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S lillliulH'M , U)iiM, inmf j
jwiiuii' r i mmm, , m ?
le, V" j.i.ik y.r.-
iaitater Borah Declnris $8,000 000
it Year "EmbonleiT and "Watd"
by National Gunrtl HeadsEnlist
cd Men UnrowardwlMay Bring
WAHHINOTOXApril 13. -Senator
W. K. Hornh of Idaho, rHibliean, at
lacking federal )M.r for the National
Quant, aroused the senate today with
a charge tlMi lite $8,0fl0,0lK) r year
Mo.r npprojrietl by the government
for the National (Iwnitl waa "shame
fully wnated" and some of it "em
"Tlint'a n pretty setioua 'barge.'
said Senator l'ooiereue, democrat, in
"Well. I make it without any iiml
ificalinn," Senator Ilnrah replied, and
ho rend from war department repoits
lo show that moet of the fund
been, utilised by officer of tho Nn
liojial Guard for tliemwelve nnil thu
enJisltd im'n had prnclicnlly mm bene
fit of it.
"If senator here will oxamitu' (!
record of these appropriations."
Senator kmh continued, "thoy will
hesitate about nppropt luting $.',
(11)0,000 for the National Quart! ns it
i mow prH'(l to ilo.
"In thii hill you art not prepar
ing for war, yon are not giving the
people what they are i'Xn'eting to
pny for. ' 'e arc fitlittfr thia hill .ip
front lwginning to end with purely
political appropriation and you could
Mot proceed a step under the guise of
national preparedness."
Sonatina I'omercue and Heed
staunchly defended tho Xnlioual
Ooeid. - . .
"There may he a thief in the Na
tional (lunrd, hut mo there have heett
in (he regular army and senaloni
from thix ImhIv have been enl to
jail," declared Senator Heed. "Hut
I nut not willing to hear honorable
ineii maliitned without sufficient prov
oeutioti." . Heuator Lodge defended the regu
lar aruiy and declurcd it wax time to
atop easting aenrHions upon it.
Senator Iiorah in support of his
charge aaid:
"I find, according to the reHH of
tho war department, that in the Ohio
Kntioiiiil rifle match in lull, rl.'l.
1'2 wuh expended on the alnte rit'lo
team, all of whom wcie officer. Jn
the K-riud from July --. l"'l to
September 'SI, Mil, 'J, u otniifl diiw
)ay to the amount of fllll, In the
Jieiiod from July 1, 1911 to Srptttm
Iht 16, 1912, another officer. mUo in
the aaiue htate, a enlonel, drew pay
to the amount of $(HU.
"In the )Hri.Ml from duly Hfl. 1011
to t)eteiiiher 1. 1913, a third olo
Mi'l in thut ilate drew pay to the
amount of .f-'J00. So the entile ap
piHiution or upMirtioiiiui'iit to the
xliite of Ohio lor tlii-i year practical
ly went to tin- Iticcru and there it
no report of ;hi portion of it 'tu
ti the enlit'd mi n."
JKKTLANI. Ore, April 1".. -For
"the third time Miiee April 1, the
home of Albert Uuutiur, a wealthy
Uierebant, hii. entered b the ume
two robber here lat niKht, and in a
revolver duel that enued, Fnti
Kauennan, a watchman, wa shot n
the leg. The robberi eaeaped.
The police arc puled by the ,r
fcitftenec of the aim and are Irving
to find the motive liehicd thut of ob
taining money. On April 3 the tno
robber held up Uautifr at hie front
door. Aiconhni to Uaulier, they
obtained only a few cent, but de
i lured thev wGild come back. A week
ago they robbed him in the amc man
ner, obtaining J4. Thev reminded
hi of their preioui ihreiO.
Lnt uight the robber pried nnn
a window wnen naueruau, wno 114 1
O'een clltfatced " euard the holie.
nr) i.
'JJ Hi LfV A HI MV HB Wl Jv Hf Hif rami dr
, VEM-rnr i m
BIjv4 5jaFrauriM0C9li9fl SPwWfcJaMMiy y rty,?J In fkivf&' aaaagygJK JJjagX.' yFffWMBlCMBBBIPJHiw lag " jVQPsaeiflBr''! laaH
This icniniliiitilo plioiKnipi pel voi an exrcll vtrw of I lie ek? In OH(crn I'mnre for wMlck tkek HMViest
N In the foivgi-oiintl; Imrk of it the awlenf fort uroHHil ulilrli the rcmarkMlilr yUrm f orttyiMc tmrtn nn4
(liclU lunp fiillrn in tlu ill)'. Imt tlio fort In the picture Ih mm jrt winleiooawl f Um (Jwhhh mmiim.
