Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, April 18, 1916, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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y iiii ii i im
y OimnrrmrtnirfrfTr-r r " -"-'-'--'.
Laeflee' dr ef l"e Rid" temofe has
twee, pMrtMirl from FrMay af M
week ttnllt frMay of nrt wees. April
Da N ft traelwf rtaape wttk
everetatag eaeept trwcrlM.
Tb Amowia class of the Baptist
chare will ! iu reenter irM
iMnUljr Bible liitl.v at !h aoma of
Mr. & J. Iltewert, 04 Pwuhmli
aeeftae, fMmUy rronlnit. April
It. All tf anl new members art
raueete4 fa Ih preeeat.
Rift tBVltM 7M 10 fie Mf
irtlktoi tint see fredaing Mock.
fwate men ant more Incky than
rfeaa. For lastanee. a local eltlaM
laat ale fade tooth yeetentajr and
lejateeMatelr started for tbla off too to
advertise a reward for their rrtnrn
to Mm. On the war. at overtook
a dog that had found tbm and waa
aretutW earrylHR hla uiiio how. He
dlapoattaaod tho dog f hla find
and mtmI tho eoat of an ad.
Labia's amaahlna Mr plar, "Xa
tlon'a lerll." lUr today.
It. J. Henry, of Cooa bay, who cam
to Madfonl yeetorday on business,
mt that railroad connection with
the outilda world haa given to too an
tiro Coos hfljr region an atmosphere
of business and httatl navar realised
tlioro before.
J. W. Diamond returned Monday
td OranU 1'aaw aftar peiitllna; Sunday
In Medfonl.
Smoko a King Spitz olnar. Ec.
Thjr nro homa-modo. tf
'Sonlo ilffVHH or ao or Medford I51k
nguit Monday In Grants laae. arrang
ing for ft special meeting of the Med
ford taiga at Omnia I'aaa May 10.
4 Dr. Stephenson now practlolns
ngnln. 14G South Holly, Phono 802-X.
,18. 0. Trowbridge. Jr.. of the la
olflo Furniture Hinl I'lxttire factory,
1ms 1tMHi awarded tho contract for
building thn Judne'a anil clerk's
ljenohe and doska for the rourt room
or tho new fed it ml building. Tlioy
y') Mo first-elwee fljtnre of that
kind. It ta fortunate that a local
concern secured tho eontrart.
Clot your milk, cronin, buttor, oggn
nnd buttormllk nt Do Voo's.
Quite a delegation of people from
outside points In tho vnlluy heard
Senator llurtonli apeecli laat night.
Dr. Klrcligeeanor will ho nt Hotel
Naeli nrery W'ednesdny. Iloura Mr
oonaultatlon 10 to t.
A epeclnl lueetliiK of the I'artuit
Tooney circle oftli VvaalililKion
iiol will be held in te puuiic li
brary frlday evening nt 7: SO,
gflo Dave Wood nbout thnt flro ln
fliirnnio pollen QtflfW Mnll Tribune
Illdg. "T'' ' "(
L.ubln'a.ainaiMnf ' slay. "Na
tion 'a I'ailUWar today.
Tbe Jitter Thrift eihlbtta will be
a feature of thU nieetlug. 8uirln
(Hdeot Hlllta and Jndge Kelly will
apeak. Mra. Walter M unity will put
ta a Vlrtrola eoueert. It will be a
mooting full of Intereatlng feet urea
and the public la urged to attend.
k 11 area the florlat baa obolceat bed
ding planta. OreeHboueoa ISaat Main.
11 Bennett or the Marah A lien
nstt Oo.. haa alarted a grocery atore
at Bend. Ore. Urn Dennett and
family will leare Wedneaday to )tn
Typewriter pa pom all klafta, at
Madfunl 1'rlntlfig Q.
John Davla, Infant aon of Mr. and
.Mra. Cbarlea H. Kunkel, died at the
home or Mr. and Mra. A. K. titration,
pear tbla city, Mouday evening, aged
three montka and four daya. The
faiaet. who I a traveling man, will
arrive home Monday.
