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pUBLtsiino uvuitr aktisknoon
Office Malt Tribune Uulldlnjt, 25-27-29
North Fir street; tfclephona 75.
TheDetnocrntlo Times,
tha Mmlfnrri
Mstl. the Medrord Tribune, The South
erri DreRunlan, Tha Ashland Tribune.
OlSOTldH PUTNAM, Kdltor.
sunscnrr-rion itATrst
Vfenr. br matv
One fMiMh. by mail . . . .0
fMOrtth, by msil
I'm" month. delivered by osrrler. In
MoriforiL Phoenix, Jacksonville ..
unit WiHrSl Point .50
fiftturday enljr, by mall, per year..- 2 0
Weekly, per year.... ..-, 1.50
Official Paper or tho City of Medford.
Offlelnl Paper of JaeftHon County.
Hrttered n fteeond-clatfl msltiir at
JUftlfflrd, Oregon, under the art of Marah
8, 119.
Bworn Clroutittlgn for 1915 24C6.
I'ull leased wire Associated Prcia dl'
Our Own TravnloRiio.
DETROIT Detroit Is n pence (Ford
moilol) fttl city, cnllroly mirroundml
liy ntitoni'obllo factories. Yoti ran Rot
an nutoiitobilo In Detroit quicker than
nnywharo oIhd on onrtli. Alt you hnvrt
to do Is to call ono or tho 13.401 nil
tomobilo shops and toll thom to aend
ono of their thls-wook niodbls around
to tho houso and It will ronoli you so
perfectly fresh that tho pnlnt Is hard
ly dry.
wlinn nn auto calonman, nnywhoro
lulls you ho Is KoInK homo ho menus
he's koIiik to Detroit.
Resides automobiles Detroit soiids
out moro advertlsliur. inattor than any
6thor city on oarth and mast of It Is
paid for by Iloury Ford, who thinks,
that this Is thu best way to provo to
tho world that It Is all rlffht to tiiniiu
factliro automnbllus hut very wicked
to mnko Kilns and battleships.
LMnylio Henry Is rlKht. Wo don't
know, becauso wo novqr mado any
Kilns or battloflhlps.
Very IViniuil.
Miss Graco Taylor, tha charming
young hostess of Freedom, nutar
talnud moBt delightfully with a formal
two'CQiino dinner the other nvonliiK.
Cm'ors wore lnld for 36 and iimjiln
mijcnr and pleklos woro served. The
Columbus (Ohio) Stnte Journal.
Tho Ilflniitillc (In a manner of
susaki n() of Portugal has askml pools
and musicians to write a new nation.
Hi nnthom. Judnlni; by whut little
wa know of Portugal's roaaiit history
SQ1H6 of our own rnxtlme writers
oHgkt to b ahji to dash off n siinjijty
Utile thing that would Just fill tho
1)111. i
An Ailvniicl Woman.
MlH Amy Smlili and Krandsou,
.Mlrl, vliltml In Hamilton Sunday.
'f fb OalliUtii (.Mo.) Democrat.
ll)')l)IUlt(l HmmI.
tCc-rTied bouf and cablingo.
J law eggs,
drldille oflkwi nwimflKO.
AH)IIq pie cheese.
SHWKBOtll garlic.
nfle ry.
To Um Aliter:
Ih a rwjt uwiui of (lie Mil Trib
mw it w Utwl that ChitM Mllll
Uhnhi4ui pbtwaauU ami Hub White
(mm were leiuK abut in Saina Val
toy. We be t differ witb your lit
fntuMlttt oh tuta subject mix! wiah to
Ute tiwt he baa beott utiaiufurtmul.
W do not believe that the game lawa
ar being violated at all iu thia arc
lift at nreertiU. &wa Uhih aiiu
phtfMatUa ami quail ware liuutwl ami
aaot iMuniarulously in thia vallev.
Sank baa nut been tha uaa aiuee. Urn
Apfilaitata haa beau artiug aa irauie
wnl. lit-. Anplegate hua done
mhm towarU eiit'urciuir the game
Imni ami we know him to be a pop
abh and affieient official.
I M. PISH Kit.
Eatae.Vftlkv. May :il.
