Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, May 17, 1916, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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    r TOTO TOTTR ;
vn iNiii:i'Ksri:NT nkwhi'AI'kh.
Office Mall Tribune Hulhllnif. 2u-27-29
Korth I'lr mrrl, t.-lrpliune It.
The ix-rtiocmllp Tllno. the Medford
Mall, The Medford Tilbune. The Mouth
ten OrrRoiiian, Tho Anhlnnd Tribune.
ui:onaR i-ctnam, Kiiitor.
tsvottensmant haveou
Ofin ycHr. by mall .. ......... .. ?5 00
C)n month, tiy inntl .. ... . .CO
I'M" month, delivered by carrier In
Metlfrml. I'hnenlx, JuckNonville
nnd Centrnl 1'ottit . ... .
Saturday only, by mall, per year . I 00
AYnkiy, pur year l.tO
Official l'aper of the flty of Mr-dford
nil t mod
'iiner of Jackson County.
ns ncponil-aluaa twitter at
Medford, Ori'Kon, under tho act of March
J, lftlV.
Hwom Circulation for 1915 tfSC.
lull I'U'H.i
Win A'.wxlated Press ills-
l inn. luivn fnir Sinn I'Vincrs. Ktnl) ill the back, and
shoot in tin dark, and anything to win, is their!
niMtto. Thev have not taken up arms, but arc wicldintji
the tongues of slander and falsehood, fanning the embers
of envv into the flame .of hate in their clandestine eain-i
paign to l'sinirch the good names and. befoul the fair fame
of the members of the county court by a causeless recall.
This recall is the bastard child of vicious polities and
selfish greed, conceived in iniquity and brought forth in J
spite, the trim ol an unholy alliance between professional
and pussy-foot, reactionaries and rapacious voracity.
.No good purpose can be. served by the recall. Much
harm can be done and the county materially injured.
Discord, disseirion and disunion are its only fruits. Jt
cannot succeed, for it is undone by its own dishonesty, andf
the people oi .Jackson county are too honest to brand with
the stigma of shame officials against whom no valid charge
can be substantiated.
Our Sinn Feiners have overreached themselves. The
narrow horizon of their own limited vision is apparent to
all. The people see in their saddistie enterprise only an
appeal to prejudice, envy and malignity by disappointed
and disgruntled greed only the frenzied fulminatioii of
unfulfilled desire.
Years afio I wa deeplv inicrcal-d t Mlf.UiO. Mav 1 7. ,.f tho ! 1MI11. i)i;U'lll l.i 17 Hi
tho development or a in III lri r.,,,l ,.i ..,.. ..,. ilm in.i tun i tomtit In llie nreildeiitial t.ref
" in i -. -- ...- ...,-- - - ,-
cbiiip." Ha Id Andrew Taikson tills ,nvs 1 tb- icpublicim natioiuil con
mornlng. "Wo had round ore that wtition winch will open hero .Juno 7
assayed $200 in Kold to the ton. That, wem (ituiouuced today by ol'fieinls
was a great temptation to tlio mln- nf tho l-pjiuljlinnn itntinjinl ponunittee
Wiuit Tln- Mnfco ii Hungry Mini
Think or.
i'nnrlio VIJIii. rhllt con rarno.
John I). Rockefeller, dry toitt.
TheodotH Roosevelt, corn on tlio
ICny Iuioll, eg benedlolIiiH.
nnhy Dtwlya. chicken h Ik kintc.
Hilly SiiiiiIh)', mulllsjalawnoy
Iftiiono V. Debs, a commiinliitlc
butter (Hull In the center of IIih table.
Henry I'ord, cracker ami cheese.
William .1. Ilrynn, kartorfal- ktiuh.
County von llernalnrff, fried mush.
Jon Cannon, rallcncd nyatnra.
1A larn nitiiilior or ollnr coihium-
iiimi, ink ip,
ik liilnr,
'lltn letioroiia moon Iiiiiik iivnr tho
A man walkml prmikotlly llirouali an
Arnntm mmnlwl It) lull owo truoa,
Tholr allhoullmi aharn anil atralilit.
l,lko aeldlHra:
Tim iau tid lirorp the boltml
Of a whUfl pottaRw.
