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MilTaPITT?XB i I. -,--,, , , - . -
A iro(ty ehureh wedding took
plneo at thu Huntibt olniroh Tuesday
pvpninjf, whon Grace, tlio dnujjhtor of
Mr. mid Mrs. Jnuios M. Flaming, bo
camo the bride of Gcorgo C. Spiokor
mun of The Dalles, Or. The ehureh
wan nrtistioully decorated with ivy
and pink and white ioos by the Am
oinrt Sunday school dnsi, of wbieh
thu bndo wiih a meinbcr. Preceding
thi' ceremony, Mins Vuiiitn Hamilton
Ithiyeil noft nnihic' interspersed with
solo, "Somowhcre a Voieo Is Call
ing," snug bv Krnest Mnddo.v with
Sli'M. ('Iiildcra nt the piano, and "1
l.oo You Truly," by .Miss Ornoe
llratnoy, necoinimnioil by Mias llernn
Hubert. At 8-M the bridal party
entered the ehureh to the strain of
JiOlieunriii's "Wedding March," piny
oil bv Mi Venita llnuiilton. Thu
head lulicr. .Wessrx. U. ('. Gurnet!
nnd D. W'nllnee, stood at the door
holding- white ribbons, throiiKli which
the bridal proeeHion imsied to the
nltnr. The usher, I'Mward Haskell
nid I.oMer Wilcox, led the proec
sion, followed bv Fnv Oamett n tho
ring-benror and Mm. F.dwnrd Kun-ell,
sister of the bride, n matron of
honor. fliMc were succeeded by
our little flower girl, Joyce Maddux,
Bllen r.nd Ornco llcmJiaw and Alta
(In met I, carrying pink and white
rose and being driven with white nh
Jhiiih bv Mis Jtmnita Cnrolcm, the
biidesiimid. Then (nine the bride on
the ii riu of her father. At the altar
they uero met by thu groom nnd the
bout man, Atitlimv A. Stuinpf. The
iniprex-ive ring eereniony wn per
formed by Nov. Ficdeiick W. Cnr
MteiiM, pnfctor of the Haplint ehureh.
The bride wore a gown of mnriii
ito or iory white taffeta trimmed
with pen rln. Jler bridal veil was
caught with white rosebuds nnd who
carried n bompiet of white roao. The
matron of honor. Mr. Kdwnrd Ku
nell, n bride of InM September, wore
.her own nuddiiur die of white erepo
I do meteor mid Chnutilly luce and
jiearK The briilcHinaid whs lovely in
n gown of while organdie with pink
jrirdlo end earned n boiifuiot of pink
rMa. The little flower girl mid
ring-boa rer nere charming in their
white Clocks and ribbon. Immedi
ately following lb1 ceremony the
bridal party and immediate friends
repaired to the homo of the brideV
mient, where a rerepticm was given
them. Mr. nnd Mm. Spickuimiui will
leave wnon for Tho Hullo, where thev
will make their home. They will isit
in I'oitinud mid C'hiiibn.
Mr. 'J K, Seantlin entertained
with it birthday party for I.indle
Seantlin Thiiradnv eveninfl; at their
homo on N'orth Oranpa street. Tho
oraninpr wah pont with Riiraes and
music, nfter which refroahmontii were
on-ed. Tlio umIk nreient weie:
MUw Urtxel Antle, HliiMheth Hill,
Kranceit l'errv, Wlna Uarriuon,
Junuitn rrawfurd and Drowning;
Punlin: Donald Hunvard,
Bol) I'usldn, Hubert Seheuek. liar!
York, AVoodford Ilarrbwn awl Lin-
die Seantlin.
Mm. (". H. Buiterrield nnd llrs. R
Jtoberth will entertain tb memberx
af the Octette club and their bua
hand at the homo oT Mr. Roberts
on I'eaeli street, thu eveuiiig with
four tables of bridjje. The inxitwl
inichtd are: Mr. and Mm. hV W. Ter
rill, Mr. nnd Mm. V. W. Thoiua., Dr.
and Jim. Knunens, Mr. and Mm. Kd
ward Soulier, Mr. and Mm. George
PolUus, jrr. and Mm. 0. C. )tonr,
It. S. lionnett. Mm. C. 8. Itutlorfudd
and Mi. and Mm. V. Koberls.
