Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, March 03, 1916, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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,J i M ilMliWi
MiwFOfm fATfJr mruvvt' MffiFMfj, nutans, vuww; vuni
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Mslf Trlbun KulMtnr.
Ir lret; (Voihm 78.
Nnrth f
The J)fmerH Tltw, fho Mtdferd
Mull, Tim MwlYortl Trtrens, Th fliulh"
rn Orsanmiti, The Aliisni Trhttne.
BvnaontPTton xatm
on Mr, by iimi ,
. by iron,
h, by mll..
Jn mfltii
Ir roenth, djliril by esrrler In
Meurord, iTioonir, jnKonvin
and Ofltrsl point .
flutimlay only, by mall, pr ymr...
WMkly, per year
-ffll Taper of Ihr City ef Medferd.
OfffaUl I'spsr of Jukeon County.
Itfiterrd nn eenl-elaa mfltter at
MnlfonJ. Orecon, under Ihn ast of Marsh
1, 1SJ.
Bworn Clreulatlen for 1914, 3(81.
Pull loased wire Aaioelated I'fin dla
Tlio incut r-alcliliiK dlsoase 1 kuov
la Insomnia wlion tlio baby Iiuh It.
You Don'J Hay So.
Wo fool inure than ovnr that the
jtnst nil huhlnil tin uuil tlio ftituro nil
In front. ltendlng JfliiKltind Stun
dard. Tho StolM llritlsh
Private Joiiob (crawlliiK out nftor
boiiiK burled by n shell oxiiIomIoii.)
'111)' 'brso-jilny I calls III" Punch.
flat 0 Leon
I never bounl n Jltnoy If
My i;lrl ImH yollow hnlr.
The driver in I r tit collect hor If
Ho found Hint hlio Was fair.
Pnii-Aiiieilrnti Klniki'M'iii-o
The HhnkoHponro chili met with
Mrs. Moyors, llroadwny. At roll cnll
Items of ciirrout Interest wore kIvoii.
Mist) yithers Rnvo nn lutorostlim
impor on tlio country of Brazil mid
iiKonornl dlHotiMloii of the nubjoat
followed tho pnpar. Tlio N'llos Sun.
K, 1HM 41
' Twrnly for u Sfcnt
HlRtory l'rof. Tell ubont tho Tur
I(Ib1i ntrooltlon of the nilddlo iiroh.
'umo Doini I didn't )nov poo
plii Hiuokod olKnreU tlion, I'ltt l'nu
thcr. WlnU Cnustil It?
DIliBon 1 hear Smith linn huow
MlndncHR. Wlmt ontmed It?
KlbHon Ilo went out every nlnlit
for two weolfH In n full-drowt ahlrt.
l'unali Howl.
'I'oiIiij'n IWtlli liiKor.
Ho When In n Joku not n Joka
Hlin .WnllT
Jlo Uaiutlly. 1iiiln Awk.
Hii)n IlioClilon the I'llni
If It tnke iiluo tiillorn to iiihUh h
until wlmt doM It tnku to briwlt that
' Answer: Jimt one little woiimu.
'lodnj's Wool lllddlo
AVIiy Ih u widower llko u liotuo In
n Htutu n dlNilldntlou7
Anwor lltwuntio ho wmiiU ruHilr-
Offlttrl (tit tho dlnrn-HuK eurt.)
nighbull -Sue tliy imme on Unit
lilaturu. i
Dryblll Ym ,,,VhiI."
lllghlmll 1 wh Jnt oinlnrln'
vlt thr put It lhrt fur. A blind
DIHIl OHIl't ruHil It wml h fullow with
ttfon euu iwe far WiMlf. nfitnt
'I'lio Cni f' i.ii.ii
Old Prescription
for Weak Kidneys
A inodlrlual preparllou like Or
l( Miner ' Hwamp-ltoot, that 1ms real
Mratlte value slinost sells HseH.
Uke aa ewdless ehaln sytom the
la recowweHded by tkoee
wb lave Immni beaefltttMt to ttiosw
wbb are lu uead of IU
Or. Kilmer's Hwamp-ltoot Is a pity
Man's Hmcriiitleii. It has been
teaind.for eara vA has brouaht re
IU n eounUeaa uhhUhm-i wuo have
fj'hj suocee ef Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-
!tp4L dM to fc fuel that it fulfills
1 Hilliuet evary wish In ovoreotulMi kid-
'!?. UTr HHit WaJder 4lsoses, cor-
rojw tirinary iroNuius aai aeutrai
isjH the urte acid which causes rheu
lUPOsm. Yt U..I Milffr HmI a luiiltift af
Smp-ltool from au druggist now.
