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Medford Mail Tribune
I Forty fifth Yetr.
Barnes-Crane-Hillis Crowd Can Go
as Far as They Like, But the Lit
tle Old B. Moose Bunch Is Going
to Name and Run Teddy, No Mat
ter How Many Tickets In Field.
WASHINGTON. Fob. 19. Noose
yelt will mil anyway. A trip to Now
jYork before llonscvolt left for thi
West Indies has convinced mo of this
much. George W. Perkins thinks no,
no. I had n long tnlk with Perkins,
lie thinks Itoosevolt can win even in
thrce-ootnered fielit ; so, ns T. Hur-
Ron wonlil sny, jnctn cht nlea, which
Jieing interpreted, is "the dice nre
flown." or ns n itrent Gcrmnn student
Jins rendered it, "the bones nro in the
The Hnrnos-Craiic-Hilles cnmbinn-
Slon innv ro ns for ns they like. They
Bnny go nhend ninl fret their hand-
picked delegates and nrrnngd for
their ilnrk horses nnd masked mnr-
vol-, until tho gong sounds. The lit
He old 1). Mooo bunch is going to
rnllv around the nutler nnnin. Onoo
more the Florentine room in the Con-
rm'ih lintel will echo to the ronr of
the Hull Moose nnd once more in the
luditorium hall the hosts of Annn-
ueddon will nemble to do linttlc for
Ithe Lord nnd T. ltooscvclt.
Xolxxly to Ilcnt Hint.
"Von can't bent somebody with
niohody," Dick I'roker used to sny.
That is why Perkins is chipper. Fair-
liinnks. Weeks, Hurtou and the othor
''white hope" of tho Hurnos-Penrosp-
Cmue-Sinnot managers nre "no
body" in tho estimation of Perkins
wluie T. It. Stands for "somebody."
He believes tjie vagueness and indefi
inteneHs of the atnndpat republican
campaign will be its undoing. Al-
Erciidy the prospective southern dele
gates demand to know tor whom they
Cue uoiiur to vote. They want nt leant
r prospect of winning the jobs! No
lieore Tuft campaigns for theirs.
The stiinupnt jrftmo lu been ranch
weakened by tho premature appear
ance of old General Prosperity. There
i-n't u prnve-digger's chance 'or
Hamcs & Co. to bo tho nihan?)
scents of n prosperity which is
prancing around with all four oofs
in their faces. Tho tariff im,uo -in
cluding a tariff commission is now
unanimous, having boon adopted Jwl
indorsed by W. Wilson et al. Lory-
Hiody's for pronrednoss with tlw blg-
echt anuv und the biggest navy in the
hvorld. So there's no issue botwuen
nmliodv. except tho personal issue
Let ween T. Itoosevolt and W. WiUou,
which ismio is sharp and acrid.
T. It. May Swallow I'nity.
Of course, the three-cornered fighl
may become a two-eoincred fight.
Sxmptoins in M;i .nrhusett
stronglv that way. When Hud,
Cashing and Augustus Gardner can
net together on Roosevelt, there is
little of tho chicken lett for Crane
nnd Weeks and tho shoe machinery
trust hardly anything- except the
neck and tli feet, as it were.
Other statos, Perkins thinks, are
llikelv soon to follow Mnssaekuretts,
and be su it would not lie surpris-
mg it ' ww " ovcr uu' ,,ie bout
iny b June 7.
SPOKANK, Wsh.. F.-l. 10.-A
part or the plans of the Fruit G row
en.' agcucy, organucd here by gov
ernment representatives, fruit ship
iwr anA LrrnuvN. was announced
here toiftv bv C. A. Malboeuf of
Portland, who was appointed to an
lumnce the details.
SmUne i to be the headquarters
of the oruaniiation.
The organisation plan, according
to Mr. Malboeuf. is built about tne
uniform contract in wbh the grower
i itcrmittrd to eel the urice for
jslueh lii fruit mv be Mild. The
II 't III I- lilMTl hlllll III ''iiWIIw .Hid
-i.i..i i-.
riu mi it in-1 nii
Complete Co-operation of Russian
Troops Over p. Wide Area Made
Resistance Useless Turks Realiz
ing Fate, Withdrew Bulk of Forces
Lcavlnn Garrisons to Fate.
PETROGRAI), Feb. 10. The' first
story in detail of the capture of
Krzerum by the Russians reached
Pctrognul semi-officially today. It
shows complete co-ojiornlion of Rus
sian troops over a wide nrca which
mndo useless resistance on the part
of the Turks. Apparently the Turks
tcnlizcd the fall of Krzonnn was in
eitnble and withdrew most of their
forces before the fiunl onslaught,
leaving the garrisons of tho widely
separated forts to 'their fate.
