Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, February 19, 1916, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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    MIMOUt) t1. Tffflf Vf . ttmi1lV. :. o- if,'M ii i.r , i;, r, ...
moi? wr.
for flftt wnto or more the old
Itrsntner placer mine on the Apple
gate river. IT ml leu from Medford,
has yielded Hi quota of gold, Dm
annual out put being measured by tlin
desire of those who worked It Tor I
enough to satisfy mi Immediate now!.
Originally, It yielded generously. It
was worked regularly. Mm operator
always carried sway a hug of the
precious Stuff. Ilnl It seems to ho
tho victim only or Its owncr'H whim,
lift the years paasod. for Its gold
bearing gravel was disturbed lose and
lorn, until .Mansflolil came along, dls
covorod tho onso with which the
proirbrty could bo worked, tho ox
tnnt of tho imy-dlrt In sight nnd tho
aboundnpeo of tho water necessary
In Its oioratlon. Ho bought it nnd
again tho fit ron in from the giant noz
7.i waHhud down tho precious hnrvest.
Nobody knows what the new owner
obtalnud from Hh golden Hnnds, but
he wan not known to complain about
tho extent of tho clean-up during any
season through which he. operated tt.
.MnllWd rltlscn litiys It
Presently It woh abandoned, no far
ns work wuh concerned, whether bo
enuso ItN owner thniiKht ho had ex
hiutRted ItH HUpily of pay-dirt or pre
ferred to devote his energies and time
to something else no hint Ik given.
The seasons came and passed, but
thn splutter of the nozzle was client.
It lies In a rich mining district, many
claims about It having limn work
ed during the past decades with great
profit and some with 1m. In other
parts of the dWtrlct rich veins of ore
havo been uncovered and in some In
stitutes worked with much profit
Intermittently. Hut the Mansrirld
claim bleached In the huh.
Recently J. D. Dell, who has cap
ital to Invest In numerous local en
terprises, was attracted by the recital
of a chapter In the history of this old
claim. Ha was at once Interested and
began an Investigation, which finally
rosulted In Ills acquisition of thn
claim, one hundred acres In extent.
Its bank runs to a depth of 24 feet,
with a vein of wash gravel seven
feet thick and strata of gravel Inter
vening, nil carrying values.
Tut Fortv a Wtrk.
At onro Mr. Hell put a force to
work, aftor having equipped the mine
with a No. 2 Giant throwing a it-Inch
stream. On the 31st day of January,
IT dnys ago, six men begnu the work
nf handling 500 cubic yards of dirt a
day. Tho stream Is novor broken.
Piles or earth in solution are wash
ed Into tho slutted flume ovory hour
of the 21 each day. Tho supply of
water, however, Is sufficient to ope.r
nte two No, 2 Giants, each with a
4-lneh oapnclty, without touching the
run from tho wash ditch, which
would supply l.'OO miner's Inches
Fred T. Osborn, a mining engineer
and superintendent for 20 yonrs, was
omployod ah suporlntodeiit of tho Dull
plncor mine and, after investigating
tho property, entered upon the work
with eagor onthuslasm. Mr. Osborn
In thoroughly equlppod by experience
unit praetleal knowledge or mines to
handle tho proposition for "all there
Is In It."
Revival In Mining
Thus this old bod of gravel, broad
and deep in extent, is again the scone
of Interostod activity. Kvery equip
went ha been supplied to gjve thn
work regularity and completeness.
The plash and splatter and sllsh of
iHisiness again awaken the hills and
scrags alHiut the "Old llrantuor" with
forgotten echoes. The grains of
gold, released fiom their beds of
gravel, are seeking their way Into
thn trap of the miner, on routo to
tho mould of the mint. And the
friends of Owner Hell are hoping
that they may luld their harvest by
tho ton.
Interest lu mining matters, In old
claims and new claims and claims
that tho silent pocket-hunter found
and passed long ago, becauso he
oou Id n't pick up nuggets In oliunks,
have boguu to receive affectionate at
tention this spring in a manner to
suggest a revival of mining activities
In southern Oregon Is ono of the sub
stantial evidences of now llfo In this
region this year.
(Southern Oregon and northern Cal
ifornia comprise ono of tho richest
undeveloped minim? regions on the
continent, both In vast lodges of oro
and broad areas of placer. There is
nbudant excuse for this activity.