Start troatwent today.
.However, if you wish first to test
jthls groat preparation send ten cents
to l)r. Kinner & Co.. illHghsmploH.
i V., fir a sample hoUle. When
be sure and weution the
ft VVi. 4ait tlVVNUK HI.
r- imar
OWCII AIM) lifNlitiK l" riTfigiiiwrt nn n vhIimMp fly In
wring fntit rvnm (luring fhi front npinwn,
'nicrr are inniiy kind of fifcl (lint rnn 1h ttned, Imt locul
piMtnm linn centered iijkui Ihe two of mmtdgc niis LmrTtfng
emtio oil or (Hutillaio.
Without attempting to dlwtww the -plciitiflr pltniM of
tlio Hinder, 11 run be truthfully wild thnt oil ftinmlgliig hfli
heroine an oi'fflmi'd fwl and a public nulminre.
The heavily charged, ainooty smoke porinenle every
nook and crook of building of Medford, soiling whatever
it tom-heis. It damage stoekH of incrchandme and it ne
cessitate a thorough house-cleaning to eliminate its stains
from farm and city residences.
TliQre is no desire to interfere with the orchard indus
try, but there are many ways open to the fruit grower to
heat bin orchard without damaging the community.
Wood or local coal heat the orchard without injuring the
trees or buildings, and have the additional advantage of
leaving the money m the community instead ol sending it
out. There are manv who are convinced of their super
iority as orchard heaters.
It does not stand to reason that a heavy layer of oily
soot improves the tree itself. .Repeated year after year,
it must certainly check the natural processes of the trees'
breathing, and interfere with development and growth.
We know that in the smoky cities of the east, like Pitts
burg and Cincinnati, that soot kills and stunts the vigorous
growing varieties of shade trees, and any such artificial
blight cannot benefit a fruit tree.
.For five years the people of tho Itoguo "River valley
have suffered from the smudge nuisance without com
plaint, except from orchardists convinced -that their
groves were damaged from thier neighbors' operations.
The smudgcrs themselves have blindly followed the fad in
their heroic efforts to preserve their crop and (he com
munity has sympathized with their efforts.
Hut oil smudging has not proven such a success as to
warrant its continuance. There are plenty of other ways
to heat the orchard which damage neither tree nor com
munity. They should be utilized before the nuisance be
comes so great as to invoke drastic action for its cessation.
TJ HO senate has done wel' 6 stand-behind the president
in Ih'h (llnlomiiic. dr.iiiiiL's nnd nrcscni :i tinitod front
o foreign nations. ,
15y the constitution the president is the diplomatic
lead of tlio nf!on, and it is unfortunate that congress has
ittemptqd 'to play politics by conspiring to take diplo-
imtic relations out of his hands. Such action only wealc-
enTTfiie nation by unneeded complications against a united
foreign nation.
President Wilson is a ljeaco advocate and has striven
his utmost to keep the nation out of war. But ho is for
peace with honor, not at the cost of self-respect, as he
views it.
The president has given the lie to his defaincrs who
accused him of weakness. His coercion of the plotting
congressmen was an act of courage and proves him a
strong man. Jlo is not only too proud to fight in a dis
honorable cause, but too proud not to fight in an honor
able one, and too proud to be thrust aside by the peanut
The head and front of the conspiracy are the "cotton
congressmen" from the south, who seek to cud the quar
rel with (Icriiiany and begin a quarrel with the allies to
compel the lilting ol the blockade a little enough to per
mit the shipping of cotton to the central empires, which
would double or treble its value. Allied with them are the
provincial congressmen playing for votes of hyphenated
Americans at home placing self-interest against the na
tional interest.
It is well for the nation to present a united front in
its foreign relations. The nation is for peace, but only for
peace that carries with it national honor and it is the
part of patriotism to stand with the president in this inter
national crisis as the best way of preserving peace.
The Competition of Swords
(My James lthoderieh Kendall.)
To Ihe kVlitor;
ll has lo'ttti well said that' govuro
went is a auhstitule for private war,
and just how the world is more than
iMinlly inleieled in tho iieMiou of
a substitute for international war.