11H4 wit eumpleted iloutlaj after
noon wharaby MtMlfonl and Waad will
lay at Aabbwd tlurtOK Ou Kuurth of
July calabratlon fur the chatuuiouahlp
uf aouUMru Oregttu and uurluaru Call
fornlA. Ta MwUonl team will bagiu
prMMialnc at one for tha thraa ganwa.
Sunday at QranU Paaa Mtalford a.
featatl Orauta Paaa 16 to B by batter
all aruuud work on the baaee, in tha and with tha stick. Mulnlyra
i.intn-d u bimkI imwa. lllll Caatar bar
mn K"i i (J. .1,1 HIM far tn aaaaon.
(ui siiii.ii .iIum-iI short. Tha InflaM
1 ti bui m Utm hiaUwr of tha elty.
Willi Medreid ude ta Medford made
np If IS mvstui'v of the sponsors of the clandestine effort
- to recall the county
solution. At least some ol
recall woodpile are showing
The stoennir committee
nounced as being composed
and enterprising citizens: .Jesse JloueJc, V. W. Uregory,
Benton Bowers, T. G. Burrows, George Hilton, .7. W. Mnt
ney, J V. Mcdynsld
The list is a noble one and worthy of the holy cause
in which it is enlisted. Some of these gentlemen are office-seekers,
rejected by the people, but still anxious to
serve the public. Some are
the jobs ol road supervisor or 1 nut inspector, and still will
ing to draw a per diem. All are famed as community
Jackson county and Medford in particular arc deeply
indebted to the type of citizenry they represent. Have
thev not filled the air with the music of their anvil chorus
for these many years? Do not their monuments, well
worn holes in the concrete walks, adorn our every street
corner, where the laithlul daily hold lortJii JIavc they not
worn out the chairs they ornament in the Nash hotel as
they ply their trade as village gossips?
Has not every project ever launched for public welfare
or community upbuilding been consistently and persist
ently opposed by the element for which this committee tire
spokesmen? The only event never protested, and that
seems to meet approval, is a funeral.
Does anyone suppose that any county court could meet
the approval for any length of time of tho members of this
committee? Not unless they themselves were members
of the court and (hen those left out would start a recall.
Anyone foolish enough to accept office from them would
hold it only until the six months' time limit required for
another recall was up.
Despite the prostitution of the spirit of the law that
was designed to stop malfeasance in office, the call of the
recall is not without its virtue. It has stimulated a little
energy in the breasts of a coterie of loafers whoso time has
been so largely given over to whittling, slander and whin
ing pessimism.
ST. LOUIS, Juno C. A Binnrt flRlit
tho only ono vlRlblo on tho aky-llno
of tho coining democratic national
convention in niitlutnated by nnllon
ul commlttcouiQii over an effort that
Ih to bo lituilo to wrltu Into the par
ty's platform an equal suffrnKo plank.
.Vatlonal Chairman McComba tiald
Im had been ndvliied that tho eamo
niiffrnco hoHt that U to wane a flRht
for the fliiffraRo plunk nt tho repub
llean convention will appear In force
at tho St. Louta convention.
(Continued from pm;n ono)
ehoRon. It wna roportml u llttlo later
that tho president Intendod to take
rofUKn In Japan and dlspatehoH from
Toklo Biilil ho waa uoKotlatliiK for 11
roeldonco In tho Jnpanooo capital.
A Xtv I'nvthhint
m Yuen-liuiiKi who lieeomea prwi
iileiil of Chinn, iu the reitulnr nouran
of evtuita would ronmin iu office un
til Oetflber of next year, when the
toun of live year for whieh Yuan
Shi Ki wna eleeted will o.ira. Ow
inpr lo iliaturlMal iMlitlral eonililiona,
however, hia tenure of officio ia tm
eiu'taiu. Iti Yuen lluuir i i't'mrtol to ltae
been iu yiiiWtlty with thu tvlnl
moveHient, allhounh little lin linen
heard of hia Hi'tivitiea iu teeent
mouths. The atnte dewrlmeut at
Washington waa Hiiviaetl May 17 tha;
he bad htieu ileeted proaidant of four
neeodinjr proviiii'aa In south Chini.