Uh mpMl miftly on th mih1; tkpn
Thrift kti ri)Httil thu klgnal;
And lr oaint M ipsimih.
Tfc maa tHruwl ami hurrlcU en:
T)t black hh Kathorpil him Into
tholr ahattuwa.
Two gHllerltiR hlapk typ iwtri'l
'rhrHah thn while eutialna.
Tkojr fullnvipd the man till tin v,a
Ami that wai alt. '
Buy, llalmar. ttiat'a na Htrtt way
in lavi! ua flat hm th lot and nut
HaiwIiMT. IHd Ik Mr link forget
kk hieh-k) or wkair i
U WHrkwt Ih a hardware alore
Nii IIK a wcok.
k work I'd In a r loth lug fUr
muI MtraHt l wpfk,
Tty marilfd, and uh. naturally
tkrw up hr Jh.
(Ttt aliot f 1 IHk plot rltifn hy
H. H'n Ipbvp It li'r. The fololwinK
Iktm rarloiia tMillnga ar hy thiup
t wWm ihvv aro credited
lly SMUIUt t,M..r,
Now ha gt ft' '0 a p-V. ohp
Nta iHI hark to Ihr clothlliK ri lor
fktui puJU Jo ii fin iwr uh forpwom
in. wltll ltud)iird Itoxroi'. niul ",
playa mo'iriifully with a hiimli or
Hthr tMty ihlldrpn In a frco klndir
UMlra maintained at lht s.ird atn-Pt
kUUmnt h thtt onrr vit ih iloth
Inc Urtory. It tit ihp live in a vlm
U4 cottaae with thu haikurd (nil
Hi rtH&. and xk Moon ox ihi hiup
tIS from Ihfir point and riucilw
hatarltiA tl')'r' uojiik to I'll) a inn
niit otuwU.
Ilj lh W'r ()iitMHnit'Ht.
had no mm'li iiiih- on hU hiindh
nail h (fit ko mil of iti iUiii ;
ti')i-ani x-hiil! I our HuikitiK da
that' lip joint ,1 th huImiuI Kiiurd
Jrw that tiw on Iip nunt t-m
Hiakt at the urmori. Hhiri hp .iin-
Mt Imw to Utoni a atniral If lip
kHPW the right iliiuun unl fit;
Ured (Mtt OH iuaia U N.iihpoii
wo a fitker. lie iwamo a long dm
tug) huataud, and 1,1a u.te nexer
Mw Mint oaeetit hen he manned i
OH Mowoirlal Dg, and tUf n he bad to
Jteon big ea to the front After a
'whlla he anawprt'd JtU count rv wit),
M& one day In ramp lie forgoi hI-
lajun. 'aa loadwl And lukcl Into the
tyroinc oaJ ftC the wrong time XM
eoveromcut ieuft her a pennon of
Si.ttl o luonth, which, uildpti ta ike
f7.Su ahe aa ali lo earn In (ho
clothiM fgrtorx , i'aid.' ei djo rt
aittOiped l0Ph ffp) 1H (KD r
hw life.
o ' ' o
O Np Jdp
TIIK I'OltTLAXD.lOlTUXAIinrtks aiiPiit Hie ponding
legislation concerning the railroad land grant, "Why
does Congressman llawley run amuck Vliy does he
disregard the letters, petitions, telegrams and appeals that
have poured in from the people of Oregon?"
There are several answers to this question. One is Joe
Canon, probably. Tilde ,!oe is back in the house. He is
Ilawlev's beau ideal of American statesmen, as he declared
I II III i I 411 t
in a lecture ne once delivered oeiore tne xsniand ingii
When I'ncle Joe was speaker he had llawley desig
nated to what he (llawley) deemed a position second only
to the speakership, llawley called this position "assist
ant whip" of the house. The importance can be best un
derstood when we understand the duties oi such a post,
which were lo wake up the sleeping and call in the absent
nieiubei-s when needed at a roll call.
Mr. llawley gloried in his job, and in one of his cam
paigns urged it as a reason whv he should be returned to
help the state.
When the law known as the Wobb-Kenvon law was
first before the house llawley opposed it, because, as he
said, Mr. Cannon told him it was unconstitutional. Prob
ably lTnele Joe has told him it was unconstitutional to
take any laud away from the railroads.