Tho campaign begnn to reach its
climax in the Inst days of January.
The troops of General P. from
the north, and those of General K.
from the east, moved ngninst the
first line foits under the most severe
weather conditions. The Russians
dragged their artillery to the heights
surrounding the fortress nnd when
nil wns ready began to bombard forts
Kara Gudek, 'JO miles, nnd Fort Dnl
nngez, !. miles northenst of Krze
rum, .preparatory to the bayonet as
sault. ltotli Forts Surrender.
January 'JO both forts capitulated.
The taking of Dclangez made n
brench in the outer line defenses
nlnnjc the Hevcboinu range in front
of the city. Tho capture of Kara
Gudek opened a direct passage
through the Kurabugas pass to the
city proper from the northeast.
Fort Tafta lies midwny between
these two fortresses. In a night nt
tuek Jnnunry .'10 this fortross was
captured, leaving only Chnban Hebe
between the two aimies operating
from this quarter.
February 'J the Russians began to
stonn the whole front line on the
Hevcboinu heights, Ity evening nil
those jMtsitionx were in Russian
.hands, permitting complete junction
of the troops on tho northeast. The
fall of this fiit line quickly doubled
the fate of the inner forts.
Meanwhile the Teknn group of
forts, seven miles to the south, had
been surrounded on three sides. Tho
general assault on the second lino
hegnn without giinsrtho men time fnr
a rest. Tho five inner forts made
only n fceblo resistance. These gar
risonB beat a hasty retreat into tho
city nnd followed the bulk of the
troop whieh already were on the
ronds lending westward.
May Attempt Stand,
Only tho roar Riinrd took part in
tho fighting of the last day. Signs
that tho evacuation wns under way
were observed immediately after the
fall of the first fort.
It is thought possible the Turks
will attempt to make a stand nt the
first favorable point, which is in the
hills on the .western od0 of Krenun
alley, eleven miles distant, but it i-
(Contlnuod on page two.)
LONDON. Feb. 19 The complete
touquest of the K.uncrun, the (ler
tnan colony in Equatorial Afnoa, was
official!) announced this afternoon.
It was officially annoiineod in
Lndon on February 17 that tho com
mander of the entente forces in the
Kanierun had reported that tho con
quest of this Germau posesio;i was
comdete, with tbe exception of tho
Uolated poitiou of Mora Hill. Thi
position, according to a emi-official
announcement from Iterlin, Febru
ary IS, wu being Uuacioulv defend
ed by tbe Germau force under Cup
tain Von Kuben.
The German forces in southern
Kumerun crossed the border into
Kiunih Oilmen and were interned
it F hi unr '. thfir it-tical follow -
III'.' Iln Mlltlll it. i'ilM.ili tl . Illicit'
vu ib l.U 1.
Interstate Conuncrco Commission
Requires Carriers to Put Astoria
on an Equal Basis as to Rates with
Puget Sound and Portland Exist
ing Rates Held Discriminatory.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 10.-The in
terMnte commerce commission decid
ed today that the piesent rate ad
justment of the Spokane, Portland &
Seattle nnd other railroads in reach
inc Seattle, Tncomn and Astoria un
duly discriminates against Astoria in
favor of those cities on Pugct Sound.
Tho commission nlso required car
riers to put Astoria on on equal
basis ns to rates to Spokane nnd
other points between the Cascade
and Rocky mountains as nre Seattle,
Tncomn and Portland.
HMoi-y of Case.
PORTLAND, Or., Feb. 10. The
action brought by the City of Astona
for a reduction of freight rales,
which was decided today by tho in-
terntato commerce commission, was
begun on Juno HO, 11)11. In n prcv
ious action not so broad in its scojic,
but similar in its nature, brought on
December 'J, 1009, tho interstate
commerce commission had decided
nuniiiHt Astoria.
Tho second notion, tho one just de
cided, was brought by the City of As
tnrin against the Spokuno, Portland
& Scuttle Railway company, the Ore-gon-Wnshingtou
Railroad & Novi
gation company, tho Northern Pa
eific Ituilroad company, the Oregon
Short Line, tho Oregon hlectnc Rail
way company, the Oregon Trunk
railway, the Ctunns Prairie Railroad
company, tho Great Northern Rail
road company, the nun nun nl
ley Railway company, the Spokane
& Inland hmpirc Railroad company
and the Southern Pacific company.
CoiiiiiifHllty and Class.