The Miaionary society of tho
Presbyterian eburpa will meat at the
nome or Aim. Ii A. Welch on Uaat
Mi street Tuesday afternoon. An
inteivstiiiff prugrara is bviwr urranged
and all riaad and memWm ure urg
ed to l.e present. Mm. R. W. Clancy
and Mm. Welch h ill be boteea.
Mr. and Mm. W. A. Kolger enter
tamed a dinner party at the Hotel
Austin Thumdsy evening. The guets
Mvre: Mr. and Mm. Knight, .Mr. and
Mrs. KoluHM. Dr. and Mr. Darker,
Mr. and Mrs. Uke, Mr. and Mm.
MU-i Dorothv Wicl left thi
roorui'ig for San Francico to rexume
her voeal work under Professor Ut'
mann Qensa. She was aceompanied
' by her sister, Mildred, who will visit
friends at Mac Doel. Calif.
Mr Ofoi-.'o ('tdiin.. entt-rtain.-.l ut
I in. . i ..n.-.l.i f i M'- tin
V v H Mi Ii u in. l.l ,r
T i J
Olne llebekah lodjje, No. "28, enter
tmnid .Hid wn entei tinned bv about
rony in akiiihiki Itclieknlis Tuesdny
evening, Jtitte 0. J. Uemmer and W.
Lesher had charge of the cveningV
piogrnm. The Uebeknh lithia troupe
put on a playlet entitled, "The Oidy
lining Man in Town." Xeed'ess to
my, all the parts weie well taken.
Mr. 1'i.her'rt fi fends seemed quite
siirprii'il that he objected to being
"the only young man in town." A
rending, "The Twins," by Mr. Camp
bell, "Dick Poscj," brought .sihs nnd
laughter from the audience. In re
sponse to an encore, he gave, "Solil
oquy of a Small Hoy on His Father's
Farming." Mi-s Wilson of Ashland
delighted the audience with her whis
tling and kindly responded to nn en
core. Interesting reports were iriven
by Mrs. Wiley nnd Mrs. Turner, dele
gates to the Hebeknh convention. Mrs.
Witt kins nnd Mr. Demmer gno some
of their experiences nt the conven
tion. At e'oio of the program an in
vitation was extended for nil to fall
in line for n march to the banquet
room, whore delicious refreshments
were served by Mm. Doirmier nnd her
able assistants. After lunch dancing
and n socinl time closed n ver pleits-
nut evening.
At bor beautiful home on South
Oakdnlc, Mm. Dulroy Oetohell enter
tained at nn afternoon tea Friday,
honoring Mm. Iteginnld H. Parsons of
Seattle. Mrs. (letchell's guests in
eluded: Mm. George Howland Par
sons, Mm. (iuorge Morrow, Mine. Ar
nnan, Mm. Holloway, Mm. George
Carpenter, .Mm. Frank Madden, Mm
Lninb, Mm. Fred Hopkins, Mm. Itieh
n id WiUnn, Mrs. Hamilton Patton,
Mm. . Manning, Mrs. Fred Lewis,
Mm. Frank Owens, Mm. Herman Joy,
.Mm. II. I j. Irwin, Mm. Dave Lewis,
Mine. Fiero, Mm. Albeit Clarke, Mm
Don Clark, Mm. V.. 11. Hanley, Mi's.
Martin Kriekson, Mm. Gardiner Mul-
bs, Mm. Coming Ivenley, Mm. H. f,
Washburn, Mm. Iteginnld Parsons,
Mis I C nt It .Mannintr, Mi-s Martha
Hullis, Miss Helen Hullis, Miss Eliza
belli Putnam, Mjsh Susan Deuel, Miss
Louise Mill ke.
Mr. nnd Mm. It. I). Cnrwllc. Ron-
in-law and daughter of Mr. nnd Mm.
W. W. Wntson, At Rose avenue, this
city, arrived in Medford this morning
from Nw York to sK)iul the MimmoY.
Mr. nnd Mm. Cnnille came direct
from New York Winter Garden and
Castles in the Air, where their en
gagements will be resumed next Sep.
