Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, May 22, 1916, Image 1

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Fl IOST T N' Ui I IT Tues
day l-'itlr. Wanner.
Maximum Yesterday (It:
Mlnliiiiini Today .'Id.
rortvsUth Year.
Iuiu :ifvnth ypar.
French Occupy Blockhouses in Avo
court Wood Struggle on Dead
Man's Hill Terrific German At
tacks East of Mcuse Repulsed by
French Teutons Desperate.
PARIS, May 22. The battle, of
Verdun, the longest hikI most bitterly
fought Individual struggle of the
war, cntors on Its fourth month to
tiny. The Gormans arc hammering at
Dead Man hill, whore th most bloody
fighting of tho three inontha' con
flli't 1ms taken place. Clinging dos
jioraloly In tho trenches that thpy
havo wrested from the French on lbs
lower slopes of the hill, the Teuton
have hurled 60,000 men, backed by
sixty btterlp of guns of all million,
forward along a seven-mile front
from Avocourt wood to the Meueo In
n doBitpralo effort to aelxo the eov
olod summit.
The Germans hnvo suecoedfrd In
gaining n roolhiR In tho Fronrh flint
llito nt a coat of severe Ioaioa, hut
JudRliiK fiom (ho pxporloiipp of the
pant. It will not lie a difficult taak
for tho French to dlslodgo them bo
fore they are able to follow up their
Key to Verdun.
That the Germans must conllimo
their tremendous onslaught on Dead
Man hill or abandon tho Idea or tk
Iiir Vordun seems obvious. Thla
blood-soaked summit and Ita alaler
eminence, I lilt 30 1. form the key or
tho whole system or Verdun defenses
Tho fire from their batteries flanka
the lloiiaumonl plateau across tho
river. Without the undisputed po
session of thin plateau mllliary crit
ics agree that no attack on Verdun
liM any chance of success.
French grenadiers occupied aeveral
blockhouses In Avocourt wood on the
Verdun front In the courae of se
vere fighting last night. The atrug
Xle went of Head Mow hill waa ter
rific The war office statement of
thla nrtornoon sas that the attack
of German Infantry were repulaed.
The blockhouses In Avocourt wood
were abandoned by the Hermann.
Bait of the Meuae. Infantry fight
liin occurred at the Haudramont quar
ries captured yesterday by th
French. The Germans attacked
these positions, and, the statement as
aorta, were repulsed with heavy
Tho following official statement wna
Issued teday:
Western frent: The French made
several attacks without success on
our llnea In the teflon of the quarry
south of .Hautframont and the Vauv
ridge i Verdun front . In the third
attack the French obtained a footing
in the quarry.
"During the nlfht the artillery was
extraordinarily active on t.oih sides
In the whale soeter."
(Tcriimn Statement.
11KRMX. Mix - The capture of
several lines of llrltUh ponltlons ove
a front of two niilonieiii ( I ' miles I
near Glvencli en-iioh. lie '- an
nounced tod.iv l tin war oince
I.iiSTmiN. M.. J.' A l.n- '
i- Ik-.hii l i',ui'..iir t "ii:n. I'.mum
ruin nd"iit "I lli'' -A--'" i-,l
l'r'. Mjj.nnt Kdwm A. Kuuixui. an
Allien, an newt,iH-r i.rr-i'iili'iii.
niw in lU-rhn. beil on uii urtu-le by
Kmeron in the Continental Times,
nevMirM?r published lure iu the Knjf
li.h languaita. The urtu-le intimate
ttint Mr. L'ouger l Amb.i W
Gcrurd were rcijon-ible ir tin- "be
t my ill" ot Kir lloer t'uimont to the
Uhtih. The orticle a-iiniat- thut
Mr. I'ni'iicr recti eil kn icdve '
Cnwini'lit'- i.'au- lii--h Ik- i I'liiiiiiilil
Ttii! i Atnb i--.ul"i 'i.ii.l. wlii., 111
turn. . . I, ..1 .! l" W..-' i -I !!. lif""
! i- r i - , i". .1 . - .. ii
IM. '"I i
h i ... i
of thf ut-miiutiuiir made in thp arti-le
ii, r , t . niii i 1,1 'i iii - ii'i -'.' -1
' - ' '
Austrians Drive Italians From Their
Entire Position on Lavorone Plat
eauNumber of Italians Captured
Total 23.883 Armentara Ridge
HICUUN'. May 22. The Italians
have bppii driven from thplr entire
position on l.avarone plateau, tho
Austrian war offti'o announcement of
today says. It Is stated that tho
Italian defeat Is steadily becoming
more serious.