Mut again, llawley may be simply trying us on. lie has
been against nearly everything the people of Oregon ever
stood for, but nevertheless wins over all opposition in or
out of his party every time, lie does nothing except to
draw his salary and claim credit for all legislation enaeJed
through the efforts of any other member of Oregon's con
gressional delegation, and gets away with it, as far as the
public is concerned.
Mr. llawley is the sacred cow of Oregon politics. How
ever absurd or ridiculous his acts and efforts, 110 one seems
to have the nerve to try to show him up. He probably wins
them over, Democrats and all, with free seeds or uublic
When Mr. llawley took Joe Cannon's advice and de
cided for himself that a law prohibiting the shipment of
liquors into dry territory was unconstitutional, many
thought Ilawlev's political sun was t'i. Heing a Metho
dist professor and a HceiiM-d minister of that church, which
gave him the nomination the first time, and having been
a prohibition worker and shaker, the Methodists and pro
hibitionists, it was said, would resent this at the first
Did they? A reward of one thousand dollars a head
would not produce ten Methodists or prohibitionists who
voted against him on that account. On the contrary, they
probably rejoiced in the discovery that he had the nerve
to disdain them, and had learned to smoke "two bit
When the parcels lMist and direct election of Cnited
States senators ami tne assembly question were upper
most in the public mind the state granges tried to smoke
him. Did they succeed? Not in airy sense, lie virtually
told them, after the Joe Cannon style, to mind their affairs
and go to. And then the grangers rose up in their wrath
and rebuked his insolence by inviting him to kick litem
again in the same place.
At the next election lhe fell over themselves at the
polling places along the Yamhill and Molalla to show their
fealty ami loyalty to Willis. Like the Cornishnmn's wife,
they love him because he beats them up mi regularly.
When Mr. llawley first ran for congress the men who
furnished him the funds for his campaign were lumber
men, and the were his loyal supporters. A few years ago
the scut a delegation back to Washington to urtje some
legislation concerning freights on lumber. Mindful of the
jiast and feeling that in any e cut the could count on their
congressman to help alona a tireat Oregon industry, they
called on llawley and asked his aid. They met uith an
icy reception, and the question, "What did the lumbermen
do for nu f"
MM. II....!.. 1 ! 1 . ....
i ne ui legation adjourned in eiihs and laid plans tohm.i nt im the ninwHn '
lit lie him. One ol the tlelcuatcK iictl he uonl.l i mi' ciiniii needed railroad for dli
airaiust him liet time. Next Hum i-.mii. .in,! tin. Iimilu.v imnt Tne Uttr will not .oiup with
pra to Ket " lint thp location of
the tlUeovory wan hint 100 inllon
from nowhere. Wo had no moan
of treating thu oio nt the eamp. We
wero antlnfled that great fortune
lay about tho lit 1 In In that vicinity.
Mow lo develop them profitably wan
the problom. We bpnan to haul the
ore 100 tnllen to a xtamp mill. That
prlinltlve method wan expeiiNlve and
alow. We had to Impiove It, Home
way. The Northern 1'aclflc line,
tlirPHdltiK Its traiiHrontlnontiil way,
rami) nlotix- That wan a tremendous
help, lint It wag not mifflcicnt.
i:cllement Out IMsemery.
"Finally, the exeltemont ovpr the
dlarovery and the pxtent of the rlrli
ore nttnicted the oiiImIiIo world from
another direction. The I'tnh Norlh
ern wan built. Then our develop
ment begun In real partieat.
"We gnvo a company 300 tonn of
$'.'00 ore to build a Hlmnp mill at the
camp. That wim before the ralliond
came, llul after the rallroada were
built our Mttimp mill facllltlea begun
to Inri'cttHP. The outside world had
mlllloiiM of money to luvetit In u good
thing. Jiint :ih It 1ms today. The ex
citement inrroaaed. More money
panif In und aomo hundreds of
thoimnmlH wpio taken out. Minora
flocked to the acene of activity
Some came 'broke,' aa mlnera Imve
n habit of dolriK. rffimetlmeH. Wn be
gan lo chop wood lo exchange for our
provlalonn. The groipry alorea wimp
Induced to accept it for meichuudlKP
Telia of thoUMiiiidK of cor (Ik were thus
mailo a medium of exchange between
the miner and the merchant.
