Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, April 19, 1916, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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    PAfir: two
WKHFOfU) Mfh TKTntW. MFDFOUI). OW'.o UIHMin WMJff. 1' I'.Ii
1 .
.1 iiiiiniiiliiiifinminmnii
Tl piano ami violin rrvltnl hli
to fcnve iem given Iij the pni'iln
f Mn. 13. K flora and Carlton ,1anr
mt tk PrMntrlnn rhtirrh KrMnv.
April ?t bMtxMin ntorOftiy iKton
H an aerMitt f Hie irowdfit comfl-
f the ealvnitsr. This pro (tram.
In the preparation of whleh
it aipUs hara bcon faltlifull) nlu
rftotm, will I glrwn at th resldanrc
f Mrs. K R. Oan, 1 1 dmi at
niw. M Friday tranlag, hafore the
ralagaaa and lattmale frtands of the
pVfriT. Roth Irarbem and pnplta n
fttt that tho nut-ll recital oonkl
Att ha aiTMi a iinnouncml, I tut (hi
I Haly ft and seaaonal rfenU
art -tunarott.
Do vm gtvas trading itarnps with
ArrTtalac axcapt grocsrlss.
0. 7. Harry, tat organlssr for
tfco Wodrow Wllaoa lagn. will ar
rlre Iron l'Oftlatnl tomorrow for the
purposa of sulillng In the organlxa
tlftH at a YfaHlntW Wllaon club In
title elty. Tho tnaetlng far (hat pnr
ptiai will h held on tin nimcanltif
UnC of th Hotel Madford tomorrow
wotting at R n'elMk. Thoao Intor-
miml art rwjiiittl lo Im tirosnnt.
'Np Wtrntlwar Wllaon league In h non
partisan organisation Hi mi-tutor
ship, tharofure, la not lltultwl (o Hip
Htdmharalilp of any one party On
Prida- night Mr. Tlarrv will aaalat
In lite organisation of a league at
Ashland: on Hatardsjr night at (Iranta
Hm, and on Monday night h) II'mm-.
hHrfk Boon after tho organisation of
thucp? loafclioa tap soNUtsrji Oregon,
h 401 .mil will b huhl at soma
iKUUt In Ut VsIIfltr ie bo agreed on by
TfuMr frfvllaa yon to visit ,hlt
crMnhonaea and m treddliig atoek.
Bstwaati loo and 600 ford hiiIo
inobllaa have boon stotau In the city
of I.a AngolM. California during
Ujb pMt month, according to alalia
trot Mftpllatf to toral polio siilhiirl-list.-
'WctiwHtifttundlng Hit man)
JBftts'itfftagsd at the Kurd. It con
UafygaJa bo popular among thlevaa.
tfa well Mjnat people.
Hninko n Kin Spitz olenr. He.
Tlio' nrahomo-mudo. tf
tfJlM- P-' tleiiablman and family
ltt4TWnlnr"Wlii for I'olWn. Moii
taig, where they no to vlalt vj'ltli tl
HreM of Mra. Henetflwan.
l)r. Mtophenaon now practicing
ngnln. MO Booth Holly, I'hono 8SX.
tfUllirlae earloestiir luin)Mialt
ltiia.fMg tliorHlRMa )(Wx--
4gnto VN (rmlHltli of
. 1IM. Tllln IIIMOoKNM'aM
o( ffjaf order from &hiiU I'awi '
-. dot ywtr milk, vmm, buitor, ega
nwl (Hittarwllk al .DFVen,
glneera are now at work, on n
I I'li'i ifnii of i h ( ii v i'' r hiii
iliutriit Hiffiifl'l fo iiiiKln-nn In llil
'iu tMterday, retorglng hctne Inat
Try a Kfnfc tfrha dator and on
eonrtft hM Hmn- if
The regnlar meeting f the tilgh
echool I'arent-Tearhefi' etfefe will
l held Krlrtay, April SI, M 3 p in
In the high eehoal bKHilnc. Mr
Hlllld will talk on the aabjerl i
"Thrift " An Informal maenaalon or
the junior thrift exhibit Will rotloH
All mother are urged to be praaeni
The world 'a greatoat euMpanlea.