Germans Cease Mass Drives at High ! fuHri,,n lim"ai of Khd"T fo'
Cost Against VerdUII French Hold ' "KtiiiiD frent: Kuian artillery
Vantanc in Artillery Deo'iis in Sal-
icnts AlOllU Meuse Miliar Actions j
. -
LONDON. WTT5.--Heatr arUI- j
lery exebanau contlnim nloug the ;
front before Verdun hut the German
infantry has not returned to the as-
Increaaed aetlvlty on the Oatleiaa
front Is Indicated by statement from
the Austrian war office.
In the Austro-ltallan eampatgn, re
peated attacks were made on each
side. Austrian troops captured an
Italian position at Mnllrrh. Near
Speroue the Austrlaaa arbandoned a
defensive position and fell back to
the new lino.
IWKIH, April lu. There was no
Infantry flahtlna lu the Verdun re
gion last nlaht. Fmnch itosittoas be
teen Malaurourt wood and Mill No
301, went of the Meuse were subject
ed to heav) bombardment and there
were lively artillery exchanges near
the western edge of Corbeaux wood.
Rant of the river an Intermittent
These operations are described In
the following statement from the war
office this afternoen:
"North of Koye a reconnaissance
on the part of the enemy who were
endeavoring to occupy our trenches
lu the region of l'arrlllen was dis
herited by our fire.
"There was no Infantry flghtiua
last night anywhere in the Verdun
"West of the Meuse there has been
a fairly spirited bombardment of our
ionltions between le wood of Ma
lam ourt and Hill No. 301. Our
'iitterlcft evidenced great artlvln
along this part of the front, particu
larly west of Corbeaux wood and at
arioii points along the Forges
' Kant of the Meuse and In the
Woevre there have been Intermittent
'In the Vosges there hi
clashes between patrols. A
naiHiance on the part of the eaemy
was rhedced ) our fire at a point
south of Salnte Maiie-aux-Mlnea."
LOMjON. Apill 1' Mi A lifter
dam dispatch to the Kxt lunge Tele
graph company a; that travelers
arriving at The Hague f-om Berlin
report that a woman tired two soots
from a revolver at In Kbrl Uel
knecht. while the socialUt member
j of the reichKta wan wslMng in sae
i'trc t llotli -!iOt ir.d TI.e j
i - ' I.' lilt III M .taf
I IKK LIN. A mil IV The
1 arlitely helled our powitiona oa th.
I lower Htriw. aloac; the IJaewter and
northeaet of Ciemowita. Near the
mouth of the lower Stripe, and south-
ea,t 0f ltiurus there were liedr en-
yngetnent for adraaeed poit on,
Mime of whiea are atill in nroirre.
th oeeupaata of one trench which
formed a Milieat were thrown buck to
the main uowiliona.
"N'ortheat of Jaolotiee the enemy
entered an advanced witioa but wm
ejteted immediately uv a counter at
tuck. One Huhhwii '( :eer, three en
fim and 100 men w.-rj captured. An
Aui-tro-llungarian U l.u h:nnt by a
i-.irprifc attack occupies an advun v
KuxHtan powitioa on the road bet -en
Huscnx and t'aortkow. t. the front
held by Archduke Johcp'i Kerdinand
the enemy'a artillery m-k active.
"Italinn frent: Tb .ir.'llery nifU
eonlinueil, inufar n th weathT per
mitted. The Auotro-ll irxariana .-an-lured
an Italian umiIhmi at itrzlfiu
and repiiKod Mvernl counter attm It.
