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Hall T ilh Trnr
NO. 203
Medford Mail Tribune
Most Sensational Debate of Session
Develops Over Armed Ship Issue
Oklahoman Repeats Charges Based
Upon Hearsay, Which Are Prompt
ly Denied by Senator Stone.
Tlio following statement xvas 1s
Btipd lato today at tho White
"When the attention or tho
Whlto Kongo was called to cer
tain statements In Senator
Goio's gpcech thin nftcrnoon tho
president ntithorizod nn unqual
tried denial or any utterance to
which any such moaning could
ho attached."
WASHINGTON', March 2. Tho
armed tdiip inn tic suddenly blitzed up
in tho senate tndnv with tho most
sensational debate of tin session, in
which Senator (lore, democrat, and
nnthor of n resolution to warn Amer
icans oft' belligerent vossols, repented
what he characterized as a report
that President Wilson had told cer
tain congress lenders that war bo
I ween the ruitcil States and Cler
many "might not be ungrateful and
illicit result in advancing civilization
by bringing about the end of the
F.iirnpenn war by midsummer."
Chairman Stono of the foreign re
latinns committee emphatically de
nied that the president ever had o-
nresscd nnv Mich sentiment in hi
hearing ami Senator James another
administration leader, demanded to
know why Senator flore hnd not
sought to confirm I he report from
the president himself.
Senator floio reswinded that ho
had hoped the report was untrue;
that ho had repeutcd it only a a
icport aurroitndad by oiteuinstonoes
which gave it credence, in his opin
ion, hut that he was glad to hear it
Storm Breaks riie.xeetcdly.
The storm broke in the senate uti
oxpectcdly when Senator Stone, an
nouncing that he was not in neeoid
with the president's- dcmauil for a de
font of tho armed ship resolutions,
proposed u means to let the Gore res
olution come to a vote and Senator
Jones announced that the ndministm
tinn force had the voles to defeat it.
Senator Williams of Mississippi
spoke vigorously in support of tho
president, as did Senator Lodgo, tho
ranking republican of the, foreign re
Istions committee. The debute ended
without action ami the sctmto has
pawed to other business with the
prohect of taking up the Gore reso
lution at an early date tomorrow.
Meanwhile llio situation in the
home was unchanged, with the ml
ininuitrti"o Udders apparently mak
ing no headway toward a vote there.
To outline his position fullv to the
republicans in uonres, President
Wllion will confer at 3 o'clock this
afternoon with Hepuhliinn leader
floro Tears Conflict.
Senator Gore, in his speech, declar
ed that at the propor time he would
put squarely bofore tin senate
whether tho unking of an arwod mer
chant vessel by a submarine wouhi
ho considered sufficient eunse toi
"I introduced, my resolution be
cause I was apprehensive we wire
heading toward war," he sail. "M.v
act was based on a report which
seemed to me to come from the buh
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TORHEON. Coaln.lla. MeUo,
March 2. -General Benjamin Armim
oda, leader of the opposition to the
de facto got eminent hi Duraugo and
lacuna district of Coa hulls, was
court martial yesterda at bfraugo
Clt and ordered mh uu-d toda at
noon, 4 cording to a nport rutpul
1 i if tiid.ii. fr mi Ha V n .in "'
tul at t lie I uMl'fcO Ji'l'jl
President at Conference Admits Thai
Relations Might Be Broken Off
With Any Nation Causing the
Death of an American in Disregard
of International Law.
WAS1I1NT.TON, March 2. Presi
dent Wilson at conferences with con
gress loaders today in understood -to
have said that following out tho notes
of tho United States government, re
lations might lie broken off with any
nation causing tho death of nn Amer
ican in disregard of International law
and that he had hern Informed break
ing off of diplomatic rotations
might precipitate war.
While no official statement was
given out, nn authoritative account
was obtained of what had happened
at the various conferences between
the president and the members of tho
senate and house.