Holmes, The Inaflraneo Man.
n K. Hodfleh. of Han Fraclro u
attending to imaloewa in Medfenl i ,
tS off en Kodak at Weston's,'
Oamera Shop,
W. I' Peterson, of Olivia, Mliino
aota. la giving the (tonne river conn
try the once over thla week.
Your lawn raowei- mHculne sharp
nod at Mitchell, l'hons 0-.r.
W. II. Connoll, or Seattle. WasliltiK
ton, Is a visitor In Medford and vi
cinity thla week.
Onr ohoeolnloa are Medford rando.
Tho HliaatA. tf
I-' O. Thompson, of lak creek
rsglnn, la attending (o mtalneas In
Atodford today.
no Voo buys boor bottlos.
Mr. ami .Airs. 8. II Calkins, of
Itosehtirg, accompanied by their
ilauglitor Inos, nro vleltlng ri'lnllvs
In this cllv. ilr.-C'Hlklns is a brother
or Clrrult Judge V M. ralklns of
Giitofl sells Port! oars, 200 down
anil 2R n month.
W. K. Dnniiy. of llllt. ('KlifornlH,
Is onjojlng a day or two of business
visit In tills oily and vicinity.
Ill fio inllksliukos at Do Voo's.
Pruimrntlon Is comploted for tho
ronieneoninnl of work on the survey
of tli Crater Txko park hlRliwny on
the first of May. Jtnglneer Hall Is
reportod to be recovering from n re
cent operation for Hppondlcllis at
I'ortlMiiil and will be able to super
intend the work.
Weston Cntnern Shop for flrnt-claw
kodnk rinlslilng and kodak stippllos.
Wllllnm Rusicll, Star In "The Crav
ing," American-Mutual Maitcrplc
turc, Dc Luxe Edition.
W'llluihi 1 1 m ! I . the iuMiliir Ami'r
ioMit ntur, ln I lie U'ihI, on ii voiing
colli'in iiiiiii mi Ihc llirt'Mlndd nf lite,
who ik cunf rooted with Hum problem
and i iliirrnid Ihnnurh the tivucli
ery of a mihhi(I rrlotHl.
"The Cmvinjr" m intenm'lv ilmin
ittiV fmm wlnrt to fiuiHli, mid !m full
of nntiMiiiil Iiumnn inli'ii'ct.
CliHrlotlo lliirton, (h Americnn
(Alnhml) "viimpirp" wumnn, in mn
a n dnnce hnll girl of the went in the
.Mutunl miisterinetiii'H, l)e l.uxc rdi
lion, "Tlie t'nmmx," Jiowng at the
Htnr Ihfiiter IimIiiv.
Penn C. Howard, or Pasadena. Cal
ifornia, is enjoying a brief sojourn
In this part of tho valley. He is on
route to Portland on huelnesa, but
will atop on his return uiul ronmln
Philip Urmnu, inanagor or the tin- U nt-ek or more In n tour or tho llngue
nieuae cHiinlng ronccrim of tue Mbby
McN'etl nuil I.lbb) coimany, and Mr.
Marrow, superintendent of its plants
In California, will probably complete
thi'lr Investigations of this valley to
day, having In mind the estHbllsh-
iimnt of n punnory here this yoar to
handle at toast the poar crop. These
Hentlomen represout the largest ohii-,
nlng doueern lu the worhl. and have
for some time lieen contemplating the
establishment of a plant In this vaf
ly. II. .( Mathlson, who piecedetl
themldir'',' Jltk theVijlii riieir es
amluatniii of go'ue'rai 'romtltlnna In
tho valley.
Handera, the nil around iwliilar. 33.