This proceeding involved rules on
nil commodities and classes- of
freight between Astoria and nearby
points, nnd points in Idaho, western
Montana nnd those portions of Ore
gon and Washington which lie oust of
the Cnsoude mountains,
Tho petition alleged that the rates
in question were unreasonable and
unjustly discriminatory in that they
were much higher thnn the rates to
Puuet Sound and other Washington
points, Tho complainant nski'd that
the locality at the mouth of tho Col
umbia river be placed on n parity
with tho ports of Seattle and Tn
comn in the matter of rates and
chnrges between Uiosc points and the
inland empire.
SHANOHAI, Chum, Feb. lO.-The
American ntcnmship China, which lelt
Shanghai yesterday morning for Sun
FniiU'isuo, was held up on tho high
sens by fr Ilritish auxiliary cruiser
and thirty-eight Germans were takeu
It is thought the China may have
been held up by the Iiurentic, which
recently stopped tho Tenyo Maru,
while on a voyage to Manila, and lo
mocd nine Tudians.
In August of 1011 the China, then
owned by tho Pacific Mail Steamship
company, and tho Manchuria of the
same company were halted by Hrit
ish wsrililp off Hong Kong nnd
foreed to surrender forty German re
kenist. The Germans took passage
from Hong Kong to San Francisco
and it was said they had received
assurances from Washington that
they would not be molested while on
American -vesceU. Officers of the
China said Great Rritain, in their
opinion, had acted within her right-.
The Manchuria was boarded within
the three-mile limit.
A similar situation arose lust De
cember when n French cruier held
up four Amarican steumshis ott their
wav from Porto Rice to New York
ninl rcniowd Orrinun- und Autnali.
'lln I mliM M..1.' .r..l -t.-ii .iihI the
lull ii u.u-Wit rtUuaca the Uiiu,
OKlttlOX. NATUtmY, VV.UUV WW lfl. HMii
'mLftmJmmftmflHmH&L MtL.-i Ji flmwiimmb V r&3MHMMJMml(''l
"Prlson-passennors" erowdod about the aauRway on the captive llrll
Ish liner Appam, where a (lermaii sailor with a rifle utanils on guard. Tho
Appam Is now anchored off Newport News.
WASHINGTON, Fib. 10. A'i
neys for the owners of the
liner Appnm, in Hampton IfoaiU, as
a prixc of a (lennan crew, !iue
brought an admiralty proceeding un
dor th pirn" law to regain jmisscs
sion of the ship. The state depart
ment holds that under the Prussian
American treaty the liner belongs to
Germany as a priou nt least uu'il a
prize court piisseil on tho legality of
her capture. Tho Hritish embassy
has contended tho ship should be re
turned to her owners under a pro
vision of The Hague convention.
NORFOLK, Vs., Feb. 10. Kill oral
Judge Wnddill issued tho usual libel
procesii today and the Appam was
seized by a deputy Fulled State
marshal, who went to Newpoit New
on a tug for the purpose.
When Deputy West and his party
leached the ApMn, Lieutenant llerg
attempted to pietent the posting of
the libel notice,
'"If I had known voh were a
United States marshal," said Herg, '"I
would not have allowed you to
The personal proeesa was served
and tho deputy started to tack the
usual libel notice on tbe mast of the
vessel. The German commander ob
jected. "The ship is in charge of Collector
Hamilton," he said, "and you buVe no
right hero."
Lioutenant Herg went to Newport
News to telephone. When he return
ed DeMity West bad tseketl on the
mast of the ship the slip of white
paper which certified that the Appam
had been seized bv older of the
United States district uoutt at Nor
folk. Lieutenant Heitr directed his
men to tear it down.
Deputy West commanded him not
to touch the notice mid it remained
on the mast.
WASHINGTON. Fib. 10. Po-t-muttr
Co mi. 1 1 lim lr-un today au
thorised rxtt'li-ioli nl (lie poitnl inn
ing stcm to Alifta. This con
temdates the installation of the ser
vice at all the iiiwirtant oiitlvini'
Jll.-l-sioll-, ol I he I llitl'il'i-
l linn lllllll tin I'lll illi In. I. i'l ' l
I , t. .1 l.lli - pi il -.. ! ili
I C'llU'AiiO. nti 19 Ctanldo of
io(Hlum wns the I'Olion which
I killed Mai Inn Franc-en Lambert. Lake
I'o rest IiIkIi school rtlrl. a cording to
h report made to tho coroner today
by Dr. Italpb C, Webster, of tho Chi
cago laboratories. Tim ilgntlvc or
gans, Dr. Wotwter auld, showed no
trace of any other poison. Tho white
chystals said to have been found un
der the finger nalla of the girl were
originally ey snide of potassium, ho
The report Is to be read Monday at
tho Inquest.