The president deolnred, it was said.
that to warn Americans to keep off
nrmed ships of belligerent nations
f would he in effect acknowledging the
right of altnek upon such ships.
Might Precipitate War.
In reply to questions nt oneof tho
conferences, the president is under
stood to have said that following out
of the notes of tho United Stntes
irovernmimt diplomatic relations
might be broken off with n nation
which caused tho death of American
'citizens in disregard of international
law and the stand of the United
The president added, it was said,
that he would expect that the break
ing off of diplomatic relations might
precipitate- war. Ho said he could
hot certainly predict what might fol
low, nut Hint despite ins enrnesi ei
forts to keep the United Stntes out
of war he must uphold the rights ol
'American citizens to tho freedom of
the seas.
The president was said to have
been asked nt one of the conferences
what effect the entrance of the Unit
ed States into the war would have.
He is understood to have replied thnt
it might shorten it.
l'nr from desiring war or threaten
ins it, it was s .id, the president has
pointed out to congressional leaders
that war would be more likely to
come if the United States did not
follow the established rules of in
ternational law, and should begin nt
tempting to change its rules as a re
suit of varying conditions which have
arisen since the outbreak of the
world war.
To Ilciuaiid u Voto.
Administration foiees, facod with
delay lu the bonne, turned today to
tho sonato to carry out Presldont Wil
son's domand for the defeat of reso
lutions warning Americans off armed
shins or Huropoan belligerents.
Chairman Stono. or the fnrolgn re
lations committee, announcing openly
from tho floor that ho was not in ac
cord with the president on the Issue,
proposed, howover, that ha senate
tako an adjournment Instoad of an
other recess and thereby get into a
now legislative day relieving the par
liamentary situation which thus fur
has hold Senator Goro's resolution
from coming to a xote. Ills action
was taken after a conference of ad
ministration leaders, who were satis
fled they had tho otes to defoat the
Core resolution and demonstrate to
Germany that dissensions against the
prosldont's foreign policy did not
have the support or congress.
Huvm Voles Promise!.
"It has heon decided to bring the
resolution up for action as boon as
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day in corns
WASHINGTON. March 2 Senate
Debs led proposals to warn Ameri
cans from taking passage on armed
Hraudeis Investigation continued.
Agricultural committee continued
kUul Investigation.
Foreign affairs committee called
to meet to consider McLemore reso
lution toc3arn Amerlaus off armed
shlpS fool' i"'
U .mil L' atu.b
niihti'ied canal
v"" isiu22-wt -v nftaM
a, ZftSi i&v. -vcunjR
I'AKIS, March 1' The press and
public or Fruncc are mystified at tho
continued pan so lu tho Gorman at
tacks around Verdun. Caution, born
of experience, leads generally to tho
rejection or tho view that tho Ger
mans liaVo given up all hope or
trying to capture tho horralno fort
ress. It Is thought more likely they
aro merely resting boforo starting
afresh with greater energy. It Is
believed lu many parts that tho at
tack on Verdun was only a prelimi
nary to operations on a much larger
scale for tho purpose of trying to
crush tho French ouco and for all.
However that may ho, It is affirmed
that General Joffro Is fully preparod
for all eventualities. So far ouly the
local French rosorvos huvo been
called upon at Verdun, tho grout
general reserve forces remaining In
tact for use lu repolling other hoay
onslaughts or for carrying out u
great counter attack when tho op
portunu moment comos.
Tho question is raised as to who til
er the next German attack will again
bo at Verdun or along tho front
from tho Sommo to tho Alsno as It is
Known that the Germans have heon
making preparations along tho lat
ter linos, the sou thorn limit ot which
is many miles nearer to Paris than
is Verdun, Those preparations, how
ever, aro not so elaborate as those
which had been mado for Verdun
aud should tho Germans attempt tho
latter plan, tho military observers
say they would bo liable to a flank
attack by tho Ilrltlsh In Artols and !
