Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, February 07, 1916, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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    vcm Form
mwonr) MArL tiotunh:, MtOTorca oreoox, Monday, Fi:r,nrARY 7, ioig
OffUe Mull Trlbimi lltilMlne, M-27-19
North Fir street, telephone T.
The DMWilh Time. fh Meilrnrd
Mall. The Medford Trbune, The South
cm Oreifeiian, The Ahland Trbune.
Hne year, by - 'S'S$
ne mettlh, by mall .60
Pr month, delivered by carrier In
Metlrerd. Ilinenlx, Jacksonville
and Central Point .SO
Hntunliy only, by mall, per year... Z.op
Weekly, per year . 1.60
-flelat Paper of the City of Medford.
'Official taper of Jaekaoti County.
Iintered a secoml-elana matter at
UeJfifnl, Oregon, under the not of March
3, 18T9.
Sworn Circulation for 1914, 2588.
I'll 1 1 leacod wire Associated Proti dl.
.j. ;..... -j.
Sutjsnrlbors falling to ro
colvo pnporo promptly, phono
Circulation Manager at 2S0-R
'J !
WASHINGTON, Feb. 7. Suuule:
JIol ul noon.
Military committee continued licit r
iiur oil propaimluesN.
California oil melt resumed npjiunl
fur ratfoC livfbru lMibliu laud ooin
iiilllee. Judiciary coniiiiitlen cniinitlored
iroliil)illon utiuuidiiioiil lo tliu uoiiMti
tiitiou. I Ilium : Mot at noon.
Nwvnl ntiil mil it (i rv cumiuilture
iHintiiutuil hearing on defense.
(Continued Irom pngo onoi
known lliut u more cliolcn of words
would not bo permitted to stand In
tlio way of tho success of the nogo
tlntlnfiH. Tlio proposal now beforo
J'resldont Wilson mid Heorolnry
anting It described In riorman timr
tera NubHtttutltiK for the won) "II
logal" a phrnae which Germany
hdpaa will be acceptable to the United
State aa covering the wme point
without humiliating Germany.
The principal eoiistderatlon of the
United Stalea la now that there shall
be an ncktio lodgement b) Oerman
that tho Milking of an unresisting
merchant man mlthout warning la In
oontraronilon of InlarnatlMi law and
that tueli naval warfare shall he
permanently discontinued. Tim (!or
mbh contention (a that such aaeur
aacea already bar been given In the
Arabic caw.
ltonMoifr Vote
The full text of Von Hernelorff's
note, delivered to tfecretary Ianslng
on September 1, 1915, waa as fol fel fol
eow: "My dear secretary: With rofor
uneo to our oonfnreneo of thin morn
Iiik. I liog to Inform you that my
iiiHtriiatlouH coiienrnlnK our nnawnr
to your, Inat l.iiHltnnla note contain
tlm following imiHHiKe:
" 'MuorH will not be mink by our
HnbmarlneB without warning nud
without eafety of tlio IIvoh of nun-corn-lmtunta.
provldod that the llnor do
not trv lo ofccape or offor loalalNHoe.'
"AllhoiiKli 1 know you do not wlen
to dlHtuw the Lueltanw quMtlon till
tho Arable luclilout ha been defi
nitely nnil tntlBfnolorlly nottlud. I
ilodre lo tHform you of the above be
on u no thte policy of my Kovernment
waa decided on befere the Arable lu
rid eat.
"I have no objection to your meK
Ing liny uie you itniy plenee of the
Mlxive InfortHHtliiu.
"I reaHHlu, wy tleHr ilr, lnatng,
alHcerely )0Hra,
At (hat time Secretary LanalnK
would only any "that In view of Ita
rlearueae It aeeiu needleaa to make
hu comHieut In regard lo It," other
thaw to any It Mip'urtd lo be n "rec
ogutUoH of the fundamental urlncl
plea (or which we have contended "
(Cnatlnueil how pnso one)
reaoluUtfH. "The hiihIuiIIou of
(eeow-mmuea ehildreu ha more
than doubled In the pa at lea year,
and will 'noon bankrupt every ute
and the nation unlee we can abolleh
rhlbj-pe miy. If we waat real nn
tloaal prepared neea. s uinet begla
to prenere the huanan jnaterial upon
which the aatioa mual depead In tt0e
at need It la aald that a large part
of the iKiuiln fight lag for Knglai'dJ
In the iiouohea ta Klandera aad elae
wIkt.' in" itatilag eaough to eat for
tli- ; -' nine in their lite. We
haw t '..e )bla problem of na
tlonal i enry; we rauat begin to
give iiix niMren a chaaee; we muat
aot !!' 'it i.) build military pre-pan-dn.