Maeler poet carde. boekieta and cut
UU, Medford Book Store. IS
Mra. C. It. Wllllama returned Hun
day from HtlUe county, t'allfornta
where ahe apept tho Inter with her
huabaad, who haa employment thre
Oh eatertng her home on Aumiu
at reel, ahe found that It had ii.n
ranaacked from and to end, but ahe
haa mkwed notblag 1 1 tew from Thi'
foora ware airewn with burpt match
nji, The pillagers were evtdentl
aJher paper of eome tnd, but tluu
Vfrr nou In ihe house of value to
aay pereoa.
we4 eider a Do Voe'h.
Or. t. Q Thayer, who haa spent
two weeka at falaley. Ueke count),
Orogou. where be wnt to attend his
brother, and who aubaequeully pasaed
away, wilt return to this illy about
Thursday of this wc-k
The McCprdy Insurance agent'."
now ranrteopu Ihe Ipwa Bute l,ir
took Inaurgnre companv offl.r
Medford National Rank bldg.
Marguerite Clark was a m m-rul t
rprlte la "BtUI Waters- at the Mtar
theaier laat tiiaht. Abe Is siiialtr
than Mary Picktord cble aud iheer,
epd quite pa full of action. She Is a
coaming aeraen star and her aitW
ta ao natural that oaph movement can
be easily interpreted in words and
laughs. "84 111 Waters" Is a preltj
little drama and Waa very cli-wirh
played by all of the character to it
J. Q. Oerklag. tae Beat ail around
photographer la southern Oregon.
A i wan reliable. Megpttepa made any.
where, time or place. ltllo Its
Main St. Phone 320-J.
!.ilifvrrd what tnc " "iKnllisH NlrUnIrn
inn In.mnaa Mff of confer Marine I Ull I lUll U I Lril f ILI 1
re a fh faf of lafce creek rl
dolaa eifve leeelopmenf work in
htr claim tie are apparently
hecoml.;g r leper aa they atfaft depth
M they a impreeeed with th
reoaN of efwaw eeeava that the) win
aoon have a geeaver datermlpe Ita
copper content. A pamber of ofhera
have become Intereefed and have
staked fllalms op he aame ledge, H
h. Tonag hating an awjefnlpg claim
oa the aame ledge and Charley fer
ret another.
"Meet ate at the Shasta "
Mra. A h. Doaglaa, who uader-
went an 'operation of a degree of e-
rlouaneaa at Ihe hospital a few daya
ago, la reported to be eonvaleaelag
Try a King Ipltz cigar and on
con rage heme iRdnetry. tf
The floes! display of fine station
ery ever shown In Medford Is being
exhibited la the Medford Book atore
window. Tbla dlaplay of the new
styles Is well worth going to aee. SI
The world'a greateat oompanlse.
Dolmen, The Insurance Man.
Poetago stamp at Do Voo'h.
T. C. White la charged with forg
ing a check for $21, using the name
of H. IS. Conger, a farmer In the vi
cinity or Medford, about a week ago,
and cashing It with Mike Ityan. He
fore complaint whs made. White es
caped. A eomplalnt charging White
with the crime or forgery haa beon
Hied In Justice Taylor's court and
an effort la being made to ovorlake
the alleaml torgor. He made Inquir
ies for ratee to Twin PhII.a Idaho,
and also to Ileno, Nevada, before dla
apeparlng fiom this city. Prosecut
ing Attorney Kelly believes that
While may not be very far away.
2R off on Kodnka at Woeton'a
Oainera Shop.
W. W. Usaher or Ashland, trans
acted business In Medford today.
Your lawn itiowei- maciilne sharp
ened at Mitchells. Phono X2Q-J.
Alfred tatta, aged ! yeara, aon of
II r. and Mrs. II. A. I.utta. left this
morning tor Oakland. California,
where he will inijoy m visit with rel
atives for some months. Alfrod Is
a bright hoy nnd had no hesitancy
In undertaking tho Journey alone.