Itt Yueu-hitug ia 52 years old. lie
aervml ou a eria4r diirin tlie Chit
Japaneiie war nul latur eutaretl the
army, holding several eowimand hikI
aMii(liug two yara iu ,lawu to atudv
fortifieatKHta. Ou the outbreak of
tha t evolution at Wuehaug he wua
poereed into aeeeptiug oomwand of
the revolutiounry foroi, whone op
eratinuh he iliroolwl. lie waa uiuiiilv
tuatruuiental in armnguig the
Sliaugluti Haee (ouferetnet and ut
ter the uhoVatioii of the Mauohnw
waa eltM'ted viee-prealdxat ami an
poutUl ehief of the gvaaial staff, lie
was made a general, autl October,
1013, wa re-alejlanl vie-jireihlent.
Wont Im Vuon.lliinc
SAN FUAXriSCO, June 8.
Yueu-bung, former vie-president of
the Chinese lepublie, will aaanuie the
rains of govenuiifut if the revtlu
tiottiatn huxe anything lo a.v iibout
it, local Chinese sanl liare todav up'ti
lira ring of the deutb of l'rvxident
Yuan Shi Kau Ijii Yueu-lntug waa
the original revolnlioniat and raied
the slaudard of rebellion i n Wu
chang ix years ago next October.
When Yuan Shi Kai'a ambitions
swung fowunl the motiurchv the vice
praanlent lvsigned, but the liberal
fualiou xtill coiiMHler huu viee-pres-uieol.
Tnc procedure, it was Mtatad, is for
la( Yuea-kuug to aaauwe goscm
luanlul authority until such tiuic as
h t-aii fall a parliament through
uhub to i-lnl it bvw i'U-idtut.
court seems in a fair way of
the colored gentlemen m tlie
their heads.
ot tlie recall ellort is an
of the following progressive
disappointed applicants for
Tomorrow owning tlio Ilolul Hnr
niim will iiitroiliico Mr. iiud .Mix. .1.
IT. Sutton of Sun Fritni'lNoo iu the
latest dani'im mid Parisian novelty
steps. The dinner dunce lnis proven
11 success and the muniigemeut hua
detennini'd to k'ivo the pulroiiH 11
chance to see the new dunces.
Mr. mnl Mrs. Sutton uro enulimlow
of the Vernon Ciistlo Hohool nuil
liavo laught iu New York mid later
came west on it contrnot to Frisco.
They will siiend the summer in Med
The exhibition will he on from 7 to
H, the pnl rutin will dance from (I lo
()::)() with (lancing between the exhi
0. Pablo Lopez, Villa's ehlof lleuton
aut In the raid upon CoIuiuIhih, N.
M., today paid the penalty for IiIb
crimes, facing a flrltiK squad of con.
stltutlonallet soldiers nt Santa Itosa,
Chihuahua's placo of oxocutlon.
Lopoz, who nt tho orders ot Villa
ningnuorpd 16 American mtnlng men
at Sunta Ysabol, Chihuahua. In Janit
ary and who la said to have directed
tho movements of tho .Mexicans nt
Columbus, and expressed no rocres.
tflio big clock In tho ctiartel was
booming olovou as ho faaod tho fir
ing squad. Tho officer in commnnd
gave tho ordor to prosent anus. I.opoz
raised his bond, smiled until his teoth
showed, and thou luokliiK directly nt
the soldiers, said:
"In the breust, brothers; In tho
breast. ".
All of tho shots final struck In or
near tho heart of tho bandit, killing
him Instantly. As he leaped forward
and Ml luotlonloss ou hia faoa tho
customary final 'two shots of graoo
were fired. AlthoiiRh there were
uumbers of soldiers nnd cltttcns
present thore was no dlsurdor. I.opec
left orders to his wife and to lilt
father aalug that ho lioptnl to meet
theut In tha next life and urging
them to bellave he was not a traitor
te his country.
"Since my eountry needs my daath,
I Kivo It willingly" he said.
J.lTTMt IIOCIC, Ark., June C
Klfty-ulns paroous are reports! kllloil
and nvore than a hundred lujurwl n
a series of tornadoes which swept
Arkansas Monday. All moans
of communication are erlppled anil It
Is feared the list of dead and tujurod
will be graatly Inoreaaatl by later re
ports. HOT Sl'HINOS. Ark , June . At
least four persons were killed and
half a dosan others were Injured se
riously In a tegnado which swept
serosa Garland county late today and
through tha south wast portion of tha
alty. Tha alsotrle light and power
plant hsra was put out of commission
and tonight tha elty was without
lights or car service Many houses
were demolished.