The ltMhaiiM uffcred heaw Iom-
"Our arttllerv itforoulv fhellctl
I lie Italian poitin at Kht-M-h and
llontebra. Attet. by lUlian troojM
in the Humana etor to oceupy our
imwitiona on the beighta of Motalj .0
failed. On the i'onnle road our troop
evuetiated a detenie poition uuth
of Kerone. In t'ie Adamello s ti
Alpiui oeeiiHel the DtMKon-lMgff-nova
rulfc. An Italian attack aaiiast
Monte Itriiizo -until ot htilf,r
IF.KIN, Cluua, Apiil IV I'resi
dent Yuan Shi Kai tpreed conii
denee today that the difficulties pre
sented by the revolutionary movement
in the bonta would be overcome and
harmony would he restored. He fcaid
that the declarations of independ
ence of Cai-Kiaag, Kwang-Tung and
Kuutg-Ki provinces were made lor tho
purNMe of avoiding rioting, aad that J
these provinces ' had not joined the'
revolutionary euotemeat inaugurated
in Yunnan.
lie aeecrted disagreement bad
fcprang up among the rebel leaders at
lantou and that he waa confident
the renlt,would be restoration of the
aiiegunee to the Prim government
ot Kwang-Tunk pro n.w, where Can
ton is the capital.
The government
11 uouneed today ;
' the rebels, haa
iona with thai
for peace that ;
that Taai-oa, I-'.
iniiii ' :-
central eoveruuieiit
N . vi, , k..i -
mwm. at. in.w,
NK ffl V Si f H
tary Ianaing pronoejiieed the Mexi
can attention nacluutged today in
any aspect.
Unkea official reports to General
FuntoM diaeloae a swore grave sttna
tion at I'arrai when American troop
were find on than ia now believed to
exiat there was nothing to indiraU
that a change miga he expected in
the near future.
Secretary Baker said General Pun
tou had not heard from General
l'erahing directly fr three da. That
rauNed no nneaine-- at the war de-
imrtment, however. General Per
hing ha. reported oelv when ho bad
definite and issnortaiit information to
comoina irate.
Aa time paaaeK without official in
foreaation of the 1'arral fMrhting from
American sowrce. offieuils are in
clined io donbi that the daxh waa
aa aerioua aa oWeribed ia early Mex
ican advieea.
I'ttblieatiun in Mciieo City of the j
.terms the Carrnnzu '.'"vernment M-ek
to imMiKe limiting -'nv reeiprtM-nl
IriMip inocnieiit- jn r-.s the interna
tional iMMindarv (d much Icbt on
I lie ii- l.iiiL'i" mitieh liilloMfd.
NKW Yl(k. Apill !' Oitmr T.
Marie, Jr., w, p-i.-netl rveentlv as
ambaxudor to K1---1, arrived here
today, aeeompanie.) l,y Hr. Marie,
oa the Norwegian American liner
Krtetwnjafjord. iron. Heaadioavian
Mirt. lie aid he would go to Wash-1
iugton probably witlnn a few daj.
The KriMtiania fjord brought H-'tft
l.i--njreri. Officers said that no
,ir-hi of anv ti'.d were lighted
'lironlioiii th totu.'e and that they
n-.-nrded tin. n unuhoal expf-ri-ciie-
tur a Seandiii. v in ewl.
Onlv tw im in la in whit-Ii to rrzi'tir lop tho
priinari. I ('jfint ration flow Ainil 1M. If you don't
register you cannot vote. The following art the reg
istrars for the various Mcdfortl precinct k:
Election I'reeiact. Negiitrar, Address.
Medford Nortl.esa Y. 0. Kacdicor. Med ford Hook Store
North Medford - I'. O. Knedieor, Medford Hook Store
Medford North Riverside F. O. Bnediror, Medford Hook Hlore
Northwest Medford W, II. Kydiard, Jackaon-Htreet Store
Wet Medford . , Helen S. Vorkey, Mail Tribune
Medford North Maa-. . . Helen N Yotkey. Mail Tribuae
Moilford North tral . II. II. Hull. Medford Furu. A Hdw. Co.
Medford Kouth Central - I- ll. Cameron, Foetal Telegraph office
Medford South Main -- Ben Oamett, Oaraett -t'orev Hdw. Co.
MeSford Newtown .... . K. I Kwingt Kw ing' Gun Stora
Medfgrd I'ark A. O. Bennett. Bennett Inv. Of-. Main and Fir sts.