(ember. After a siieinl engagement
Washington, I). C, Mm. Carvilln,
whoxe stage namo is Itarbnra La
Marr. cirticluded to enjoy the summer
months in a needed test with her
imrents in Rogue River valley, in
stead of a professional season nt At
lantic City or n summer oiigngument
wiih the rnmoiis Players at Now
Tho Greater Medford club will hold
A reception and informal tea at tho
residence, of Mm. Jap Andrewji on
Mnndav June 11!, nt 202 S. Orange
street, in honor of Mm. Kramer, a
on. time resident of Medford, and
sister of Dr. Pickel. Mm. Kramer
has just been attendinit tho biennial
meeting of the National Federation
of Women's Clubs in New York ami
has kindly agreed to give a rejMirt
of same to tie luoul eluli, and any
one eUt interested. No formal invi-
is lions win tie sunt out, all mcu,
whether club mewibem or not, will be
Mrs. R. J. Conroy entertained for
her cousin, Mr. Fisher Ituckingham,
of San, ho will be the
Kucst of Dr. and Mrs. Conror for sev
ernl months, with a theater piirtv nt
the Page theater Wednesday evening,
after which the imnv went to the
home of the hostess, where dancing
Has enjo.Md the remainder of the ev.
ening. The guests were: Misses Leah
Walthem, I-nuru Page, Dorothy
Churchill and lues Crass; M"esrs.
I'Hsher, Ituckingham, 1'lroer Fimw,
I.ylc Clnrchill and Rv Hill. '
The annual Hue day exercises of
the Klks lodge will be held nt the Klks
tempdrnext Wednesday evening at B
o'clock. At thu time the world orer
the Elks pav tribute to the Ktam and
fttrine. The beaiilifiil and impres
ie flag ritual ot the order will be
git en. C. M. Thtuuas will be the or
ator of the day and there will be pat
riotic music and songs.
Mm. Homer Rothrrmel entertained
the GirU Thumdov lindge dub at
her home on Geneva aveuue Thurs.
day afternoon.
Mrs. E. R. Beelv returned home
Thurlux from a visit Hith friends in
Porllsiid and e.Klcrn tlrcoii
Dutii rr. ' I
i r (. rr ii
. .!
A pretty June wedding was solemn
ized at the Catholic chuuii Tuesdnv
luoming nt 8 o'clock when Miss Red
itli Joney becamu the. briii o Hai-
vey E. Murjihy, Rev. Father John
Powers officiating. The bride was
attended bv Miss Hircher nnd Frank
Sanders was iet mini. Nuptial mass
was celt bra ted for the bridal couple.
ilie altar wim beniititullv decorated
wiih pink and white enmntions. Af
,ter the eeremonv a wedding break
fnst was sen-ed at the home of the
groom for the bridnl party and a few
intimate friends. The bride is well
known in Medford, having Attended
the Medford high school, and has
been taking u course of training nt
the Snored Heart hospital for several
months. The groom is the son of
Mr. nnd Mm. J. II. Murphy, who came
to Medford from Portland about a
,eiir ago, and is ngent for the Dodge
Motor t o., having his headqunrters
.in Ashland. Roth young ieop!c arc
well and favorably known in Med
ford and hnve a host of friends who
wish them joy and happinoss in then
new undertaking.
A children's iartv wns given Mon
day afternoon bv Mm. Walter Rowus
at her homo on Siskiyou Heights for
Miss Ruth Rowne in celebration o(
her fourth birthday, followed later by
a ten for tfie mothom. Games ap
propriate for tho occasion were plnv-
wl, lollowed by a dainty luncheon.
Tho guests were: Ruth Rnwnc, Far
well Kenley, Snndy ami Hniec Guth
rie, Peggy and John Hnmill, Rosannn
Ruhl, Jack Seudder, Hilly Hopkins,
Mary, Louise nnd John Connor, liar
barn Owen and Stewnrt Patterson,
Mm. F. C. K'euloy, Mm. K. F. Otith
lie, yh. Phil Hnmill, Mm. Robert
Jtnhl, Mm. Seudder, Mm. Frederick
Hopkins, Mm. Guy Connor, Mrs. Pat
temon, Mm. Lincoln MeCormnek,
.Mm. J. It. Pa i sons, Mm. Morrow,
Mm. Sooy-Smith and Mm. W. J I.
