Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, May 17, 1916, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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j personal;
Thf W (i'hIiiii 1 ' llii' World ;ir
holding l!i' -outln-in On troii lllrirt
convention ;' Grant" i'.is toflat
with rfplceniPH ir"-nt from all ihf
I (Ml Ren from Kiitn" to Klamath rail?
3 11 MaUchsy, assistant kwtI
frrlKht aitMit of th Southern Rnrlflr
at Portlan'l, and well known In MM
fonl, han been promoted to an
nl-tant Bnral frHaht aitcnt in
rharst" of lnt-rtat cotiimPNP inaf
ttr tilth fcaatlquarters at San Fran
fltio ll will lie aurrwdud l W.
V Mftltr. rin iiirlnfm!-nt of th4
Coon Hay, Kimra & Kasltrn nt
M it mh field
In Voe xirea trading stamps with
crv thing pxeept grurrl.
K M. Mandevlllc, aicotnpamcd i
Mh futility, arrived In Medford thl
moi ninit to look over lh valley
.in hilly and, If plMMwd, locate here
Mr tfandevllle, who la a lice man,
fume from Dexter, N. X.
ct your mllK, rream, niittfir, 8RKs
mid buttermilk at D Voe'a.
l.'iula Davlaa mi creed ed in goltlnit
tin ford nutomnblt of John OroflM
Im'R onto tho (trade of the road to
Ma Bine Idite and brlnalnn It to the
'tty with IW own power. That la the
Mkt thai backed off of the road to the
Bftte tad: mine on Runday and was
aarsd from a plunge of rtno feet Into
tit Apploitaf river only by landing
agalnsl a anag at th apiier edge of
lh precipitin. No one waa hurt.
Typewriter paier of alt kind at
X ad ford Printing Co.
fTfca Itoyal Neighbor will postpone
Ihalr aoclal until next month, on ur
Cflniil of the commencement exer
otoaa. The world's graataat companies
ITolHiM. The Insurance Man. "
Attorney William P. Herrln, chief
cahhmI for the 8onlbrn I'arlfU'
otMnpaay, passed Ihrongh Medford
yatrUy afternoon, en route to
Portland. Mr. Herrln la a Jaokaon
otHtnir buy.
Again 1 aay. If I had It dull aafa
tf rater blade I would take them to
llMlh'a Drug Store, apposite Naah
HAtal and have them raharpnad.
Mr. F. I'onnlnglon yf Rtlllwater,
Ming., accompanied by the Mlaaea
Idna and J. A. Mnlvay of the same
elijp, arrived In Medford thla morn
) for a brlaf vlalt in the valley,
with hMdqnartera at the Holland.
They motored from California, to
wa!h stale they had ahlpped their
Sltt off on Xodaka at Weston's
Camera Shop.
Thomaa W Brook a, secretary of
Ik California Insurance company, ar
rived la Medford thla morning from
8aH Francisco. He la the a neat of
John A Wemerlund at the Holland.
J. N. Kleff, it business man of w
York City. Is enjoying u lrlf vlalt
in Medford thin wtek
J; U. Clerking, tue beat Mil rend
NHtograpbar hi aonthara Oregon.
Alwsys reliable. Negative mad any
, tlm or place. Stud to tS
MmHi it. Phone IIO-.T.
A ton of 'Very ultractlve eapimr
arrived thla morning from the
t.n at Kaatern mine, in the tiquaw
iik-Iv iliBiriit, having Ikhmi hauled
Iiihii In tuam. TIiIk iiiIihi, h ret-tnt
llMovirx, la lorHtetl tin I In- iri'Kon
nil III I lit' Hlllf l.l'llt!" lllslliil, till. I
i uvtiiid lu'l'.ittii lliu I. mill iMHiii i J
.Urn tan Of Htt' up' li l'llitf
' Ml I" l lit tl" I' K MIX lli'l il hi n
in ii r il ti. . teKtoil it- i.i x.ilii'
Iim.iI miner imnoiinif tl ih!i ni'
i hi on C i .i 1 1 8Im fii Hi -i liixi
i ml ik flnlaliH. nd koiluk nnilli
W i Ilium Von der Helkn of Welkn,
ienf Wednesday In Medford atund.
