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    mtntwn vxtn rmrmryw, wjwanTt, mv.afiv, Tnnnmv, vrorflrr n WTrf
ha fur in II iiiHHii diiMn'mrHnl
APGfSTA. Oh, Mar.h 23 Ono
of a ncrlM of fires m tilcli have canned
millions of dollars worth of dumago
In 'the past few days In tho south and
southwost swept through ton bml
11 ohs blocks of August mid twrnty
adjoining residence blocks last night
and early today and bnforo being got
under control had caused damage
which was conservatively estimated
No lives worn reported lost, nl
though there were scores of narrow
The flnnio-swopt area Included tfio
largest offlco and business build
ings on the north side of Hroad street,
warehouses on historic "Cotton Itow"
containing thousands of bales of cot
ton, some six hundred homes, many
of them In tho clty'most exclusive
resldenco section, and St. Paul's Kpls-
c6pal church hullt 13S years ngo.
' Today local mllltla compautes were
on duty.
. ' Jlollef Work
Hotel and homes in tho sections
of tho city not reached by tho tiro
worn tin own open to those whoso res
idences wero burned and steps wero
being taken by local authorities to
give relief to tho 3000 persons who
Jfnll lost their homes,
f Jn aiea of about one and n Quarter
BO'iaro miles was ravaged by tho
flames, which wero driven by a heavy
gale. Fire apparatus from Columbia,
Charleston, Atlanta, Macon, Savan
nah and Waynesboro was sent to tho
nld of tho local firemen. Wind sub
sided Ju. t after 1 o'clock and it was
not until then that tho firemen could
gain in tholr fight.
Tho fire stnrtcd yesterday evening
nt 0: 15 o'clock In the Kelly dry goods
Hloro In tho Dyer building. From
there It spread rapidly to Cotton How
'iiid destroyed block after block on
llJrnud street,
Tho twelve story building owned
by tho Augusta Chronicle wns practi
cally destroyed. Tho Augusta Her
ald' building also was burned. Tho
Chronicle ustnbllshed nn offlco in a
Job printing plant and wns Issued this
morning. The Herald will be Issued
this nft'Tiioon from a temporary
Cotton ix DeMmyed
(Cotton Interests, today estimated
that the tire destroyed about $2,000.
000 worth of cotton stored In tho
warehouses along the rlvor front,
Tho 000 block of Hroad street
proved to bo the miracle block of
tho flro. The flames leaped over thl
blook and not one building was dam
'aged until 5:30 this morning when
fire was found In a small warehouse.
This blatn was quickly extinguished.
V. T. Klrod, an automobile driver,
roscued two young girls from tho
Dyer bul'.dlng. Ho mado two trips
to the fifth floor and was painfully
Threo companies of tho National
Guard of Ocorgln patrolled tho streets
during tho night and a strict watch
was kept today on tho devastated dls-trlct.
PAIMS, Tex., March 23. Work o
relieving the Miffcrcr and the home
lea in Paris niter the disastrous
flro of Tuosday nij?ht was carried
nloiip swiftly todny. Large snips of
money, raUcd in Pari nud in neniby
eilcis, wero tliHlrilmtPil to the needy
Uytho icliof committee, headed by
Moxor K. II. Meditation.
Ylio 8000 homeless s-pent Inst night
in JUc home of friend nml relatives
nirlttwiiK nud in Mieh public build
ing as romaiticd. Ituilroad waiting
looms wero turned into dormitories
for the women and oliildren.
Tho jjrenteet thlc today wns elenr-iiie-
the business, dihliiet of the debris.
Of the fio bnnks in Paris, three were
nusod. Officer of tlipe three e.x
peotud to make attempts at opening
ihdir nulU todnv nml believed they
would find the content unharmed.
'J'lie death list remained todny nt
throe with one perou miinj,'. The
propel ty lota la estimated at ?!',-
WASHINGTON', Muii-h l.-Au
tliroiU' eHrryiiiff rtoilrud todnv c
titipned the intewtnic eommeree eom
tlii$ftion to reoen thr dwuuMi fix
i'JT reduced rute from the W online
and l.ehi-h regions to Albany. Troy
nd MeoliHiiiet.ille, X. V., whu-h were
ordeied to Iiwojm effective April 1.
Tiq w York CeHtrol joiiwd in the
. Med ford llxlr.-. Smoke. Q
The Medford and Mt. Pitt Cigar.