Thd bOTUfl l?rmoRfiiW '" ""
city reulstcrtttl 2B.S us the low en I
temperature registered lawt ulght.
inn It In gi'itpralb cwMCedeil frH, nt
mtrvey or Ibe Pacific and Kern accouut of the moisture that fell yne
rallwa, straightening out tNe curves
nd otherwise putting the road in
shape for the annual statement of
Dr. XkrehgeaaHer will be at lintel
Nagg every Wednesday. Hours for
cstgNgMttoa 10 to I.
iin. (1. K. Johnson and MIns Dor
ImmI RebUiaon. Iwal artists irlte
llse their arrival In Han Krunclnco
UsM Lne are keenly enJolnK bi
great art uxblhlt whlcli huiidrtHts of
tlt0gid of isfople admired during
b?snsnu t'aeKIc eniosilUiii In Hint
,JaU- 'JThe enbtblt will 4te rewioved at
The hmI of rhge month
See Dave Wood nboal that fire. In
mirNun ftMiif, Office Mall TrHiuHo
the JjTeJggtSi CJtoUr 8oip4k4gilstors
club yW ggeaj gt Kggle Point onal
urdgjr MMt.
Pierce the frUt has chotrest bet.
ding plants, tlroeuhousc Kasl Main
W W. Truss, of C.old Hill, reiurn
oi how laat evening, afiii attend
Ing to buMneas In this ctlv and ll
lenlng to Hie ftiawcb of Monator Itur
Ion on Montlny evening.
Typewriter egners aM WtM, at
Medford PrtnUac Co.
Mrs. Bd lmiwrt. who rtoatttl un
derweut an oiierstlon at the bonpl
tai. la agsln at home and well on the
way to recovery.
KHMt c44er ni n Voe's.
lr. Hy water, of tirtuila Pass, inl
lnda) In this cit on bualnos.
The MoCnrd) tiMiirance ngent-v
nW represents tin- loa Mute Uve
itk lnuuraort' i-ompany Offices
Medford National Hank blag.
pWjwd b all of the ibararters la it
The baseball season was to him
oawiMd at Portland on Tuvd but
u postpoutHt on accouut of i.i
The Portland team mei throiuh
Medford Monda n romr to ibti
J. 0- nprkltt. IM bast .11 ttmond
nhotofHUlm la aoathern Cresa.
Alwar rtitebla. Negative n.e to;
wbera, Mate r vtutt. Studio 338
Mala St. PUMtia-J.
lii Klrfhgbsansr, oi ib uniKr
llou. aiiended to bus
lut-KH iu Ibis city jester da
"Meet me at the-Jifeaata "
The coudltiao of Jtov Ketiui of Hie
Modrord Unlivery Doatpaa) is report -d
to be about lb sane. He was
Injured by heavy lifting while ettgag
jg at his wortv ad Is confined to bis
h4 alth Iju. t. trouble as a result.
me itiimpi at D Voffc '
tnrday and the general hasv condi
tion this morning, no hsrm was done
by thla freeslng temperature. Home
orchardlata reported grave fear this
morning that the pears and apples
had suffered a little, but from Investi
gations by the oonntv pathologist's
office, by Howard Hill, who made s
special Inspection of his father'a ex
tottsUo itethsrd during the da. and
bv ntberN familiar with the advanced
condition of the oung fruit, It U be
lieved that little harm was done nt
any In the valle.i. Asnstaut
Xatan n the iyui)iy ofrbv reports
HffiMQii Injury one or t or
chafils 'In the vMnlty of Contrat
Insure your auto la the Alllanio
against theft, fire. O. Y. Tengwald.
Mine Mrlle I (Hayvlile, u taaohei
lu the Medford srhools, baa biHtn
elected as May fifteen for tho annual
Ma festhitles of the normal school
at Monmouth, this state. These will
be bold ou May ft Mlsa IHsyvllle Ih
In Monmouth on leave of absence to
complete her normal course and will
le granted her state certificate lu
June Miss CbovUleV many friend
and associates In this city are glad to
bear of her recognition
Olympic flour fMe a asak, J5.5U
a barrel. I. It. Brown.