Ing to btiRlnena mattprii
Batba 25c. Hotel Holland.
.Indite William V Crowell will kave
in the morning for Butte Fade for
Hn auto outing
Dft Voe buys boor bottle.
Mr. and Mr Goofge Manfi'-'d of
I'roFiiPCt, Hre Hppndlng fpv dii- in I
the cltv vlltltu frienda and nttnd-
tng to liiiflneixi matteri
Smoke a King ftpftt cigar. Re.
They are homo-mad. tf
Morrl Snipe) Leonard wan op
erated on nt the Kai red Heurt lion
(lr W Clancy
If 1 nnted to aave 70c I would
take mv 12 dull aafpt raaor hlnde
to lleuth'a Urug Store, opponitn Naah
llot'-l and havp them reharpened
Mr WJi k Kox wa operated on
at tin- Hucrcd Heart hodtal Tin kiIii
Hr londltlon la reported ex-lent
Dr. Klrchgeaaner will b at IfeUI
Haah vry Wednenday. Hoar for
conatilUtlon 10 to 3.
Walter r. t.amed hnH returned
from a abort bnalnn trio to YiVka
t'al., and other northern California
Bee Dave Wood about that fire in
aurance policy. Offlc Mall Tritium
fr. K. H. Heely rttitrned Wedne
day morning from Alban, where he
attended the ntate nhoot.
Your lawn mowoi- maeuln aharp
anod at MUchalla. Phon 2o-J.
W W. I'aaher of Aalilnnd, trans
acted hualnea matter In thla city
The alfalfa fectlllaer eyperlments
leng conducted by the 8outhern Ore
gon experiment Mitt Ion are Interest
Ing and Important. K very on o Inter
ested la Invited to accompany the
automobile excursion Friday after
noon at 2 o'clock, May 19, to the al
falfa field In the vicinity of Med
ford and ascertain results of the
method and the fertllrxera naed.
The preliminary hearing of A. P.
Barney, charged with Mealing gold
from a placer claim In .Joaeplilne
county owned tiy Mr. Witt, la be
ing heard In Justice Taylor's court
thla afternoon. There are twenty
witnesses to he heard.
lMg Se mllkghakiM at Ite VV.
Jamea Whlttaker of Olendale, Or.,
I attending a few day In the city
on hualneaa.
He sure to go with the automobile
excursion next Friday, May 19, at
2 p in., to vlalt the alfalfa fertiliser
experiment in alfalfu fields near
Medford. The experiment are lm
portant to every farmer In I he val
lien C Sheldon attended to hual
neaa matters and fixed political
fences In the Central Point dIMrl.t
The regular weekly drill of Seven
th eompanv will be held .at the arm
ory thl evening.
Whipping rream at ReVoe'a.
H J. (Irani of Uunsmuir, Cal , It
spending the week in Medford at
tending to business matter
William Kahler of Klnmntli Fall,
hit returned to hi home after it week
innt In thl rli
If Mm m ml eiittim In tavHlion
vote 7o I C lleriinc lumber.
Central I'ulnt t
j The Rht between the ' regular '
and Insurgent" wings of thu repub
lican part) for committeeman is be
ing waged with lgor, caiididate on
both sides soliciting for votes There
Is more Interested manifested In the
1 result than in any committeeman
vote for yjurs.
.1. C. Herring, a rancher near On
tral Point, who Is a candidate for
county gaaeesor, la known throiiKli-
i out the valley as a progressive ran h-
er capable, public spirited and In
every way qualified to fill the ef-
fice. 49
Vinton Beall of the Central Point
'district, wa a businrsn lsitor In
the clt Wednesday
I I'runk Hliet-of .laiknonvllle spent
W'ednestlux In this citx HttendlllK to
iniln''S matter"
oid r Mi- liy ii
aid to I e Hi ' it '
i i&- '" " '"' " '
, , ,,M- i. IMili'l frlllllllnP
o t !' ' ilte" 'inlldeis
Well, we ve got to giv up hop
about Ka Laurel, Ijojh.