The JupuucM atutcuHiau Mould offer
JlD.jKiited effort of six nations. This
might keep natiuus from fighting, hut
is not an ultimate solution, without
it uImi kecM thuin from wunlmg to
fight, utid there is nothing in the
lrosiliiMi Io proe that the six na
tion would not eutertaiu belligerent
feelings towurd each other, for the
cause of war due not depend uHiu
the fuel thut six nation hne or hue
uol created a monopoly of imwer
xhieh might he used to dhido Ihe
win Id among thetusehes neeordlng to
the ethioa of greed of modern eoui
MterciuliHiu. What is war? This kiuiple ques
lion kouuils may. lis correct uiuwer
il ulo suHly uuolher to the iiie
tion just as sigHifieaiit, whut
pence f And what ia armed?
The ho)Htals of the world are full
of iniute human derelicts, takeu
from the firing line of the coinuur
eial eonfliet, culled pace, where the
ugencick eiuploxetl are ufteu uiort; fa
tal in o er lielunne and erushing op
posiiuMt than eer the woid. Tslle
luud snid: "lingiiage is an iulru
uieul iiiveutid to conceal ihuught."
Uidomuey U tho art of lying. Its
puiHHe i to acquire advautuge, just
or unju.t. And weaiu, even to the
threat of Uw ewepd, it employed.
Thie uniett gtiihmiUl mav, kits
the true animus of so-culled war. i-
wir in all but Ihe bhiod-letliui;. The
nations ari' competitors, and like pii
vate eomHtitoiv, in the modem com
mercial war, acknowledge no code ot
clhici us Ktivoruiui; their actions to-
ward each other. "Succe" in (he
"hihholeth. Drawing Ihe kword is but
a change in the scenery, is but the
adoption of a different means for (he
same Hirxte. This is the (ienuan
point of ucw und is feroi'iouhly log.
ieal. This world ur of xword is
but the culmination or climax to the
commercial of Ibis twentieth cen
tury, ami should he known us the
competition of swords. If pmutc
husiuohh rivals should ap)H-aI Io club
in an endeaxor Io ilclrox i.ich other
Finishing Touch
Tha fini.lung touch to
a good dinner it
tatty driteit. Cake, Ice
Lream and I'udding
tlavored with Merit
Vanilla have that
palate nlcatinc laale
that maket one leel so good.
Order of Your
Lady Assistant
S H. llAIlTI.inT
l'lione l. -I? una 17-J3
Ajitl.iM( Sen tee Coroner
"-" k.lMViIl't '
'fh ftoffMfi
i ImiiI'I Ini
r ft frwhfto irftffa(tinfll wanmnir mmwil
wHh a rrrttlH Utrnuff, Imt r
lHhWtM WMft fMrnlM Tf nfPf Ike
wnfM. Mfc flirt mHt Imt ftllrMf
her of all fe of rommHhM. If Iho
" - i
wwrlH hatl 4fken I beat baek borne,
btr war of MfMineioj Bihjrbt r4
been a neeeaaHy, in pla of a grant
Thai man or nathw mat pay
honent 4eht lm nothiw io tie with
the quentioa, Imt ninee then m no
etbiTH in Umim" Iteyoml tbie, OVr
Mny Mitel the nword to tab what
rilpiomae? Itad failed to acquire, with
a motto which miffhl he liberally
trannlatml: "I tnitit live; to bell with
.you. Thin dlffcrn in no emwiilinl
front the oommerrial motto of the
Awerien Ima made the world
"tired" with ita mineellaneoua aawirt
iiient of peace lnn. Uet-rleh-iulek
Autoford has just uono over to toll
them how to make a million in a min
ute. Thin tuny dmtrMel their lienrts
from murder, for hh neur iih I eim
wee, xreed nt the bottom of the
trouble. The tuition that would lead
others into pntlm of iwnnniient peneo
must ttct a new e.xnmple, nbating itx
own Rreed. We aie rich beyond our
iicciIh, fiivorably loealed, a eonti-
nentul people, absolutely independent
of the UMiifruot ot the sen, while hm;
hind iw an iiiHiilar people, who, by
neeenwity, must live by tho sea, and
yet wo dream of an oversea mer-'
chant murine, oven sustained by a.ib
nidy, that we, if poaaiblo, may mon
opolize those groat hi(hwayH of eom
mereu without eeu a thought that
we are takiiiR bread from otbern,
whose needs nre much (?renler tliiiii
ours. Wlmt u itlorioim ambition, to
absorb all tho ru-hes of the woild.
