Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, April 21, 1916, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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    T'AOf; TWO
MForoiMi ffn ri:rr:ir. AM hi own. ni.i'n ii.ii, J'l.ii i
t 'l
H O. Radars, Jr., promfBent and
n youaa bniMM man or
itfMaad. fraawarted bnalaeae In this
Ky aatarday, retnraiaa name laat
faa Bedford riar aMara glee
tMTcaaa f theater tickets. SO
Aa iMltr aaarlee pram ffieetlag
iH to aW aViadsr at I: SO sharp at
tha rreabyterlaa charrh. All nem
fcara f tae eaureh ami tkalr frtad
lira hirltesl l attn4.
Wa ar prepared whetaer you ar
iMklng for a handeame allk dreaa, a
suit, a roat or a pretty hat. Alto tha
propar fHntlahlaia to complete tha
outllU Ahraas.
Tfta Rsrarorta leagva will ho tit a
sunrise prayer mealing" at fl.SO at
the M K. church, ISaater morning.
All members of the rhurcli and league
are nuked to ba presont.
Do voe gives, trading stamps with
UTorythlnR oxcopt grooorlos,
J I. I'onlyce, agont supervisor of
tho Now World Ufa Insurance com
panv, with headquarters at Spoknno,
U'ahlngton, who had liuen onjoylug
a business ioourn In southern Ore
gon and northern California for ton
day, will leave this ovoiiIiik on his
return up atato.
Tloron Invltaa yon to visit his
Rrrenhouaoa and tee IjwIiIIhk atook.
Mr. and Mra. I. 1C. Wakemaii
motored to Aahland tqdny on hual
news U I waa thinking or ualiiK potro
lpinn or any mineral oil for constlim
tlon or Rtomnoh trouhln I would mo
lert one of the well known brnndi
cnrrlml nt Htxtth's Drug Store, op
poolto Nash hotel. 2 A
L. K. Wakoman, a local Insurance
man, haa boen appointed ganarnl
ngi'iit for Jackson, Joaaphlno and SIm
hlvou count loe for tho Now World
l.lfe Inattranea company. Ilo and J.
1' Fordyoo roturnml thla morning
from a IniRlnoea vlitlt to Siskiyou
Tin of Stag frto with oaoh plpo
bought at Modrord Cigar Btoro. SO
A phonograph concert will he given
at tho public library from B to (I
o'clock Sunday aftornoon.
Wo hnvo mill Monks and onn do
llvor prouuitly. Dig I'lnoa l.mnlior
Harry Manning, ownor of tho Won
der storo, waa fined B by Police
Judge Oay for Ignoring tho warning
to remove defective wiring.
U mar b cloudy today. Do not
H that stand In the way. Waster
nuv come out moat beautiful. He
prepared. We can aerre you In all
jour wants. Ahrans.
I h Klymi. formerly an employe
of the Med font Rleetrlc company
linn accepted tha poellloH or tltne-ie-per
for the Oregmi-l'tah Sugar
iciiipany at Oraata Pass, and haa
gotio to aaaume charge or the work.
I, I' Olean. or Trail, la a IiiibI
ne8 visiter In Med ford tur a raw
Dr. Htonksnten new praotlelng
again. 140 Heutli Holly, Phone 862-X.
'' ".""."f" rl!Artr(IOrT WflUlD SAVE
li.i- n.nt.1 .,-e.lHl injuria or mei , flLp 0N f(AM6f
iionv ror .woaoay evoaing. prii it,
An lajelafiew af fa)mMNM Hi feMfiNMni
la IflaetrMed ty lit Plea 1 Mfg r
a-no kara dyoa whieli coat IMmi 2r
par pofttMl end can bow ha atld tor
tSS.OO yet they ar retalalng them to
make their type writer ribbon, and
carbon the aame high quality nri at
the aame price before. Th Mri
ford Book flora aall their produ"
Rlbbaaa put ra macblnea free of,
ckarge. 2fi
A. A. Croft, of Agate, returned '
kome last evening, after a day of
bnalnaaa In I hla city, t
flra the florlat hacholceat bed
ding planta. Oreanhoaaes Kaat Main.
Sam Sandry, the fluh-eereen anper
Intandent, tranaacted bualneaa In
Medford yaaterday, returning to
Rogue river laat evening.
Typewriter paper all klnan, nt
Med lord Printing Co.