Hint an ( -iiHMtliui.
"Till jirovod to be helpful coop
eialiou. It aave the pronpoctorii and (
mlnera a atart. It lo aave (he mer- j
chant a better atart, for tho thou-
rhiiiJm of cord of wood they had
'hanked' were ijulekly told at more
thnu par.
Then tho O. II. & N. Ilpe came.
ThlnK heRau to boom. Our eump
a a hummer. ThouanndM of eaaer
men were dinning ""'I tumielliiK,
eroaa-cuttitiK and drifting. Fortune
were bplna made on every hnnd. The
panip, on an uninviting hllhdde.
a beehive of !ndtiatr- It required
hundred of thoiixuud of dollar'
worth of provlMlon and Implement.
Kvery acre of land that would pro
duce a iKitato wa cultivated --iiiilea
It was on a lodge or vein. Stockmen
found It Ininieimely prolltahle to uti
lize the Nuriflundlng range la raUe
meat for u.
'the Viillev Was l'eplil,
"We were eighteen mile from a
valley of cultivable land. Farmer,
rtcoxnUing (he opportunity to make
money by feeding the miner, came
In ppople and rultlvate the vu)le.
Soon It wa a producllve region of
extraordinary uctlvttle. Thoe who
pieferred to till the aoll, knowing
nothing uf mliilii, gel rich. I'roa
pprlty w all about ua. Kver.vbod.v
wan making money. The area of
mine in operation Inoreaied with
great rapidity. Tho eamn became a
town; the town quickly grew to the
proiwrllon of a. city; the city In
creased ta the commercial le of a
niPtropell. II I a metroiwlla today,
known all over (he world. It ha half
a hundred tamp mill. Faur 'Ik
rompanlea thai Aperated there rep-
n Honied a capital of nearly one hun
dred million dollar. It yet and
will alwa.v t a niPtropoliii. The
mine tire all .ttoiit It and under II
The urfae oi the earth had to be
braced up with ImmPUae tiiuber to
hold (he weight of (he city.
It l Unite, .Montana,
That i the way Hutje. Montana.
Mailed. Thut ! the wa it became a
clt. And it roar and rumble n
a metropolis toda.v made by (he de
velopment of the mine with rall
io.d. ' Medford'" mineral and timber re
mnirce exceed thoP of lllitte, lent .
In Hs dav. The cover a'
lareei tirriloM within a amaller aiea
Hi. in thuse et liiute ever did
n.H i oiiow t
We(liipilny, June 7, itiPPtinjr fitll
pil to oriler 11 n. in., liy Clininnitn
Chni'lp 11. Itillcs of tlio rpiiiblicnn
nntiniinl uommittep.
Itpmliuy of llie offieinl poll for tlie
ponvpiitioti by .SppiPlnry Jnmes II.
('Iniinnnii Hillea )iPenls n Icin
pantry eliHinnitii Senntnr Wnrren fl.
llnnliiift of Ohio, who will deliver his
keynote nililress.
Splpption of tlip oilier tempornrv
affieer of the ponveution. Xiunin;;
of committee on predentin!, resolu
linns, iieimnnent nrjrnniwitioii nml
rules anil order of liiiities.
Tlmrsilny dune H, 11 n. in., icpnrl
hi einuiiiiiiee an erciieilllllls.
Ailopiian of the pennniicnl roll of
the ponveution.
Report of (lie eominitlcp on pernm
npiit oigiiiiizdlioii.
Ifppoi't of llie ponimitlco on mips
mill outer of business.