.hi .i rotten foundation.
That i- "odaced tha bill to
ellnuaii or in the rultea
State, m h) I have Intro
duced t in i which J hope
oan h;iM " 'jj1 majakc
UU IUVgtttPr.v ol amir iiHlloiidl race
Btock and e Is. li.ipiemuK '"
the KoniTKtlon i n wliom Anuih.i
jut (loj)oml lu 'iir f it ure "
TWLTK jMrpni'cdnf.'Wf rlt-pctids more upon tho fstnbliflli
monl or soclnl jtinlicu, oqiiitnhlo taxation and abol
ition of poverty than it docs upon the creation of liue
tin i lies and imvies. The nation prepared for poa!c need
not worry about preparedness for war.
Germany demonstrated that in preparedness for peace
lay preparedness for war. Other nations had their armicft
mid navies for war, but Ocrmany alone had made progress
in preparedness for peace. She has been efficient in war
because efficient in peace.
The foundation of Germany's preparedness lies in her
excellent school system and universal education, in her old
age pensions and social insurance, in her state ownership
of railroads, telegraph and telephones and public utilities,
state control of monopolies and prevention of exploitation,
in her rural credits to encourage tanning, in government
ownership of natural resources, such as eoal and iron
mines, and in promoting the welfare of the people.
Germany does not find it necessary to establish soup
kitchens and maintain bread lines. These are products
of plutocracy. "When a man is out of work in Germany,
instead of being jailed as a vagrant or left to starve in
parks or turn tramp or thief, as in America, the city labor
bureau finds him employment for Germany saw that it
was wasting humanity to throw men into the street.
"When times are hard the German cities buy meat, fish
and vegetables at wholesale and sell at cost to tho people.
The government even seizes food supplies and regulates
the selling price to prevent extortion. The cities run the
jawn shops and exact the lowest rate ot interest, and tlio
onii shark is barred. The cities own local utilities and
mild model tenements and houses for the poor eliminat
ing the greedy landlord who preys on poverty.
Germany owns its railroads, with the result that rates
are lower and more people travel than in tho United
States. The railroads are used to build up business and
rates adjusted to trade conditions, and the profits go to
reduce taxation, as do the profits from iron and coal
mines, potash fields, forests and great agricultural estates.
Monopoly is fought by encouraging competition.
Germany does not find it necessary to maintain her
commercial supremacy to work little children. Neither
does she follow the example of our mine owners and im
port ignorant emigrants to toil twelve hours a day in her
mines under unsanitary conditions. Germany takes care
of her people and the people in turn fight for Germany.
German preparedness contrasts forcibly with that of
Britain, where it is necessary to plead and coax with the
people to defend their nation, because they have been vic
tims of cruel exploitation and a most unjust social system
that bred degeneracy. In another generation, if the
United States follows its present tendencies, it will also be
necessary to plead with the American workman in time
of danger, unless the nation prepares for war by prepar
ing for pence.
Great armies and navies will not solve the problem of
preparedness. They rather
the burden of taxation upon
benefits. Already the effects of our national unprepar
edness are apparent in child poverty; in increasing phys
ical and mental defectiveness; in constantly increasing in
sanity and degeneracy.
Let us first prepare for peace in order that prepared
ness for war may rest upon the solid foundation of sound
minds in sound bodies, of a contented people so well taken
care of by their government that they will make any stic-
rifice to protect that government.
Tales of
,1 got u letter.
Prom a lady.
And It wn written.
On Alice blue paper.
With a gold monogram,
And It etartod.
On the flret page.
Hut 1 had to hunt.
ror the aecead page.
And I found It.
Around tho ooriier.
Of the hoM page.
1 1 "
And It aald.
She had read.
What I hud- written.
About Doc ICtHMie,
And the ftoer.