The Austrian linos havo Iippii
pushed forward rapidly, sovoral ad
ditional positions of urutPRic Im
portance having been captured. The
number of Italians taken prisoner
has lieon increased to 23.SS3.
The statement follews:
"The Italian defeat on the south
ern Tyrol front Is certainly becoming
more serious. An attavk of the
Graos corps In Ijivarona plateau was
attended wllh complete auccess. The
enemy was driven from his entire po
sition. Our troops captured Flnin.
Mandrlolo and the heiRht immediate
ly west of the frontier from tho sum
mit as far as the Astaali valley.
"The troops oC, Crown Prince
Charles Frances Joseph reached the
Mont Tormlno-.Monte Majo line
Win Ai'iuojitiii'ii Hldgc.
Austro-IIungnrlan troops have car
ried the peak of Armentara lidge. the
scene of some of the heaviest flght
Iiir In the recently Inaugurated of
fensive along the southern Tyrol
trout. This announcement is made
In tho official Austrian report of
May 21.
Wore than 8000 Italians wore cap
tured on Saturday by the Austrians,
who also obtained possession of sev
eral villages. They look I.", cannon
and machine gnne, the atalement
Italian Slolenn'ul.
HOMK. May 22.-- Vustrlnn artillery
of alt sizes and all ranges, with the
monster 30.". millimeter gun predom
inating, has transformed the battle
front between the'Adlge and Hrenta
rivers Into an inferno.
Notwithstanding the snow-capped
mountain barriers, the Austrlun In
fantry Is being launched In wavea.
which military observers say break
against the formidable resistance of
the Italians.
The Italian troops have now form
ed their lines of offense and are
holding firmly all the passes and
peaks, from which Italian officers
soy the forward movement of the
Austrians has not only been success
fully arrested, but the Austrians have
been dislodged from several strategic,
positions taken in the first rush of
the offensive.
Thero are several Indications to
confirm the statement that the de
sign of the present strenuous cam
paign of the Austrians on the Tren
tlno front Is to prevent Italy from
m.ritrfimttns: with her troops in the
struggle on the French front and
a l o to paralyse sny action aiming at
the Joining of the Avlona and 8olon
ikt fone for a simultaneous er
WASlllNCiliiN. M.i -'J-IiiIii-
tion today wire that - nuU- action on
(xinrirniinv the nommution 01 lOUI
I). Brundeu to the supreme court und
Qconre Kuhlcc it member of the timlf xi.mUwion would be
inilMnt.iiit i-.itun- "i tln week' eon -gri--unial
A forerunner ot the fiabt on Mr.
Hublce wa- iiuniincnt in the -enatc t
la. The iiiiin,n . win t her the
-i -iimi il hold hi i' ii in-lead "f
. . i -. - -inn tmi "i i . In n it re
, . ,i, i t. , .,i. i, un ii Mr. Hub-
I is made
b Senator IlolIU !' New lluinphlre,
,i ! Ii. i. . -.' ! il ii.'l.ii 'In .i.ii -
v --
( huii'
inim ( iiiIh i -
II ui llli -i ll. lli' I
eoinitlllter t"iln inailr 'lllllr I he let
ter lie rweiveil lnl week lrini t'lni.