No news has boon rocolved of Lieu-tenant-Colonol
Driant, a son-in-law
or tho late General Iioulanger, and
deputy Tor Nunoy, since tho begin
ning or the battle, In which he com
manded two battalions or light In
fantry. .
WASHISflHiK. M.inh 2. 0For.
mer Secretary ol Mate Hrvan is iu
taxor ot President Ail-on'i rcnoiu
wation aud will probubh be u mem
ber of tn solid Wilson delegutiou
irmii Xebru-ku, Mid Ih-woerutic Stutg)
( h.nnii.'in llini) !, ..Uii iWii'iiii!;'
i ruin in ti i .1. .' i v iii I.r i. '
Mi 'U. , Jr-u. J
LONDON. M,i nli 2. The Making
of four more ewls was irportcii
today. The crews of three Hritish
smacks Inndcd nt Iiwcslot't. Their
vessels arc said to huvo been sunk
in the North sea.
The Italian ship I'.lsiii also is ie
polled to have been sunk.
LONDON, March 'J. Lloyd's agent
at Hlvtli reports that tho Itrilish
steamship Tluirnaby wiis sunk by n
'initio on Monday last.
A dispatch of yesterday's date an
nounced that the Thnniaby had been
sunk in tho North cu and that near
iy nil of tho crew wero killed or
'drowned. Later it was repoited that
the steamer Devcrenu.x hud urmed
in the Tyuc, hrwiuinu the steward of
'the 7'hornahy, who hud been rescued
from the wreckage, and rcMirting
that two other MTon hud been su
ed by the steumcr Ihgligflto.
LONDON, March '.The Itussian
stcuiiibip Alexander iWcntsel bus
been uuk. lCightecn of the crew
weie drowned and eleven rescued.
The Alexander Wente was of
J8:i8 L'lOhs Ion-, was ,T'0 feet Ioiicf
liud I") leet beam. She was owned
by the Northern Stnuw.hip couiaiiy
of I'clroisruil.
DF.NYF.R, Colo., March 2. Two
persons missing, a number of tas
sengers slightly hurt and thiee ours
flerailed were the known results to
day of a snow slide that yesterday
struck a westbound Denver & Kio
Grande train iie miles west of Sui
inerp, f'olo. The ucuidunt occurred
in the Itluck cuuyou, whare at pluce
the waters of the flutmison liter
wash the roadbed.
The missing are:
('. II. Matbewf express messenger,
and Hurl l.ey of I'aeblo, captain of
the Ccnteuuial high school uuskftt
ball team.
Wire communication with the scene
of the 'cideiit was interrupt l by
the bli7;ijj, ohi h nl-o mt, i, nil
w tli II . ir. Ii iSi tl . i , ,,
i' itPto I J. k la HOI-
t I
WASHINGTON, March X - Senii
lor Lewis ot Illinois late today deter
milled to introduce immediately if
IHixsihlo a i4solulinu pledging 1'resi
dent Wilsoi the coufiduitiTiN of the
-enate in Uis dealiiifjwilli the sub
iiiariuc wif'fum eojifroversy.
"The Inin liasyCiune," said Sonnlor
VilliuuiM,"lu4i the (piestion stales
itself Him : 'Shall I acclaim
Americn Jifst, or shall I Hcvlnim
DeiitschhTiul tiber alios."
"I linxo the highest contempt for
one who would inject iolitic in this
situation. Politicians looking for a
racial vote of somo kind to be gained
from this are not only jwior Ameri
cans, but Mior iMdilieiaiis.
"Through resolutions anil In whis
pers and speeches the chief magis
trate has been prodded and nagged
and duied. To do what? To sur
render the initiative the constitution
places with him, and let congress
take the lead in foreign relations. He
bus lucked up the gauntlet anil said:
'If the M4liiotim of coHgica is be
hind me, lei's find it out, and if it is
not behind me, let's liud that out, Jt
I'm to be hamstrung, just kiU rne as
a negotiator and hnxo done. If 1 um
helpless say wo, and let me and the
K-ople know it.'