The ground of the new Moral
building are being cultivated ami
beautified by the ladlea, who are ft ret
to In t ttraat themaelvea In aueh mat
Smoko a King Splti cigar. Cc
Thoy aro homo-mado. tf
Mra. I. I.. Hamilton, after an ab-
nonce of a month In Soattlo, whore
alio vlilted with her daughter, Mra.
McCullough, hna rettirnoil homo.
Without a doubt wn oan nave you
money on your Hnter outfit.
.ludgo Wlthlngton nttondod to bua
lneaa mnltora In tho county aoat yes
terday. Any article In our corner din-play
window SRe. M. V. &H. Co. SO
The temperature dropped rapidly
In thla valley thin morning after 9
o'clock. A heavy froat la predicted
for tonight. It la hoped that tha
woather man haa mlaied hla gueaa
again, ua In former caaea ao far thla
Attorney flua Newbury haa movod
IiIh office to tho third floor of the
M (Hi ford Furniture and Hardware
Interior rramo work ror tho now
bUNlnoaa block on the corner or Weat
Main and Kir atreota In being rapidly
placed, flood progreaa la being made
on tho building.
Are you prepared ror tho Hauler
parade. If not look to u lor tho fln
lihlng tnuclioa. Ahrona.
Tonight, liiitend or thla afternoon,
aa huretoforo publlahed. tho Parent
Toachora' circle of tho Wuahlngton
achool will hold Ita moating. Super
intendent HIIIIm and Judge Kelly will
( I- i , hi nt y i
font i iKlinr l bl ivifK
Hertram V. llanderMiii. of Vreka,
CaHfarnia, fa In tfce city (nfnr. Imv
ln to flvma by mgf f ihia eftf !
reaek the Nine Let dlrtrlel. wtetre
i.r la eiUKHHvair aHHfeitnd.
m$ U nlnmilnlal U 0 f ffS. '
i k ( Howien, we veieran marnor
of Kaale Pofnt InSleta, vMfetf In
M'-dford rrltfgv.
Rathe f. -ffnttl Holland.
( lilef Thre lloarK
Monntninn of ll went should ha
monumentn to the Indian, the Hlnek
feet Indian claim, and Three Moara,
hraviwt warrior of the llluekfeet, linw
aont a iwtition to Secretary of the
luterior Lane ankiog that "Trick
I'm 1 1" and wiiuilar name be changed
to nainea of Indian leaders.
t'harlea Henry, or the Steamboat
dlHlrlct, tranaacted bualneaa In thla
ilt eaterday, leaving on hla return
home thla morning.
Hee our ahnw window and what
ou can buy lor SSe. M. K. & II.
lack r Morilll, or Oold Hill, re
newed arn.ualntanee with old-time
frttii.U In tkla elty yeatarday, after
an alwence of aeveral moutha In thu
IlMwailan lalauda.
We are aelllng the high grade
Ohmptc Khmr at a aneriflee beeauae
m are uveratorked. Rvery aaek la
giiitranleed to give eatlafMtlou. I
)i Hrown.
Thoinaa Upton, of Klamath Fall.
la a bualneaa vial tor In Medford and
M. Hilly
Cat your milk, eream, kHtter, egga
and buttermilk at Do Vea'a.
Kdaar llafier haa returned from
a visit to hla aawmlll iniereata In
the Hiitt Kalla dUtrltl.
I)r Klrchgeaaner will be at Hotel
Nuah every Wednesday. Itoura ror
conaultatlon 10 to S.
lr J V. Iteddr. of (Iraata Paaa.
la attending a few daya In Medford
on bnelneea.
One thing on which there la no
"war price" la Amatel Pound paper
and envelopea We have abaorbed the
three ralaea In price You pay the
name. Medford Book Store. SO
Una PraneU. proprietor of the
Kagle reaUurant on Kaat Main atreet.
la waking Interior tinnrovementa in
Ma ptaee of bualneaa and adding an
eteetrt an aklniiiR and hat clean
Mag ngepnratna.
9m One Wood about that flr ln
fnirenweo pettay. Office Mall Trlbuno
8ua Hederie. of Waldo. Jewpb
llin ooailt) U vpeudlnt e few dua at
totiilJjiic to buuiDtti lo Ihia cltv
Cteilnr oil Bvoia now an ' at S'
at M. V. t V Co 2r.
j. H Coleman of Talent, returocd
Itautft liuu cvoiu after oueellniv to
. Jewu.J i& tbts iv daring tee d'av
TV njuA'gyeli1 TMar&ftc agenrv
4ios tMwimr ib lew to Un?