Dr. Webster Is analysing crystals
of cyanide and other poison found In
an ash pile near the greenhouso at
the home of Will II. Orpot. who Is
In custody charged with the murder
of his former sweetheart, Miss Lam
be! t Tbe mIhoiim found nt the Or
pot home worn, used for spraying
trees ami plants li tlif hoy' father,
hetii Km tit nt'i mi a lufKf eetute
AMxTI UDAM. I.'. Pi IiuiiMir
i die ln-t -i il.i- ui'tiit liiiiiuiu troop
moM' i li.ive ot'iiiiiiil in south
cm iiii.l iiniuil Iicl'.'iiiiii, -.i a ill-. -
pal eh 1 1 fin the fl on lie r In the Tele
. groat'.
auv trains with artillery and in
fantry were running along the rud
rouds to the west and south and some
small detachments were transported
by way of tauvain, Wuverti am)
Gembloux, to the southeast.
Iouvain, the dissilci adds, still
is a strung poifti of suwrt of Ger
man strategy aad many conferences
of high military officer are held
there. ,
An attempt by Ilritih force in
Mo-opoliimiu to cross the Tigria be
low Kutel-Amara was retUsed af
ter u battle for three hours, tlM war i.e announced today. The llrit
ih in their retreat were pursued to
their seeond line entrenchments.
IlKlfl.lN, Fh. lit, viu Londou.
Another iniitutss nttuek by the Urit
i h -iiillieut of Vpres, where the
(leruiuii-. it.'tnlK e.iptuicd -.Qernl
1 1 i ml 1 1 1 1 Hi" i.l I ii m In - w.i - .hi
) .. in. . il lull, i li I ,i nl III e.
Representative of Slsnl Growers of
Yucatan Charges International
Harvester Company With Intimi
dating Banks in Order to Aid Its
Monopoly of Binder Twine.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 19. The sen
nto agricultural coinmltteo decided
to call upon tho Continental and
Commercial National bank of Chi
cago to submit a statement showing
the doposlts of tho International Har
vester company for tho last tlireo
ears In order to determine the truth
of charges that the harvostor com
pany had disciplined tho Chicago
brink for extending financial aid to
the slnal growers of Yucatan.
Sol Woxlor, a Now York bnnkor,
charged today that tho harvostor com-
pniiy had sought by Intimation to
provont tho National City bank of
New York ns well as tho Continental
from loaning money to aid sisal
Combined for Monopoly.
Tho committee Is Investigating
rhnrnos that the harvester company
and tho Plymouth Cordngo company
combined to monopolize tho sisal out
put and prevent Independent twluo
dealers from obtaining rnw material
and counter charges that tho Pun
American Commission Corporation
of which Woxler wns tho head, fi
nanced u slsnl monopoly with tho
Idon of putting up the prlru to Amer
ican merchants. '
Mr. Woxlor explained tho oi'Ktinl
nation of tho Pan-Amorlenti Commis
sion of which ho Is president, whloh
Kiinranteod to loan the Yucatan plant
ers $10,000,000 a your.
"When 1 went among tho banks of
the country to assure myself that I
could get this money from thorn whou
needed, all but two agreed that If
othor conditions Justified tho lonns
I t on Id locuro them," he sold "Those
uere tho Continental and Commercial
National tank of Cblrego and the Na
tional City of Now York.
"Tho president and vice-president
of the International llurvoslor com
pany bad gone to them und tried to
Intimidate them with throats of
withdrawing their depnelts and with
holding their reproiientatlvu from tho
hoard of directors.
(Jiitii Slino CnnipalKii,
"And fuither this entire propagan
da to arouse the furiuers ugalust tho
slsul growers conducted through tha
trade Journals ami by mouth has
boon started by the harvester com
liany. lit Its underhand, gumshoe
Senator Gronna of North Dakota
declared that he had resolved many
letters from farmers In his state urg
ing hi m to advoeate laws forbidding
Interstate commerce to binder twine
manufactured In the various state
Tho committee adjourned until
next Thuistlsy at the conclusion of
Mr. Waxier' testimony. It decided
to cull as witnesses Cyrus II. Mo
Cormlik, president of the Interna
tlnnsl Handler company : Arthur
Itcwioldx, vice president of tbe Con
tliienUI ainl Coiiiini ri IhI bunk and
(Continued on pruo six)
WASHINGTON. F.b. 10. Si, into
Lewi-, deinoerut, ol Illumes in a
speech ill the senate luduy on the
"Hypocrisy of Stutcniuiudiip, as
sailed Klihu Hoot for his address Ik-
fore the New York state republican
convention Blinding the administra
tion's foreign imlicy.