('aid of Thanks.
Mr. and Mr. Frank I.oder desires
te express their heartfelt gratitude to
the many friends wha, by aet-and
word, comforted them is their hour
of profound grief over the lojw of the
Idol of Uotr hou.hold little Dor-
rift. ItspeeiaMy would titey thank
thso who m bountifully provided the
floral tribute ao gfftyliosintelr
A. haggod lnw a:u.ut the IUtl csjkgt.
. I
.- ! I 1 f
Our (Treat' Itauity Contest
Send In Your nature, airls, and
Take a Chance.
You might win the prise a solid
celluloid potato peeler and even If
roil don't, think of tho froo advertis
ing you got for nothing! Lots of
young men roritl Tho whoczo.
l)cnl llricfo.
I.In OnrrlRon Is out of work, hut
expects to stnrt In business for hlm
seir soon.
Mr. Ily I'lndoll Is prominently
mentioned Tor a good Job with tho
government. Ho almost got ono onco
before. but there's many a slip twlxt
Peorln and Petrograd and ho didn't
get It that time.
Congressman Porkbar'I of here
writes to yo od "Folks are sending
back so much or my freo seed with
sassy letters about this preparedness
bUHlntiss, I'm beginning to fear they
don't fully appreciate tho difficulties
of statesmanship. Hut republics ul-
ways was ungrateful!"
Sheriff Hozua says If they don't
quit ''rcportlnK" Punch Vlllii. thn
well known bandit, and git" Him
liantlll unnck 1'I1 IIH din ill
pretty soon, he'll go on tho trail
himself, hook out Punch, warn we!
Co to Cohen's for pickles, carpet
nwrepcrs, phonograph records and
homo made pits. Adv.
I At the Churches
St. Mark's Kpikfofml.
10 a. in., Sunday school; 11 a. in.,
holy communion. William Ii. Ham
ilton, vicar.
Catholic Chunti.
First mass, Sunday, K a. in.; sec
ond mass, 10:30 a. in.; evening serv
ices, 7:00. Ite.v. .lohn Powers, rector.
Krr MrthortUl.
Corner Tenth and Ivy. Sunday
school, 10 a. in.; preaching, U . m.',
preaching, 7:30 p. m.; mld-wcek
prayer meeting, Thursday, 7:30.
You nro welcome at theso services.
J. K. Hradley, pastor.
Keventli lNy .ldvrntlt Cliurch.
North Illverslde avenue, meets
every Saturday. Sabbath school, 10
a. m.; Ulblo study, 11 a. m.; Young
People's meeting, 12:30 P. M.;
Prayer meotlng every Wednesday at
7:30 p. in. T. 0. Hunch, pastor.
Klr.1 lUptM.
Sundav sohool, B:30 a. m.; inter
mediate U. Y. P. U., 3:00 p. m.;
11. Y. P. U., C:1S p. in., topic, "How
to Put the Illblo Into I.lfe." leaders
Mae Meadows and Waunlta Carstens.
Thoro will be no evening service on
account of tho union revival moot
ing. JsrliMmvilb rrewhytt-rlnn.
Morning worship with sermon by
Dr, J. I.nwrenco Hill, subject, "Tho
Christ of History," solo, 'Abldo With
Mo" (Ashfonl), by Dr. W. W. How
ard; evening union service at 7:30
with sormon by Uev. It. A. Hutch
inson, of the Methodist church; Sun
day school at 10 o'elock, A. I,. Call,
I'irst CIii-MIhii.
Comer Ninth and Oakduln. illblo
school, y: 15. Communion service at
the close or Sunday school lu order
to enable all to attend the union re
vhal at the Nat. Ilrlng your offer
ing ror the church and your en
velope properly marked and either
drop It In the plate at tho church or
at the Nat. I'loase do not forget
this, as tho running expenses of the
church will bo taken care of In this
way. H. K. Tuckor, minister. Hot,
Idenco 311 S. Holly.
Nntatoiluiii .Meetings for Sunday.
There will bo throe services at tho
Nat on Sunday. At 11 a. m. a union
meeting of the churches. Mr. Mathls
will preach on "Tho Second Mile"
At 3 o'clock a meeting for women
only. This will bo tho only exclu
sive women's meeting of the series.