(Continued from page ono)
lng line. Whbn the war started, she
was In tho Far Kant, and was report
ed to have been worsted In a fight
with Gormnns In the South China
sea. She wns ono of tho Ilrltlsh
squadron which was wont to this
country for tho Jumoetown exposi
tion In 1007.
Sf-cretary of War
lEnrl Kitchener was appointed noc
rotnry of state for war August 8,
1914, a fow days aftor Great llrllaln's
declaration of war on Germany. Ho
wan regarded as England's greatest
soldier and tho decision of tho gov
ernment to entrust him with supremo
direction of tho wnr was received
with unanimous approval. -
Ab tho war progressed and Grcnt
Urituln'fl deficiencies In certnin direc
tions, particularly In regard to the
shortage of artlllory ammunition, bo
enmo apparent Karl Kitchener wns
subjected to sevoro criticism, led by
Lord Northcllffe. Tho secretary was
charged with responsibility for full-
tiro to forcseo tho extraordinary de
mnnd for heavy shells, and n a re
sult tho ministry of munitions was
formed with David Lloyd George nt
Its head. '
IKarl Kitchener's responsibilities
were further lessened by tho appoint
ment of a chlof of staff In necembcr
last. It was reported at that timo
that frlctlonjind arisen between Karl
Kitchener nnd Field Marshal French
then In rotnnland of tho Ilrltlsh
forces In France, 8hortly aftor tho
appointment of General Itobortson
as chief of stuff, Field Marshal
French relinquished his commnnd.
Crented. Hugo Army
Notwithstanding tho criticism di
rected against Karl Kltchenor, his
great accomplishments during the
war oro recognized universally. Foro
iiiost ot his achievements Is tho crea
tion from England's untrained man
hood of a lingo nrmy. At tho be
ginning of tho war Great Ilrltaln had
only n fow hundred thousand trained
men, today moro than r,000,000 nton
are enrolled for tho various branches
of tha service
Thoro has boon no rocont reports
of Karl Kltohener's movements. Ho
was Inst mentioned In tho cable dls-
pntchos of Fridny whon ho wont to
Wostmlnstor palace to ho questioned
by tnombors of tho houso of com
mons who wore not satisfied with the
conduct of tho war. No Intimation
was given that ho intended to loavo
Horatio Tlerbort, 1st Viscount
Kitchener of Khartum. Hugllsh gon
ornl, wns horn nonr Ilnllylongford.
County Kerry, Ireland, Sopt. 88,
Kducnted nt Iloyal Military acad
emy Woolwich, mndo lieutenant 1871
Itoynl Engineers. In active service
In Franco-Prussian war In French
nrmy. Survoyed Pnlostlno. Appoint
ed to cavalry In Kgypt 1884. Mado
brevet llout-eolonel and rocelvod
Khedive's star. Governor of Suakln
1SRC-8. Distinguished for service
ngalnnt Osmau Dlgna nt Hnmlnub
18S9, gtvon Sudnn command, made
Companion of Hath. Hoadod Anglo
Egyptian forces which captured Don
gola, 189C. Given major Honoral
rank also K. C. II. Destroyed power
of Khalifa nt Omdurman 1S9S. Made
llnron Kltchenor of Khartum. Gov
ernor nonertil of Hgypt 1899. He
slanod to aid Lord Hoberts In South
Afrloa. Succeeded Iloberts, conclud
ed poaeo 1902. Made commander In
chief of India, general wnr comman
der In chief ot English forces.
niAM.F.STON, W. Vu., June 0.
A primary election iH being held
throughout Went Virginia todav fir
tile purHM of nominating candi
date on the republican ami demo
orotic tickets for I'uiteil State sen
ator, governor nnd other stale i'IIi
cow. Brandeis Takes Oath of Office
WASHINGTON, June 6.-,-Loul I)
Urandels of lloston today teak hU
seat as an associate Juitlee ot the
Supreme Court, tho sixty-second citl
seu te rise to that high distinction.