After the preliminnrip of nrgnni
gntion Imve horn ilipot,eil of, wliieli
work tiNimlly oeetipip the first two
sessions, llie ennventioii will uouiiiintp
k Piimliilnlp for pipsiilent ntiil vice
presiilpiit nml tulopl Hie p(uv plnt-
lrm and iidjnuiii. ArninKPincnls
will tie innde lo Iiolcl niglit sessions if
Cliipf of I'nliep Ifealev luis decided
to stop t raffie nu llie sheets ur
riuindiiiir the Culisrum while llie e.ui
vpiiIiiiii i in msmhii. All the tieels
will be tu-uU paved vvilh tiui-eless
unit) ii. il liir tin. i.ii-a-i..i).
erence primary eleotlon In Peniixvi
vanln yeaterdny wa overhadowed
by the conlot for the leadership of
the republlrnit party In the state In
which United State Sonntor Holes
1'enrone waa vlctoriona over Oovemor
Ilrumhaligh aftor one of the bltter
eat fights In tho hlatory of the or
ganization. The fight centered on
the office of auditor genpral and the
returns early today Indicated the
nomination of State Senator Thomas
A. Snyder, representative of the
1'enroso element, over Charles A.
Ambler, ulnmlnrd bearer of the Uruin
baugh forces, by a comfortable ma
jority. In the fight for the election of 12
delegate at large to the national
convention tho Penrose faptlon ap
parently elected the majority of Its
candidate. The Ilrumbaugh ele
ment, however, claimed the election
of the governor and .Mayor Smith oi
Philadelphia. The Ilrumbaugh can
didate are pledged to support the
popular choice of the party In the
state, while the Peuroao delegate an-
There were only two candidates
on the pi esldentlal preference ballot.
President Wilson on the democrat l
and Oovemor Ilrumbaugh on the re
publican, but Henry Ford received a
large number of votp by use of
atlekera, a million nf which had been
distributed by hi hiisluc agent.
Former President Roosevelt. Full
ed State Supreme Justice Hughe
and other received a acnttered vole.
Philander ('. Kuo wa unopposed
for the repulilicnu nomination for
Fnlted Stater, senator.
In Philadelphia the 1 1 1. 100 Olio
loan IiIIIh for rapid tramdt and other
miiiiii ipai
proved b
!&- - '- r
wn .- - -r.-j f -'
The Great
American Smoke
Fall in line with the red
blooded smokers of the good
old U. S. A. Smoke the ciga
rette tobacco that's been an
American institution for three
generations "Bull" Durham.
The snappy, rcltshy, stur
epanglcd taste of "Bull" Dur
ham puts the national spirit of
get-up-antl-hustle into your
hand-rolled cigarette.
"B U L
the choicest,
crown, "Bull"
Made of
mildest leaf
Durham has a delightful mellow-sweet
flavor found in no
other tobacco. And its
aromatic fragrance is supreme
ly unique. .. t
"Bull" Durham is the fresh
est, liveliest of srnckes.
improvement were
a larce majorltv
YSIIIiiTO. M., 17 Count
Von llcriiHiorif the Ormnn auiba
sudor, conferred todn with Couii
apllor Polk at (he (ato ilepaKment
for the purpose, it was said, of dl
pualng certain phasea of the dp.
stuff exportation which (ierinuny
has agreed to peunlt. and otlur com
mercial queatton of a routine na
ture. Although the Herman govern
ment ha agreed to permit the ex
portation or the d.vestnff, in ie
aponse In representation mude i
the iate department, officials toda.v
saw little hope uf the mmmodity
reaching the Fnlted State within the
nmr future, although the.v believed
the shipment would- flnully arrive
Several obstacle have arlaen. Oreat
Urllaln has agreed to permit a small
iiHtll of the dye to pah through
Ilrltth line, but ao far ha not sig
nified willlngne to pas hiiv mh
quanllly ux ir. 000 ton. I'uiiher-1
more, officials here have iieen in
formed that opposition to the im
portatlon of the yeliiff ha arl-n
In thi i'Biintr. some liner teuilnj;
the will not receive a share l.e.aiue
the aie not concerned in a ndi
rate foimed to I'liug lliein over
Atk for FREE
pachagt ofapaprt"
That will remain moist. i
Every houcvvlfe who hakes her own I
bread knows thai if a little potato It added I
lo lhe tponnc, the bread will not dry out i K
i quickly. In (bit recipe potato it utiliied I
to make doutfhnutt that will remain iioit i
and Ireth for tvveral dayt.