Fortunately, however, Mr. I.attu met
Mr. anil Mrs. M. II. Tracy, of New
York, who are en route to San Fran
cisco, and who wore delighted to have
Utile Alfred accompany tlium, prom
ising to tnko good ottre or lilin. Mr.
Tracy Is president or the fore lull aud
Coastwise Transportation company
or New York. He and Mra. Tracy
are kindly dlsKsed elderly people
anil Alfrod waa pleased to ho their
ehtim on the trip (o Oakland.
Our ohooolaios ure Medford mailo.
Tho Shaatn. tf
Hatha 25c. Hotel Holland.
A. C larael, a business man or San
Kranclsco, la sojourning a day or ao
In Medford.
I)e Vflo buya hpor bottles.
M. Lydell, of Tacoma. It looking
over this part of (he valley today,
while attending to bualneaa mattera.
Gate sells Kord can, $200 down
and I n month.
J. M. Harrison and Jimmy Mason,
representatives of the Bunaet route
from San Francisco to Washington,
p. C. are visitors today to Medford.
IMg lo mllkahakea nt De Voo's.
A. 8. Kosettbaum, ageut tor the
Southern Pacific company In tbla
city, let! laat night for Marsh field
op official bualneaa for hla company.
He will return on Thursday evening.
P. T. liaulon. or Umery. South Da
kota, who spent a week In Medford
visiting relatives, left Mouday for
Hillings, Montana, where he will vis
it a few daya before returning home.
Wealon Camera Shop tor rimt-eiaM
kodak finishing and kodak supplies.
Sandera. the all around painter. 23.
11. C. Kentnor, a traveling man
whose home ta In this city, and who
has been visiting here for a few daya.
but wboae wife Is visiting In Port
land, will leave tonight for that rlty
to Join Mra Kentner Iu a t lett In
the metropolis of the state
The Star brand or typewriter rib
boas are guaranteed to give TS.000
Impressions of the type "a" and "e"
without ao clogging the type a to
show on the paper. This la a pretty
stiff warranty, but that la what the
Webater company agree lo with Star
ribbons. Sold by the Medford Print
ing company.
Now that we have corn clubs and
pig itulm and other cluba of use
fulness In the county among the
young folks, it is suggested that we
also ought to have a few sheep elubs.
With lamb chops selling at the rate
of flit a bundled pouuds and still
r.xina up, It should pa to raise lamba.
Inaure your auto tn the Alliance
sealant theft, fire. C. Y. TeagwaW.
Olympic flour l.l a saek, $6.60
a barrel. 1.. B. Urowu.
tfpevlai Kmttajoltalk- -kr.
Are belog held at the Free Moth
odlat church, cor. 10th and Ivy. this
week. Services every night e&eepttng
Saturday, to begin at 7 30. 4 full
and fre gospel will be preached,
t'ome aud Join us In these services.
I )v' UHADl.KY. Ppsjor.
PreotaeU Medford Notth Mate Md
West Medford register new at the
MaiU'rltune offuo.
WKfipofMi r rr. tf.tpjm.
ZfflT II
MMIHN. Anrn IM An miii'toifc
ment n- i- ned Hie udmir.i!li to
day eofrohomting he irevioo unof
ficial tafement that the Hriih
wteamehi Xenl. nnk early thin
month. wa torpedoed without warn
ing. The xtatrmeul in aw follow :
"The British eteuaner Kent, nnarm
eeV wfa uak h u torpedo from a
nabmarine April ." without aov wgrn
ipe; whnterer. Hhr never nw the
aubmarine. Nhc nab m a very few
minutes and consequently forty-nine
lie were loet."
Regarding the Holland-American
freighter Krmdjik, wliieh arrived at
Kouthampton April 11 in n da ranged
contlilioH, the ndmiiallv statement
en ye":
"The Dutch steamer Kemdjik waa
torpedoed li.r an en era v eubmarine on
April 7 while on n imeHage from lml
timore to Rotterdam. She had the
Dutch colore painted on lier aitlea in
four different place and aleo carried
a riaiil )aiu(ed nign at the foretnaat
tieail, lier name uml port of register
in large white letter on her Hides.