Uliot, prcMdent einerilu of Hur
varil, indninif tho lu.unnntion of
ltiii I). Ilrunilcix l ll"'. Mipreme
Mr. Kliot's letter, written at Cnm
bridjje, :
"1 hae known I.oui- I), llrnndcis
ftir forty .v'iir unl believe that I uti
dertnnd his eiipneitiex and his ebar
uetcr. He n n litiinruibeil itu
denl in the I la nurd law ihol iu
1S7'j-7S. He Mii-e(l bv noliire a
keen intelligence, ipiii-k and ueneioin.
synalhie-i u reniarkiible en pu city
for labor and a character in which
jjpntleni'M. and inurauc were bb-nded.
"He ha omeliiiiOM ndvocaled
uu'ii'iirct. or pulieie- which did not
commend themi-elve to mo; but 1
have necr iiictiinicil hi- lionc-lv ami
sincerity or hi- deire I'nr ju-tlee.
"I'nder prceiit eircumtance I bc-
neve iiiai uie re.-iiii uw m-um
! .i...a .i.. - : i.. i... .......... i
or Ins nomiunlioii to the Mipreme
court would be usnive misfortune Mr
Iho wnoie legal )ruiessiui, ine euun.i
all American buinr end the ii
tr." The judieiitrv coinmillee vili
vole on Vcdneila on the iiiiiiiin.i
I'OUTI. NI )r . Ma
.l.iiiBientlv in u daid condition who
an- ers the description o Kred
KiBtn. an, the missing ch.uitteni in the
i linings murder ro'ster a loilaed
In the jail at Kslaeade i..ui lure, to
nay. Portland offlcns hae gone
there to fix his identlt.
Last Monday night ItM man's au
tomobile, stained with blood, wgs
found near Ihe home of Mrs. Helen
l Jennings The latter was fouud
dead In he? l"-d with her skull
crushed in. It a-. believed that
ttistmsn had htei rin ied bv the
Same iinluown I" i "ii ho Killed
Mrs .(untitle
Three iH-riiii, two white and one ne
iro, are dead, and ten or kio$ are
, I ,11 ll - l' . I i I' ' ' ' ' '5)H
- .lltiiW,.
MAIt VTIItiN. Tiu . Mu :'-' -
Colonel F. W SIMi' ili t.ii limeiit of
uio seconu iieiiniiiii.u iwiuiiiii.
lolumn l
reached lloqiilllHH on the American
side of the International boundary
yesterday afternoon, according to in
formation brought here todaj .
Previously Colonel Sibley had been
reported as turning back to get in
toueh with Major Langhorne's de
tachment, which bad been rumored
as In too close proXlmitv to a band
of Yaqul Indlanx.
V.L PASO. Texas, Ma 22. -Amerl-
can and other foreign-owned proper -
lies at Cuulro rienegras cre raided
bv bandits Mo is. according m re-
Ituble Information received here to-
Tho looter, previously had at-
tacked Sierra Mojada and among
them wort, a number or the liandlts
who raided il. i.u MprliigM and Ho-
qulllas, Te.a. ft-r pillttginti the
offices, liousef ami storehouses, they
h.-lr i.iMtv to the eouuirv
l,,,.,,.,.,, -,,.,,,.
' .,.,i.. ttll, ,,. ,
i ii'tieira ami 'hun
u. ut ini'i It it! i ii u
! I.oMmiN,
'J The III 1 Mil III
i an Ari-'ii- l'iin-1 er
1'inii -- r M mi ii
.H-.i'.'ii. a 1 1 1 i il ui ii
iin-hiii I Ian- I . i l ilr
Iber of the V
land cxpulit
I . T.IHliH "
IH.I nil till- -'I
I llihl (
iCicllUllc re-nil
He u potted j..od
had been (ilitailied
by the cjkradili' "
The renin in i ii.- member- of the c
idoruiL' imrt. whit-h i- beuded b
iioould H. M Miilnn, hne been fore-1
oil to xty ill N'Ulh Star ba, a the,
relief -hip Cliiett 'H- Uliable to uel
tbroiiv:h the ice. The arnal ol I'm
le(ir Tauiplin at l'oieiiliai;eii i
reported III il il I'.itiil fn 111 the Jlail-
i-h capital I'
ii' UIJal .e-
of the e"
i I n nthci
il I' Mie way
I reaeinna
-.llllll. I
llie ii-
:dohxt at
iw liK.