Hut, iiIiik for the rel! America may
set an example of inloniulionnl "ta
ble iiiiiniit'Pi."
There is n deep resentment seltliiiK
into the liouVtrt of tho I'iiHhIi people
over the eonstnut haliiiK of our
government about iufriiiKmeuts of our
innrine rights, real or imaginary,
while they are biittliii); fur life. Its
translation is: "Your paltry jruin are
more to yori limn our lives," while
bur marine nierelmntH are planning
to even "swipe,'' the ronst from llieir
plnti'H, (IioiikIi their cxpcmoH are
.t'j:,00l),000 per day. (Ireedy Amer
ica. Nliauiel
What is noulriil? The auwer to
this must dejiond on the definitions of
pence and win. (Icmiany seeks to
destroy Kiic,lnnd, because she seeks
to hog the Imtuiicss of the world, and
it is only too jrjto, that she does not
lack the greedy ambition to do so, but
only the ability. KiiKhiud's exeuso
is (lenuany would do tho same, any
of them would do tho mi life, just as
a mercantile linn would take all the
htiMiuesH if it could.
Tins iiuabalcd ambitious peed is
nearly the whole oatinc of armed con
flict. Are wo froo from it? Whilo
tho champions battle for life, do we
scheme to take tho business which in
their extremity they must iioitloct,
and which by tho law of ncccsNity
hoiild he theirs? This in the nil I -male
question, not nloue iiuient: na
tions, but iimoiiic individuals of the
Maine society. Unrestrained eoniH'ti
lion lionet its the stronir, is not tho
life of liii-ine-s but the death of hiis-
ine"-.. This (iientiou now is hcekinura'
solution 111 our national councils,
ever set k in u'
It will iiot do Io take auav null-
Uven If haitit ate turnlnir ctey,
heaiti den t change much after
all. A box of Vognn's will arouss
many an oM time memory.
I'ortlaml, Uirtfon
You Sprayed For Scale Last Season.
And Yet You Tailed. Why?
I ! In iiihwIKi SOlUBlE tULPHUH Ml 4-.
u '. . ,t,lli h nrwiaMt tutwa net. Will a tny
ll l alt II sill ! "" r I " '
!VjiVi l Om m4, imuI kiIi or latclllftat
lil ! irtjr It Klkt.
mno ran our im iprav bulletin, it
USl MlMlki ! okllt tWl SCALE AND
ajj, wriu lr rnMk
nli ' thnf ij ' itili-m l!
Mr fnny l rrtnclril ,i
iM . '
h nn' ,,ti.f- III wnn liil
, fir ;
! nm
lll" limrr lhtn Ihr '
it 1 tui. urn 1 Tltink hiiii.
It i lh ffHT if Wiirlil pnrr. Inl'r
MttKififil Intlhum niuM ten". If
IM MtioN IrNly (toftifM to ti an f
Mpl of pMf, ftt K adopt fh
MMtte: "I am my hroUwr'" ktper."
Til ftfrirft of tM will abate it r?r1
to jrrub all tho fownww by whifli lifr
l niifltainm!. It wonhl mean the
VWwi ntlo appltal to nation. If
oUmt nationa will aJojK it lb raae
of war will ea to oxiat. There in
aneh a thing- aa Unaine rivalry that
would not design to take Imaine
'from another, not aanetioned by the
golden rule.
Nation may combine to enforce
pea re and arbitrate to avoid war, hut
there can be no instill pent with
out n rt't'o)(ni.ed code of international
otliiea inatirinir io oaeh tho right to
"life, liberty ami the mrstiit of Imp
pinoSHl" I'ohco Hnsdrnlml, pence Hnmilenr,
peace Itnnnlbal. There h enough for
Ilomo nnd Curtlinjre.
Why SmoRo lilt ClRnnt
When La Oondnii are only lOo.