On the lapel.
Of bla coat.
And the had aeen him.
Why the Mexicans Hate Us
(1'rot'ei.itoi' of niitltriHioliv, 1 uiver-
Mty of Cluriiijo. i
Why do the Meicuu hate iik
Primarily berutiH) our olutracterit
lice are ujrufouailly ditfertut; our
wiim of looking at tumg. ure differ
out. We dtiie the Nexieem. becuuee
Ibcy differ from u; hcy bate u be
fa one we differ from theaj.
uant it lex of adventurer nave
gone there to "enow tuein how to do
thiuK"--to "introduce real Ameri
can method."
Hut American utetaode Qirc ill
ulupted to Mexican nrimiding
The attempt to force tlduD on the
ooiuuiy in ptii0fnl. N'o other for-1
eijjuer make that attempt. The Ovr-!
.... . i
man, rreuc-u una Italian adapt
tuenisclwfc to the conditions ot the
mint rv. ,
The Mcxniui- buve lui.l -iiiiiM ie-
oll In .iduiiic our ot I i 111 I i'ili".i'Ut.i-
!. . i - .ill i , I 'u ill I) , i ill - ill, II -i I'
ne Im i'in...iii,.iMi,llliii,tt
complicate it by increasing
people without compensating
the Town
On the etreet.
Hut he luu! no flow or.
And she wantod to know wk)?
Ami I round htm.
And put mv finger.
On the empty lapel.
Or hli coat.
And Doc auld:
"Yea. thu il grafter.
"And pai-Helloe.
"They got my floor.
"Awl wy good elolliea.
"And I'mi got to wmr.
"My old onee."
Aad 1 told her.
And now If Doc. Kecne.
Will atop In.
At Uroatlley'a.
The floriete.
In the named-Corey Ultlg.
He'll find a flower.
Walling for him.
l'or the lapel.
Of hie coat. A. C. A.
inu tick. imitu-ului'lv liu it bi'tu n-ili-Kim
i in Mcmco. One eoiuulur of
iicci hod to lme Hie Miuenut indent
ol schouU in Iuh own town write hi
letter of neeeptance when U ap
Mtwtuieut eeute from WaehuuttoH.
The Mexican hale u beiaue wo
liuxe deprived tkeiu of territory. 'Hie
loi of aod aerbue blow, and
they have alwuya aeeribed it to ua.
We timL uioiv than half their terri
tory iu a nult of the unjuei war of
1847. We wanted land and e Uokl
it. Mcsyo Una not lorutten will
not forget.
The idea nrerJU throiii;hout the
republic that we Slave our eve on
Lower l'iliforniu. AmeiicHn mine,
lumber camp, graiinu: Ian..-, ui
well. luy belu-xe will be our evcuVe
tor i a King oer auoiner lice ot their
Hut undoubtedly tW aUCicnstSt
h the Mcxichic) tAinv lintertw -o '
ilC.lllllv l ifjlcv lis-l t ,ilV CX ,
i.ii'iiui. tin ii ,ii .1 iiii ir Willi" r
iuvwmI', l.nv t.iu Aiuat .iUi.'p'il
"WHinc their aoirre of wealth, i
llliiMlly, they far! fail they have keen
"Thig in how," km John Kenneth
Turner aay in lit hk on "llarliar
aa .Mexico," "tUt Mexican Turin i- n
raiRkmalre farw, ami whv it he hecu
o oney for anoh A uterinum n Will
iam Kanilolph IloAnt, Harrison Ornv
Otla, the Itocknfulleri. the Gurx'ii
heitiin nnl othora, each to have ob
Iftlncil poKxpajdftH Of million of .Me.
icmii nprew,
The McxieHii know Hint I hoy liuo
heon robbed. Tltoy feci the liojioltwe
iiurw of it nil, mid in tlmt liopeleaH
tie their hat red tnkei deeper mid
deeper root!
I-'.sW. Ilnuptmnn hng had n tele
phone Installed at his roMdonco.
Hurry Hayes captured two ra
coons one day Inst week, which he
cold to Central Point parties for
.Many of our citizens nro Indig
nant over tho statement of Professor
Kleinor tliat ho has never hoard of
a well In Juckson county that did
not contain hard water. As n mat
ter of fact this community prides
itself on tho soft wntor to be found
in Its wells, and ninny of our houso
wlvos claim It Is equally as soft as
rain wutor.