At 7:30 a great mass meeting at
which Mr. Mathls will preach on "The
Open Door.' Special music at each
service. Kxtra seating capacity has
been provided and all aro invited to
the Sunday services. Come early.
OrlfMn Cieok. It. A. Hutchinson,
pastor. Sunday school, 10 a. m. J.
A. Hiekertlike, supt.; preaching serv
ice, 11 a. m.. subject, "The Cross,"
duet by Professor and Mrs. Ashcraft;
prays service Wedaeaday, 7:30, C.
Darby laader. The church Is nore
far the uplift ef the community. The
cburcb stands for everything that U
wpliftiMK l kuMtaa uutur. Cub wCaod 10:30 p, m,
I Villy.
to kkki' vol- .ioviil i .vnf.
Af,or Kol'K through an ash wngon
,onl ' Jn-atity rontestnnts' plcturos
'' W,,'k wo print Miss Minnie Mush-
"'K ' iilnawurst, N. I). Miss Mush-
"'" '8 llsn ,,a'r ,n T- n110 Ko"
gnrty's Steak Shop. and says: "Tlic
fiteam from tho dish water Ih account-
nio ror my wondorful comploxlon."
. Jm-rrr .m.arsn-ri
r j.',jor. wiy n iiorsn
tlo,n.t K'nl Um, of ,,, Unlly ,,, of
j,,,.. nn, 0nts V O lilts
August Hurtwlg of lllank Jack
township, had so much mud In the
road In front of his house his chick-
nnn pnl ntnl.U In t nnil AniiiM liml
l0 ,,,! them out before somebody rau
vcr llu,m A ,t t HOn)e ,,,,,
himself before he flnUhed the Job.
Ulrls! Have your -beauty contest
pictures taken at Iloob's no case re-
fused, no matter how difficult. Adv.
count on you to help us make your
community what tt ought to be, and
what It will be If wo can secure the
co-operation of all?
I'it-Ht. Methodist Kplewl.
Klrst Methodist Kplscopal, Dr. J.
C. Kolllns, pastor. Tho only service
held In the church on Sunday Is the
Sunday school, which meets nt 9;-tf
a. m., nnd the Kpworth I.eaguo meet
ing nt C:lf. Doth services will close
lu ntnple time to reach the great
meetings at the Nntatorluui.
Mr. and Mr. A. Oilon ot Sterling
tmiiMititi'il liiiHiiiehK in town Fridny.
.Ir.'HiidsMrt. Knlpli iTenniiiKH pass
ed through towyi TliuiNday on their
way from Mnneom to Mcdfoitl.
.Mrs. F. ('. Stuitli and Mix. Lewis
ririt'h upeiit Ttiesilny aftenioon in
Mrs. (!uy HniHr was the guest of
Mr. Kwing- of M ml f a ril Tliurhdny,
talcing in the Ouild bridge Mirty in
the ut'leriioou.
Mrs. C. Ii. firanl was n Jneksoit
ille isitor one day lnt week.
Joseph Min-eoiu, who ha been em
ployetl in ti mine tit Vnntront, Cul.,
spent a few dnys in town the first of
tile week.
Fied of Wollen was. a recent
Jaekhonville visit nr.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. F. Ijiwrence, Mr.
Fleming and Miss Fleming eiiuie over
from Medl'ord Monday evening lo l
(eud the Ko.Vfll Neighbors' social.
Mr. and Mrs. John Duniiinglon
spent Sntiitdny eioniug in Medford.
Mrs. Kiln Cook lint, retunitul from
a week's iit with Mrs. Hlnine Kltitn
nt .Meilftinl,
Mr. Osenr Iww .jent a few
hour in Medford Friday.
Mr. ami Mrs, Lewis I'lrieli enter
Iniueil at ilinuer Sitndtty, rover lie
iug laid for Mr. and Mrs. Oito Kiuu,
Mr. wml Mr. Itasil (irtgtry, Mr-..
Smith uud Miss Kluabeth Itlaekfoid.
Deputy Sheriff UTImui innde a lius
iues trip to Steftmliimt Thursday.
rs. Hurry entertained the
Forlniglitly liile i-luli at her home
Fridav it-eiiinr.