, AT-vefcfvfcp
I'dl! 1 1. li, or . M.i ::' h ml
dltionnl reiimis uir n ielw d tbioiiKh
mil Hi., i-tute fiom l.s r I'rld.i' pil-
... , ,. ,.,,,. I,-
IIIHIM'i III" fsi SSI ini-'i - ss sv -
MRh,,H 0,.r Senator A II. Cum-
mlns Increases. Iliiahes has carried
Oregon In the republican presidential
lreforvntlal piimarlcs h almul 2.
uOo, and lomplete figurcH prohabl
will show a larger number.
All of Oregon's ten delegates In
the republican national convention
are pledged solldl to Hughes.
For the republican congressional
I nomination from the Third district,
Congressman '. X. McArthur de-
jfealed his nearest competitor, former
1 rongressman A W. forty, by
1 7 1 " I votes. I.afferl loda announced
d wwuiu i - --
Oswald West, former domocrgtle
'governor, who was nominated by tit
' prohibitionist convention to run for
congress, has not et announced
whether he will accept the nomlmv
Hon. U be does, he will enter H
roiir-coiuered men In wnlcn e. o
Arthur. Lnfferly and John A. Jeffrey,
liemoi ratio, nominee, will lie the COB
tenderri. II II ('ore-, reimi.lli an candidate
rir imlilic serie cuiniiilKloner from
. urn Oieiion, claimed today that he ilei.ated i:d Wilubi. bis nearest
hi miii nl 'iv "" "'
HI itll S. M. i . - 'ii l.iiilinople
,n v ii i - lo tin l'i-ii "if .Ui'llO'
it'lioii the ii Ii ui ot liiiiiih inrccb in
. 1 1 ii u aii, ri iieiiimui irihusmuii In
t ii .i.nnu.i of Durfur, in Analo
l w.ptlan H'ldaii. It Im said the Ilrlt
Isli sent two trai)xort with Kngllsh
",u ro"l,h l0 ''on 8bW ou ,Mo
Red Jw, wlienie in airiveu io ;ti-
tttk the tril.i Mm o and that lhe
were defeat) il L' Uiwi-h undei thi
imam ' liii'
J.Ol)l) M(i
I(yujfl- from
lQtliiiar in ri Allien nn the iUlllc, gi
rorwurded liom C(.niiliat;eii ut thi)
' ' ""." Tolegrai'li conipany. state
'" n
i viol-nl i it niton I'll- vvbh In aid
, t , ii ii i' i ,. ii .I .i
i itii.
t r tn
Inability or Disinclination of Ger
many to Carry Out Important Fea
tures at Almost Last Moments
Made Revolution a Fizzle Inside
History of Uprlslmj.
I. ON I ION, Alav (1 (eorresMiinleiice
I' the Awsocinted I'k'sh.) The Sinn
Fein oritnnisntiou was used as n
pawn in I lie game played by Merlin
and certain flormniiM and revolution
ili in America, nccni'diiig lo the his
lory of the li'i-ti npiiHiuif as tohl hy
the nulhorilieH here. The fnilure of
tlie re oil, it i pointoil out, was mude
(Imililv Hurt I iv I he iunhilitv or ili-in-
elinalion on the pnrl of Oenrinny to
earrv out imwrtanl tValuie- at al
lium! the lat moment. The facts
).'ion here hnve been gnthereil from
iiiithentio llrili-h -nurcei and are pi-e--enled
ni eompleiely as iossihle un
der I he ceiiMofhii. "
Shorilv nfler Ihe beginning of tho
Mir eertam Irishmen and Herman an
I limit le- eoneeicil the idea of utilix
nur the Sinn 1-Yin nrgnnixatinn for n
icolt- lite Oeiinnni being nelualeil,
of course, by the admittedlv legiti
mate purpose of weakening (Iroal
Uritiiiu and the oilier haing national
n-piraiions, or in al leal one ease,
a deiire to olilain revenge fur alleged
imlitieiil wrong". The Sinn JVinors
aieeplw! Ihe plan nml eenttiallv fell
mi u- to a Heltemc which wax not of
t licit- own making.
