20,000 FREE HOPS
fOl'I'.NIIAHIA, .l.ilv b. The Ai.l-
liui'ir 'N"iillluiid n - that in the
lif-t eur nfter the ending of the
war n great iiiteiiiiitioiial immico eel
ehrntion im to he held in the Uiiclnld
liilU near Authory. The initiative in
thi mine is xaid by Hi eueWHpiiHr
to Iiiim been taken by the preiilcnl
of the nMMociatiou of DuuiHh-Ameri-can.
Mux tfleniu. of Chieagti.
Keprexeutniive persons of all eoiin
trifH are to heiuvited. According to
lliis account, Dr. lleiiiim is to receive
litmncml a-fcifciHiice from Henry
Ford, Mho i- to lnv the exwllM' of
JII.IIIHI Aiiii'iirnn- wlnun he wilt in
ilc In nttflid ll cli-lil.ilinli.
WAl KI.U.W. III., Jul. . Ans
wering 11 loiiit hMttheticul iUCHtuia,
Dr. W. o. Krohn, phician and
iilicuil witucM, today iu the trial of
Will II. (It-pel, charged with the uiur
dei of Mnnon Lambert, said iii
l.iinibert wn of the hvlericgl t.VIe
nnil li.ul a tendency toward suicide.
ll-!ciin, of which the defense
tiiiiieiiiL Marion was a victim, is a
ili-tiiiit tliM-iute of the imagination,
the Willie- aid.
"The Mctiius of the ili-ee," he
uilileil. "have a di-tinct leiidenev to
iiiorbidncK- mid to commit iucide."
SALKM. Or., Juu fl. Attorney
(Icneiiil (Icttrge M. Hi'own totluv vuve
an opinion to the effect that the re
publican und plo(jre ive ballot cut
fur t'huilc K. Hughe could not be
collided together, aud that either one
or the other party niut have a uia-
jurit over the dcniocralie vote to
elect their incident ml elector. Three
rcpubiicun uiul one progreive Iium-
nil cad v accepted the nomination lr
pria(reive elector. U is ueliil
Hint the name of thete four will he
iil.i'-iil u thu rt'piiblieao ballot and
1 li 1 1 1,, ut In r 11 1 nn w .11 li, ,ntili d tu
li I . l l'l llM
XO. .00
Formal Acceptance of Proposal to
Settle Differences by Direct Nego
tiationFinal Outcome Yet Uncer
tainOnly Preliminary Step Taken
Test Efficiency of Measures. ,
WASHINGTON, July 6. Formal
nccoptiiiico of General Carrnimi'n
proposal that dlfforoncos botweon
the Uultod Htatos and tho do fncto
gavornmont of Mexico he settled by
direct negotiations wilt be dispatched,
soon to Mexico City. This was de
cided by President Wilson today at
a coiife'ronco with Secretary LauslnK.
Tho Mexican nolo yesterday said
the do fncto government hnd ac
cepted Iu prlnolplo, Latln-Anicrlcan
offers of medlntton, but was nwnlt-
lug Information as to whether tho
rnltoil States belloved tho doslrcd ro
stilts could be accomplished by di
rect exchanges between tho two gov
TiiuiliiK Off for Vocation.
Secretary Lansing will leavo to
morrow for a mouth's vacation. It
was not stated today whether or not
ho would prepare the reply to Mexico
boforo his departure, but ludlcntloun
oro that It will go forward within
a day or two nt most.
While fioneral Carranza's ami
cablo rojolnder to tho last two
American notes has greatly cased
touslon, no official wan willing today
to prodlrt tho final outcome of tho
negotiations which nro foreshndow-
ml. It was mado plain that I in me
diate, withdrawal of flenornl Upr
Shlng's force from Mexico will not he
nn acceptable, basin for wualcvcr
plan of co-operative action along Ihii
border Is worked otif.
Only l'tcllmlimiy Stop.
Washington officials tnke tho po
sition that only the preliminary step
has been taken by General Carrnnm
toward the friendly ndjustmont ho
now appears to desire. Demonstra
tion of Ids ability to carry out tlio.
policies accepted and Implied Iu bin
note Is still lacking.
Kfflclency ot Mexican pollccj
measures may be put soon to a ne-t
vere test, according to rumors trans
milled from the border today to thu
state department. These state that
FrajKlsco Villa has recovered from,
his wounds and Is personally leading;
a force northward from the region,
just south of Pnrral.
LONDON, Julv (I - Di-init'lti'a
from Soteh. a ltu-iuu ott on tint
Ithii-k ca, forwarded froiii IVtr"
Ifrud b Kculcr, sn that the loiinir?
(lerman cruiser Itrc-litu. now lenmii
i'tl the Medullu, iu Hie Turkih lunnf
Mcrxice, approached Sotuhy evcrul
cienings ago flying the ltiinu flasr.
Subeiuently shtf hm-ted the Turkili
flag, torpedoed a trnnport loailul
with ttej4ie and nok il aailin ve
Off Vnrttiir hc completed tho tie
-true! ion of a tranport which hud
been on the prcxioti- day
b a Tuiki-li -iibinarpic.
-' '
la radio U ColHiubus, N. M., July G.
Starving Mexlean women havo
stormed the governor's palace at San
Luis Potoel, according to reports re
ceived by Qeneral J J. PeteX'lns. ami
have sheuted: "Viva Orlugoea."
Pood rlota, the regorta to tho
American coiumaudor said, aru 09
curring In all the larger Mexican
cities. i flsu Luis Potest, the gov
ernmeut's supply of corn for dis
tribution has boii cxluiusted and tho
dem.iuitM of women .nut choldren fop
mine bave to be 1. 'u-cd.
The gold paid to the natives by
(l.neial Pershing's men for supplies
and lubor Is said to have increased
tin.' dUiontiut of many Menu ana.