The box social given by the ll"nl
Nt-i-'hlxtrs Inst Moiiduv evening piov
eI a success, hull) lumiiciidlv anil
socinllx. An cxi-elleiit piuruiu was
l.C1 M Itl Ml lV
Sold on a guarantee for Krzeni.i,
Tetter, Salt Uheuiii, and similar af
fections of the skin and sculp. Sold
only by us, One and (1 00
Leave Medford dally excopt Sun
day for Ashland, Talent and Phoenix
at 8 a. m.. 11:60 a. m., 1:16, 3:30,
3:45 and CIS p. m. Also on Sat
urday at 11: IS p. m. Sunaays leave
at 10 a. in., 4 p. in. and 9:30 p. in.
Leave Ashland for Medford dally
except Sunday at 9 a. m., 12:t0, 3.130,
3:30, 4:4$ and S:1S p. m. Sunday
leave Ashland at 9 a, in,, 1.00, 5:00
. j j " - assr-
Tim CTIOlM ntnmtmM. mi
repairing, pfano tnnlitg A4r.
The MnnsUm llense iMMei ImhI a
KHMt last weelt. m Ma kaiMwrHtag
was so bad neither Ike sMr tlM
geMlal boMlfaee. Hiram leiM, reM
read who he was.
IhtrsMltm In ear pet Upper, slate
pencils, coined salmen and axle
grfwse at Debbie's Kmperlum. Adr
notick to aiiiwcmurctta
If It wasn't that our advertisers
wo,I(, kpk nWo(lt ihn om ,n rtrfH.
Intlon we'd stop the papers going te
a lot of folks who haven't paid their
sifbsorlptlons. Hetter look out, an?-
way. wo may change our mind! Hd.
Oi" Mall v.
Iwr Hdller: Will a pawn shop
tko gold fish?, A. M. Hroke.
Dear Kdlter: How Is It I can eatch
n co',' ,,ul ORn llovor 'h n rnli-
bit? Win. Iaimo. (Lay orf that
"Kd." stuff. Kd.)
nr Kdlter: Hero Is a little poem
which I wrete:
Kubbors mnke the feot look worse,
Hut thoy heoji one from riding- In n
-Constant Dunn,
lln C? 4 r ! . Iluilinli
"' """ "l '
Crossing without his overcoat on last
Tmvsdny uud caught n chill. He had
to go Into Wlgglnmoyer's Irn ereum
puilor to gut warm.
rctitlcrcil, after which the lioxe were
sold uud tint guests repaired to the
bouquet room. Dancing u indulg
ed in until n late hour.
Tho l-Misoti concert given by Mr.
1'tilinor nt the xcliool house Thursday
night wiih greatly enjoyed, the rec
ords being unusually clear.
A. Klciuliamuier of Uuueont tinned
in town a few hours Thuixilny.
Attorney Guy Newbury attended t
hutiiiess nt the courthouse Thursday,
l'lody .limes is icHitcd slightly
improved nt litis writing.
1. F. Turner, a iniuiux man from
Spokane, Wiish., is looking over the
mines in this icinity.
Mrs. M. M. TuWor is home ngniu
nfler sKnding two mouths oti the
JUported by Jacksnu County At
traet Co., Slitu and Fir Bta.
(Ii cult Court.
A. JL JlcFhnil Piano Co. . .1. F.
Hale, actton fur nmney.
Annie K. I taker vs. V, I. Maker, di
John Carlson td nl. vs. (lull Cieck
Mining A: l)ccloiuicnt Co. el al., suit
in ciMiity.
Kstnte of Anna I'oe, proof of pub
F'state of F.liw C. .limes, proof ttf
Ileal Kstitlc 'iViltisfcr
Joshua J. JnrtOH ol ii v lo Sid
ney Jacques, land in Alloti-
ilale Add., Ashland fl.800
Mary J. (Indley el wr to .1.
OepjM'it, land in sec. S-.'t5-
UK. Hi
Precincts Medford North Main and
Woat Medford register now at the
MallTrlbune office.