John Owen, of Kan Claire. Wis.
president of the John it Owen
bor rompaio. accompanied by Mam
Owen and William Carson, of Port
land, arrived tn this tity last evening
via Urooklug, one of the compn '
lumber centers on the coast. Tho
will piobably remain sonta days In a
consideration of business projects In
this part of southern Oregon. With
Prank O. Owen of this cit the) are
visiting the Mutte Palls district to
day. M l Morris, owner of the Brook
I link orchards, west of Phoenix, u
MtUudlag to bugiuetm is ibis cut to
v illiam and J P. Hansen, lot nu r
h Mith the Ruukerhlll orcharl. imi
now ot tho Pionver are trsn-.i m
biulueut tn Medford thU afb rm
Jm Hader. of PboeuU. I i
ness visitor
Mr and Mr u . u rm-k the
brother and aoi of ir ti w
McOougsll. SUd lll " :iuii'l-iiii I hn
Carey, woo have iii.
boaie of Mrs Ii. m. imh,.
Tueedu for I'orilmul Their home
It in U-'iel lt.M'lUi-, I vMg,
river wiuntry.
Al prosldenlsof the Paront-Tench-er's
circles or the county that have
lederatcil with the Southern Oregon
Federation, aro reuested by Mrs. W.
V.f Ussher. or Ashland, to bring a
three minute report t,o bo read at
Ilie convention Thursdny afternoon,
April 37th. All circles not federated
ure given a pressing Invllotloii to do
so at tha ,tlmt,
Hatha 2T,v. Hotel Holland. , t
,Couft'llall jias, roiiuafltPsVom mi
nnn trrfWriHeHrJr'rtv:5 He took
as pasitengcrs over I.Miiau Ortou atld
two'curtiontors who will work on the
lteoklnaw..MMI .jhmI. . Usought heel
John fT Owefi'TfflT bin "son. owner
of tho flrooklngs propertv and of the
Hart U arbor btllagK In (he Mis
Hullo aortlon. The trip was made lu
eleven hours. wJik'h. cwiNderlnx tin
muddy roads, was rrmurkabl) itood
A heavy Crater l.nke tourist tmf
fie Is predicted by Court Hall of the
Crater lake Htage for tho lomlnt;
summer, many bookings having ul
reody been made. Mnny weallbv
men are scheduled to visit the valle
this summer.
Mr. nnd Mrs Pebnuu of KhkIo
Point were Tuesda vlKliorn In Med
ford. ,MImm Mr K. drown, of Health
Wash , nat tonal sMretary of Juvenile
dopuitiHstr offthr-'w M t P . Is a
Medford visitor on orficfal business.
The senior high mi hool class mem
bers to the number of .lt onjoted n
picnic on the Appb'KUle river Tuesday.
'i III tll,-lllll-lt ill kltj'tf
I iliiilmiiiitif relnliiiii-.
I The breilK4 eonwiilln enaTrea at
modern hielovw srhere a brrsk m dip
lornntic reklnp between two flrst
elne iKiwcnt hna iMt been followed
U wnr. M bt fn aituufHiii between
Oinnunv end llnly.
f"irtHao ganvarw have RAienfled
i .i'!iitiin whUi falser int'- nnd knsar
-tiite hove broken between Ihem-
Ufi vritlioitt boat ill ti-. but nil dip
I'.tnattc liixlorr pnnt to n xtnle of
v ir when two firt-lnn itowers
ri'iu-h thill Hurl.
Iiiiniisllste .nsHt'f
The note Went forwent lnt night
in code by wnjr bf ('ofK-nhngrn. Tlie
lniHlnt wants i( to b in the ImwU
t Ambsesttdor (Tfrord or the Qcrruon
iireum office wtum be npiN'nm U'-lui-e
Sennlor Uh1s akeri the reideul
nbinit the nef Of ihe word "isiniedi
.itely" in that conticction. and won
mid Hint it NHNint Hint Uennitnv j
-limild tie given an opportunitv t i
reeene the IMUHHIIiniciltloll llllil to'
nuke reply.