Tho whip did nol Mink nml liaa been
bench wl in Knglnnd. rareful oxom
innlion liv exiwrtx hae Iteen made of
frngmcntN of uteel nml hrniH which
were found emltedded in Ihe ship,
which ore undoubtedly (MirtionM of n
torpedo, nml which have the name np-
iienrnnce uh tlie found in other
cum wherein Nliip hnve lieen tor
liedoed hv fJermnn aubmnrine."4
PICTItOOItAD, April IS. Having
occupied the strongly fortlflod Turk
ish position on the left hank of the
Ka Dure on tho Turkish lllnck sen
coast, the Ituselan forces havo passed
the last or a series or natural ob
stacles along the const, the defensive
advuntngea or which hail been madu
the moat or by the Turks. Thus they
have entered the Immediate a rim or
the Treblzond fortification.
The Itoaalnns now are separated
from the oily or Trebliond by only
sixteen mile of roadway, no part of
which Ih conalderod capable of sus
taining a iletenso, although, since tho
fall ef Ifirserum. the Turka have un
dertaken everything possible to per
fect the defensive power or the Trett
liond fortifications aud greatly In
creased the garrison, which now Is
said to contain three complete tllvls
lona. Therefore, the word "Imminent"
no longer la used here In predicting
the occupation of Trebliond, and It
Is realised that the city will be taken
only after the hardest kind or a
struggle, which Is likely to outclass
In stubbornness and duration the one
which resulted In the rail or H no
rum. Tbe capture or the Kara Dere posi
tion, whlrh neoeasltated the crossing
of tbe swift stream, which Is partic
ularly swollen and turbulent at this
time ot the year, waa made possible
by the fine assistance rendered gy
Ike ttuaaian fleet.
(Coatlnued (cum page one)
ulthoiitrh new ilipiitilic from den
ernl l'crxking'N chiiip diidoel tlittt
Aiuericuii titMtpn had nguin been fir
ed uHn by t'nrrnnx.t troop.
It waa iutimuted thut Ueuerni IVr
hinK might have thought it nefeevnrv
to i all the depaitmeiit's attention to
the ilutilioii very fiillv nnd to uwatt
further iiihlrui'tionx. It seemed
prohnble that present operotioni ul
the I't'ont ore of ii limited elm meter
nnd would not be .extended without
IlltllV lUtlti'lllllH.
With Medford treat it- Meoioru made
wa.:gjag. .-. as
TOO lTl 'in t;issil'V.
YYA.vrKD -X windmill aud tank.
ddress J. A. M. tuie Mall Tribune
FtJlXI -There has been returned to
this offiee aa heir-loom bracelet,
which waa advertised for. Owner
please call for sauu-. i 0
I.OgT--Oa Sundg) afternoon between
Meilrlde'a confectioner). Medford.
and tlrunta Paaa. ladles' black
handbag containing keys, letter ud
dreesed to owner, toilet article,
handkerchief, etc. Finder please
notlf) Courier, llrapta Pass, aud
receive reward. :.'
ulp WANTJCDMaa and wife for
ranch work, wife to do eookliiK
Phoue ttiit-Jl.
FOR SaMC - One IfSht orchard team,
harneaa and wagon. Jersey tow.
A-l Milwaukee mower, self dump
McCarroack rake, angle hoPe cul
O tivgtor. light two seated apring
wagoa. canopy top buggy. Mr0l
M. MiNunsei, Point, I'bon.
uuvhuu. ri:tn iu
10 BUR
tne "t the lunreMt n rnblinfe eer
B.itherl in thm cits ! heiir n teilit
ich! -peech, hears the rttdrei f ex
Menafor TheoeVre K. Hirt'n Mondav
evttHng ai te Nntnf'rim. The
xpeahef waa aeffermif from hoofee-
neaa ao eevefe that it woe with great
diffienlty that kw made himself die
thvfly heard Jw half of the audiem-.