Hacked by (lei nmiiy.
Sir Itogeil i'aoemenl, now iu Ijih-
Inii tower awaiting trial on elmrge ot
treason, weiii from America lo (liris-
iniiiia laic in IU 1 I under an a-ouiuetl
name. At ChiUliuiiiii he eonferred
vmiIi the (Jerinan eon-ui ami then pro
ceeded lo (Jertnaii. (oincidenl with
lux an i al in Iteilio. certain oftieinU
placed their inlluoiiee und trim rani ee
of iiiiinee back of an Irib relwl
lion. I'.lalMiinle plan for furthering
n revoluiiun were pul under way. Ac
cording to llii a Mini, (lennnny
agieed to fnriiih money, aim, and
men to nj.t the Kinu lViuers, aud,
mot inif Hrt tint of all, i-'aid to have
avrreed In an invnion of I'.uglaitd,
which wonbl prevent niiblier Iwing
ent inlo Ireland by tbe Hritih war
America ww made Iho medium of
eommoiiiealiou between itetiin and
Ireland, t erlaiu In-dimcu in the
I oiled Slate- enli-led Ibeir erieen
ami t'apiaiu- Iloy-Kd ami Von I'np
en. Ilm then (iermau naval ami milL
tary nllaehe. ii'n?clively, al WumIi
ingtou, I opt her with numerotui oth
er", .oiiii' of whom are mm under ar
ret in America, are -aid to hue done
their miiI in furthering I he plan. The
curryinir of fund- aud iiil'ormiiliou of
the Sinn Fciuer wa done largeK by
iri.n iitiallnei. m America.
who were able to i-il Iheir borne land
wilbout iiie-linn.
l)gl Set foe lloviill.
Somewhat haphaxiiid plotting went
ii until Xoember. Ml,"i. Then there
ii- a lull in procfpdiugA. The truth
iiH'ar- o he Hint tbt. reoluliniiur
"iiid uhieh had blown hot from
It'iliii, at In -I with then itc!! in-.' cool
llie ticniiaii- hail uinwii lireil ut
.i-ciiieiil. Ca.eiiieul hiiu-ell' nlireil
In MiMiieh. where it Wa- reHirted he
vi- ill piini- health.
Thn-e mi-iiii in ihe foiled Slate
lin wile i.tkin,. a iarl in ihe enjjin
eeiuii: nl ihe ri" uliilinii lieeame ttear
ol w.uliiiv. .ifiil -ml a man to cce
(Com in nod on iistfii four).
W AIIINUItiN, n :: I'u.i
'liiil U il-un mi.i Iii ..ui I'liii-nlcia-iinii
nl iln. arms i''"i amatiuii bill
'.i--ei h eonre-1- '.il w i i I Hi i -pecU
to nijjll it Villi i i Ii w d.iV- He
ilisi-tisKt-d leuture. "i i tnl.i nh
t'liaiiinen Hay Olid i li.m In 1 1 un ui
the lmne ami -eiiale miliiary euui
Heire-eiilalie lln "old the presi
dent n uiiny upiuipi:0liin bill
imliliii reuiU fur the hou-e later
'' v . ' It will , ,in v , .,,iunati'-
. n,i mi, nun, .in in, i- s'iO,-
'' i ' v. - hill
NO. 52
Contract for Buildinp. Railroad Calls
for Another Election Later, When
Various Proposals Received Will
Be Acted Upon Tomorrow's Elec
tion (o Make Bend Issue Possible.