"The president has offered no iew
duet tine. The proMition of armed
iiieiehanimcu is a principle recogniz
ed in the war with Spain and in the
IX il wur.
"The ouly (lunger of war today, the
oiiH cloud on the hnrison, ooines from
the luct that the politicians haxo not
let him alone uml that somo of you
must Keek to create tlie imptessinii
that the American uoplc are Hot bo
bind the American goxcrnuiuni, and
to your fiction alone i due the Inst
position taken li the Genumis,"
HAN FitAM'ISt'O, Man h 2 - .Mrs.
Carrie Chrlstenson, or Oakluud, four
times married, was sentenced today
to one year in jail for using the wails
to defraud prospcitive husbands. It
was u!!f-Kd e obtained &lout
$ ' bi n -fitnifd be f.ii,tya
,.! wi ' atri'(tt ir( c irt
'Germans Report Counlcr-Attack Re
sults In Useless Slauqhter Situa
tion on Front Unchnnncd Artll
' lery Duels Raglnp, on Verdun and
Wocxrc and Bclnlan Fronts.
nintl.IN, March S.Tho official
German ntatemont of today nays tho
French sacrificed men unsuccessful
ly In a counter attack on Fort Douau-
inont, (ino of tho out!) lug defenses
of Verdun, which wns captured by
tho Gorninns.
Tho situation on tho Frnnco-llel-glnn
front, tho communication says,
Is unchanged.
The text or the statement follews:
"Western frent: Tho situation Is
unchanged. In tho Yser district the
onomy's nrtlllory xvas very aotlvo.
"On tho eastern bank of tho Mouse
tho French suffered moro lossea In
useless counter attacks against tho
fortress of Dounumont.
"Knr.tern rrent: In tho northern
port or the front thero wero very
spirited artillery engagements at sev
eral places. German field gunH mado
successful attacks on detachments of
enemy troops.
"Northwest or Milan, n Russian
aircraft was shot down In an aerial
fight. Tho occupnnts ot the aircraft
wero captured.
"German airmen successfully nt
tacked tho Molodechiin railroad."
Intermittent Firing.
I'AIUS, Mnrclt 2. Tho war of
flee announcement or this nftcrnoon
saH that there was Intermittent
bombardment or the Verdun mid
Woevre rrrmt during Iho night, but
that there were nn developments or
The text or tho war orrico's an
noiiucement reads:
' In tho Artols district east or the
road running from N'ouvllln to hn-
rolle, wo causod the oxploslon or a
inlno locateil under an old crater
which was occupied by the enemy, We
took possession or tho now orator.
"hi tho region or Verdun tho
enemy bombarded xloleutly Inst
night I.o Mort-llommo (tho dead
man), at the Cote do I.'Olo, between
Mnlancourt and Forges, as well as
tho principal crossings or tho river
Mouse.. There was llttlo activity on
the part or the artillery to tho oast
or tho Meuso.
Germans Itcpulsisl.
"In tho Woevre district, after an
Intense rolulltory flro from tho ar
tillery, the enemy yesterday evening
delivered a spirited attack on our po
sitions at Fresnem. Thoy wero nt
onco driven buck by our counter nt-
taek from tho few- positions which
thoy had succeeded In penetrating.
"In tho Lorraine district a bom
bardment of several hours' duration
against the Saints Marie farm west
or llesnnge, was followed by nn at
tack on tho pait of tho enemy, which
resulted In complete failure.
"hi Alsace, tontstho movements
undertaken by strong German patrols
against our outposts In the valley or
the Launch were repulsed ly the use
or hand greuadcH "
nOML, March 1, xiii Pari-. The
Italian amhuBxudor nt Washington,
Count Macchi, has been instructed
to notify the American iro eminent
that, notwithstanding the (ienitan
and Austrian decree regarding the
sinking of armed merchantmen, Ital
ian uiorchuntuien will continue to
carry armament.