POK KK.NT FUlt.'itnrimi nfKMH
FOIt ItKNT- l'urnlshed roou.s, close
in. 322 Howtii central s3
Newcomer oldllmer - stranger or
oltlen if you will como to my offiee
yon will ho Interested. I have ready
for your examination a JIU8INK8H
The owner will sell at Invoice thou
loaso from purohaser, paying pur-
ohaser 607, of his money back for a
five year lease; at the ond of five
years will turn business over to pur
chaser or purchaser stock that will
invoice T,0r more than It does now.
neuiemlMT you double your capi
tal, and have ewj.lomeat; a Hague
uiver vaiiey, liMtrord, OragON,
I ask you te Investigate thla than
(C3k any Hank or Ranker In Medford
as to Its merits.
10: Wot Main St.
1'buao 799
O -ntrrtirtt
Wfc- ---.
mm tm .. k -.- w
"ZMiZ wgiTMNgra
- - . ,
WttU tin t ' rsivh 'n
mathm ri ieonir at s,ih
flMtfct. JaT. tt aTawt HI
WJ1 ",T ----- - sr jr--si
0tt niivr ndmtM
ror ftfl&T WMm ummmr
lUfWHmm, I romrn
nnn iMIk. MfWg.
tMMaa9 Aa'tVaMaaail flaMflMI aMMt MflM
Iff. &J1 a( 1 ti . VMtf, or Manes
TO KnWT rlarMsi iw 1ug k tease.
fgrfHakml. I W. 111 1m
3I-M. Jofcu r. Whit.
FOIt HUNT 5-reusa assMNcnt ?,
1 cr bottom laud, gwotl cliMfc
on ami ganltm prapoallhNi. 1 1 S.St
a month. Henaett I a vest Co.
FOH 111CNT Wurnlshetl beuMkcep
rooms, 234 Kan. Sta. Call after
I hereby anuounre my candidacy
ror the nomination ror sherltr on the
republican ticket, to be toted upon at
tho coming primaries, May lSlh,
1 hate held tho position of deputy
sheriff- for tho pasl lour yoars and aui
thoroughly familiar with the duties
connected with tho office, both cleri
cal nuil outside work.
J feel that I am competent to hold
the position, and Ir nomlnattsl and
elected, Will give the people of Jsok
son county an ef Uclenl uud. imoml
cat administration.
I also agreo If elected lo enforer
all laws.
Adv. K. W. (Ctirley) VIISO.V.
distkict ArnniXKV
I ht'ieby announce that I have
filed my declaration of Intrntian to
KK'omr a eandldatu for the repub
lican nomination for the office of
District Attorney tor Jarkson county,
Oregon, subjvet to the decision ot the
republican party, at the primary elec
tlou to he held May 19. llft.
1 am a eandldste for rc-elrctlon
to the ofricr of district attorney.
Adv. K. B. KKLLY.
I lierrby nnnonnce that I have filed
my declaration of Intentions, and that
I am a candidate for the democratic
nomination for the office of district
attorney, subject to the Ma primar
ies. If I am nominated pnil elected
lo this office, 1 promlKe not to forget
the fact that I am a public servant,
and that I will to the best or my
ability administer tho affairs of tho
oriieo. Impartially, honestly and
without reur or ravor.
Depul) County Treasurer Myrtle
W. ltlakeley announces her candidacy
for the office of county treasurer.
I hereby announce my rantlldary
on tho republican ticket for the of
fice of county treasurer, to bo voted
on at the coming primaries. I have
held the position as deputy In this
office for the past year and am con
fident that I can fulfill the duties
ronnortod therewith. '
I served two yirs as deputy roun.
ty recorder hefoie taking the posi
tion as deputy county treasurer; I
have also had experience as account
ant for several corporations, mien as
the Mntlfonl Concrete Construction
company and Medford (re and Stor
age Company, before taking up coun
ty work, and will say tuat my past
record Is open tor Inspection to thn
voters or Jackson county.
ir nominated and elected I will run
tho offlco without the expense or a
deputy and continue to serve tho pnb
lle Just as efficient Ih the future r.i
I havo In tho past.
I hereby announce that I have filed
my declaration or intention te b-
eome a candidate fur the republlean
noHilnatlon for the office of county
treasurer, to be voted oh Ih the com
ing primaries.
ir I am nominated and elected will
coNguet the office In au efficient and
buslttesslike msHHer.