The eviiletieo 'In I lie Xti e eiie ,
w referred U nnd the pre-nlenf
M)liiled out tll'i) atiHretil uiiiliiiitv
ill the oarottHts of the time nnd plncc
of the ntleck upon her nnd Hip ut-
liiek ndinit led lir (Icrninnv to lime '
Imtii tnuile by one of her Miliniiiriiu-
on n hip in that vieinilv. The pre-i i
ilciit Indjovee tho ovideuee in the Su
x eiie was oh tneiuir.
"The adilree b n ver ilrim!; iiih
mill I ho note i xlronj; mie," -jihI
Hcunior SI one after the while limi-i-eonferenee.
Mlt putn the next moe
up (i (icrninnv anil will In inn dipln
mnlic ifirrewtHHtdeni-i to n elo-e. tl
doe not nei'eeHnnlv menu n lnmk Ii
ilemnuiU thai Gertnnuv iimilih hei
Hiibmiii'ine Hilie.v. It U the ln' n(
tn lie Hiiid Ii.V thin liovenunenl mi t!i
CoultMiiiliiK for .VnlniN
"The plcHiilent dne mil n-K i en
(fre to 'do nn.vtliiiiv. Altir the
iiii -ii n i r ' I i i' M t
fnrfwd In the edel' I -Ii ill nmve i In i
the premVrnl addrexe be pnotx1
and referred fo Ihe foreign relaliim
eoMNHiflee for cooxiib-ratioti."
The president, it beenme kno r .
takea tfce BWitlon that he i- eenlen:
ing not for Amertr-u alone, but lor nil
nentrul iiationn nnd tlieir nghts.
The prewideiit went over ihe im
nthm very thoronglilv with I lie com
mittee lender nnd ttd thrtn fsplu it
Iv lie believed the I'mled StateH mild
not rernnln on tnendlv 'lenn- nith
flentiiinv if Amerienn live i-mitinued
to be rdneed in jrwpnrdv bv Oenmiii
iatnnrinet. He laid before them nH
inforniolion he will emvey in his nd
drento iiingrc. The demtind for n
lop to illofrnl fiibiunrinn warluie, tin
president told the le.'nti-TN, i- nneipii' -
A- the eiMiimitlecmiti left (lie wlnli
loni-e tliev miide mt effiot tti
wlinl tin pii-id'nt IumI t !! Ih'n.
. , , ," , . , ,erft,BUL.....,,v !.. .
Genuine Bristle Dauber
Bif Ltmb's Wool Polisher
Easily worth 50c Sold
to make the ue of Sm-stA
pleasant at 25c. With
SuiNObV 35c.
SanotA'is'Wax and Oil.
Contains No Injurious Materinl,"Good
for all Leathers, The Quick, Durable
Shine. Accept no Substitute. If
Dealer ;cannot Supply you send to
SmnoiA Company, Rochester, N. Y.
Comes to the Page highly recommended
the most forceful of Metro Productions.
Tho great factor that retard- n
covory after sloknosM In Unit wenUcu
ed devltalUed condition, nnd It will
Interest our readers to know Hint
our local druggists, the .Medford
Pharmacy, liavo a reliable, nonce
cret strength creator colled Yinol
which contains iron for the blood,
tlie curative medlclmtl extractivoH of
fresh coil llv'ors and the nonrlshlnK
prorrnrtln of beef lieptone, nil cotn-
blned In u dellclbus nalhc wine Kor
Weak, run-down coiidlHonM and to re
gain Htrength after wIckneeR, there ie
nothing better - Adv.
r '"
Wonderfully Gifted Actor
You despise him at first and can't
help applauding at the finish
Powerful Screen Play
0-5 x 53 5 O X r-5D 5 J'5"2 'C v
! A Yellow
PAPir Mcdford's Leading
Jr$U!if Motion Picture Theatre
(Uoatlaaad tram pag imrl
lit" "ts:c, it n ihiiiiIciI out. Im-
eiuiMs while lie lui" the outhorit to
III ill k oil illouiOtle rt'l.ll MMI-. I'OII-ure--
.ilmie lui- Ker to dei Inn ul,
mid tin le i imK one iii-tinn e ill
lili pit -iilent lielnli' In lnok .m
tilti) MtHltm I 'e tle I all lu IJeiUU
the HciinuoHok,
Ktti k.iclie la so Uif'ptle
11 i omen nild Koex kt i p gu
I. em n the cause then ilirr It.
Polbl if weak ktdnes
TliatV why Uoau'x Klilnej Pills
are to effective.