Mm. Harry Stoltz and mother,
Mm. Hunting, unterlnineil Thursday
afternoon nt their ranch homo south
of .Medford for the pleasure of Mr.
Kdwnrd and daughter, Miss Edwaid
of .Milwaukee, Wis. A veiy pleasant
nftornoon was enjo.ed. Miss Glmlvs
Ilinmnn delightfully onleitained with
several vocal solos and Miss Lornine
St.dta: rendetcd several piano selec
tions which woie very much nnjoved.
A delicious two-course Inuehiron was
scried by the hostesses t the close
o fihe afternoon. Those present
were: Mm. 0. O. Alenderfer, Mm. A.
II. Cunningham, Mm. Roy Davis, Mm.
George T. Kojes, Mm. William M'u
Coy, Mm. Stimrns of Central Point,
Mrs. John Cnrkin, Mm. Cleever, Miss
Olad.vs Hinmnu nnd .Miss Elinbeth
Mm. A. L. Loomis entertained with
n birthday party at her home on
West Tenth street for little Miss
Gene Loomis in celebration of her
twelfth birthday. Game woro en
joyed tho greater part of tho ul'ter
noon, uftor which u dolieions two
course luncheon was served. A pret
ty color scheme of pink and white
was carried out in the table iliwom
tions mid a large birthday cake prov
ed to be the center of attraction for
the guest. Those present were: Lil
lian L'ssher, Constance Yanee, Edith
Garrisou, Ruth Smith, Cleono Car
penter, Margaret Harrison, Margatet
lluney, AiHlrey Robert h, Gene Al-
Mion nnd Adelene Loomis.
Mre. Riley D. Heiison entertained
Jlhe junior choir of the M. IS. ehuroh
south Wednesday afternoon at hor
home on IWrkeler Way. After the
choir relit. j ma a social uoud time
was rnjoxei'. The h-tcss served ic
freshments, assisted h Miss Item
ice Linnuig. Those present were-.
Mise-i Roue ond luth Hillings Nel
lie ami Hemic,? Inniug, Jtssie and
Ruth Stringer, Marvbelle Henson,
Nenmun Rilliugs, Jnwis ond hiuulo
Rice Hnoa.
The regular monthly meet ins of
(ho C. W. II M. of the Christian
church ns held at the home of Mrs.
D. W. Drukel on Kul Main street
Wednesday afternoon, followed bv a
social session. Mm. Yan Gilder gate
a very enjoable reading and Mm.
Reulah Pawner tendered several
pretty instrumental solos, lollowed by
refreshments, which were bv the com
mittee under the direction of Mm. L.
J. Quifley as enairwun.
Mm. Frederick C. Page entertained
Iks' NuJlo Bridge club at her home
on KisWyon Heights Thursday uftcr
noon. Mr. and Mrn. A. W. Walker are
spending the week in Portland visit
ing friends and taking in the rose
Mi - IIi T n D i)i) '.it s i,. I
w ' n . i ' , J, I,,,
.4 K . liJ
iv i r
The C. W. H. M. of the Christian
church met nt the home of Mmi K. W. I
Driskel on Enst Muin street Wednes
dn afternoon. Mm. Harry E. Tucker
being the leader. The following pto
glum was given: Song by the soei
it, Scripture reading, Mm. Dninell,
pra.ver, MesdnmcB Driskel, Kirkpat-.
nik. (uiglcy, Tucker; talk, "Obtign j
tion oC Women's Missionnrv Society j
m Interesting Young Women m Mis
sionary Work"; solo, Heulali Pun
cher; leading, Mm. E. L. Ynn Gil
der; roll call nnd business session, at
which time thn following oflieem
were elected for the coming year:
President, Mis. Kirkpatrick; vice
president, Mm. Darnell ; secretary,
Mm. Quigley; treasurer, Mm Bellin
ger. Dclinioiis refreshments were
served by Mm. Hillings, Mrs. Darnell,
Mm. Seely nnd Mm. Quigley. The
Julv meeting will be held nt tho homo
of Mm. S. S. Smith.