Many left the amliteritim earff Hi Ihe
evening oh that aeeennt. Thnt eondi
tion alao eerved to worry the speaker
in a maaner that rendered hit bent
effort impoftnibUk
To those who heard the nddresn.
however, it waa dinwintiii;r. It
whs a imrtiean apeet-h. The tenntor
announced yeeterdav to reporter
thiil hi" epeeehee henceforth during
the campaign will be pnrtiun. The
aenalor devoted neh time to criti
ciim of PreeWanl WiUon's ndminin
trnlion, after ilaelaring thnt the rc
imliliean itarlr ia more enttniHiutic
nnd confident in thi rnmimiun Ihnn
it had lieen einee the c.ninntiirti of
1U0I. "Not a single demoerntie uil
minietrntiou," declared the nenntor.
"Iins eiiecceileil iUelf ninco the eiil
Criticism Incouslfclont
Sennlor llnrtoti'i nrrnigmaent of
the preeent adminixt ration wm
feeble, eoualduring the source from
which it came, utd in mnv inatfrwo.
itieoneiatlnt. IVir iiiftnacc, he se
verely naHnilei l're-ident Vilon for
rrfueiiur to reeogtiiie l'refidenJIn
ertn of Mejdeo, who gnineil thai of
flcinl place by Imteherv nnil u-isin-ntioti,
nml then tell Mexico to -etth-it-
own Iroublea; nnd, iu Ihe next
hreuth, ho nlmo'at Uwirfullv lumenteil
the fact that I bin administration bud
not intervened in Mexico for the pro
tection of Anioricun livea nnd prop
erty. The senator naaniled the diplomatic
departmeul of the present nibniuiH
I rut ion ua weak and ignorou!, with
out reference to the tragic condition
nml extraordinary etubnrniMi.nientN
nml reatrictiona under which they ure
onniiellcil to aorve a neutul nulion
(luring the muelatrom of biitcbcrv iu
"Violated pledgee, broken propi
ieex, Mieillntlon ami inxlnhility" were
frequent chitrge muile nu'iiin-t the
Wileon admiuiHtralion, with onlv here
nnd (here a snjrfrmtion of hnin for
Ihe charge.
The charge thai the demoenitie ml
ministmtion pmmiael a tvdiictoii m
the higli coat of Ijving nnd hud l.ul.d
Kliamefnlly lo produce it u- t.,;
closely by a statement hhowmj;
in pruHperout. tiiuea, when Ih -
Niimption of Ntuidea nnd Iiimih.' i
inereuard in volume bv r'iun ..i
greater purchaalita; )wwer in the
hands of the common people. -n. Ii a
reduction ia an absolute imiM.ilMl
ily." Senator liurtou believe thut n
president mIioiiM bo elected for one
term only, and intimaiel thut, nincv
the demoerntie platform hud deelur
ed tbnl it would bold W'iUou to the
otie-tenii ideit ii nd had In i led to keep
ita pledge, the repoMb-an imrtv next
fall would redeem thut platform
phe for it.
The uddrehtf of Senntor limton wiih
received with urv little entliuM;iin.
A Hi UK I'lnsli or Orwloiy
Kx-('ungre.iuuu ltalph I), fide t
Ohio followed Ketmlor Hurton in .i
reul, old fn hIiuukhI, rapid lire nut
burt of p rotechnic cuiuimivuiii.
telling of umuxing egperiemi' m lu
life, both pi iv nte am publie. and . in
eluding with u jterorution ,i ,;iii,
gyrie fur Senntor Hurton.
Mr. K. It. 1 lankt.v oddreN.i the
HMMMiibbtge on behalf of woinuu'
privilege uiul duty in the oxcnum-m
of the counlrv ml paid . ulniu
tribute to the manner iu luh t Ii,
hinl ho fur tleiuouatrnted their nhilitx
to work -hoiililcr to shoulder with
men in the tn-k of giivuneed cmk...
lion through political or-hh.iIimi,
and the iiuunUiiaiice of ..i , in,. I
AlturiitN tiu Xewlnitv nit i,.I,i, , , lt.iit..n m u brief talk ..
leiniut: tlir i-mu. iinv the '.'iiiiiin
of the - il.r ol the isemiiv. -i
Hair Dyeing
by a SHVI U.l.vr nt the
107 (lumett-fiaey lllib;.
drn MADE
nn r " i
jioottka vjjyi
Also Cleaning. Pressinq and Alterrna
nf the difmifiii"hed m-iI't.