The eeremonlas lifting the new Jus
tice from among the rank ot at
torneys to a seat on tha first court
of tha list Km were precisely those
by wklrh hi preredeasora of the last
generation Here likewise Iated
Ijuly Assistant
s. u.vuTLHrr
Phoat M. 47 sun 47-JS
Automobile Uonrvc Son Ice
Antbulauos Sortie Ooroasat
LONDON, June 0.- -When the news
of the sinking of the cruiser Hamp
shire with Earl Kitchener and his
staff on board wis received in Lon
don n meeting of the Ilritish wnr
council win immediately cnllod. Sir
William Itohcrtaon, chief of the im
pcriul ntnff, who pmhnbl" will be
oomu tho henil of the wnr office; Sir
Edward (Iroy, secretart' for foreign
affairs; Hcginnld McKcnnn, chan
cullor of the p.Tchentier, nnd David
Llovd (leorgc, jninislcr of nmnilioii,,
were present ut the council.
Tlie firtt ipiestion ttsked when tho
news of Karl Kitchenor'a denth wns
nnnouncrd wns, "Who will mtccceil
him?" The nnawor invnrinblv wa.
"KobiirtNon, of course."
Sir William Itoburlxnn nlronilv had
fnkon over the wnr secretary's du
tiua tomnornrily when the secretnr.v
atoned on Iiih .imimcy.
The irencrnl Iiiih the full confidence
of the country. While ho cannot lie
como f-ccrotnry of wnr until he is
raised to tho peerage, 11 member of
the house of lords might bo put nt
the bend of the wnr office with the
undorsttindiinr Hint tho rrcnerul, like
Karl Kitchener, would have n free
(From Pacific Gordon.)
The foutoentli annual meeting of
tho Pacific Coast Association of
Nursorymon is scheduled to take
placo nt Medford. Oro., on Tuosdny,
Wednesday and Thursday, Juno 20,
81 and 22, 19 10. In so far as tho
program has been provided, It will
deul more particularly with tho fun
dnmontnls pertaining to the commer
cial phnscfl of tho plant Industry and
an enllghtonod horticultural practlco
as applied to pomology and ornnmon
tul horticulture. Among other sub
jects germane to tho formor that have
been provided for nt this writing may
bo mentiened: Vlteforms In Systems
of Financing tho Nursery Iluslnoss,"
"Improvements In Methods In Soiling
Trees and Plants," Fundamental
Principles Governing Correct Methods
of Salesmanship," Cost of Produc
tion In Frutt nnd Ornamental Stocks,"
Flxod Charges, Including Inspection
nnd Disinfection," Quarantine Horii-
lntlons," Correct Principles In Orna
mental Planting," "Care of Orchards
to Secure Quality and Quantity of
Product" and other topics along clml.
lar linos, including tho usual com
mittee reports, addresses of wolcome,
responsos.etc. Tho complete pro
gram will ho sent out to nurserymon,
seedsmen, florists, pomollglsts and
horticulturists about the first of
PISTItOOItAH, via London, June 6.
11: 1R p. m. Tho Russian press
urges the ontoute powers to bring
pressure to boar on Greece becuuio
of the antngonlitlc attitude of that
country. Somnthlng of n sensation
has boon rnusod by nrtlolos, ospeclally
thogo In the Hourse Gaxette exiiress
Ing tho opinion that the king of
Greoco "would do well to take a rest'
of somo duration at some nlace bettor
for his health than Athens."
The Other papers denounce the "po
litical felony" of Greece toward the
entente. The Novoewrema declares
the measures taken ut Salonlkl as In
sufficient and calls upon the entente
powers to take necessary steps at
Piraeus and Athens
The Coming Baby!
Hooray! Hooray!
Nothing clso can so completely endear
us to tho present and tho futuro tu tho
expected nrrlTal of a
tub)-. Put In the mean
time tlie comfort of
tt'o mother I of rat
Importance. There li n
plendld external rem
edy known si "Moth
er Friend" whlcbex
erti a wonderful Influ
ence upon tbo expand.
IJBHj come more pliant,
lESWlBV"' 'r tcb without umlua
L3ilin ta'n male ,,ks pro,i
tmmmmmKJJk one of pleiuant aslle-
paiioii iiniewi 01 ap
prehension. In n.ierlei of H'n.HJ letter
troiu all over tho c 1 utry mothen tell of tho
ureal be!j "Mother Friend"' waj to ttteea.
l'.rcn rramlmotln'ni tell the wonderful .lory
to their own iUuhter about to ester the
tate of motherhood. Get n bottle or "Moth
er' Friend" UxUy of jour neariwt ilraseUt.