Adv. UOV L. MA I'M!.
mrvrv ri.iiiiK,
I hereby aanouHee tnar I h'ave
filed my declaration of latent loa to
Ihtohio a t-untllUate for the republl
ch HoiiiloatioH for the office of
count) clerk, for Jacksou county,
Oregon, subject to the decision of thn
icpiiblleaH party at the primary elec
tion to be held May 19, 181 ft.
A.D (Little) JOK II Wil.MON.
I hereby announce that I havo
ribd my declaration of intention to
itcroiuB a candidate for the republi
can nomination for the office of coun
ty clerk, for Jackson county, subjoct
to the decision of the republican par
it, at the primary elettlon to bp held
May !!, I9l.
cor.NTV swimi.vnt.vnit.vr.
I hereby announce my cendldaey
on tbv republloan ticket foi Uio of
flco or County School Superlniotul
ent ror Jackson count), Oregon, snb
Jcit to the wKl of tptf republlran
party at the primary lection May
It I atand for praetleal school of
flcicney, personal supervision of the
schools and culmination of county
school auperisra.
ror.vrv assiwsei:
I berohy anminnoo my candidacy
for tho offlco of county assess iir or
Jackson county on tho rpubll4n
ticket, subject to the primary on
May IB. I ptoag asysolf t an
honast. efflcisBt. laipsrtlsl and ooan
omlcsl dlschsrgo or tho dMtkM 0f tho
offlco and propose to auko all gastanu
insula noon Um bfttixtof tho true
actual valuo of tho properly and not
upon any Islalod tttmtom.
Arv. OBOROU LAVmhAm. '
pf ttmtiptj trrn
r.-n n w. i F.r. "".,, ,,Jr r-n
& BBV T kd.a ..- --
rb' '",f,,'r, '" -"n' " '
port (Mffe ifrarnM..tnntrff
y,,n HAi.r (mrat ie(oni h-o-i on
nt wfr ofae (an nnA nmtl
pm PJagu ajrfr 'o-optralivc
FrwM Orors ,mm . . Ptt
nl MMM- tt rft'aT. Jlnln
lak-ttt, writing .te. rMir
POU HALS Mtlrhol' spray rig, riin
pfNr tmt in gmf eowmie: will
mnhe ptHm ragM. Alae st 4nbkt
or Mraoss). mm each n, 14. i?
tMrk Btow, ossf sprlgg-tooth bar
rrow swots Prult Co of fr-
FOR SAI.hV tMttc rtnh oml wheat.
Jas. Caaspbrtl. 21
rOR gALIC -15a foot of half Inch
raa4: two pwWoyo. So. nnd te;
one fifty pollen gusollwa tank.
Utts galea Stable. S3 M. Klvsr
aWe. 3a
FOK SALK- Wmtilan graos ami Col
lego Minnesota No. 12 seed corn.
F. S. Chorloy, Hrewsaboro, Ore.
FOIt SALB a bargain. Canton
rtd in g gang plow in first cia.'s eon
C. Fitch. Phone
FOIt S.M.K KA-ogg Cyphers Ineuba-tor.-also
thirty laylHg While I.oa
. born hens, high craile stock. In
clndlng ten pullets nearly one year
ojd and twenty hens two years old.
Phono 310-J for purtlculatat. 3S?
FOIt SALH HoiiMihoitl Roods and
fruit. 333 Knt 0th. from 10 lb
p. w.
FOR 8AI.K S'ine tnrkey hens one
gobbler. 11. X. lleltRH, CenlTnl
Point. 2SC
FOIt 8A1.B--17 fct l-lnrli wood
pip at lie rxr foJt; too fret 3
Ineh wiHd plix at .Sc per foet: 3.N0
rcct 1-Inch wood pl at 7e per
foot. For Immrdhtte dlsporal.
Kmltli Bmcry Co., Ashland, Oregon
FOIt HAt.K l'sit cars One five
passenger B. M. F.: enr five ps
iwngcr Itcgsl; on five paest-tiger
Corbln. Can nuke very reason
able prices on these cars. (leo. L.
TrHchler, 39 South drape stre't.
Overland Agncy. 2S
FOIt 8AL1S- -Fox heunds: also best
pair rabbit dogs In state. Ckas.