Hhe'a married.
Kay Laurel, if you don't happen
to know It, la called the moat beau
tiful American girl. When ahe waa
a telephone operator In ICrte, Pa.,
her dulcet voice I suld to have per
suaded many a folk to have a tele
phone In their home.
Then Kuy worked for i while la a
doctor's office In Cleveland.
Then Kay wa engaged by Florena
riegfeld, Jr., for M lolli-s show,
and everbod in little old New York
began talking about the sloe-eyed
beauty from Cleveland.
Now come ono Wlnfleld It. 8hee
han, and weds the handsome Ku
Shechan waa a police reporter on a
New York paper. He became ecr
tary to Police Commissioner Waldo
and was prominent during the !nn
tlgatlon of the Jtoaenthal murder, lie
I an official In a moing pit tun
company now.
" a.'- -rsr"
Attorney O. M Itoberta attended B. K. Johns of Koaeburg, attend
to legal business In the county seat led to business matter In this it
for u few hours Wednesday. j Tuesday, leaving Tor Ban Francisco.
A. I.. Beebe of Hilt, is ammding Wednesday mnmiH.
the week In Medford attending to
business matters.
It. I.. Powell or Grants Pass, Is
tendlng the week In Medford visit
ing friends and relative.
F. U. Harrison of Ashland, trans
acted business In this city for
few hours Wednesday.
Thomaa Wane of Alameda. Cal., Is
among the out-of-town vhltorn in
the city.
I). U. Potter of Yreku. Is iiinunt!
the out-of-town visitors lu the tt
thla week.
The annual picnic of the illey
Pride creamery on the Appli Kaie will
be held tomorrow A number of peo
ple will attend from Hits city. It
Is the pintle t-vent of the war In
southern Oregon
The CoirKti Women's club of this
city, will hold a picnic at l.lthla park
In Ashland early In June.
J. It Coleman of Talent, int
Wednesday In thl it attending to
business mutter.
Since the rooster imitation lias
,irlni'ii Kuchtu at the Holland hotel
have in run to protint against a cou
ple of braliiK mule and a irowliiK
M.tnluiii iteloiiKlng to Dr llelins, who
xer Ise their wnal ciiidh at nlRht
Kiaiik WilllttitiK of tlrants ',i, hi.
lentil d to liiMlness tiutlttrtt in this
in V i iIiumIih
Mrs. Bert K. Qreer and dniinbter
of Ashland are rlltlng friends In
thl city this week.
Andrew Jeldnes of the Mine Ledge
district, is spending a few dn in
the cltv on business.
u r. rw3 2 ise
-srsrr u
A cleer comedienne In a riot of
laughter, supported l a capable com.
pany in a clever pla Ma Itobson
In "The Making Over of Mrs. Matt '
Is the attraction promised for Thurs
day night at the Page theater Th
piece Is full of scenes of live, icrlp
plnK emotion, true comed, us w 11
as keen thrusts at the foibles of to
day, and Is said to contain more
laughs to the minute than an other
stage presentation, and Miss Robhon.
who never disappoints an ninii u , is
naid to be inimitable In the stellar
role The production carrld bv th
itar will tie found thorough adi
iiialf, and 1 1 f iivlroiimf ni it)'
ui nmrdlni;. ir ilil to Mi of .t bh Ii
ILBn.E!l tfE'5i
m n iii HOfC M I S B
Cheap nubtUtutss cott YOU sam price.
As a Woman Sows
i n i: is
l'i iilllHltit the si mi- I'l.itii (.lit.
Tilt HI. HOIHNstiN timl l l .
iii it ani
1 I it.t I Mittelpliilltv lie I ll
Theodore's TerribleThirst;
A t oiifcilj In a ( IttM, l) ItM-ir. lil
sIioh if th- I ital lttv.1 Hi l HICK.