8itfS(?Mf,'b) HMK iVttn?tj
Medford NalfJttWJiaBK iwjf
addreaa the circle on the aubject 0r M1,rl,n"
"Junior Thrift ICxhlblt." Mra. Wal- r,M,'H "
tor Mundy will give u vlctrola con
cert. The public la luvlted.
Tho world's greataat companloi.
Ilolmee, The lhauntnee Man.
W. D. Wright, of Seattle, la at
tending to bualneaa mattara In thla
city today.
(latea aella 1'ord cart, 1300 down
and SS a month.
Chaa. P. liarkman, of Princeton,
Uliuota, la a Med fold vlaltor today.
and may extend hla Inveatlgatlona
Into other parta or the valley.
Another one of thoae popular pa
vlllioH daucea at tlold Hill on Sat
urday evening, April tt. Plenty of
good muale. Oood roada lor auto
partlea and good time generally.
J. O. (larking, tno boat all around
photographer In southern Oregon.
Alwaya reliable. .Venn Uvea made any
where, time or place. Studio X2&
Main St. Pheno .1X0-1.
(I. Y Harry and Judge W. II. Can
noH went to Aahland thla afternoon
to aaalat in the organlaatlou of the
Wood i oh Wllaon club there tonight.
Come In and aee our jr.. 00 Heater
Special. Mlaa tauuabury, milliner.
M M. Dept. Store.
Joe Dannebauiu, of Seattle, la en
Joying a buainea aojouru In Medford
and aurrnuudlng territory thla weak
We have mill bloeka and can de
liver promptly. Hlg Plnea Uumbei
T. M. Hughea, of Seattle, who
ateadfaatly inaleta that he cannot af
ford to be a candidate for the ptea
Idency aa loim aa bualneaa continue
to litiiirote as It la no, la enjoying
a atop In Medford a day or two.
lneure your auto in tha Alliance
agftlaat theft, tire. 0. Y. Tengwald.
Prealdent Pat Welch of the Kogue
River Volley Canal company arriv
ed In Medford today to attend to bua
lneaa matter relative to hia eUeu-
alve lnteroW here
Weaton Camera Shop far flrtt-eleaa
"Cltliena not familiar with the pro
posed route of the railroad to and be
yond tho nine Lodge dlatrlct," aald
a man Intereated In the mining dla
trlct, "do not real I He how much of a
population the little valley a and cultl
vatalde oovea along the way will hold
and aupport. A number of beautiful
ulclioa of rich toll, on which wild
graaaea now grow In great abundance,
will afford room for many orcharda
and gardena for the hardy growtha
that mature In abort aeaaona, and for
hoga and eowa and ror a row aheop.
The range will be abundant. Many
comfortable liomea will he oatabllah
ed along the Hue In theae place
when transportation means ahall have
been provided."
We have mill bloeka and can de
liver promptly. Hlg Plnea Lumber
Try n King Spitz cigar and en
courage homo Industry. tt
Postmaster IC. J. K liter of Aahland,
attended the Woodrow Wllaon club
organisation in thla city laat night.
Ilo made arrangementa to hold a
In the Commercial club
of that city lor the meetltng
tonight, at which fl. Y. Harry will
effect a club organisation.
2k off en Kodaks at Weston's
Camera Shop.
A. 8. HoaeuhauM, agent tor the
Southern Pacific eompauy In thla
city, haa returned from an official
visit to the Marehfleld and Coos bay
Sweet older al Da Voe'.
Kdilor C. It. Wolf, of the Aahland
Record, waa In Medford a mlnuto to
Your lawn mo at mannlne sharp
ened at Mltchella. Phone S30-J.
Prof. A. R. Sweetaer, biologist of
the University of Oregon, arrived In
Medftrd yesterday on profeaalonal
biminea and addreased (ho student
body of I he local high school at
o'clock this morning on matters per
taining to hla department. Profes
sor Sweetaer la one of the foremost
educatora of the state and a report of
his talk to the student and hia spec
ial buslnesa In Medford at thla time
will be made tomorrow
It. Kliim, the well known hIkh writ
er and palnler, haa completed a largo
Illuminated sign for Dodge Hroa
auto house and la Installing another
for the Maaon-lChniMin Co 's place of
buslnesa In thla city Mr. Klum has
completed a large Illuminated alan
for a prominent firm in Kugene.