The'r wsitacialb for eak or dU
orileieil lilduevg,
Heie's a Medford i ase.
i Iti.lur.Uog. it;, g Oraua At.
Miii'mii s.ivk i ban been a long
i hoi miu i i have had au occasion
i ' i... . p,.(n a Kid no Pills, but
..mi ,.. ii ian eKerlaace. I;
o in t ii. 4i iimi'M tia4med tor
WE GIVE mm: green trading stamps
-" v.Lv ryv, i . i i i i ii i i H -v'-"
ffl. I. JltfAKIffllNl Mmi
.i ii lite
I. Ill v
riluiiile it tn uiedtclne
ai. I '.i,ckaiue
i'i i.
1.1 Im. . I
1 1 .ill i
i i i.
Itleh.irilKon hud
I'M' - ilu( .le
iy -gat
-M that
rter Jdlllnirii
Prc-Eastcr Offerings in Everything that will be the Vogue the Coming Season
Suit Sale
Oiir-'oiirlh tilT n all' Stuitf T.tilorril
SiiitsN iiiiai jiitt;l iitakrit 1m kill ain!
od tilv IUMH lllili'MtilIKMl ill I be Wuli'l
of woiitfirH wai.
tKUKI KuitK ,.. . 912.04)
ifcJO.OO 8nitt $ 15.00
fcMeW SiuU .... $18.00
28,011 SuiCM $21 .(M)
fi. & II. (IlftMl StailiJ'SI
nrv ar;iM'i iur ai 1 1 ill aiui vn
tlit'in t'NH'iU'.ll at tract i vp thin aen
Tht'v ftiiiif in tlif latent .shatK'K uutl
.stif aild ilirlllilr ItHiKt !" tilt' ftlMUH'tl f'til-
tuv. as will an tnuiiy of tho pojailar lunk
ami wliiti pffpfiH. 'I'luw art t'xrt'ptinu-
ail.X JiiMitl VUllll'K, ciHIlillHIIIj; I'XtVU ijiuwtiy
with iiiotlt'i'iiti1 jnircs- I.J)S U 1.0S.
ZT I " "V
All iWiioiiahli1 h'aihi'i, luitttuijir Iwe
$I.(MJ values for ;....,..,,....... a...
.'.m) vh.1up( lor ......,.... ......
$li.tK) values for
S. A: U. (lrt'eniUuiil,
w -
Holeproof Hosiery
for Women
NOTIt'K We aniiomiee that are exelijv,. ,li
tiiluitoiK uutl ngi'iitM fur Women's Iluleproof Ili.
i ..!. i.. r At ....1 k'i.. , t ,
ui, in .Mi-un'iu, ia jmirs jfitaitilllrcil Im
months. Lile, Filter unci Kilk, blaek ur unite.
K. Ac II. I iiven Stalling.
' A ""1
KWJ k TS W 1
t V J.
,tt BLPU9Q
Easter Waist Sale
tieornytte Cii'iH! ami Ciepe ile Chine Waist in Ihe
Uterit stvit, .)KM'ial U the t'ollewiiii: ir.n-e thi week:
irl.() rri'fie Ue t'hlH.N ... S2.G0
MJ.UHitui'KVtTf I'i"'-H $4.06
AH htJtn, 1l -H iTul hit.
t. II (tivti Suin...
Paul Jones Middy Blouses
.IlWl -tje IWil lieW .s il HI:; 1) 1 lUftlT made ol' (ialatetts, U t&&& T
MtDlras Chffh, Klein Ii (loth, plain or imcil trim- V' rf''v
uiiiigK.nt .. 9Sf .$5.00 ' '
H. II. IJivfti StamijM 2 V'''
Ill k $??
sZB i?V J I
m :
-tsi , - TI.-