Soatbweat Medford . C K. Wynkoop. U W. Twelfth street
Medojrd tjekdale e K. C. Scbultg, Skdala Grocery
Kast Medf'.ni V. K. (aner. ( Vmer' Cah Gro.erv. Fast Maui
So'i'hu-t M :-.i. L ' .iMieion. I'o-t il Tiler.iph office
M. ! 1. ' I !' ' 1 !' I- 'i 11 : n, !,.
RH 11
lttht of Hh- war In (If in- arc IhIiik "iHKil. 'I'Iio SIcii-o water front
trriH-li ilcfritn, s, hM t U llic Mroutcst in the uorM, arc liullt. Sewrnl
i 10
NKW YORK. April t:. Four bat
tleships comprlnlBK the first division
of the Atlantic fleet, tho Wyoming,
Arkansas, New York and Texas, lie at
anchor In the harbor today awaiting
admission to the New York nary yard
to undergo repairs. The warships
kav Just returned from the winter
maneuvers off Ouaatauamo, Cuba, la
which' they took part with flfty-stx
Tho Wyoming h the flagship of
the commander of the division, Ad
miral Frank F. Fletcher. The Ar
kansas flies tho flag of the division
commander. Rear Admiral Henry T.
Mayo. Officers asserted that throe
! of practice has put the veeeala
! " m9n " mtm
Although soma saerecy shielded
the fleet's maneuvers. It was known
that there waa target practice both
day and night, endurance runs, bat
tlo formatlona aad scout work. The
aeorea made by the different vessels
have not been made public, but the
officers of the first dlvUion said that
1 good records were made at longer
ranaea than mi hltlnrto attempted
l mcirtii fithtliik' 1 rufl
V Stl I l, I 1 1 , , ill I ' TIllJ
I Xmrricn ioi.hi.I .,1 iiihiun, re-
'iKnilnic flip ilcMtrueiioii of iln Ainurl-
'an itark liiverl)on i.mlid today
1 that the niili wai hunk u aunflre
'of a xubmariae after firti'n minutes
; bad
been given to abandon the vos
To Americans, he aald. worn
! ia one boat load which was saved and
that none were In the boat load which
ia anaccountod for. The loverlyon.
1 bo reported was unarmed and made
'no reslataaee. She arried a cargo
from Portland. On
iat aigbt'a dtai( i from abroad
referred to the nverlon aa a Britiah
Lonii Silence Worrlos War Office
Unonsy About Fate of Tompkins
and MO Men Chide at Dolay Car
raiua Promises Difficulties In
News Transmission General.
8AN ANTONIO, Texn. April 15.
I'neaMineft wuh manifewt ut General
FutiMon'rt headiiiiartera today over
'General I'erMhiiig'a unbroken ailence
j concerning the fight at I'nrrul. It
became known toduv that General
Punrtlon directed to General I'emhing
! lust night a communication xharply
urging him to exiedite a report.
General FunHton received from the
war dcMirtment twin- a rather long
communication but he refuned to di
eiiHx the eharueter. There waa rea
son to believe the Hubatunce of hia
late reiHirt to Waahington dealt
largely with the MMitiona and uctivi
tiea of Carranxa lrooM in northern
Mexico wud the fuilure of them and
other Carmnaii authorities to eo-op-ernle
mure effectually with the Amer
icana, Army officer here and in Mexico
have rcMcnted the raiented alate
mentw that 110-operution wm being
nhown, when, aa they indignantly 11 -Mrt,
cotit in tied refuwal to use I lie
niilioiidh and to iieruiit the lriiiiHini-
. i,i ,,l rtfultf, tniMUHiMii iivt.r luliil
Wire huw Im-cu made. The number o
Carranxa troop in northern niul cen
tral Mexico ia far greater tliun ilml
of the United State urniv in Mex
ico, but offieera pointed out, Yillu
has no apparent difficulty in imp
ing through their linen when picscd
by the Americana.
It ia believed Ibat General Funtoii
alau called attention of the war de
partment of hia inability to protect
more adequately the detached forces
at the front without mutorially weak
ening the border patrol or uaiug the
railroads for troop movements.
General I'crshiiitf's chief of staff,
Lieutenant Colonel de C. Cubed, ia
now at Ctisiis Grandea, where he went
to supervise the xcouting work or
dered by General Fuuatou to ascer-
lam the movement, of Carranxa
troops in the region through which
the line ol iiiiiiiiiii mIkui msh)s.
TfiNGl'AII, Ncv.. Apnl l.. 1. A.