Onr chocolates are Medford made.
The Saaeta. tf
J. Frank Carson of Hutie Kail. I
trammeling business In Medford this
"Meet me at the Shaeta."
William Lewis, of Hold Hill. Is at
tending to bualneaa In this rlt toda
Mr and Mr K M Hall, of Pori
land, are sojourning In Medford for
a few da this week.
De Voe bnvs beer bottle
Mi uud Mrs, A. L. Yecv, with
Kvang.lltii Mathta In this riiy during
a recent revival campaign, tarried
among friends in Medford todav while
WASHINGTON, April '.' The
I nit- (ii mere' asaociiitiiifi tonny no
tihcd the deTaatiSMait of commerce
it ha -. informatioa that the Canadian
uoMriiment intenda in the future to
I'Mimine all ehirm o the flrent Inke
tmichintf Chnmlinn tHrt and remove
"iiiliir- of belligerent nation.
The UMucintion firoteslcd thai ex
ereite of xueh authority would tie up
navigation tin the lake--. The (indent
wok turned uer to tin- -lute denrt-incnt.
0ITUARY foWTMllMilO!ll
lire f tt fa ""' " "" "r " """ '
tmi4 At fHerra i!arV CI , Bedford in lio and ete ftrt , .4,fiwrr,. i, 'f. f-ey
TTWriy. April s, leia. Sfrt. V. .' 'f? f?fJ?J ,. 'L. f.-tar - ?-"
leear. fgee Ml. Nettle StMctrfft), ?JZXmlTZ 'v' " " ttm
age M year., tmm was jlf ??. g TCrJaisftSTtl r ' '" ""' f"r ' TT
RMfyfJ fa IMS rttr wtwre aft Sea .JWT Wj. re.r,lft wrtH renebm a M The
rehMlve. fitaarai esrelaaa lalee. jansoawser ajwey. n,mmtim wHI kf enjwwfw4 fir-
MNCOLK lUlph H, Llgceln. a I The faiiernl eriHW for Wwl, ' ,HrT "" " -
native of Manntrknaetta, 30 years otd. I infent on or Mr. ami Mr, r. P. I the sreMtert for uu .
a former resident of Medford. died f m.MI. will liM from Ike kmie. I left netklwf tmt imi w
at rail River. Maes. April It. after VI Vorlh Haturdav f '1 hamir ih cofaftrr f '"" ..
ten vpcmnR iwr Borciiir iir i ni., n". n'"iin innru. .........
'l survived bv a wife and two Infant i . I M fi K .(mcter. v. inland Paper
PORTLAND, Oro.. April 21. The
L. II. Menefee Lumber company heie
announced today that It had receUed
an order ror 11,000,000 feet or lum
ber from the Croat Northern railroad
to be used In the construction or
freight care.. Thla Is the largest sin
gle order placed by any railroad with
an Oregon mill for several ears. In
addition. Hie Great Northern haa di
vided an order for 3.000,000 feet
more among several other mills.
csm KB
Starting Today
I A story that is different handled with con-
summate skill by that master producer Griffith
Dramatic spct-iaclcH and beautiful
wild scenery add mut-h to the pffrliv
lipss of the jKNverftil production,
o . .,. .
I'Y.-H uriiii;
WASIIINOTON, April 21. -Scimle.
Met al 1 1 a. m.
Keeiuned dieiMieHion of good roads
lull pnividing Tedenll aid on state
.Met at 1 1 n. in.
CitiiMilerutitiii of ngiieultnral np
iroiriution hill, including forest iv
prolileinH, was renewed.
KeHolution of inquiry repuding the
detention of Samuel Hehwnrtx, an
American, by Hritieh niithoritiet, was
intniduccd bv leinHcntatie Ben
nett, republican.
An Inside Bath
Makes You Look
and Feel Fresh
Says a ohus of hot vvater'wlth"
phespbate befere breakfast
keeps Illness away.''
This excellent, common-sense
health measure being
adapted by millions.'
klhlkV flMlahltiv am) kadk Bunnllaa.