This! All Diindiiiff IHsiipiH-ms
mid llnlr Stops Coining
Surely try n "Dnndorlno Hair
Cleanso" If you wIrIi tolnt modlaloly
double tlui beauty of your lmlr. .lust
moisten n cloth with Oundorlua and
draw It carofully throiiKh your hair,
taklntc one small strand at a time;
this will cleanse tho lmlr -ot dust,
dirt or any excosslve oil In a few
mlnutos you will bo niuiuod. Your
hnlr wilt bo wavy, fluffy mid abun
dant and possess an Incomparablo
softness, lustre nnd luxuriance
liesidoH beautiryliiK tho hnlr. ono
application of Danderluo dissolve
every pnrtlelo of dandruff; Invigor
ates tlio ncnlp, stoppliiK Itclilnn and
fullltiR lmlr.
Daudorluu Is to tho lmlr what frosh
showers of rnln nnd sunshine are to
voKotutlon. It boos right to tho
roots, InvlRorntos and stronRthciis
thorn. Its exhllliiratluic, stlinulatliiK
and llfe-producliiK propcrllcs causo
tho lmlr to row Ioiik, strong and
You eim suroly have pretty, soft.
lustrous lmlr. and lots ot It, If you
will Just Met a U.Vcent bottle ot
Knowltou's DHiiderlne from any driiK
store or toilet counter mid try It as
directed. Adv.
cissy FlUueruld In the Cinlno Star
Curing Cissy
! Settled Out of Court
fciturliiK l.urlle Ward and Win. Car
rill liumnii Intercbi ilia in u with
u ll-ll XClll.
A powerful social drama with aide
. llahls on the slums, featuring Lottie
i Easy to Handle
- Costs Less
.3 Always the Same
All )uf wr,
Get the home care of
shoes habit It pays
Well dressed people always have well shlned shoes.
ShikoiA, with tho key for opening tho box, its quick
shining qualities and the handy
Y rnZ-v
V Jtag
"Triangle Plays
X .
X 9r
A dominant personality in that
great Alaska love romance
that perfect photoplay
The Triangle Keystone
A REAL burlesque, by that master
laugh-producer, MAX SENNETT,
featuring CHAS. MURRAY, of
Murray & Mack
Moving Picture Theater
rr L. a
' aaaiaMiiMMMilkjaaaS-lalaTfcM wi
'M Baking Powder
Those who have had Ciil.cs ruined by jarring the
stove, slamming the oven door or a heavy footstep may
have wondered how the dlnir... car chef can turn out such
marvelous biscuits, hot breads and pastry when his ovea
is being incessantly jarred and jolted and shaken by the
motion of the train.
Tc get pastry to raise and stay raised under these con
ditions, a baking powder must be used that continues to give off
Its leavening gas that sustains the raise until the dough is
baked through.
Dining Car Chefs lave found a baking powdercxactly suited
to their needs in K C and you will find it lust as well suited to
your requirement -. K C Is really a blend of two baking iwvder.
one active as soon as nioUUned. the other requiring bold niois
t.ire and heat to start the generation of leavening gas. Nomatter
h.-w moist and rich ypu make your cake. K C liaklng Powder will
ju-nn the raise until a crust Is lonned and all danger of falling
I C Baking Powder is pure and healthful It Is guaranteed
un r .11 pure lood laws, and U Kuaranteed tu ilse you. And it
lo 'lJatareasun..')fc price - no baking powder should sell for more.
C Trv a (. at at our risk and be convinced.
m wri -. j nigjMsjEBWtasr&'ai?
"T 'ttr.ixirmw jwa-y
IsiViH arcfFrlrfWC'kiM iiJW'WR
BaiaiaiaiDaT. Bl VAt VBfeaiaTia! mJrJuf VAflHlHl
To Get a Trade or Profession
I f. 1
r '' -III
. I M 11 M .i.l
I . I I
' t !0l tl.l JU.Mli.
H i.. - .
-aaEatf "'nfwyrm- -nvi
ShinoiA Home Set
for polishing, makes the
home care of shoes a
At all dealers Accept no substitute
Are REAL Plays"
Mntluco 10c
Kvo. Adults
Children 10c
' llaLM
I . .'.It
1 r..-.
..II A, S4.. ,( riM )n
. 1 ! IS ill. ' , ', J . t
1 at .a- .lUd J u i ii ..j ii t, r
n TwJO fy cR?4fa
u a u 4-&mm
an i i - r w Wj utrsaeaeaeaaaaaei
'A, mi J l i 'I J
(I .( I' Vr MB1 ffnfly
ic TIWniMal '
o o
o o
msmmL .
u ; I f . r