Gilchrist. Hams Valley, Ore. 2$i
FOIt SALB Ford one man tops aud
top work or all description. Med
ford Tent and Atnlug Co., 100 N.
Front, Phone 7H-M. 295
FOll BALB Bggs from range railed
H. C. Ilnff leghorns. Wm. J.
Fertts, Medford It. F. D. 4 or phone
Mrs. A. 11. Ferns, 19-F2. 29 1
FOIt SALB llarrcd Itock eggs for
hatching; young thoroughbred
roosters. J. II. Webster. II. F. D.,
Talent. Phone 3-F2. 289
FOIt SALB 8cd barley, cheap fcd;
baled barley straw. Call 732-J2.
FOIt SALB Stock ranch "of 40 acres".
31 under IrriKatlon. free water; x
acres wheat land, 27 head of cat
tle, 2 horaett, pigs aud chickens;
also rami Implements Price SKuo
(JS0 cash, balance 3 years at C
percent or will take sipatl ranch
ntisrcr lon an part of tlrst pay
ment. PhoHc No. H-F23. C. A.
Colby, I.ake Creek, Orr. 2S7
FOIt SALBOood stock rsncli wHh
water right; good rsuge, at a bar
gain. Inquire Dux Hi), Jacksonville.
Oregon. 200
FOK SALK- Flvti acres rlTe1 and
new bungalow ith riroplarr; only
IS7.'. l&fl cash; 40 acres with
running stream, near to n. worth
I400H, rsah price onlv II Mil)
Write W. A. Perkins, Hnchester,
1IBLP WA.VriJls 5l.t.K
WANTKD Man with tisterlenc in
bpraylng lo handle public spray
rig. one with good team preferred.
8ITCAT10N Hy steAographer, li
years experience; references given
Addreaa F It.. Moll Tribune. 2HX
WANTKD To buy pony to ride and
drive. Phone 4-FI1. 2N3
WANTKD Sheep bought and sold.
Kosenberg tiros., Central Point.
Pit on atxxxl. 300
WANTKD A ool Ford rnnabout.
Phono I03-K3. 303
WANTKD Dressmaking at home or
by day. 114 M. Central, Phono
WANTHD To enre fur children day
or evening dnrigg absence of par
ents at theater, etc. Phono 73H-J.
WANTKD Your vnieanlalng ami bat
tery charging. Phone lit. Cass
Trading Station. 14
WAXTBD KnKCog'mlH wauls wow
en. full time; salary lib wsokly.
distributing gnaranloed hosiery, or
36 ents sn hour spsr time; por
HWHOnt work; experience unnoa-
isssary. Adtfross Managor Interna
tlonsl Mills. Norrlslown. Pa. '
ACT QliCK -Atuontoliilfl gnaolino
going up. Soil (Inro-Tonlc. equals
gasoline at as a gallon, slloiluntes
eorbog, dollar an hour profit, sales
gnamnirod. wnr.e Mfg. t'o., Dit
10, Cincinnati. O. 3 HI
by Kov. J. T Suuderlaad. and oili
or ualtanon iitoraturt aont rrv- io
Igainliwn. AaMMaw Miss Htvi
HttrUM. CsMtrti PoisU, R. r. O, Nt.
1, Uftfti. W
port nr-vf
FOtt Pt tt X(ip
VtiH TttSI'V, flnoit Hr 'nt" tnf
smsll one Mne A Co for"
f IHr-1 I I'
TtK'-'Cf Thrr rsitl, tm WfsVlV
'o croo off Ifff ent, oH M flH6
icrsrt NHfer. crop off fcm eajf:
on retf tsr ralf, boll Mk Wfiaf
my hove sown itv pwyfwg swttrgo.
W. n Ijimh. MetlfOTtl, Or. Stl
- -SB- .. - -a -3C - - J3gS
LOflT- Two fttmal Alrtlaltt pttpa ft
tweon Talewt and Moslfsrti Notify
T sshland or .117 XI Mdford.
or adilreM M W Ringbam, Talent,
and recetvo rcwartf 2
IX) LOAJ J10H9 on ImproTod ranth
Holmes tho ImmraiMe Mnn. " nmRCTOKY
Auto Snppttes
are oporatlag tho largest, oldest
and beat enulpped plant lu tbe Pa
cific northwest. Use our springs
when others fall. Sold under guar
antee. 28 North Fifteenth St..