".Mr. Hoot says it is necessary in
hthi international criis to have u
president who means something more
than words," Senator lwU said,
"that we should follow words with
action. What net ion There cun be
but one tbiug and that is war. If be
mean- that he wonts war with On
many, why dm- he want war? If Mi.
Hoof, speaking for his iarty, oi
pects to dedge the party lo war, let
linn dci'l.trc it with eoiiriie, and tbe
lei ..In Mits Mill meet tin' i-
' O
T). 2K)
Northern California nnd Southern
Oregon Development League Or
ganized at Yreka to Comprise Ad
jacent Counties of Two States
Seek Biilltllnn of Railroad.
"The Northern California and
Southern Oregon Development
IcnKiio" is the iiiiuio of tho organiza
tion pnrtinlly formed nt the meeting
of the Commercial club nnd 'Hoard of
Tnulo represcntntlvcs nt, Yriikti, Gal.,
on Ihursdny night und Friday of
this week to perfect an association ot
ptomiuent business men nnd corn
met cial intcrcM to promote the pro
posed nillronil from Humboldt Hay,
Culiforilitu tip the Klnmutli river and
into (he vast timber and mining reg
ions embraced in u large scution of
the Siskiyou mountains lying between
ItoKitc ltivcr volley and the Klnmnth
country, in Onon, nnd the Humboldt
Imv count r in Culifoniin.
The Medford Commoreinl club
committee nllcuding that noufcrcncc
wns met at Montugtic, Cnl., Tliurs
dnv evening by the delegutions that
hud nlrendy arrived at Yrokn and es
corted to the latter place by nutos,
h distance of x miles.
OiKiiiiljitlon IVrfcclcsL
A meeting was called for that
evening. A gcncrul discussion of tho
mutters in band wus hud. Through
out tie meeting most ciithltsuiKtio ex
pressions of indorsement were made
by Hie speukers. A resolutioiiH com
iiiillco wns appointed in the ptrpons
of W. L. Lnmbert, Kurokn; C. M.
ThonuiH mid .1. II. Andrews, Medford;
Claude K. Gillis mi.l 1-Vcd K. Wads
voi tli, Yreka. This oommillee was
also rerpiircil to nominate offioor for
tho )onurincnt orgnnixntiou to bo
formed Friday.
On Friday the dolegnlions got
douii to business again nt 11 o'cloelc
ic the foicuoon, ndnpllng tho rcso
l.itions as preeenled by tho commit
tee ami electing A. L Hill of .Medford
as piesidcnt of Iho Northern Cnli
foruiu and Southern Oregon Develop
ment league; II. A. Lattu of Medford,
secretary mid treasurer; W. L. Lam
bert of Kurokn, us vloo-prosident
from Humboldt county, und J. P.
Churchill us vice-president from
Siskiyou county. Other nouutios wore
not represented at tho unnferencc,
but it is intended lo iuoludo vice
president from Klnmnth eounty, Or
egon, and from Trinity, Modoo und
Del Nor to counties, California.
To Co Over Piotosoit Itoute.
Tho longiie will meet in its new
form at the call of President Hill.
Meantime, arrangements may be
made for a trip over the proposed
route from this valley to Kurokn,
passing through the Illue Lodge dis
trict and the gieat limber bolt to
wn nl the Klamath river, and on to
Humboldt bay. Mr. Hyder of tho
forestry service will keep the lengno
informed a to condition on this
mute und asist in every way to
make it possible for this plan to bo
carried out ns early as travel muy
Ic made through tho mountains.
The committee oh organiwtion ro
f oiled in part us follews:
"The purM)-e of this orgaHiaaUon
rhall be io promote the Interests of
xoulhcni Oiegmi and northern Cali
fornia in ewrs tield, but shall huvq
loi it- immediate purpose nnd oh
left the promotion of tho conktruu
t.iui ni a riiili'outl cwineeting Ihu in-
(Contluued on page six)
WARHINiiTON, Feb 19 repre
sentative lief tin. of AUbamu, told At-torney-(neral
Uregnry he believed
a comblnallon of bear oeomtors In
New York was responsible for tho low
price of cot ton.
Assistant Attorney-General Todd.
In efcarge of tbe anti-trust proseou
lions, was present at the cunfereiiso
sad an luveattgatlan to determlno
wiititber tho Sherman antitrust not
has been violated will be luudo bw
ageuts of ibe deiMrtmont. No for
mul tliarKfn or ovldenco wa3 proi
duecd totla), ,