.V SI) lite.
('oininu 'I'liiiiomiH, tlio CiiiimmUhm
nirr.ient n roit MiMiiti:, in
' liltttttii.- I'tMldett l)Ht WtH.t." Ifj. a
I 'it lit lie ti ii l, hicli .Xeaito h IjiiikIi
I I'm StMrt tu I'lilMi.
Thin n rd thi m ei
liomilh fine (ual
i t sold bv u out
absolutel) lorreit
st.iti'meutit .is tu
weight ami perfec
tion, have won us
the reputation us
being the most
logical store to
purchase diu
niond from
all, Investigate, convince
up sute noii monct .
-X vK
Seamlofts Woddiug Kings
I l-U ltT, IN-K i:.t
$3.00 AND UP
See the ih-vv rliu mounting In
platinum and mi'i'ii and while uold
TlleM Hi' Hulk of .III
Martin J. Reddy
tiik .ii:wi:m:ii
IkUort Mhhj'. WolciHiie.
I.iii.i rt 111.
hi to the l
i Intent VI
v i t-imd
. 1 . 1 1 1 til Cl
i' . i .ii liei'
ii in 1 1 .ni.
. i r.ii', ,
iiillite Hi
I- ill .IK liei
poarliiiir mh
i otiiliCon II
the river it
Jtleilili il
irn, i hi- r..i.. muiii
i IlldUnll I il " bi'Ol lm
I 'tiiill of tin li i I i"-
i i ii ut at iii 'In' i
I fit ,1 I' It ll tllll ll
passt d lulu no
1 mouth uiiii lull
i ii irullbl, a- l i '!
owevei , Lei iin'
' 'ineitlle our' 'm
' ii t n tmrolt-'il no
' , slut wa fi mi
:i iiltllon lie fouiiil
to Ihe iii to HI liiotb' i
tin lnMruiL .titil it i-
fiiif,3nir t lio
.i. n lihltt or
JiO'l llli're Ib.i i
)(... tl liei ii
the i itv to)A
deeilod !''l for nil i mi. ertli ii lliu
ltfll 1m Ho jsHen the mluMit I
t(ula'n Hilt he will reelvt at lb.
Mllfxil Instead ot Wllliin awa ilie
vt r- HUi Kluiru
i in: v oi i.i ii an. I lini-
n i -t.i '. n tr ii'ili
ii t l.ul.l III I is in
Hi ti .n .' to i il Hit -
niit(-fs aad i m i i .1 '
notes neua run tar in (lowp i ., ,
r! J':'- ii monlh.
At'.iiUfV II K ltt.iitt i'CPt
vVedDesdat crriiK Titnv U0
attending to I3l nm'e-
Try WIPg ei.lit !? i.i in
oourage home luduitrv (f?
Krleud of M' I. i.u.. kbju
iiry of the Klks' loi aie .ii(ii(Uu
m wriloiiu hlx HUlliu (B Jl0.t( no
eratic tleKet at the pitman
for county Tlerk
. tmi, tr ItUO foi lOiHlif. I
rordertnd ikjfeutii
BaHnlrT' iV'VBBBnBBBc'
1 t.i Ci Ii iil Rollins ii St i In
i i , l in. it M . i
i' l v t i 1 1
p. ' -
Hopes Women Will
Adopt Jhis Habit
As Well As Men
ef het twatcr eich mem
helps ut leek and fcl
cln, iwrrt, frh,
Singler Advocates Wilson
St il, ma-ill nt II SIllKler, ill le 'ted to nillililit a I i III I'llforti'lllent ol , to i .tiiilul.tei of K Y. Wilson, i our m w pruiijlililon statute
tint is M-iulnn tin republican uoiiii-1 An official audit of all tountv
tuition foi lieri'! office recent I v fin I lied ami up!
I hate been requested hy friends of 'proved b the county court on Man It j
. i
H ' ,
'Hi Ii.