Portland. Ore.
QKO. W. CHKRItY Attorney., and
.Notary. Uoom 9, Jackson County
Uank Building, entranco N. Con
tral, Medford, Oro.
POItTBU J. NBFF - Attorney nt law,
rooms a nnd 9. Medford National
Ilank ItulldliiK.
A. B. IIBAMHS, LAWYErt Oarnott-
Corey blug.
Q. M. UOI1KIITS Lawyer.
Mwlford National Bank Building.
--h l
Osmetl-Corsy Bldg., nits
Mnlfom. Oro. Phone SCO.
ColhVetlniPt nud Ilcror4a
collected some accounts 11 years
old. We know how to hot tho
money. The Dnttock Mtrcaatlla
Agency. Inc., Tlooma 1, 2, 3, llas
klas' Hide, 21C B. Main s.
ltsticcr ntut Contrnctor
FltKD "n. CUMMINaSSngincoMUl
contractor, 404 M. F. II. Uldg.
Surveys., cstlmatsa, . Irrlgatloa
drainage, orchard and land lnr
provcmcnl. Intnmuc.
HAUL S. TtTMY tlencrnl lusuranco
office, Flrv, Automobile, Accident,
Liability, Plato Class, Contract,
and Surety llonds. Bxcellont com
panies, good local service. No.
210 Carnctt-Corey Hide
Instruction in Mnsls
401, Garnett-Corty bldg. Fred Al
ton Halght. piano; Mrs. ) lorenco
Msllldsy llslght, vole, rbon
OAItllAnB Oct your promise
cleaned up for the summer. Call
on the city garbage wagons for
good scrvico. 1'hons 374-L. V
Y. Allen.
PhyilcUiM aud HutrjreoMi
Dll. Y. O. CARLOW, Dlt. KVA
MAINS CARLOW Osteopathic
physlclaas. 4K-417 Gsrnctt-Corsy
bldg.. phone 103 0-L. Itcbldssvco
2tJ South Uiurcl St.
DR. W. W. DOWARD Osteopathic
physician, 303 Oarnott-Carof
building, rhotts 130.
DR. J. J. BMMBNS Physician and
surgeon. Practice limited to oyft,
car, nose and throat. Byes scien
tifically tented and glasses sup
plied. Ooulhit ftnd Aurlst for B. P
It. R. Co. Offices M. F. & II. Co.
bldg., opposite p. O. Phono Gu7.
DR. It. W. CLANCY- Physician ana
surgeon Phones, offlco 30, resi
dence 724-J. Offlco hours, 10 to
12, 2 to G.
cian and surgeon. Office Palm
block, opposite Nash hotel. Hours
10 to 12. 1 to 4. Phono 110-J.
T. O. 1 1 KINK. M. D.- Bye, Bar.
Koso nnd Throat. Headaches and
norvoua conditions rollovod by
properly fitted glasses. Cross oyea
straightened. Office 228 B. Main
St., phone 302. Consultation freo.
doit DON M AC CrtACKKN, M. D. 1
Ilomeepatblo Physician. Surgeon,
221 ltaat Main St, Medford, Oro
gon. Offiee phono 142, residunco
phone 733-112. Offlco hours 1 to
4 p. m.
DR. O. W. STIiPI I ICNSON Physician
anil Optician. Calls answerud.
Byes tested; Glasses fitted that
will eorrect any defect ot visien:
prices reasonable. Phono SC2-X,
Office at residence for tho present,
Medrord, Oregon, 116 8. ilully.
Printers and Vtihllslicra
host equipped printing ortlco In
southern Oregon; book binding,
loetio loaf ledgers, billing systems,
eta, PortUud prloos. 27 North
Wr st.
Ti ousters
Offlco 43 North Front St. Phono
3 IB. Prices right. Service guar
anteed Suiting- Mushluee
&Ll9 OK RENT Some used nu
sttlnss also for -till.- Cleaning and
repairing, r A Cluosann. at Med.
ford Kiirnitur. &. Hardware store.
Jtosldeute H'j So. I'vUtruL Phons