Mrs. O. Peudlund la on tho sick
list this week.
IColonel Washburn attended u
mcctlnK of thu Fruit Orowers' As
sociation In Medford Monday.
The snow of Tuesday morning
seemed to contain more water than
any so far thin season, nnd us It
inellod thoroughly saturated the
J. C. Pendleton, .lohn Noalon, T.
lloaiillott nnd It. IS. Noalon were vis
itors lu thu vnllny towns Saturday.
According to old traditions we will
have an early spring us tho ground
Iior sat out nil day Wednesday with
out making a shadow.
Home nro agitating n high school
at this place, claiming that wo could
got pupils from the surrounding dis
tricts. As It In now tho high school
at Agate, with tho exroptton of one
student, Is composed of Table Hock
JamiHi Iteeeo and William Rldrlge
were up from (ipld Hill Tueeduy
after n load of hay.
Mr. Cameron, our merchant, re
ports that bustneee'la beginning to
pick up at the store.
Kd Vincent has taken tho agency
for gas tonic, a fluid to lie nilxod
with gniollnu that la clulmud will II
llmluato tho forming or carbon In
tho cylinder and also drive your car
inuoh farther on a gallon of gaso
line. We predict that this district will
be a busy plnoe as soon as spring
opens as very little farm work was
dono last rail, owing to weather con
ditions. Last Thursday about noon, ns
Harry Noalon was making a turn In
tho pavement to take tho road to the
Sacred Heart hospital, his car tprned
completely over, alighting on Its top.
In tho car with him wero his two
sisters, Marie and Katharine, his
father. S. M. Nenlon, and brother,
Marlon, and Mies Flora Atkins, who
all received severe limine, I wo of
the number having to spoud u few
days In the hospital. Thoso who saw
the wreck claim tlmt It was u miracle
that the results wore not more fce
rtoim. iMti Wednesday morning our lit
tle community was shocked by hear
ing that Mrs. Collins, who although
'was Improving, had pnaaed away dur
ing tho early hours ot tho morning
Thus the oiilghburhoml bus lost one
ot Ita moat cherished clJUcuu, one
who has done much toward the up
building and betterment of the com
munity nnd one who, lu spite of the
caroa of life, waa always optimistic!
and looking for the bright aide or all
things. Mrs. Collins gave her life
In performing that function which
la tho moat sacred Hod has glveu wo
mankind to perform. We all Join lu
tendering our heartfelt sympathies
to the bereaved family who will feci
thfn loa to keenly. o mourn utth
the husbaad who has traveled this
tar through lire with this steadrast
companion who hag been hit stand
by when the road was smooth or
rough nnd is left to continue the
Journey without her. To the chil
dren, aud although there were main,
there wan not one hut who ska rail
alike her motherb love and devotion,
who have lost a kind. Jiving and con
siderate mother, we axiom! our deep
eel sympathies aad trust they will
follow her example aad grow up to
be Industrious, coasjerenttous citl
Mas. xofiqu
Precincts Medford Kprth Main and
West Medfurd nclater now at the
MailTriimnn iuik h.
Cbp BbUtuU CM WW Vnw
W 0 R K
WASHINGTON. Feb. 7.--In the
firwt real uavfll ilebale of tho seion
in the liotme lodtiy Spetiker Clark
took the door and to eitthimitWtie up-plniiHe-froin
both nidea spoke for
fabler progrens in inerenting the
linvv. Ilu deelnred that if seventeen
inch jjiit!8 wore beiit pinged on for
eign ships tlio United Status sliuuld
linve thpm ne well, or the bast guns
iittninnblo now or linrenftor.
"The Mpenhor knows." said Kcprc
fccntnlivo Ilitller, republican, of tlio
iinvul eommittee, "tlmt if we want
tiling better in the navy e lmvu to
pay the price deuiunded."
"If we will begin lo build mid take
tho money mid uli uide tlioso pri-
vutu eonstructtoiiK," .Mr. Hittlor Hiiid,
"wc etui build twenty-two ships in
tlio two veurs nnd put tliem to sen if
we can find tliu men to put on them."