I t U III. .11
M u
t l
I i i.l.i
Jul III (Bl.lil" III
r-- -n
j a. .. LJ
I'm r
I i',
'i'-' t.rlght, alert lgoroii rvnd
- Kuiul rlewr skin .t ii tt
rmnpl. (ton and froetloiu
i i.i-. artt assurvtl onl) by
' iibt Idood. If nl etery
ml ukcmtitti every niuii could
' id.' wiiudtr-i of tli morning
' iiuii what a Kratlf)lug cltango
1 ' u.ii place
l . i i of the tboiisttinla tif alcklf,
i .. ' i i h)Inik ii it. women ami
. h pasty ir itiiiiidv nunpleo
u i -. iiis'enii tif the ii.ultllude. of
'in ne nricku, Mill. low n.i," "brttlll
to. ' ! ' , .nlitlUls We Mhotllil See
' iiiub-llo llirunt; of IMSy-
.i ' 'I'lo ei i whero.
n i .. Pitt It 1 had by drlnkinit,
tuli nuiniliiK before breakfast. .J
i:lu of renl hot water with it tea
iiK.tiful of itmenimio phosphate In It
to irth from the stomath. Hut, MiJ.
Ut mi 1 It u tulH of lumlt the i r.v
tllH.-. ll IV !. llldlt-'l Ull'l' lclst, Ml ir
JlHTIlK ll'llttnti till (Mi I..M.S. lliu
fli.tii-.lui." Htt, fit iiin. an t fr-ht n'lti;
till Itltro Ulllut-llt IIV i.u4l tetotv
jsuuii t? Hurt fnt'il info tli "ii h
lliHti t-i.t ti t to . i k h.i!ai ' e bit
!iiittiiH ptt PreittH r eumjitikin
dtltlf arid lMrt.i'tilr ttiW whilltU
i.,.r'"4. iiiao iv o i A giiil ta1'!) wttni'l. vam .u.4 m
tf iu!Miit i tm t"irn, rt
tu Ltd to t nil A t i vttr '.til Ol
Itinfwt., r1-,. t ha t the !rmr j
(vihuk iil ti.ft lut m V t it
miWi t. M pi iisiii lie tviii'.
Jii.t I. (i ii le i Imiui in h tfl b i a
Hil1 ui.pi a .itne 'it a I. hi. I'M-e C1'
"' '""l praitlie interiul mii.U a ion Va taoid
IS -ai i i,T n irn tiiber yit lutl l (BUstitlliia It
luw t-nfoneiitent and dean Kllilc to
submit a "tateiiK m a to the work of
Mr Wilson in the sheriff's office ilur
iiiK tin Incitii 1 1 in s of in!elf a
hae the I
t. in Iii. contalna the following in
regard to the sheriff's office.
Total collections aud fee. J.1''.,
"t 1.
All these tax collection have bom
i Nt h
U i i
I I 1
M .11
I. I'l
l I
Midi lUjiul,
14 11 it t '
i$i ui it
I - In V l. II
t '" en,
Dt ti hi ta' m
luritf. and In m idlng
follow In to ut f t promptly deposited In the treasun
K W WilKon has for the past three The sheriff la observing the law re-
and one hall Near been thief deput, 1 quiring all delinquent to be brought
directly in charge of the service and j forward on the current rolls, and m-
criminal department of the office, heitured. upon the tag receipts. Thi is
da aUo remitted taluable service to a huge tak, and they are doing the
the tax depart mi nt. and during hi -work as diligently as possible dur-
1 inline hs depiin it complete reor-'iag the stress of a heavy tax rollec-
.uuatloii of ia lollectloB ha lieou tlon. It ts praleworth In the sher-
lita ti unrated, the 1 pcnae of collection Iff to find his office admiiiistereil
t. rea rtitiiml I'i'Uer inrtiie ren-! with no bustle or confusion. Onlt
'tiered and a i-ioat utnouju ot tiork 'expert men are emploed in the of-
iloiie in (tu -elfort to iollet deltn- fice. In the tax collet tlon and other
iiiint taxes department of the office And It is
Three fori iloeure suit ardriv.itinK .1 Kteat pltaurc to find Jackson
$.' ! nun in In h ill ot the cumin Into count lomini; forward .is one of the
' in in-muted .t'td deltniii'lit t.tie tn M off let red and eitilpped lOtinlies
t 1 ttur.ihiii- uk tarrit t for w Aid 111 the t.ite rndoubtedl.i it I n
nil "utri! mi ititrtnt trt roll t outt to tmplov otili efficli nt men tn
Titr 4t t erintie gained i Mr tin ofilte ot tax inlltnor I bate
''sen it4 f tit I Mm to render ven stauied ettri tax mile-Hon and
W. il III -
If ,11 -I
Ill 1 -
.I'.te" in
1 u-ii mo
o -a 1
ml 4U$ iior 4iifiHtriut thjjjj $ iVflde. lo
, I (Bittke ll e flilii l it - not 'tbM9' ImtnJ?