The last mu.sicalo of tho venr of
the Grentcr Medford club occurred nt
the Page thonter Monday afternoon.
The audience was largo nnd appreci
ative. Every number was enthusias
tically reoeived and in each case nn
encore was given. The mtisicnlcs of
the 0. M. C. have always been a suc
cess nnd it is to be hoped that more
will be given in tho futine. Such
events ns tho nnihicalo of Inst Mon
dnv and the concert given by the
Medford Choral society have dono
much toward creating a love of good
music in Medford nnd should be en
couraged In crory way.
Mr. and Mm. Thomns Carlton of
Wi'lleti mitertnined nt their home with
a dinner Sunday, Juno 4, in honor of
the thirty-second wedding nnnivem
nry of Mm. Carlton's father, Mr.
and Mm. William Ulrieh of Medford.
Tlio following guests were present:
Mr. nnd Mrs. William Ulrieh and
daughters, Annn and Lorain, William
Young nnd Mr. mid Mrs. Thomas
.Mr. nnd Mm. V. II. Kramer of
Ynlde-, Alaska, Nnre guests nt tho
homo of Dr. and Mm. E. II. Picked.
Mm. Kramer is n sister of Dr. Pickel
and was formerly n teacher in the
Medford high school. Shu waH dole-gnte-at-large
to (he nationnl conven
tion of Women's Federated Clubs
held in New York Inst month nnd is
now on her way home.
Monday evening Miss Hernieo
Levy of Snn Francisco, Cnl was n
complimented guest ut a party given
by Miss Youitn llnmilton. Those
present were: The Misses Howard,
Theiss, Lamar, Levy nnd Muiidy, Me
Cullough, MeCreigh; Messrs. Snn
dels, Sholtz, Ynwtcr, Alford, Mundy,
Isniics, MeCullough.
Mm. Edward and daughter, Miss
Edwnrd, of Milwaukee, are guests at
tho homo of Mr. and Mm. William
McCay. They are making it tour of
the west, including Yullowstoijo Park
nnd sovernl other pluces of interest.
Misses Elizabeth and Ellen Hon
drickseii of Portland nrrived in Med
ford Tuesday and will spend a lew
days visiting Misses Florence and
Alice Johnson, on their way to Snn
Tbo W. II. M. S. of the M. E.
church South met in n brief business
sossion at tho church Friday after
noon. The Indies wro planning sev
eral socinl function in thn uonr fu
ture. Miss Marion Shannon, who has
been visiting friends here for several
weeks, left Saturday for her home in
Mrs. C. A. Knight was hostess to
the Friday Hrilgn club Friday after
noon at hor home on East Main
Mrs. Gcrome returned to her home
in Portland Tuculnv after a teu-day
visit with rcliitivcs
TJio txixt and most oMnslre (ho.
nlrw, tlirniiKi'nui k fnllisl hlatci
') Minn- tlio -ini() flliiii, ttlioiru by tlio
JKSSK L. I.ASKV PivwntK thn TTAMMTTT ArAPrs Tu an Kalaborato Piftturiimtion of tho ;
Photoplay Knvonto of Two Cimtinciit' rislNiNIil VY1JL AViiU-ly Keiul Story of tho West j;
'oundo(l on tho plav bv Scott Marblf, stigsostcd by Bret
of Uio plains niai'vclous
J-'ardnor a masterpiece nt filnw. .j j
F A TT V A R PIT 1CV T TfT l, Two-Reel Ritlo-
r r X X 1 rtXJ -U s-AKIJU splitting Keystone Comedy.
l TOMORROW JOHN nAltRY.MOUK in the Kive-Pavt
r ........... -. --.
DA.NMK, Till', YUlJhhlC,
me js not a ino uitf pu-tiuv.
Coming Monday The WmM (ir ai i (Jp v.i stiir,
is said to be ( wii In ttir than that i "(".iriiuii."
Mm. Ellen Andren of thi.s city has
charge of the ooronntion ceremonies
of tho Mny queon, nnd she nnd Mm.