Q. M Ktrl. a buslueaa man of "" roU,,, ,0 A,n,"U- ,0 ,0,n U,r
Yreka. lallfornla, haa extended an
Invitation to members of the Med
ford Com menial club to uttend its
celebration of Its third aonlTerry
on April 2, at which time It ill
escort the remain of Messrs KnocV
er and Pessimist to the city limit and
cremate them in the presence of Kn
terprlse and Prosperity .nd their con
fident hosts Au eUcnslte urogram
haa beeu prepared, iucludint a ban
quet, mi which Ihere will be proerea
ve addresses and musle Robert
.1 Mxon. the u'tersn niaper nwii,
Will dcltxvr the funeral oration dur
ing tlm leq.uie over the abi4 of
the douuiod Kuoikvr uud Veafeltnlst.
folluwod bv other dliUojulfhed
tiienfceiV in the liaiwul hfill
Jf l yas sejns to I'rtahtsn up my
laat) ear straw hal 1 would get
Lot I b of rolorlte at Heath's Urug
Hion' oioslte Nash. Hotel
Malhi in a revival in that cilv.
P lletherton. of Portlaud, waa call
ed to Medford on bualneaa loda.
A K ' Hamber, or Butherlln. la in
Medford today on bualneaa
Postage stamps at l Voe's.
A K Chaiuuan. of Knternrise. is
attending lo buslnesa matters In this
rit it ud vltlnit) this week.
ganders, the alt around paiater. IS.
J V l.use, of 8ittherllu. Is sojourn
ing In this ctl and vicinity for a few
Olympic flour 11.10 a saek. 5.B0
a barrel. L R. Brown.
John A. 0en, head of the lumber
company of that name, left for the
east last night
r?rOllKr"trader" nite bred
blalk horse aurrev. new hurueaa
96M rrltscale. Ili-rtic 2 Medford 32
Phyalotana the world over recom
mend the Inside bath, ota lining thla Is'
of vastly more Importance than out
eld oleanlluvaa. because the sklu'
Iteres do not absorb Impurities' into
the blood, oauaitiR III health, whllo the
IHtrea In the tea arda of bowel do.
Wen and wom n are urged to dnuk
oaeh morniug, before breakfast a
gleae of hot water with a teaspoonful
of llmeatotie in It, aa a
harmless moans of helping to wash
from the Btoaiaio. Hver. kidneys and
bowels the previous day's indigestible
material, poiaoue, sour bllo nnd toxins;
thua.oleanslnK. sweetening and puri
fying the outlro allmeutury cunal be
fore putting more food luto the atom-
Just aa soap and hot water clcwnse
and fraahen the skin, ao hot water and
Umestoue idioephate act on the elim- ,
luatlvo organs. i
a ThoMi who waKo up with bad breath,
coated tongue, nasty taato or have a
dull, aching head, sallow completion,
acid stomach, others who are subject
to bilious attacks or oonailpation,
bbouhl obtain a quarter pound of lime-
stone "pboephato at the drug store. ,
This will cost very little but Is sum
cleat l to dcmouMtrute the value of In- i
aide bathing Those who continue It
each moraine; am assured of pro- i
ittowaeeu meuits. both la regard to apiiearsiiee. "
Tiww HMs I! n Houa will Krlp yes tm
Ikiw fcipJiaw t... irtukMdB Omt latal )
mi hiiiiki tunti mui bMkaa Uw
Medford BooUtlfre
Orrm Johnson, Starred In "The Pent'
i tuntei," New Triangls-Pin Art
Broadway Legit. Star
a,ld Seeoa Owen j
Co -Star of the Lamb
And the rtiinctlv Hit,
Designed to exi3el dull care
Featuring the Ford Sterling
Funny Pair Polly Moran
Leading Motion
Picture Theatre
mJ$ am. Im 11
& '& Sb tteP m
Leading Motion
& Picture Theatre
-, , ii ii-1 a i
IajVJ. "Jai . i j ' s 1 nWsaannBaWs " Nl i i " Ta'N
WT J'-' ,riaaa. -f CA4 f, M
J 2 aster Footwear JSp(Si A
No Doubt You Will Want a Pair of
New Shoes to Wear With That New
. Suit on Easter Sunday
Vi aro in a iiosition to shoo you at priivs vt-ry 'asi.uall. evenifleaUierisjiiiiip
iiiK akywnrd in cosi. We aiv ktHi.inj; up the qualit in all our grde and all our
fottwar must 1h all solid lfathci- or we refuse to handle it. Shoe for the wbol
family. (Hyp us n trial.
Good Ssioes1
' - KJ
Cjij ttt - ' '-
21 X0IJT1I