"Do not the KiikUhIi build u luit-
tlesliip inueli more ipiiekly thnn we
.Ho" nuked the npciiker.
"Yo.," replied Kupronuiitulivo
(lurduer, lepublieuii, "but Hot m
much mine ipiiekly us in usually
' "I inu for (he Iwenly-two ships; if
iiucoaMirv I will help lo niii-e the
money," interrupted Kopiwcnlutive
Hill of Councctieiit. He mi id, how
ever, (lint before he voted to upend
$(100,1)00 to equip .Mure Inland navy
yard for Nhipbuilditig nud odd to the
vqtiipiuont ut New York lit would like
to be nxnrcd tlmt tho Marc Inland
ohumiel wns deop enough to curry
the ship out from the wii.vh.
The nuvnl neiidetnv iiierenho bill
nis pnhsed by u vote of 17U to 0.
Hepresentntive Miinn called for n di
vision to put the preparedi)os oppon
ents on record, hut none of those
who had spoken ngninst the incnsilio
tesponded in tile ucgntiw.
SEATTI.B, Wash., l-Vb. 7.-0il-Inoiir
Dobie, who ic-igued Us eoaeh
of the liiiveisity of Washington foot
hall ten 1 1) lust autumn, will serve an
other year ut tlmt imsition. There
were many candidate for the posi
tion vacated by Pubic, but none seem
ed to measure any where near hie
stands id. When Pubic returned to
Beadle from California hut Week
tremendous pre-Miie whs brought to
Lear to induce him lo reconsider his
resignation. After a conference to
day with President Kii.jmiIo nud Dean
I'riest of the university, Dobie
agreed to complete hi- contract and
sene another veur ut the old coin-pcn-ation.
Says wc must make kidneys clean
tho blood and pimples
" ditwappcar.
rimntci. res and bolls tisitallv re
sult from toxins, poisons aud impuritiei (
inicu arc genera ivu mc uuniu aim
then absorbed into the blood through
the cry ducts w hlcli khotiM aWorb only
nourithHteiit to sustain the body,
It is the function of the kidney to
filter impurities from the blood and
oait them out in the form of urine, but ,
in many itutances. the bowels create
more toxins ami impurities than the
kidnevs can eliminate, then the blood
tites the skin pores as the next bct '
means of getting rid of thee impurities ,
width often break out all over the skin
in the form of plmplet.
f The suret way to clear the skin ot
these eruptions. ays a noted authority,
is to get irom any pnarnuny auouti
four ounces of Jad Salts and take 3 1
tblHKSjuful In a glass of hot water:
each morning before broakfat for one '
week. Tin will prevent tiie formation
of toxins in the bowels. It also stimu.
lates the kidneys to normal activity,
thus coaxing them to filter the blood ef
impurities and clearing the skin oj
pimples. ... . I
Jad Salts Is inexpensive, harmless am!
is made from the acid of grape and
fhnou juice, combined with lithia. Here
you have a pleasant, effervescent drink
which usually makes pimples disappear;
cleanses tne I'locsi aim u c.xccucm, i,
the kidncyj as well.
Iid) .Wlsiaut
l'bonesi M. 4. una 47-J3
Ambulance Service Coroner
T3 "
M. 111X M XSTintl'IKCli
.MILAN. ln Paris, I'd). 7 A Uu
charasot dispatch to the Secolo says
that In tho explosion at the Skoda
armament factory In Bohemia, 190
workman perished. Throe buildings
werab lown up. the dispatch adds. In
cluding the one In which tho famous
12-lnch hydraulic cannon wore mado.
A Home dispatch dated February C
said that, according to the Uucharest
corrospondont of tho Mossnggoro, the
great Skoda works at PUson hud boon
pnrtlyj 'destroyed us n roault of an
cxplOBlbli. ' ! '
. CIIICAOO, Feb. 7.- Slop-losa sell
ing on it heavy scale demoralized the
wheat market today and caueed the
price of (ho May option (o break
4 n bushel at thu sharpoet decline
iu u long while.
Increasing receipts nnd tliu ab
sence of an udcitiito foreign outlet
seemed lo be responsible for the set
back in vnlues.