I Howler, called dean of the lawyer
'of southern Nevada, drank poiaon and
I died today rather than face u client
J whose cttQ be bad lout bei-imae of an
inadvertent error, lie left a not
' aying it waa hia firt error of that
jaort in forty yetira' practice and that
I he referred death to facuig the man
who returned him. Mr. Howler waa
.liii' cuneel to Fdward Clif-
' I J u 1 tl ii.iih lO iiu di d la -t
mm? f ftfWtt fhHtdirtl,
Wat. 7i fWt. mf.
mil FELT f fll
No W&ril Prffl Porhlii for Thrco
Days Preonu lion Ortlors Rufe at
CftlMwhya Crntnzn Firoes WQtcti
DtHlonmtfo Movos Prom Interna
HomiI Qorder.
WAsmxriTOrf, April is. imte
department dtopatafiai fram Kl i'asb
today refer to uneaMflrMed reports of
a second tight with American trcxipa
at Parrel.
Oeneral FvtBstan tfoK 'fjlfpapii
ed the war (tepartaMMt tt laimd
not heard from neueral Ifhjlhtnp for
three days. Secretary Itakar wild
that General Pnnatan wm Hrjlng
General Pershing to rush n ronurt nn
the 1'arral Incident.
COUTMHU. N. M.. April 1$.
Oravest coueera for the aafetjr ot the
American line of coiHiHunlanttOn vvna
manifest In American ipmrtort) to
day. ICvery preiMrntlHn Iihh boon
made at the base here to hoop tho
line Intact.
Motor trucks lined up and flllod
with rations stood In front ot military
headquarters anil thg telegraph Htn
tlou hero was ordered to lie Ifnpt
open throughout tho night.
No reason was offernd at military
headquarters for the unusunl activity
hut unofficial reporta gnvo nMunuiou
that It was lsl upon reporta mnilo
liy Captain U. S. Orant. In coinnininl
of a suinll deUrhtuent of Amorlonn
guarding tho line at Aeeeiisloii, sixty
miles south of tho lionlor.
It Is known that with dlplomatlo
relations between the Unltod Statoa
and Mexleo pending oIoho vvatoh la
being. kept far the -000.vmun Genarnl
Arnulfo domes, who were roportml
to be moving from Ronorn. Into Chi
huahua In such a way as to proaent
poaalble menace to the Amorlean Hue
of communication. However, reporta
from military sources Indicate that
the force, today could not he looated
In northwestern Chihuahua.
From the fact that ae word from
Oeneral J. J. Pershing has poaieri
through here for several days, It Is
assumed that the expeditionary head
quarters are beyond communication
with the American end of the supply
route. Numbers or moaaagea paaalug
through here from Oeneral Puniton
Indicate that the department com
mander la directing the new move
Lieutenants II. A. Dargue and IS.
8. (lorrell of the army aeroeeuriw
planned to leave today for a 100 mile
riight to General Pershing's sump.
carrying dispatches telling of eoHdl
llonit In northern chihuahua.
WASHINGTON, April 15. Italy's
growing iiiiportuucii aa a buyer of
American products ia Indicated ia fig
ure, uxaomblcd today in the bureau of
foreign and domestic commerce,
which "how thut the country look
$100,UOtl,oOO worth of goods ia tho
first seven months of the fiacal year,
luir 10. Only Kngland, Franca aad
Canada were heavier purenaaera of.
American goods.
Tho rupiditv of the growth if Intdtf
let ween the Tutted States and Italy
is indicated in figure ahowiAir eJt
i. its to that country ia Hm first halt
.)-. the fiacal year 1015-10. amouttwl
to 1 48,000.000, only idlghtlv helow
tl'i- tigurcH for the entire fiacal year
of 10 1 1-15, aud twice as much aa the
full year preceding the outbreak o
the European mar.
The greatest single article of export
to Italy is cotton, 30,Mt(MMMi at
which were purchased ia the United
States in the first aix atoath of tho
piesent fical year again! $34,ttML
000 for the entire yeur befoie. Wheat
bimieiita jumped from t. 800,000
for a year to 38,000,000 far six
month. Wool nianufaolarea r,ew
from 450,000 for a year to $1J,JUU,
000 for m months, aud boot and l-oe
hhipiuciit. 1 1 urn f 300,000 to 8,70i.