- "-" "" T" -'iii . ... c T. ' . '.
iiliuioe stniiH to the tttt paer
a4 t do not e'ttie It aditsa'le that
t 'tml th4ne tie made In this lm
irtAnt o'Hte At tola time
I V4U ad?, i t'out nurcaaful con
m Ii tis, tHt '. ahtnff'a off tie !
i .ti n,e ii- tt-aiitiou 1 a the
1 r ' 4t litkiigi enftitti Tkn It uchi'H
(i ,1 fu-.ii M. 1 u-. due Li the urtiir I IK"i"'i,Ulv itiibmittod
n - rrou d? Ue Wftlaift, ad I i
"cj, i.$tti-mt hym t fh ieirl
f, r ,v j nn ti t in -Kir
txert lee nuning Into the ofiiie unit
I t Bd nothiag nut of place or en
tend wmngH Thu ts au uuusuall
good ret'ord
i :tltic Mr Wilson work merit
lOtr fm 1 !u r In Riving him
4ur gipi'rti'i in the rou.iiiR prliQttr
t T
00 sin .ti)'
yB - - "'
&?',' &i$S5P j
Big Lamb's Wool Polisher
Easily worth 50c. Sold
A a h I a 4-tk t no x Ciiivii. 4
r d Peasant it 25c. With
CftW.H 03C.
HtttaA'irWax and Oils
Contains tfrlnjurlous Matcrixl,"Good
for all Leathers, The Quick, Durable
Shine. Accept no Substitute. If
Dealer rcannot Supply you send to
SthrolA Company, Rochester, N.Y
- .ri'cn Arv
'ITu- Mh lm mi inti n -t tilm 1 1'l.iiiicil fur tnfl.iv,
Playing TONIGHT only-
A Supreme Metro Wonder Play of Romance
presenting dainty
arCTerite Snow
Autoing from Los An
gela to Boar Valley
A flip of llliHMiitl inteii-it to
ikiIiiIhIh it paiioi.iiiiM nt iinn lielltllt
showing latest current
zzzmedford's LEAoffifMbiioff pTcTure theater n
otorists, Attention!
Tile sti:t..ii-l iiiid lim.t ililt l'i'.tiiiy; ltiu iny; f i 1 1 1 1
!' .1 iit'ilui' t-.ti in ;;i 'inn t-vi-r nit llu- . ift n
The Winning of the Dyas Trophy.
Bear Valley Race
Fighting Sand, Water, Mud and Snow.
A 1m i thf
Los Angeles-San Francisco Record Smashing Car at
the Finish.
PAGE TomorrowNip'ht
TU E ATRE Not a Motion Picture Show
MAY 1 8
M li u o s.-
Ami Her Original Metropolitan Company
"Making Over of Mrs. Matr
The Roariiuj Coined by James J'orbcs
Author "The Chorus Lady" Etc.
Sunshine and Laughter; p"ces
No ToarS to Follow liio
I'o CD. ll ''
i '
. o-u; ,,i, ; iia" .- at.d e,'iMily fit
(P'ua yif j
. ssn i-m
( uri 1 i 1 ett ia uie Uirly ii tf tcet.Ii