TV remain-
' WiUoii. one of the rf.
if lutnillN flifln wtn
i There fhr fcflfml iMHrtmii Ilw-
' retire KnM when lie rmijelit tlicm rtli-
blmr dnift low. TtoqlffJri frUuni-
led to Him Pftliii'hH'n nd Mllfil.JifiiK
,. , , , - irirvi". Sjmde wheH IlO (IscOforvtl UlW
RV A 1 1 ji hANm T bHh,i"ri,it ',i rmw h,r t'Irt'fs,,
J Therr were five in the original
""" rftijr, nminin nid In Iu eonfc-
i.,v l.h.v.iu,.,, m' i .-i " Two of the bandit, Thotno
SAN HIAMlHCn. MhH, 2.1,- l(,ri.rn ,tm, j,,s MHrray, r, ,umv in
0H.ntioti of nn nutomobile bandit ,, QMnin pfan, --rvin)c sen
ritiR that perrwlratcd three murder ' tcueen for robberies committed in
in Snn PnineiHco nud Scuttle and i !' Angeles.- Another member, .luck
'store, ilgniii lliej' trtnrned to Hnn
1 r'rutwfseo And fltiil two ssMoih, n
i (rwier.T lr' ntttl Rpudr ntdottee
. Ilnnniit' fntliei, wki is an at
jtnho aflo nujirenie e.rt of Mitry
' linff, IW PtHpfrtypil nttorsets to feok
lnfTrf fii on'n intwrstn. Dmnilffttn
' in 'id yours old. He ndmiltrtu imrfiil
j rwttnit in (lie robberies, but claimed
Hint no nml no port in tin mHrdcrs.
elexcn holdups in Pacific comt cit
ies Xovcmber mid December, nro
dctnllcd in n igiicd confession held
toilny by the local polifte. TJie tory
of the oriincs wijh told last night from
a cot in the county hospital hure'bV
Howard I)iiuni;an, one of the ban
dits, who wns arrested in Los An
geles recently n.s he souglit tucdicul
nid for n wound received in n revol
ver duel following n cafe holdup here.
Dunnignn is said to be n seiou of a
prominent Maryland futility.
Police Corporal Frederick Cook,
who wns kilted by the ImuditH after
they held up n beach cafe here Xo-
vember 24, wns the first (o die nt
Manning, alias Duncan, i in jail
hnie. Wilson, the fourth member, was
killed by Cook. Duiiuigiiii said tliev
always rode to and from their crimes
in stolon automobile-.
Tlfr robberies, and, holdups occur
red in Scnttle, Sacramento nml Snu
J Francisco,. An unknown man who
I wns hold up near the Pnnnmn Pa
cific exposition grounds wns the
first to lose nt their hands. A beach
enfe was their next objective. Then
they went to Sacramento mid on Xo
vclnber 2'J robbed n snloon tlieic. He
turning here, they robbed n enfe und
held up filly patrons. Their next
crimes were in Scnttle, where, in l)e-
The Parcnt-Tcncher clrclo of tho
lloosevolt school will meet Friday at
3 o'clock. The program follews:
.Song by 7th grade.
Iluslness session.
Piano duct, Miss Ilrucc Putnam,
Miss Naomi Hemphill.
Address, Supt. Itlllls.
thrif bands, jn tho running duel thnt frmber, they held up u negro gnm
followed the holdup Cook killed Hurry bier nud robbed n snloon and drug
WAS1I1XOTOX, March 'iiL-Ocn-oral
Funston todny nsked.for eight
mow aeroplanes. Ho wants four to
go to Columbus to fly with Ilrigndicr
Ocheml Pcrhhing'n coltunn, nml four
others to bo sent to his headquarters
nt Foil Ham Houston to ho held for
emergency work.
XKW YORK. Mnreb -2X Women
stood In line for hntir enrlv todny
waiting for the opening of the ticket
sale for tho Willnrd-Mortni 1g)if.
Saturday night. Whon tho box office
nt Mndison Square flsnlen opctieit it
wns bemegod byn crowd C scvom.1
hundred to purclmsc the ifTl'nnd !?o
liokctN. Jinny of them hnd been
standing in line since midnight, some
bringing break fnst With them.
The ticket sellers hnd 2000 of the
lower-priced sentN, but could liavo
disposed of 20,000. Only two ticket
wero sold to a person, officials .snid,
in nn effort to keep them out of the
hnnds of pcculntors. t
At both ennips todny the minors
of Jess Willnrd nud Frank Mornti nn
liouuccd that Hie heiVyweight pug
ilists were "on edge mid 'ready,"
Liglit boxiiiL' only wns permitted to-
Temofrflw' Uic" fhmtIon rtfftl
hii crTBcf will nml.
tfAfrillmfti? tar fko ImvMNln -t it a
Xfi.Mrt iDffnn. MMftllaa nt fhrt ffltof
HmU JtlftrU jfltt (rwfwlfefrrlfftf frtf
"rite both ntrtnr (W tmtfUMo cj
tert anil Hi rttemfe foMffwcm etf
boxing. Mortin's fsjttfWptice In ftl
nbtlitr, not only In ontbo.t Willnnl,
but to knock ont the frtgflntl Kn
iin, Is little flmrl of an ob(wsiort.