PfftAimt r. tH, Tbowtai of the
Lincoln el'd predef, opening the j
program fr Ihe eeninr in n digtti i
fied peeeh ernieerwUhf Ihe eenaktte- j
niton- ont of wlnVh fnvf ffrrrwn the!
anpieifiii oermn ifgrllie WMen the.
pei.tde of Medford mhtht tmhf die- j
i uion of national iews He i af j
national renown. j
The mited nitnrtet contributed !
larvelr to the enfh!iiafti of the meet
ing hv rendering evernl pntnotie
Why flaanfce twt Ham-
afhen Ia ftoadas ere Milt 1'a.
- i' h;
Another of Those High Standard Productions that'
Are Winning Steady Patrons for the Page
The Sensational Triangle
Keystone Comedy
k ik 14 H w I u U K wm I as ra m S
And that splendidly staged,
wonderfully dressed Ince
ji uuuuuu
featuring the
three big stars
Wiilard Mack Mary Boland
and Frank Mills
Last Time
eeeieeeefiitur-UKua LtMUiriu iyiuiiuim fiututtt.
The New Whole Wheat
Food with ihe Delicious
Flavor oriinaieclLilie
on the table as a delicacy.
KRUMBLES, the new Kellogg
food with the delicious flavor, brings
to you aU the nourishment of the
wheat, with a full, rich flavor that
you've never known before in a
wheat food.
The discovery of Krurnbles is en
achievement of the Kellogg Toasted
Corn Flake Co. It is the whole of
the wheat, cooked, "krumbled," and
delicately toasted by a special and
exclusive method.
Krurnbles haa a fit? sweetness of its
own nnd the more you chew it, tho
sweeter it tastes.
In the WAXTITE package lOc
Ihxj'k for this signature.
ol? . j
' fl
I'M V if
Ii MAY 19
The Talent Irritation dlttflrt haa
called aa election for May I, the
same dsv as the atat primaries are
held, for the organltatlon of Ihe dhv
trlct aad the election of three direc
tor aad a treasurer The ballots
will read ' Irrigation District -Yea"
or ' Irrigation riletrietNo " Those
who faror the creation of the district
will vole ye, these opposed no.
The election will be held north of
' - ..Mill f tssst
The big 4 reel feature that
laughter than any comedy
MtM a ewMaaikSM iinelnii s- vw a e-i e -
?! jai l
a A fi
.M jL Jsu kJI f 4
OR ihe first time m
the history of things
to eat, the whole of
the Wheat appears
k. .-.
nil- i
I lli :ir Ri i if "111 of the "nifil
road ruaalng eiwi i- Ci: fftt a
The aMfMl tail wfi Wjgll
f.ill IP flhttfwealy fH Jflwiw.
faa H f ITTf
raf1 pi kfw lht row eiln sam
money 1f ytrfj efh buv t Iba. tff sngar
fee It t, MM 4ea4 of bog Aur
lettuce for eenia: 'fwaMla f new
potatoes for 2f rent's; X pownde of
asparagus for i't enls; J ponnda
new pean for 85 cents, ? Minchea of
onions of radlehea for 2"- cnta: 1
ponnd of the vert bet onion aeta
for 85 cents, with n frtte tirket to tho
Paa-e. at Tout OroeeWT
ux .
has created more
heretofore shown
Thin ,e ohi of Uie )IM1
IKi'leiily tngMl Mielaty
iliwntes ever show n
, :;,''il . ' i ,r
Last Time
e e- n e. e e ff dh .e e. eV
r -
S-- -ju
All Wheat
Ready to Eat
isiUMmmfuStr. v i
CO o