In later Irmisaclioiis the imitket
suffered further looses nnd Mnv val
ues dropped down another cent lo
.1.17 . '
VANVOrVF.II, 11. ('., Feb. 7.- Sid
ney Mills, uged 12, while shoveliir,'
snow from the root of his father's
home on C'umbic street, fell fortv feet
through n skylight and was killed.
Make the Host Itemed) at Ho
H everything wan sold In as lllicral
and rnlr a manner as the Medford
'harmncy is selling Schlffmann's Now
Concentrated Kxpuctnrunt, absolutely
no cause for complaint or dlssntlsrac
lion could possibly arise from any
one These druggists sny "Uuy a
bottle ot this remedy and try It for
Hronchltls, Whooping Cough, Sovoro
Cough, Croup or any llronchlal Af
fection, nud we will return your
money, just as wo do with Schlff
mann's famous Asthmador, If It does
not glvo satisfaction, or If not found
tho beet remedy over used tor any
of those complaints." Why not lake
ndvautngo of tills guarantee and try
this medicine, and got your money
back, rather than buying nnothor
purely on the oxnggoratod claims of
its manufacturer or on tho strength
of testimonials from others and run
the chance ot gotllng something
worthless and also wanting your
The fS0 .
little Mmm SppI
Dauitti"-! ol I'M 1 ii.'iii 'ti.ii Aitu -- -, siippoiied li Thurlow lk'igcn
.nut All Mur I .im.
!, Motion Picture Theater
Exquisite Marguerite Clark
tn a unique him characterization as
"Helene of the Ndfttv
qV wonderful actres ui a wonderful play. It vu aduui(Jli Hjk
ou eaa't at ford to uuaa lai extraordinary attracuoev
f A
Jtjiuiiig J)uioir.iw "The Muu Trail.-of bc Y-L--K bi; n
i' illhli t mil-
The JantiAi? wtowrall fiera tfto
20.10 iiiPkP; that for Kelinmrf'iiji
lo 10 o'eloek Ihie tnomiBg was 111.23
LITTLK HOCK', Ark., Fell. 7. Wa
ter from four to fifteen feet deep
floods the ritv f Clarendo, and 1R00
)Kron are iu immedinte need of
tood, neeordiiiir to n telephone mes
nge received here today.
.Medfonl .Sufferers Should Take o
I'ttitlicr Klsk.
Why will pcoplo continue to suffer
the agonies of kidney complaint,
backache, urinary dlsordors, laino
nos, hoadachos, languor why allow
themselves to bocomo chronic Inva
lids, when n tosted remedy Is or
ferod thoin?
Doan's Kldnoy Pills have boon used
In kldnoy trouble over r.O years, havo
been tosted In thousands of cosos.
If you havo any, ovon one, of tho
symptons of kindoy dlsoasos, net
now, for gravel, dropsy or Hrlght's
disoaso may set lu and mttko nogloot
dangorous. Can Medford resldonts
demand nioro convincing proof of
morlt thnn thu follewing:
Kzrn Arnold, Applognto road, Jack
sonville, Ore., says: "My bock bolh
orod mo for five or six mouths. I
had a dull ptilu through my klduova
and tho kldnoy action became very
Irregular. I had to gel up nt night
on Hint account. I was told to try
Doan's Kidney Pills and did so with
rino results. Thoy soon rid me or all
the ailments. My kidneys have both
ered mo very little slnco."
Price 50c, nt all dealors. Don't
simply ask tor n kidney remedy get
Doan's Kidney PlUx the snme that
Mr. Arnold had. Fostor-Mllburn Co.,
Props., nuffajo. N Y dv,
mi. VM Teaspoonsrul for ."(I Cents .
In buying thin remedy, besldos se
curing an absolute guarantee of Its
efficiency from thoso druggists, you
also got about eight times nn much
uicdlclno as you would In buying most
any of tho old-fashioned, roady-made
kinds, which nvorngo from 20 to 32
toaspooufuls, bncnuso "i0c worth
makes a wholo pint (12S teaspoons
rul), whon mixed at home with elm
ply one pint or sugar and ono-huK
pint or water. This romody positively
does not contain chloroform, opium,
morphine or any other narcotic. It
Is pleasant to take and children are
fond or It. You will bo tho sole
judge, and under this positive guar
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