K C will lie found to have dltllnct J.
vanlanct over any other llaklng' Powder
for dounhuutt. K C It a double
lvakin(Hvvder with vvlikh a la rue ImKIi o(
I doughnut may be mixed and fried a few at
; a lime. The hut will be at light and nice
at i nc urn.
with tach 5c ack.3f
K C Potato Doughnuts
lly Mr. Nerada Hricus, of Halms;
School fame.
Sieuptjlour; i!iyg$; 1 cup
sugar; 4 In, I Uupoj'nig
hVllakiny 1'omlir; i fui
tpotmf'ht mil; i It'itiHMwtal
; I cki cold ia ik
fMitatit; I run Vulk, or it vrc
tj HllUltl.
0 B,v LTivn m
I.ONlH M.iv 17. The eoalilum
U'.veniineut w.mi ii Nweeiiny iel,.
in a lne-eleetn.n lodav. W. V. Iliek-
lllllV, II lllilnlilot, who Wllo ....te.l
h the lilieiiiN, wa irm
Tew ke-.liiu li n inn ju it v t .'!)
over Willmm H.mic,, indevndent.
nun lhy,l up u.l. tin.,,, Mfthottists, piohthtHou t;
"' Kr.HIKl'l III nni 111 lllil lliril. . .,-. ..!-.... .,1 l.r.n
urn iHfii1 tn nit t.
Tlu il it I'.-tsilv fiv what H itt tuocratii jiainvs o'miihi.
timpra never dreamed of. Ouiside
moiie) by the hundreds ot thousand
of dollar u come in just as it did
in liutie. The Medford ou have
toda.v will he a mere vest pocket af
fair compared vUlh what it will l.e
when our immense area of mlne.i
i ml timber are supplied a mean of
developent. Northrrn Caliiorula peo
ple will not permit the railroad to
stop at the IUup I.edae dUtrUt The
will take it to the ocean at Kmeka
Tl. ,Tluit will j:iv von another outlet to
I the -e,i That t& what von must ul
I tnuateh have Your future procrea
ideuiaiuU it This da U ''iK with
Hail 'i'M-si'dlitie for Medford and the
and Tlog ip river all '
Me.liorJ ndriw .iucK-on has lived in Med
nukeiiiMihi'tMi lor" '"r,,- x'ars ' "''me on
Sift thrrr, the ri.nir, h'i, si rr a I
lukiiig 1'imdcr. Jtat ;,;. Willi r'J y
bcalrr, thru .till luing rourv Iwitrr, ml
uall add "Tar, thru ork m the intiked
kUIo with mm.ii and alurnattly add milk
and liour mUturr. Make a xt(t duiiith, roll
into a thf ft, rut into found-, (.inch a hole in
th center with thr ringrr and frt in Jcrpfat.
Pat fur fr inj; should not U hot rnough
to hruwn tlve douplmut until it hn men.
W'hrn the lUiughnui i dropid into the fit
it tinkt to the bottntn. At tiKin a it tomti
ui it ihoiiM Ik turned and turned a minilxr
(litiineii while cooUnt:. 'I'hii recij i. e.
crllent a the y do not take the fat m friti
juid wilt .t.n nu. Li fur .U). i
I 1
.11 li 1 f. f t
To tin Nation lieinoiratic Convention
I I' ud Adv ) .
U !!
. I J IMI., ali,l IIa ..... !.,..
naM' 1U nit' siui' ait ;il (iittum ttllU' lllHtl tin to iHrt ten time or this iuv tver ................ ... .. ,
v lia ,t..tlnr tm ilistit. 1 111..I11.!. s tin. WM- 51!! " . .. m -,
buaih "iiilr.i .liUliKi'i IJuyiMUUotlUMluiilU'SltiilJuiUlX. tihcrw-WmlsSUMMY E3&BBB,- a. 4
lit J , lUUlllO DVUlOli C5 o o 000o I v' '' '" i'1"' fv , nFSi L1" ilfiav Lv !&
" .-'-, . o o o Co tii-tiiiou) 'rm aii -! f fe' B-B "
G. M. ROBERTS Ballot Number 54
The Progressive Young
Man with the Experience
'Would ou enjov in tnipcrt..nt iitij.
torntj wlii) bad er i end a.ted a jn
tion hi' '
ur oft a an at-
l)o -von think thai a service of vm Mm fn iiie nale livMattire
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