Ve tbl spliMulM help with jour own band
rakled by -our own wind. For a free book
of Intcrot and tmportanco to all uiottwri
write to llrndfleld IWiWr Co-. IH Lanar
llklr, Atlanta, Oa. It relatM the prMUMt
1'iWrkiKw of isaisj hispy mother. It teJU
many tiling that all women (tmuM hi fa
miliar ""h; It l ut oact a ruUJo QCJ Ut
tMPiruliwj. Me ror tab book.
TO ORDER $25.00 UP
Also Cleaning, Pressing and Altering
ln,N UjUHwS (iV0R )
OF T. R.
CHICAGO, June 0 Con"nud con
ferences held today between the re
publican and progressiva loaders have
failed to disclose the much sought
common ground upon which they can
agree ou candidates and laities, nnd
with tho nssombllng of two sepntato
conventions leas than twenty four
hours off, the two forces seam to he
as far apart as ever.
Justlco Hughes remained the lend
ing flgtiro In point of strength when
first nnd socond choices were consid
ered and Colouol Roosevelt still wns
concodod n voto powor In tho repub
lican convention. Whether he would
oxorclse It against Justice Hughe; in
ndvanco of the balloting was a ques
tion In tho minds of tho loaders.
deorgo W. Perkins Issued n state
ment donylng flntly that Colon 1
Itoosevolt cvor had declared his ap
proval of Justlco Hughes or any other
Progrosslve loadors admitted that
In their harmony conferences with
representatives of tho regular repub
lican force they had boon at a dis
advantage In that thoy had only one
cnndldato to offer while the repub
licans advanced tho names of all the
fnvorlto sous and Justlco Hughes as
woll. ,
Tho Importance to the progressives
of having a list of compromise pos
sibilities to counterbalance th-s re
publican Hit of candidates was rec
ognizod even by Ilnosevelt who nt
Oystor Day today added the name of
Major General Leonard Wood, giv
ing out n atntement that the xeti'rnl
would bo "acceptable" to him.
LONDON, June C. The long-ex-pectod
general offensive ot tho Itus-
slnns against tho Teutons seemingly
has boKiin. From both PetroRrad
and Vlonnn come reports that the
Ilusslnns uro actively engaged over a
front from the Prlpet river, east of
HYoat-Lltovsk, to the Rumanian
froutlor n distance of about 250
Thu Russians everywhere are using
largo numbors ot guns and men, and
according to Potrograd have achieved
euccoeses on many Important sectors,
taking 13,000 prisoners and a num
ber of guns, and destroying or captur
ing Teuton positions.
Along the Ileasarabian front, In the
Dnelster region along the lower
Strlpa, and In Vol by 11 la the Uusslau
ttacks have been particularly vlolaut.
In the region of Olyka, In the zone
of the Volhynla fortress trlauglo, the
Russian guns have shelled a front of
mora than 1C miles In length held by
the Austrian archduke. Joseph Ferdinand.
f TrTflT TLSVE. Itt XV LilX
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is writing to be clone, the CORONA type
writer will do it better, quicker and easier
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CORONAS are fast displacing the
other makes for a large part of personal use.
Sold on easy terms.
Every T&s$ey 3 p.m.
Park Brilliantly Lighted
for Evening Pleasures '
Children's Piny Grounds, Tennis, Croquat,
Hundreds of Picnic Tables
ftfertf-fam-xtt Ewor. i'W
satisfies my
taste. Moat
important; of
all, from
sin '
Tuxedo dm
not irrilat MSfal
jay throat." !fifW-
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right" smoke.
Read the guarantee in the top of
every tin.
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miJiri, 10c
and 80c.
In Clan
Leave Medford tor Ashland, Talent
and Phoenix daily, except Sunday, at
8:00 a. ru.. 1:00, 1:00, 4:00 and 6:1G
p. m. Also on Saturday at 11:16 p.
m. Sundays leave at 8:00 and 10:30
a, to. and 1:00. x:80. 6:30 and 9:30
p. in. Leave Ashland for Medford
dally, osoept Sunday, at 9:00 a. m.,
1:00, 1:00, 4:00 and 6:15 p. m. Also
oa Saturday nights at 1:10 and
2:10. Sundayi laava Ashland at 9:00
a. , and 1:0,0, 4:10, 6:S0 and 10:30
p. m.
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