Al Ihe city election Tuesdny, voters
are called iimn (o voto itwn nu
nmembuent to the city churler nu
tliorisiug the issuance oC $300,000
hiinils for liHilding1 a railmml,
In ene the oleetmir carrios, a sec
ond election will follow nwn any pro-.
poinU KiibmiiliNl to the council bv
.Mr. Itullif. .Mr. s'trahotu, Mr. Hill or
any person desiring to submit a pro
Hisol that may bo approved by the
city council and Inter ratified by a
vote of Ihe ieople.
Tomorrow' eleotioii does not nu
thorise tho cont ruction of the Hlue
Ledge railroad or any railroad. It
merely makes possible the eoMStmc
tion of a railroad. It places the city
iu a Miliini to do business with any
rnili-oad builder who may be inter
ested. The people will vole lumn ihe fol
lowing resolution nml charter amend
ment :
"Ibi il rosohed, hy Ihe eily eonncil
of the eily of .Medfonl, Ore., tin
mayor n proving, that I hero bo and
is hereby adopted, approved and pni
osed tbi following net of municipal
He it futlher resolvetl, that said
lroHHeil oel be milimlHed lo the vot
ers of Hiiid city for Iheir approval or
rejection nl a special eleetinu (o be
hold in "aid cUVy iwrawiHt io residii-
flioii of lln council calling the mi me
on Iho '.'.Id day of Muy, 1010.
A proponed charter mendment of
the charter ol the oily of iledfonl,
Ore., to enable and empower the city
council of Maid city, for and ou he
bull' of and for Hie benefit aud nee of
the inhabitants of nid city, and for
profit, tu huild, oo,ui., nctpiire, rae.
own nnd oHrnte mil ways, opera led
bv "icnin, electric or other power,
within ami without the houmlarie of
the Miiid city and miming from it
(mint within (he city of -Vedrord to
other towns citie ami points without
the boundnrie of tbe Hiiid city, ami
to that cud may acquire righlM of
way, cueraent, rent prosrty within
and without iln boundaries for nn
of Mich puriHikes, and to create ii
railway eon-lriielkm, uiniatenane
and rtxlemption fuud. and to authorize
u millnge la to provide the same:
to authorize the iuunce of general
obligation bond not to exceed .TiH).
0041 in addition to the warrants nnd
bond authorised iu e-tions 7'i ami
7'Jm of uitl charter; and to provide
that the bonds authorised herein hnl
lie redefined bv a -pocial and limit eil
tnx ley ui addition, to the limitation
of iiiilebteilncxH provided by the fit
The people of the city of Medfonl
do ordain a follews:
Section 1. That Ihe charter of iho
city of Medfonl be and the nme here
by i nmendeil by adding thereto the
following section :
Srctioii 1 :i. Tlie eily of Ifetlfonl.
under the (Miwer vented in it bv tbe
Ueiii-rul l.n- of Oreyun euneted bv
Ihe legislature of the session of 19 UI,
chapter '.'Kll, a amended bv chapter
Htt of the Cleneral Mtws of QreguH
of the -e-ion for the year 101.1, and
the oil council, uuder tbe jower
veiled in it by ihe eity charter, ami
partieiilarlv Heotion 3A of suid char
ter, and in addition to il powers by
nine of section B.1 of mi id charter,
iuii 1 1 a -M'iial railway building;,
en 'inii'.r and operaliiiit tax on tho
i iN.ilin- iinM-rl within the corjionite
(Continued ou pa two.)
WASHINGTON, Max .'.'. The new
note to (iirii Hriiaiu, making lurthei-prote-t
nuain-t uitertereiiee with
Auu-iieaii mail- wa- hud betore l're--iileiit
Wiho'ii tntla. and probably will
be ent to London tomorrow, Tho
j;eii, term of Ihe note were fraiu
i. .ii the -I, ue ilepal'liiu nt, lint II14
pit -nit ut 1- nu Killing -uii 1 ui In . '. q