He Adtnlw that he never mw Wffl
urd outMilc of tho movies, but claim"
tbnt (Ills In tin batuliKMit altton lin linn
been able to slmlv every inorp of Uio
enrcor vi tne ciininpwii at lus lew-
urc. '
Colonuy .Samuul Holier, ohief
of the nrmy nvintion service, foil
three storios in his home here todny
mm wns badly injurcd.l He wns re
moved to u hospital.
Reports to tlm war dcvarlmcnt hf
ter Colonel Hcbcr had been exniniucd
nt the hospital wero thnt hi injuries
wero not serious.
Run down ?
-Weak ?
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M -'.
This Quaker Cooker
We have supplied perfect double Cookers to over
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Such a Cooker as this, if sold at retail, would cost
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Our purpose is this: To 'create more Quaker Oats users, by
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To this end, we use queen grains only in this brand just the big,
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Pure Aluminum
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TTifs Offer is Confined to
Oregon and Washington
Address The Quaker Oats Company, 1708 Railway Exchange, Chicago
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-j ,
s. A ,r .: .
,MHI)l(Oltl( QHKO.V
a. v. mw :....: ...
KnutM Mt-iKvry C .
Hutrlilnbon At liiiiiihilrn
JoihV Cash Oroovry .;..
i . l mil i;. ....
.Maili Ji llfiiuclt ... ,,..
1 I',. OllllKfil4t ...w.............mA..w....., -.-.
Watner, Wortnmii fi ;ix,...Ml
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i -.......,... I.'tt W. .Main St.
il07-rtOU ItJiht 71Ii
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...VhllluilCl, Olf,
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...lltanil, Ore.
m .... ?'&,
ntiiKo liiiniii v ,-vjii. ....... .Ma.M.iv."
Cnin'tM I'uss Ilocliilalo Qtt ,....v....,.,.............(IrniiU Iim., Or.
Kinney & Trims ..,... (Smut Vans, Ort.
.looliili ranlwi K........w....-.....waiJ?..-i....,-...ranta I'ii, Oni.
I. A. Scliulllioiii ... v ..... fli-uuU I'nM, Olf,
Wliltehoiiho 3ircry .-....-......,....- ...........ninU I'uhn,' Oixu
Tylr Williams CV - - JarkMmvlUft, Ore.
Rrcry gprfric mont peijitlo he "nil
put f orts-tlipr vltnllly M nt a
WW eDu. TlirTHiRli ihc wlnler inontlu
lint ti n Btont Iral in lientcd lumv,
onloc. or factory, with llitlo healthy
cxerolso In the ureal outiloatft enliug
more limn nvemcury tht blKitl he-Hn-ii
Mirlinrnol with polonl Tho
best 8prlriir tnwHclne ntnl tonic Is ono
mndo n( herbs ami roota without alco
hol thnt vn flwt diocnvori'il liy Dr.
Pierce war at. Miitln of (Inlilcn
Soul loot, blfiod root, with glycerine, it
In called Dr. Pierre's Ooldoii Medical
DUoovory. Inrellont on wrapper.
It pllinluntea from the bluod dinenec
breeding pohtons. It nmloH the blood
rich and pure, and fimiMict n foninl.i
tlon fur mmiid, phyaical himlll
Sold by medicine denier, in liquid
or tablet form, or send 10 rent to Dr.
Picrco'B Invnllda' Hotel, Buffalo. N. Y.,
for n largo trial package of tnbluta,
Salem, Oregon. "As n spring tonic,
to build up a weakened, nitwiown
Hyslein, and to civo one an appetite, I
found Doctor hercc'n Golden Medical
Discovery Reed. A friend hnd recom
mended It and I found it nil that lin
claimed for It." Mica. Jaki: (Iindkii,
lGtiO S. Ucllvicw Street.
Constipation enures and terlouniy
ORRravntes ninny dienen. It in thor
oiirIiIv curwl by Dr. Pierce'i Plcw
ant Polletn. One n laxative J tWJ Of
thrco n cathartic.
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VVU, ItKAUlN'a 11.00.
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Bargain Offers
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Camera Shop
208 Enst Main Street,
Tho Only Exclusive
Oommorcinl Photographers
in Southern Oregon
e of
o or
rrofivrtq Afjulo nnv t.ntlO nr r
Hotuaopathlo Physician, Surgson,
!13 Bast Malu St., Mslfor(J, Qi
gon. Offlco pbono 143, residaaN
Phne 734-UI. Office houra 1 to
I 4 p. in.
Prluttn and Publishers
MEDFbUD PhrNTlNQ CO.. has ib'
boat equipped printing offlco 'o
couthern Oregon; book binding
loose leaf ledvem, billing systems
etc Portland prtcos. 'il North
Ptr st.
- - ij North Front at. Pbon
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