Woods nro arranging tho detuilH of
tho whole pageantry, which will come
off in the forenoon. The rest of tho
day will inuinly be devoted to folk
gnmos nnd races, which nro laid out
by Mrs. Mary Raymond and Cnrl
Pearson. In faot, tho solo object of
the soeioty is to reproduro festivals
as they were celebrated in the Scnn
dinnvinii countries thousands of
curs ngo. Artistic yexhihitions and
fancy dunciiig nro not the nims of tho
soeioty. Hut the efforts of thu
Scandinavians in Roguu River valley
have been so sut'cessful that recently
in nearly every city in the valley
Swedish folk-games and Scandinav
ian conceits have been given by the
pupils of the public schools and oth
ers interested in reproducing bits of
ancient northern culture.
Tho Home Guard and Mutlm'
Juwels of the Methodist chinch held
a joint mite box opening in the cburi-h
Tuesday afternoon. The following
program was rendered: Song, nil,
prayer; the mite box, girls ot Houu
Guards; exercise, Mothers' Jt I .
solo, Albert Hilton; piano s.Jo, Ktli.l
Whipple; duel, Sarah Whilloi-k audi
Marian Newman; recitation, NiIIk
Glascock; duel, Esther mid Khmmr
Palmer; talk, Ethel Andemou; upm ,
ing of mile boxes. rhne pn- nt
then adjoumed to the bflsenient,
where sherbet and wafers wt
Mra. M. E. Griffin and dmvhtrr.
Miss Marguerite, of Rerkclev, ( a I ,
nrrived ia Medford last Suiulnv in
spend the summer with her parent ,
Mr. and Mm. D. B. 8oli-, of I
Oakdale avenue.
Misses Lin and Haitie en
tertained at cards in honor of tlinr
aunt, MmQeroine of Porllaml lnt
Thursday evening.
Mm. D. Hus,.l .n.,1 Mm R. y
Swan f-pint Fnilav in A-lilm.l with
relative nnd fiu-iuN.
CATHDR1NC & , ' $
HwH I I . . - - S J
W k ML
jmi rluoHrs
WrTcRFrViE: lSibsM' 'chcyiosjiUr
Picture - TODAY - - Paramount Picture
si'cni'ry, faithful n-pn-M-ntations of frontier lift.' exciting
. - .. ...
in Vodle SonjfH and liUlluhvK, will be the extraordinary
Tl iq r nro four rliltilrcii In Hie
family of Chariot Krnns llitglns,
tlireo ilaughtcm anil ono son. KHa
nlHith is nine yisvi-s of uge, Kntlier
tno IH nnd Helen ii.". Cliai'liw Kvaus,
Ii., Is iiinnleil anil lias (wo cliltdrcn.
Dr. 0. X. Nelson spent yesterday in
Ashland, consulting with Mm. E. A.
Woods in regard to the eelobrntion of
the Scandinavian midsummor-fonst
in thnt city nn Saturday, Juno 2i.
Mm. Woods in chairman of tho com
mittee in Asblnud, has hod mm h ox
IHirienco in arranging festivals on n
largo scale nnd is planning on mak
ing this unnivursnry tho most suc
cessful musicnl event in tho whole
history of the Scandinavian in
Uuuthcrn Oregon.
St. Mark's Guild gave another de
lightful onrd pnrty Thursday nftor
noon. Six tables of bridgo and two
of five hundred were played. Mm.
Ilnntui of Jacksonville and Mrs. Cun
ninghnm of Ashland were winners of
prize, after which a Ihreo-eourso
luncheon wns served.
Mr. and Mis. Wabl of RlYcmidc
drive have taken up their residence
in Medford.
Jailliig Motion
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The Din Comedy Bill
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With the Inimitable
Douglas Fairbanks
As tho Hero.
Also the
Keystone Feature
Willie Collier
Better Late
Than Never
DON'T formt your pro
gram card number tonight.
' ' it. -l"'l iii.ibi'j!.-'JS
Tlartc's story, fiss Ward
Paramoiint Comcdv, "Ncnvlv a Kinjr."
.. .
Goraldino Parrar in "TEMPTATION." Her work in this
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. Ono package
proves it 25c at all druggists.
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