PL PASO, Tex.. March -J. Ofiiciul
(uVjuiul of operutioiis bi udliOents of
Felix Duw ui tho iJougUs district of
Kouoiu, was miide today bv .Mexican
1'i'iiMil I.elewtr fit" DioikIii-, An., in
i ill p.itili(t)i tl M vfi a i iili-.iil.itr
Wireless Interrupted Near Coast of
Brazil Reports That British Cruis
ers Have Taken the German Auxil
iary Cruiser Moewe Another Ver
sion Vessel Was the Roon.
IHTHNOS AlltKS, March 2. rross
dispatches from Montevideo say that
n steamor nrrlxlng from .Kurono In
tercepted near tho coast dr Brazil a
wlroloss mensago ethtlng that Brit
ish cruisers hiid captured tho Gor
man nuxlllnry c'rijlk'or Moowo.
The Moowo, It Is said, xfrhs taken
by tho British cruisers to" tho Is
land or Trinidad.
l'Yc'ncli Flro in Nltfit.
Tho American ntenmor Santa Bar
bara has arrived nt Montevideo, hor
captain making tho announcement
tlmt n Fronch cruiser, which put out
Ironi Dnknr, on tho west coast of
Africa, encountered a German rnldor,
namo not glvon, nnd opened flro on
hor. Under covor of dnrkness tho
Gorman ship got nwny. 8ho was,
however, damaged on her upper
xvorks liy tho French riro.
Thero is somo doubt, however, na
to tho identity or tho Gorman vessol,
reported to have been captured. An
other version or tho account is thnt
tho x'cssel In question Is tho German
crulsor Boon.
Tho Moowo rirst camo Into promi
nence with tho arrival nt Hampton
Honda soveral weeks ago or tho Brit
ish Hteamshlp Appnm, In chargo or
n German prlzo crox 8ho brought
word or n mxstorlous German com
merce raider, tho Moowo.-whlch xvas
roaming tho sens and had captured
and sunk seven British merchant
men and admiralty transports In ad
dition to capturing tho Appnm.
Vigorous Search BcgiHi.
Dispatches Trom tho Canary Is
lands Into last month reported tho ar
rival or the British steamer. West
burn with n Gorinnn prlzo crew on
board, said to bo from tho Moowo.
According to thoso reports tho
Moowo, continuing hor actlvltlos alt
er capture or tfio Appani nnd tho
seven other British vcssols botweon
January ID and February 0, sank flvo
Ilrltlsh steamers' off tho coast of
A vigorous soarch for tho Moowo
was begun by tho British admiralty.
Tho Moowo was reported to bo a
tramp steamship flttedwlt'li' guns' for
proylng on commerce of, tho cntento
Tho Gorman cruiser Boon xvas said
to hnvo oscortod tho Moowo when
tho Inttor captured the Appani. A
report that tho Boon had been cap
tured by the British emitter Drake
off llormudn xvas published lust
mouth, hut subsequently xvas de
LONDON, March 2. Following
tho announcement that uo spvur
illative dealings would bo,
In metals for making munitions, tilt)
members ot tho London motal, (i
change, today decided to susnen.l all ..
dealings, with the exception uf thoM..
In tin. pending tho report of it dep
uiation xvnieii will interview the
minister of munitions tomorrow,
Dealings in tho Qluaow i,ie iron
murket also have been suspended.
WASHINGTON, 51a ohaJnuI P.
Mueller, ot Uhleago, pclunt or tho
National Assoolatiou of flrnfiUr pub-
llsiiers ami editor of "J no ahicago
AbudHisp told Preeldoivt VMIson to
day be bollovod most Oe. o.imorl
cans wore loyul to the I'nh ! 'Htjftes.
The president told Mr. .Pm1IoT ha
felt confldont that the Genua a-Auier-Icsf)',
In common with ottwr AmS)(t
cans of foreign birth, xvoro uU
Mr luller declared therxna lq
l'Olitt ,il aigmrkaucQ ta hs vislu
o "